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cmaloneyGood morning13:48
jrwrenwhat is so good about it?13:48
jrwrenj/k :)13:49
jrwrenGREAT MORNING!13:49
derekvanyone going to the Day of the Doctor in a theater?19:46
cmaloneyOK, I've found a dangerous place21:04
cmaloneyIt's by Great Lakes Crossing where the Borders used to live21:04
cmaloneyIt's called 2nd and Charles, and it specializes in used books, CDs, DVDs, Vinyl, Video Games and Musical Instruments.21:05
cmaloneyla la la la la21:34
derekvthe fontawesome thing, is not so awesome if you just want an png23:46
derekvtheir answer it to print this page to pdf then somehow i have what I need23:46
derekvoh i need gimp or something23:48
wafimagemagick can convert it23:52

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