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mlasalahi, I just installed ubuntu in my Nexus 4 and now I wanna restore my Android backup (backup.ab) but I can't. I restart the device in recovery mode and from my ubuntu laptop y put the command "adb restore backup.ab" and this message appears: "Now unlock your device and confirm the restore operation." but in the phone I can't see any message00:45
mlasalaanyone knows how to correcty restore the backup.ab file?00:46
RobbyFI might have the command00:52
RobbyFone sec00:52
RobbyFadb restore backup.ab00:53
RobbyFshould work00:53
RobbyFor adb backup -apk -shared -all00:53
ry_Anyone have any docs on removing all the pre-populated data? or is there a build that leaves this out?01:03
popeyry_: what data?01:04
ry_All the preloaded contacts, text messages, call logs, etc01:04
popeythats an old build if you have all that01:04
popeywe haven't had pre-installed data for some time now01:05
ry_Ah wow, not sure how I ended up with such an old build..Thanks much popey01:06
mlasalawell, finally i did it but first i had to restore the factory image01:09
Maclarenhow can i installthe latest ubuntu touch?01:51
sr20dettI think the problem with the sdk not working until you resize, Is an issue with the size of components inside the app like the buttons and in my apps case the text field.02:15
sr20dettI made a text field longer and it turned transparent/unusable until I would resize the app02:15
sr20detti changed the size back and it worked fine again I tried to change this in the SDKs Simple Touch UI but nothing I adjusted there changed anything02:16
sr20dettI still think this could partly be where the problem resides02:17
sr20dettIf this was a listed bug where would I find it....in launchpad?02:18
Maclarenhow come adb packages are not avaliable02:46
sr20detthow do i add the #include <qurlquery> class to my app in the sdk04:32
sr20detti want to replace two variables in a url and have it open that url04:33
sr20dettor qstring04:36
sr20dettthat would work to04:36
rigvedgood morning04:44
rigvedwith android 4.4. not coming to my galaxy nexus :( , i guess it's time to upgrade to Ubuntu Touch!04:46
rigvedis Ubuntu Touch now based on trusty?04:48
sr20dettcan you guys see my posts?04:51
rigvedsr20dett: yes, your messages can be seen...but none of the touch devs are awake yet...so, wait around for an hour or two on the channel for them to come online...04:53
sr20dettsorry new client im getting used to......tried another room as well04:54
sr20detthaha thanks ill try periodically04:54
AlanOI have a Nexus 4 running Ubuntu Touch 14.04 build 5, the last update was on 10/25/13. I somehow managed to disabled the ability to do OTA, nor can I connect to the device via USB and ADB. Any ideas how to restore this functionality?05:17
Home_Is there support for the new 2013 nexus 7 32 gig Wi-Fi edition? phablet-flash lists the device as flo and it fails to work.05:39
Home_when using the command phablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel devel --no-backup05:42
nhainesYay, I just published my first webapp.  I'm a mobile developer now.  I'm trippling my consulting rates.07:27
nhainesHome_: 2013 Nexus 7 is not supported at all, sorry.  :(07:27
den4ikhello world08:10
den4ikdo i have to have dual core? i want to make ubuntu for Nexus S 3g08:23
mikeeeelg g2 get ubuntu touch?08:29
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inhiesis there a way to dual boot so i dont lose my android setup on my nexus 4?10:29
popeyinhies: there may be, but we don't support that11:11
popeybecause we dont test that scenario11:11
LLKCKfanMy friend who showers twice a day and use Secret clinic strenght is telling me that her underarms still smell bad. Is there anything she can wash besides soap and water with that will help the smell disappear? I do not want to know what caused it as I do not care. And cannot change her diet.11:16
popeyLLKCKfan: pretty much 100% offtopic for this channel11:32
lazowikpopey: it's a hacker trying to take over the channel!11:35
LLKCKfanNot a hacker11:36
lazowikLLKCKfan: now, being serious, it's a channel about OS for smartphones and tablets11:37
LLKCKfanDoes any1  know how to keep a wifi connection connect to an android?11:38
lazowikLLKCKfan: and OS being ubuntu, not android ;)11:39
l4serb0yhey all12:01
l4serb0ycan I as a normal consumer install ubuntu on my phone12:01
l4serb0yI'm thinking of trying but it says on the page that it's just for developers and industry partners only12:02
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Jey0xBEAFHello all !12:28
Jey0xBEAFSomeone can tell me the process to solve the issue related to the /var/lib/dpkg/lock please ?12:30
Jey0xBEAFI know we can solve this by enter a command on the PC shell side when the phone is connected to it with usb cable12:30
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zastaphis Ubuntu Touch the Ubuntu phone OS, and/or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch for Desktop Ubuntu ?14:51
Home_nhaines: thanks for letting me know, which one of the 2012 nexus 7's are more supported 16g or 32g wifi?14:58
iBelievezastaph: Right now, Ubuntu Touch is for phones and tablets, but it will be used as the basis for the new desktop version, coming in 14.10.14:59
zastaphiBelieve, ok, that's some time ahead.. There's so many nice Touch & Type laptops on the market now, but hard to find any hardware compatibility info on them.15:02
iBelievezastaph: the current ubuntu desktop version might support touch screens, but I don't know if that works and if so, how well.15:03
zastaphyes i saw a daily build of 13.04 that ran well on an All-in-one. I would like one of Acer's Touch & Type laptops, if I could just get any sort of approval they would be compatible15:04
doflahI'm running 13.10 on an Asus zenbook - the OS itself supports multitouch pretty well but then it becomes a question of application support15:05
doflahI don't think either firefox or chrome support multitouch on linux yet15:06
zastaphdoflah, zenbook comes in so many variations15:06
zastaphaspire R7 I would buy if it would work flawless (Ubuntu, not applications)15:08
doflahyeah, I was just trying to support iBelieve's point that touch is already in the OS, you don't necessarily need to wait for 14.1015:11
xnoxdoflah: only on armhf. not available on amd64/i386 properly.15:22
doflahxnox, what's only on armhf?15:31
xnoxdoflah: Ubuntu Touch.15:32
doflahoh, I was talking about touch as an input method, not Touch-with-a-capital-T15:32
xnoxok =)15:40
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Home_is the nexus 7 2012 16gig and 32 gig wi-fi editions equally well supported or should I lean towards 16 gig?17:41
a_muva_how to open 2 terminals?17:58
* ogra_ doubts that is possible 18:07
popeywe did talk about maybe enabling tabs for the terminal18:11
popeymight be a good goal for this cycle18:11
ogra_soo ... i wrote a kind of poor mans ebook reader for my pdf ebooks ... (converting them in advance to html, using a browser view in the app) ...18:20
ogra_while i was able to solve all issues (no autorotation, save the page number so it starts where i left it etc) ... the one thing i cant get fixed is to avoid the screen to turn off when my app is focused :(18:21
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* ogra_ wonders if there is any QML access to qtpowerd yet18:21
dakerthere is a plugin for the music-app18:25
ogra_but that offers just a background service, no  ?18:26
ogra_i only want to inhibit screen suspend while my app is focused18:26
dakeri think yes (bg service)18:27
ogra_(since it is annoying if your scren turns off while reading a book)18:27
ogra_(and actually only the automatic timeout ... would be good if the power button can still override)18:29
ogra_i wonder how the mediaplayer does it18:29
dakerand https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/view/head:/music-app.qml#L57018:31
* ogra_ hugs daker 18:34
dakerand the plugin is in the ppa i think18:35
dakerogra_: here is what mhall119_ told me18:36
daker16:41:41 <mhall119> it's a hack that was made just for the music app, since the mediaplayer service wasn't going to be ready in time for the 13.10 release18:36
daker16:41:50 <mhall119> and I think apps need to be white-listed to use it18:36
daker16:42:26 <daker> and if they will use the mediaplayer service, the music will keep playing ?18:36
daker16:43:13 <mhall119> yeah, the service will keep playing the music/stream even when the app's process is suspended18:36
ogra_yeah, that wont have any effect on the screen though18:37
ogra_it will just keep the app alive in bg18:37
ogra_a-ha !18:45
ogra_Q_PROPERTY(bool keepDisplayOn READ keepDisplayOn WRITE setDisplayOn NOTIFY keepDisplayOnChanged)18:46
ogra_that smells liek it18:46
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Home_does phablet work just aswell on 2012 nexus 16 gig as 32 gig? I saw there were some issues with 32 gig earlier.19:03
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popeyHome_: i dont think there's any difference19:16
Home_are you sure because I read in many places that the memory is in different locations and caused problems on the install. Not sure how well documented or updated the 32 gig version is19:22
Home_I want the 32 gig, but I also want to ensure that I wont have issues on install19:24
ogra_Home_, the old N7 should be fine, though i think there were issues with the 3G version19:31
ogra_(size shouldnt cause any probs)19:31
Home_Ok thank you ogra i'll avoid the 3g and get the 32 gig wifi19:34
den4ikhello world. how to set up breakfast command?19:45
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cwaynemhall119, just wanted to say thanks for writing all the logic for 'drag up to reload a listview'  just took it from uReadit for my fitbit app, worked like a champ :D19:53
sr20dettHello I have been trying to use Qstring to change up two variables inside a url and I'm not sure how to even include the class of Qstring let alone use it. The Qt site has many things on it about Qstring but where can i find some examples or source code of useing Qstring with variables inside a url22:10
kostkonsr20dett, better ask in #ubuntu-app-devel22:12
sr20dettthank you22:12

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