Kilosmorning all05:21
Cantideafternoon all~05:23
Kilosyo Cantide 05:23
Cantideyo :p05:23
Cantidehoe gannit?05:23
Kilosgood ty and you?05:24
Cantidei'm good :)05:24
Cantidesipping coffee in the internet cafe...05:24
Kilosenjoying the job?05:24
Cantideit's raining today05:24
Cantideyeah '-'05:24
Cantidegetting easier and more fun, too05:24
Cantidehow are things in SA?05:24
Kilosdo they call you teach?05:24
Kilosthings here pretty much the same, except everyone seems to be getting busier by the day05:25
Cantidei had a student who kept calling me sir last night05:25
Cantidedrove me crazy05:25
Kilosyou prefer him call you miss?05:28
Cantidei dislike formal titles05:28
Cantideeven being called "teacher" is annoying05:29
Cantidei have a name, use it :p05:29
Kilosthats part of the education system, gotta respect teacher05:29
Cantidethere are other ways to show respect :)05:30
Kilosya baas05:31
Cantideyes, chief05:32
Kilossi senor05:32
Kiloshiya nlsthzn howsit?05:46
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos ... you up early05:49
Kilosno man its nearly 8am05:49
Kilosoh, am i normally later?05:52
Kilosoh my05:52
Kilosall good there nlsthzn ?06:01
Kilosno ahab flue got you06:02
Kilosflu too06:02
nlsthznand I start my leave today :D:D:D:D:D:D:D06:07
nlsthznso I am half asleep and very happy06:08
Kilosthats good, enjoy06:08
nlsthznI must ... been a tough one this year...06:15
Kiloseish and next one most likely worse06:15
Kilospeeps just seem to get more and more work but no more time06:16
Kiloshi Xethron 07:27
kbmonkeygreets o/07:31
Kiloshi kbmonkey 07:31
kbmonkeywhats up doc?07:36
Kilosall same07:44
Kiloslibreoffice writer is massive. weeks of reading and years before understanding seeps in07:46
Kilosall new words for things07:46
Kilosyo JoTraGo 07:46
Kiloshows you kbmonkey ?07:47
kbmonkeyfine Kilos - had nightmares again. same old story.07:52
kbmonkeyyes writer is massive phew07:52
Kilosoh my07:52
kbmonkeyyou know neil stephenson uses a text editor to write his books :p lol07:53
Kiloshaha i used scribus and managed to make a cover07:53
Kilosbut dunno how to get the cover to office writer07:53
Kiloswho is he?07:53
kbmonkeyhe writes fiction. good books. wartime cryptoanalysis and hackers type stuff07:55
Kilosand covers?07:55
Kiloslike with a pic on?07:56
kbmonkeyyes man. when the story is finished it gets edited into formatting after.07:57
Kiloseish thats the hard part07:57
Kilosi have my booklet but dunno how to do that stuff07:58
kbmonkeyyou can read a very nice story he wrote about microsoft, apple and gnu linux here07:58
Kilosask him to write one on how to write one07:58
Kiloscalled command.zip?07:59
kbmonkey"in the beginning was the command line"08:00
kbmonkeythat is wahat it is called08:00
Kiloshaha i have it here ty08:01
kbmonkeyyw. I think you will like it. It also talks about cars.08:01
Trixar_zaIn the beginning was sex change operations08:01
Kilosno time to read anything but writer how to08:01
kbmonkeywhat does that have to do with the price of apples Trixar_za ? :P08:02
Kiloshi Trixar_za whats happening with you os08:02
kbmonkeywhen you take a break from the writer docs Kilos 08:02
Trixar_zaI still have to work on it08:02
Trixar_zaBeen messing with an IRCd instead08:02
Kiloswhat you been doing?08:02
Trixar_zaIt uses the same base as what freenode is running actually08:02
Kiloswhats ircd08:02
Trixar_zaIRC daemon - It's the IRC Server08:03
Kilosyou dont like freenode?08:03
Trixar_zaNo, I just don't like some of the things the IRCd does08:03
Trixar_zaso I'm messing with it08:03
Kilosyou must chat to charl he is doing something to do with a secure irc something or other08:04
Trixar_zaIt's one of the fun parts about open source code08:04
Kilosand he needs recomendations he said08:04
Kilosor help08:04
Trixar_zaIt's just not flexible enough08:10
Trixar_zaI can't change around modes or even op symbols without breaking it08:11
Trixar_zaI need something else08:11
Kilosthere are peeps in durbs looking for a clever guy08:12
Kilosai! ticked wrong thing08:13
kbmonkeylol, click click click08:14
Kilosi forget i dont have mail open then open it on top of xchat and try kill it quick and end up killing xchat too08:15
Trixar_zaYeah, like Bill Gates didn't steal the idea with Unix08:15
Trixar_zaor Unix's predecessors08:16
Trixar_zaI kind of doubt I'll finish this08:18
Trixar_zaI couldn't even finish one of Neal Stephenson's books08:18
Trixar_zaHe tends to make reality breaking errors in his stories - like he didn't research it properly08:19
Trixar_zaSo I instantly doubt most things he authors :P08:19
kbmonkeynothing in this world comes without a little imagination Trixar_za 08:20
Kilosoh yes08:20
Kilosoffice writer08:20
Trixar_zaYes, but that's like saying the genius that wrote Hackers (which the movie is based on) did great work in his research. He didn't and I could barely finish the book, much less the movie. Actually the movie was easy because it had Angelina Jolie in it08:21
Trixar_zaImagination can only get you so far. And it gets you slaughtered in Science Fiction08:22
Trixar_zaIt's also not a straight forward story about how OSes came into being. Depending on where you start and what you define as an OS, it can have very different beginnings.08:24
Kilosai! footers headers landscape stuff08:43
Trixar_zaGot me reading it again08:43
Kiloskbmonkey, why dont they just say cover page instead of all the funny stuff08:45
kbmonkeyTrixar_za, many technologies today were just imaginings in science fiction, including space flight, laptops and computers built into your eyewear. Don't tell me imagination can only get you so far! ;}08:45
Kilosi must go back to my school and ask for my money back08:46
kbmonkeyit is the basis of science fiction08:46
Kilosthey didnt teach me this modern language08:46
* Kilos loves scifi books08:46
kbmonkeywhat funny stuff do they say instead of cover page Kilos ?08:46
Trixar_zaYeah, but Neal Stephenson has a post-apocalyptic world where Apartheid is still strong and is even one of the 'groups' in the city our courier friend lives in08:47
Kilosall the stuff about styles and that stuff. nowhere does it say your cover page08:47
Trixar_zaOh and she rides around on a skateboard while shooting a grappling gun at moving cars and trucks to get where she wants to go08:48
kbmonkeyawe, just make your own cover page. big words, center page.08:49
Trixar_zaThis was around 1992 - but still, kind of a shitty 'future' he created08:49
Kilosthats energy saving in action08:49
Kilosi cant even make the big words man08:49
Trixar_zaAlthough I was semi-pissed off at his portray of South Africans08:49
kbmonkeyit is not post-apocalyptic, it is Dystopian / Orwellian08:50
Trixar_zaOh no, 1984 is a classic08:50
Trixar_zaSnow Crash was just bad08:51
Trixar_zaI still say Neuromancer is the best cyberpunk book ever written08:54
kbmonkeyKilos, you are looking for a cover page template in writer?08:54
Trixar_zaWhich, incidentally, did come out in 198408:54
kbmonkeytry your hand at making one08:54
Kilosyes kbmonkey 08:54
Kilos3 wodrs and a pic08:55
kbmonkey1984 was actually about 1948, if you never caught onto that.08:55
Trixar_zaMost writers create some social commentary in their work08:57
Trixar_zaAnimal Farm was the same08:57
Trixar_zaActually, I'm pretty sure politics still works like that09:00
kbmonkeyyes indeed.09:05
charl_good morning09:41
charl_Maaz: coffee on09:41
* Maaz puts the kettle on09:41
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_!09:45
charl_Maaz: thanks09:45
Maazcharl_: Sure09:45
Kiloshi charl_ 09:55
Kiloskbmonkey, im enjoying that book ty10:32
charl_hi Kilos 10:47
charl_Kilos: how's it going10:47
Kilosgood ty and you charl_ 10:48
Kilosbusy reading this http://www.cryptonomicon.com/command.zip10:48
charl_i'm good, just tired10:48
charl_cryptonomicon ?10:49
Kilosits a story10:49
Kilos81KB book10:49
charl_interesting, don't have much time atm, got too much to do as it is10:49
Kilostext only10:49
charl_have been applying for a bunch of jobs the past week10:52
charl_i'm learning a lot10:52
charl_one company actually out-right turned me down because they don't believe they will be able to supply me with sufficient challenges in the long term10:53
charl_which happens to be 100% accurate too10:53
charl_another commpany turned me down because i "seem to have a preference for linux" which they don't do10:54
charl_almost unbelievable you still get that in this day and age10:54
charl_it's a good thing they realise this by only looking at my cv because otherwise we would have wasted time10:55
charl_but yeah it blows my mind that you still get companies like that10:55
Kilostalk to Trixar_za he is also doing some irc thing10:57
charl_irc thing?10:57
Kilosircd i think it was10:57
Kilostoo far to scroll back10:58
charl_oh he is setting up an irc server?10:58
charl_which day was it? i'll check in the logs10:58
Kilosjust now10:58
Kiloswait i look10:58
charl_lemme check10:58
KilosTrixar_za> IRC daemon - It's the IRC Server10:59
Kilos10.03 this morn10:59
charl_oh i see10:59
charl_yeah just read the logs11:00
charl_i fiddled with bahamut a long time ago (like 10 years ago)11:00
charl_i laughed at some of the comments in the code11:00
charl_like "what type of pot have you been smoking" as a comment from one developer to another11:00
charl_bahamut is the ircd that dalnet is/was running11:00
charl_"Bahamut is a UNIX-based Internet Relay Chat Daemon (IRCd) designed for DALnet, one of the major IRC networks in the world. Bahamut replaced DALnet's old ircd, DreamForge at some point in the early 2000's.11:01
charl_i think ircd was the original irc server or something11:01
Kilosfreenode is ok for me to get here11:02
Kilosi dont fiddle in it11:02
Kilosand runs pretty reliably11:02
charl_yeah freenode is very solid11:03
charl_i've been looking at this the other day: http://www.atheme.net/11:04
charl_it's the one pirateirc is using11:04
Trixar_zaThat's the services charl_11:04
charl_yeah i know Trixar_za 11:04
charl_i can read :)11:04
charl_but they also seem to have an interesting web interface to services11:05
Trixar_zaFreenode uses ircd-seven, which is a fork of charybdis, which itself is a fork of ratbox-ircd11:05
Trixar_zaI've come to hate it, because I was using a fork of a fork of a fork of ratbox-ircd myself11:05
charl_lol a fork of a fork of a fork11:05
Trixar_zaand it wouldn't do what I wanted11:06
charl_that's open source for you all right :P11:06
charl_i set up bahamut (i think) together with this a number of years ago: http://achurch.org/services/11:06
charl_worked pretty well but it was a very small network11:06
charl_are you running / looking to set up a network or just fiddling ?11:06
Trixar_zaElemental-IRCd --> ShadowIRCd (now defunct) --> Charybdis IRCd --> Ratbox-IRCd11:07
Trixar_zaAnd I was forking Elemental too11:07
Trixar_zaSo... a fork of fork of a fork of a fork11:08
Trixar_zaI'm running a network, but I want something a little more configurable than Elemental-IRCd11:08
Trixar_zaAnd when I mean configurable, I mean something that doesn't crash if I move around channel modes11:09
charl_interesting, is it a public or private network?11:09
Trixar_zaThe website is a bit crappy11:10
Trixar_zaBut that link should give you the webchat interface11:10
Trixar_zaAnother one of the Atheme projects called Iris11:10
charl_oh i see, you are also in fact running iris as a web client11:11
charl_very nice11:12
charl_nice that it also has services integration11:12
charl_cool side project11:12
charl_whaha the channel list in iris looks like a tag cloud11:13
Trixar_zaAnd the bigger the tag, the more people is in it11:18
charl_yeah, figured as much11:24
Kiloshi Private_User 11:36
* Symmetria waves from the lounge at jfk 12:02
Private_Useryo 'sup Kilos13:03
Kilosall same here and there13:04
charl_hi Symmetria 13:37
charl_how's the traveling going, jetlag yet?13:37
charl_by the way, past week i upgraded to ubuntu 13.10 at work, big mistake13:40
charl_did a standard do-release-upgrade and everything worked perfectly except vmware choked on the new kernel13:40
charl_reinstalled 13.04 - again could not get vmware running13:41
charl_previously, installed vmware under 12.10 and then upgraded to 13.04 but had no trouble whatsoever13:41
charl_thought "ok screw this" and installed debian 7 - went without a hitch and installed vmware no prob13:42
charl_all from a flash drive and grub installed perfectly with my uefi chipset (ubuntu 12.04 lts failed)13:43
charl_using gnome3 without any problems (no crashes like last year under ubuntu 12.04) and overall it's very fast too13:44
charl_although, i should add, unity in 13.10 is also looking pretty good13:45
Kiloswhats the diffs charl_ ?13:46
charl_differences with what? unity?13:46
Kilos13.04 wasnt better than 12.0413:46
Kilosi didnt enjoy 13.0413:47
charl_not sure what the *exact* differences are, just overall (speed, stability) much improved from 13.0413:48
charl_gnome3, kde4 and unity all went through their "nightmare" years at first13:48
charl_i wouldn't mind just sticking to the lts release as my host operating system but 12.04 just refused to boot after installation13:49
charl_i think it has something to do with my relatively new chipset and uefi13:50
charl_debian comes with an ancient kernel (running 3.2.0-4-amd64 now) so i don't have to worry about vmware breaking again13:50
charl_not that the fault lies with ubuntu, in this respect it's just vmware that doesn't keep itself up to date quickly enough13:51
charl_and with debian release cycles i am good to go for years ahead :D13:52
Private_UserI am back13:52
charl_wb Private_User 13:52
Private_Useram now connected using Xubuntu13:52
Kiloswb Private_User 13:52
Kiloswhat you fixed13:52
Kiloswell done13:52
Private_Userwell I am testing the Xubuntu, last night I tested Ubuntu and Lubuntu13:53
Kilosi think it has synaptic preinstalled hey?13:53
Private_Userthis machine was a bit slow with ubuntu but I guess its because of the 512MB ram13:53
Private_UserLubuntu worked fine though13:54
Kilosyou tested them on basic install or after update/upgrade13:54
Private_Useron the basic13:54
charl_with half a gig on a live cd, that's indeed pushing it13:54
Kilosyou find most ubuntu's speed up after updating13:54
Private_Userok but I am running them installed on the HDD13:55
Kiloshehe i also said 512m was min13:55
charl_yeah that's still pushing it13:55
charl_we are almost in 2014 after all13:55
Kilosx and lubuntu should be the best for min ram13:55
Private_Userexcept I could not get the Kubuntu installed13:55
Kilosaw what happened?13:55
Private_Usersomething to do with the partioning I think13:55
Private_Userso I just tested on the live CD13:56
Kilosits different hey13:56
charl_if you really want to go minimalist you should install openbox13:56
Kilosbut lekker once you used to it13:56
Private_Useryeah but seems like 512 is min for that as well13:56
charl_that's about as compact as you can go, unless if you switch to a tiling window manager13:56
Private_UserI will keep them for when I setup my Laptop which has 2GB ram13:57
Kilosthat will be better13:57
Kilosbut your desktop will be fine with more ram13:57
Private_Userso you guys advice that I should use either L or X for this desktop?13:57
charl_or fluxbox, that's another good one13:58
Private_Usersince I only have 512MB ram13:58
Kilosonly if you not gonna get more ram13:58
charl_lubuntu is afaik the most minimalist unless if you go openbox or fluxbox13:58
Private_Useryeah I doubt I will be getting ram any time soon13:58
charl_are you installing on an old netbook or something?13:58
Kilosya then use l or x13:58
Kilosold desktop13:59
charl_ah, yeah that's like 10 years old :P13:59
Private_Userok so now to decide between the 213:59
charl_i say lubuntu13:59
charl_advised it to one of my colleagues as well for a really old laptop14:00
Private_Userok cool thanks for the advice, now I am leaning towards L14:01
Kiloswith ubuntu you can later install the other gui's if im not mistaken14:02
Kiloslike for unity you install ubuntu-desktop14:02
Kilosand kubuntu its kubuntu-desktop14:03
Kilosthen you get to choose at boot time which one you want to use14:03
Kilosbut go with lubuntu till you get more ram14:04
Private_Userok I will do that, and will I be able to use it for doing a little development as well?14:06
Kilosyou just gotta update/upgrade14:06
Kiloswhat do you want to develope14:06
Private_Usercool now I am wondering if I will need Windows, cause I plan on installing ubuntu on my laptop14:08
Kilosyou can install it alonsdie windows for starters till you used to it14:10
Kilosthen choose on boot14:11
Kilosthe advantage of desktops over lappies charl_  is you can add more dives inside14:12
Kilosand lotsa usb ports14:13
Kilosand no stupid mouse thing14:13
Kilosscroll pad or whatever its called14:13
Private_Usertouchpad dude14:14
Kilosya that horrible thing14:14
Kilosand weak keyboards14:15
KilosPrivate_User, what do you use windows for?14:16
Kilosim sure ubuntu has all the tools and more14:16
Kilosonly gaming is behind on linux14:16
Private_Userwell when I purchased the Laptop thats the OS it came with so I never bothered to change14:17
Kilosoh so you dont really need it14:17
Kilosyou not into it so deep you have no choice14:17
Private_Useryeah and  now I wanna go full Open Source14:18
Kilosthe do the best cure for all windows probs14:18
Kilosboot from and install ubuntu14:18
Private_Userbut maybe I will just do as you say make Ubuntu my Default OS and if there comes a need to use it then I have it14:20
Private_Useralthough for now I cannot see a reason14:20
Kilosyou can also run windows in a virtualbox in ubuntu14:21
Kilosneed a fast pc though14:21
Private_Useroh yes that is another plan thanks14:22
Kilosif you think you might need windows you install ubuntu alongside ang squeeze windows to 20 or 30 of the drive14:29
Kilosbut if you go only ubuntu then partition the drive into root boot and home partitions14:30
Kilosthen when you go to next release or need to do a reinstall you dont format /home and you keep all your settings and stuff14:31
Kilosand data14:32
Private_Userok thanks will do14:37
Private_Userbtw how much space would you recommend for root, boot and Home?14:43
Kiloshow big is your drive?14:43
Private_Usercause I have now decided that I will use Lubuntu on this dektop, no windows14:44
Private_Userits a 80GB14:44
Kilosroot 30g14:44
Kilosboot 1g or leave out /boot and it will go in with /root14:44
Private_Userok and the rest home?14:45
superflyI don't ever bother partitioning, I just go with the default... life is too short to worry about that14:46
Kilosya rest /home or you can make a piece at the end /storage for backups and where you save packages14:46
Kiloshi superfly 14:46
Private_Userok cool I am gonna do it but what about swap?14:47
superfly1 gig14:47
Private_Usershould I partion it at the begining of the drive or in the middle?14:47
Kilosif you install without partitioning it makes its own swap14:47
superflyautomatic usually makes swap in the extended partition14:48
* superfly goes to start the braai14:48
Private_User:D I like it braai14:48
Private_Userdon't forget to pour a shot... LOL14:49
Kiloshe dont drink14:49
Kilosnor me14:49
Private_Userok cola and a smile then ;)14:49
Kilosbut im too old thats why14:49
Kilosstopped when i waa about 28 i think14:50
Private_Userbrb gonna log off from the desktop cause I am gonna redo the system with Lubuntu using your advice14:51
Kiloscool good luck. ill be here14:52
Kiloson winsucks again14:55
Private_Userlol yeah14:55
Kilosbtw how did you find this channel14:56
Kilossomeone asked last night how peeps get here and i didnt know14:56
Private_Useron the Ubuntu site14:57
Private_Userbut wish I found it earlier14:57
Private_Usercause for that 13.10 install I struggle alot14:58
Kiloshow did you get to hear about ubuntu?14:58
Private_Userwell I was interested in Linux for a while but never go around to getting or installing it and also could not decide on which distribution. I mainly chose Ubuntu because it had some South African roots15:00
Private_Userand many say its the best for beginners15:01
Private_Userand would you believe it, I had version 8 sitting on this machine for a while and never got around to install well I did on a virtual box but never really used it15:02
Kiloshahaha i got given 8.04 from a neighbour that musta gotten mad at my complaints about tindows15:03
Private_Useryeah most of us were just forced to use it since all new machine came with it and most companies use it as well15:03
Kilosbut couldnt get it to work with 3g so then i started searching for help and was given 8.10 and the repos15:04
Private_Userbtw where should I position the swap and boot partition? at the begining of the drive or after the root partition?15:04
Kilosand since then i use windows to use up bad sectors in the beginning of old drives and install ubuntu alongside15:05
Kilosi make / then /swap then /home15:05
Private_Userand /boot?15:05
Private_Useror will it not make a difference?15:06
Private_Userif its seperate that is15:06
Kilosoh my15:06
Kilos  /root /boot /swap /home15:06
Private_Userthanks I am performing the install now15:07
Kilosjust remember if you install without partitioning sometime the you can use a command to save your /home to a stick or another drive or so15:08
Kilosbecause its painful to do a clean install and have to setup everything from scratch15:09
Kilos  /home remembers everything15:09
* Symmetria waves from 30 thousand feet up in the air15:10
Kilosisnt that illegal Symmetria ?15:11
Symmetriakilos lol nope, inflight wifi between nyc and sfo15:11
Kilosnot like cellphones15:12
Symmetriaits actually bloody fast15:12
KilosPrivate_User, cant still be installing15:45
Kilosoh maybe15:45
Private_Userlol nope just completed15:45
Private_Usernow I am gonna wait for after 00:00 and install all the update15:45
Kiloswith 1.5g ram it takes 25 mins to install 12.0415:45
Kilosok save these commands15:46
Kilossudo apt-get update15:46
Kilossudo apt-get install aptitude15:47
Kilosin some aptitude is installed15:47
Kilosthen sudo aptitude upgrade15:47
Kilosshould be 3 or 400m of upgrades i think15:48
Kilosoh no15:48
Kilosyou have 12.04.315:48
Kilosmaybe 200m15:48
Kilosdid you say you do, or want to do web design?15:51
Private_Userthis waiting for 00:00 to do installs a real drag15:52
Private_UserI do web design15:52
Private_Userwell when I get the clients15:52
Kilosthere must be lotsa tool sofr it15:52
Private_Usertimes have been slow15:52
Kilostools for15:52
KilosMaaz, google web design apps for ubuntu15:53
MaazKilos: "Design and user experience | Ubuntu for phones | Ubuntu" http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/features :: "App Design Guides | Ubuntu Design" http://design.ubuntu.com/apps :: "Web design software - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/118520/web-design-software :: "Resources - 12 Indispensable Web Design Apps for Ubuntu | Think ..."15:53
Maazhttp://thinkdesignblog.com/resources-12-indispensable-web-design-apps-for-ubuntu.htm :: "The new Ubuntu App Develope…15:53
Kilosyou can go mad with ubuntu15:53
Private_Userthank you Maaz15:54
Kilosyou gotta say maaz ty15:54
Kilosor maaz thank you15:54
Kiloshe be our bot15:54
Private_UserMaaz thank you15:54
MaazPrivate_User: Okay :-)15:54
Kilosand coffee maker15:54
Private_Userlol ok15:56
KilosMaaz, coffee on15:56
* Maaz washes some mugs15:56
Kilosnow ask him coffee please15:56
Kilosonly prob is cyber coffee dont help you stay up late15:57
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:00
KilosMaaz, dankie16:00
MaazGroot plesier Kilos my vriend16:00
Private_Usercool stuff16:18
Private_Userwhat els can Maaz do?16:19
Kiloshe does the logs and links for our meetings16:19
Private_UserMaaz, what can you do?16:19
MaazPrivate_User: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.16:19
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.16:19
Private_UserMaaz, thanks16:21
MaazPrivate_User: Sure16:21
Kilos  and Maaz was written by some of our guys 16:21
Kilosin python and is in the ubuntu repos16:21
Kiloswe got the best16:21
Kilosthey just busy most of the time so leave me to mislead peeps16:22
Kilosthe fly is one of the kingpins here16:22
Kiloswhen he talks listen16:22
Kiloshe knows more about software than braaing i think16:24
Private_Userduly noted16:24
Private_Userwell I think I know enough not to burn the meat16:25
Kilosand tumbles and drussel are ubuntu devs16:25
Private_Userwow so we have some good help here when we need it16:27
Kilosand the crashkid is a master at sorting crashes but he is in the states now16:27
Kiloswe got the best16:28
Kiloshi nlsthzn didnt see you sneak in16:30
Kiloshi psychicist 16:32
Kiloswhew im slack today16:32
Kilostoo much office16:32
* Symmetria glances out the window and at the in flight map and notes he is now right over milwaukee 16:33
Kiloswhat you doing there Symmetria 16:34
Symmetriagoing to see juniper16:34
Symmetriap brb they bringing me icecream16:34
Symmetriagotta eat that ;p haha16:34
nlsthznstupid children being annoying... we leopard crawling to catch them off guard...17:16
nlsthznjumped out the sliding door and took pictures like crazy... they go running in all directions :p17:17
nlsthznpity I can't shoot them with any kind of non lethal weapon17:17
kbmonkeyhello again !18:09
kbmonkeyyo yo18:35
kbmonkey |18:35
kbmonkeyit is raining again!18:45
kbmonkeyit is great18:45
magespawnGood evening all19:13
Kiloshiya magespawn 19:13
magespawnHow things Kilos?19:14
Kilosno better ty19:14
Kilosstill trying to make a book cover with writer19:14
magespawnBut also no worse either19:14
Kiloshows you?19:14
Kilosna same but good otherwise19:14
Kilostoo much to read in office documentation19:15
magespawnBit tired, long week, another long one next week19:16
Kiloseish you gotta get that stuff all setup now so you can become normal again19:16
magespawnIt will happen19:20
magespawnIs inetpro around?19:20
inetprogood evening magespawn19:22
inetproand hi to everyone else19:23
magespawnHey inetpro19:23
magespawnWhat is your opinion of allowing network access from the internet for cctv cameras?19:24
Kilosnaand inetpro 19:24
inetpromagespawn: hmm...19:24
inetproeveryone does it in one way or the other19:24
Kilospassword protected access magespawn 19:25
Kilosor some more secure way19:25
inetproin fact storing your footage offsite asap is generally a good idea19:26
magespawnNot as far as i could see, but it might have been through a vpn. Also microsoft rdp all forwarded through the router19:26
Kilosenough said19:27
Kiloswhy is microsoft involved19:27
magespawnNot for offsite storage just to check cctv cameras, and not for a security company either19:28
magespawnThey have windows on most of their machines.19:28
Kilosbut there is what to be stolen there?19:29
Kilosis it just to see cctv19:29
Kilosor check if cmeras are working19:30
Kiloscameras too19:30
magespawnJust to see cctv19:31
Kilosoh to like monitor them remotely19:31
Kilosfrom how many pcs?19:31
magespawnDo not know.19:32
Kilosonly your peeps or anyone 19:32
Kilosoh my19:32
Kilosif its like only your businesses senior peeps maybe you can take a chance but not if its open to everyone19:33
magespawnNobody is tell8ng me diddly19:34
Kilosthey scared of you and you the only one with some security sense19:34
magespawnI have to dig for everything19:34
Kilosinetpro, why so quiet?19:35
Kiloswhat do they expect from you magespawn to secure the system or what?19:35
inetprosorry, busy reading 19:35
magespawnWell I took that as implied, since the network is part of my responsibility19:36
Kilosmaybe you can encrypt some connections so others cant use it19:38
inetpromagespawn: welcome to the world of computers19:38
magespawnLol, ty inetpro19:39
Kilosinetpro, http://www.telkommobile.co.za/coverage/lte/19:39
Kilosmaybe you can turn your external antenna to get lte19:39
magespawnI like to try an follow best practices and standards.19:39
Kilosim am 6 ks past where they show coverage19:40
magespawnNo luck hey Kilos19:40
Kiloslol maybe with external yagi19:40
inetproKilos: nice, it looks like I have LTE19:40
inetprohow do I test it?19:41
Kiloswhere are you19:41
inetproKilos: at home19:41
inetprositting in my chair19:41
Kilosmove your map till it shows you then give me the link19:41
Kilosmaybe it works19:41
Kilosno man19:41
Kilosyou want my emaill addy again?19:42
Kilosdoes the pink show around you?19:42
inetproKilos: yep19:42
Kiloswow lucky man19:42
Kilosnow you can really burn data19:43
Kilosoh ya what did you break at work the other day19:44
magespawnWho Kilos?19:44
Kilosthe pro19:44
Kilosyesterday or day before , i forget19:45
inetproKilos: I broke something?19:45
Kilosthey all dropped of irc19:45
Kilosya man how often do you disappear from here19:45
inetprohmm... that was probably just some disconnect between us and freenode19:45
Kilosai! ek sukkel met my volk19:45
inetpronothing major that I noticed on our network19:46
Kilosand you and your libreoffice writer are breaking my head19:46
Kiloswith things like leave the formatting for later19:46
Kilosim sukkeling to make a cover page19:47
Kilosthe docs are too massive to read in a foreign language19:47
inetprowhy even read the docs?19:47
Kilosacover is a cover not a style or some funny thing19:48
Kiloswell its the first time ive ever used any office stuff19:48
inetproKilos: you should learn like the kids19:48
inetprothey don't need manuals19:48
inetprothey just click a button to see what happens19:49
Kiloseish ive had too many messups trying things19:49
inetproso take a button/icon at a time and run through all of them 19:49
Kilosand i dont remember what i did so do the same messup the next day19:49
Kilosno man them buttons dont tell you this is how you make large text for a headline or whatever its calleed19:50
inetprocreate a new test document and start playing around19:50
inetprowell there are buttons, dropdowns, widgets, etc19:51
inetprothen there are menu items as well19:52
Kilosthere is a garage full of unknown stuffs19:52
inetpronee man19:52
Kilosall in modern language19:52
inetprotell me which one sounds greek to you19:53
Kilosstyles for one19:53
inetprotake anyone and look it up in the dictionary19:53
Kilosmasterpage for another19:53
inetproyou are trying to make things complicated for nothing19:54
Kilosall i want now is big writing for a heading on the cover19:54
Kilosi dragged a pic to it19:54
Kilosand the writer can only open once at a time19:55
Kilosi cant read the docs and practise my way through19:55
Kilosmaybe this is why books are so expensive19:56
Kilostons of hard work19:56
inetproKilos: have you not seen the little dropdown that has a number in it?19:56
inetprowhen you hover your mouse over it it should say "Font Size"19:57
inetproright next to another dropdown that says "Font Name"19:57
inetproand to the right of it there's a liitle big B for Bold19:58
Kilosya i see font size19:58
Kilosbut i only want 3 words large not everything19:59
inetproso go highlight a stukkie text and change the font size19:59
Kilosyoo hoo slim seun baie dankie20:01
Kilosim gonna have to put you by the acknowledgements20:01
inetprobreak down the wall in front of you man20:02
inetproyou remind me of the days when we introduced computers to the old tannies at the office many years ago20:02
Kilosbeing suck a small booklet it doesnt need an index hey?20:03
Kilosim worse than them man20:03
inetprosome of them had this massive wall in front of them, too scared to even touch the keyboard20:03
Kilosim like apple mac im a hardware guy20:04
inetproKilos: nee man, that is very unlike you 20:06
Kilossjoe ive been battling for weeks now20:07
* inetpro has huge respect for Kilos's persistent nature 20:07
Kilosfeels like months20:07
magespawnKeep at it Kilos20:23
Kilosi try make a gray page but forget to highlight the whole area so it makes a small gray strip across. so i try make the whole area same colour and they gray becomes bron except for that gray strip20:25
magespawnWell now you know how to create a brown page with a grey strip at the top.20:26
Kiloshahaha 20:27
Kilosclose writer and reopen and its gray20:27
inetproKilos: just remember to learn like the kids!20:27
inetproKilos: and then...20:29
inetprothere's always LibreOffice Draw20:29
Kilosai! shup20:29
Kilosfirst and last book20:30
inetproclick File | New | Drawing20:30
inetproand once you have saved a nice drawing you can Insert Picture from file20:31
Kilosmaybe i must put a big hammer on the cover20:32
Kilosi cant draw man20:32
inetproai! You coming with that wall again?20:32
Kilosim not 40 something20:33
Kilosim 60 something20:33
magespawnThis from the guy who came here only few years ago20:33
Kilostoo late to learn to draw as well20:33
Kilosthis book is gonna cost a fortune20:34
inetproKilos: "Nobody cares about what you can't do." Greg Hickman 20:36
magespawnInetpro now thats a truth20:38
inetproKilos: s/can't/choose not to/g20:41
magespawnAnd another, inetpro, you full of them tonight20:42
inetpromagespawn: that comes from "Yes You Can: How to Stop Saying You Can’t Do Something" http://www.prolificliving.com/blog/2012/10/08/yes-you-can/20:43
* superfly is not a fan of self-help literature20:44
inetprosuperfly: sure thing, I just don't like the word can't20:45
superflyinetpro: there are certain situations where it is necesary. Also, knowing your limitations is not a bad thing.20:46
inetproit really is a powerful word that blocks your mind if you use it too often20:47
inetprosuperfly: what you say is true20:47
superflyKilos: are you using LibreOffice Writer?20:49
superflyare you using the styles? (F11, I think, brings up the window)20:50
Kilosi need to read up again what the styles do20:51
Kilosi did it plain20:51
Kilosdefault i think its called20:51
superflyKilos: you can make more, and you can apply different styles to different elements... like use the headings for headings :-)20:51
superflyit makes managing the style of your document MUCH easier20:52
Kilosi need to find a way to read the docs and keep writer open separately20:52
inetproKilos: Alt+Tab20:53
Kilosoh will that swop them20:54
Kilosthen that can help20:54
Kilosi was hoping acroread could read it but no go20:56
inetproKilos: File | Export as PDF...20:58
Kilosexport to where20:58
Kilossee these funny words20:59
Kilosexport is landuit20:59
inetproKilos: Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to represent documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating system20:59
Kilosoh ya writer can do the pdf thing21:00
Kilosmaybe thats the way i gotta put it online21:00
inetpronou praat ons21:01
Kilosbut then i still gotta get me a site to sell it on21:03
inetproKilos: that's where you need to learn the skills of a Bill Gates21:04
Kilosoffice is quite lekker actually. if one wrote often and got used to it then it would be easier21:04
magespawnLots of ways to do thise Kilos21:05
Kilostell me21:06
inetproKilos: he was able to convince millions to pay for ones and zeros21:06
magespawnYou can blog it, tweet it, G+ it21:08
superflyinetpro: for really bad ones and zeroes too21:08
Kilosoh ya21:08
Private_UserEvening People, I see the ballies are awake ...hehe21:08
Kiloshehe hiya Private_User 21:08
magespawnWell the ones and zeros aren't that bad, it is just they way they are put together21:09
Private_Usergood Kilios, just waiting as usual for after 00:00. Gonna do all the updates for my install21:09
inetpromagespawn: but how does he convince people to hand him a few $$$?21:09
KilosPrivate_User, when you type someones nick in type the first 3 letter any case and hit tab21:10
Kilostab completes the nick for you21:10
magespawnBy selling the same ones and zeros more than once, and getting  people to believe they need it.21:10
Private_UserKilos, thanks did not know that21:11
superflymostly by convincing computer hardware manufacturers to bundle Windows, and ONLY Windows21:11
Private_Userah sorry dude, just realised I mis-spelt your nick earlier21:11
Kilosinetpro, see our new ubuntero21:11
inetproPrivate_User: welcome at #ubuntu-za21:12
Kilosbetter than me he got ubuntu going with 512m ram21:12
superflymagespawn: if you asked people, "Did  you buy Windows?" there answer will be "no."21:12
Private_Userthank you inetpro21:12
Kilosi couldnt do it with less than 640m21:12
superflymagespawn: not because they have an illegal copy, but because it came with their computer21:12
Kilosmagespawn, you must read that book21:13
magespawnIndeed, by presenting it 'as is'.21:13
Kilosquite funny21:13
magespawnYour book Kilos?21:13
Kilosno man21:13
* inetpro busy reading that ^^21:13
Kilosami fsck -f works to a win drive if you have that ntfsprogs installed21:16
Kilosbut not without ntfsprogs21:17
Kiloswhew maybe i should get the new kubuntu with my night surfer data21:19
magespawnI am off to bed all, good night21:24
Kilossleep tight magespawn 21:25
Kiloswhats a final beta release21:34
Kilosi see that for kubuntu 13.1021:35
Kilosisnt beta like second stage21:35
Kilosand final the release stage21:36
inetproKilos: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download#download-block21:36
Kilosty inetpro 21:39
Kiloswould you suggest the bit torrent download21:41
Kilosi could maybe wget it that way21:41
superflyKilos: no, bittorrent is a protocol, like http21:43
superflyyou need a bittorrent client21:44
Kilosoh my21:44
Kilosi did bittorrent something a while back but think i reinstalled since then ty superfly 21:45
Kiloshow long will 13.10 be supported21:45
superflythe usual, 2 years?21:46
Kilosoh great i thought they dropped it to 6 months21:46
Kilosaw inetpro i cant wget that link22:10
Kilos    [  <=>                                  ] 15 570      53,3K/s   in 0,3s    22:11
Kilos2013-11-03 00:06:04 (53,3 KB/s) - `download' saved [15570]22:11
Kilosthats all. something wrong there22:11
Kilosthats all thats there even with wget -c22:12
inetproKilos: ai!22:12
Kilosim bang to use opera22:13
Kilosin case it drops and i got no download manager22:13
Kilosand im falling off the chair already22:13
Kilosthats wgettable hey?22:14
Kilosty 22:14
inetproor the 64bit version22:14
Kilosno man no 64bit stuff here22:15
inetproBTW, an updated version of that command line story is available at: http://garote.bdmonkeys.net/commandline/index.html22:15
Kilosits running22:15
inetpro The Command Line in 2004 22:16
Kilossave it22:16
Kilosits all before ubuntu22:16
Kilosi wonder how he feels now22:16
inetprohe switched to OS X22:17
Kilosthats mac?22:17
inetproat least at the time when he was asked n 200422:17
Kiloshe sounds like Symmetria 22:17
inetproanyway, me needs some sleep22:18
inetprogood night22:18
Kiloshe loves his mac and all his screens show windows22:18
Kiloswhew the isos are getting bigger. 1g already22:20
KilosPrivate_User, you winning22:20
Private_Useryep started the update22:21
Private_Userit seems to be busy22:21
Kilosive got a 1g download just started22:21
Kilosgonna be short of sleep tonight22:22
Private_Useryeah I have been short of sleep since I started trying to get these ubuntu to work22:43
Private_Userbut at least I now have it working22:43
Kilosyou will see after upgrading it runs better22:43
Kilosjust remember if you want to install things first look in synaptic if it is in the repos. ive been warned not to just install stuff off the net22:45
Private_Userok looks like updates have completed22:45
Kiloshow many meg?22:45
Private_UserI will now do the above check for the software in repos22:45
Kilosyou have synaptic hey?22:46
Kilosif not sudo aptitude install synaptic22:46
Private_Useryes it is installed22:47
Private_UserI also see the Ubuntu software centre22:47
Kilosgood then if you want to check for something there is a small search window top right22:47
Kilostype in there and it will show everything related22:48
Kilosthat software centre is slow22:48
Kilossynaptic is more efficient22:48
Kilosbut not as pretty22:48
Private_Userok and its looking easier to read22:49
Kilosin update manager if you go to settings you can turn off updates and only do them late at night to save data22:51
Private_Usersaw that it was first thing I did especially with my experience with windows22:55
Kilosour upgrades dont kill the pc22:56
Kilosand they are free22:56
Kilosno pay $4922:56
Kilosand normally with upgrades things get better22:58
Kilosright i got 13.1023:41
Kilosnight all23:41

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