horacehey guys, anyone out there?20:08
blkperlhorace: hey20:12
horacetotally new to the forum, i'm a ubuntu user for couple of yrs20:28
horacebut, as much as i'd like to say otherwise, i'm a newbie to ubuntu....20:31
horacetried to upgrade to 13.10 from 13.04 but ran into problem20:31
horacewonder if anyone could help.....20:31
horaceproblem is : in the middle of the upgrade, one of the packages got stuck....20:32
horaceafter something like 8 hrs, nothing happened....20:32
horaceand i forced a reboot....20:32
horacebut ubuntu no longer loads.....20:33
horacefor other problems, i used to be able to google search on askubuntu and find a fix pretty quickly20:36
horacebut this one doesn't seem to have any fix......20:36
horacefirst, any suggestion?20:37
horacesecond, would you guys be available on a consulting basis to help me fix it20:38
nibalizerwhats the problem?20:38
nibalizerubuntu dosen't boot any more?20:38
horaceyes, doesn't boot20:39
horacefyi, i have dual partition with win7 on the other end20:39
horacei see the grub menu to choose ubuntu, but it drops me into command line,.... nautilus fails20:40
nibalizerso what i would do is boot of ubuntu live cd or usb20:44
nibalizerthen go to the 'try ubuntu' mode which will be ubuntu without installing20:44
nibalizerand copy all my files to a safe place20:44
nibalizermaybe the win 7 partition20:44
nibalizerthen reinstall20:44
horaceah ha, that's a good suggestion......let me give it a trial20:45
horacei boot in with live cd, but tried reinstall then fear i would lose my /home20:45
horacehey thanks......20:46
nibalizeryea the 'rsync' utility on the command line is graet for doing big network backups20:46
horacehey guys, just asked a question about recovering from a crash during upgrade22:30
horacei need to preserve my /home so i don't want a clean re-install22:31
horaceone of you suggested going in wiht a live cd and 'try ubuntu'22:31
horacethen copy my /home to a usb22:32
horacejust tried that, but ubuntu complains i do not have permission to copy22:33
horacewhat to do?22:33
blkperlwhat command are you using22:34
blkperlput sudo in front of it22:34
horacejust drag & drop in nautilus22:35
blkperlyeah thats not going to work becuase "try ubuntu" uses the ubuntu user22:35
horaceinside 'try' mode22:35
blkperlyou need to use sudo with rsync or cp -r22:36
horacehow to use rsync?22:36
blkperlrsync -PHa /old/path /new/path22:38
horacehey, i'm in 'try' and just did 'sudo cp -r /oldpath /newpath22:41
horaceseems to work...but checking.....22:41
horacehang on......22:42
horacestill have permission issue22:52
horaceso i'm at /home/user level22:53
horacesubfolders are here22:53
horacei want to copy, say, a subdir inside /home/user/DATA/myfoo22:53
horaceso 'sudo cp -r /DATA/myfoo /usbdrive'22:55
horacei got 'no such file or directory'22:56
horacei don't want to copy the whole /DATA because it's huge and has stuff i got copy of23:01
nibalizerhi horace23:02
nibalizerso what about sticking a different usb stick in your computer23:02
nibalizerand copying files to that23:02
horacei'm not just copying the whole /DATA over to ext HD....taking a long time......but that's ok....23:14
horacehey, did anyone haev the same problem upgrading from 13.04 to 13.10?23:14
horacethis happened to me couple days ago.....23:15
horace....meant to say 'i'm copying the whole /DATA over...'23:21

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