brucewhealtonHello all.  I am planning to reinstall apache2 on Linux to support apsx or apsx2.  I'm needing that and I have discovered that it is compiled with apache2.  So, one cannot install it separately, or locate a apache package that has that installed.  I also want to upgrade php to php5.5.5.  What tools will I need?  Also, will this completely change how apache is configured on Ubuntu?  For...00:10
brucewhealton...example the source code is httpd, yet on Ubuntu we use apache2.00:10
hallyn_sarnold: not really a workaround - it's a tradeoff :)  actually we can now do better since we have an option to only mount the container's cgroup and below into the container...00:12
brucewhealtonI am just curious as to whether or not this will radically change how apache is configured on Ubuntu?  For example, we have commands like a2ensite and etc.00:12
hallyn_but generally if you use the -with-nesting profile, then since the containers are not in user namsepace yet, root can completely scape the cgroup00:12
hallyn_including device cgroup.  now he can write to disk.  game over.00:12
sarnoldwell, probably for juju's use cases, it isn't a show-stopper, the local provider is mostly intended for development..00:13
hallyn_the nestable cgroup manager will solve this :)00:14
hallyn_somebody go buy me some time to write it00:14
hallyn_but not tonight00:14
sarnoldoo me too please :)00:15
hallyn_anyway gnight :)00:15
sarnoldgnight :)00:16
sarnoldbrucewhealton: 'apsx'? what is that? I don't see any references to 'apsx' in the searches that are easily at hand..00:18
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brucewhealtonapache extensions07:58
brucewhealtonor apsx = apache extensions Toolset.  I was taking a course online and was trying to follow along hoping that later it would be clear where and why one would use this tool.  I was hoping to get a better idea how this is used.08:04
brucewhealtonSo, the docs I read said that it is available only when compiling from source.  I was just getting used to how apache works on Ubuntu and was hoping that things wouldn't get drastically changed if I compiled the apache2 application from source.08:06
brucewhealtonIt would be nice to use php 5.4 or even 5.5 and it seems that using package manager one can only get php 5.3.   I guess php can be compiled for Ubuntu after apache is already installed.  I can then figure out if having apsx is very useful or not, in the course.08:09
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jrwrendon't you mean apxs ?12:18
wiehananyone know of a good command line interface DAAP server for ubuntu - I'm not getting forked-daapd working. Any other suggestions?12:34
morph-Anyone here familiar with DHCP?12:35
jmlhello. I'd like to install Ubuntu Server 13.10 onto a machine I have physical access to but no monitor for.12:44
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jrwrenmorph-: ask13:49
jmlOK… turns out I *do* have a monitor, and the problem was a great difficulty making functional USB sticks.14:27
jmlI've made a CD, and that boots14:27
jmlexcept it hangs at the "Select a Language" screen14:27
jmlso the 12.04 LTS CD works fine14:48
jmland now the install proceeds14:48
hazmathallyn_, when your ssh into lxc-containers, is the common behavior to just grep lxc-ls --fancy for an ip address for the named container? or is there a nicer workflow, the alternative seems to be querying dnsmasq against the container name.14:49
jmlhazmat: hello14:51
hazmatjml, greetings14:51
hazmathallyn_, put together a simple script to just query dnsmasq and output ip given container name.. just trying to simplify ssh user@container_ip  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6347521/15:21
hazmathallyn_, better version with the ssh exec built in as a param http://paste.ubuntu.com/6347583/15:35
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Beatstreetwhat the best place to look to see if I can tell why a sever keeps locking up?19:08
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Beatstreetok, thanks19:40
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hallyn_hazmat: two other ways:  1. you can set LXC_DOMAIN to lxc in /etc/default/lxc-net, and add something like 'server=/lxc/' to /etc/dnsmasq.conf.23:14
hallyn_hazmat: 2. you can add an entry to $HOME/.ssh/config for .lxc, like so:23:15
hallyn_that's what i usually do.  i don't use lxc-ls for it.  in a pinch on a fresh host i just do 'host container1'23:16
hallyn_I think (1) is the 'cleanest' way but i rarely do it23:16
* hallyn_ probably offline for rest of weekend23:17
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