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constrictormy keyboard keeps defaulting to US, even though I have removed it from my keyboard applet thing09:13
Myrttinew phone day!10:07
GentileBenDid you get the Nexus 5? :o10:08
MartijnVdS\o/ n510:08
Myrttistill waiting for Parcelforce though10:08
GentileBenOh you're also in the UK.10:09
GentileBenYou sure it'll arrive today? Mine's still at the depot.10:09
Myrttiparcelforce claims the car has left Cambridge depot10:10
GentileBenDispatched on Thursday, arrived at regional depot on Friday, arrived at local depot today at 5am.10:10
GentileBenHmm you should get it today then.10:10
GentileBenY U NO GET UBUNTU FONE??!! D:10:10
MyrttiGentileBen: well I'm flashing my old phone with Ubuntu Touch as soon as I can confirm the Nexus 5 works10:14
MyrttiI was also poor as a church mouse when the pledges were collected10:14
GentileBenMice have no currency - they barter with their babies.10:16
GentileBenDid you get the black or white model?10:16
GentileBenI got the white, because I'm moving up in the world.10:16
Myrttiblack, did consider white for a while but then realised I'll just be covering it up with a cover anyway so it doesn't really show anyway10:17
GentileBenThere are broadly three groups who buy white phones: poor/lower-class people, girls, and managers.10:17
GentileBenI'm only one of those.10:17
GentileBenI'll leave it to others to guess which one.10:17
GentileBenMyrtti I did like the red bumper, but it's not on sale yet.10:18
GentileBenIt's unlikely I'll be using a bumper anyway. I look after my phones like Snoop Dogg looks after his homies.10:18
GentileBenAs an aside - I wish to god it had the same 5.2" screen and 3200mAh battery as the LG G2... :(10:19
GentileBenActually it's 3000mAh.10:19
GentileBenN5 has only 2300mAh.10:19
Myrttia van drives to our drive, our little meerkat is up and about to see if the animal in view is edible10:19
GentileBenAnd only 4.95" :(10:19
GentileBenYou keep meerkats?10:20
Myrttino, fiance works for CTM :-D10:20
Myrtticompare the mee market10:20
GentileBenDoes he do the voiceovers?10:20
GentileBenMotion capture?10:21
GentileBenOh yeah? Well I'm married to RAY WINSTONE.10:21
Myrttifirst he was playing GTA5, then a van drives over, then he jumps up like a proper little meerkat to see if it's a parcelforce van.10:22
Myrttipoor thing10:22
Myrttinot every van can be the one bringing the phones10:22
GentileBenI do that when I have deliveries.10:23
MyrttiI already bought one case, the champagne gold coloured one, but I'm considering another with a clear back so I could stick something nice there10:23
GentileBen*hears diesel engine approaching* > *runs to street facing side of house* > *looks out window* > *is disappointed*10:23
GentileBenThe worst looking phone on the market has to be the "gold" iPhone 5S.10:24
GentileBenI honestly question why any man would buy an iPhone 5S. The screen is TINY for man-hands.10:24
GentileBenIt's an ideal gift for ladies, though.10:24
MartijnVdSmungbean: are they maverick meerkats?10:25
GentileBenNo, they work for the site Compere the Meerkat. It's a meerkat variety show.10:26
mungbeanthis one is MartijnVdS http://ubuntuone.com/1LCEePQqRNU5dcHrCPytiI10:27
mungbeanfail, same link10:27
mungbean*this* one http://ubuntuone.com/6bESHVcMqqbrt3jbB2F70410:28
GentileBenThis is MartijnVdS with his friends http://lostpr.es/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/wolrdcup-2006-fans-guardian.jpg?w=30010:28
Myrttianyway - keeping in mind I'm proper disappointed at the lack of a Nexus 5 Yorkshire Tea case, I might just get http://www.amazon.co.uk/RELEASE-Selling-Absorption-Scratch-Premium/dp/B00ESFLIRC/ and stick a Yorkshire Tea box piece between10:28
GentileBenWhy would you need a shock absorbing case?10:29
* mungbean has tried to like tea, but its the most disgusting drink known to man10:29
GentileBenIt's, erm, solid-state storage. No moving parts. IT'S A PHONE.10:29
Myrttibecause I drop them?10:29
Myrttiand it's got glass screen?10:29
mungbeanbecause i drop mine on concrete and it surivves10:29
MartijnVdSI just don't drop mine10:29
MartijnVdSweird, I know10:29
MyrttiI dropped my Nexus One and the back popped out a bit10:29
mungbeanyou replace yours too quickly..10:29
MartijnVdSmungbean: once every 2 years10:30
mungbeanbetter than some people round here :)10:30
MyrttiI don't drop mine often, but often enough that I don't want to break it when I do10:30
GentileBenI've had my N4 for almost a year and not dropped it once.10:30
GentileBenI never dropped my S2 either.10:31
GentileBenOr my HTC Desire...10:31
GentileBenI've never dropped a phone on anything except carpet.10:31
mungbeani run across roads a lot10:31
GentileBenI've never dropped a baby either.10:31
GentileBenI believe the two are related.10:31
GentileBenPeople who drop phones cannot be trusted with babies.10:31
mungbeani generally dont put babies in my pocket10:34
mungbeanwhat tool can i use to remove the watch strap pins?10:34
Myrttisewing pin, notice board pin10:35
mungbeantoo thin it seems10:36
mungbeantime to hunt for paper clip10:36
mungbeanhave you read the docs on that guardian article10:38
mungbeanread the tor sucks one today10:38
mungbeanGentileBen: why do you have "odd" nicknames on irc10:39
GentileBenLet's get real here. The only people who used Tor were third-world dissidents, paedophiles and general criminals.10:39
GentileBenOh, and conspiracy theorists.10:39
GentileBenAs if the government couldn't compromise Tor.10:39
mungbeani used tor to get a google music account when it was US only.10:40
GentileBenSo you were using it as a proxy.10:40
GentileBenTor isn't about privacy....it's about transient obfuscation.10:40
GentileBenWorks well for dissidents, paedophiles etc. with transient identities online. Doesn't work for normal folk.10:41
mungbeanmost of the docs i read mention "GHCQ do this"10:41
mungbeanGHCQ generally doing things better than NSA techincally wise10:41
GentileBenGermany, France etc. are just upset because GCHQ do it best.10:41
GentileBenWe were so good, the NSA contracted us to do their dirty work for them.10:41
GentileBenI found Germany's outrage at Merkel's phone being tapped hilarious. I can guarantee you that the German sigint agency has tapped comms of other world leaders.10:42
GentileBenThey were just upset because Merkel was stupid enough to use an unsecured phone to text other world leaders...10:42
Myrttiatleast I've not much heard of Sweden10:43
mungbeanso i watched papillon last night, no wonder hoffman got chosen for rainman. last 20 mins of the film is the rainman character entirely10:43
GentileBenMyrtti: no doubt Sweden infiltrated the networks of European sauna makers.10:43
MyrttiGentileBen: all the Finnish traffic to outside world goes through sweden10:44
GentileBenEvery country does it. The US and China are good because of scale and budget. North Korea, Saudi Arabia etc. are good because they're authoritarian regimes with no rights to speak of. GCHQ are good because of skill. Big difference.10:44
Myrttiand "The FRA law (FRA-lagen in Swedish) is a Swedish legislative package that authorizes the Swedish Defence Radio Authority to warrantlessly wiretap all telephone and Internet traffic that crosses Sweden's borders."10:44
mungbeanstrange that they run such old versions of windows inhouse10:44
GentileBenWhy can't we just celebrate the fact that the British SIGINT agency is easily the best in the world?10:45
Myrttithey've been politely quiet about their outrage10:45
GentileBenIt's like the SIGINT Olympics and we've won most of the golds.10:45
mungbeanmy dog thinks its walkies time everytime i put on my trakkie bottons10:47
mungbeansitting there quivering and whining10:47
spych102sorry to interrupt this fascinating topic... but how do i order a Dell XPS 13 Developer edition in the UK?10:48
Myrttispych102: http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/xps-13-linux/pd.aspx?s=bsd10:51
spych102i did that and then it pressed select and then was told "it's not available online, please contact sales team"10:52
spych102which i did and the chap i spoke to couldn't help...10:53
spych102maybe i should just order a german one...10:53
GentileBenDon't - it'll end up in Poland.10:54
GentileBenWar joke. Nevermind.10:55
spych102that joke got tired like 40 years ago lol10:55
spych102they are our friend now10:56
spych102...or at least they think they are10:56
spych102anyway... any more thoughts on how to order one would be appreciate :-(10:58
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:59
mungbeanyou chatted onine to dell or request callback10:59
spych102request call back10:59
spych102the guy i spoke to was a bit confused but gave me his personal email and will get back to me during the work week so he was a really pleasant chap... but i'm sure these are available through some strange route..11:00
mungbeanis this different? http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/xps-13-l321x-mlk/pd11:00
spych102yes it has a different processor (i5 instead of i7)11:01
spych102and i can't be arsed to install ubuntu...11:02
spych102just want it preinstalled11:02
Myrttithere's been rumours that they're upgrading it soon, but those rumours have been on for months11:02
spych102well the only upgrade that would count would be a better resolution screen...11:04
mungbeancheck the outlet11:04
spych102outlet? was ist das?11:04
mungbean#dell outlet innit11:07
spych102nicht moeglich11:09
spych102no matches in product category11:10
mungbeanout of stock11:14
mungbeanlooking hopeful11:14
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spych102ah well, my old lappy's got a german keyboard... i can put up with that...11:16
spych102what's a swapped Z and a Y between friends?11:16
spych102at least it's not french... (the keyboard, i have nothing against our snail eating friends)11:17
spych102c'est la vie, mes amis11:20
mungbeanmy baby only burps after milk if this is playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgzS18Vktm011:23
mungbeandriving me insane11:24
spych102you're playing that to a baby? i'm calling social services...11:26
constrictorwhere are desktop launchers stored?11:27
mungbeanunity? .desktop files11:27
constrictoranyone use eclipse?11:28
constrictorthe menu think does not show up11:28
* penguin42 yaaaaawwwwwwwnnnns at popey11:32
popeynice lie in ☻11:32
mungbeanbah need to go buy bread11:33
penguin42G+ really needs to start sorting posts properly - it's just put Popey's 'Friday 1st November' post to the top of my list11:35
popeyit bubbles up popular ones doesnt it?11:35
popeylike fb11:35
penguin42popey: It does? Hmm ok but then it's still ahead of your Riddling post that has more +'s and was posted later11:36
* brobostigon upgrades his nexus7 to cm 10.2-m1 , fingers crossed.11:42
popeywill nexus 7 get 4.4?11:43
brobostigonall models, as i understand it.11:43
popeynot galaxy nexus11:43
brobostigon4.3 definatly seems smoother compared to 4.2 on nexus7,11:45
MartijnVdS4.4 is super smooth on the n511:52
mungbeani bet11:52
penguin42the release notes make a lot of fuss about being more careful with memory and some changes for responsiveness11:54
popeyso i guess its a bit galling to see it not released for the phone that would benefit from that, the gnex11:58
brobostigoni reckon there will be a cm release of 4.4 for galaxy nexus, it isnt that old yet. and it fits the requirements.12:04
GentileBenIt'll take a while.12:20
GentileBenCM is pretty US-centric for some reason.12:20
GentileBenAlso, Android is now becoming Google Play, so underlying Android version is less important.12:21
GentileBenGoogle figured out how to bypass the carriers being cunts: giveplay.apk privs over the entire device and push updates over Play. Simples.12:22
GentileBenAlso they're releasing components like the stock keyboard through Play.12:22
* penguin42 does need to upgrade to something a bit more modern; my ZTE Blade is running cyanogenmod 7.x and there's no official newer version12:46
mungbeanim stuck on CM7 too12:48
penguin42on what?12:48
mungbeanhtc desire12:54
mungbeanbbc click chatting with woz today12:57
mungbeanhe still says "us" referring to apple12:58
brobostigonold habit dies hard.13:05
shaunojoinnnn ussssss13:06
* dwatkins also has a HTC Desire HD13:07
dwatkinsin light of the fact Google's apps are forced upon you with Kitkat, I'm not bothered that I'm stuck on Gingerbread / CM7.213:08
mungbeankate russell is explaining what a hashtag is13:11
NafalloI've got the Galaxy S2, with Android 4.3.113:12
MartijnVdSDear neighbors, I can understand that you and your friends are excited about getting married, but PLEASE STOP THE NOISE IT'S BEEN 3 HOURS14:29
MartijnVdS(of non stop engine revving, horn honking and drum beating)14:29
ali1234well at least they are not firing guns into the air14:37
MartijnVdSali1234: only because they can't get them14:38
MartijnVdSthey must have burned up one motorcycle back tyre14:38
GentileBenMyrtti did your N5 arrive?14:44
Myrttinot yet14:45
GentileBenMine is still in the MK depot. :[14:45
Myrtti"Loaded to vehicle for delivery"14:45
popeyNow TV box getting some love from Sophie watching kids stuff on iPlayer curled up on sofa14:48
awilkinsWhat's the clock / calendar applet called? Mine has crashed and I can't be bothered to restart X.14:59
MartijnVdSali1234: indicator-datetime/14:59
MartijnVdSawilkins: ^15:00
MartijnVdSbut it's a dbus service15:00
MartijnVdSthat should be automagically started15:00
awilkinsOk, will probably just relog in a bit then15:00
MartijnVdSawilkins: try restarting unity15:01
MartijnVdSthat might bring it back15:01
mungbeanspent an hour opening bank statements etc from 2011 to present15:21
mungbeanthink im doing it wrong15:21
mungbeanfoudn my v5c form thought \o/15:25
Myrttiwell bummer. http://www.parcelforce.com/help-information/frequently-asked-questions/track-parcel#915:26
Myrttioh well15:26
* GentileBen shares his Maoam with MartijnVdS15:27
MartijnVdSyour what?15:27
MartijnVdSsounds dirty15:27
mungbeanthey are15:27
MartijnVdSMyrtti: wow that's bad UI15:31
Myrttino kiddin15:31
GentileBenI always assumed they had Maoam in Dutchovia.15:32
brobostigonGentileBen: they did in germany.15:32
MartijnVdSGentileBen: I'm not exactly a candy connoisseur15:35
mungbeani love sweets and crisps15:35
GentileBenMartijnVdS: I have no cheeses I can offer you.15:36
GentileBenNor am I well-versed in the construction of windmills.15:36
MartijnVdSGentileBen: Stereotype much?15:36
GentileBenAnd I thought you people had a sense of humour.15:37
mungbeanGentileBen: you didn't answer my question earlier ;)15:37
mungbeanwhy the "odd" freenode nicks.15:40
mungbeanraycischarles and gentileben and other jew related ones..15:40
GentileBenOh, that.15:42
GentileBenDoes there need to be a rational reason?15:42
GentileBenCan't we just enjoy my brand of irreverant, risqué humour?15:42
mungbeanmaybe its over my head.15:43
mungbeanall the crispinthejew and goy stuff15:44
mungbeanwifey thinks i've had the day off cos she's had the toddler while 've had the 7 month old who occasionally sleeps :(15:45
* mungbean wiped out15:45
mungbeanneed more haribo15:46
GentileBenMaoam is a subsiduary of Haribo Candy Concern.15:47
mungbeanspotted a custard doughnut on the way to the haribo drawer15:48
mungbeani was just wondering what a psychiatrist would say about your humour ;)15:48
mungbeanor is it psycotherapist, i never remember15:50
GentileBenSounds like a prisoner's nickname.15:51
GentileBenPsycho the Rapist!15:51
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MooDooafternoon all16:45
MartijnVdShi mooman16:45
MooDoodidn't expect a lot of people in here....no one at bonfire parties?16:46
MartijnVdSdoes anyone have experience with wireless charging (Qi)?16:54
shaunoMooDoo: it's a bit early for that?16:57
MooDooshauno: you'd think so but I bet there are a lot of firework displays tonight16:57
MooDoothere are in our area16:57
MooDoowell at least i'm at work till 10 :S17:09
shaunostill at work too.  but most our bonfires were last week17:15
Myrttiooh ooh I just realised I had Dracula pills in my handbag18:10
MooDoodracula pills?18:10
MyrttiI've just been told they're not crisps18:18
Myrttiand I shouldn't shove three into my mouth at once18:18
daftykinsseems dubious advice18:18
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penguin42Myrtti: You weren't mixing those in to the trick-or-treat were you?18:22
Myrttipenguin42: we escaped to cinema to see National Theatres Frankenstein on Thursday18:23
directhexMyrtti, that site is hosting malware, FYI18:26
mgdmmmmmm salmiakki18:27
mgdmI wonder if there's somewhere in Glasgow I can acquire that18:27
Myrttidirecthex: oh18:28
directhextells you your java is out of date, links you to a trojan'd fake java installer18:28
daftykinsdirecthex: you must be special, i didn't get that :D18:30
MartijnVdSit's a blogspot site18:31
shaunono red flags here either18:39
Myrttiok, mouth going numb now, stopping :-P18:49
directhexi think it's the ad network18:49
directhexthey're known for it18:50
ilinuxHi I have a question19:46
daftykinsask away!19:47
ilinuxDoes ubuntu have problems with High speed broadband from BT?19:47
daftykinssounds like you might have a wireless/wired network driver issue19:48
daftykinscan you detail your system and what exactly is going wrong compared with what you expect?19:48
daftykinsalso someone else will have to answer as i'm in need of food \o/19:48
ilinuxa colleague accuses me of killing her laptop after installing ubuntu and BT gave her a new high speed hub19:48
ilinuxlol thanks no was what I was after lol19:49
ilinuxShe says and I quote " I can only get access to wifi at nighttime". How the hell would that work?19:50
daftykinsi demand you get to the bottom of that one! sounds hilarious19:51
ilinuxDiscrimination against linux at it's best :))19:51
penguin42ilinux: That's quite good, although there was a great bug where some printers wouldn't print on Tuesday's19:51
ilinuxwe'll let you browse the web but only once everyone else has gone to bed19:51
ilinuxI hope it's not a wireless driver issue as it seemed to be ok before bt changed the hub19:53
* penguin42 has seen things which wouldn't connect to some ap's but would to others19:53
penguin42ilinux: If you can force it to 2.4GHz rather than 5 I'd certainly try it19:54
ilinuxIt gets better btw. The line engineer told her that she couldn't stream LF because Linux couldn't stream so he installed Chrome.19:54
ilinuxwhen she told him she had been watching it before, he said and again I quote "that's illegal, you're obviously stealing your neighbour's bandwidth"19:56
ilinuxLove Film with Campholio's fix19:56
ali1234i have a rule19:56
ali1234if you let BT monkeys touch your equipment, i won't fix it19:56
ilinuxiches or cm?19:57
ilinuxNice one. Nor TT19:57
ilinuxI refuse to phone TT about internet issues as they say and again "We don't support Leenux" When I say well how the hell have I been using it <click>19:58
ali1234why do you even tel them19:59
ilinuxI don't usually. I say windows, get the response then ask hey what about Linux?19:59
penguin42ilinux: Say you just use it from a tablet - don't have any computers....20:01
ilinuxDoes anyone have Ubuntu 12.4 running on BT high speed BB?20:02
daftykins"Hi, I'm having trouble with your service. I am using an etch-a-sketch connected to lego mindstorm kits which is driven by an arduino."20:03
penguin42daftykins: Have you tried clearing the display?20:05
MooDooevening alan20:06
daftykinshi mr.popey20:06
daftykinsi was somewhat confused when in Brighton the other day, to see in a local Maplin store a humongous box purported to be a 'raspberry pi starter kit'20:07
ali1234what is confusing about that?20:07
daftykinsthe box was 2 feet wide, by one high, by about 4 inches depth20:07
ali1234it has a keyboard in it20:07
daftykinsit said a mini one :D20:08
daftykinsi think the set was ~£90 too20:08
daftykinsah full size20:08
daftykinswell thanks for ruining the tale ali123420:08
ali1234you do need quite a lot of stuff to make the raspberry pi useful20:08
daftykinsit's more amusing that such a small board comes in such a box20:08
ilinuxlike a tv20:09
ilinuxI have one in a matchbox in the cupboard20:09
ilinuxI cut slits in a swanvesta box fot the ports20:10
daftykinshrmm, a halogen bulb only lasted me 7 months20:12
daftykinsseems a bit disappointing20:12
ilinuxthe kb has a button with Win written on it. Sould have a raspberry20:12
daftykinsi wonder if those ancient porcelain fuse wire consumer boards cause blows more regularly20:12
ilinuxCan I just rtn to my post please. Does it sound like an isp issue that she has with intermitent connection or a driver issue as she has 12.4 on a 5yr old laptop?20:14
daftykinsif it's a laptop, can using a network cable be a good test to rule out wireless funkiness?20:16
penguin42yeh I like wires, you can see where the packets are going20:17
penguin42ilinux: As I say, I have seen wireless issues specific to combos of laptops and access point and distro, so yes it's possible20:17
daftykinsyep cabling for the win20:20
ilinuxHope she doesn't want me to buy her a new laptop :(20:25
ilinuxCan we all chip in?20:27
penguin42ilinux: If you can tell the hub to only do 2.4GHz you might have a better chance - but how does it fail?20:28
ilinuxI don't know she was sketchy. but will speak to her more on Monday20:30
penguin42ilinux: Yeh so that's the important think to nail down; what's the problem exactly, can you gather any logs, and is it really wifi specific20:30
daftykinsand try lovely cables20:31
ilinuxProblem is I can't go to her house to check20:31
daftykinsjust a quick wired test would be wondrous compared with hours of wifi fiddling20:31
daftykinscan't invite yourself over? :D20:31
daftykinswhat made you reinstall someone elses system with Linux anyway 0o20:31
daftykinsi'd never force it upon someone20:32
ilinuxlol hours of fiddling might get in the way of finding the problem :P20:32
daftykinshence trying a cable is ace \o/20:32
penguin42ilinux: Do you have any remote access setup or anything where you can get any info from it?20:32
ilinuxI love Linux. I have done it for about 30 satisfied people now20:32
penguin42ilinux: But family is hard!20:33
ilinuxI'm also a masochist20:34
penguin42yes, that helps20:34
shaunotends to help if your victims are masochists too :/20:35
ilinuxI only pick out the sadistic ones20:36
ilinuxthey give me more pain20:37
shaunotoday's lesson .. if you lose something that has velcro on it, it's stuck to a part of your body you can't see.20:38
daftykinsshauno: hahaha20:41
mgdmgit checkout master20:42
* daftykins throws code at mgdm20:53
GentileBenOh my god, Alan "dumbass" Shearer just said Aaron Ramsey's been the best player in the Premier League this season.22:39
GentileBenHe's a terrible pundit and has no insight to offer - just clichés.22:39
mgdmIsn't he perfectly qualified, then?22:40
GentileBenTouché, mgdm.22:43
ali1234the thing about arsenal is they always try to walk it in22:47
ali1234is there a reason why unity-design mailing list hasn't seen a post for over a month?22:51
ali1234and what mailing list can i use to try to get some eyes on the dbusmenu problems?22:51
Myrttiooh. https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AdeOshineye/posts/ZqAKmsMLM2322:59
ali1234sounds cool23:06
shaunothe speakers list looks a bit odd so far23:10
ali1234never heard of any of them... why odd?23:11
shaunolooking through http://www.ticosa.org/Site/Programme.html23:13
shaunoperhaps it's just the descriptions, but only one, maybe two of them sound remotely ontopic23:13
ali1234yeah i was expecting when they said "ancient" code23:13
ali1234more like, "how to recover code from tape reels" and stuff23:14
ali1234not "how to deal with the spaghetti code you wrote last thursday"23:14
AlanBelloh, I was expecting a bit more cobol era stuff23:19
ali1234kids today...23:20
AlanBellnot stuff found in version control history23:20
mgdmI've seen him speaking a couple of times23:27
mgdm(including a conference I helped organise)23:28
mgdmquite interesting, both times23:28
mgdmAde (the guy whose G+ account it was on)23:28
mgdm(He works on G+ alongside a couple of folk I know, FWIW)23:29
penguin42hmm, I've done actual stuff with *old* code and can be somewhere between interesting and disgusting23:32
shaunoit sounds like an interesting topic, I think we just have differing ideas of "Archaeology"23:35
penguin42I've done a few projects where I've got dragged onto projects to resurrect them after the previous guy left maybe 18months earlier and you have to figure out how things work, and then find yourself tracking a bug down to a comment made 10 years earlier;   I've also had to do things like build ancient Motif on modern systems23:37
shaunoeg, I was reading recently about how a few bugs in the lunar module's flight computer were caused by having two 400Hz AC power busses, but no-one ever specified that they should be in phase with each other.  but the software expected this23:37
mgdmdid you see the thing about the PS1 recently?23:38
penguin42shauno: Haha that's a great one23:40
shaunothis one .. http://www.doneyles.com/LM/Tales.html23:43
shaunointeresting read.  things like having to write it so that you can reboot at any stage and it'd pop right back where it left off23:44
penguin42mgdm: Bad story - it doesn't really tell you what happened!23:44
mgdmbetter than your story :P23:45
shaunofunny enough, I got there from finding the source for the landing guidance on googlecode.  and finding the comment "temporary I hope hope hope" sat there 40 years later23:46
penguin42haha yes23:47
penguin42shauno: The transcripts from the Apollo missions are good - very much more like normal guys/engineers - lots of 'if I was building this damn thing...'23:47

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