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H0nyT4parch ( need to know. (bit leet)).00:01
H0nyT4pfedora (aka redhat)00:01
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H0nyT4pok sorry bekks00:03
H0nyT4pneed pay attention00:03
new0hitsujiTMO, minimec that weird, i just run netbeans i have downloaded (PHP) and it's seems to run it good and didn't say about no JDK00:05
new0hitsujiTMO, minimec ok. now i took the path that php-linux version i downloaded and put it in the one you give me (minimec) and this time it's giving me the msg of "The specified JDK folder contains JRE, but a full JDK is required.00:08
new0minimec, anyway i am running it now00:11
manson452hola que tal buenas tardes00:12
new0minimec, hitsujiTMO ok, sweeet :) NetBeans IDE 7.4 :)00:13
SysNekohttps://gist.github.com/SysNeko/7260550 I dun goofed my unity panel. Any thoughts on how I can reinstall it?00:13
minimecSysNeko: reinstallation is useless, as your setting is a local settin gfor user 'reiji'. logout/login once. Maybe the value is recreated and reassined to defaults. Otherwise create it yourself with gconf-editor.00:17
SysNekoYeah panel is completely missing in dconf. I tried reinstalling ubuntu-desktop but that of course didn't work.00:18
SysNekoI just need it to fix my xchat systray icon and minimize.00:18
SysNekoBecause I am too lazy to set up irsse on this install.00:18
minimecSysNeko: 'sudo apt-get install irssi' and copy over the .irssi folder isn't that hard... ;)00:20
SysNekoIt is when you are a lazy student. :<00:20
SysNekoI'm just gonna do it00:20
SysNekoxchat is just blah00:20
Ari-YangSysNeko: hexchat is better00:22
Ari-YangSysNeko: http://hexchat.github.io/index.html00:22
SysNekoI haven't tried it. I use weechat or irssi mainly00:22
SysNekoI am trying ubuntu 13.10 though.00:22
ubukouhey folks, just an opinion im trying to overclock my pc. in the process of doing that i have a dilema that i dont know how to calculate. i have 4 x DDR2 800 CL4 1gb rams and 2 x ddr2 cl5 2gb rams. now im running a combination of cl5 and cl4 . do you think it would be best to run the cl4 and lose 2 gigs of ram ?00:27
bekksubukou: Ask ##hardware00:27
ubukoubekks , thanks, wasnt sure.00:28
wafflejockubukou: benchmarking will only tell00:29
tvillerealestdoes anyone know how to install the 64-bit distribution of skype on ubuntu?00:29
ubukouwafflejock, i ll se what i can find out.. :) thanks00:30
fatmandownIs there a reason my USB wifi dongle would work on the LiveCD, but when I get the OS installed on my HD, it doesn't?00:31
CoolmarioDudeI have a technical question about ubuntu00:31
wafflejock!ask | CoolmarioDude00:31
ubottuCoolmarioDude: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:31
CoolmarioDudeIs VGA-s3, 512mb, amd athlon 2400+ XP, good enough to run latest ubuntu version? Current version on that PC Is 10.1000:32
ctcbI have a problem with Ubuntu. I bought a new laptop, and it was running slow on the internet, the internet speed test on it is at 1.0 Megabits Upload, whereas my PC gets 5.0 Megabits Upload.00:32
CoolmarioDudeIts a 10 yr old compaq computer.. It don't have usb boot up support but it does support boot from live cd00:32
wafflejockCoolmarioDude: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements00:33
stevecoh1how, in xubuntu do I prevent it from launching on restart everything it had launched in the previous session?00:34
CoolmarioDudewafflejock thanks.. The machine did run windows xp sp3 about 3 years ago but it was slow.. :| I hated windows xp00:34
wafflejockCoolmarioDude: you're better off running Xubuntu00:35
wafflejockXFCE is lighter weight00:35
histostevecoh1: configure xfce to not save your session00:35
SysNekoSteve just edit the startup items.00:35
ctcbThe download Speed on my Laptop is capped at 128KB/s, whereas my PC gets 512KB/s. That "small" drop is enough to make loading websites, playing YT Videos and even playing Text MUD Games.00:35
wafflejockCoolmarioDude: not as pretty but will be faster00:35
SysNekoOh he is talking about that.00:35
stevecoh1ok, where is that config?00:35
SysNekoThat is annoying00:35
histoctcb: wireless vs. wired?00:35
CoolmarioDudewafflejock, its my dad's computer we are very use to the look of ubuntu00:35
ctcbhisto, Wireless.00:35
histoctcb: yes is the desktop wired?00:35
ctcbhisto, No, they are both Wireless.00:36
wafflejockCoolmarioDude: you can try with Unity  if it's too slow you can install gnome-desktop and choose that at login00:36
wafflejockCoolmarioDude: that should be close to what you have going right now00:36
histoctcb: I would check your link quality perhaps one is getting a worse signal causing slower speeds00:36
CoolmarioDudeAlright thanks :)00:36
stevecoh1In "Session and Startup" I find a list of things it will start, but the ones that keep starting are not listed there.00:36
AxlinCoolmarioDude: It won't perform well, especially considering Unity "requires" 1 GB RAM. Xubuntu or Lubuntu are better suited for those specs.00:37
Dr_Willisstevecoh1:  check /etc/xdg/autostart/00:37
wafflejockCoolmarioDude: np lots of options for DE too https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Desktop_Environment00:37
ctcbhisto: How would I check the link quality on my Laptop?00:37
stevecoh1thank you dr willis00:37
toafanstevecoh1: are these things you've opened, or just stuff?00:37
wafflejockctcb: iwconfig00:38
Dr_Willisstevecoh1:  some desktops have a session memory/save setting where it reopend stuff that was open when you quit.00:38
histoctcb: iwconfig in a terminal00:38
BoreeasIs there a way to see what binary a window is coming from?00:39
ctcbhisto: http://pastebin.com/szvLbAFL00:39
toafanBoreeas: like, what binary executable?  Like, what program?00:39
gfallbackjcbvim trying to install muse 2.1.2 from command line its not letting me make can someone help00:39
Dr_WillisBoreeas:  xwininfo from a terminal perhaps00:40
stevecoh1Yes, Dr. Willis, I'm looking for that setting and not finding it.00:40
Dr_Willisthats tives the window id.. now how to mapt that to a executable..00:40
stevecoh1Like, once, I opened KeePassx.  Now it opens every time I restart xubuntu.00:40
wafflejockthat's a nice one though xwininfo00:41
toafanwindow title may say something useful00:41
stevecoh1Yet I don't see that listed anywhere00:41
toafanstevecoh1: that sounds like xfce is "saving your session", and re-opening it the next time you log in.00:41
stevecoh1Yes, it does.00:41
Dr_Willisstevecoh1:  if its not  in /etc/xdg/autostart/ or ~/.config/autostart/ im not sure where else to look. unless theres some saved sessions for uour desktop. What desktop are you using?00:41
toafanstevecoh1: that's a feature00:41
SysNekoAN anooying feature.00:42
wafflejockin ksysmonitor you can right click a process and show window00:42
stevecoh1However, "Automatically save session on logout" is NOT checked.00:42
Dr_Willislook in .config/xfce4/*   perhaps00:42
toafanstevecoh1: is there a "select a session" popup or something like when you log in?00:42
stevecoh1no, toafan00:42
toafanI got nothing, then00:43
Dr_Willisif the thing starts for a newly made user. then that would point to a  system item starting it.00:43
Boreeastoafan: Yeah. I have multiple thunderbird binaries, and I want to see which one is executed when starting Thunderbird via Alt+F200:43
toafanBoreeas: oh, that... I'm not sure00:44
jeffrey_fGnuPG question:  looking for a bash script to read a file holding only email addresses, search for and import keys if they exist.00:44
toafanBoreeas: there's a way to check terminal ones, you could try that00:44
BoreeasActually, thinkiing about it, 'which thunderbird' might be easier00:44
toafanBoreeas: 'which thunderbird' should help, but if you're running a .desktop file, it may run something else00:45
ctcbWhat are some steps that I could do to make my Laptop not be slow on my Wireless Internet? Before I formatted it with Ubuntu (Instead of Windows 7), It was going at my normal speed. iwconfig gave me this: whttp://pastebin.com/szvLbAFL00:46
wafflejockstevecoh1: haha just tried logging into my remote desktop with XFCE to see if it had something in the settings similar to the options in KDE and I have no system settings manager installed in XFCE00:46
SysNekoSlow internet speed? Or system?00:46
ctcbSysNeko, Slow Internet Speed on Ubuntu.00:46
BoreeasYeah, found it. Thanks toafan00:47
fatmandownIs there a reason my USB wifi dongle would work on the LiveCD, but when I get the OS installed on my HD, it doesn't?00:47
toafanctcb, internet in general or just that computer?  Just ubuntu, or that computer period?00:47
mjaykfatmandown: any way the liveCD is using a different / older kernal?00:47
wafflejockctcb: I'm getting 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up here :)00:47
fatmandownthat'd be very strange00:47
fatmandowni don't think so00:48
wafflejockctcb: check out ntop possibly00:48
jeffrey_fctcb, what channel is your wireless on.  You may be sharing channels with others in your neighborhood, which will slow you down.00:48
mjaykfatmandown: if its an old iso could be possible but I agree would be strange00:48
fatmandownit's an old dell optiplex 170l- not TOO old, should be able to run 13 but it can't00:48
toafanfatmandown: did you install propritary/non-free drivers when you installed?00:48
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fatmandowndidn't have internet to do so00:48
wafflejockctcb: also as jeffrey_f said here you can get a WifiAnalyzer app for a smartphone if you've got one and easily get a visual on what channels are used00:48
ctcbtoafan, Just this laptop. It was running at 4Mb/s before I switched to Ubuntu, now it's at 1Mb/s.00:48
SysNekoYeah I have never had a problem with ubuntu effecting my wifi speed00:49
Dr_Willisfatmandown:  boot the live cd. if wifi works.. see whta modules its loading/useing (save the output of lsmod)   then boot the system. and compare its lsmod output00:49
topper4125if he installed an LTS version then the downloaded iso *could* have an old kernal, that would be updated during install if he told the installer to update during install00:49
ctcbwafflejock, jeffrey_f: Channel 6.00:49
fatmandowntopper4125, I didn't use the internet to update00:49
wafflejockctcb: you need to scan to see if that's got a lot of other SSIDs around you on the same channel00:50
fatmandownthis whole situation is very strange.00:50
albeesco04can any one help me with how to install skype00:50
topper4125fatmandown, try Dr_Willis suggestion... that would be useful00:50
SysNekoalbeee what system are you running amd64 or?00:50
ctcbwafflejock, My device changes the WiFi Channel depending on which people are using their routers around me, so that isn't a problem.00:50
jeffrey_fctcb;  in terminal:  sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep Frequency | sort | uniq -c | sort -n00:50
jeffrey_fWill show channels being used and how many.  Switch your router to a lesser or unused channel00:50
ctcbBT Call it "Smart Wireless"00:50
Dr_Willisunless its not so smart and  gets confused. ;)00:51
fatmandownanother thing...i'm installing it to an external laptop hd booted via USB enclosure. is there a reason it would hang on creating the ext3 FS?00:51
Dr_Willisfatmandown:  i install/run from external usb flash. hard drive. and sd cards all the time - with few issues.00:52
fatmandownlike, shouldn't that part take about a second?00:52
jeffrey_ffatmandown: are you encrypting your file system?00:52
Dr_Willishow big a ext3? :)00:52
Dr_Willismight take a few min.00:52
jasabellawhere would i find the source code for the man page reader?00:52
fatmandowni've been sitting here waiting for it for at least a minute and a half, I feel like it's hanging00:52
Dr_Willis2min? id say give it about 10 befor worrying.00:53
Dr_Willisusb speeds can be very slow at times. :(00:53
jeffrey_ffatmandown:  does your system show disk activity?00:53
fatmandowni think this whole 'take old computer and make xfce server out of it' is dead00:53
fatmandownthe external hd enclosure light is red, and my CD drive light isn't on00:54
toafanalbeesco04: skype is non-free(dom) software, so I'm going to officially encourage you not to use it.  You have to get skype from their website, they should have a ubuntu version.  Download that (the one that matches your system) and double-click it, IIRC it should ask you for your password and ask if you want to install with Ubuntu Software Center or something else, maybe not in that order.  Beyond that I can't help you.00:54
ctcbjeffrey_f, wafflejock: http://pastebin.com/jc7ic1y800:55
ctcbSee, it is smart, I'm the only one on Channel 6. :P00:55
fatmandownoh wait this is booting from a USB stick installing it on an external hard drive..might explain the time lag00:55
jeffrey_fcould be either the USB is slow or you may have errors on the disk being formatted.00:55
toafan...or he left.00:56
wafflejockfatmandown: yeah USB especially on an old machine probably isn't going to be blazing fast00:56
hitsujiTMOjasabella: apt-get source manpages    or apt-get source man-db    ... not sure which one has the ninary00:56
jeffrey_ffatmandown:  You are moving data from USB to USB, it will be horribly slowed00:56
wafflejockfatmandown: expect lots of waiting00:56
wafflejockfatmandown: USB 1.0 11Mbps 2.0 peaks at 480Mbps00:57
toafanfatmandown: usb-usb is _slow_.  A gig took me like half an hour, I haven't tried the like since.00:57
jeffrey_falmost like dial-up00:57
wafflejockjeffrey_f: lets not get ridiculous :)00:58
wafflejockdial up I'd be waiting 40 minutes for an MP300:58
jeffrey_fhow many wireless devices are active on your router?00:58
fatmandownwafflejock, CD would be faster yeah?00:58
jazzHey y'all, I've got an installation question00:58
jeffrey_fWafflejock:  hehehe00:59
wafflejockfatmandown: yeah I almost always go CD if it's an option... only problems is lots of installs need DVD now and not all old machines have a DVD drive00:59
ctcbjeffrey_f, My iPad and my Laptop. And my iPad is going mega fast compared to my laptop.00:59
fatmandowni have a xubuntu 10 disk here00:59
fatmandowngues i'll uuse that00:59
fatmandownthanks guys I really appreciate it01:00
jazzCurrently setting up partitions in Ubuntu installer. On /dev/sdd I have a windows partition and will be installing Linux (/dev/sdd2, /dev/sdd5)01:00
wafflejockfatmandown:  np best of luck01:00
jeffrey_fctcb: how old is the system in question?01:00
jazzIf I select /dev/sdd as where I want my bootloader... Is that safe?01:01
jazzAnswers appreciated!01:01
jazzOr should I use /dev/sdd501:01
hitsujiTMOjazz: it will overwrite any boot lader that is ther01:01
ctcbjeffrey_f, Brand New, I think it was made late-2012, but this model is new, not second hand.01:01
ctcbjeffrey_f, Does this help at all? http://pastebin.com/GHGwXMuR &01:01
jazzBut not any data?01:01
hitsujiTMOjazz:: boot loader goes in the beginning of a drive not partition01:02
jazzI understand that /dev/sdd2 is my windows partition, but I'm not sure what /dev/sdd is01:02
hitsujiTMOjazz: no wont overwrite data. its less than 512 bytes01:02
jazzSo it'll install grub there and give me the option to boot Windows or Ubuntu?01:03
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jeffrey_fctcb: http://www.speedtest.net/01:03
hitsujiTMOjazz: /dev/sdd is the drive upon which the /dev/sdd2 partition is01:03
hitsujiTMOjazz: yes grub should give you that option if you boot to that drive01:03
jazzRight, which is why I was naively inclined to think it would replace everything on the drive with a bootloader. :)01:04
ctcbjeffrey_f, My internet is so slow that it won't even load speedtest.net!01:04
jazzSo /dev/sdd it is then01:04
ctcbjeffrey_f, Luckily for you, I did one earlier: http://www.speedtest.net/result/3071889380.png01:05
toafanjazz: think of it as /dev/sdd is a physical drive, and /dev/sd1 /dev/sd2 are partitions01:05
ctcbAnd it was still in my browser history. :D01:05
Dr_Willisjazz:  normally you do /dev/sdX   not /dev/sdX#  for grub01:05
hitsujiTMOjazz: what grub installs is a tiny little bootstrap that tells the bios where to find grub01:05
Dr_WillisI think uefi might differ slightly01:05
jeffrey_fctcb: what speed are you paying for?  just curious01:05
ctcbjeffrey_f, Up to 5Mb/s, I usually get around 4-4.5Mb/s.01:06
hitsujiTMODr_Willis: uefi is veeeery different :P it looks for an efi partiton instead of looking at mbr01:06
wafflejockctcb: ping speedtest.net01:06
ctcbjeffrey_f, Because I'm in a coastal town, we're not getting the UK's Fibre Optic Broadband until 2015. :(01:07
wafflejockctcb: I wonder if you're having some sort of DNS issue01:07
jeffrey_fctcb: and how far from the access point is your system. (walls, floors, etc?)01:07
jazzNow I'm at the Where are you? screen01:07
jazzCan't click continue even after I select my city...01:07
ctcbjeffrey_f, I am literally in the living room, so one door away and a bit of a wall. I usally get 4Mb/s here with my iPad or PC.01:07
toafanctcb, wafflejock: that might explain problems with speedtest.net, but not the general problem01:07
hitsujiTMOjazz... yup should be smooth sailing from there... just DO NOT create or log into ubnutnu one01:08
toafanhitsujiTMO: why not ubuntu one?01:08
MapleyHi. I've noticed that some GTK+ 3.10 applications using header bars contain certain menus. Would it be possible to hide them? See what I mean here - http://i.imgur.com/RVSLJ6E.png? [xpost]01:08
StravQuestion (if anyone can help): Since a few weeks now, It seems I have to reset pulseaudio for it to recognize my usb headset when it's plugged in and Yet, it's detected by alsa's aplay -l. Is there any way I can fix this for pulseaudio to automatically add the usb headset? (resetting pulse cause kde's phonon to display pulseaudio as the only available "device" so the defined device preferrences do not apply anymore (I have to manually01:08
Stravswitch which is the default output device with pavuconrol)01:08
wafflejocktoafan: ctcbwell if he's relying on speedtest.net to check the speed then that could be an issue01:08
hitsujiTMOtoafan: theres a bug in the installer where it hangs at that point01:08
jazzWhy is continue grayed out?01:08
toafanhitsujiTMO: ah01:09
hitsujiTMOjazz: what point are you at exactly?01:09
jazzI type my city, get two drop-down options, click one, continue still grayed out01:09
jazzThe map asking my location right after partitioning01:09
wafflejockjazz: you try just clicking your location on the map?01:09
toafanMapley: that looks like it's not exporting its menu over dbus.  No idea why, is dbus running?01:10
DrGrovHello hello.01:10
toafanMapley: also, you've got buttons in your titlebar.  I can't decide whether to be jealous.01:10
DrGrovHow could I easily remove Ubuntu One and all Ubuntu cloud services on my 13.10 64-bit install? Not that I don't like them but I have no need.01:10
jazzSeems arbitrary, selects a city 8 hours away, sometimes it's greyed out, sometimes not.01:10
Mapleytoafan, yes.01:11
MapleyI'm actually using a different WM, though I don't think that should affect it.01:11
hitsujiTMOreselect your city again. must be an odd bug. haven't come accross that yet01:11
topper4125Mapley, which DE are you using?01:11
jazzI'm in the same timezone as new York. I'm assuming I can select that and change it later?01:11
Mapleytopper4125, MATE with Gala.01:11
MapleyDon't judge me!01:11
wafflejockDrGrov: http://askubuntu.com/questions/309122/removing-ubuntu-one01:11
hitsujiTMOjazz: yes you can run: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata        to set the timezone later01:12
DrGrovMy second question is regarding that I have 13.10 set as English US as system language but still it shows up in ex. irssi and file manager with the Finnish time stamps on everything :(01:12
DrGrovwafflejock: Thank you, will look directly into that :)01:12
toafanMapley: have you turned off something that would put menues elsewhere?  do other programs put their menus somewhere else the way you expect?01:12
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MapleyWill check back in a mo.01:13
ctcbjeffrey_f, wafflejock: http://pastebin.com/sanQuRGU01:13
hitsujiTMODrGrov: whats the output of: echo $LANG01:13
wafflejockctcb: wow time is terrible01:13
hitsujiTMODrGrov: from terminal that is01:13
MapleyShouldn't be any. I've got a bunch of modified settings in dconf - er, actually, a lot - but none should affect this.01:14
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Terminal says: en_US.UTF-801:14
MapleyI've tried using gnome-tweak-tool and changing the 'applications menu' setting without any success.01:14
MapleyIt /used/ to work.01:14
DrGrovwafflejock: Can I safely remove Ubuntu One even though I am in the middle of fiddling with the system?01:14
hitsujiTMODrGrov and: echo $LANGUAGE01:14
wafflejockctcb: getting this basically 64 bytes from redirector2.dynect.net ( icmp_req=70 ttl=52 time=46.5 ms01:14
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Says en_US01:15
wafflejockDrGrov: not experienced with that, I removed unity myself and installed KDE then decided to just clean install Kubuntu cause I was liking KDE01:15
toafanMapley: is there something set from within this aplication?01:15
topper4125I used to have a problem simular to this when running programs in sudo (Like the tab menu in gedit if I had more than one document open).. Trying to find out how it fixed it... maybe the fix is simular to the fix in mate01:15
hitsujiTMODrGrov. that's bizarre. maybe irssi saves your lang on inital run. did you cange the lang after ruinning irssi for the first time?01:15
DrGrovwafflejock: Ok. Does a clean Kubuntu install remove Ubuntu One etc.?01:15
Mapleytoafan: No.01:15
MapleyIt's stock.01:16
hitsujiTMODrGrov, ubuntu one can be safely removed01:16
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: No, I did not change it. Perhaps time to look into irssi.conf?01:16
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: I can remove Ubuntu One even though I am now tweaking and doing other stuff? No reboot need?01:16
hitsujiTMODrGov.no reboot needed01:16
toafanMapley: huh.  I got nothing.  Unless, like, it's run as the wrong user or something.01:16
* Mapley grumbles01:17
MapleyEh, it's cosmetic, so it's fine.01:17
Jeroiis there really a way to open scite silently from terminal?01:17
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Great :) I shall remove Ubuntu One directly. How about Amazon then? I know the privacy I can get rid of online search results through there.01:17
Jeroidefault it blocks terminal access01:17
topper4125mapley see if anything here helps: http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=712701:17
ctcb_wafflejock, I switched over to my Super Long Ethernet Cable for a test, it doesn't get much more than my wireless does.01:17
toafanMapley: I think I decided to turn 'globalmenus' off because it was so application-dependent01:17
ctcb_http://pastebin.com/AN9nnn9X < That was the result of my test.01:17
Mapleytopper4125, not application-related nor theme-related.01:18
ctcb_Big Difference. Must be something with Ubuntu and my Wireless Chip.01:18
wafflejockDrGrov: well I mean I installed Kubuntu wiping out my old system (after backing up) doing it that way01:18
hitsujiTMODrGrov: i haven't found a package than can be removed safely that takes away the amazon thing. but you can stop online activity with the dash in: System Settings -> Security & Provacy -> Search01:18
MapleyAnyway, thanks for the attempted help anyway. :P01:18
wafflejockctcb: not sure if it will help but I added a static DNS to my router config using
gfallbackjcbvi need help installing software building and compiling01:19
wafflejockctcb_: https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using01:19
hitsujiTMOjeroi:have you tried adding an ampersand after it?01:19
toafanhitsujiTMO: that sounds like a 'dependency' that doesn't actually depend on anything.  I noticed that with plymouth.  I don't want the gui-bootsplash, darn it!01:19
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Great. That fixed the Ubuntu One thing :) Thank you.01:19
wafflejockgfallbackjcbv: what are you trying to do specifically and where does it not work as expected01:20
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: That Amazon thing is just for purchasing basically?01:20
wafflejockDrGrov: yeah money01:21
wafflejockDrGrov: also tracks other info about usage01:21
ctcb_wafflejock, right now I need to figure out what's wrong with my Wireless Chip and why Ubuntu isn't liking it.01:21
hitsujiTMOtoafan: The problem is that they rolled all the dash scripts into the one package as far as i can see. so you can break other functionality in the dash by removing it01:21
ctcb_There wasn't any problems with the laptop before I went over to Ubuntu with internet speeds.01:21
wafflejockctcb_: ah okay so you said the cable did help I didn't get that01:22
hitsujiTMODrGrov: yup... just a sales pitch01:22
ctcb_wafflejock, The cable is giving me a lot faster speeds.01:22
Dr_Willisaskubuntu.com and omgubuntu had an artical about the amazon search lens and how to  disable/remove/work arounds.01:23
Dr_Willisor was it the webupd8 blog site..01:23
ubottuIf you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ01:24
Dr_Willis13.10 changed some things. so the old wiki info might be invalid.01:24
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Great, that is a relief.01:24
hitsujiTMOctcb_: what wifi do you have?01:24
JeroihitsujiTMO: no I don't know what is it?01:24
DrGrovBut the online search results is just from Privacy done as hitsujiTMO explained?01:25
ctcb_hitsujiTMO, The card in my laptop, or the router I have?01:25
JeroiI have tried &01:25
hitsujiTMOjeroi: as in scite &01:25
Jeroino work01:25
DrGrovDr_Willis: Thank you.01:25
wafflejockctcb_: can you paste the output of  iwconfig again can't find it01:25
wafflejockwant to compare db values01:25
hitsujiTMOctcb_ in laptop01:25
nydelrunning ubuntu quantal, how can i set my incoming ssh authentication method to password only?01:25
DrGrovThat envelope thingie in the right corner, can that be removed somehow?01:26
ctcb_hitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/GHGwXMuR01:26
toafanDrGrov: the messaging menu thingie?01:26
DrGrovtoafan: Yes, it is disturbing me :)01:26
Dr_WillisDrGrov:  id just learn to leave things alone.01:26
ctcb_wafflejock: http://pastebin.com/szvLbAFL01:27
DrGrovDr_Willis: Haha :)01:27
Dr_Willishttp://www.webupd8.org/2013/10/8-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu.html  DrGrov01:27
DrGrovDr_Willis: I just tend to keep things as minimalistic as possible. Thanks, will read into that directly.01:27
DrGrovDr_Willis: Been busy doing backup from my old HDD which mobo burned and the missus MacBook I had in use01:27
toafanDrGrov: probably not, actually.  Well, short of changing WMs.01:27
hitsujiTMOctcb_: seems a lot of people are having problems with that one01:28
wafflejockctcb_: not a lot different from mine but Bit Rate = 130 Mb/s for me01:28
nydelDr_Willis: have you ever used a system76 system?01:28
wafflejockeverything else it looks better on yours mostly but within a couple of values01:28
Dr_Willishttp://www.webupd8.org/2013/10/how-to-disable-amazon-shopping.html   for 13.1001:28
Dr_Willisnydel:  i tend to buy windows machines that are on the clearance bin at the local stores.01:29
wafflejockSignal: -58dBm   Tx-Power=15dBm01:29
wafflejockLink Quality: 52/7001:29
nydelDr_Willis: i love that i don't know whether you're joking. you rock01:29
ctcb_hitsujiTMO, What can I do?01:29
hitsujiTMOctcb_ so far not seeing any solutions from anyone01:30
irreverantHow can i remove an email account from the taskbar email connection shortcut?01:30
hitsujiTMOctcb_ seems to ba an issue with later kernels too01:30
wafflejockyeah basically at this point I would probably see if I could try another wifi adapter01:31
hitsujiTMOctcb_ what version ubuntu are you running?01:31
ctcb_hitsujiTMO, Ubuntu 13.10 64-Bit01:31
DrGrovDr_Willis: This is wondeful, I remembered webupd8 but not anymore. Been away too long. Thanks for the very good link :)01:31
Dr_Willisnydel:  my main desktop pc waS an asus - was a display model that was on the clearance table at best buy.  it was $100 cheaper then an identical  machine they had on display. :) as in totally identical..01:31
ctcb_wafflejock, Not sure how, since it's intergrated wireless.01:31
wafflejockctcb_: here's the integrated I have01:31
Dr_WillisDrGrov:  about all i ever read is webupd8 and omgubuntu ;)01:31
DrGrovDr_Willis: ;)01:32
DrGrovDr_Willis: I gotta finish the backup first and getting that back and then start installing all the stuff I want :)01:32
wafflejockctcb_: you can just disable that and use a USB one... at least to see if you can get around the issue even if it's not a permanent solution01:32
hitsujiTMOctcb_ you can buy one cheap on ebay.01:32
DrGrovDr_Willis: Do you know of any good stress test to measure CPU etc. on Ubuntu?01:32
irreverantDrGrov you can try burn In i believe that also works on linux distros01:33
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
Dr_WillisDrGrov:  theres somej benchmark appsin the repos.  and i recall some of the hardware-testing web sites have their own benchmark sets ported to linux. but ive rarely used them01:33
DrGrovirreverant: Okay :)01:34
DrGrovDr_Willis: Okay :) I just wanted to really test this Intel Xeon E5 processor I bought today.01:34
wafflejockDrGrov: get to compiling01:35
wafflejockDrGrov: download Chromium01:35
irreverantXeons are good01:35
irreveranti used two quad core xeon processors in a single build for a windows server box01:36
DrGrovwafflejock: And compile Chromium to test?01:36
irreverantreally reliable and powerful01:36
wafflejockyeah I think on their site it said it takes a day or something01:36
DrGrovirreverant: The problem I just could afford one :(01:36
irreverantnot a sillicon graphics computer but still gnarly01:36
wafflejockI was gonna do it for a minute but then read the build time and decided I best just download the package01:36
hitsujiTMOwafflejock: wont the compiler only use a single core tho?01:36
irreverantcan anyone recommend a good game from the ubuntu software center thats similar to warcraft/starcraft and thats free?01:36
wafflejockhitsujiTMO: depends on the compiler I believe01:37
DrGrovDo people usually buy Intel Xeon processors for everyday use?01:37
wafflejocknot entirely sure about gcc tbh01:37
DrGrovI wanna have the best darn computer in my small village LOL01:37
wafflejockDrGrov: I have two in the other room :)01:37
DrGrovwafflejock: God damn you! :)01:37
wafflejockthey are being sold though01:37
wafflejockjust here for business, someone else downsizing01:38
jazzhi guys!01:38
hitsujiTMODrGrov: xeons tend to have a longer lifespan,01:38
wafflejockif anyone wants a server btw01:38
jazzneed help again01:38
wafflejockwe got 201:38
DrGrovwafflejock: Now I know why you are present. Doing business :)01:38
wafflejockHP Proliant DL120 G7s01:38
irreveranti need a server01:38
irreverantwhat are the3 specs?01:38
jazzso ubuntu seems to think my primary display is the 1080p TV (should be secondary) connected via HDMI01:38
wafflejockno just broed01:38
FloodBot1wafflejock: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:38
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: But do people usually buy them for every day use?01:38
jazzI'd like to mirror my displays at 1080p01:38
jazzWeird thing is the login screen uses my 1080p TV as the main, yet Unity loads the Unity Bar on my comp screen....01:39
toafanjazz: is that just how it acts when you connect them, or does unplugging it give you problems?01:39
hitsujiTMODrGov, yes, some of the lower end ones are simplarly priced to the equivalent i5s or i7s ... so why not01:39
jazzWhen I select mirroring the highest resolution I can go is much lower than 1080p01:39
Dr_Willisjazz:  the user can have differnt settings then the system (lightdm)01:39
DrGrovShould I really give compiling a go of something I really want to have?01:39
DrGrovOr is there any better way to test? :)01:40
jazzokay, then i'd like to have the system use compscreen as main01:40
jazznot that it matters if they're mirrored at 1080p01:40
wafflejockirreverant: ah they're 3.2GHz Intel Xeon (can't recall exact part number off hand) 2 x 1TB HDD 8 GB of RAM01:40
jazzthough i guess it matters for the login screen...01:40
hitsujiTMOjazz: you're system profile and personal profile are set differently.01:40
irreveranthow much?01:40
Dr_WillisUbuntu (well the pc) decides my DVI connection is the primary by default. so i get  the login on the tv monitor here.  I then set it to auto login to my user. who has the nvidia settings set to only use the PC monitor.01:40
wafflejockirreverant: asking $1500 on ebay I believe01:40
irreverantis this yours?01:40
wafflejockirreverant: my brother/business partner posted em01:40
wafflejockirreverant: they're a non-profit that down sized01:40
wafflejockirreverant: I helped move some stuff "to the cloud"01:41
jazzDr_Willis, sounds like what I have. Don't want to use autologin though. Solution?01:41
Dr_Willisjazz:  swap video cables01:41
wafflejockirreverant: they were running windows server 2008 I reinstalled win server 2008 with the keys they had01:41
hitsujiTMOwafflejock: that seems a little high priced for such a system01:41
jazzOne is HDMI, one is DVI...01:41
toafanjazz: autologin with autolock?01:41
wafflejockhitsujiTMO: if you compare to other ebay listings it's $500 cheaper01:41
Dr_Willisjazz:  they have dvi->hdmi adaptors01:41
wafflejockthe proc is pricey01:41
wafflejocklike $300 still01:42
jazzI'd rather not bandaid this. Is there really no solution?01:42
jazz(Have the system use DVI as main over HDMI)01:42
DrGrovI really got a non Ubuntu related question. May I ask it here or should I switch to the offtopic channel?01:42
toafanjazz: is this a laptop-type system or a desktop-type?01:42
Dr_Willisjazz:  im not clear on the problem. my DVI port is decided its the main port if both are in use. I can plug it into  the HDMI monitor using a DVI-HDMI adaptor.01:42
wafflejockalso to keep  it on topic I did install Ubuntu on these servers to play with and it works :)01:42
hitsujiTMOwafflejock: hmm, still seems pricey... but then again i just buy blades. so pricing is a little different01:42
Dr_Willisnewer cards have 2 hdmi ports these days.01:42
toafanI suspect you'll find a lot of stuff is bandaid-y01:43
ShinobiIs there a way to mount a dd image?01:43
wafflejockhitsujiTMO: who do you buy blades from?01:43
jazzThere's my computer monitor always connected over DVI, and there's my TV always connected through HDMI01:43
Dr_Willisi cant really tell any differance with using the hdmi->dvi adaptor. I even have DVI ->hdmi video cables.01:43
Dr_WillisShinobi:  the mount commands loop back feature can do it. same as you do an ISO image01:43
jazzNo adapters (my GPU has HDMI port)01:43
wafflejockhitsujiTMO: anywhere I can go for better price comparison? we're just going based on some knowledge of the hardware and other ebay listings01:43
Dr_Willis!iso | Shinobi01:43
ubottuShinobi: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.01:43
hitsujiTMOjazz: you could try set up an xorg.conf01:44
toafanjazz, hitsujiTMO: oh gad01:44
=== vemacs|ded is now known as vemacs
toafanjazz, hitsujiTMO: doesn't ubuntu come without a config nowadays?01:44
ShinobiDr_Willis: So even though it's not an iso, just a raw dump of an hdd, it will still work?01:45
hitsujiTMOwafflejock: i'm just going by what i have purchased in the past.01:45
hitsujiTMOtoafan: it auto generates the data, but you can still use an xorg.conf to override it01:45
GeoHi, when doing a ls -l /proc/pid/fd, I see 1 -> pipe:[105923324] ... how can I get more info on that pipe, ie, where is it pointing?01:45
toafanhitsujiTMO: right, but then you have to set everything that it autogenerates without it, don't you?01:46
wafflejockhitsujiTMO: ah was a bit off on the proc price is only $240 but close01:46
jazzguess i'll go ask on /r/ ubuntu. [rant]after 3 years without ubuntu, i was hoping it've matured more by now. bugs in installer, 5 minutes in desktop, and already it looks like i'll have to go muck around in xorg.conf again... sigh.[/rant]01:46
wafflejockhitsujiTMO: dunno they're decent machines I just have no need for them doing my stuff on AWS mostly or on my laptop or deskto01:46
ShinobiDr_Willis: I converted this dd file to a .vdi file and attached to a vm. It didn't boot and when I ran a partition utility to check out the vdi drives, it showed them both as bad. They were NTFS partitions and the software would have know the partition type.01:47
ShinobiIf the dd files are bad, can I salvage anything?01:47
hitsujiTMOtoafan: yes i do. but if the default of what it generates isn't up to scratch then you need to use a xorg.conf01:48
Dr_WillisShinobi:  if its a dd image of a DRIVE - is one thing. if its a image of a PARTITION - is another thing.01:48
Dr_WillisShinobi:  its easier to mount an image of a PARTITION.01:48
Dr_WillisShinobi:  your original dd image would be a 'raw' image i think in vbox terms.01:48
ShinobiDr_Willis: Which one is mountable? Partition, I assume?01:48
Dr_WillisShinobi:  you can mount either one. but for a drive image - you have to give dd some extra info i recall.01:49
toafanhitsujiTMO: no, I mean: if you set an xorg.conf, doesn't it not do any autogenerating, even if you only set one or two things?01:49
hitsujiTMOShinobi: what was the dd command you used?01:49
hitsujiTMOtoofan, it will do some. you can be minimalistic about the xorg.conf01:49
Geo when doing a ls -l /proc/pid/fd, I see 1 -> pipe:[105923324] ... how can I get more info on that pipe, ie, where is it pointing?01:49
ShinobihutsujiTM0: Not sure it was a long time ago, I forget if I dd the paritions separately, or just one big rip.01:50
Jordan_UDr_Willis: Shinobi: To make partitions on a raw image of an entire hard drive available as device nodes so they can be mounted, run "sudo kpartx -a /path/to/disk.img".01:50
Dr_WillisShinobi:  i think you can do   sudo fdisk -l theimage.img   and it may give some info also01:50
ShinobiJordan_U Dr_Willis: nice...01:51
yeyemanwhat the.. ubuntu seem to have changed by key shortcuts01:51
Jordan_UShinobi: Note that that only applies to "vhd" images to the extent that the're just raw dumps of bits from the disk. What did you do to "convert" this image, and do you still have the original? What command did you use to create the original?01:52
hitsujiTMOShinobi: it should be possible to generate a working drive inage from the partition images. you'd prob have to create a dummy and on that create a partition of the same size of an image. then dd that image over that partition01:52
yeyemanhow do I assign keyboard combinations for example open terminal?01:52
Dr_Willishttp://askubuntu.com/questions/69363/mount-single-partition-from-image-of-entire-disk-device   Shinobi  for some reading. ;)01:52
wafflejockyeyeman: ubuntu01:52
wafflejockyeyeman: ?01:53
ShinobiJordan_U: I used dd to create the original and VBoxManage convertdd to convert01:53
yeyemanI used to have super+t, but that opens trash suddenly for some reason01:53
wafflejockyeyeman: ctrl+alt+t usually be default01:53
wafflejockyeyeman: you can change in system setting01:53
Dr_Willisi cant recall it ever being Super-T  ;)01:53
ShinobiAs long as I can get data I don't care how I do it... I think the dds are bad though...01:53
Dr_Willispress and hold the SUPER key on unity to see a list of shortcits01:53
yeyemanno that's what i had set it to01:53
yeyemanbut it has changed all of a sudden01:53
cvtsxsudo apt-get penis01:53
wafflejockyeyeman: yeah when you upgrade and whatnot it sometimes replaces those config settings01:54
Geo when doing a ls -l /proc/pid/fd, I see 1 -> pipe:[105923324] ... how can I get more info on that pipe, ie, where is it pointing?01:54
cvtsxsudo apt-get penis01:54
hitsujiTMOenough cvtsx01:55
cvtsxsudo apt-get penis01:56
cvtsxi gtg bye01:56
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Guest6538E: Invalid operation penis01:56
wafflejockgreat that was useful... hello insp1525 !ask01:56
jazznew question01:57
FloodBot1Guest6538: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:57
jazzcan i "link" my steamapps folder with the one on windows01:57
wafflejockjazz: not likely and probably would end in disaster01:57
jazzmy ubuntu partition is only ~12gb, not big enough to copy (14gb)01:57
wafflejockjazz: different binaries and whatnot01:58
=== ese is now known as LeprechuanEse
wafflejockjazz: maybe could share some data files01:58
Dr_Willisjazz:  soft links can go across filesystems01:58
wafflejockjazz: but it would probably get hairy01:58
Shinobicvtsx: I think you mean: apt-get upgrade penis01:58
Jordan_UShinobi: Dr_Willis: That AskUbuntu answer is the hard, less reliable method. Using kpartx is better in almost every way.01:59
ShinobiJordan_U: I thought it didn't work with dd...01:59
Guest6538lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol02:00
wafflejockjazz: yeah you're only going to be able to get some subset of the games on Linux most likely... unless you just play team fortress and kerbal space progrm all day02:00
jazzinstalling ksp now :)02:00
Jordan_UShinobi: It does. It's a simple "mount -o loop /path/to/disk.img" that doesn't work.02:00
jazznow if i could just figure out how to set DVI as my primary over HDMI and mirror them in 1080p (gah!)02:01
wafflejockJordan_U: ksp is great02:01
jazzhelp'd be appreciated :(02:01
Jordan_Uwafflejock: ksp?02:02
wafflejockJordan_U: ah sorry meant jazz02:02
wafflejockJordan_U: Kerbal Space Program (KSP)02:02
jazzyes it is02:03
ShinobiJordan_U: yeah looks the dd files aren't correct. Is there any other way to mine for data inside them. I'm assuming the boundaries may be off.02:04
new0how can i list all my drives?02:04
Shinobinew0: sudo fdisk -l02:05
wilee-nileenew0, drives or partitions?02:05
wilee-nileefdisk does both02:05
new0Shinobi, tnx Willis drives02:06
Shinobinew0: the letter on the output is the drive, the number is the partition02:06
new0i have 2 HDD connected but only see one02:06
hitsujiTMOnew0: lsblk is a nice command for that02:06
Jordan_UShinobi: What is the exact dd command you used to create the image? Are you now working with the original dd'd image or a "converted" one?02:07
new0well, my other HDD was working good until my pc feld on the floor and i was able to run it again and it give me the trying to repair window (win7) anyway after reboot i havn't see that drive anymore02:07
ShinobiJOrdan_U: I'm working with the original, but it was ripped years ago. I don't remember the actual command.02:08
hitsujiTMOnew0: sounds like the drive took a shock beyond what it can withstand. you'll need to replace it.02:08
Jordan_UShinobi: Please pastebin the output of "file /path/to/disk.img".02:08
new0what this mean? http://pastebin.com/GEYpmjN902:08
new0hitsujiTMO, sure, the Q how can i save that info02:09
wafflejocknew0: 1 disk 2 paritions 1 rom02:09
new0if i can02:09
hitsujiTMOnew0: the hdd is not there.02:09
wafflejocknew0: if it's a regular HDD can you feel it spin up?02:09
new0ho BUMMER it was 500GB HDD and it's really important for me all the info over there02:10
hitsujiTMOnew0: if its shock damage then the drive is no more. would have to be dissaseembled in a clean room to get the data.... beyond what you can afford02:10
wafflejocknew0: yeah few Gs if it's worth it to yah02:10
new0wafflejock, i would try to open the case. it's laptop02:10
arosenHi, is ubuntu13.10 to big to put on a cd and install?02:10
wafflejocknew0: you can pick up an external reader for like $2002:10
adamxHa! Who uses CDs anymore?02:10
wafflejocknew0: will read anything02:10
ShinobiJordan_U: hold on. Made a typo02:10
hitsujiTMOnew0: take the hhd out and shake it? is there any sound. if so its gone.02:11
wilee-nileearosen, I think lubuntu fits, you can use it then install ubuntu.02:11
wafflejockadamx: not all older PCs have a DVD drive02:11
wafflejockadamx: plus Ubuntu always used to fit on a CD02:11
wilee-nileearosen, There are net installs 30 mib02:11
wafflejocktill like 10 at least02:11
new0hitsujiTMO, well, how much do u think. it's really important. didn't back up that data. and i have there work more than a year02:11
hitsujiTMOnew0 several thousand for such damage:P02:12
wafflejocknew0: it's thousands to have it clean room02:12
wafflejocknew0: they charge per GB and recover the whole disk02:12
kostkonnew0, try to read its smart data02:12
wilee-nileeShinobi, wafflejock can you take it to the bar where all the other old men reminisce, lol.02:12
wafflejocknew0: they will send you DVDs02:12
new0kostkon, what is smart data?02:13
arosenwilee-nilee:  hrm i did an upgrade of 13.04->13.10 and it failed :/02:13
hitsujiTMOkostkon: its not showing up at all02:13
arosenI'll see if i can recover that otherwise i'll probably do a fresh install02:13
new0is there any good software before that?02:13
kostkonhitsujiTMO, oh ok02:13
new0beside GET data back02:13
kostkonnew0, nvm02:13
hitsujiTMOnew0, you install smartmontools for that.02:13
new0hitsujiTMO, in ubuntu?02:13
wilee-nileearosen, Any live cd I would use puppy linux it's in root to get out what you need to a external if needed.02:14
ShinobiJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6344681/02:15
new0kostkon, can u give me some like to google for that smart data?02:15
wafflejockwe gotta keep you young wipper snappers in line wilee-nilee02:15
wilee-nileewafflejock, Heh, well I'm one year from 50 years old so you fail. ;)02:16
Jordan_UShinobi: That is not a dd'd image of a whole drive, but of just one partition. Use "mount -o loop".02:16
hitsujiTMOnew0. the best thing to do is take it out of the laptop and shake it gently. if you can hear any rattling or anything then it's definately gone. if there's no noise you need to try it in an external cadd incase its the sata connector on the mobo thats gone or something else there. if it's still not showing up then you need to replace the board on the drive (you'll need to buy the exact same drive) and see if its just the controller that is02:16
hitsujiTMObroken. if that fails ... you HAVE to go to a clean room02:16
wafflejockwilee-nilee: calling me the old man I'm only 30 :)02:16
kostkonnew0, you can use the disk utility in ubuntu, it can show the smart data and run the diagnostics02:16
wafflejockwilee-nilee: why all the angst?02:16
hitsujiTMOnew0, in ubuntu yes ... yes, but if the device isn't even showing up then you cant read the smart data02:16
new0ok, i just touch that drive but don't feel it spin. i know that after it fold i start the laptop and i saw the OS only one time02:17
kostkonnew0, maybe if you could remove the hdd, maybe connect it to an usb enclosure and/or also try to listen what sounds it makes rtc02:17
wafflejocknew0: yeah no spin means either no power or serious damage02:17
wilee-nileeIt's the rhetoric that exposed you, wafflejock No angst just having some fun.02:17
wafflejockwilee-nilee: ah k all good just thought I may have said something to offend, it happens occasionally02:18
wilee-nileewe all do02:18
kostkonnew0, maybe the power connector has detacched or something. try to tske it out and connect it to another pc or something like that02:18
new0hitsujiTMO, external --cadd incase? what is mobo? and that's good idea. from clean room i think. even to start with.02:19
ShinobiJordon_U: says wrong filetype or superblock...02:19
ShinobiI think this dd is hosed.02:19
Dr_WillisShinobi:  you did tell it a filesystem type?02:19
hitsujiTMOexternal caddy/enclosure ... mobo = motherboard02:19
Dr_WillisShinobi:  whats the exact command you are using?02:19
Dr_WillisShinobi:  i thought you said it was a NTFS drive?02:20
Shinobisudo mount -o loop file.dd /mnt -t iso966002:20
ShinobiIt is02:20
Dr_WillisShinobi:  then.. its not iso9660 ;)02:20
Dr_Willisits 'ntfs'02:20
Shinobiit's getting late...02:21
ShinobiI need beer02:21
Dr_Willis -t auto        <---- does wonders02:21
new0wafflejock, kostkon hitsujiTMO, tnx i just save this log on my correct HDD and will follow ur advice. thank you so much02:21
kostkonnew0, good luck02:22
ShinobiI think I know what I did02:22
wafflejockShinobi: beer fixes everything02:22
hitsujiTMOShinobi: you dd'd the parttion?02:23
ShinobiI think I ripped the boot sector and then the rest of the image...02:23
Dr_Willissudo fdisk -lu image.dd           should give some info02:23
intraderAnyone, how do I repair a non-booting image (12.04) - I am on a malfunctioning 13.10 to do this chat02:25
ShinobiDr_Willis: yeah it's saying that it doesn't look like a partition table02:25
hitsujiTMOintrader: boot-repair02:25
hitsujiTMOShinobi: then its a partition image02:26
intraderhitsujiTMO, issue from 13.10?02:26
Shinobican I do this: cat mbr.dd otherfile.dd > new.dd02:26
hitsujiTMOShinobi: no ...02:26
hitsujiTMOShinobi: how big is the mbr.dd?02:27
hitsujiTMO512 bytes?02:27
hitsujiTMOs56 byte?02:27
Shinobimy bad it's 51202:27
wilee-nileeintrader, This a boot problem, some back on what led you here.02:27
=== monkeyjuice is now known as DeaCon
Dr_WillisShinobi:  if you got the hd space.. tyr it and see.02:28
=== DeaCon is now known as monkeyjuice
hitsujiTMOShinobi: partitions are usually restricted to 1MiB boundaries ... so a straight dd is not possible02:28
hitsujiTMOShinobi: do you have a drive that they will fit on that you can use to rebuild?02:29
ShinobihitsujiTMO: Yeah, I can setup a vm02:30
ShinobiI can create a virtual disk, dd the mbr back, then dd the partitions back.02:30
hitsujiTMOShinobi: you will need to load a live distro ... and you will need to create the HDD as a bit bigger than the total size of the 2 images02:30
Shinobioh wait02:31
hitsujiTMOShinobi: ignore the mbr ... it's no use to you02:31
Dr_Willis!find ntfsmount02:31
ubottuPackage/file ntfsmount does not exist in saucy02:32
Dr_Willisjust saw mention of a ntfsmount command in a help guide02:32
hitsujiTMOShinobi: what is the EXACT size of the partition images in bytes?02:32
=== monkeyjuice is now known as DeaCon
wilee-nileeShinobi, The mbr is the easy part if the OS is usable, not really a dd needed there.02:32
=== dongie_ is now known as dongie
wilee-nileewith the right tools02:33
hitsujiTMOShinobi: did you say this was a windows image?02:33
wilee-nileeooh feynman02:34
Shinobithat's the system name02:34
wilee-nileeyours or the physicists02:34
Shinobiit was named after the physicist02:34
Shinobiall my pcs are02:34
Shinobiwell... now I'm branching into mathematicians02:35
Shinobiand I had one named babbage02:35
wilee-nileeEdward Whitten, Mr. M-theory02:36
hitsujiTMOok. so boot the live cd and install load up fdisk02:37
Shinobioh, no not yet02:37
intraderhitsujiTMO, boot-repair not found02:37
hitsujiTMO!boot-repair | intrader02:37
hitsujiTMO!bootrepair | intrader02:37
fluxxehi guys. Looking for some byobu user here. needs some help please02:37
hitsujiTMOintrader: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair02:38
SchrodingersScat!ask | fluxxe02:38
ubottufluxxe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:38
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/02:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:38
hitsujiTMOShinobi: just let me know when you have the live cd up and running in the vm02:38
ubottulukasubo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».02:38
Tex_Nickwhy does ubuntu install apache by default ? does the system use it for documentation or something ?02:39
hitsujiTMOTex_Nick: it doesn't02:39
hitsujiTMOTex_Nick: it only installs apache if you tell it to02:39
Tex_Nickit installed by default on some of my 12.04 box's and about an hour ago on a clean install of 13.10 ?02:40
DrGrovWhat could be regarded as the best burning software on 13.10?02:40
fluxxeubottu: sorry. In a terminal emulator the spliting with byobu work fine but in the console (tty) can't do it. shift+f2 doesn't work.02:40
ubottufluxxe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:40
wilee-nileeTex_Nick, #ubuntu-server maybe02:40
hitsujiTMOTex_Nick: did you select web server in tasksel during the install?02:40
hitsujiTMOTex_Nick: thats the only way it would install it02:41
hitsujiTMOTex_Nick: is this a vm from a hosting company?02:41
wafflejockTex_Nick: yeah definitely no apache by default in ubuntu02:42
Tex_NickhitsujiTMO:  no this new install is a new box im' building\02:42
wilee-nileeDrGrov, Best is an subjective, only exists in  your own reality.02:42
hitsujiTMOTex_Nick: then you selected web server (or what ever its called in the list) on tasksel during the install02:42
kingbeastDrGrov,  Brasero is what I use. It does everything I ask of it.02:43
DrGrovkingbeast: It does easily .iso burning?02:43
intraderhitsujiTMO, sudo: boot-repair: command not found02:43
hitsujiTMOintrader: did you install it?02:43
kingbeastDrGrov, just rick click the .iso and choose open with brasero02:43
wilee-nileeturn off the sum check if you want any speed02:44
kingbeastDrGrov, right click*02:44
Tex_NickhitsujiTMO:  i did a standard install from a live usb built with unetbootin ... only thing i did custom was drive partitioning02:44
hitsujiTMOTex_Nick: you have have selected lamp server on this menu for it to install: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-e6fKn9jsr5M/T6lJ4TKRx2I/AAAAAAAACyE/LalwpBP-RSg/s1600/tasksel_ui.png02:44
Tex_NickhitsujiTMO:  hmmm ok let me have a lookat that02:45
wilee-nileeintrader, boot repair is in a ppa.02:46
wilee-nileeMight be part of later releases not sure02:47
hitsujiTMOintrader: reread the link i gave you. it tells you how to add the ppa and then apt-get update && apt-get install boot-repair02:47
intraderhitsujiTMO, boot-repair: command not found - do I download and install it?02:47
DrGrovkingbeast: Okay, thank you :)02:48
wilee-nileeintrader, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair02:48
wilee-nileeintrader, Save the bootinfo summary url when run.02:49
Guest10608what are the minimum requirements for an ubuntu server02:49
Tex_NickhitsujiTMO: hey thanks for the input02:49
kingbeastDrGrov, You're welcome.02:49
hitsujiTMOTex_Nick: no problem02:50
Kajunfiendsorry about that :)02:50
wafflejock!patience | Guest1060802:51
ubottuGuest10608: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/02:51
hitsujiTMOGuest10608: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements02:51
wilee-nileeGuest10608, https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&biw=&bih=&q=minimum+requirements+for+an+ubuntu+server&btnG=Google+Search&gbv=102:51
Guest10608thank you02:52
hitsujiTMOwrong link wilee-nilee: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+are+the+minimum+requirements+for+an+ubuntu+server02:52
wafflejockhitsujiTMO: exactly what I was thinking :)02:53
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rawfodogis there a flavor of ubuntu that comes with MATE preinstalled ?03:02
jeffrey_f 03:02
Ben64rawfodog: no, mate is unsupported and a terrible zombie, it should not be used03:02
rawfodogWhy Ben64 ?03:02
SchrodingersScatrawfodog: probably not enough people/money to support it.03:03
rawfodogWhat about Cinnamon?03:03
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Ben64rawfodog: mate is trying to resurrect gnome2, its not going to happen03:04
rawfodogbut its lite weight ?03:04
Ben64there are plenty of modern lightweight DEs03:04
rawfodogand way better than xfce03:04
hitsujiTMOrawfodog: by all means use it away, bot don't expect it to survive for long.03:05
dogarrhea_i installed the lib essentials for c++ yet cout is not a member of std when i compile03:05
wilee-nileerawfodog, Mate is based on gnome 2 is all not really used in ubuntu.03:05
dogarrhea_what is wrong with the compilers on ubuntu?03:05
dmp450from a live cd, do you not have access to the standard repositories?03:06
SysNekoWindow managers :I03:06
dmp450I'm trying to walk somenoe through something, but they cant' install ia32-libs-multiarch.03:06
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea_: what compiler are you using?03:06
wilee-nileedmp450, You do but need to open the software sources and tick it and run a update, whay would you need them?03:07
Ben64theres pretty much no reason to ever install ia32-libs-multiarch03:07
wilee-nileeuntick the cd and tick the ubuntu repos03:07
dmp450wilee-nilee: trying to help someone fix their phone. adb needs that apparently03:07
intraderAnyone, I had to reboot to try sudo apt-get-repository  ---> command not found. I am having problems booting 12.04  image - I am on 13.10 (that has many problwms)03:08
dmp450wilee-nilee: do you know how to do that from command line? You'll have to excuse me, I haven't used ubuntu for a long time03:08
wilee-nileedmp450, Ask then what release they are running?03:08
dmp450wilee-nilee: 12.0403:08
hitsujiTMOintrader its apt=ADD-repository03:09
wilee-nileedmp450, dmp450 This a cli with a gui?03:09
dmp450wilee-nilee: yes03:09
dmp450wilee-nilee: but I'm talking to them on irc and it's easier to just give them the command03:09
wilee-nileedmp450, gksudo gedit /etc/apt/software.list03:09
dmp450hitsujiTMO: what is the ppa I'm looking for?03:09
intraderhitsujiTMO, try againg - rebooting03:10
dmp450sorry ,wrong one :P03:10
hitsujiTMOdmp450: ppa for what? no idea haven't been following your convo03:10
dmp450wilee-nilee: can't you just 'sudo apt-add-repository ppa:<something>' then update?03:10
dmp450hitsujiTMO: sorry, your message actually pertained partially to what I'm doing :P03:11
Geo when doing a ls -l /proc/pid/fd, I see 1 -> pipe:[105923324] ... how can I get more info on that pipe, ie, where is it pointing?03:11
wilee-nileedmp450, For a ppa yes, we were talking about the ubuntu repos you and I03:11
dmp450wilee-nilee: I see. so if they open the software center they can check something off?03:11
wilee-nileedmp450, software sources reached from the softwrae center edit03:12
HaltingStatei have password protected zip; cant unzip it03:12
HaltingStateArchive:  ./w.zip03:12
HaltingState   skipping: wallet.dat              unsupported compression method 9903:12
hitsujiTMOgeo: it's not pointing anywhere ,.. something else reads it from that location03:12
dmp450wilee-nilee: ??03:12
HaltingStatethe launcher unzip does not work either; this is insane03:12
HaltingStateon 13.10 i cant unzip zip files with password created on 11.1003:12
dmp450wilee-nilee: then what would the select in there?03:12
SysNekoHalting do you have the tools to unzip it?03:13
wilee-nileedmp450, Heh, notice the word differences software center software sources totally different things03:13
HaltingStateSysNeko, unzip, nautelus/launcher, 7z, unrar, gunzip; tried everything03:13
dmp450wilee-nilee: yeah, caught me off gaurd at first03:13
dmp450then I realized :P03:13
SysNekoAnd it is password protected yeah?03:13
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
dmp450I used the software center once long ago, so it kind of rings a bell :P03:14
hitsujiTMOgeo: info on them: http://linux.die.net/man/7/pipe03:14
wilee-nileeI never use it03:14
HaltingState"error occourred while extracting files" in the GUI thing and then on command line error is "unsupported compression method 99"03:14
dmp450wilee-nilee: is it just 'ubuntu repositories' or something in there?03:14
dmp450or canonical repos or something03:14
hitsujiTMOHaltingState: what compression method was used?03:15
HaltingState9.10 zip through gui03:15
HaltingStatejust zip file with password03:15
SysNekotry install p7zip p7zip-plugins03:15
SysNekothen retry extracting it03:15
SysNekovia 7z03:15
wilee-nileedmp450,  software-properties-gtk brings up the software sources, untick the cd and tick the repos then run a update for access.03:15
HaltingStateSysNeko, p7zip plugins is now p7zip -full03:16
dmp450wilee-nilee: alright. You the best, thanks a bunch :)03:16
SysNekoOh well yeah03:16
SysNekoThen try that03:16
HaltingStateSysNeko, works, for 7z t w.zip03:17
wilee-nileedmp450, I would take note 0f Ben64's comment on needing it though, ubuntu changes package names in lieu of other package sets that do the same in general is all.03:17
HaltingStateSysNeko, error when i try to extract through gui still03:18
SysNekotry cmd line03:18
SysNekoOh wait03:18
HaltingStateSysNeko, command line worked03:18
HaltingStategui fails03:18
SysNekoYou need a gui huh03:18
SysNekoWell darn03:18
HaltingStateit would be nice if the unzip worked in ubuntu; yes03:18
SysNekoI dont know mayne03:18
SysNekoI do most stuff via cmdline so03:18
HaltingStateso this is definately but in naeutlus03:19
SysNekoI am not sure how you would fix that issue03:19
dmp450wilee-nilee: that is noted then03:19
HaltingStatealso in empathy with logging off, i get "-4 unread messages" and cant read messages03:19
dmp450I'm just going off of a guide I found online that says to install it03:19
HaltingStatewhich is another bug in 13.1003:19
SysNekoreport em03:19
SysNekoAlways good to get that stuff reported asap03:19
dmp450with my distro, using adb 'just worked'03:19
SysNekoFor a fix asap03:19
zerocircleubuntu 3.10 runs very fast and smooth in comp as compare to 3.403:19
hitsujiTMOHaltingState: its using a larger than standard keysize ( norm in 7zip ) just unzip it and rezip it with another zip tool03:19
HaltingState13.10 is my favorite release so far, but one with worst bugs03:20
wilee-nileeadb worked here just easier to use windows for my needs though03:20
SysNekoWell i think the point is that this bug exists03:20
dmp450wilee-nilee: we ran into drivers issues with windows03:20
SysNekoI would just use cmd line for extraction and what not and report it for it to be fixed when possible03:21
wilee-nileeah, it happens I did a couple of times with my Nexus 703:21
hitsujiTMOHaltingState: dont report the zip bug ... its not a bug, it's just that you used a non standard compression. do report the empathy bug tho03:21
HaltingStatehitsujiTMO, its not non-standard compression, it was compressed through 9.10 gui03:21
jsmith__hey hey03:22
hitsujiTMOHaltingState: ok, sorry, thought you meant a z7ip gui.03:22
dmp450wilee-nilee: yeah, nice thing with Linux is that you don't get those drivers issues03:22
HaltingStatethe naeutelous or whatever/unity gui03:22
dmp450you get nvidia driver issues instead :P03:22
HaltingStatethis was my bitcoin wallet too, so i was freaking out03:23
jsmith__im trying to use a chmod group user but i want to do it at the room and let it propigate to all other folders03:23
wilee-nileedmp450, Heh, hang here another 5 min you will see them.03:23
SysNekoHAling have you looked around in dconf?03:23
dmp450jsmith__: add -R03:23
jsmith__home directory rather03:23
HaltingStatei tried brute forcing password etc and crazy stuff but it was zip program being idiot; now i am going to use GPG or something03:23
dmp450wilee-nilee: yeah, haha, this was the first place I came when I had them03:24
dmp450love my nvidia03:24
dmp450I was really new to linux back then. dr willis helped me back then.03:25
=== Prince is now known as Guest22002
wilee-nileevery helpful user for sure, helped me as well03:25
* Dr_Willis exersizes his right to remain silent.03:28
jeetpeiHi All03:28
SysNekoHey bud.03:28
enav_lthello, i got ubuntu 12.10 in my laptop and after i installed the updates my wallpaper is gone, unity is quite unstable and crash often, this is my laptop is E1-531, with an intel video card, all used to work perfect till today03:29
jeetpeii have a ddebian installer .. but it does not check version while instaling03:29
jeetpeiand i can upgrdae newr version with older :)03:29
jeetpeiso how would i check version and abort installing03:29
Dr_Willisenav_lt:  most people stick to the LTS release. or the latest release. sticking to a release in between is not really that good an idea.03:29
jeetpeiSysNeko: ?03:30
=== RipresaTecn is now known as furrybondedguy
Dr_Willisenav_lt:  but you may want to make a new user. and see if th eproblems still happen to them03:30
enav_lti understand that but i was working in this machine and got some work pending03:30
dmp450wilee-nilee: ^ the doctor at work03:31
Dr_Willisif a new user works properly, try resetting your problem users config/settings perhaps.03:31
* Dr_Willis reallyh needs to make up a flow chart for this debugging routine.. anyone seen a site that can do interactive flow charts? that would be sort of neat way to help walk people through trouble shooting03:32
enav_lti already reset unity and all the compiz config but the problem persist03:32
Dr_Willisenav_lt:  id test with a new user in that case. if the new user has the same issue - that points to it being to some sort of driver/system setting issue03:32
=== furrybondedguy is now known as RipresaTecn
enav_ltmy wallpaper is black and when i move a window i left behind a trial of pictures like that old solitaire game or the classic video win xp bug03:33
enav_ltcheck out03:33
SchrodingersScatenav_lt: very modern art, i like it03:34
Dr_Willissounds like nautilus may not be manageing the desktop03:34
SysNekoOh man loving that art enav_lt03:35
enav_ltlooks like im a bit screwed03:35
SysNeko2 cool 4 me03:35
jeetpeienav_lt : cool desktop03:35
hitsujiTMOenav_lt: were you playing with compiz settings?03:36
jeetpeiSysNeko: any answer for me ?03:36
SysNekoSorry i was mia for awhile repeat?03:37
SysNekoNvm I will scroll lol03:37
SysNekoCheck version for what?03:37
SysNekoYour debian version?03:37
enav_ltno, i was on the ravel work with the laptop for a month and then i got home to install those pending updates, the normal routine, and when i restart BANG the desktop went nuts, and unity crash some times for no aparent reason03:37
enav_lti followed some tutorials on how restart compiz and unity03:38
enav_ltreinstall the whole thing, delete the config files and the laptop came back to like but still unstable03:38
dogarrheawhere can i find where something has been installed?03:38
dogarrhealocate lapack shows nothing03:38
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: dpkg-query -L <package_name>03:39
dogarrheahitsujiTMO: this has been installed from source/make03:39
dogarrheanot a package manager03:40
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: look in the makefile then03:40
SysNekojeetpei have you tried cat /etc/issue03:40
jeetpeiSysNeko: i built a debian package for wheezy now if i upgrade a newer version of this package with older .. i see i can do this.. so what i want is check package version and abort install if already newer03:40
SysNekoI see now03:41
SysNekoI am not sure sorry lol03:41
jeetpei:) np03:41
SysNekoI was confused on what you wanted03:41
hitsujiTMOjeetpei: apt-mark hold <packagename>03:41
jeetpeiwhere should i place this code03:41
jeetpeiin prerm ?03:41
dogarrheawhat is the purpose of locate if it can't find anything03:42
hitsujiTMOjeetpei: yes in the terminal03:42
dogarrheanot even sudo locate lapack does anything from /03:42
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: it has a database then needs to periodically refreshed03:42
jeetpeii guess i am still confusing for you guys03:42
dogarrheaso it's useless for me when it's not refreshed?03:42
dogarrheaand it's not refreshed by default so it's useless for me03:42
intraderhitsujiTMO, actually i used add-apt-repository - has rewritten the boot; however 12.04 does not boot -same behavior as before boot repair. ----> it hangs; when I type CR I get 'acpid:exiting' perhaps indicating where the problem lies. How do I repair the 12.04 image03:43
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: its faster than find03:43
jeetpeii want to check version in debian package ..which i built03:43
wilee-nileejeetpei, This is ubuntu not debian support03:43
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  update the locate database03:43
hitsujiTMOintrader: where exactly is it hanging?03:43
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  locate uses a database.. find does not.03:43
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  'sudo updatedb'  ; this is auto ran every day by cron03:43
jeetpeiwilee-nilee : np thanks for informing03:43
intraderhitsujiTMO, for more than a minute I get a blank screen with a _ cursor.03:44
hitsujiTMOintrader: try booting with nomodeset03:44
hitsujiTMO!nomodeset | Internet1303:44
ubottuInternet13: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:44
hitsujiTMOintrader: if that doesn't work, come back and we'll go to the next step03:45
wilee-nileejeetpei, If you speak in a accusatory many times people respond, (the player method}03:45
intraderhitsujiTMO, first time I hear of nomodeset. How do I do this03:45
jeetpeiwilee-nilee, got it03:46
jeetpei:) thanks03:46
Dr_Willisread the url the bot gave intrader .03:46
hitsujiTMOintrader: when you get to the grub menu, press 'e'    ... it opens an editor and you need to append the word nomodeet after "quiet splash"03:46
hitsujiTMOthen press f10 to boot03:47
demonHi I have Dell inspirion N7110 laptop. Ubuntu does not boot whenever anything is plugged in USB 3.0 port. There is perpetual blank screen with very loud purring of the fan No problem with USB 2.0 Port. It is a bug mentioned in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/978891. No activity in the problem. So can I selectively disable USB 3.0 port at boot adding kernel parameters?03:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 978891 in linux (Ubuntu Saucy) "[Dell Vostro 3750] ubuntu 12.04 doesn't boot when usb device plugged in (except usb mouse)" [High,Incomplete]03:47
hitsujiTMOdemon: you should have a usb 3.0 legacy mode in your bios menu03:48
hitsujiTMOdemon, or at least some options for it there03:48
intraderDr_Willis, hitsujiTMO the screen is garbled ---> lines unreadable. hitsujiTMO , I will follow with boot sequence03:49
demonhitsujiTMO, I have the latest bios flashed. I could not find any? I will recheck.03:49
enav_lthere i am again, i i switch to the guest account, looks like the problem goes away, how i can truly restore my user configurations03:51
jsmith__why do files turn green?03:52
hitsujiTMOenav_lt: should be sometihng in your .config03:52
hitsujiTMOjsmith__: they do that just be fore they get sick03:52
SchrodingersScatjsmith__: what is permissions?03:52
wafflejockjsmith__: perhaps they have some mold on them? in what context03:52
wilee-nileeenav_lt, Reverse what you have done,03:52
hitsujiTMOjsmith__: most likely its that its set as an executable03:52
hitsujiTMOjsmith__: depends on your terminal colour config03:53
wafflejockSchrodingersScat: I'll take permissions for 50003:53
wilee-nileejsmith__, When and where, never heard of this.03:53
jsmith__cuase when i put permissions on them they trun green03:53
enav_lti dont even know what i did03:53
enav_lti use this computers for web development03:53
enav_ltthat is all03:53
wafflejockenav_lt: is it a big deal to just switch users.. not sure how easy it will be to properly clean up your user config files03:54
wilee-nileeenav_lt, Ah, that is the crux of manipulating the OS to some extent.03:54
SchrodingersScatwilee-nilee: sorry, now I can't read the answer.03:54
hitsujiTMOjsmith__: the termal uses colours to describe attributes for file.... by default bold green is usually an executable03:54
wilee-nileeenav_lt, Ubuntu does not have a recovery to an earlier working set up you have to be aware of your work.03:55
=== RipresaTecn is now known as xanax
wafflejockjsmith__: man ls03:55
wafflejockjsmith__: color is an option for ls03:55
hitsujiTMOenav_lt: try reanming a folder at a time in your .config directory ... until you find the config causing it03:56
jsmith__thanks wafflejock03:56
enav_ltif i delete it, ubuntu will create a new with default values?03:56
hitsujiTMOenav_lt: it should, yes03:56
wafflejockjsmith__: np03:56
hitsujiTMOenav_lt: but some of those configs you want to keep, so just rename03:57
wilee-nileechanging the admin name has a set of problems03:57
wafflejockwilee-nilee: if you make the new user a sudoer are there still issues?03:57
wilee-nileewafflejock, Depends on what you want to do in the end, but yes.03:58
wilee-nileesudo is not the whole pie03:58
Dr_Willissudo is more of a cake. it has a lot of layers04:00
TDJACRHas anybody noticed a slow-down of Firefox recently04:00
TDJACR(In the last two weeks)04:00
wafflejockTDJACR: don't use firefox personally but you prob need to be more specific, using lots of RAM, CPU or internet is slow04:00
TDJACRwafflejock: The UI is not very responsive (at all). It's using average RAM and CPU04:01
wafflejockTDJACR: ah meant is the process using a lot of CPU/RAM if you watch in htop or system monitor?04:01
TDJACRwafflejock: Not more than it used to, and I certainly have plenty of resources left04:02
intraderhitsujiTMO, I did not find where I should insert nomodset; to you mean at the word splash? . By the way when I try to boot 12.04 I get the message 'checking for unatended upgrades'. This is what is interrupted when I type CR04:02
TDJACRwafflejock: I also tried a new FF profile (no history, plugins, etc). Same result.04:02
blausandHi there. After reinstalling nvidia drivers GUI is starting for Guest, but not for me. How do i reset personal settings for Unity or whatever is troubling?          (System will not run in X-failsafe mode at all! root shell of recovery mode doesn't mount my root file system)        (System: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with nVidia Geforce 485GTX, iirc)04:03
hitsujiTMOintrader: after the the word splash .... so it should read: kernel  something something something    quiet nosplash nomodeset04:03
hitsujiTMOintrader: after the the word splash .... so it should read: kernel  something something something    quiet splash nomodeset04:03
wafflejockTDJACR: not sure like I  said don't use it much but I just popped it open had some updates that had just come in but has been snappy otherwise... maybe need to check with firefox channel or something?04:03
intraderhitsujiTMO sorry my ignorance. I will try again.04:04
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lotuspsychjemorning to all04:06
hitsujiTMOlotuspsychje: damn, i hate when you say morning, it means i've been up too late ... again04:07
wafflejockTDJACR: yeah really only problems can be CPU maxed RAM maxed (therefore using swap on HDD) or else some sort of blocking operation is occuring that is waiting for some resource to become available and doesn't realize it is available04:07
wafflejockhitsujiTMO: lotuspsychje yeah had to check my clock04:07
wafflejockfive past 11 here04:07
dogarrheait doesn't install to /usr/lib but i don't know where it installs04:07
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dogarrheamaybe there was some error during make that didn't halt04:08
hitsujiTMO4:07am here :P04:08
lotuspsychjehitsujiTMO: those ubuntu timezones are fantastic :p04:08
lotuspsychjealways someone around04:08
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: if there was an error duing make install then it would tell you04:09
dogarrheathe make took 30 minutes04:09
dogarrheai can't find that error04:09
dogarrheain all of the output that it has been producing04:09
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: the error would be near the end04:09
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: did you look at the makefile for the install path?04:10
dogarrheait's $(BLHAHAHAFINDME)04:10
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: can you post it?04:10
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: did you just do make? or sudo make install?04:11
dogarrheasudo make04:11
blausandI got my / remounted as rw. Now: What file do i have to mv given my UI login fails due to nvidia driver removal? (Guest login works fine)04:11
dogarrheaquick install instructions04:11
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: make shouldnt install it  ... sudo make install shoul install it04:12
lotuspsychjei tryed to connect a wifi repeater yesterday with ubuntu laptop, disabled wifi connection and it was still searching for a network..i could not connect the http://192 with eth cable on this device..any clues?04:12
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: try sudo make install now04:12
dogarrheasaid "Install OK!"04:13
dogarrheasomething was installed at /opt/OpenBLAS/lib but it wasn't lapack04:13
santoshHow do I rotate OpenOffice Writer page at 90 deg?04:14
hitsujiTMOsantosh what is the output of: cat /etc/issue04:15
wilee-nileesantosh, right click  choose landscape04:16
dogarrheawhy can't i sudo make > someFile.txt04:16
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dogarrheai thought the whole purpose of sudo was to give permission04:16
dogarrheathis seems quite annoying04:16
santoshhitsujiTMO: Ubuntu 11.10 \n \l04:16
hitsujiTMO!eol | santosh04:16
ubottusantosh: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades04:16
hitsujiTMO11.10 is EOL04:17
arosen1Does ubuntu have a way to do revdep-rebuild ?04:17
hitsujiTMOwe're all on libreoffice now adays04:17
santoshOh no! Now I can't install newer version for this very task.04:17
arosen1I'm running into this issue: root@arosen-laptop:/home/arosen# qemu04:17
arosen1qemu: error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:17
santoshwilee-nilee: there is no landscape in right click menu.04:18
hitsujiTMOsantosh: i'll see if i can find out how to to it for libre office, buit its prob different for openoffice04:18
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hitsujiTMOsantosh: format -> page -> page is whats in libreoffice04:19
dogarrheasudo -s "make" > stupidPermissionDeniedError        Permission denied04:19
wilee-nileesantosh, click page-page04:19
dogarrheawhy isn't it letting me pipe04:19
dogarrheathis seems like usability bug04:19
santoshOK! thanks, it worked..04:20
wilee-nileesantosh, an eol OS and a 3rd party app hmm, nice.04:20
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: because the sudo doesnt follow the pipe. sudo make | sudo tee ouputfile04:20
dogarrheais there a way to alt + f2 and sudo gedit04:22
dogarrheasudo gedit in terminal blocks the terminal04:22
dogarrheaso annoying04:22
hitsujiTMOsorry, if you dont want to block the terminal, gksudo gedit &04:23
wilee-nileedogarrhea, Can you just list all your annoyances in one post and get it over with, its rather boring.04:23
dogarrheawilee-nilee: i don't know when i'll be annoyed until I get annoyed04:24
wilee-nileea terrible nick and complaining, its as if the world revolves around just you.04:24
dogarrheaignored i have things to do04:25
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santoshI want to erase vertical lines (coulmns) for a particular row in a table.04:27
ProjectRec0nso, I have a question - I installed fglrx (I have an ATI HD 6450) and steam - and I guess I borked my video drivers, cause on the reboot, on booting my distro(Kubuntu), after the name splash, when KDE is supposed to start, my display just goes blank/black. I"m now booted into a live session. How can I fix the install on my HDD from the live-session?04:28
dogarrheain all of this output i could not find liblapack or lapack.so or lapack.a or whatever the lbirary is04:28
hitsujiTMOsantosh: #openoffice.org would be a better place to be asking these questions04:28
wilee-nileeProjectRec0n, You would have to chroot easier done from the desktop do a nomodeset boot.04:29
hitsujiTMO!nomodeset | ProjectRec0n try this first04:29
ubottuProjectRec0n try this first: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:29
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dubbyanyone with some server knowledge, the `sudo service --status-all` command seems to not come through stdout so i am having trouble redirecting it04:30
dubbyanyone got some hints04:30
dogarrheaguess the installer included for openblas is broken04:33
dogarrheahad to install the packages from some ubuntu repository04:33
hitsujiTMOdubby: what exactly is happening?04:33
santoshhitsujiTMO: very less peoples, no reply :(04:33
dubbywhen i do service --status-all > file i get only the services in the - and + states (not the ? states) as content of the file04:34
dubbysame if i do service --status-all | less04:34
hitsujiTMO? state goes to stderr04:34
DrGrovQuick question. Can I remove the ubuntu-scope lenses without breaking anything?04:35
ProjectRec0nwilee-nilee, hitsujiTMO : so, I use chroot after mnting my linux install drv using the live session, change the grub config and update grub, got it, but how do I say for sure, it's my video drivers? I mean, I'm not sure. Is there a particular log I can look for : Xorg.0.log?04:35
DrGrovRunning 13.10.04:35
wafflejockDrGrov: if you don't want the lense altogether you should probably just go with a different DE04:36
BlueProtomanI just upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10.  I love the return of the terminal built in to Nautilus.  Problem is, when I type slash ("/"), rather than the terminal outputting "/" the breadcrumbs at the top of the window prompt me to enter a new path.  Any tips?04:36
dubby@hitsujiTMO thank you04:36
DrGrovwafflejock: Ok. They are not disturbing me anymore. They are just in there but luckily Privacy did the trick.04:36
x_rootHello, how could i mount a disc/partition in startup?04:36
wilee-nileeProjectRec0n, You can use nomodeset from the grub boot menu.04:37
dubby@x_root add to fstab04:37
n0perOkay, i'm new to ubuntu, how do i install stuff?04:37
x_rootbecause, i did from the disks and now everytime i create a file/folder there is created as root04:37
ProjectRec0nwilee-nilee, I got that part, I'm kinda wanting to see the error from the last logs..04:37
DrGrovwafflejock: But I can remove them without problems?04:37
wafflejockDrGrov: http://askubuntu.com/questions/358989/install-gnome-3-10-in-ubuntu-13-10-without-breaking-unity04:37
wafflejockDrGrov: you can use other DEs instead of or along side Unity04:37
dubby@n0per ubuntu software center04:38
hitsujiTMOdubby: np04:38
DrGrovwafflejock: Ok. Probably that is what I would do then. Is Gnome a suitable candidate if I do not want to switch to KDE?04:38
wafflejockDrGrov: if you install another DE you'll end up with lots of packages from both though depending on how much crossover they have04:38
xmetalif you want to try different DE's .. there is no need to (if you dont want to) remove the ones already instealled04:38
wafflejockDrGrov: sorry not sure about current stat of gnome04:38
xmetal<~~has many installed04:38
sr20detthow do i add the #include <qurlquery> class to my app in the sdk, i want to replace two variables in a url and have it open that url04:38
DrGrovwafflejock: No problem. I will stick with Unity for the time being. I like it more and more after every Ubuntu release.04:39
DrGrovwafflejock: Thank you for the help.04:39
wafflejockDrGrov: using Kubuntu 13.04 right now and happy with it, I had installed gnome with 13.04 previously but only briefly04:39
wafflejockDrGrov: np04:39
wafflejockactually doing my first from minimal install CD on a real old Dell C600 laptop right now04:39
wafflejockjust for the heck of it04:39
xmetali have a different OS installed here .. .not even sure which DE would be considered "gnome" on it04:40
ProjectRec0nilee-nilee, ok I just re-read your last comment again (I missed that part), but GRUB menu doesn't even show up on boot -is it because while installing kubuntu I said auto-login - and the grub menu timeout is too low??04:40
wafflejockpicked Xubuntu packages for it since it's an old dog... used a 2.5" HDD I had previously worn as part of a halloween costume but worked better than the one that was in there04:40
ProjectRec0nwilee-nilee, ok I just re-read your last comment again (I missed that part), but GRUB menu doesn't even show up on boot -is it because while installing kubuntu I said auto-login - and the grub menu timeout is too low??04:40
wafflejockProjectRec0n: auto login isn't to do with grub04:41
DrGrovwafflejock: What is your take on different media players, mainly for video?04:41
xmetali go from DE to DE ... whatever i feel like at the time04:41
wilee-nileeProjectRec0n, If the linux install is the only one use the shift key at powering on the trigger grub.04:41
DrGrovwafflejock: Any own personal preferences?04:41
wafflejockDrGrov: no real good opinion I just listen to stuff on Pithos and use the netflix wrapper04:41
wafflejockDrGrov: VLC04:41
ProjectRec0nwilee-nilee, thanks gonna try right away04:42
DrGrovwafflejock: Ok. As I thought, VLC gets the job done. '04:42
wafflejockDrGrov: I use VLC just about everywhere and it works for everything... in terms of more media center I would go XMBC04:42
karthiknable to install or update or remove any packages ion UBUNTU 12.04 . The error is http://pastebin.com/3EkcfbDD Please lemme know how do i set it alright . I dont want to reinstall since there are lots of apps that i have downloaded and i dont prefer to redownload all of it again. Please help me .i tried for the update manager , apt-get upgrade , adn even synaptic .. nothing helped . dpkg --configure -a gave me " Setting up install-info (4.13a.dfsg.1-8ubuntu204:42
karthik) ... /etc/environment: line 1: PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games: No such file or directory dpkg: error processing install-info (--configure): subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1=Errors were encountered while processing:install-info"  PLEASE HELP04:42
hitsujiTMOProjectRec0n: if you have only one OS the grub menu will stay hidden unless you hold shift (or esc) during the boot, or on the previous attempt the OS has failed to boot04:42
intraderhitsujiTMO, same results - hang04:42
xmetalfor videos i use smplayer (mplayer frontend if i am not mistaken) but no matter what os i am on, i find myself going back to VLC most of the time04:43
DrGrovwafflejock: Would it be easy in 13.10 to attach another monitor to my 42" Full HD TV? Got a LG 23,5" IPS Cinema display. Using nVidia on a GT 620 1GB.04:43
hitsujiTMOintrader:ok, can you mount the drive an chroot to it04:43
xmetali use SMPlayer sometimes *04:43
xmetal<~~forgot a word or two there04:43
blausand<-- crying! "Die Sau lässt mich nicht mehr rein!" Ubuntu login screen keeps throwing me back. Just killed /h/me/.config/some/nvidia-autostart.desktop without success. Any help much appreciated.04:43
Dr_Willisblausand:  try renameing your .Xauthority file04:43
wafflejockDrGrov: should be like I said Kubuntu 13.04 here I'm just on a laptop but running two external monitors one through HDMI the other on VGA04:43
Dr_Willisor removeing it blausand04:44
wafflejockDrGrov: I just used the regular display settings in the settings manager to adjust the position, it kicked on as soon as plugged in04:44
DrGrovwafflejock: So then it mainly a question about finding the right place for the 2nd monitor. Or first monitor, which ever is more suited.'04:44
hitsujiTMOkarthik: what did yu do to get that? did you try uninstall the language pack?04:44
intraderhitsujiTMO, from terminal I issue ...04:44
wafflejockDrGrov: you may have to mess with the nvidia control panel nview thingy04:44
hitsujiTMOintrader: yes04:44
wafflejockDrGrov: yeah04:44
DrGrovwafflejock: Is there any tweaks I could do from the nVidia control panel?04:45
blausandah, oh. Can it be done else than rebooting in recovery mode?04:45
karthiknope i just upgraded04:45
DrGrovwafflejock: You got any clue about BIOS and adjusting fans? I completely lost on these new BIOS and machine setups.04:45
karthiki never removed any packages04:45
wafflejockDrGrov: not too privvy on that myself I've just gotten it working using that panel but don't know enough about the options to say what would help04:45
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wafflejockDrGrov: usually not a lot of options for fans just Full or Auto sometimes04:46
DrGrovwafflejock: No problem :) I might just stay on one monitor after all.04:46
wafflejockDrGrov: BIOS really vary a lot too04:46
wafflejocktwo montiors is nice especially for just having media on one04:46
wafflejockor having code on one screen and output on the other04:46
DrGrovwafflejock: Oh, I see. It seems like on the pictures in this mobo model guide that it is GUI based with A LOT of stuff in there.04:46
hitsujiTMOkarthik: update-locale LANG=n_IN.ISO8859-1 LANGUAGE=n_IN04:47
wafflejocktwo monitors and I still need two virtual desktops for it all :)04:47
hitsujiTMOkarthik: update-locale LANG=en_IN.ISO8859-1 LANGUAGE=en_IN04:47
DrGrovwafflejock: Yes, this would be my dream. To keep all regular stuff such as surfing and writing on the smaller and the bigger for movies etc.04:47
hitsujiTMOkarthik: type the second one i posted there ... with sudo ofc04:47
DrGrovwafflejock: I am just too worried to go in the BIOS and start fiddling around LOL'04:47
raedovI've another laptop comes with windows 7 preinstalled, in this laptop I've two hard drive, the first one with windows 7 use "the whole space", the second one is 500GB  I want to install Manjaro on a partition of my 500GB, The Q is: Can I dual boot Manjaro and windows 7 on 2 separate hard drives? if yes please tell me what should i do now.04:48
wafflejockDrGrov: yeah it can be somewhat detrimental mostly things are fine as long as you don't get into changing voltages or modes for the HDD controller04:48
intraderhitsujiTMO, there are several partitions, which is the partition no mount?04:49
hitsujiTMOintrader: can you pastebin the output of: lsblk04:49
DrGrovwafflejock: Yeah, that is my main concern LOL04:49
wafflejockraedov: you know this is an ubuntu forum yeah?04:49
wafflejockraedov: you may be better off in the archlinux channel04:49
raedovwafflejock, ops my mistake thank you04:50
DrGrovwafflejock: The reason I ask is because this machine is running with a lot of noise somehow. It is not using much CPU power at all but it keeps making a lot of sound. So that is why I thought about the fan system.04:50
ProjectRec0nokay, so pressing 'right shift' key didnt seem to bring up the grub menu04:50
Dr_Willisof course the arch linux channel will tell him to go read the wiki pages ;)04:50
intraderhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6345132/04:51
wafflejockDrGrov: hmm yeah not so sure about that, I know you can modify the governer values on the CPU to limit it's max frequency and whatnot04:51
deper29Dr_Willis: they don't do that there04:51
Dr_WillisProjectRec0n:  press and HOLD the shift key as it boots.04:51
* deper29 rolls eyes04:51
DrGrovwafflejock: It feels too much somehow at the moment.04:51
intraderHisaoNakai, I guess it is sda504:51
existensilyour still on DrGrov?! haven't you had enough ubuntu installing and tweaking for one day?04:51
sr20dettcan you guys see me posts?04:52
wafflejockI think tweaking has become a 24/7 endevaour for me04:52
wafflejocksr20dett: yes we see you you are not a ghost :)04:52
sr20detthaha i was grey and this is a new client......thanks04:53
existensilany deviation from irssi is a mistake :-P04:53
intraderHisaoNakai, according to mtab, /dev/sda5 is already mounted04:53
Dr_Willisi will stick to Weechat ;)04:53
DrGrovwafflejock: One nice surprise I see in 13.10 is the absolutely gorgeous implementation of wallpapers, this edition is the sexiest thus far since my Ubuntu days from 12.04 :)04:56
existensilDrGrov: you mean the included wallpapers are beautiful, or the UI to select a wallpaper is beautiful?04:56
blausandDr_Willis: After 24 DuckDuckGo queries, 4 chat rooms, 6 operational approaches, 12 reboots, YOU MADE MY DAAY! removing .Xauthority helped me get back in. YOU GET A BEER IN COLOGNE, DE!04:56
karthikplease have a look04:58
Dr_Willisblausand:  now if you could figurre out WHY  .Xauthority seems to be the issue  for what seems 1/5 the problems like that.. i would love to know04:59
Dr_WillisDrGrov:  make me feel guilty that i always select a rather minimal solid color wallpaper....   ;)05:01
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blausandDr_Willis: How can i help you? What i did was i updated from non proprietary graphic drivers to nvidia ones, couldn't launch any X-server, apt purged any nvidia stuff wildly, reboot and could learn as guest from system information that graphics were working as "unknown"...05:04
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intraderHisaoNakai, could I refresh the 12.04 image - I have the CD for 12.04.305:05
hitsujiTMOintrader: erm, did you try to mount chomething as root already? or chroot?05:08
intraderhitsujiTMO, tells me that /dev/sda5 is already mounted and therefor I can't mount is05:09
hitsujiTMObut why is it mounted as /????05:09
hitsujiTMOintrader: did you already chroot?05:09
intraderhitsujiTMO, I am confused, /dev/sda5 is already mounted - how do I chroot05:10
hitsujiTMOintrader ... keep typing exit a few times till the terminal closes. then open the terminal again and type: lsblk       is the output the same?05:11
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Guest79747español ??05:12
hitsujiTMO!es | Guest7974705:12
ubottuGuest79747: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:12
existensilthat's handy05:13
Pr0jectRec0nokay, I tried nomodeset - and that didnt solve the issue - Back to using a live session now. So these are the symptoms - Kubuntu splash screen --> to immediately monitor/display powered off (not just going blank/black - I know as the connected audio speakers get powered off too, however the OS is up, disk activity LED is on and if I press and hold the power button to shutdown, I see the Kubuntu logo again and the PC gracefully s05:13
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intraderhitsujiTMO, exits the terminal - upon restart lsblk get the same05:14
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Pr0jectRec0nwilee-nilee: okay - I looked at the Xorg.0.log  from the failed session and it definitely seems to be from fglrx and/or the ati driver..05:16
hitsujiTMOintrader: this the normal live cd?05:16
wafflejockprofligacy: can you get to a a terminal Ctrl+Alt+F1?05:17
wafflejockprofligacy: wrong perosn05:17
wafflejockPr0jectRec0n: can you get to a terminal Ctrl+Alt+F1?05:17
intraderhitsujiTMO, no, not the live CD, it is 13.10 running. what I want is 12.0405:17
Pr0jectRec0nwafflejock: C+A+F1 - when ? right a tthe point of the kubuntu logo being displayed?05:18
FloodBot1nugroho: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:18
wafflejockPr0jectRec0n: no when you get to the black screen where it seems to be running but no display05:18
Pr0jectRec0nwafflejock: wilee-nilee - i am thinking of just deleting/uninstalling fglrx - would that solve my issue?05:18
ionutica-99I have the following problem if I use nouveau unity runs just fine if I install any nvidia proprietary driver it slows down05:18
intraderhitsujiTMO, I don't know how to start Xchat with the live CD - it does not find Xchat05:18
Pr0jectRec0nwafflejock: I can try that, but like I said, the monitor powers off - how would launching a terminla help?05:19
BradTNanyone here really good with software raids :)05:19
wafflejockit switches to a terminal display so it doesn't rely on the graphics drivers05:19
wafflejocker at least not on the desktop environment and have gotten in there when having driver issues05:19
ubuntu_userhello, can anyone please help? what should i check if i'm not able to use 'service' command on particular daemon (munin), it just gives no output at all05:20
wafflejockcan at least see what's going on from there... if you're using a liveCD I suppose that worsk fine to fix things too05:20
Dr_Willisintrader:  you can use the freenode web chat. or whatever irc client is on the cd you have. or install xchat05:20
hitsujiTMOintrader: ahh ok, now i get you05:20
existensilubuntu_user: starting/stopping/restarting many services results in no output05:20
ubuntu_userexistensil: and retrieving 'status'?05:21
hitsujiTMOintrader: more than likely sda1 id your root so try that05:21
Pr0jectRec0nwilee-nilee: wafflejock - here is the Xorg log wit hteh errors : http://pastebin.com/g5z814kd05:21
Dr_Willisubuntu_user:  check the munin logs   and the service status* options to verify the service is running05:21
DrGrovexistensil: The wallpapers are beautiful, the selection UI is sexy as well :)05:21
DrGrovDr_Willis: LOL :)05:21
existensilubuntu_user: yeah, that should probably give you something, but it all depends on the services upstart script05:21
intraderDr_Willis, thanks05:21
wafflejockare all upstart scripts in /etc/init.d/  ?05:22
DrGrovexistensil: Hi again and a really big thank you for the kind help you provided with making the 1TB into /home. Got all stuff back from the old drive. Had to improvise with the 2,5" drive in the 3,5" USB holder LOL05:22
intraderDr_Willis, can firefox do irc?05:22
Kajunfiendhallowed be the Ori05:23
existensillol. watching stargate right now Kajunfiend05:23
Kajunfiendgot another movie to watch on netflix05:23
topper4125intrader, chatzilla plugin for firefox does irc05:23
ubuntu_userexistensil: status didn't output anything too, and there are no useful info in munin logs unfortunately05:23
Pr0jectRec0nintrader: FF doesn't need to do IRC, what Dr_Willis suggested was webIRC05:24
ubuntu_userexistensil: could it be because i created a dummy initctl as a symlink to /bin/true when some commands were giving errors?05:24
existensilubuntu_user: have you tried tailing /var/log/syslog and seeing if anything useful pops up there when you run service munin something?05:24
Dr_Willisintrader:  there are irc extgensions . but the freenode website has an irc client as well05:25
KajunfiendI wish netflix had stargate atlantis... they just started the movies on there so im expecting the series to be up soon05:25
existensilubuntu_user: hehehe. that sounds like it could cause issues. no idea though.05:25
Pr0jectRec0nintrader: for example you   could use mibbit.com or Freenode's own wechat  http://pastebin.com/g5z814kd05:25
topper4125Freenode has a online client on their website, no need to install addons to a browser if you don't want to05:25
Pr0jectRec0nintrader: sorry that link was supposed to be freenode's webchat's : https://webchat.freenode.net/05:25
Pr0jectRec0nany help with my Xorg log?05:26
intraderPr0jectRec0n, thanks05:27
jje_mibbet is banned on freenode.05:28
intraderhitsujiTMO, where do I go from here - I want to boot to 12.04 as 13.10 is faulty and unusable to eclipse or android work.05:28
Dr_WillisKajunfiend:  heh. did that series actually end.. or just fade away.. i so lost interest in it..05:29
hitsujiTMOhave you mounted /dev/sda1 ?05:29
Kajunfiendatlantis did05:29
Kajunfiendbut i dont know about stargate universe05:29
topper4125intrader, do you have them both installed or did you upgrade from 12.04 to 13?05:29
Dr_Willisintrader:  if you use  the freenode webchat. be sure to look in the settings  to disable the part/join messages05:29
existensilKajunfiend, Dr_Willis ... SGU was cancelled after just 2 seasons, SG1 went on to 9, and I think atlantis went to 7 seasons or so?05:31
existensilthey are all gone now though05:31
KajunfiendSGU was unbearable05:31
intraderDr_Willis, topper4125, for now I will boot to 13.10. Thanks05:31
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:31
hitsujiTMOintrader: have you mounted /dev/sda1 ?05:31
existensili really liked parts of SGU. i liked the approach of filming it in a more dramatic fashion like Battlestar... they just had some crappy actors and writers mess up the idea05:31
existensilthough i liked the main plumpy young guy05:32
snyh #go-nuts05:32
intraderhitsujiTMO, from which environment?. sda1 is likely to be an NTSF windows partition05:33
hitsujiTMOintrader: from whatever your in ... mount it and we'll fiund out: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt05:33
hitsujiTMOint intrader look in /mnt and tell me what you see05:34
hitsujiTMOo.O some indian repos have gone down :P05:35
intraderhitsujiTMO, it looks green all over! it appears to be the windows partition05:36
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hitsujiTMOintrader:  cd ~; sudo umount /mnt; sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt; cd /mnt; cat /etc/issue05:37
hitsujiTMOintrader:  cd ~; sudo umount /mnt; sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt; cd /mnt; cat etc/issue05:37
hitsujiTMOintrader: use the second one05:37
intraderhitsujiTMO, sda7 is ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS05:40
hitsujiTMOintrader: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && cat /mnt/var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit05:41
A_J_Hey all, my auto DHCP for my ubuntu pc is not working.. the network connection place keeps loading. please can someone help me05:41
* A_J_ looks around05:43
intraderhitsujiTMO, I think you are a wizard - the paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6345273/05:44
A_J_HisaoNakai can you assist me05:45
hitsujiTMOintrader: where did you get the nvidia driver from?05:46
wilee-nileeA_J_, You are not new here and know the rules, follow them.05:46
* A_J_ nods05:46
intraderhitsujiTMO, it was offered as the preferred driver and I activated it05:47
existensilA_J_: just to clarify (not an ubuntu networking expert) are you saying your ubuntu system is not accessing your DHCP server and obtaining a lease, or are you trying to use ubuntu as a DHCP server?05:47
hitsujiTMOintrader: hmm, ok... the kernel module isn't working ... try reinstalling it05:47
A_J_existensil not able to get on the DHCP network at my home.05:47
A_J_it used to work fine till yesterday on auto DHCP. now it's not05:48
OptimizedCoderwilee-nilee, wafflejock : I fixed my video driver issue - it was fglrx :D05:48
Dr_WillisA_J_:  ran the dhclient program yet and see if any error messages come up?05:49
OptimizedCoderCtrl+Alt+F1 -- magically did bring up the console :D - and I just removed fglrx and other dependencies and purged them :D05:49
OptimizedCodernow I'm happily booted into my os..05:49
intraderhitsujiTMO, to do it: dpkg -l | grep linux-image-.*-generic    is this Ok05:50
hitsujiTMOwait ...05:50
hitsujiTMOyour in the wrong system ..05:50
A_J_Dr_Willis a second. just trying to see if it works with a static ip05:50
existensilA_J_: what do you get from these two commands: `ifconfig` and `cat /sys/class/net/eth0/carrier` ? (assuming ethernet at eth0)05:51
hitsujiTMOintrader: can you run these commands: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6345288/05:51
A_J_existensil i won't be able to pastebin you the results as the pc is offline sadly05:52
existensilA_J_: so, it does work with a static IP? just not on auto?05:52
A_J_nop it's not working..05:52
A_J_even though i've specified the IP. the router can't seem to see itr05:52
existensilA_J_: the output from `cat /sys/class/net/eth0/carrier` is only a single character05:52
existensilideally it should be "1". if its "0" then your network card doesn't even think its plugged in.05:53
intraderhitsujiTMO, would this preserve the 13.10?05:53
hitsujiTMOintrader: you're not touching 13.10 at all05:53
intraderhitsujiTMO, Ok, here we go05:54
existensilA_J_: well, there you go. for whatever reason (possibly driver, maybe hardware problem, most likely a bad cable/connecter) your network card says its not plugged into anything05:55
A_J_the light is blinking at the back though.05:55
existensilA_J_: you are using ethernet, right? and when you do ifconfig you only get "eth0" and not some other device starting with "eth", right?05:56
hitsujiTMOintrader: that last line i made a mistake on, so you'll just get an error05:56
A_J_Dr_Willis a dhclient using sudo doesnt do anything.  hangs the terminal05:56
hitsujiTMOintrader: do the others: then it's: sudo chroot /mnt05:56
A_J_eth0 and l0 existensil05:56
existensilhmm. do you know what network card/chip is being used?05:57
existensilwas this working previously?05:57
existensilif the lights are blinking that at least suggests a driver issue05:58
A_J_it's a stock intel board.05:58
A_J_yea it was working till yesterday05:58
A_J_thing is this problem comes along every now and then05:59
A_J_and resolves itself.05:59
existensilthat's weird. ok, now i'm back to thinking its faulty hardware.05:59
intraderhitsujiTMO, no error after sudo chroot /mnt05:59
Dr_Williswired network A_J_ ?05:59
A_J_yes Dr_Willis05:59
Dr_Willismade sur the dog or kids havent chewed on the cables? ;) (personal expernence)06:00
hitsujiTMOintrader: ok, you're now int the 12.04 install ... you can verify this with: cat /etc/issue06:00
A_J_Dr_Willis i went over with a continuity tester06:00
existensilA_J_: yeah, sounds like all thats left to do is start ruling things out06:00
A_J_it seems fine.. plus it works perfectly well in windows06:00
Dr_WillisA_J_:  a test with a live cd - IF the live cd works fine. would verify also i think that the wires are ok.06:00
existensiltry another cable. then i'd try another network card, to hopefully determine if its software or just that one network card06:01
intraderhitsujiTMO, yes it is ubuntu 12.04.306:01
hitsujiTMOintrader: make sure the usual culprits are installed: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-source linux-headers-`uname -r`06:01
existensilyeah, if live cd works its obviously something in the OS06:01
existensilit works fine in windows, eh? have you tried selecting an older kernel on boot with ubuntu and see if it resolves itself again?06:02
wafflejockholy XFCE troubles batmant06:03
wafflejockdidn't have an xorg.conf for some reason06:03
A_J_okie. the wired network keeps conecting and disconnecting in windows06:03
hitsujiTMOintrader: actually that uname -r might cause problems. sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-source linux-headers06:04
wafflejockfinally got that minimal boot CD install actually working yay! more linux06:04
intraderhitsujiTMO, I am unclea about linux-headers- ...06:04
A_J_so i should order a new NIC then existensil.06:04
hitsujiTMOintrader: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-source linux-headers06:04
existensilA_J_: ah, so its again looking like hardware06:04
Dr_WillisA_J_:  id swap out some cables also.06:05
Dr_Willismight get lucky06:05
existensili'd at least try another cable if you have one. conductivity tests don't always tell you what you need.06:05
topper4125!yay | wafflejock06:05
ubottuwafflejock: Glad you made it! :-)06:05
A_J_problem is it's a conceled network, my router is in the other room06:05
A_J_close to 15-20m away06:05
* topper4125 loves minimal installs06:05
existensilah, i see. old laptop that can confirm the cable is GTG?06:06
gsterHi all, does any of you have experience recovering deleted ecryptfs data ?06:06
hitsujiTMOintrader: once that's done give me the output of: uname -r06:06
* lifebird64 recently upgraded to 13.10. Now unable to play DVD disks even though he's got libdvdread4 installed; color him cornfused. ideas?06:06
intraderhitsujiTMO, I get a bunch of Failed to fetch ....06:06
hitsujiTMOintrader: what servers are you using?06:07
intraderhitsujiTMO, what do you mean 'servers I am using'06:07
hitsujiTMOintrader: what repos are you using? indian repos by any chance?06:08
existensilgster: that sounds like it would be really hard06:08
A_J_existensil let me check06:08
intraderhitsujiTMO, I don't know - I downloaded 12.03.3 iso06:08
gsterexistensil: I have the encryption key though06:08
hitsujiTMOintrader: what country did you set during the install?06:09
existensilgster: ah. wouldn't it be similar to regular file recovery then? you'll just have to unencrypted the recovered file06:09
hitsujiTMOintrader: a better question: what country are you in :P06:09
existensili thought encryptfs was still writing to actual files in an actual directory... they just had encrypted filenames and values06:10
gsterexistensil: this is what I am hoping but I am entirely sure06:10
intraderhitsujiTMO, USA06:10
existensilbut i'm not sure06:10
heedhow do i upgrade to 13.10 ;-;06:10
A_J_existensil it's giving the same problem on annother pc too.06:10
cfhowlettheed, download 13.10.  clean install is the recommended option06:10
hitsujiTMOintrader: hmm ... there's no way 2 sets of server haves gone down  ...06:10
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:10
existensilA_J_: oh noes... time to open the wall.06:10
existensilor maybe just remake the ends of the cable06:10
existensilor, if its wall outlets, you know, cut them and repatch them to the outlet06:11
A_J_i don't think i made them that well the first time06:11
topper4125heed, you really only want to upgrade from LTS to LTS for other versions... full install is always recommended06:11
intraderhitsujiTMO, are you suggesting that the iso is bad?06:11
existensilmake sure you have the crossover thing!06:12
hitsujiTMOintrader: no. can you try pinging us.archive.ubuntu.com06:12
existensili haven't made an ethernet cable in years06:12
cfhowlettheed, what ubuntu do you have installed?06:12
A_J_you don't need a crossover from modem -> pc existensil06:12
A_J_atleast i think so06:12
hitsujiTMOintrader: aaah ... the us archive is syncing atm ... thats the problem06:13
existensilsure you do. straight-through is only meant for direct pc-to-pc linking06:13
existensili think06:13
intraderhitsujiTMO, it finished installing Ok and came up ok. Only after running 13.10 I coule not reboot 12.0406:13
existensilhahaha. that was like a decade ago, so...06:13
heededubuntu 13.0406:13
heedgonna install plain ubuntu 13.1006:13
intraderhitsujiTMO, ping: unknown host us.archive.ubuntu.com06:14
kamoriman ls06:14
A_J_existensil can you help me set it up via wifi06:14
existensilA_J_: set what up via wifi?06:14
hitsujiTMOintrader: thats weird ... try pinging ca.archive.ubuntu.com06:14
A_J_connect the pc to the network06:14
existensilDHCP should work over wifi just the same as ethernet... the only difference is the extra step of selecting a network06:15
existensilassuming drivers are all setup06:15
A_J_i don't think for linux they have been setup06:15
intraderhitsujiTMO, --->unknown host06:15
kamoriQuestion, when I read a man page at the bottom it says "See Also" what does the (#) mean next to the names... like, mount(2) umount(2) fstab(5)06:16
hitsujiTMOcrap ... ok, looks like the chroot might not be picking uo the net for some reason .... what way are you connected to the net ... wiki or wired?06:16
A_J_existensil so i plugged in the USB dongle06:16
intraderhitsujiTMO, don't understand06:17
topper4125heed, you could upgrade edubuntu to 13.10, and install ubuntu-desktop...  best of both worlds...06:17
hitsujiTMOintrader: what was is that pc connected to the network ... wifi or ethernet?06:17
intraderhitsujiTMO, don't understand - can you explain what you are driving at?06:18
intraderhitsujiTMO, wifi for this conversation. ethernet for the install of 12.04.306:18
existensilA_J_: yeah, i just plugged in my linux compatible wifi usb dongle, and immediately the networking menu has wifi stuff and a list of SSIDs being broadcast06:19
hitsujiTMOsorry, i'm mistyping a lot on this keyboard ... different layout to what i'm used to. I need you to boot your pc to text mode on the 12.04 ... but you're going to need net access ...06:19
existensilif you aren't getting that then you'll have to figure out what you need to do to get your wifi drivers setup06:19
aditya007hello guys can any1 help me out please??06:19
heedy yes aditya00706:19
topper4125aditya007, just ask... if anyone can answer, they will ;)06:20
A_J_this is what i got : http://www.flipkart.com/tp-link-150-mbps-tl-wn721n-wireless-n/p/itmd8rrpdjyrtcwn?pid=USBD8RRP4ZEZVS98&otracker=from-search&srno=t_3&query=wifi+usb&ref=422469c4-d7af-4022-9d61-5763d3a56f4e06:20
hitsujiTMOintrader: what you'll need to do is to the way you did 'nomodeset' ... you'll need to do 'text' instead. then once your in you need to update your apt and install the necessary tools to reinstall the graphics. then you're gonna reinstall the grpahics06:21
aditya007i have win vista bu want to install ubuntu 13.10 wubi isnt working for me its downloading 13.10 iso whre as i already hav a 13.10 iso...I also put them in same folder too...so im gonna install by usb stick using unetbootin but my question is will my win vista will be wiped out?? and will my F:/ drive files be gone??(im installing ubuntu on F:/ drive help please06:21
existensilA_J_: that adapter should be supported natively by any kernel since at least like 11.1006:22
A_J_existensil how do i check if the wifi thing is installed06:22
heynowhey all06:22
existensilA_J_: the networking menu should just have wifi stuff in it06:22
Dr_Willisaditya007:  i think wubi is not designed to work with 13.10  - and wubi is a dead project as far as i know.06:22
existensilit should happen within a couple seconds of plugging it in06:22
Dr_Willisaditya007:  best to not use wubi any more06:22
A_J_you mean the dropdown from the taskbar ( using xbuntu)06:22
aditya007ok thank you and can you please tell the ans o second question if possible?? please06:23
existensilah, yeah, don't know about xubuntu06:23
existensilifconfig shows a wlan0?06:23
Dr_Willisaditya007:  you can resize the windows partions and install alongside windows06:23
A_J_no wlan0 existensil06:23
Dr_Willisaditya007:  you have one hard DRIVE with several partions? or several hard drives?06:23
hitsujiTMOintrader: are you still in the chroot?06:23
existensilah, then drivers aren't working... which is weird, that adapter is said to have good kernel support06:23
aditya007ok so and what about my F drive?? will its contents be gone?? or i can install on F: drive without losing what is on it?/06:24
Dr_Willisaditya007:  #1 lesson.. BACKUP anything you cant afford to loose.06:24
aditya007i have 1 hard drive 320 GB with  5 partitions of 60~ gb06:24
intraderhitsujiTMO, it is now 11:30PM - how long will it take06:24
A_J_looks like it work in the past though. i have a saved config for that wifi passowrd06:24
hitsujiTMOits only a few commands ...06:24
topper4125aditya007, how much avail space do you ahve on your 60 Gig F Drive?06:24
Dr_Willisaditya007:   you can resize, or remove an existing partion and install linux into a logical partion.06:25
hitsujiTMOintrader: would you prefer to wait til tomorrow?06:25
aditya00725 gb is available and i want to give 15-20 GB to UBUNTU06:25
topper4125During install you can specify that ;)06:25
aditya007for example if i have a movie on my F drive will it get deleted whn i install UBUNTU on it??06:26
existensilA_J_: maybe worth restarting, just in case?06:26
Dr_Willisaditya007:  why do you have so many tiny partitions06:26
A_J_tried didnt work06:26
intraderhitsujiTMO, tomorrow I am busy until 3PM06:26
A_J_says wireless is disabled06:26
existensilsorry man. not having much luck to day it sounds like.06:26
hitsujiTMOthats no problem06:27
A_J_in the drop down06:27
aditya007umm..i was a noob back then :P, the computer guy made all these partitions...06:27
hitsujiTMOintrader: i should be around after that to continue06:27
intraderhitsujiTMO, is it not possible to just install 12.04.3 again on top of itself06:27
aditya007OK DR. Willis thank you for helping man and yout too taopper...Im installing with us stick and will take backup of F drive just in CASE TY :D06:28
existensilA_J_: try this: sudo ifconfig wlan0 up06:28
existensilsee if you get wlan0 in your ifconfig afterwards, and if the menu changes06:28
topper4125good luck aditya007 (backups always a good idea;) )06:28
hitsujiTMOintrader: kind of .but you'll still need to reinstall all apps06:28
aditya007yeah thank you :)06:28
A_J_existensil operation not possible due to RF-kill06:28
existensilwhatever that means06:29
hitsujiTMOintrader: it would only allow you keep some configs06:29
existensilA_J_: so it sounds like maybe it sees the adapter just fine but its refusing to bring up wlan for some reason06:29
A_J_i might have disabled it i think06:30
A_J_in the past06:30
A_J_idk how though06:30
existensiloh, wait, do you have it switched off on the adapter?06:30
existensilthat's what rfkill is supposed to be fore06:30
A_J_not physically on ubuntu06:30
hitsujiTMOintrader: can you paste the output of thsi from the chroot: dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia06:30
existensillike a physical switch on the adapter?06:30
A_J_no.. in ubuntu06:31
topper4125oh... Dr_Willis, wanted to thank you for finding that arcade distro, that arcade machine is coming along nicely now.06:31
existensili'm just pointing out that RFKill is often an actual hardware switch. you sure the adapter isn't turned off?06:31
A_J_there is just one button on the adapter a QSS button06:32
existensiltry: rfkill unblock all06:33
Dr_Willistopper4125:  its working fine with a normal pc monitor? the docs i saw were a little vague on that. ;)06:33
existensilhehe. i'm reaching. i have no idea what the problem is, but these are random commands i'd be trying from google06:34
intraderhitsujiTMO, I don't follow chroo: dpkg ...06:34
existensilmight need sudo in front of that last one06:34
A_J_it recongines the adapter. but in the network menu says wireless is disabled06:34
topper4125I have in on a 34" tv that has an SVGA port, worked like a champ.06:34
hitsujiTMOintrader: in the choot you were in in the terminal and you run the command:  dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia06:34
existensilA_J_: right, i'm trying to think of ways to enable it06:34
A_J_yea i got wlan0 is ifoconfig existensil06:35
existensilwas it the rfkill command?06:35
* A_J_ thinks so.06:35
intraderhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6345423/06:37
tucemiuxanyone knows if it's possible to login to a windows 7 machine using openvpn?  rdp works but now I want to put a little more security and use openvpn06:37
topper4125installed the OS on a 60 gig SolidState drive, and home is on a 2TB... Its not real pretty at the moment to look at, but i'm going all in with the box images, banners, game histories etc.06:37
A_J_existensil it yet says wireless connection disable06:37
cfhowletttucemiux, don't see why not.  the vpn doesn't care what the OS of the machine you're looking at is.06:39
hitsujiTMOintrader: cool. i need to head to bed now. we can continue tomorrow, unless someone else can chime in and talk you thru getting to text mode ... the commands yopu need to run are: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6345425/06:39
tucemiuxcfhowlett, well the configuration on ubuntu might complain?  anyone ever tried it?06:40
intraderhitsujiTMO, Ok - thanks so much - get a good sleep!06:40
lotuspsychjehitsujiTMO: nite mate06:40
hitsujiTMOnight guys06:40
ZiberI'm running a dualboot with windows 7 and ubuntu 13.04 and in the last few days I've noticed that, on boot, my laptop will take an inordinate amount of time to boot, mostly seemingly frozen at a blank screen with a cursor. What might some commons reasons for this be?06:49
Dr_WillisZiber:  but eventually it does get past it and boots up?06:50
ZiberDr_Willis: usually I don't have the patience and just force-reboot it (hold power button and then reboot)... it takes a few tries, but eventually it comes back.06:51
Dr_Willisso some times it DOES boot up quickly?06:52
topper4125Ziber, don't know if its related or not, but my boot time has increased a bit since the last kernal update (running 12.04.3 in a single OS enviroment)... but not really delayed enough to be annoying, just noticeable.06:52
ZiberDr_Willis: Yes, sometimes. Like 1 in 4 times.06:53
Dr_WillisIt might be worth while to give the pc a good cleaning/dusting and if you can reseat any cards/chips.. that sounds like a potential hardware/flakey connection going on.06:53
Dr_Willisor else the HD is having a really hard time getting up to speeds. (that would be weird)06:54
cfhowlettDr_Willis, unless the HDD was failing06:54
Dr_Willisalso try it with any usb devices Unplugged.06:54
ZiberI suppose I could look into the HD side of things.06:54
ZiberI've never had this problem before... and I typically keep the USB portion of my wireless mouse plugged in...06:54
Dr_Willisive also seen slightly nicked hard drive cables. or flakey power supplies.06:55
ZiberNothing's changed in my laptop, I've never done any HD modifications to it.06:55
Dr_Willisor it could be somthing on the MB is slowly dieing a sad death. I have a old PC thats  fails to boot up at times.. i let it sit and warm up.. and then it reboots fine. Im thinking the heat makes some cold-solder/shorts start working06:56
ZiberThis laptop is only like... 2ish years old.. D:06:56
Dr_Willisbe a ineresting test to see if you canmake a live cd that also repeates the same oddity06:56
Dr_Willis'only'  :)06:57
ripthejackerWhy do we have two different sites. askubuntu.com and ubuntuforums.org? They both do the same?06:57
Dr_Willis2 yrs is a lifetime for some devices.06:57
Dr_Willisripthejacker:  they are not the same.. One is a Forum that has been around for years.. askubuntu uses stack exchange and has been around for just a few years.06:57
Dr_Willis2 years? perhaps 3.06:57
Dr_Willisand the format of how the sites  work  are totally differnt06:58
ripthejackerDr_Willis: Ok so I cannot use askubuntu account to login to ubuntu forums?06:58
ZiberI'll have to try that in the morning.. it's nearly 3am here and time for bed. Just wanted to get some thoughts.06:58
ZiberThanks though.06:58
Dr_Willisripthejacker:  never really noticed.  If they both use that SingleSignON  think you could use the same account06:58
* topper4125 isn't registered on them :'(06:59
ripthejackerBoth of my account are linked to the same email, yet they are different accounts06:59
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FireSloxmy ubuntu is running really slow (new install) and I recall there being a command I could run to reset unity? I think? it was something:something typed in dashboard I think07:11
FireSlox*:config or some such.07:12
deper29FireSlox: what do you mean, reset?07:12
deper29like, restart it? or reset settings to default?07:12
FireSloxI dont know really. I just recall another user in here once telling me to run this '*:*' command and it fixed this lag issue im having07:12
FireSloxand i recall it being related to resetting unity07:12
FireSloxi looked up resetting to default and followed that but it did not work07:13
FireSloxbut also it was not the same thing that i was told before to run, that did end up fixing my lag issues07:13
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deper29FireSlox: can you do unity --reset?07:16
xanguaFireSlox: what ubuntu release¿ you mean the unity panel¿07:23
mnathaniWhats the best way to check what applications run on boot, or as services and possibly add / remove them from that list07:31
faysalany game to play in ubuntu 1307:32
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=== karlo|afk is now known as karloone
automatikmy thumb drive is messed up, i try to format it with gparted but it tells me the drive is in read only mode. could someone help me?07:43
ubuntu_userexistensil: thanks for your help. actually, i can't say for sure if it would help since i decided to reboot server in order to restart munin service and the server went down right after restart. but thanks07:43
wilee-nileeautomatik, Is it unmounted?07:44
automatikthe data is there at least most of it is07:45
automatikthe other half is completely corrupted07:45
wilee-nilee.automatik, This has been a issue for a couple of days here right? They do fail07:45
automatikmade the mistake of writing to and reading from the drive at the same time07:45
existensilubuntu_user: sorry you didn't have more luck man07:46
automatikwilee-nilee: sorry?07:46
wilee-nileeautomatik, You have posted this before right?07:46
ubuntu_usernow, if anybody still free to help on the channel, can you tell me please what my problem can be in this case? after the reboot the server can't start any of services (http://s22.postimg.org/uedgto8sx/4_QI6j.png )07:46
automatikum no07:47
ubuntu_userthe support offers to reinstall os and erase all the data07:47
wilee-nileeautomatik, Ah, thought you had, Reading and writing to how, standard data would not matter.07:47
ubuntu_userbut i think it's more like ms windows-way - to reinstall os as often as with any problem07:47
ubuntu_usermaybe there is something they can do? if they has the access to the VPS07:48
automatikjust looking at a video and storing video onto the drive07:48
automatikjust need to know how to take it out of read only mode07:48
wilee-nileeautomatik, As far as I know not a problem, I would dd clear it make a new partiton table and see kif that works.07:49
wilee-nileepartition if*07:49
automatiksudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc bs=4M <- use this?07:50
wilee-nileeautomatik, I have not had to use dd very often, and generally don't so another would need to confirm your command07:51
automatikwilee-nilee: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc bs=4M <- like this?07:51
wilee-nileeI don't think you need a sudo though, it looks right, but get it confirmed.07:52
automatikthe drive is 32G do i need to replace 4M with 32G?07:53
wilee-nileemy mistake sudo is used, doh07:53
automatikthe drive is 32G do i need to replace 4M with 32G?07:54
wilee-nileeautomatik, http://askubuntu.com/questions/185815/how-do-i-clear-everything-data-viruses-from-a-thumbdrive  might help07:55
wafflejockautomatik: no07:55
wafflejockthe 4M is block size07:55
wafflejockautomatik: from what I've been told you just don't want it extremely small or else it will take forever, too high and it will exhaust RAM07:56
=== Zaigham is now known as Guest88308
Dr_Willisautomatik: definatly dont use a super high # for Bs07:56
wafflejockyou may be able to go higher than 4M but I don't think 32GB is the way to go07:56
aditya007hey dr. willis?07:56
Dr_Willisautomatik:  4mb is  all i ever use.07:57
Dr_Willisaditya007:  Whats up?07:57
automatikok so i used blkid07:58
automatikit tells me the drive name is sdd107:58
aditya007i really F'ed up maan, i installed ubuntu alongside vista, after the installation was finished it asked me to reboot(13.10) so i rebooted then it directly booted into vista without asking to boot in ubuntu....the partition i created is still there, i cannot see it in vista (obviously cause its ext4) but help me how do i open ubuntu now?07:59
automatiki have the following in the terminal sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd1 bs=4M <- correct so far?07:59
Dr_Willisautomatik:  you deant to delete the partition?07:59
Dr_Willisautomatik:  you wannt to delete the partition?07:59
Dr_Willisthat will zero out the partion /dev/sdd1  correct.07:59
automatiki want to simply get the drive to read/write again if it means deleting or formatting the drive then yes08:00
Dr_Willisautomatik:  you may want to use /dev/sdd  not sdd1 if you want to erase the WHOLE drive08:00
Dr_Willisnot just the one partition08:00
Dr_WillisYou will then need to repartition the drive with gparted08:00
TOM_otakuxi see a news about the kde main developer will give up the ubuntu ?08:00
Dr_Willisyou are SURE its sdd?   dd will erase whatever you tell it to.08:01
Dr_WillisTOM_otakux:  such is the nature of open source stuff.. people come. people go.08:01
wafflejockyeah dd is unforgiving08:01
automatikyes i entered 'blkid' and that was what it returned08:01
Dr_Willisautomatik:  as long as you are sure its sdd.08:01
automatikDr_Willis: gparted is a no go, the drive is in read only mode08:01
Dr_Willisautomatik:  if its truely 'read only' then dd wont be able to write to it either.08:02
Dr_Willisautomatik:  so i guess try dd and see.08:02
LupusHello everyone08:02
LupusI am need of Partitioning assistance08:02
Jordan_Uautomatik: There is no such thing as "read only mode" for a drive (with the exception of some SD cards). GParted will refuse to do anything to a drive with mounted partitions, but the solution to that is to just unmount those partitions.08:02
automatikhttp://paste.debian.net/63445/ <- have a look08:02
aditya007can any1 help me with this i really F'ed up maan, i installed ubuntu alongside vista, after the installation was finished it asked me to reboot(13.10) so i rebooted then it directly booted into vista without asking to boot in ubuntu....the partition i created is still there, i cannot see it in vista (obviously cause its ext4) but help me how do i open ubuntu now?08:03
LupusAh, others with the same  problem08:03
automatikJordan_U: i did that as well08:03
Jordan_Uaditya007: Do you have more than one hard drive?08:03
Dr_Willis!fixboot | aditya00708:03
wafflejockaditya007: you need to fix your grub install08:03
aditya007no one hard drive with 5 partitions now 6 as i installed ubuntu08:03
Dr_Willis!fixgrub | aditya00708:03
ubottuaditya007: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:03
Jordan_Uautomatik: Please pastebin the contents of /proc/mounts and /etc/mtab.08:04
Dr_Willisaditya007:  normally it would want a swap partion also.. so 7 ;)08:04
aditya007so now i have 7 partitions??08:04
LupusMy problem - i am booting ubuntu from a  livestick, and gparted canntor esize the (virus ridden) unmounted Windows XP partition.08:04
automatikJordan_U: what should i type into the terminal?08:04
Dr_WillisLupus:  be sure the xp partion is not mounted./in use.   use the mount and umount command to verify its not mopunted08:05
aditya007and please tell me what is !fixboot and !fixgrub where do i put these commands>>>08:05
theadminI have both openjdk-7-jre and openjdk-6-jre installed. The "java" command defaults to Java 6. How can I change that to point to Java 7?08:05
LupusRgr Dr_Willis, will try now08:05
Dr_Willisaditya007:  you dont use them.. you read what the bot says when it sees those triggers in the channelk08:05
Dr_Willis!fixgrub | aditya00708:05
Jordan_Uautomatik: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /proc/mounts && pastebinit /etc/mtab08:05
aditya007oh so ubottu is the bot?08:05
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots08:06
wafflejockaditya007: exactly08:06
aditya007oh ok ill read that article TY08:06
wafflejockaditya007: you can talk to ubottu but it will let you know it is not smart08:06
aditya007haha lol ok08:06
Dr_Willisaditya007:  there is a 'boot-repair' live cd - that you can download that will be a handy tool to have in your pc-toolbox ;)08:06
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
LupusHow can i tell where my windows aprtition is to umount it?08:07
aditya007ok so after i do the boot repair thing ill be able to selecet what to boot??08:07
Lupusit isnt mounted according to Nautilus08:07
wafflejockLupus: check fdisk -l08:07
wafflejockLupus: should show all disks and partitions and figure out based on size08:07
wafflejockLupus: np08:08
theadminLupus: Simply run "mount" with no arguments. It will list all mounted partitions and their mountpoints.08:08
wafflejockbetter solution ^08:08
wafflejocktheadmin: oh wait he wants to know before its mounted08:08
Lupus/dev/sda2 it is08:08
Lupusits unmounted08:08
Lupusstill cannot resize in gParted08:08
TOM_otakux_i only use kde for my desktop.....08:09
wafflejockyeah sudo fdisk -l should show it08:09
Lupusalready done. then used sudo umount /dev/sda208:09
Lupusis unmounted08:09
Lupusgparted cannot resize windwos xp partition08:09
theadminLupus: Is the partition damaged by any chance? Happens often to NTFS partitions for example.08:09
wafflejockah yeah08:09
Lupuspossible causes - virus.08:09
Lupuswas hit by virus earlier, hence ubuntu :P08:09
wafflejockLupus: have you run chkdsk or fsck on it?08:09
Lupuscannot access file system08:10
theadminLupus: Yeaah, that would do that... You can't really "fix" a NTFS partition from Linux, sadly, you do need a Windows CD. Windows PE, for example.08:10
Lupusas i said - a real [badword]  of a virus08:10
wafflejockright but chkdsk can do from safemode I think08:10
Lupuswhich we dont have. buggery. wafflejock - no safe mode available. see above comment on nature of virus :P08:10
Lupusok, so, possible solutions. delete windows. wubi from livestick. buy new pc.08:11
* Lupus sighs08:11
wafflejockLupus: right as theadmin says Windows PE08:11
Lupuswafflejock - we have no cd's, came preloaded with xp years ago08:11
wafflejockhaha sorry08:11
Lupus(oldoldoldodlodld laptop)08:11
wafflejockyou can download Hiren's boot cd08:12
Lupusgood point08:12
wafflejockor ERD08:12
Lupusthink i still  have hiren around08:12
wafflejockemergency repair disk08:12
theadminLupus: Why not just install Ubuntu as the main OS? Would work nicely... Better than XP anyway.08:12
wafflejockwait still boot CD problem08:12
wafflejockoh no you're good on that right08:12
wafflejockjust no CDs08:12
wafflejockyou have a CD-rom?08:12
wafflejockI hope08:12
FloodBot1wafflejock: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:12
wafflejocksorry FloodBot08:12
Lupustheadmin - stubborn parents refuse to be converted to the SudoRace08:13
wafflejockyeah might be worth it to just get another HDD08:13
wafflejockLupus: ah parents08:14
theadminLupus: Ah. Zorin? (not supported derivative, but it *looks* like WinXP)08:14
theadminLupus: Which is rather neat for new users.08:14
Lupuswas thinking more making a poster for the study with this was x in windows, its now y in ubuntu08:14
theadminLupus: Would do too, honestly Ubuntu's easier to use than Windows in my opinion.08:14
Lupusthey only need lbrewriter, calc, scan and firefox anyway. im a tinkerer, so i can mess later08:15
Lupusmy current pc dual boots inwdows and ubuntu fine though08:15
Lupusfloodbot gonn ahte me in a sec08:15
wafflejockLupus: I put Mint on my parents computer they're pretty happy with it08:15
Lupusand keyboard battery dying08:15
Lupusthanks people. probs back later with problems08:15
wafflejocklupfantomo: good luck08:15
wafflejockgone too quick08:16
theadminYeah they do that :D08:16
wafflejocktime for a bit of KSP08:19
Jordan_Uautomatik: Are you still there?08:24
automatikyeah, it was taking a long time to install the software so then I restarted08:24
automatikit keeps stalling08:24
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=== giovanni is now known as Guest57521
automatikJordan_U: ok08:30
automatiki think it's finished08:30
Jordan_Uautomatik: That says that /dev/sdd1 is mounted to /media/FLASH\040DRIVE. Unmount it and GParted should allow you to repartition.08:35
Jordan_Uautomatik: sudo umount /dev/sdd108:35
automatikok so should i enter umount /dev/sdd1 or, oh ok08:35
dr_willis_fandr willis?08:37
=== map is now known as Guest9854
dr_willis_fanman i wanted to thank DR. willis :( he helped me so muchg08:38
theadmindr_willis_fan: /msg memoserv send USERNAME MESSAGE will send a message to a user currently offline.08:40
theadmindr_willis_fan: They'll see it when they come online08:40
dr_willis_fandr willis!!??08:40
theadminWell, maybe to them too.08:40
theadminOh there (s)he is :)08:40
Dr_Williscant even go to the bathroom without this channel falling apart? ;)08:41
dr_willis_fanTHANK YOU SO MUCH MAN THNX FOR the help :D :) :') this username is temporary BTW dont worry - aditya00708:41
Dr_Willisi cant even rember the original problem. ;)08:41
* Dr_Willis guesses its eitehr grub. or login falires..08:42
Dr_Willisthose are the 2 main issues of the week it seems. ;P08:42
dr_willis_fanno problem man you have to deAl with so many things...you are the real pillar of community :) bye08:42
auronandace!cookie | dr_willis_fan08:42
ubottudr_willis_fan: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!08:42
auronandace!cookie | Dr_Willis08:43
ubottuDr_Willis: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!08:43
dr_willis_fan!cookie Dr_Willis08:43
dr_willis_fanok bye guys have a nice day08:43
=== karloone is now known as karlo|afk
Dr_Willisi still dont rember what his problem was. ;)08:44
* Dr_Willis scrolls up08:44
wilee-nileeI got 20$ on' remove xauthority08:45
wilee-nileethe return of the desktop makes people gleeful08:46
Dr_WillisI really have to figure out what .Xauthority actually does some time.08:46
Dr_Willisi know its somthing to do with X security/access to the display08:47
wilee-nileewhen you find out tell us, hehe08:47
Z3R0hey guys im new to ubuntu, is this the right place to ask ultra noob queries??08:47
theadminZ3R0: Go right ahead.08:47
Z3R0Umm so i have 3 partitions on my HDD i want them to show on my desktop as shortcuts, how can i do that?08:48
Dr_WillisZ3R0:  you could just make a link from /media/ to your /home/yourusername/Desktop/media   but if you look in the file manager - the drives should allready be listed at the left side.08:49
Dr_Willisalso i think theres a 'show drives' option somewhere to make the icons appear on the desktop.08:49
Dr_WillisIve gone the 'no icons on the desktop' route these days. ;) they are just clutter08:49
ztane 8386 root      20   0 19.7g 2.5g 382m S  99.0 66.0 247:40.15 packagekitd08:50
ztaneahem, kubuntu 131008:50
ztanewhatsit doin08:50
Z3R0yes, all the drives are listed on the right side on the launcher but it takes too much space...do you remember where is the "show drives" option?08:50
Z3R0 only want to Link one partitioned drive not all08:51
Dr_WillisZ3R0:  you could link /media/Yourusername to /home/yourusername/Desktop or some other directory if you wanted08:51
Z3R0yhow to reply to someone?08:51
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:51
Dr_Willisthe Unity-tweak tool in the repos and the ubuntu-tweak tool (not in the repos) let you tweak most of these settings Z3R008:52
Z3R0how do i "link" them?? sorry for the annoying questions08:52
theadminZ3R0: Hey, that's what we're here for. Right click on any folder and choose "Make Link", then drag the link anywhere.08:53
theadminZ3R0: Oh wait, that wouldn't work well for drives.08:53
Z3R0No no i want to link the whole drive08:53
theadminZ3R0: Drives are folders in Linux :P08:54
Z3R0 want to make the drive, "computer" appear on my desktop08:54
theadminZ3R0: Ah, the "Computer" thing...08:54
Z3R0Yeah the one with  bin dev boot etcc08:54
theadminZ3R0: Ah, that's called "Filesystem" here.08:55
theadminZ3R0: Okay, ln -s / ~/Desktop/Computer08:55
Z3R0oh, so can you make it appear on your desktop? or you have to go to it evry time?08:55
Z3R0in console?08:55
theadminZ3R0: Yeah. Be careful not to delete it, as that will (I think) delete the actual folder the link goes to.08:55
xll11whats the -s flag08:56
Dr_Willisln -s => make a soft link08:56
theadminxll11: symbolic. I've no idea what the difference between symlinks and hardlinks is, but you can't hardlink folders.08:56
Z3R0oh, how do i soft link it?08:56
theadminZ3R0: See above, the command I gave will do it08:56
Dr_Willisopen file manager.. go to /media/whatever   click, hold, drag  to desktop - HOLD  CTRL and i think it will ask what to do.. when you drop on the desktop (it will show a ? mark) it might be drag/drop+hold alt...08:57
theadminAh, okay, yeah Dr_Willis that's a more userfriendly advice08:57
wiiguywhat is this interface called ? > http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/sites/default/files/.imce/1/1204_ubuntu_klein.png08:57
Dr_Willisor just put the /media/whatever as a shortcut in your file manager bookmarks08:57
Dr_WillisIm not on Unity/Gnome - so am not usiong Nautilus ;)08:57
trijntjewiiguy: unity08:57
wiiguyty :)08:58
Z3R0Thank you guys and is it possible to put the min. max. and close buttons to the right side?08:58
theadminZ3R0: In Unity, no. It breaks window maximization.08:59
theadminZ3R0: As you see, the buttons merge with the top panel when you maximize a window, placing them on the right would give them no place there08:59
theadminZ3R0: As that's where the notification area is08:59
Dr_WillisZ3R0:  its possible.. but i say just get used to them being on the left09:00
Dr_Williswhen you fullscreen an app they will jump around. ;)09:00
theadminYeah that's just annoying09:00
Dr_Willisthe whole 'moveing the controlls for win-lets'  (if i rember the blog posting ages ago) never did pan out...09:01
theadminZ3R0: Ubuntu has alternative desktops, some of them feel more windows-like, KDE for instance.09:01
Z3R0ll just get used to it...i am not going back to windows..except maybe emergency09:01
Z3R0but the one im using right now(default) looks so good :) is it gome or unity?09:01
theadminZ3R0: But it actually makes more sense on the left. That's where all the other controls are aligned, so why on Earth would those 3 be on the right?09:01
theadminZ3R0: Unity is the Ubuntu's default desktop.09:02
auronandaceZ3R0: unity is the default for ubuntu09:02
Z3R0hehe i used to use windows before, installed ubuntu today :P09:02
Z3R0and last question, whats the best irc client for ubuntu09:02
Z3R0ok TY downloading it now09:03
gordonjcpDr_Willis: the thing is though, every other window manager in existence has the controls on the right09:03
theadminZ3R0: There's no real "best" out there. I use Quassel here.09:03
gordonjcpwell, except maybe OSX, but that's an abberation09:03
Z3R0philip_: do i download the parent directory?09:03
theadminZ3R0: Open the software center and search for IRC and you'll find tons09:03
Z3R0ok ill download it from there then09:04
theadminZ3R0: With ratings and reviews, so you can tell for yourself :)09:04
auronandace!software | Z3R009:04
ubottuZ3R0: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents09:04
Dr_Willisgordonjcp:  actually i seem to recall some others not that way. ;) i just cant rember what ones.09:05
Z3R0and my shift+i isnt working i cant type capital i theadmin Iwithout capslock is there any shortcut assigned to it by default??09:05
Dr_WillisGnome has slimmed it down to just a close button.. ;)09:05
theadminZ3R0: Now that's weird.09:05
Z3R0worked now09:05
theadminZ3R0: Check if you have the right keyboard layout selcted for your keyboard model in System Settings -> Keyboard layout.09:06
Dr_Willisheh heh.09:06
theadminZ3R0: Oh, never mind09:06
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
gordonjcpZ3R0: turn your keyboard upside down and give it a tap09:06
Z3R0and where is the ubuntu equivalent of program files??09:07
Z3R0gordonjcp: lol09:07
theadminZ3R0: Nowhere, to be entirely honest.09:08
Z3R0so where can i open xchat?09:08
theadminZ3R0: Just search the Dash09:08
Z3R0i donwloaded it and unpinned it from laucher09:08
gordonjcpZ3R0: tap the flag key and in the search box at the top start typing "xchat"09:09
Dr_Willisflag key? ;)09:09
theadminZ3R0: In Linux files are grouped by their purpose, rather than by belonging to some app, so you'll find that binaries (similar to windows .exes) are installed to /usr/bin, configs to /etc, some other data might go to /var or /usr/share, and so on and so forth...09:09
* Dr_Willis puts a skull and crossbones on his.09:09
gordonjcpDr_Willis: the one with a flag on it, beside ctrl and alt09:09
theadmingordonjcp: Is called "Super".09:10
gordonjcptheadmin: that doesn't really help to identify it, though09:10
gordonjcpit doesn't have "Super" on it, it has a flag on it09:10
theadmingordonjcp: Well, not always. On Macs it has some weird butterfly.09:11
Z3R0it s a window IMO09:11
Dr_Williscant say ive ever seen it called a flag.09:11
gordonjcpDr_Willis: <shrug> It looks like a flag09:11
Dr_Willisits the MOD4 key! ;)09:11
Dr_Willisor was it mod309:11
gordonjcpZ3R0: doesn't look much like a window, it's all squint09:11
gordonjcpyou'd never get it to seal properly in the frame09:11
Dr_Willislookls sort of like a weird X here  in a circle09:11
Dr_Willisthats why they changed the logo in win8 ;)09:12
Dr_Willisbetter sealing.09:12
Z3R03d flag :P09:12
Z3R0anyone using Xchat here?09:12
theadminSome might find a penguin or even an Ubuntu logo on their keyboards, depends entirely on the manufacturer ;)09:12
Dr_WillisZ3R0:  lots of people use xchat. Its got some well done docs at its homepage/help menus also.09:12
philip_Z3R0: me09:13
* Dr_Willis puts a superman logo on his.09:13
wilee-nileemine is zippy the pin head09:13
Dr_Willisyou sick little monkey! ;)09:14
Z3R0philip_:  how to connect to ubuntu channle i type /join #Ubuntu it gives error09:15
theadminZ3R0: That's odd, it should work...09:15
Dr_WillisZ3R0:  you are connected to an irc server?09:15
wildc4rdam I able to move the launcher over to the Right hand side of a double monitor setup? (12.04 LTS)09:15
Z3R0it says this Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it?  Not connected. Try /server <host> [<port>]09:16
philip_Z3R0: try #09:16
Z3R0yeah tried09:16
Dr_Williswildc4rd:  the unity left side launcher can go on the left side of a 2nd monitor..09:16
Z3R0no im using mozilla to IRC chat via freenode.net09:16
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
Dr_Williswildc4rd:  you cant move it to the top or bottom or right side09:16
theadminZ3R0: Ah. /server irc.freenode.net then09:16
Z3R01 min09:16
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, Zippy is my hero, I just go to laundry and watch the dryers go round and round. ;)09:17
ZeR0Thank you!! im in09:17
=== ZeR0 is now known as Guest98708
Dr_Willisit would be a good idea to read the 'xchat' docs at its homepage/help menu. ;)09:18
Guest98708im zer009:18
Guest98708but it said you failedd to identify in time nickname zer009:19
Dr_Williswe saw your nick change Guest9870809:19
Dr_Willisdo /nick Yournick09:19
=== Guest98708 is now known as Z3R0
Dr_Willisthen /msg nickserv identify whateveryourpassword    IN THE SERVER window.. not the Channel window09:19
Dr_Willisin case you mess it up ;)09:19
Z3R0are you guys not talking/09:21
gordonjcpZ3R0: yes, the channel has gone a bit quiet09:22
Z3R0oh man i thought xchat problem09:23
wilee-nileeZ3R0, What you wanna talk about volcanoes, rocks.....the beaver.......;)09:24
Z3R0:| waht does that mean?09:24
wilee-nileeZ3R0, I was copying a few lines from the big bang series, just a joke.09:25
Z3R0ooh, sorry im not a fan09:25
userclefebvre, are u there clem ??09:25
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
Z3R0does xchat only show messages addressed to you>09:26
theadminZ3R0: No, I don't think so09:26
Dr_Willisit would be a good idea to read the 'xchat' docs at its homepage/help menu. ;)  .......09:26
Z3R0ok i will09:26
Z3R0how do i shutdown ubuntu??09:28
Z3R0haha just trolling ;)09:29
xll11what's there?09:39
bekksfrancesco__: Please stop advertising09:40
francesco__ATTENZIONE: Non e' stata intercettata la versione originale di lynx.09:42
francesco__Questo script e' in grado di funzionare sono con lynx e non links2.09:42
bekks!it | francesco__09:42
ubottufrancesco__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:42
barkofinkhi no sound in xubuntu09:45
barkofinksound icon does not work09:45
nibblerhi. i'm copying files over from my ubuntu to my xbian (rpi). using scp or scp -c blowfish, the rpi iowait goes up to 50% and throughput is at 500kBps. using rsync iowait is at 0, and throughput is at 2500kBps. how comes?09:49
bekksnibbler: ssh uses encryption.09:50
Z3R0guys please help me with youtube09:51
nibblerbekks: calling rsync uses ssh, thous encryption, too?09:52
nibblerbekks: and it also does not explain the difference in iowait09:52
bekksZ3R0: First, please describe your problem.09:52
ecsiHi guys!09:52
bekksnibbler: you could strace both variants.09:52
ecsiPls help me09:52
FloodBot1ecsi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:52
ecsiHow to in ubuntu system?09:52
nibblerbekks: good point, i'll try09:53
bekksecsi: Configure a VPN connection, then use a ssh connection.09:53
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wilee-nileeZ3R0, You missing flash?09:57
wilee-nileeZ3R0, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras     gotta go time to crash09:59
Cuppa_coffeemax, works09:59
tjadPlease sign the following petition ... save our(South African) education... http://t.co/pPkbqEl7dl .. if you are not a developer and need a reason, just say "It would be in the best interest of the students to use Java over delphi"10:03
tjadSeriously .. I know this is a linux channel .. but we need to set our department of education right, so i'm calling out to everyone I can10:04
tjadDelphi is windows only ;-) if it makes it any better :)10:04
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest83779
gordonjcptjad: possibly #ubuntu-offtopic10:04
ljunggren_was just about to suggest this10:05
tjadSorry thanks10:05
YcareneWhat can I use to play wma9dmo files?10:05
Z3R0hey guys how to open apt files??10:06
bekksZ3R0: There are no apt files.10:06
bekksZ3R0: Which files do you mean, excatly?10:06
Z3R01 min10:06
Z3R0http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/  THIS10:07
bekksZ3R0: Thats a website - and?10:07
bekksZ3R0: what are you trying to do?10:07
Z3R0im trying to download flash10:07
Z3R0because youtube wont work10:07
bekks!flash | Z3R010:07
ubottuZ3R0: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash10:07
Z3R0so ill be ablee to play youtube10:08
bekksZ3R0: Please read the link given by ubottu10:08
Z3R0yeah reading10:08
=== tjad is now known as tjadc
Ycarenewill pulling in ubuntu-restricted-extras work?10:08
Z3R0!flash | bekks10:08
ubottubekks: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash10:08
Z3R0hue hue hue10:09
bekksZ3R0: I have a working flash - you dont. :>10:09
bekksYcarene: Will it work for what?10:09
Ycarenebekks - playing files in the wma9dmo format?10:09
Z3R0i was just messing with you while i download the restricted thingy from the link you gave :P :v10:09
bekksYcarene: http://askubuntu.com/questions/127608/cant-play-wma-files-12-0410:10
giwrgarashi ive got a 13.04 ubuntu freshly installed, as a second operating system to my windows 8. i like better to work in ubuntu but i want to use my office and the visual studio10:10
giwrgarasis there any way to run them from ubuntu?10:10
Z3R0hey @ bekks10:10
bekksgiwrgaras: Create a virtual machine inside ubuntu.10:10
giwrgarasis it quick enough? ive got 4gigs of ram10:11
Z3R0@bekks i have downloaded the restricted formats thru cconsole but it is wshowing a user agreement after the download with OK button i cant clik the OK button (in console)10:11
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
cfhowlettZ3R0, space bar will click10:12
giwrgarasfrom virtual machines what do you reccomend, Xen or virtual boX10:12
Z3R0ooh damn it i exited10:12
bekksgiwrgaras: virtualbox. Use the latest official version 4.3.210:12
giwrgarasand then i can connect to my alternative operating system and just work from it inside of ubuntu?10:13
Z3R0@bekks when i install the restricted packages itsas saying the package is broken10:14
bekksgiwrgaras: No. You will have to install a "new" OS inside the virtual machine.10:14
high_fivergiwrgaras, Xen run off bare metal, VirtualBox does't10:14
bekksZ3R0: Which restricted package?10:14
Z3R0*the package system is broken10:14
bekks!details | Z3R010:14
ubottuZ3R0: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:14
Z3R0ubuntu resctricted extras10:15
Z3R0oh sorry i was continuing the earlier question ubot10:15
giwrgarasah so thats a problem cause ive got only 30gigs of space allocated to ubuntu10:15
bekksZ3R0: Why do you install that?10:15
ljunggrenim sorry but what is the difference between fglrx and fglrx-updates? is -updates less stable or is it just a newer versoin?10:15
Z3R0because i want to play youtube10:15
giwrgarastheres no way to log in to my other os inside of ubuntu and work there?10:15
Z3R0* i want to play youtube videos10:16
bekksljunggren: -updates will be updated during the lifetime of your release.10:16
Z3R0please help me10:16
Z3R0please help me10:16
bekksZ3R0: Then read the link given and do what it tells you. It does not tell you to install "ubuntu restirected extras".10:16
ljunggrenbekks, oh, then thanks10:16
ubottuZ3R0,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/10:16
ljunggrenlets do it10:17
Z3R0oh sorry bekks10:18
ljunggreni just installed chromium10:18
ljunggrenits so much more responsive on my system.. i always tought firefox to be more lightweight thou10:18
Z3R0@bekk it says to install it " Search for 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' "10:19
bekksZ3R0: What is "it"?10:20
bekks!details | Z3R010:20
ubottuZ3R0: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:20
Z3R0the link you gave to me10:20
Z3R0@bekk you said visit this link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash    i am following the instructions there and it says to install resctricted package10:21
bekksZ3R0: Do you have 32 or 64 bit Ubuntu?10:21
Z3R032 bit10:21
Z3R0@bekks after i do this  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras10:22
Z3R0@bekks it says10:22
Z3R0@bekks E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)10:22
Z3R0E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?10:22
bekksZ3R0: Then use sudo.10:23
bekksZ3R0: And please dont use "@". This isnt quakenet.10:23
Z3R0i tohught u tped in red with @10:23
bekksZ3R0: just use my name, the @ is irrelevant.10:24
YcareneThe red is client side10:24
YcareneIt's the irc client highligting your name for you.10:24
Z3R0ok i didnt realize10:24
Z3R0bekks, can you tell me how you got youtube vids running on your PC wehn you installed ubuntu?10:29
bekksZ3R0: I am using google chrome, and not the outdated native flash.10:30
Z3R0bekks,  please tell how to login as sudop please10:31
bekksYou cannot login as sudo. You login as user, then use sudo.10:31
bekks!sudo | Z3R010:31
ubottuZ3R0: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:31
Z3R0sorry i meant root10:31
Z3R0sorry imeant rot10:32
bekks!root | Z3R010:32
ubottuZ3R0: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:32
Z3R0*i meant root10:32
LupusHello again10:32
roophello every one10:32
roopim new to ubuntu10:32
roopmy sys got win 8 when i brought10:32
Z3R0"Login with "root" user on your Ubuntu 12.04"  i want to do this10:32
roopi want to install win 810:32
roopin it with win 810:33
bekksZ3R0: You dont want to log in as root.10:33
bekksZ3R0: You want to read:10:33
roopi downloaded ubuntu 13 file10:33
bekks!root | Z3R010:33
Lupusis there any way i can check if i have wifi capabillities on this laptop?10:33
roophow to install ??10:33
Z3R0roop burn it on a CD and install :)]10:33
Lupusroop - we talk about ubuntu here, not win8.10:33
Lupusbut yes. how to check wifi capabilities of laptop?10:33
Lupusit had wifi on windows. deleted windows for salamander.10:33
Lupusnow no wifi, but ehternet10:34
Z3R0you want to check if you have wifi?? most probably yes, do a google search with ur model10:34
Lupusno, i mean10:34
roopcant i install it without a cd/pen drive ??10:34
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:34
bekksZ3R0: Thats nonsense. :)10:34
Z3R0yes roop with WUBI10:34
Lupusi want to check if i have drivers and such10:34
bekksZ3R0: wubi isnt available with ubuntu 13.04 anymore.10:35
roopi extracted and clicked wubi10:35
cfhowlettZ3R0, wubi is for TESTING ubuntu, not for long-term installation.10:35
Lupusand if i have a wifi card that ubuntu recognises - if so why can i not connect to wifi in any way10:35
Z3R0yes get drivers from your company site10:35
bekksroop: Dont listen to him.10:35
roopbut i'm not able to install :(10:35
giwrgarasis there a google lens for ubuntu/10:35
LupusZ3R0 - i want to see if i have them in here already.10:35
bekksroop: Because of what? Burn the iso to a cd, boot it, install it.10:35
Z3R0but i installed 13.04 with wubi :|10:35
bekksLupus: lspci -k; lsusb; lsmod10:35
roopok ok10:36
bekksZ3R0: Its for testing puposes, not for longterm installations.10:36
Z3R0bekks,  but it installs on your system and then it didtn give me any problems in the long term10:36
bekksZ3R0: It is not designed for more than testing. Everything else is your choice, but do not recommend it to others please.10:37
Z3R0ok i wont10:37
Z3R0bekks,  but please help me with this flash problem10:37
=== nugroho2 is now known as nugroho
bekksZ3R0: I already did. I told you to read the link from ubottu, and I told you how I am using flash.10:38
Lupusshit. still nothing10:38
Z3R0bekks,  i did read the link it said to install restricted formats for ubuntu which give me errors like this one :'( -E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)10:39
Z3R0E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?10:39
bekksLupus: Then pastebin the following outputs please: lsb_release -a; uname -a; lspci -k; lsusb; lsmod" - into a pastebin, and give us the URL.10:39
bekksZ3R0: Use sudo.10:39
bekks!sudo | Z3R010:39
ubottuZ3R0: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:39
Lupusrgr bekks10:39
Z3R0bekks, i used the command-  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer10:39
Z3R0 which already has sudo in it, is tht what you mean?]10:39
Lupusto get flash - look in software centre? i got it fine10:40
bekksZ3R0: Do you have to sooftware center open?10:40
Nitin144hey any software like idm ?10:40
bekksNitin144: Whatever "idm" might be.10:40
cfhowlettZ3R0, here's the fix    http://askubuntu.com/questions/15433/how-do-i-fix-a-could-not-get-lock-var-lib-dpkg-lock-problem10:41
cfhowlettnever heard of it10:41
Nitin144ya internet download manager10:41
Z3R0cfhowlett, bekks  im getting this when i try to install from soft. cente Check if you are using third party repositories. If so disable them, since they are a common source of problems.10:41
Z3R0Furthermore run the following command in a Terminal: apt-get install -f10:41
ljunggrenhey i just installed fglrx-updates but if i check "graphics" in "details" menu it says VESA: standard" is something wrong?10:41
bekksZ3R0: Read the link to fix that problem.10:41
cfhowlettZ3R0, did you even read the link I sent?10:41
Nitin144not yet10:42
Z3R0no i mreading it now10:42
* cfhowlett ... grips cluebat ...10:42
bekksNitin144: You dont have to read the links intended for Z3R0 ;)10:42
Lupusbekks - confirm command, lsmod" or lsmod   ?10:44
=== ipmonger_ is now known as ipmonger
bekksLupus: lsmod10:44
ljunggrenhow can i see what driver for gpu is in use right now?10:44
Z3R0im getting new software cant be installed because there is a problewm with a software already installed , then i clicked repair10:45
Z3R0how to exit dpkg??10:45
bekksZ3R0: dpkg has no prompt, so you cannot exit it. What are you doing?10:45
Nitin144why to exit10:45
Nitin144just shut down10:45
Lupusbekks - AS REQUESTED; paste.ubuntu.com/6346226/10:46
Z3R0when i open the ubuntu soft. centre10:46
bekksNitin144: Thats nonsense.10:46
Z3R0i get this10:46
bekksZ3R0: Forget the software center.10:46
Z3R0new software cant be installed because there is a problewm with a software already installed , then i clicked repai10:46
Z3R0o then?10:46
Z3R0*ok then how?10:46
Nitin144u know NOTHING10:46
bekksZ3R0: use a terminal and sudo apt-get ...10:46
Z3R0yes i installed ubuntu today :'(10:46
Nitin144welcome moonk10:46
=== s0beit|ZNC is now known as s0beit
Z3R0sudo apt-get flash?10:46
Z3R0invalid operation flash10:47
bekksZ3R0: No. Read the links given.10:47
Z3R0can you post the link again its lost :(10:47
Nitin144use USC10:47
bekksNitin144: Again, incorrect.10:47
bekks!flash | Z3R010:47
ubottuZ3R0: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash10:47
bekks!sudo | Z3R010:47
Z3R0sudo apt-get USC??10:47
ubottuZ3R0: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:47
LupusZ3R0 - my version is called flashplugin-installer
Lupusbekks = pastebin above10:48
bekksLupus: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 - thats your wifi.10:48
Lupusthen why do i have no connection options inthe drop down menu at top of screen10:48
Lupusat all10:48
Lupusonly ethernet10:48
bekks!wifi | Lupus10:48
ubottuLupus: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:48
Lupusty bekks10:48
Nitin144HEY EVERYONE TEll ur internet speed10:49
bekks!ot | Nitin14410:49
ubottuNitin144: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:49
Nitin144 k10:49
Z3R0bekks, ithe link  gave about flash says to instal ubuntu restricted packages from software centre10:49
bekksZ3R0: I know it. Just do it.10:50
Z3R0but when i open software centre10:50
bekksZ3R0: Forget the software center.10:50
bekksZ3R0: We have been going through that just a minute ago.10:50
Nitin144any software to download online streaming videos ?10:50
Z3R0you said just do it and are saying forget the soft. center10:50
Nitin144any software to download online streaming videos ?10:51
bekksZ3R0: I told you the alter^native, too.10:51
Z3R0bekks, wait ill tell the problem short and simple k?10:51
bekksZ3R0: No. You already did three times.10:51
RaginHammorning all.10:52
RaginHamneed a bit of help... hopefully someone can figure out this conundrum I've got10:52
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
RaginHamtrying to lock the CD tray from ejecting. Beginning to think it might not be possible.10:53
Z3R0bekks, i want to get flash to play youtube, i go to software centre it says new soft. cant be installed coz thrs a prob. with exisating soft. K?? so i click repair, in progress bar it says repairing n says waitong for dpkg to exit...so i open terminal and type in the code for flash, i get the long eror i sated b4, so u tell use sudo, i already am using sudo then too i type it again with sudo...it gives the same error now what please tell10:53
LupusRaginHam - cut the wires10:53
Nitin144will anyone tell? any app to download online streaming videos?10:53
RaginHamtried the "man eject -o" trick... also "ctcrl --lockdoor"10:53
LupusDammit. Still no luck with the wifi10:53
RaginHamLupus: what card?10:54
Lupusnitin - such apps are usually illegal. Keep it clean in here, please/10:54
LupusRaginHam - not sure. paste.ubuntu.com/634622610:54
Lupusi have the card10:54
Lupuswindows xp ran wifi10:54
Nitin144what card?10:54
bekksZ3R0: I am out of your problem. You are asking the same questions on and on again, ignoring everything people tell you to solve your problem, and instead starting over again. Good luck for the future.10:54
Nitin144cid card?10:54
Lupusvirus hit, moved to raging, now no wifi10:54
Nitin144then go off10:55
Z3R0bekks, what i am tryin to say is i do ur suggested methods im getting the same error still :'(10:55
bekksZ3R0: Because you are ignoring what people tell you.10:55
Nitin144u both are mad10:56
LupusZ3RO - have you tried visiting adobe.com and looking there?10:56
Lupusor, yknow10:56
Z3R0bekks man I DID what you said i didnt ignore it..i still get the same prob man im not ignoring shit10:56
Nitin144leave it yaar10:56
Nitin144zero u all need is just a plugin10:57
RaginHamcheck that10:57
RaginHamP.s. You have the BCM4311 card10:58
Nitin144do anyone here download videos?10:58
Z3R0nitin see, i want flash plugin so i ask questions here, people answer so i visit the links and try their solutions but the same prob still exists, so i ask again and they tell me im ignorant and asking same thing again??10:59
Z3R0bekks, man please help :'(11:00
RaginHamnitin: what type of videos? what format? source?11:00
Z3R0*sigh* no helpers here :'(11:00
Nitin144any video youtube or other websites like facebook11:01
RaginHamso flash11:01
Nitin144no link11:01
gordonjcpNitin144: you could try googling for something like "download youtube video on linux"11:01
RaginHamrunning firefox?11:01
Nitin144isn't something like IDM?11:02
RaginHamiceweasel? chromium?11:02
Nitin144chromium too11:02
RaginHamlook at the extensions/add-ons11:02
RaginHamnormally a quick addon will make that possible11:02
Nitin144which one?11:02
RaginHamyoutube center, perhaps?11:03
Nitin144and what for other web sites?11:03
Nitin144there are other too11:03
otakalso package youtube-dl, get the new version from their site11:04
RaginHamtry Download Flash and Video 1.4211:05
RaginHambest I got.11:05
RaginHamI don't actually download flash... but that seems to serve your purpose11:05
RaginHamthus, why we always suggest a restart first. :)11:07
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Ycarenewhere can I get win64codecs now that medibuntu is gone?11:12
giwrgarasdoes it worth the effort to go from 13.04 to 13.10?11:14
giwrgarasi browse for changes but i see its just the same thing11:14
prodigelhi all. ubuntu 13.10 questions here or in #ubuntu+1?11:16
gordonjcpprodigel: 13.10 is current11:16
sifocoolshello :)11:16
sifocoolsany port ubuntu torch to xperia?11:17
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
uuser100This is my first IRC entry. I hope I do everything right. I have Ubuntu 12.10. and an echo problem with Jitsi. I read on the internet that an upgrade of PulseAudio might solve the problem. Is it advisable to do that? My current version of Pulseaudio is 2.1.11:18
veikkawhat´s up you guys11:19
zergutsometimes,i got error it says that i have ubuntu 3.3 (not exactly) but it's not true11:22
zergutwhen grub starts11:22
sifocoolsi have problem with hdmi sound in ubuntu 13.0411:23
sifocoolshdmi sound not working11:23
RaginHamsifo: what distro?11:23
zerguti cant remember exact version11:23
prodigelUsing ubuntu 13.10/awesome WM, since upgrading I have this sound card problem when booting up: no sound available, I need to fire gnome-control-center and select "speakers - built in Audio" from the output list (it always defaults to hdmi/display port -built-in audio". Also, using pacmd to list sinks from cli before I fire gnome-control-center, the speakers sink is missing.11:23
zergutbut it's about it11:23
RaginHamubuntu 13.04 ? and what card?11:23
=== DeaCon is now known as monkeyjuice
sifocoolslinux mint :)11:24
zergutThe problem is recurrent and not constant11:24
zergutiI haven't yet figured out11:25
sifocoolsnvidia gt 44011:25
RaginHamdo you know how to use terminal ?11:26
zergutwhy it's appears11:26
sifocoolsi am using nvidia driver11:26
zerguti suspect hard drive11:26
RaginHamgo to terminal, type this: sudo add-apt-repository https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/alsa-daily/+packages11:26
sifocoolson booard sound work fine but nvidia hdmi sound does not work11:27
Dr_Willisjumping to the alsa-daily builds.. may be a bit extreme..  for what may be simple setting issue11:27
Dr_Willissifocools:  you have tried the pavucontrol       tool yet?11:28
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:28
sifocoolsok i will try it :) thanks11:28
Con7e1I need a help.11:29
Dr_WillisGive the channel details of the problem11:29
sifocoolsvolume applet not working either11:30
Con7e1At every startup I have to run a terminal command to force my network card to work.11:30
sifocoolsnvidia hdmi sound detectec in applet but not working11:30
Con7e1How can I execute the command automaticly at startup?11:30
Con7e1I already tried rc.local11:31
POVaddctCon7e1: rc.local should work11:31
Con7e1and putting it in the startup applicazion11:31
faugusztinCon7e1: that covers your options11:31
sifocoolsi will try ubuntu 13.08 or mint :)11:31
Dr_WillisCon7e1:  what exactly did you put in rc.local?11:31
Dr_Willissifocools:  there is no 13.08 ubuntu11:31
BluesKajHiya folks11:31
Con7e1"ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoneg on"11:31
Con7e1w/ the quotes11:32
Con7e1without the quotes11:32
Dr_WillisCon7e1:  that command works after you login?11:32
POVaddctCon7e1: try the full path to ethtool11:32
faugusztinCon7e1: sounds to me it should be in post network  scripts11:32
Con7e1Yeah, if I do it in the terminal it works11:33
faugusztinCon7e1: http://askubuntu.com/questions/268200/how-to-automate-ethtool11:33
POVaddctfaugusztin: are they executed if networkmanager manages eth0?11:33
Dr_Willisif it work after you login. You may just need to do a  'sleep 120'  (or some other # of seconds) befor the command. to let networking get all setup11:33
faugusztinPOVaddct: not sure, in that case there are similar things for networkmanager11:33
Dr_Willisbut faugusztin  seems to have a better hit :)11:33
ggherdovhi all. Link to ubuntu doc explaining commands to do upgrade LTS to LTS, from 11.04 to 12.04 ? thank you11:33
POVaddctfaugusztin: that's why i don't like network manager. everything goes automatic, and you lose control.11:34
ggherdovdamn 11.04 is not LTS...11:34
* ggherdov prepared to spend the day hopping from release to release, dammit11:34
Con7e1faugusztin: thank you for the link, I will try :)11:34
thneeI updated to 13.10, now none of my disks are mounted when I reboot.. wtf11:34
faugusztinCon7e1: do you use networkmanager ?11:34
Dr_Willisthnee:  check your fstab?  give us details as to what disks you mean11:35
faugusztinCon7e1: in case of NetworkManager you should try to put that command in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d11:35
thneeDr_Willis: fstab is empty except / partition.. I have one disk with a ntfs on it and another with like 4 different partitinos, some ntfs, some ext311:35
Con7e1faugusztin: I am on elementary os luna, which is Ubuntu 12.0411:36
yeehiWhat is the application that Ubuntu has built in that is similar to vnc? is it available in 12.04 as well as 13.10?11:36
Con7e1faugusztin: I'll try, thank you again11:36
thneeDr_Willis: Is fstab where ubuntu normally puts all it's auto detected drives? I though that was some gnome-find-all-disks-automagically-daemon?11:36
faugusztinCon7e1: you still know what are you using - networkmanager or sysconfig for network :)... The docs are from Arch, but the point stands https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NetworkManager#Network_services_with_NetworkManager_dispatcher11:36
Dr_Willisthnee:  depends on how you want to mount them. You can put them in fstab and they will mount at BOOTUP befor the user logs in11:37
thneeDr_Willis: I know that... thats not what I asked11:37
faugusztinCon7e1: that is a link for the Network manager case, you will create a script like the one for OpenNTPD, and you will issue your ethtool commands for up11:37
Dr_Willisthnee:  othere wise the desktop normally mounts them on the fly using the gvfs stuff11:37
v0lZyI'm looking for some help in recovering grub... I had a machine that was dualbooting windows and ubuntu 10.04 LTS, now what I did was i used a live cd and the dd command to store the root partition of the ubuntu install (it was in an extended logical partition, which then held 2 partitions, first was root other was swap and i didn tcopy swap cause ill use a swapfile)11:37
Con7e1faugusztin: Thank you man, really. It's been 3 days with this problem lol11:38
v0lZyNow I took the dd image of Ubuntu's root partition and mounted it as an iso in a virtualmachine.. then copied all the files to /dev/sda2 and made /dev/sda2 bootable11:38
uuser100Or does it make more sense to install webrtc and not to upgrade Pulseaudio?11:38
v0lZyWhat I want to do next, is boot ubuntu from /dev/sda2 ... but obviously, I have to fix grub11:39
v0lZyCan anyone help me fix grub2 so that it will boot from /dev/sda211:39
bekks!grub2 | v0lZy11:39
ubottuv0lZy: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:39
v0lZybekks: yeah im reading that but my scnerio is a bit specific...11:40
Con7e1v0lZy: can't you simply edid the grub conf file with the partition u want to boot?11:41
v0lZyCon7e1: Grub is not installed on the virtual machine at all11:41
bekksv0lZy: Then install it...11:41
v0lZyCon7e1: I first need to install just grub11:41
v0lZybekks: yeah, but how, I cant boot the machine to apt-get it11:42
v0lZyI have an archlinux iso here and i can chroot to the mounted partition where i have ubuntu's root11:42
bekksv0lZy: Thats why you shoudl read the links on how to repair grub ;)11:42
v0lZybut after chrooting, i cant really run grub-install ... it says something about boot not being readable et.c11:42
Dr_Willisyou need to set things up befor you chroot.11:42
Dr_WillisThere is a boot-repair/ubuntu live cd. that has the boot-repair tool that may be a good idea to use. Instead of an arch live cd.11:43
b1teating 12311:43
v0lZyit says error can not find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev/ mounted?)11:43
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest65008
bekks!chroot | v0lZy11:43
ubottuv0lZy: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot11:43
sifocoolsanyone heard about ufi/safeboot?11:44
sifocoolscan we isntall ubuntu in ufi notebook enable?11:44
bekkssifocools: Yes.11:44
v0lZybekks: yeah i know that... its just that i was hoping to use grub-install in the ubuntu system..11:44
bekksv0lZy: Then chroot, and before setup the chroot accordingly.11:45
v0lZybekks: as in... symlink the /dev to /mnt/dev ?11:45
adamkexIf one creates a live Ubuntu USB will changes be saved on it once I use it and download a file on it?11:45
bekksv0lZy: No symlinking, but mounting.11:45
Con7e1adamkex: no11:45
adamkexCon7e1: As I suspected, how can I actually install Ubuntu on a USB?11:46
Dr_Willisadamkex:  if you make it with a perssitant save file on the usb. it can save changes.11:46
Dr_Willisadamkex:  OR you can do a full normal install to a usb flash drive if its big enough11:46
Con7e1adamkex: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/11:46
adamkexDr_Willis: How big must the USB be?11:46
adamkexops sorry11:47
Con7e1adamkex: that's the tool you need11:47
Dr_Willisadamkex:  for a full normal install. id say at least 8gb.. 16+ if you want a useable system for  more normal ussage.11:47
adamkexCon7e1: Thank you11:47
adamkexDr_Willis: I see, thank you for your help11:48
v0lZybekks: how can i mount an already mounted /dev into a /mnt/dev to be seen in the chroot?11:48
Con7e1adamkex: The USB should have at least the size of the ISO + the storage space for the files that you may want to save in the live session11:48
adamkexCon7e1: Ok, thank you for your help :)11:49
Con7e1adamkex: No prob.11:49
adamkexCon7e1: Isn't Kubuntu 12.04 LTS stilla available?11:50
v0lZynever mind, silly question11:51
v0lZygot grub installed and booting11:51
v0lZynow  i just need to reconfigure it11:51
v0lZylast time i worked with grub was before it became grub211:51
v0lZygrub2 stinks :D11:51
Con7e1adamkex: It should be. Why, u can't find it?11:52
v0lZyat least in legacy you could just edit some files11:52
v0lZynow its ... fugly.11:52
v0lZyi think my kernel line is messed up11:53
Con7e1adamkex: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download-lts#download-block11:53
v0lZybut now that theres no longer a grub config file in /boot ... where do i fix it?11:53
adamkexCon7e1: 12.0411:53
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:53
Con7e1adamkex: yeah, my bad11:54
adamkexCon7e1: Is it completely unsupported or can I download it from certain torrent websites?11:54
Con7e1adamkex: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/precise/release/11:56
CavaliereOscurocristian_c ?11:56
adamkexCon7e1: Thanks! :)11:56
Con7e1adamkex: By the end of the page, you get the download links for the version u are looking for11:56
ZeThomashey, can anybody help me, I made a bootable usb with the lubuntu iso (via unetbootin), but my computer doesn't boot in it11:57
cfhowlettZeThomas, more details ...11:57
ZeThomasmd5 checks out, boot flag is set, i select usb as to boot from in bios11:57
adamkexCon7e1: Yeah I saw that now. Thank you for helping me, it is strange that it wasn't available on the first download page.11:58
Con7e1adamkex: Yeah... who knows why :D11:58
Con7e1ZeThomas: What do u mean?11:58
cfhowlettZeThomas, new computer with windows 8?11:58
adamkexCon7e1: Who knows! Thank you :)11:58
v0lZyfixed it11:58
ZeThomasi formatted the usb stick before putting the iso on it, and my current lubuntu (13.4) reads and mounts the usb just fine11:59
v0lZythanks bekks11:59
FloodBot1v0lZy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:59
v0lZybye all11:59
Con7e1ZeThomas: Do you get any kind of error at boot?11:59
ZeThomascfhowlett, Con7e1, it's a computer which has already lubuntu 13.4 on it, but because of mess and trouble i wanted to do a clean install of lubuntu 13.1012:00
Con7e1Con7e1: Ok, so you stick the USB in the PC, boot it, and what? Nothing happens?12:01
Con7e1ZeThomas: Ok, so you stick the USB in the PC, boot it, and what? Nothing happens?12:01
ZeThomascfhowlett, Con7e1, no error, but the weird thing is that normally the boot selection screen shows the label of the disks, but it doesn't show the label for the usb one here12:01
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Con7e1ZeThomas: I can't understand. On my pc, if the USB is not recognized, it just boots the default OS.12:02
ZeThomasCon7e1, then after I select usb, it immediately proceeds to try and boot via LAN (next in order), and finally just goes on to boot from my HD12:02
ZeThomasCon7e1, so, in fact, exactly as you describe12:04
Con7e1ZeThomas: so your bios lets you decide what to boot, fromn like a menu?12:05
ZeThomasCon7e1, the only problem is, I don't know how to get it recognised anymore; also it booted just fine from this usb before i re-formatted it (with gparted) and put the new iso on (with unetbootin)12:06
ZeThomasCon7e1, yes, I press f10 to select what to boot from12:06
Con7e1ZeThomas: try to format the USB in FAT3212:06
ZeThomasCon7e1, it is in fat3212:06
Con7e1ZeThomas: I think the problem is unetbootin12:08
Con7e1ZeThomas: I alsways had problem with that program.12:08
swoodjoin #android12:08
Con7e1ZeThomas: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/12:08
Con7e1ZeThomas: Could you try that software?12:08
dsirijuscould someone help me with this error message http://pastie.org/845014412:10
dsirijusthose locale entries look very fishy to me12:10
dsirijusfor instance, LANGUAGE and LC_CTYPE12:10
=== matthew is now known as Guest2577
Con7e1dsirijus: maybe see here? http://askubuntu.com/questions/162391/how-do-i-fix-my-locale-issue12:12
dsirijusCon7e1: yeh, been there12:12
dsirijusdidn-t help12:12
ZeThomasCon7e1, your link leads me to a .exe? I am on linux...12:12
Con7e1ZeThomas: I know man, but is the best software for this kind of thing that I can think of. I use it on my linux too LOL. In wine, of course12:13
ZeThomasok, let me get wine first then..12:13
dsirijusCon7e1: i have some of those entries within quotations, some without, there's en_US:en which i don't know what is for, and also just UTF-8 for LC_CTYPE :/12:14
dsirijus(it's vanilla install, i haven't messed with it besides that link you've provided)12:14
Con7e1dsirijus: mmm, that's really strange. On the virtual machine are you connected to the internet?12:15
dsirijusCon7e1: yes12:16
Con7e1Con7e1: could you try: "export LANGUAGE=’en_US’" in the terminal?12:16
dsirijusCon7e1: i'd rather global solution, not per-user12:16
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Con7e1dsirijus: sudo locale-gen el_CY.UTF-8 ?12:17
dsirijuswow, all these quits and joins are really annoying in this chan12:18
lotuspsychjedsirijus: you can hide joins/parts with your client12:19
=== rajasun is now known as Rajsun
MonkeyDustdsirijus  you can hide them, find out how to do it with your irc client12:20
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geirhadsirijus: Did you ssh in from OSX?12:20
=== xfc3 is now known as m3kk
dsirijusgeirha: yes, that's how i'm accessing it now12:21
geirhadsirijus: That's why, then. LC_CTYPE=UTF8 is valid on OSX, but not in Ubuntu.12:21
tominos_anyone know how to get iphones working?12:22
geirhaif you change LC_CTYPE to en_US.UTF-8 on your OSX system, it should work for both12:22
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod12:22
dsirijusgeirha: interesting. lemme try that12:22
Con7e1dsirijus: U could also try this: http://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?PHPSESSID=ik81ccvp78k4euhva3mrvm0oc2&topic=3367.msg29322#msg2932212:23
Con7e1dsirijus: adapting it with the settings for your language.12:23
morph-hey anyone here know much about dhcp?12:25
morph-im having a ton of trouble12:25
reisiomorph-: define ton12:26
morph-my eth0 etc is missing12:26
ikoniahow is that anything to do with dhcp ?12:26
morph-reisio http://pastebin.com/f8y9pced12:26
ikoniamorph-: thats a virtual machine, where does dhcp come in ?12:27
dsirijusCon7e1, geirha. thank you. the solution was just to untick "send enviroment variables to the client" in my terminal emulator in host os12:27
morph-I just did all of that12:27
morph-the thing is12:27
morph-its not a virtual machine12:27
FloodBot1morph-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:27
dsirijusgeirha: on the right track, thanks :)12:27
ikoniamorph-: just explain the problem/fault12:27
ikoniamorph-: it is, its an openvz container12:27
morph-its an OVH server12:27
Con7e1dsirijus: Didn't knew u were on mac, I assumed windows, lol12:28
dsirijusCon7e1: yeh, i wasn't clear about most of my question. a lot of relevant info not presented12:30
alazyworkaholicOn a new install with / as btrfs, but without any options at install-time, will I save space if I remove as many packages as possible, set mount option compress, then reinstall after remounting/rebooting?12:30
reisiohow would that save space?12:31
morph-u guys got any idea?12:32
ikoniamorph-: what's the actual question12:33
morph-why is the real ip not showing up?12:33
j-stuffhi, I have updated to saucy but there were some errors during the update (my fault). Is there a way to force a new "update" to saucy?12:33
reisiowhich ip do you want to show up?12:33
ikoniamorph-: what real IP12:34
alazyworkaholicreisio: afaik, btrfs has the option for automatically compressing files. I think that if the compression is not enabled when files are written, theyĺl be on the disk in uncompressed size, but if compression is enabled when something is written to the disk, it´ll take up less space. (guessing)12:34
reisioalazyworkaholic: you'd only have to mv them if that were the case12:35
morph-ikonia i just pm'd u iut12:35
ikoniamorph-: just say in the channel12:35
morph-I dont want to post the servers real IP in here12:35
ikoniamorph-: you already have the servers IP in the pastebin12:35
morph-its not in there12:35
ikoniamorph-: the interefaces in pastebin all have IP's12:36
morph-oh crap ikonia12:36
morph-ok so why is it under venet0:012:36
morph-instead of like eth0 or eth1 or something12:37
ikoniawhy is what ?12:37
ikoniamorph-: because it's a openvz container...a virtual machine12:37
morph-is it?12:37
morph-i know the server is OVH12:37
ikoniaI don't know what OVH means12:37
morph-I guess maybe my buddy put a VM on it12:37
morph-dedicated servers12:37
FloodBot1morph-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:37
ikoniamorph-: show me the output of uname -a please12:37
morph-Linux 11 2.6.32-20-pve #1 SMP Wed May 15 08:23:27 CEST 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:38
ikoniado'nt know what the pve extension is, but that looks like an openvz container12:38
Ben64Proxmox VE kernels are optimized for the use with KVM and OpenVZ running on server hardware12:38
=== zack6849|Offline is now known as zack6849
ikoniaand seeing as they are offering "dedicated" servers for33.99 per month, I'd be VERY surprised if that was physical tin12:38
ikoniaBen64: thank you12:39
ikoniamorph-: so it looks like a virtual machine, a container12:39
ikoniathe words "dedicated server" appear to be a wording/marketing lie12:39
Ben64and ovh does provide actual servers for a good price too, but that one looks virtual12:39
reisioif it's something you're paying for, you probably get included support12:39
morph-ah okay12:39
rypervencheOVH's support is very bad though. Great servers, bad support.12:39
wiehandoes anyone know of a nice music streaming app that can run off an ubuntu server box (headless), and be set up via command line; and able to play through smartphones/tablets... Am I asking for to much? I tried forked-daapd, but that thing just doesn't wanna play nice.12:39
reisiowiehan: icecast12:40
Ben64meh, i've never needed support on servers12:40
rypervenchewiehan: Probably mpd.12:40
morph-true that rypervenche12:40
reisiocourse if you can just mount a network share, that's better than a streaming server12:41
morph-they are slow support wise12:41
AJH101Hi I have a clean installation of 13.10 but when I try to update the software I get the message: Failed to download respository information - check you internet connection. I am connected fine - any other ideas please?12:46
luke777scopeI think that there is a trouble inside on one of the files that make the connection with the server where is the repository12:47
hello_hi_etcAJH101:  your source list got a unuseable mirror12:47
compdocAJH101, first try: sudo apt-get update12:48
AJH101thanks - do i reinstall? i also have a blue login screen12:48
luke777scopemaybe could be true hello_hi_etc ...12:48
luke777scopetry with that...12:48
hello_hi_etcAJH101: why install again dont disturb haddisc sector :)12:48
rypervencheAJH101: Ubuntu is not windows. Rarely would you need to re-install.12:49
aibhi, I have problems mounting my digital camera. anyone able to help?12:49
AJH101Hmm: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.12:49
hello_hi_etcAJH101:  check your gpg key some problem resolved12:50
AJH101sorry how do i do that?!12:50
hello_hi_etcAJH101: http://askubuntu.com/questions/127326/how-to-fix-missing-gpg-keys12:52
hello_hi_etcaib: usb camera ? try lsusb and find driver12:53
hello_hi_etcaib: always show lsusb your usb device manufact..12:54
aibit's a Nikon D7k in PTP mode. gphoto2 --auto-detect: Nikon DSC D7000 (PTP mode)     usb:001,00412:55
hello_hi_etcaib:  USB all using same device function but only have a different buss addresses12:55
aibI can see my sd cards as folders with gphoto2 -l, but I'd rather have it mounted12:56
hello_hi_etcaib:  its already knowing your pc. try some codec and emulation programs (simple amsn)12:56
hello_hi_etcaib:  if you want auto munt mode pls check your camera working mode12:57
aibhello_hi_etc: how would I do that?12:58
hello_hi_etcaib:  open a browser(vlc,conqueror etc) and  paste your device address12:59
hello_hi_etcaib:  if you got a codec problem allready warn to you13:00
hello_hi_etcaib: sorry for my bad english13:00
aibgphoto2://[usb:001,004] ? Dolpin says "invalid protocol"13:00
hello_hi_etcaib:  you need instal codec for which used apps13:01
aibsame with "camera:/"13:01
hello_hi_etcyour camera is work but dont know pc which type your stream13:03
aibyes. gphoto2 can see the files. the mount used to work, too13:05
hello_hi_etcaib:  try to install mpeg (2,4) codec13:05
rularulahello, i would like to use pidgin to chat with friends privately and am unsure on how to do it. i heard there's a special plugin to install (otr). could somebody please clarify me how this works and how to proceed? please note i am a beginner :)13:06
rypervencheAJH101: Yeah, your sources are probably not working. Can you do us a favor and install pastebinit and run "cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit"13:06
aibmpeg? sorry, what?13:06
hello_hi_etcaib: apt-cache search mpeg //which you need ?13:08
AJH101pastebinit here i come...13:08
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rularulais pidgin not the preferred chat method for ubuntu users?13:09
hello_hi_etcaib:  try ; sudo apt-get install libmpeg2-413:10
rularulahow do ubuntu users normally set things up to chat (via instant messaging) privately with friends?13:10
AJH101rypervench: Here you go! http://paste.ubuntu.com/6346851/13:10
sarah33hi everyone, I need a little help, I have installed fglrx on my ubuntu but now I have a black screen after grub and nothing happends, I have seen that I must look at Xorg log and I have found the error: /dev/dri/card0 no device found, could anyone help me13:11
aib"gphotofs <some_directory>" worked.... I can see the files13:11
rularulasomebody knows?13:11
rularulaubuntu support: please note i exist :)13:13
hello_hi_etcsarah33: you need reback xserver configuration13:13
aibrularula: there's a package called "pidgin-otr".. maybe that's what you need?13:14
reisiorularula: that would be for encrypted chat13:14
reisioordinary chat you can just use pidgin13:14
rypervencheAJH101: Yeah, I would change your sources file to use a different mirror.13:14
sarah33hello_hi_etc, are you sure there is no other options I have found that it can be a grub problem like here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/37755/fglrx-fails-to-load-causing-black-screen-on-boot13:14
rularulaaib: thank you, was starting to get sad :) yes i think that's it but what to do exactly? i have never done it before...13:14
ajfNow I'm angry13:15
reisiorularula: install, follow instructions13:15
AJH101rypervench: i have no idea how to do that?! :-)13:15
reisioajf: :)13:15
ajfYou can't add custom commands to Open With on Ubuntu any more13:15
ajfAnd there is absolutely no good reason for it13:15
ripthejackerhow do add the ppa for the latest kernel ? the one that includes ver 3.12?13:15
ajfNow you have to use a 3rd-party utility or the Terminal13:15
ripthejackerdo I*13:15
rularulareisio: thanks, just would like to chat privately with friends, but i mean there are no big secrets or things to hide :)13:15
aibrularula: there are a number of options for you. let me see... "apt-get" "aptitude" "ubuntu software center" "synaptic" any of these sound familiar?13:15
reisioajf: or another DE, of which there are many available?13:16
hello_hi_etcsarah33:  dpkg reconfigure xserver xorg is a tricks not apliable command13:16
aibrularula: all of these are used to install official packages from Ubuntu, like pidgin-otr13:16
reisiorularula: it's not a bad idea, looking ahead, to encrypt your communication13:16
ajfreisio: true13:16
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds13:16
ajfBut there is no good reason to remove this13:16
reisiorularula: of course, the other people you're conversing with could always be logging your conversations to an extremely insecure place, so it's kind of a crap shoot13:16
rularulareisio: so what would you do? how would you organize an im chat with a friend of yours?13:17
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
rularulawould you use pidgin?13:18
reisioI've yet to meet a friend as technophilic as myself, they tend to use IM networks supported by major corporations13:18
reisioskype, aim, yahoo, etc.13:18
reisioso the only real choice without upgrading them is to use what they use13:18
rularulaalso i am confused about the room/channel. which room/channel to use or create a new one or what....13:18
zack6849reisio, write one of your own or force them to use a good one :D13:18
reisiorularula: hrmm?13:19
reisiozack6849: forcing isn't always so easy :)13:19
hello_hi_etcsarah33: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69076013:19
zack6849beat them until they comply :D13:19
rularulahrmm? dont understand13:19
reisiozack6849: good idea13:19
AJH101rypervench: sorry being dense. sorted now, thanks13:19
reisiorularula: that's my line13:19
rularulathat's your line? still dont understand :)13:20
aibrularula: did you read my thing about the software tools?13:20
hello_hi_etcrularula:  if you dont want any login use ssh chat, you already use a aplication all got logging menu13:20
reisiorularula: what do you want? :p13:20
rularulaaib: yes, thanks13:21
hello_hi_etcreisio:  private chat no logging no dump no traceable13:21
reisiohello_hi_etc: why do you have two nicks, rularula?13:22
rularulareisio: what server/channel should i use to chat? anyone? create a new one? sorry i am a beginner...13:22
aibrularula: I use aptitude myself, from a terminal window, because I'm used to it and I sometimes manage remote servers. I think "Ubuntu Software Center" is the one people are encouraged to use. find "pidgin-otr" and install it, should be straightforwar13:22
sarah33hello_hi_etc, thanks it seems a good way, I will try it13:22
reisiorularula: for what, IRC?13:22
rularulayes i think :)13:22
reisiorularula: did you want to talk about something in particular?13:22
MonkeyDustrularula  #ubuntu-offtopic is more for social chat13:22
ajfHow can I associate .exe files with Wine without using 3rd-party software on Ubuntu?13:23
ajfAnyone know how?13:23
reisioajf: does Ubuntu even come with wine?13:23
reisiotechnically it's 3rd party13:23
ajfreisio: I've installed it13:23
reisioajf: then it's 3rd party13:23
rularulareisio: no just general private chat with  a friend13:23
ajfNo I mean13:23
ajfSetting the file association without using a 3rd-party utility13:23
hello_hi_etci am start while True:pass not equal while 1 : pass i got 1 nickname13:23
reisiorularula: have you chatted with this friend in the past?13:23
ajfI don't want to have to install "Ubuntu Tweak" or any of that nonsense13:23
reisioajf: that's an odd requirement, having already installed 3rd party software13:24
reisioajf: should be able to do it from nautilus13:24
aibajf: it's happened to me automatically. try right click, "open with", "always use" and stuff? in any case it should be your desktop system's (Gnome?) responsibility13:24
MonkeyDustajf  right click on the .exe, then select 'Open with Wine'13:24
ajfMonkeyDust: I want it to by default13:24
rularulareisio: yes but using crappy webchats... i want to change13:24
MonkeyDustajf  then take aib 's advice13:25
=== GingerGeek is now known as GingerGeek[Away]
reisiorularula: what did you find crappy about them?13:25
ajfaib: not sure what you're on about13:25
ajfthere is no "Always Use"13:25
ajfAre you thinking of Windows?13:25
hello_hi_etcreisio:  maybe a bad boy/girl lol13:25
rularulaadvertising, sometimes there were other people, general sense of not being in a private environment13:25
reisiohello_hi_etc: ?13:26
aibajf: try fiddling with your file manager's settings is what I'm talking about. which desktop system do you use?13:26
ajfUbuntu's default, GNOME13:26
ajfNautilus is the file manager... I think13:26
aibdoesn't it have another default nowadays?13:26
ajfIt feels rather un-nautilus-y now, as if Canonical had rewrote it. probably just my imagination, now13:26
reisioaib: it uses a modified version of GNOME13:26
reisiothe file manager is not modified AFAIK13:26
ajfIt's called "Files"13:26
reisiothat's just a genericized title13:27
ajfWhich appears to be nautilus, as calling "nautilus" on terminal launches it13:27
rularulareisio: advertising, sometimes there were other people, general sense of not being in a private environment13:27
aibanyway, try including Nautilus or GNOME in your question. I use KDE and can't help you there (System Settings -> File Assoc. did it for me, though. just switched *.exe from Mono to Wine)13:27
reisiorularula: ah13:27
ajfaib: OK13:27
reisiorularula: well you could, for example, start a channel here on freenoe13:27
reisiorularula: and make it private13:27
rularulareisio: how do you make it private?13:28
ajfHow on earth do you change the default file associations to something not listed in the Open With tab on Ubuntu 13.10 in Unity Nautilus?13:28
ajf(without having to install 3rd-party Ubuntu configuration editors)13:28
reisiorularula: +i, I believe; see http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml or #freenode13:28
ajf(I actually already know the answer to this: You can't! The feature was removed!)13:28
aibafj: and I have right click -> Open With -> Other... -> Remember app. assoc. so no, I wasn't thinking of Windows. How dare you!13:28
hello_hi_etcrularula: you need use a encoder/decoder scrip13:28
reisioajf: you can, but that's not really the issue13:29
rularulareisio: ok thanks, will take a look13:29
ajfreisio: No you can't, there's no option to add something that's not listed13:29
reisiorularula: i for 'invite-only', etc.13:29
rularulahello_hi_etc: thanks13:29
reisioajf: it wouldn't matter if there were an option or not, you can13:29
reisiobut I'd be surprised if there weren't an option13:29
ajfBy terminal, maybe13:29
ajfreisio: There was an option and it has been removed13:30
reisioby terminal absolutely13:30
reisioajf: you keep saying that13:30
rularulareisio: do i need otr for that or not? sorry i am confused13:30
reisiodid you want to focus on fixing your issue, or just saying the same thing over and over?13:30
ripthejackerhow can I uninstall a kernel I installed using deb?13:30
ajfMostly on fixing it13:30
reisiorularula: no, pidgin-otr is for encrypting IM stuff using pidgin13:30
MonkeyDustajf  yes, more options have been removed, like F3-multi-panel13:30
rularulareisio: so i can have a private conversation without otr?13:31
reisioajf: 13.10 you said?13:31
ajfMonkeyDust: Huh, I didn't know Nautilus ever had that13:31
ajfreisio: Yes13:31
reisiorularula: private and encrypted are different13:31
reisiorularula: otr is for encrypted13:31
MonkeyDustajf  so you can't miss it, but i do13:31
ajfYeah :/13:31
rularulareisio: so if it's just a regular chat with a friend i dont need otr for supersecurity i guess13:32
ajfThe thing that annoys me is that Ubuntu's default setup is even less customisable than OS X and Windows in some areas, which is frankly quite bizzare.13:32
reisiorularula: probably not13:32
reisiorularula: even if you did encrypt your chat connection, that wouldn't be a guarantee that what you said remained secret13:33
reisioalthough it'd be a start13:33
* ajf will shut up about being annoyed that basic features were removed and try to solve her own issue some other way13:33
alazyworkaholicI have a couple secondary hard drives. I changed ownership of them so that the first user has rw access, but the 2nd user on the computer doesn´t have rw access. I don´t understand groups too well. What do I have to do to let the 2nd user access the hard drives rw?13:33
reisioajf: maybe you should switch to ordinary GNOME, then13:33
haysajf: it could be that unity doesn't match your own design aesthetic and you could try maybe one of the other many options available13:33
ajfhays: I have no problem with Unity, I quite like it13:33
rularulareisio: thank you, i am less confused now :)13:33
reisioajf: except for all that complaining...13:33
DrGrovHi. Is anyone using Sopcast here on 13.10?13:34
ajfreisio: I'm complaining about one specific feature :P13:34
reisioajf: of Unity13:34
ajfWell, I assume it's Unity. Maybe GNOME removed it13:34
reisioI doubt it13:34
rularulareisio: what is the most popular irc client for ubuntu? is it pidgin?13:34
=== Ilovecode is now known as ilovecode
DrGrovrularula: XChat13:34
DrGrovrularula: Or if in terminal, irssi probably.13:35
hello_hi_etcajf:  http://www.sofacreator.com/koltukkumasgiydirme.php some comments ?13:35
reisiorularula: for IRC, what DrGrov said13:35
new0what is the best way to rdp to win7?13:35
new0on local network13:35
reisionew0: with freerdp or rdesktop13:35
rularulaDrGrov: which is better for a simple beginner user? pidgin or xchat?13:35
new0reisio, not sure what they are both13:35
reisiorularula: they have largely different applications13:35
aibahh, Unity. that's the name. meh.13:35
reisiopidgin is more for IM protocols, XChat for IRC13:35
rularulareisio: so pidgin is more general? is that what you mean?13:36
haysif you like unity you would also like macosx+macports13:36
DrGrovrularula: XChat13:36
reisionew0: well try remina, it has a GUI13:36
aibrularula: pidgin has plugins for everything, from, say Skype to MSN13:36
DrGrovreisio: Sorry for hijacking your question :(13:36
* reisio shrugs13:36
new0reisio, ho. right. u just told me the answer :) remina. ok, how to download? sudo apt...?13:37
rularulaaib: so you can videochat with pidgin?13:37
reisionew0: yes13:37
DrGrovreisio: No no, come here now. I will shag you.. No I mean hug you LOL13:37
reisionew0: remmina, that is, two m's13:37
reisioDrGrov: :p13:37
* DrGrov is blaming the keyboard for everything happening now13:37
reisiorularula: you can, yes13:37
new0reisio, sudo apt-get install remina?13:37
new0reisio, not working from the termianl13:37
reisionew0: r-e-m-m-i-n-a13:37
ajfAnyway, does anyone know the solution?13:37
rularulareisio: do i need to have both installed to videochat? i mean both pidgin and skype? or just pidgin?13:38
aibrularula: in theory. don't know how advanced their plugins are. last I used it was ages ago. (before you ask, I use Skype and Mumble and the web-based chat for facebook and gtalk. all insecure.)13:38
new0reisio, right. it's installed already.13:38
reisioajf: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/23801313:38
reisiorularula: you need skype to use skype13:39
DrGrovWhat would be a good WM/DE? Preferrably sexy and beautiful (or at least possible to make sexy and beautiful)13:39
reisiorularula: pidgin supports other networks13:39
reisioDrGrov: whichever13:39
DrGrovreisio: Oh, true. I will just gotta test everything out there.13:39
new0reisio, tnx. now about Num Lock "On" i had some software to turn it on once i start the OS. (working my last issues on ubuntu)13:40
rularulaok thank you reisio and thank you everybody, i am good for the moment :)13:40
aibDrGrov: http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1827313:42
aibDrGrov: me, I just tried the first 5-6 I knew the names of, then settled with KDE, my ex-lover13:43
ajfwelp, I'm installing XFCE13:43
ajfI hear it's nice13:43
reisioajf: it is, that seems quite wise13:43
new0what software i need to turn on the Num Lock on system boot?13:43
mrafiqhi iam in pakistan and youtube is blocked i want to access how i can access13:43
mrafiqusing ubuntu13:43
ajfmrafiq: use a proxy13:43
reisioajf: and they don't seem to abandon their design goals every other release like GNOME and Ubuntu :)13:43
dashavooDoes scanning from all in one printers work in ubuntu?13:43
DrGrovaib: Thank you :) That is a nice link.13:43
mrafiqwhat kind of proxy13:43
ajfreisio: haha13:44
mrafiqcan u guide me how to set up a vpn13:44
ajfmrafiq: Find a proxy or somehow get Tor to work13:44
ajfYour question isn't really an Ubuntu one, is it, though?13:44
mrafiqi have downloaded tor but it contains a folder with text files with code13:45
mrafiqi could not understand the code and how to setup the tor13:45
mrafiqcan some one guide me how to setup pptp13:46
yeatsdashavoo: it does work, though you might need to track down drivers13:46
MonkeyDustmrafiq  start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer13:47
groleohi.on pandaboard,  i'm seeing "Illegal instruction" in gdb, even with simple test as just the main function13:47
dashavooyeats, I am guessing that scanning isn't included in the ppd file for printing? I am looking into an OKI mc342dnw13:50
Foxhoundzwhatever happened to Linux "not needing to restart everytime there's an update"13:51
reisioFoxhoundz: the traditional method to utilize an updated kernel is to restart13:52
reisiosome upfront work to not have to do that13:52
MonkeyDustFoxhoundz  there's ksplice, if you don't want to restart after a kernel upgrade13:52
FoxhoundzBut there was no kernel upgrade13:52
Foxhoundzall it did was updated a few libs and firefox13:52
reisioFoxhoundz: then you didn't have to reboot13:52
Foxhoundzand it's giving me a modal box with no way of closing it13:53
FoxhoundzSurely you realize the usability considerations in this situation, no?13:53
reisioFoxhoundz: hrmm?13:53
duisebekovВсем привет13:54
FoxhoundzPerhaps this is a bug? No window control being shown for the restart mesage?13:54
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:54
cfhowlettMD beat me to it!13:54
cfhowlettfast fingering there13:54
Foxhoundz!es @ cfhowlett13:54
ubottuFoxhoundz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:54
reisioFoxhoundz: no they probably did it on purpose to avoid people complaining about applications not working after an update13:55
rypervenche!es | cfhowlett13:55
ubottucfhowlett: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:55
ulikhow do I view the version number of a package that i have not installed but would like to13:57
MonkeyDustulik  apt-cache show13:57
ulikfrom the command line, i search for a package using sudo aptitude search. but i want to see the version numbers associated with those packages13:57
rypervencheulik: aptitude show packagename will do the same thing if you prefer to use aptitude. Note that you don't need to use sudo with the search function on either aptitude or apt-cache.13:58
levomy laptop can't detect one of the wifi networks in Uni, could it be due to my network adapter, being old for example? (have this problem on Windows as well)13:58
ulikrypervenche: ah, thank you.13:58
stormchaser3000i need help with my system13:58
MonkeyDuststormchaser3000  let's hear it!13:59
stormchaser3000i want to acces a file as root13:59
stormchaser3000that i locked on acident13:59
stormchaser3000and i don't know my root password14:00
SonikkuAmerica!sudo | stormchaser300014:00
ubottustormchaser3000: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo14:00
stormchaser3000i know14:00
stormchaser3000ok i will try14:00
SonikkuAmericastormchaser3000: The "[sudo] password" is your account password (if you have one)14:01
stormchaser3000i use lucid ubuntu 10.0414:01
stormchaser3000not the latest14:01
gordonjcpstormchaser3000: not even supported, any more14:01
andreaEXEC wget http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && tar xvzf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat2 && rm -vf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript && ./install.sh14:01
stormchaser3000lol i know14:01
MonkeyDuststormchaser3000  desktop or server?14:01
stormchaser3000but i have 14.7 kb a sec internet14:01
stormchaser3000so i can't download the latest iso14:02
stormchaser3000i want 13.4014:02
neoromanceHi, I've got an issue on ubuntu 13.10 with launching wmfs from .xinitrc.14:02
MonkeyDuststormchaser3000  10.04 desktop is a corpse, fit for halloween14:02
stormchaser3000i want 13.1014:03
neoromance$ ck-launch-session dbus-launch wmfs &14:03
stormchaser3000but i use 10.04 desktop14:03
neoromanceit doesn't work.14:03
ozberkhi guys I have an Asus EEE r101 with two GB RAM but14:03
ozberkubuntu 12.04 has still some lag issues14:03
ozberkwhat should I do14:03
neoromanceAny Idea what' I'm doing wrong?14:03
andreaEXEC wget http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && tar xvzf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat2 && rm -vf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript && ./install.sh14:03
=== andrea is now known as Guest24088
ozberkI optimized it as best as I can disabled all of the animations -14:04
stormchaser3000ok no wi need to know how to cd to a file and delete it14:04
Guest24088EXEC wget http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && tar xvzf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat2 && rm -vf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript && ./install.sh14:04
stormchaser3000i know how to cd14:04
stormchaser3000but not delete14:05
MonkeyDuststormchaser3000  sudo rm [file]14:05
neoromance$ ck-launch-session dbus-launch wmfs & # It doesn't work, any idea what I'm doing wrong?14:06
stormchaser3000i want to download 13.10 but i only have 14.7 kb a sec internet should i do wget and just wait for like 3 days14:07
UrielVigilantdpkg error using Lubuntu on persistent mode to try  install espon driver : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6347122/14:07
ajfAhh, XFCE. Much better :)14:08
ajfAnd XFCE's file manager isn't insane, so I can actually set the default file association to Wine like I wanted to14:09
* rypervenche shivers.14:09
ozberkguys I'm totally hopeless over there :(14:09
ozberkI tried all of the lighweight distros14:09
reisioajf: :)14:10
ozberkbut all distros makes LAG :/14:10
new0is there any remote control for win7?14:10
ajfozberk: are you using a 386DX processor, per chance?14:10
reisionew0: ?14:10
new0from ubuntu of course14:10
stormchaser3000i lag on windows milions more then on linux distros you should be happy14:10
reisionew0: to do what14:10
ozberkajf ?14:10
ajfI was making a joke14:10
ajfIf all the lightweight distros are slow for you, maybe your PC is quite old?14:11
stormchaser3000i have a omputer with 2 gigs of ram14:11
new0reisio, instead of rdp i want to remote control a remote pc on my local network14:11
=== sean_ is now known as seann
new0reisio, ^14:11
ozberkajf: I don't know what is it it's an Asus EEE r10114:11
=== seann is now known as sean_
ozberkmee too14:11
=== sean_ is now known as seann_
stormchaser3000and a 500 hz14:11
stormchaser3000i1 core14:11
ajfOh, EEEPC14:11
stormchaser3000and i lag14:11
ajfIt's... not very fast14:11
ozberkso many people are logingin and out14:11
texas_214does anyone know how to change the graphics from gallium 0.4 to Intel Sandy bridge?  ever since I updated to saucy the graphics changed & now Ubuntu is extremely slow14:12
ozberkbecause I can'tyt follow all of them :S14:12
reisionew0: yeah, to do what14:12
UrielVigilantSorry i put -l instead -i to use dpkg  for unpack deb files :   http://paste.ubuntu.com/6347122/14:12
ozberkajf can I text to you as a pm14:12
texas_214on lts & raring mine showed intel & ran perfect now it shows gallium14:13
faugusztinozberk: a single core atom will lag whatever you do14:13
ozberkit's dualcore intel atom14:14
texas_214?  anyone?14:14
stormchaser3000ok i got this error when trying to remove this file14:15
faugusztinozberk: no, it is singlecore atom n450 with hyperthreading... and it is only the 2nd gen atom, so superold. try something like XFCE, maybe it will run better. but GMA3150 is simply not powerfull enough for all these compositing effects14:15
hellangelstormchaser3000, try it without the file://14:15
texas_214?  graphics?14:15
hellangelstormchaser3000, also since you are already a root, you do not require "sudo"14:16
stormchaser3000oh ok14:16
aleksejs_I have a asus x550c laptop with GF720m video, which is disabled by default. I tried to enable it, and now desktop ofers only 640x480 resolution and doesnt allow to change it14:16
aleksejs_does anyone have an idea, how to fix it?14:17
UrielVigilantdpkg need lsb, when i did sudo apt-get install lsb , on terminal, terminal said to type:  sudo apt-get -f  , with out packages, this is rigt ?14:17
stormchaser3000it says i cannot remove a directory14:17
=== Niki4 is now known as Nikita_Krsk_24ru
hellangelstormchaser3000, you forgot to use the -r argument14:18
stormchaser3000can i have an exampel code14:19
stormchaser3000for that use14:19
hellangelstormchaser3000, im very worried if you dont know the RM command but are logged in somewhere as root.. anyway, rm -r /path/to/folder14:19
stormchaser3000oh ok14:19
Con7e1aleksejs_: have you tried installing some video drivers?14:20
texas_214no help?14:20
tirta-lalondongI'm running Ubuntu 13.1014:20
stormchaser3000it worked (i am a noob still)14:20
texas_214con7e1 could you help me?14:21
hellangelstormchaser3000, no worries =)14:21
Con7e1texas_214: what's the prob?14:21
aleksejs_Con7e1, one guy told mento try this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee, I did and after that, I got that bug14:21
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
tirta-lalondongand i've just installed LAMP, i tried to make symbolic link to /var/www but it seems not working when i try to open it on the browser. . . but instead it's working if it's the real copy of the file.14:21
texas_214I updated to 13.10 & now under graphics it shows gallium & it runs really slow14:22
tirta-lalondonghow can i fix this?14:22
Con7e1texas_214: So you are on a laptop?14:23
hellangelsomeone is holding a power plug in their hand :p14:23
texas_214before it showed Sandy bridge intel14:23
texas_214yeah chromebook to be exact14:23
Con7e1texas_214: what model exactly?14:24
ZeThomasCon7e1, I have installed wine and run this program from it, and it gives an error: "Failed to open device - close any files before formatting and make sure you have Admin rights when using fat32format"14:24
texas_214con7e1 chromebook model is acer c71014:25
ZeThomasbut I can't run wine as root; this is disallowed...14:25
texas_214con7e1 if that's what you meant for model14:25
Con7e1texas_214: Yeah, that's what I meant14:25
UrielVigilantlubuntu is real faster then ubuntu ? in usb persistent mode, it seems to be close faster ubuntu then lubuntu. this is normal ?14:26
tirta-lalondongI'm running Ubuntu 13.10 and i've just installed LAMP, it's working perfectly, then i tried to make symbolic link to /var/www/ but it's not working on the browser, i've changed to permission, still not working. Then i tried to copy the real file to the /var/www and it's working. How do i fix this symbolic link?14:26
faugusztintirta-lalondong: does the Apache config have enabled Symlinks ?14:26
Con7e1ZeThomas: That's really odd14:26
tirta-lalondonghow to check that?14:26
faugusztintirta-lalondong: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#directory <-- FollowSymlinks14:27
tirta-lalondongi'll go try it.14:27
faugusztintirta-lalondong: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#options14:27
UrielVigilantI need restricted extras for lubuntu ?  i cant find this package on lubuntu software ...14:27
texas_214con7e1 yeah I've upgraded the chromebook for better hardware = 60gb ssd & 4gb of ram14:27
Con7e1texas_214: Could you run this command and tell me the output? "lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3"14:27
ZeThomasCon7e1, after that, it proceeded to install the iso, and the files seem to be present... I'll try it out, see you in a bit (if it didn't work)14:28
Con7e1ZeThomas: Ok, let me know.14:28
texas_214con7e1 could you give me one moment bc im using irc on my phone so I need to log off & long my chromebook so I can copy & paste14:30
UrielVigilantsudo gedit blacklist.conf   not work on lubuntu ? what works instead ?14:31
Con7e1texas_214: No prob, I am here14:31
aleksejs_Con7e1, I've fixed my problem with resolution by deleting xorg.conf. Now I have another problem14:31
Luigi2012SM64DSHey guys, i need some help. I made a Windows XP VM in virtualbox with direct 3d and 3d and 2d acceleration enabled and all that stuff but when i load a direct 3d app it is not accelerated.14:32
Con7e1aleksejs_: tell me14:32
ZeThomasCon7e1, doesn't boot...14:32
Con7e1ZeThomas: Ok, format it again in fat3214:32
semajnadHello. I've stoped a user having SSH access (as they don't need to access the command line) but need to run a executable as that user. How can this be done?14:32
faugusztinUrielVigilant: use any other text editor... maybe nano ?14:33
ZeThomasCon7e1, with gparted or in the wine'd .exe?14:33
Con7e1ZeThomas: With gparted14:33
texas_214con7e1 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:0106] (rev 09)14:33
texas_214Subsystem: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:0106]14:33
texas_214Kernel driver in use: i91514:33
texas_21400:1a.0 USB controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller #2 [8086:1e2d] (rev 04)14:33
UrielVigilantfaugusztin: what it is the command line in that case ?14:33
Luigi2012SM64DSI have an Nvidia Quadro4 580 XGL graphics card.14:33
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest43626
faugusztinUrielVigilant: sudo nano blacklist.conf14:33
Luigi2012SM64DSAnd on the Nvidia website the driver is made for xorg 1.12 and not 1.1314:34
semajnadHey wafflejock , want another thing to work your mind ;)14:34
CorpusCallosumHi guys, what i wonder is i install ubuntu 12.04 in vm and gave 20 gb hdd space, even i did not install so much thing, it says hdd is full. is that normal ?14:34
aleksejs_I've installed steam via winetricks to get my windows games working. Some games crashed, because there are not enough vga ram in intel vga. That's why I tried to install that Bumblebee. But now, after deleting xorg, those games don't even start14:34
Luigi2012SM64DShow can i get acceleration working?14:35
faugusztinCorpusCallosum: what does the df and df -i commands say in available column for your disk ?14:35
semajnadI've stoped a user having SSH access (as they don't need to access the command line) but need to run a executable as that user. How can this be done?14:35
faugusztinCorpusCallosum: *available for df and IFree for df -i14:35
faugusztinsemajnad: sudo su - username -c command14:36
Luigi2012SM64DSHey guys, i need some help. I made a Windows XP VM in virtualbox with direct 3d and 3d and 2d acceleration enabled and all that stuff but when i load a direct 3d app it is not accelerated.14:36
ZeThomasCon7e1, there, formatted; i try the .exe again now?14:36
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: ask in #vbox14:36
UrielVigilantfaugusztin: i modifyed the file now how to sae it with nano ?14:36
UrielVigilantfaugusztin: i modifyed the file now how to save it with nano ?14:37
faugusztinUrielVigilant: do you see the bottom lines ? :)14:37
UrielVigilantfaugusztin: i modifyed the file now how to save it with nano ?14:37
CorpusCallosumHi guys, what i wonder is i install ubuntu 12.04 in vm and gave 20 gb hdd space, even i did not install so much thing, it says hdd is full. is that normal ? it seems it is using too much hdd space14:37
UrielVigilantfaugusztin: i see but save optinos is isn t there14:37
faugusztinUrielVigilant: press Ctrl+X, then Y, Enter14:38
faugusztinUrielVigilant: Writeout = save :)14:38
UrielVigilantfaugusztin: thanks once again14:38
Con7e1ZeThomas: No, it seems that on your system it has some problems14:38
texas_214con7e1 did you see my post of info?14:38
Con7e1ZeThomas: Do you have "Startup disk creator"14:38
* Tex_Nick is back (gone 00:02:02)14:38
Con7e1ZeThomas: It should be on all Ubuntu's14:38
faugusztinCorpusCallosum: i did answer your question - what are the outputs of df|pastebinit and df -i|pastebinit14:39
* Tex_Nick is away: Tex_Nick is AFK ATM, BBL14:39
faugusztinCorpusCallosum: either your disk space or your inodes are used up14:39
Con7e1ZeThomas: You could give it a try. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu14:39
Con7e1texas_214: Yes, I am searching the net right now14:39
CorpusCallosumfaugusztin, sorry i was disconnected thats why could not see http://paste.ubuntu.com/6347307/14:40
tcstoryshf: me ~!14:41
faugusztinCorpusCallosum: so you got 1.2GB Free space, is the file you are trying to copy bigger than 1.2GB ?14:41
tcstoryi get problem with multiple-cursors-vim14:41
Luigi2012SM64DSNo one on #vbox is active and i believe this is a graphics driver problem not a virtualblox problem14:41
Luigi2012SM64DSHey guys, i need some help. I made a Windows XP VM in virtualbox with direct 3d and 3d and 2d acceleration enabled and all that stuff but when i load a direct 3d app it is not accelerated.14:41
CorpusCallosumyes. faugusztin the problem i used 2.6 gb disk ubuntu. and gave 20 gb hdd how come it uses 19 gb disk14:41
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: are ubuntu graphics accelerated?14:42
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats how do I tell? I am runniong Lubuntu14:42
faugusztinCorpusCallosum: well you either copied something large there, or something is eating your disk space. time to pull out one of the disk visualizer utilities and find out what is the culprit14:43
Luigi2012SM64DSCorpus I'm just saying but Im running lubuntu on a 10 gb partition14:43
semajnadDoes anyone know what the permission would be to let a specific user have read write and execute permissions?14:44
semajnadWhat number would that be?14:44
faugusztinCorpusCallosum: something like https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/natty/baobab/ could help you, see the 2nd screenshot14:44
Con7e1texas_214: Can you try to run "sudo apt-get install intel-linux-graphics-installer" ?14:44
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: what graphics card do you have?14:45
DrGrovHow big difference is themes in 13.04 and 13.10 with GTK 3.6 and 3.8 respectively?14:45
Con7e1texas_214: Tell me if it works and what it does14:45
Luigi2012SM64DSsemajnad: semajnad14:45
DrGrovTrying to find some new theme14:45
UrielVigilantin Lubuntu, where it goes the icon of the installed app to let us runs it ? i installed playonlinux, but i cant see the icon to start it ! the only solution is typ the name Playonlinux on Run ?14:45
DrGrovSorry if OT14:45
Luigi2012SM64DSsemajnad: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/File_Permissions_and_Attributes#Changing_permissions_using_the_chmod_command14:45
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: Nvidia Quadro4 580 XGL14:45
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: and you have the nvidia drivers installed?14:46
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: No I did not touch the drivers at all after installing14:46
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: I think lubuntu installs nouveau drivers by default14:47
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: there should be a "software and updates" programs somewhere - find that and click the 'Additional Drivers' tab14:47
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: but they do not accelerate for me. And the drivers on nvidias website are for xorg 1.1214:47
Con7e1ZeThomas: Still here? How did it go?14:47
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: Ubuntu in general installes nouveau by default14:47
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: ive looked there is nothing there14:47
tcstorywho can speak chinese?14:48
kelt_hello, could anyone help me? im trying to install alsa drivers14:48
CorpusCallosumfaugusztin, i think i found that. thanks for the application i created custom iso ve relinux. normally i deleted the iso but there some mirrors in  dot file folders which were hidden14:48
kelt_i have ubuntu 12.04, installed realtek hd drivers but having issues with alsa14:48
Luigi2012SM64DSkelt_: Alsa should be installed by default14:48
kelt_how do i start it? because alsamixer isnt here14:49
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: Yep, no drivers avalible14:49
ZeThomasCon7e1, i finally got usb-creator-gtk running, i'm prepping the usb now14:49
kelt_when i'll type "alsa" in main panel nothing shows up14:49
ZeThomasCon7e1, i finally got usb-creator-gtk running, i'm prepping the usb now14:50
kelt_homever im sure i installed realtek drivers correctly14:50
elisinventordgrehello room14:50
Con7e1ZeThomas: Ok, keep me updated14:50
kelt_anyway im following this: http://www.linwik.com/configuring_the_audio_and_updating_alsa_for_ubuntu_12.0414:50
texas_214con7e1 one second had to attend something but im running it now14:50
Luigi2012SM64DSkelt_: sudo apt-get install alsamixer?14:50
elisinventordgrewhat is the discussion in this room14:50
BluesKajLuigi2012SM64DS. alsa-base alsa-utils14:51
kelt_Luigi2012SM64DS: cant find alsamixer packet14:51
jonascjHi all. I have booted to the 12.04 desktop live cd, installed lvm2, created a pv, vg and some lv's. Then I started the installer from within the live cd and choose /dev/vg0/root as / (ext4) and  /dev/vg0/home as /home (ext4) and proceeded with the install. After completion I cannot boot to the newly installed Ubuntu 12.04 desktop.14:51
Luigi2012SM64DSkelt_: what BluesKaj said14:51
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: 64-bit?14:51
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: 3214:51
jonascjWhat can I do to debug this? It's probably something with the bootloader14:52
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/48996/en-us14:52
kelt_ok you were right, it's installed and working..14:52
texas_214con7e1 E: Unable to locate package intel-linux-graphics-installer14:52
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: Added support for X.Org xserver versions 1.11 and 1.12.14:52
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: I have the latest lubuntu with xorg 1.1314:53
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: the upside is you'd be running supported nvidia driver - the downside is you'll need to reinstall after every kernel update - you might look into dmks to avoid that but I've never gotten it working...14:53
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: I would try that driver anyway14:53
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: you will probably need to blacklist nouveau14:54
Junkaubuntu is so heavy :(14:54
kelt_whew im so happy this damned alsamixer is working afterall.. now fastboot drivers14:55
Con7e1texas_214: What about "sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel" ?14:55
UrielVigilantJunka: people say Lubuntu is lighter, iam testing Lubuntu 13.10 on usb persitent, but i want a test it soon in a low spec pc of a friend of mine , with around 300 mb of ram14:56
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: I HAVE tried it once. After messing around with x servers and finally got it working everything seemed to work but the resolution was messed up. And i couldnt use xrandr for some reason14:56
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: this is an older computer, yes?14:56
JunkaUrielVigilant, I tested, there are some bugs that are annoying14:56
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: of couse14:56
UrielVigilantJunka: real?14:57
ZeThomasJunka, like what?14:57
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: ok - well I think your best course of action is to get the nvidia driver working if you want acceleration working anywhere14:57
yeatsLuigi2012SM64DS: nouveau won't cut it :-)14:57
Junkawhen i open a video with big resolution like a 720p it does not fit my screen14:58
texas_214con7e1 Reading package lists... Done14:58
texas_214Building dependency tree14:58
texas_214Reading state information... Done14:58
texas_214xserver-xorg-video-intel is already the newest version.14:58
texas_214The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:14:58
FloodBot1texas_214: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:58
texas_214  nautilus-sendto printer-driver-min12xxw printer-driver-pnm2ppa14:58
yeats!pastebin | texas_21414:58
ubottutexas_214: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:58
Luigi2012SM64DSyeats: Ahh ill try it again14:58
UrielVigilantZeThomas:   Junka said, when i open a video with big resolution like a 720p it does not fit my screen14:58
Luigi2012SM64DSmaybe things have changed14:58
Junkayeah that it on every lubuntu release14:59
texas_214my bad . Im very sorry. wont happen again14:59
ZeThomasJunka, Luigi2012SM64DS, this is an annoyance in gnome mplayer, I have found14:59
ZeThomasJunka, Luigi2012SM64DS, vlc in lubuntu scales video nicely15:00
Con7e1texas_214: http://pastebin.com/e1DJRYx815:00
RazkinWhat is the EXACT release date of Ubuntu 14.14?15:00
texas_214con7e1  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6347392/15:00
yeats!14.04 | Razkin15:01
ubottuRazkin: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info.15:01
JunkaZeThomas, if i use lubuntu I use it because i lack hardware. VLC shutters if i do not have enough cpu power, and if I have I would not bother with lubuntu15:01
Con7e1texas_214: try executing one line at a time in the terminal15:01
Con7e1texas_214: tell me if error occur15:01
jonascjI have looked at the directory structure created on /dev/vg0/root and it contains boot and boot seems to contain all the required vmlinuz but /boot/grub is empty apart from a text file gfxblacklist.txt15:01
texas_214ok one second15:02
yeats!msgthebot | Razkin15:02
ubottuRazkin: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".15:02
ZeThomasJunka, what is your alternative for lightweight? xubuntu? I have good experience with crunchbang also..15:03
Con7e1ZeThomas: Crunchbang is awesome, too bad I had a lot of problems with my keyboard15:04
ZeThomasCon7e1, damn, now you make me hesitate to put #! on my laptop instead of upgrading my lubuntu...15:05
JunkaZeThomas, I can;t decide yet. I am jumping from distro to distro. I am finding openbox very boring configuring the menu15:05
chielhi guys, i have a line like this in my /etc/fstab: `   /mnt/bh   nfs   defaults,hard,bg   0   0`, but it doesn't seem to be mount15:06
chielis there any way to run fstab again, someho?15:06
yeatschiel: 'sudo mount -a'15:06
Con7e1ZeThomas: Sorry, but had a lot of pain in the butt with it because it didn't want my keyboard. Which is odd, since on Elementary OS runs perfectly15:06
chielah, thanks15:06
ZeThomasJunka, you are right there... anybody experience with xubuntu?15:06
gordonjcp!anyone | ZeThomas15:06
ubottuZeThomas: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:07
chielyeats: works now, is there any reason why this wouldn't run properly on boot?15:07
yeatschiel: try rebooting and see if it's mounted15:07
chielhmm alright, will check15:07
gordonjcpchiel: possibly because the network wasn't up?15:07
chielhmm, network should've been up, but i did just reboot the nas.. so perhaps not available or so, ill try a reboot and see if it gets mounted properly now15:08
Con7e1texas_214: any news?15:08
UrielVigilantZeThomas: Kobalt said in this forums,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1273594  , "..... Re: xubuntu vs. crunchbang15:08
UrielVigilant Crunchbang is a lot lighter than XFCE (Xubuntu, to be correct). It's actually more minimalistic.15:08
texas_214con7e1 yeah i got error on last line ,im about to post it up15:08
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
gordonjcpUrielVigilant: have they got past the obsession with tiny pixelly grey-on-grey fonts yet?15:09
chielmounted proper now, thanks guys, must've rebooted the htpc too soon so it didn't see the nas yet15:09
texas_214con7e1 http://paste.ubuntu.com/6347449/15:09
gordonjcpchiel: I have a funny feeling that the two numbers at the end are something to do with the order in which fstab is read15:10
chielgordonjcp: oh, could well be, i'm pretty new to this stuff, i just got this from a mate :)15:11
Con7e1texas_214: try doing this:15:12
Con7e1texas_214: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:12
=== multi is now known as multivak
Con7e1texas_214: and paste to me what it's in that file15:12
falematte\join #bu,blebee15:14
falematte\join #bumblebee15:14
FloodBot1falematte: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:14
MonkeyDustfalematte  it's the other slash15:16
texas_214idk if i did some thing but it doesnt show anything , I mean it opened  the program if thats what you call & it gave me options but nothing to select15:17
kelt_is there anyone familiar with android fastboot drivers ?15:17
texas_214con7e1 ^^^15:17
kelt_i was following this guide to install it, everything done properly but the device is not detected in fastboot mode15:18
texas_214con7e1 *idk if i did it right15:18
kelt_homever it's detected in "normal" mode in qtadb, and also in adb15:18
=== multivak is now known as multi
Con7e1texas_214: yeah, it seems that it isn't in that directory15:18
groleokelt_: is the device in fastboot mode ?15:18
kelt_groleo: yes15:19
groleokelt_: also, try running fastboot with sudo15:19
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
texas_214*con7e1 ^15:19
groleokelt_: you also want to check lsusb15:19
=== multi is now known as multivak
kelt_groleo: Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0bb4:0fff High Tech Computer Corp. Android Fastboot Bootloader15:20
kelt_homever i noticed, the ID has changed15:20
Con7e1texas_214: what about sudo nano /etc/xorg.conf ?15:20
groleokelt_: so, in this case, check your udev rules15:21
Marleneeanyone here can use cssh AKA cluster SSH i need some help .15:21
Con7e1texas_214: even better, this should do:15:21
kelt_groleo: changed udev rule and it seems to be working now, thanks15:22
groleokelt_: welcome15:22
Con7e1texas_214: Try this command and tell me what happens: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg15:23
tirta-lalondongActually how can i activate apache symbolic link15:25
tirta-lalondongi don't really get the clue on the site.15:25
tirta-lalondongi'm newbie to Ubuntu15:25
texas_214con7e1 i did not get anything back15:25
semajnadCan someone give me a hand with directory permissions please?15:25
kelt_ok another question, i have apt: link in firefox homever there is no application i can open it with15:26
kelt_software center is installed, but i cant choose it15:26
=== lilleyst is now known as stelil73
kelt_apt://wine1.5 to be precise15:26
Con7e1texas_214: Post to me the content of the /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d directory. Do this: "cd /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d" and then "ls". Paste to me what u see15:27
Con7e1ZeThomas: news?15:28
texas_214con7e1 sh: 3: cd: can't cd to /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d15:30
texas_214might be in another folder?15:30
mewayanyone know how to get minecraft to work?15:30
Con7e1texas_214: what about "sudo nano /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d" ?15:30
tirta-lalondongI'm running Ubuntu 13.10 and how to enable apache for symbolic link15:31
mewayI looked up how to on google but it doesn't work or I'm confused cause I have a newer version of ubuntu15:31
Luigi2012SM64DSso who was the one who as just helping me with graphics card problems?'15:32
ZeThomasCon7e1, usb-creator-gtk ran fine, so it should work, i am rebooting now15:32
texas_214con7e1 thank you for the help but i have to urgent matters that just came up so i must leave . ill be on later... didnt mean to waste your tiem or nothing but something urgent came up15:32
Con7e1texas_214: No problem, that's life.15:32
sara_I have a major issue with the display manager. when i log into my asus k53u running ubuntu 13.10 I have a black screen with no curser.15:33
Con7e1ZeThomas: Ok, hope it works.15:33
Con7e1sara_: try "nomodeset" option when you boot at the grub menu15:33
Con7e1sara_: it seems like u don't have the right video drivers yet15:33
zykotick9!nomodeset | sara_ for some details15:34
ubottusara_ for some details: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:34
sara_Con7e1: it was working fine before and havent changed anything other than installing TOR15:34
sara_Con7e1:  the splash screen is ok, its just after logging in the "fun begins"15:35
ZeThomasCon7e1, nothing... I will try with a different usb stick15:35
tirta-lalondongI'm running Ubuntu 13.10 and how to enable apache for symbolic link15:35
mewayHello can somebody Help me install minecraft? I have wine installed, tried to install some icetea java app and looked up how to on google but everything I find seems to be out dated.15:35
Con7e1ZeThomas: I think that's one possible solution. I don't think every program is bugged, more likely is your USB.15:35
Con7e1sara_: did you update something?15:36
ZeThomasCon7e1, what is weird is that it worked with the very same key only a few hours ago... can something that i did have permanently 'broken' it???15:36
heedheedy he15:37
heedhidey ho15:37
cloudgeekhow to open port 35357 on ubuntu15:37
Luigi2012SM64DSGUys i'm having problems installing nvidia drivers for my graphics card15:37
Con7e1ZeThomas: No, it's very unlikely. One thing you could do is grab a Windows PC and run that .exe I told you. If that doesn't work, it's or your USB or something with your BIOS15:38
DrGrovHow is themes built for Ubuntu 13.10 and GTK 3.8? Could there be conflicts in displaying themes on a general way? Sorry if off-topic.15:38
zykotick9Luigi2012SM64DS: using nvidia.com's driver is a bad idea....  us Ubuntu's nvidia driver, if at all possible...15:38
Luigi2012SM64DSahh fuck it i don't need this15:38
Con7e1Luigi2012SM64DS: well, seeing that /var/log/nvidia-installer.log file would help15:39
ZeThomastoo late, he rage-quit... understandable, with nvidia :)15:39
xofawi wanted to install ubuntu from harddrive on a macbook. i tried with unetbootin on a special partition but after grub cfg changes it didnt boot. I also dd'ed the iso file to a directory previous made in /boot but get error message: file not found disk not found load kernel image15:39
xofawwhat to do15:39
toafanxofaw: out of curiosity, what did you expect dd'ing the iso to do?15:40
xofawbooting the iso from grub215:40
toafanxofaw: ...why would it do that?15:41
xofawtoafan: after i adjustet 40_custom of grub15:41
xofawtoafan: it should load15:41
xofawi want to reinstall the system i have on my macbook15:42
xofawi can only boot in recovery mode15:42
xofawnormal mode is fcked up15:42
xofawany ideas?15:43
xofawts precise pangolin15:43
xofawi tried alrdy with the options: acpi=off / nomodeset15:45
xofawthey wont change any of my results15:45
jitucan anyone help me with weblogic & CXF?15:45
bekks!anyone | jitu15:45
ubottujitu: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:45
MonkeyDustjitu  start with a question15:48
xofawdoes anyone know how i can reinstall a broken ubuntu on a macbook wout usb and cd15:48
jituI am new to WebService. When I  tried to deploy a CXF war in weblogic 12c I got this exception - javax.xml.ws.WebServiceException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create URL for this address soap.udp://
bekksxofaw: pxe boot15:49
toafanxofaw: I just wouldn't expect grup to boot a iso file.  Did you update grub back when you changed it?15:49
ikoniajitu: are you trying to deploy it directly into a managed server or from the admin server into the managed server15:49
jituI am not able to understand whats the problem is?15:49
jitu@ikonia from admin server15:50
h00kxofaw: you could do a net install, if that's a possibility15:50
ubuntuaddictedanyone know why libboost isn't working in 12.04.3? I'm getting the following error when trying to play SMC. Initialization: Exception raised: boost::filesystem::directory_iterator::construct: No such file or directory: "/usr/share/games/smc/campaign"15:50
ikoniajitu: is the managed server listening on the address ?15:51
h00kubottu: netinstall | xofaw this may help15:51
ubottuxofaw this may help: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:51
bekksubottu: libboost is working fine - smc is missing a file.15:51
jituno its not listening on actually i've not specified that address anywhere. managed server is listening on port 900115:52
xofawakrdy checked out15:52
ZeThomasguys, i can't boot from a usb stick, i don't know what's going on... I tried 2 different sticks, I tried unetbootin and usb-create-gtk, i don't know what to do...15:52
ikoniajitu: ok, so it's likley that address appears to be built into the war15:52
ikoniajitu: so I would investigate that war, as it looks like it's trying to start a service at deployment as part of the activation.15:53
bekksjitu: thats a multicast address, isnt it?15:53
jituikonia: yes15:53
WobboHow to find the current screen-settings (example: 1920*1080 to 1080*1920) and make it the default setting.15:53
ikoniajitu: yes what ?15:53
jituits multicast address15:53
ikoniajitu: are you running weblogic as a multicast cluster ?15:54
xofawISO booting with Grub2 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154984715:54
ikoniajitu: come on then !!!15:54
ikoniajitu: you've not setup the cluster correctly.15:54
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ubuntuaddictedWobbo, desktop settings15:54
jituikonia: but when I tried with an simple application , it's woking perfectly15:55
ikoniajitu: yes, but CXF isn't a simple web service15:55
WobboYes, to make de desktop setting the default.15:56
jituSo, where do u suggest i shall look for the problem?15:56
xofawZeThomas: ur bios may not allow usb bootin15:56
ikoniajitu: another thing to consider is the ubuntu firewall, could be blocking the creation of the url for distribution to the managed servers, especially if it has a hardcoded port15:56
ZeThomasxofaw: it allowed usb booting a few hours ago...15:57
WobboI am using xserver-xorg-video-ati15:57
xofawzethomas: what system do u try  to boot?15:58
ZeThomasxofaw: lubuntu 13.10 iso from a clean fat32 formatted drive15:59
xofawzethomas: does unetbootin finish its work remarkably fast?15:59
xofawZethomas: i mean like finished in 10seconds15:59
ZeThomasxofaw: no, it takes a while; also all files seem to be present on the drive, my os reads it just fine16:00
Con7e_ZeThomas: Did you grabd another USB?16:02
ZeThomasCon7e_, yes i did16:02
ZeThomasCon7e_, it installed fine, but my bios doesn't recognise that one either...16:03
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b80905help me: ls /dev/audio produces16:13
b80905ls: cannot access /dev/audio: No such file or directory16:13
kostkonb80905, and?16:14
b80905kostkon: where should i find the audio device16:15
kostkonb80905, what are you trying to do16:15
Guest6381hi to everyone... some help how enable my wlan0 to monitor mode? chipset 8812au ( usb sitecom WLA 7100 )16:15
b80905kostkon: cat lol.mp3 > /dev/audio16:15
kostkonb80905, don't think there is a way to do it like that, but you could try with aplay or paplay:  paplay path_to_file16:16
bl4ckdu5thow do I update a package16:18
bl4ckdu5tI want to update my php to a higher version and I don't know how I'll just do that16:18
thneebl4ckdu5t: you want to update to a version that is not the official ubuntu repos?16:19
bl4ckdu5tI got php 5.3.10 from ubuntu repo16:20
thneebl4ckdu5t: well you could check if there is some ppa that has it. But I would just install it from source from php.net16:21
bl4ckdu5tand I need to upgrade to php5.516:21
thneewhy do you need that_16:21
bl4ckdu5tso I can use more functions included in php5.516:21
thneeyou could try this ppa https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/php516:22
bl4ckdu5tand I keep being told that I'm using an old version16:22
lukodiablohi guys... someone can help how enable wlan0 for monitor mode? chipset 8812au ( model usb sitecom WLA 7100 wikidevi.com/wiki/Sitecom_WLA-7100 )16:22
thneehe has packaged 5.5.516:22
bl4ckdu5tThanks thnee16:22
Lars_G_Does anyone have more information on this issue with 12.04 and xenserver? http://askubuntu.com/questions/126631/why-do-i-get-disk-i-o-errors-booting-the-3-2-kernel-on-a-xen-vps-server16:22
thneebl4ckdu5t: np :) I just googled "php ppa"16:23
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bl4ckdu5toh! hehe16:23
Wiz_KeeDCould anyone offer any thoughts about tihs laptop regarding compatibility with ubuntu?16:26
fmedinais there a channel for php?   the php channel seems invite only16:26
fmedinaother suggestions?16:26
thneefmedina: are you registered with nickserv?16:26
Wiz_KeeDjust register you nickname, should work16:26
WobboHow to change the desktop setting, alredy at login?16:26
thneeWiz_KeeD: try googling "asus k55a ubuntu"16:28
JeroiI have huge problems with ubuntu desktop boot16:28
Con7eIRC is so damn confusing. It's like beeing in public.16:28
Wiz_KeeDwill do thee16:28
JeroiFirstly I instaled nvidia latest16:28
Jeroithen Amarok16:28
Jeroithen Knversation16:28
thneeWiz_KeeD: otherwise I recommend thinkpads, they have great linux compatibility16:28
JeroiThunderbirs 5 emails16:29
JeroiThen I started to hassle with system font.conf16:29
JeroiI installed Arimo fotn16:29
Jeroiand replaced in font.conf Sans with Arimo16:29
Wiz_KeeDthnee, that's lenovo right?16:29
Jeroithen I sun some update command for fonts16:29
ggherdovhow come that on my ubuntu 12.04 I get zero results for `apt-cache search trac` while the trac package do exist for 12.04 http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/trac ?16:29
Wiz_KeeDlenovo thinkpad16:29
Jeroithen I wanted to reboot to see xorg changes16:30
Martinjo84The 40 series of lenovo is coming in a few days :D16:30
thneeggherdov: apt-get update?16:30
Jeroibut for my misery bootup fails to "stopping save kernel messages"16:30
BluesKajWiz_KeeD. well , looks fine ., dual gpu optimus system to muck things up16:31
JeroiI then used live usb binded my linux drive folder as system folders and removed nvidia*16:31
BluesKajno dual gpus16:31
Jeroire installed xorg-conf16:31
Wiz_KeeDit has optimus BluesKaj ??16:31
Wiz_KeeDyeah, that's exactly what I wanted to avoid :D16:31
BluesKajno it doesn't16:31
Jeroiand now my linux boot hangs in samller window loading screen wihtout any messages...16:31
Wiz_KeeDthat's why I liked it, and since I do coding and never games or rendering, it's the perfect laptop16:32
BluesKajit's intel onboard graphics16:32
Wiz_KeeDJust linux compatibility16:32
mrafiqhow to access desktop in terminal16:32
Jeroigdm restart16:32
BluesKajshould be fine , Wiz_KeeD16:32
mrafiqwhen ever i tried to access the desktp via terminal it gives no sucn directory exists16:32
mrafiqi type cd/home/Desktop16:33
ggherdovthnee: i did `apt-get update`. Either I have a custom /etc/sources.list, either it's voodoo (it a dedicated server, I didn't set it up myself)16:33
bl4ckdu5tsorry for this weird question but I just forgot where the sources.lst file is located16:33
mrafiqcan any body help me16:33
Random832mrafiq: you need your username16:33
bl4ckdu5twhere can I find it?16:33
Random832mrafiq: or type cd ~/Desktop16:33
lukodiablohwo to enable wlan0 for monitor mode ( driver 8812au model usb sitecom WLA 7100 http://wikidevi.com/wiki/Sitecom_WLA-7100 )16:33
thneeggherdov: obviously if you modified sources.list this will affect it16:33
Random832bl4ckdu5t: /etc/apt16:33
Random832and i tihnk there's a sources.list.d now16:33
Wiz_KeeDBluesKaj, last one had the optimus crap and other issues with it, still trying to return it16:34
Wiz_KeeDnever again shall I touch that optimus crap16:34
mrafiq\i have also typed my user name as cd/home/mrafiq/desktop16:34
BluesKajWiz_KeeD. ahh16:34
Wiz_KeeDSatan's tool I tell you...16:34
Random832mrafiq: you're being sloppy in typing in chat, are you this sloppy on the command line? Desktop is capitalized, and you need a space after cd16:34
mrafiqi also did so by typing Desktop16:35
mrafiqthank you i have acced my desktop16:35
ggherdovhow different is this http://paste.debian.net/63518/ from a "sane" sources.list for ubuntu precise ?16:37
lukodiablowhere i can get the right mac80211 driver for my card?16:37
DrGrovAnyone in here speak fluent German and could help with an app I want from a PPA? The instructions I need to translate somehow. Not sure if it is for 64-bit or not.16:37
thneeggherdov: here is mine http://paste.debian.net/63519/16:38
mrafiqhow can i start tor16:38
ggherdovthnee: thanks16:38
thneeggherdov: from 13.10 (upgraded from 13.04)16:38
niezhi, how can I make bootable usb using linux?16:39
niezi have ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-i386.iso16:39
hitsujiTMONiedar: inetbootin16:39
thneeniez: just dd it onto the device16:39
niezhitsujiTMO, didn't work16:39
niezthnee, didn't wor too16:40
mrafiqhow to start tor in ubuntu16:40
zykotick9thnee: cat or cp, is easier then dd IMO.  niez16:40
thnee"didnt work" is not an acceptable problem description16:40
hitsujiTMOniez: what exactly didn't work? how didn't it work?16:40
niezzykotick9, tried cat, also doesn't work16:40
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.16:40
thneeniez: you are most likely doing it wrong16:40
niezok, i'll give you eror message, but i'll need to make this usb stick one again16:41
hitsujiTMOniez: if you're not doing it wrong, then you've the pc set up wrong16:41
mrafiqhow to setup tor browser in ubuntu16:41
zykotick9niez: do you know the device of your USB?  /dev/sdb for example.16:41
hitsujiTMOniez: you should check the hash of the iso file too16:42
niezok, i'm making it once again, trying with dd...16:42
GingerGeekHi, I'm writing a script and I have a logic understanding problem: https://gist.github.com/GingerGeek/7280848 Am I missing something, I execte the script with bash ScriptName.sh - Note that this is a logic test after I had an issue with a larger script Im writing16:42
niezoh, yes, first md516:42
hitsujiTMOniez: what is the exact command you're using to dd?16:42
thneeGingerGeek: I fail do see an actual question16:43
hitsujiTMOGingerGeek: #bash is a more suitable place to ask that question16:43
Marleneeanyone here can use cssh AKA cluster SSH i need some help .16:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:44
niezwhare can i find checksum for ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-i386.iso ?16:46
new0wow, just finish this reading. awesome :) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions16:46
thneeniez: in the place you downloaded it...16:46
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest91464
niezthnee, i have only .iso file, downloaded form web page16:47
thneewhat web page?16:47
zykotick9!md5sums | niez16:47
ubottuniez: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.16:47
niezgreat, thanks!16:48
niezthat should be somwhere on download page!16:48
WobboCan anyone help me hou to change the default desktop screensetting, to make sure new users having the right setting? My settings are good, how can I copy that setting... but where is that setting? lol16:49
lukodiabloplease help.. how i can enable my 8812au for monitor mode? i guess i have run differend driver bud dont know which mac80211 driver have choice...16:50
bekksWobbo: For copying it, you have to create a new user first.16:50
enen92hey there, I've ubuntu 12.04 installed but my wifi drops connection randomly. Once it goes out I only get the connection again after rebooting the machine. Any hints on how to trace the problem?16:50
enen92found in the web the solution is to downgrade openssl and libssl16:50
enen92how can I do that?16:50
bekksenen92: You dont want to do that, because of security fixes, etc.16:50
enen92ok so what options do I have16:51
enen92 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller (rev 10)16:51
enen92this is my wifi controler16:51
pfifohello world16:51
enen92or there is any way I can reboot the wifi without rebooting the pc?16:52
GingerGeekthanks hitsujiTMO Im there now16:53
GingerGeekthnee: the question was how do I get the expeted output16:53
thneeGingerGeek: then I would like to see an explanation of why, if you can't boil it down further16:56
Lars_G_Does anyone have more information on this issue with 12.04 and xenserver? http://askubuntu.com/questions/126631/why-do-i-get-disk-i-o-errors-booting-the-3-2-kernel-on-a-xen-vps-server16:56
babinlonstonHi Installed Wordpress in a Hosting  , i have installed in a directory wp , how to access my site using www.example.com16:56
babinlonstonalways its  opening as www.example.com/wp16:57
bekksbabinlonston: So which Ubuntu are you running on your server?16:57
yeatsbabinlonston: does http://localhost/wp work?16:58
babinlonstonbekks: its Ubuntu  12.0416:58
pfifoGingerGeek: because your setting the value of i at the start of the for loop, try making an 'oldi' value that gets set to i at the beginning, and then at the end of the for loop make i=oldi16:58
babinlonstonyes its works16:58
yeatsbabinlonston: you can add something like ' www.example.com' to /etc/hosts?16:59
GingerGeekpfifo, thnee: Thanks for help but I've sorted it now!16:59
pfifoGingerGeek: usually its a bad idea to use a recursive function though, you might want to redesign17:00
hitsujiTMObabinlonston: so you installed it to a folder wp so you have to access it thru example.com/wp    but you want to access thru example.com/       maybe not put it in that folder wp?17:00
GingerGeekpfifo: This is my first Bash Script ever, but thanks for tip17:00
babinlonstonhitsujiTMO: u understood me :)17:00
new0how to ps -aux for specific program?17:02
pfifonew0: 'ps aux | grep specific\ program'17:02
zykotick9new0: fyi it's "ps aux" the - is an error, in this case.  see the top of your current output for confirmation.17:02
DrGrovIs 13.10 known as Saucy?17:03
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseNotes17:03
yeatsnew0: 'ps aux' OR 'ps -elf' no dash on the first variant17:03
thneeps auxww :)17:03
new0zykotick9, i noted that. pfifo tnx ps aux | grep apache2?17:03
new0can i have some link like: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions17:04
Frank81new 017:04
Frank81you don't need that now i answer you ubuntu related stay cool17:05
ozbrkok guys I installed xubuntu and it shines like sun but I have a video problem with the internet17:06
Frank81you do following "chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/"17:06
ozbrkI can't watch videos because of the lagging17:06
Frank81then you can go into /etc/apache2/sites-aviable/000-default is the default host you can edit it and make it catch all host17:06
new0Frank81, right tnx17:06
Frank81and simply copy it to add new vhosts17:07
ripthejackerozbrk: Sometimes the browser freezes, right?17:07
Frank81then after that do a2ensite /etc/apache2/sites-available/testsite.com17:07
ripthejackeror is it just the buffering problem?17:07
Frank81and after that sudo service apache2 restart17:07
Frank81to make the changes take effect17:07
new0chown -R www-data:www-data www/ is that good too?17:08
Frank81not good17:08
ozbrkripthejacker first question how can you write it like that and second one is an answer17:08
Frank81since your www root is /var/www17:08
niezms5sum is ok: ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-i386.iso: OK17:08
ozbrkI just can't watch videos and it's hard to surfing into the heavy websites like facebook17:08
ripthejackerozbrk: write like what?17:09
bekksozbrk: So which CPU and how much RAM do you have?17:09
mojtabaHi, I have run firefox and another program via command line. with the jobs command I can see the list. Is there any command related to jobs which can help me to kill one of the jobs?17:09
new0Frank81, ok. if u can, wait. i need one step at the time. first i do chown -R www-data:www-data ~/home/www/ ?17:09
ripthejackerozbrk: It's probably your irc client , I am writing plain text17:09
thneemojtaba: look into bg, fg, jobs17:09
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pfifoozbrk: when someone puts 'ozbrk' into a line of text you IRC client makes it red so you can spot it easilly17:10
thneemojtaba: for killing use ps auxww|grep firefox, killall, pkill, kill, etc17:10
Frank81isn't existing normaly17:10
mojtabathnee: There is no man entry for jobs!17:10
Frank81ubuntu standart apache www dir is /var/www17:10
Frank81nothing else17:10
ozbrk'ripthrjacket' likethat17:10
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FloodBot1ozbrk: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:10
ripthejackerozbrk: use tab completion on names17:10
ozbrkguys  I have 2 GB Ram and an asus eee r10117:11
thneemojtaba: try google17:11
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:11
ripthejackerozbrk: bekks had asked you a question, Maybe he has some solution17:11
Frank81and that don't means /home/user/var/www17:11
bekksozbrk: thats a very slow computer.17:11
Frank81it means /var/www17:11
Calinouozbrk: eeePCs have slow CPUs. nothing to do agaisnt that17:11
mojtabathnee: Thank you. Best answer.17:11
ozbrkthats why I'm using xubuntu17:11
bekksozbrk: xubuntu will not make your CPU faster.17:11
ozbrkI sloved all other problesm except this17:11
Frank81apache on ubuntu is not configured for running user sites maybe you should install something like webmin17:11
Calinouno OS will17:11
bekksozbrk: It is that slow that you wont be able to use facebook without heavy lagging.17:12
ozbrkso you say I'm just hopeless :D17:12
bekks!webmin | Frank8117:12
ubottuFrank81: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.17:12
bekksFrank81: Do not recoomend webmin please.17:12
new0Frank81, ok, i just did: sudo chown -R www-data:www-data ~/www/ and no change are made17:13
ozbrkbekks: ok what should I do17:13
bekksozbrk: Get faster hardware.17:13
thneemojtaba: you are welcome17:13
pfifoozbrk: ditch firefox and try chromuim17:13
pfifoozbrk: remove flash, its a resource hog17:13
joe___hey all -I've got windows installed on a first hard drive & I want to install 12.04 on a separate drive but gparted doesn't seem to show a mount point option anywhere for me set a root partition on this second drive...any ideas/17:14
NTFS83will kim kardashian save me from sins?17:14
ozbrkpfifo: without flash I can't watch flash videos17:14
ozbrksimple locig17:14
zykotick9ozbrk: flash takes a lot of CPU power :(  1) are you using non-free flash version?  it's much faster then gnash  2) use the lowest quality available, does that help?  try youtube html5 at youtube.com/html5  - best of luck, i doubt anything will "solve" the problem, but something might improve it!17:14
new0Frank81, than what do i need to do?17:14
ripthejackerbekks: I wanted to know something similar, What is a good linux distro for an Windows User, with a netbook, RAM 1 GB, Intel Atom Processor 1.6 Ghz?17:14
pfifoozbrk: drop flash from your eee and only watch flash on your fast desktop computer17:15
NTFS83will kim kardashian save me from sins?17:15
new0Frank81, ok. i just look at ur answer above. but my www is at my home folder17:15
ripthejackerUbuntu is out of the question17:15
hitsujiTMOripthejacker: try ##linux17:15
bekksripthejacker: Then your question is offtopic in here :)17:15
ozbrkzykotick9: 1)adobeflash with opera   -  2)simply NO :)17:15
ripthejackerbekks: :P ok17:15
Frank81then you don't installed ubuntu sorry17:16
thneeripthejacker: why not ubuntu? you do realize you can install any GUI you want right?17:16
ozbrkmaybe opera browser causes it17:16
Frank81then you probally installed apache your self?17:16
aFeijofolks, got a big problem in my ubuntu server... I run apt-get update -y and since then the cron isnt working properly, I have a php script running every 5 minutes, but its no longer working17:16
Frank81the standart apache ubuntu package makes no www root in your home17:16
ripthejackeryou mean DE?17:16
NTFS83will kim kardashian save me from sins?17:16
thneeaFeijo: don't use PHP for that17:16
aFeijothnee, hehe, not an option17:17
new0Frank81, no no. i did, but i change my htdocs to home/www location also by the sites-avalible/deafult17:17
joe___hey all -I've got windows installed on a first hard drive & I want to install 12.04 on a separate drive but gparted doesn't seem to show a mount point option anywhere for me set a root partition on this second drive...any ideas?17:17
thneeripthejacker: whatever floats your boat17:17
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RealOptyhello :)17:18
thneejoe___: do you see the parition that you want to install on?17:18
MonkeyDustjoe___  what's the output of lsblk ? use pastebin17:19
joe___I can see the drive - and I can't create an ext4 partition etc - but I thought I'd have the options to define it as root etc?17:19
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
xofawjoe___: try parted magic17:20
pfifojoe___: gparted dosent do that, you define it as root during the install process17:20
new0Frank81, ok. i had only one DIR at ~/home/www/site and i can see it on my localhost. but the other DIRs i can't see. as i did ls -o the site have drwxrwxr-x and the others have: drwx17:20
new0Frank81, ok. i had only one DIR at ~/home/www/site and i can see it on my localhost. but the other DIRs i can't see. as i did ls -o the site have drwxrwxr-x and the others have: drwx------17:20
niezafter using dd i get: (initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system17:20
joe___weird as when I run the install and select the ext4 drive it says there's no root partition...17:20
bekks!ot || NTFS8317:21
ubottu| NTFS83: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:21
pfifo!repeat | NTFS8317:21
ubottuNTFS83: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:21
thneeomg what is it with some people in this channel17:21
LjL!ops | NTFS83 seems like this is the usual person17:22
ubottuNTFS83 seems like this is the usual person: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!17:22
pfifoniez: what wrong?17:22
xofawjoe___: have you tried to isntall with custom settings and partitioned ur drive urself17:22
MonkeyDustthnee  with some people in general, so here too17:22
NTFS83ljl your an op so you ban me17:22
LjL(sorry, i mean, *obviously* this is the usual person)17:23
xofawNTFS83: ure dunk go somewhere else17:23
NTFS83!ops | ljl spammer17:23
ubottuljl spammer: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!17:23
MonkeyDustNTFS83  you've had our attention, now go back to mommy and ask some hot milk17:23
joe___just partitioned in gparted...17:23
jmgkheh Monkey17:24
wdonkeyhello, i want to make a backup image of a system on a usb stick, what are my options (needs to be easy)17:24
pfifojoe___: gparted is a partitioning tool. it dosent install ubuntu17:25
bekks!backup | wdonkey17:25
ubottuwdonkey: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning17:25
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joe___I was trying to create the root partition the 12.04 installer asks for -17:25
bekksjoe___: you need to assign a partition for /17:26
pfifojoe___: gparted can do that (create a partition) but to use it as root you will have to tell the installer to use it as root17:26
MonkeyDustjoe___  no, create a partition with gparted, then assign it to / during installation17:26
RealOptyxofaw, i was going to ask the room for a ubuntu server guide for seting up a redundant website.17:27
ozbrkok guys I can't buy a new netbook17:27
RealOptyI have 6 VPS boxes17:27
joe___I shall go back to drawing board and try again. Thanks all17:27
ozbrkI can't upgrade to a new cpu17:27
bekksozbrk: a new netbook is the only option to speed up things.17:27
new0Frank81, ok got it. sudo chmod 775 file and now i can see it in file listing on brower, but i just did it for one DIR and now i can see them all. weird.17:28
new0how can i connect to mysql?17:28
bekksnew0: by using the "mysql" application.17:28
grendal-primei cannot get nicserve to work17:29
ozbrkbekks:  I don't have much money for that17:29
bekksozbrk: Then you have to live with the current situation.17:29
new0bekks, tnx. is there a guide for commands?17:29
bekksnew0: "mysql" is the command.17:29
new0bekks, right. now it's the mysql queies. tnx17:30
bekksnew0: you will find a full blown mysql documenation on www.mysql.com17:30
pfifoozbrk: I would remove flash, and use the lightest browser available. If you have to watch a flash video, download the video and play it with mplayer or some other video player that your system can run properly. If your so addicted to flash that you absolutly must have it, buy a new computer that can run it17:30
byllgrimso mad17:30
new0bekks, tnx17:31
byllgrim"im sick of fighting with linux. ill install ubuntu. thatl probably be pretty streamlined because of the fuckload of users"17:31
bekks!language | byllgrim17:31
ubottubyllgrim: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:31
byllgrimoh, family friendly. sorry17:32
byllgrimdoes that mean my message didnt arrive?17:32
pfifobyllgrim: 99% of freenode is17:32
bekksbyllgrim: It arrived, otherwise I wouldnt have read it.17:32
pfifobyllgrim: not sure what your asking though17:32
xofawbyllgrim: you dont fight with linux. you just havent figured it out yet17:32
byllgrimyeah, i just havent figured it out yet17:33
new0how can i fix that errror on boot: ta_id[279]: HDIO_GET_IDENTITY failed for '/dev/sdb': Invalid argument?17:33
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byllgrimi just have to type in a lot of commands to fix my super huge cursors, that i now have because the installer wouldnt allow me to turn of handicaped mode17:34
byllgrimits nessesary to do such a simple task in a hard way because i havent figured out linux17:35
psusinew0, you mean ata_id?17:36
byllgrimhaving to use google to find a page on ubuntu.com, not because ubuntu.com is traded being retarded for user friendlyness, but because i havent figured out linux17:37
new0psusi, yes17:37
psusinew0, what kind of drive is sdb?17:37
new0psusi, i have External USB 1TB17:38
byllgrimas expected, this channel is flooded with "how do i fix..."17:38
pfifomost people dont come in to say everything is working right17:38
Jeaklepfifo <- +117:39
psusinew0, well, it isn't hurting anything so you can just ignore it, or file a bug report17:39
pfifobut just for reference, im running 12.04 and 13.10 and both are operating 100%17:39
psusinew0, if you file a bug report it would be against the udev package17:40
new0psusi, well, it's not really bother. but i would want my system to load as fast as it can :)17:40
new0psusi, can u guide me?17:40
psusinew0, at filing a bug report?17:41
intraderAnyone, hitsujiTMO and I interacted last night about the failure of graphics to come alive at the end of boot of 12.04.3. However, I observed that the the an unfinished upgrade from 13.10 is the cause of the failure of 12.10.3 to finish coming up; a message from acpid: exiting\n\lUpgrading in progress... leads to believe that the problem for 12.04 was cause by 13.1017:42
new0psusi, not sure what u said but i guess so17:42
new0psusi, i want to solve it17:42
hitsujiTMOintrader: a bit odd considering that it should not have touched your 12.04 install at all17:43
psusinew0, you can file a bug report at launchpad.net/ubuntu, but there isn't really anything to solve other than making the error message shut up17:43
intraderhitsujiTMO, you are awake - it is repeatable an perhaps worth pursuing.17:44
psusinot all usb drives report that information and apparently yours is one that does not... that's ok, it just shouldn't complain about it is all17:44
new0psusi, maybe i can tell my ubuntu to boot from the right location and load the system faster?17:44
quest88Is anyone running a laptop with 16GB+ ram and a SSD as their primary drive? If so, what laptop did you go with?17:45
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
psusinew0, what disk you are booting from and how fast is neither here nor there... the error message is just saying it couldn't query some esoteric information from that drive17:45
wdonkeyis there some app to make a backup & recovery img of my system i could lunch out of a usb stick ?17:46
new0psusi, right so it's just a msg. ok tnx17:46
wdonkeythere use to be one but im not sure anymore17:46
intraderhitsujiTMO, the 12.04.3 install went Ok - I worked on 12.04.3 for a while until I failed to restore tomboy's notes. I decided to look in 13.10, and booted 13.10 - found where tomboy notes are stored, made a copy, and then shutdown 13.10 to restart 12.04. Then 12.04 fails.17:47
psusinew0, right... the system is just trying to find out details about that drive when it is connected and complaining because it doesn't support some details17:47
hitsujiTMOintrader: thats abit bizare ... a 13.10 install should not effect the 12.04 install at all.  How did you make the partition for 13.10?17:50
ermac_with x11vnc server in softcenter can someone else in another computer remote view me?17:50
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intraderhitsujiTMO, you are awake and going!. In the meantime I considered reinstalling 12.04.3 on to of it after reading  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuReinstallation. The install of 12.043. was done after 13.10 was shakily running.  The 12.04.3 install found space tor 12.04.317:53
thneequest88: can't go wrong with a thinkpad17:53
ShinobiI've got a dd image I can't mount because it can't read the last bock. Can I add a null block to the end somehow?17:54
thneeHarvt: normally you would need to install a program in order to use it17:54
Harvtthnee: if i want another person that is not in my network to remote me then i would ahve to port forward?17:54
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thneeHarvt: obviously that depends on your network?17:55
hitsujiTMOintrader: doing such an install can lead to other problems, but it might be worth a try17:55
intraderhitsujiTMO, the history: upgrade 12.04 -->12.10-->13.04-->13.10. Troubles with 13.10 leads me to install
hitsujiTMOintrader: tbh, i'd almost try a clean install altogether ... get ridf of 13.10 and 12.04 and start from scratch17:57
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Sorry to disturb in the middle. You have any good guides on tweaking in Ubuntu related to CPU, fans and so forth?17:58
hitsujiTMODrGrov: install indicator-cpufreq17:58
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: How would you do with fans otherwise? Change in the BIOS something or just leave it be?17:58
hitsujiTMODrGrov: never mess with the fan.17:59
intraderhitsujiTMO, I thought of that route also. However, I tried restoring the tomboy notes from a backup and did not find in the backup on account of not being in the backup.17:59
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Thanks, will try indicator-cpufreq. It seems like the darn thing is not "slowing down" at all. It keeps running at maximum all the time. Noise wise at least.17:59
hitsujiTMODrGrov: is it definately the cpu and not the gpu generating the heat?18:00
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VivekanandaHey everyone I am trying ..bashrc and .~/.bashrc and both dont seem to work. says command not found . ubuntu 12.0418:00
hitsujiTMOdrGrov: what gpu do oyu have?18:00
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: I have a nVidia GT 620 1GB.18:00
intraderhitsujiTMO, I think that 13.10 is shaky - problems with Eclipse, problems with garbled lines in Xchat and other applications, problems with android SDK, etc18:00
anternatis there a default irc client that comes in 12.04 server install?18:01
trismVivekananda: you need a space between the first dot and the file you want to source18:01
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: I doesn't seem to be the heat. It seems to be the overall noise level, gives a feel that it is running very hard somehow even though it is not using much CPU nor mem at all.18:01
trismVivekananda: . .bashrc18:01
intraderhitsujiTMO, so my preference would be to install 12.04.3 destroying both 13.10 and 12.04. But first update th backup to contain the tomboy notes.18:02
jmgkhey Vivek18:02
hitsujiTMODrGrov: normally for noise pollution like that i just buy a silent fan :P  but it's best to make sure that the cpu isn't on full... install indicator-cpufreq and you can manually set the cpu to its lowest speed. are you on the proprieTARY DRIVERS FOR THE GRAPHICS CARD AT ALL?18:04
zero_codermy computer is freezing at times18:04
zero_coderi am runnning ubuntu 13.1018:04
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Yes, I am on nvidia-319-updates.18:04
SPEEDWAVEwhat date release of steam os? is that linux?18:04
hitsujiTMOintrader: do you have an external drive that you can images the partitions too?18:04
Vivekanandatrism: thanks. Also after this line in the bashrc -- export CATALINA_HOME=/media/Yojimbo/installationFiles/apache-tomcat-7.0.33/   I try $CATALINA_HOME/bin/startup.sh it says  --  bash: /bin/startup.sh: No such file or directory18:05
hitsujiTMODrGov, so at least you should have propper power management for the gpu at least. try playing with indicator-cpufreq so18:05
apb1963so I just had another system freeze... had to do a hard reboot.  ubuntu 12.04 with kde18:05
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Yes, just installed indicator-cpufreq. Will start it now to see.18:05
hitsujiTMO!ot | SPEEDWAVE: try #steamos18:05
ubottuSPEEDWAVE: try #steamos: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:05
VivekanandaI guess I am not executing it by just typing that. right ?18:06
kostkonapb1963, avoid hard reboots, always REISUB18:06
apb1963kostkon: What is REISUB?18:06
apb1963well of course I'm going to try and avoid it...  but the system locked up.18:06
hitsujiTMODrGrov: you mey need to reboot for ti to show up in the systray18:06
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: It showed up without reboot. Started it from terminal.18:07
trismVivekananda: can you pastebin the end of the bashrc so we can look at it?18:07
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: It is set to "ondemand" by default now.18:07
Vivekanandatrism sure18:07
apb1963luckily I was able to open a virtual terminal briefly (you know, with function keys).18:07
kostkonapb1963, keep pressing left ALT + PRNT SCR and then R+E+I+S+U+B waiting 2-3 secs between presses18:07
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Is there any easy way to add that indicator-cpufreq to run at startup when I log in to Unity?18:08
hitsujiTMODrGrov: set it to the lowest cpu freq and see if the fans start to slow down18:08
intraderhitsujiTMO, a use hard disk may have enough space. You are suggesting to backup the sda5 (13.10) and sda7 (12.04.3)partitions to the hard drive18:08
apb1963during that brief time I was able to start TOP... and see the load climb to over 3018:08
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Ok, I will set it to the lowest.18:08
SPEEDWAVEubottu, uhmm... ok18:08
intraderhitsujiTMO, 'usb' instead of 'use'18:08
hitsujiTMODrGrov: it will run on startup anyway18:08
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: How long should it take for them to slow done?18:08
apb1963everytime I killed a process that was hogging the CPU, a different process would hog the CPU until I killed it.18:09
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Ah, it will keep itself there all the time. That is convinient :)18:09
hitsujiTMOintrader: if you dd the partitions you can load them later with mount loop18:09
apb1963first I killed skype... then chrome.... then Libreoffice (soffice.bin)... the load kept climbing.18:09
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Nothing happens really. It makes all the noise anyhow. So it is not a cpu thing :)18:09
t38apb1963:  how's that VOIP working?18:09
Vivekanandatrism: https://gist.github.com/vvikramjhu/728175318:10
intraderhitsujiTMO, 'mount loop'?18:10
hitsujiTMODrGrov: it should slow failrly quickly. depends on if your cpu is generating heat or not18:10
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: So I should keep it there for quite some time at the lowest?18:10
hitsujiTMOintrader: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loop_device18:10
hitsujiTMOdrgrov you shjould have noticed somethign by now... any difference?18:11
intraderhitsujiTMO, learning something new every time that I read your stuff18:11
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: No, I already switched it to "powersave". No difference.18:11
apb1963then the system froze completely and even the keyboard didn't respond anymore... no numlock or capslock, mouse was frozen....  oh and... I use a clock as my screen saver... when I first looked at the screen this morning the clock was frozen... so now it returned to that screen all by itself and was totally locked.... that's when I did my power out/reboot.18:11
apb1963so to me, it kind of looks like it might be X related... I didn't have these problems until I installed kde desktop18:12
apb1963but then, DBUS is and/or was broken which we all know, right?18:12
apb1963t38:  that works fine, thanks for asking18:12
kostkonapb1963, or something kde related then18:12
apb1963t38: unfortunately... as you notice... I have other problems :(18:13
hitsujiTMODrGrov: might be an idea to get a new cpufan so then. might be an idea to have a look at lm-sensors to make sure the temps are ok: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto    but i'm presuming that the cpu fan is just too noisy18:13
apb1963kostkon: like DBUS?18:13
kostkonapb1963, dbus is DE agnostic18:13
kostkonapb1963, some kde process/app18:13
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DrGrovhitsujiTMO: I hope so. I bought it yesterday this machine, completely built from scratch. The guy building has a 30 years experience with computers.18:14
kostkonapb1963, i know for example that akonadi was causing problems in the past, for example18:14
apb1963kostkon: well, everytime I reboot the network fails to completely start18:14
trismVivekananda: it looks fine, so you sourced the bashrc first? or started a new shell18:14
Guest48141y'all I have a Seagate Hard Drive and while it shows up in disk utility it will not let me mount with the message "daemon is inhibited" what does that mean?18:14
ozberkguys I installed chromium and it sloved a lot of problem but still thre is one little thing I can't login to chromim18:14
hitsujiTMOthe fan that came with the processor might not be intended for workstation use considering that its a xeon processor. so hopefully swapping that out should be ok18:15
ozberkit refreshes the page :S18:15
apb1963kostkon: I do have akonadi running yes18:15
intraderhitsujiTMO, that is feasible if I find the space in the drive. The drive currenly backs up an Windows XP drive18:15
zero_coderdomann, hi18:15
hitsujiTMOintrader:  boot the live cd and come back to us then. i'll give you the dd instructions then18:15
intraderhitsujiTMO, otherwise, I need to create a new backup that contains the tomboy files and all the rest I need to save18:16
Vivekanandatrism: I changed bashrc and restarted it18:16
apb1963kostkon: so how do I get this fixed?18:16
=== Andrevan is now known as afader
ozberkanyone who now how can I login to chromium :S18:17
pfifoozberk: you need a google id or gmail or youtube account to login to chromium18:17
ozberkI have to pm18:17
Vivekanandathen went to Home/ and tried to execute the startup but I guess I am doing the startup thing wrong. dont I need --- sh $CATALINA_HOME/bin/startup.sh  instead of just  $CATALINA_HOME/bin/startup.sh ?18:17
intraderhitsujiTMO, first find the room in the drive... then I have a business lunch and I will be back at about 3PM CA time. THanks for your help and knowledge18:17
kostkonapb1963, you'll have to find out which proc is hogging your cpu, using tools e.g. like htop18:17
hitsujiTMOintrader: np18:17
pfifook i guess18:18
trismVivekananda: the problem seems to be that CATALINA_HOME isn't set, based on the error message you get18:18
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: How expensive would fans like this be then for a Xeon?18:18
ljunggrenhow do i know what driver im using right now? gpu i mean18:18
trismVivekananda: try: . ~/.bashrc; then run: echo $CATALINA_HOME;18:19
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: I wonder if I could even ask them to switch it for free since I paid much for the machine?18:19
apb1963kostcon: luckily I was able to open a virtual terminal briefly (you know, with function keys). during that brief time I was able to start TOP... and see the load climb to over 30  everytime I killed a process that was hogging the CPU, a different process would hog the CPU until I killed it. first I killed skype... then chrome.... then Libreoffice (soffice.bin)... the load kept climbing. then the system froze completely and even the keyboard didn't respond18:19
apb1963anymore... no numlock or capslock, mouse was frozen....  oh and... I use a clock as my screen saver... when I first looked at the screen this morning the clock was frozen... so now it returned to that screen all by itself and was totally locked.... that's when I did my power out/reboot.18:19
apb1963so to me, it kind of looks like it might be X related... I didn't have these problems until I installed kde desktop18:19
hitsujiTMODrGrov: not very. just look for a silent one with a decent brand18:19
hitsujiTMODrGrov: it's alway worth a try18:20
DrGrovhitsujiTMO: Can I change it even by myself?18:20
semajnadwafflejock: hey are you there?18:20
RadkosI've tried to configure ubuntu 12.04 to sleep after a period of time I set (5 min. etc.) but from System settings > Power didn't get to sleep, however trying to schedule with cron didn't make it too. Running it manually are making a miracle or closing a lid too but how can I schedule that task. Is there known problem with a cron (I've tried with reinstall too, reinstall the whole system didn't help as well since from live session it's working). user's setting18:20
Radkoss isn't the reason, so what may be the reason? can you help me with that? Note: this laptop isn't available to me by now so if you can just navigate me with a solution(s) I can try it later18:20
semajnadAnyone here able to give me a hand with file permissions?18:21
hitsujiTMODrGrov: its easy enough to change. just have to be careful that you turn the catches the right way and that it locks in propperly when you swap in the new one.18:21
semajnadI'm getting an access denied error.18:21
apb1963semajnad: Provide more info.18:21
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dreamy_have i got voice?18:21
Vivekanandatrism: trying now!18:22
Doink¿ ʇᴉ xᴉɟ ᴉ op ʍoɥ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sᴉ ʇxǝʇ ʎɯ llɐ puɐ nʇunqn pǝllɐʇsuᴉ ʇsnɾ ᴉ ǝuoʎɹǝʌǝ ᴉH18:22
apb1963so now I'm running MINT18:22
kostkondreamy_, ?18:22
apb1963Doink: hahah... cool  can't read it... but cool18:22
Radkos:D \18:22
RadkosDoink how i can configure that :D18:22
semajnadapb1963:  I have a user called admn001 and a user called net001. Net001's home directory is called net001 and I need admn001 to have read right and execute permissions to it.18:23
Doinkdn pǝssǝɯ llɐ sʇᴉ snɔ ɔd ʎɯ ǝsn ʇuɐɔ ᴉ snoᴉɹǝs ɯᴉ oN18:23
kostkonDoink, hmmm18:23
Jeakleapb1963: Doink's text is upside down.18:23
kostkonDoink, dont believe you18:23
Radkosdid you saw that issue from live session or it was different18:23
semajnadapb1963: I've put them both in a group called 001, then given net001's home directory permission of 770. I thought this would work as they are both in the same group, but when I CD net001 it says permission denied.18:23
apb1963Jeakle: Yes, I see that18:23
Doink ʇnʍ ʇᴉɐʍ18:23
bekksapb1963: So you are running Mint currently?18:24
dreamy_im running an unsuported version of ubuntu, can i install software?18:24
Random832apb1963: he's using unicode characters from exotic sections of the Latin Ext B and IPA Extension sections to simulate upside-down writing.18:24
bekksDoink: Stop it please.18:24
Radkosyes you can18:24
ZiberEverytime I run apt-get, I encounter issues with my mysql server, leading me to reinstall it. There has to be some fix for this, right? http://pastebin.com/Dwu8WpDg18:24
apb1963semajnad: chgrp 001 <files>18:24
Vivekanandatrism: thanks that got it to work. Can see my homepage now18:24
apb1963Random832: Interesting... I've never seen those characters18:24
apb1963bekks: Yes I am18:25
Radkosso can someone help me with my issue18:25
semajnadapb1963:  will that provide permissions for the admn001 user to execute net001's files?18:25
bekksapb1963: Then you'd have to ask the mint support about a solution for your issue.18:25
kostkonZiber, apt-cache policy mysql-server-5.518:25
apb1963bekks: I was running kde when my system froze,... i'm running mint BECAUSE my system froze, in an attempt to narrow down the problem.18:26
dreamy_i know that i cant run apt, but maybe i could compile18:26
bekks!mint | apb196318:26
ubottuapb1963: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:26
apb1963bekks: stop trying to pass the buck18:26
Ziberkostkon: http://pastebin.com/71imvWTn18:26
semajnadapb1963: I'm not sure I understand...18:26
bekksapb1963: I just informed you about the fact to not expect any help in here.18:27
apb1963semajnad: if you do an ls -l you'll see that the files have both an owner and a group18:27
apb1963bekks: I didn't ask for help with mint.  stop talking.18:27
semajnadapb1963: So do I needd to set the files group to the group that admn001 and net001 are in?18:28
bekksapb1963: You arent the person to tell me when I have to stop talking. Another thing you should realize. And for not getting annoyed by you anymore: ignore set.18:28
kostkonZiber, the simplest thing you could try is to clear your cache, and try to apply the update again i.e.  sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade18:28
apb1963semajnad: in some way shape or form, they all have to be in sync18:28
krzwhat yall use instead of skype?18:28
zero_codermy os is getting unresponsive at times for a couple of seconds18:28
zero_coderespecially firefox18:28
semajnadapb1963:  Ye i thought setting the directory and subdirectory to 770 would do it but apparently not :P18:28
kostkonZiber, without sudo in your case18:28
apb1963krz: something SIP related18:29
krzapb1963: be specific18:29
apb1963krz: I use sflphone and sometimes zoiper18:29
Ziberkostkon: I think I figured it out for now, but I'll do that if I run into the problem again. Thanks.18:29
apb1963semajnad: still missing one piece of the puzzle18:29
kostkonZiber, ok np18:29
semajnadapb1963:  so how come when I'm logged in as admn001 and I use chmod 770 -R /home/net001 does it not let me enter net001 anymore on admn001?18:30
ljunggrenis there any difference between downloading and installing gpu drivers from amd website and enable fglrx-updates ?18:30
apb1963semajnad: I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "enter net001"18:31
semajnadapb1963:  as In cd to it18:31
Tomfooleryi'm having some issues with my sound preferences, on my user sound isn't working at all, but if I use guest user the sound is fine. I'm struggling to figure out how to fix it, anyone got any advice?18:32
zero_coderhello  , can anyone help?18:32
bekkszero_coder: Depends on your specific issue.18:32
semajnadapb1963:  Okay so if I'm understanding correctly. Take admn001 and net001 and put them in a group called 001. Then assign the files in net001 to the group 001 and admn001 should then be able to interact with them?18:32
zero_coderbekks : applications are freezing at tikmes18:32
apb1963semajnad: yes18:33
zero_coderbekks : especially firefox18:33
bekkszero_coder: Does it happen on sites using flash only?18:33
zero_coderbekks : nope.18:33
kostkonTomfoolery, open your home folder, press ctrl+h, delete the .pulse folder, log out, log back in and then try to configure your sound again in the sound settings18:33
Tomfoolerykostkon, ok cheers, let me give that a go18:34
zero_coderbekks, besides most of the applications are also facing the same problem , but its less frequent , and for a shorter time only18:34
Tomfoolerykostkon, It seems I don't have a .pulse folder18:34
semajnadapb1963:  Thank you very much for your help, I'll give that try.18:34
apb1963semajnad: sure18:35
kostkonTomfoolery, using ubuntu or some other flavour?18:35
Tomfoolerykostkon, ubuntu18:35
kostkonTomfoolery, hmm, did you press ctrl+h or select edit -> view hidden files from the menu?18:35
TomfooleryIt brought up my hidden folders18:36
krzwhat mouseless games are good these days? i like realm of the mad god, before it sold out to kabam18:36
krzany others?18:36
kostkonTomfoolery, yeah. Try opening the sound settings18:36
Tomfoolerykostkon, k, they're open18:37
zero_coderbekks ??18:37
kostkonTomfoolery, do you see any devices listed there18:37
Tomfoolerykostkon, my output can either me digital output or headphones, is that what you mean?18:38
semajnadapb1963: Sorry, when I do that, then I jail the user to the directory /home/net001/001 it then doesn't let me log into ftp18:38
semajnadapb1963:  do you know why this might be>?18:38
kostkonTomfoolery, yeah ok18:39
kostkonTomfoolery, try every possible configuration, try every device, port, etc and see if that will change anything18:40
Tomfoolerykostkon, already done before hand sadly. It's only with this user I have the problem with. Guest user has no problems18:40
kostkonTomfoolery, you aren't logged in as root, are you?18:41
Tomfoolerykostkon, no18:41
kostkonTomfoolery, ok18:41
sedekiwhere is xorg.conf on ubuntu 13.10?18:41
kostkonTomfoolery, maybe pastebin:  lsb_release -a  and   ps -A | grep pulse18:41
Tomfoolerykostkon, I found some solutions on the ubuntu forums but I'm really really bad at understanding how to use terminal and that's what the solutions utilise18:41
zykotick9sedeki: not used/created by default.18:42
sedekizykotick9, what's in /usr/share/X11/corg.conf.d?18:42
kostkonTomfoolery, actually i find it strange that you don't have a .pulse folder18:42
zykotick9sedeki: asking me is useless ;)  i doubt there is anything there by default either?!18:43
Tomfoolerykostkon, well, I've never deleted any of my hidden folders or even looked at them before18:43
kostkonTomfoolery, but yeah you could try checking your volume levels and state of your switches in alsamixer. open a terminal and give: alsamixer18:43
apb1963semajnad: What is it yo're trying to accomplish?  What is your end goal?18:44
kostkonTomfoolery, press F5 to view everything, also F6 to view all the available devices you can configure18:45
Tomfoolerykostkon, I'm not familiar with what it's meant to look like. All the numbers are "00" should I manually change them to fix it?18:45
zykotick9sedeki: sorry, perhaps i misunderstood - i thought you where asking what is in my xorg.conf.d directory (i'm not on ubuntu, thus my useless reply).  xorg.conf.d is used for "snippets" to config Xorg (it's the modern replacement for xorg.conf)18:45
kostkonTomfoolery, press left right arrows to go through them, then the up down arrows to chage the levels, yeah 00 is bad, try increasing it18:46
kostkonTomfoolery, depends of the volume, if it is an volume level for an output channel try increasing to 10018:47
Tomfoolerykostkon, oh ok, my bad,  maste ris actually at 10018:47
kostkontype of*18:47
kostkonTomfoolery, check all the channels18:47
Tomfoolery"headphone" does have a number and won't allow me to change it18:48
kostkonTomfoolery, hmm18:48
Tomfoolerykostkon, This will be the problem. Because I play my music through my speakers, which is what I'm assuming it means by headphones18:49
TomfooleryI disabled the master manually in the tower18:49
semajnadapb1963: This pastie should explain at the top what i want to achieve, and the commands I've used to achieve it. If you wouldn't mind taking a look and telling where I go wrong I'd be very grateful.http://pastie.org/845076518:49
kostkonTomfoolery, what have you done exactly18:49
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Tomfoolerykostkon, oh I did this when I first built my computer. I couldn't turn off sound coming fromt he tower so I just unplugged it because I wanted to use my speakers18:50
Tomfoolerykostkon, so the tower speaker isn't connected to anything18:50
kostkonTomfoolery, you mean the pc speaker?18:50
kostkonTomfoolery, oh ok. that isn't considered a audio device nowadays18:51
Tomfooleryoh ok then, so master could still be referring to my speakers?18:51
kostkonTomfoolery, yes. master volume18:52
Tomfoolerykostkon, sorry for my lack of knowledge. My dad installed ubuntu for me, I'm not exactly... computer savvy18:52
kostkonTomfoolery, np18:53
semajnadapb1963: Hopefully that makes sense :P18:54
bootloop_Hi, I just installed Ubuntu 13.10 and whenever I hit shutdown my system reboots.  I cannot get it to power off.  Wat do?18:55
=== anonymous is now known as Guest16012
adamubootloop does 'sudo shutdown -h now' work?18:57
Tomfoolerykostkon, ok, I found a fix here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2143157 (second to last answer) that people agree works, but I don't have that file/directory when I type all of that in... am I being dense?18:58
krzassuming ive got all my applications closed. is there a "safe" way to shut down in the terminal without having to use the mouse to shutdown via the menu on the top right?18:58
pfifokrz 'exit' or ctrl+d18:58
pfifokrz: n/m read that wrong18:58
apb1963krz: shutdown -h now is what I use... or -r to reboot18:59
pfifokrz: i always shutdown my system from the command line, i use 'sudo init 0'18:59
apb1963semajnad: makes my head hurt18:59
kostkonTomfoolery, when you type sudo cat /etc/default/speech-dispatcher ?18:59
semajnadapb1963:  Does the idea make sense?18:59
krzso sudo shutdown -h is fine?18:59
semajnadapb1963: Or is there a better way to do it.18:59
Tomfoolerykostkon, yes, that18:59
apb1963krz: "shutdown -h now" if you don't want to give any warnings... i.e. no other users19:00
semajnadapb1963: Basically, very simply I need net001 to be able to run MCMA2_Linux_x86_64 somehow, while not having access to command line. But also net001 needs to be locked to his home directory in FTP which is /home/net00119:00
krzwhat is -h?19:00
adamukrz:   -h     Halt or power off after shutdown. (man shutdown)19:00
Doink-h now19:01
bootloop_adamu: it shuts me down but the system still auto-reboots19:01
apb1963semajnad: When you talk about locking to directories, chroot comes to mind... apparently there's some kind of newfangled jk_jailuser and other associated commands none of which I've ever used.19:01
bootloop_so, it's no different than just hitting the shutdown button in ubuntu19:01
Doinkbios settings19:01
Doinkyou have a bios setting that19:02
adamubootloop: do you have multiple operating systems installed does this happen with other ones maybe it is something in the bios19:02
Doinkreboots on power back19:02
krzkk so sudo shutdown -h now is safe ya?19:02
semajnadapb1963:  I did look into chroot, but in the end this method seemed to work, just not when I put them other user in the picture. I've found a way to lock them to the directory, but the problem is the login details for FTP still let them log into something like Putty. Can you think of a way around this?19:02
bootloop_adamu: no, this is a brand new system I just put together about an hour ago.  No other operating systems besides Ubuntu 13.1019:02
bekksDoink: There is no such bios setting, since that would make it impossible to power off a computer.19:02
krzjust the same way as doing it from the menu on the to right?19:02
semajnadapb1963:  I just can't have the FTP user getting command line access.19:02
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kostkonTomfoolery, actually, do the cmd: ps -ef | grep pulseaudio  give you 3 lines of output?  when changing users do you log out first or you just use the menu in the upper right to select users19:03
Doinki have in my bios19:03
pfifosemajnad: you could set his shell to /bin/false19:03
kostkonTomfoolery, does the command*19:03
delinquentmehas anyone gotten ubuntu 12.04 up and running installed on a lenovo IdeaPad ?19:03
semajnadpfifo:  That's true, the only issue is that I need to run a executable in his home directory19:03
semajnadpfifo: So don';t I need command line access to do that? Or can you do it some other way?19:04
bootloop_adamu: any other ideas?19:04
adamubootloop: I would check in the bios then19:04
delinquentmeI keep having these silly startup issues on this lenovo  Y510P19:04
pfifosemajnad: how is he running it now if he dosent have command line?19:04
bootloop_adamu: what should I be looking for?19:04
Doinkbootloop_, cycle power and enter bios, search for power on boot / reboot after power fail ,, something like this19:05
Doinkchage it to not boot after power off on19:05
adamubootloop: as Doink said look for power on after power fail19:05
semajnadpfifo: This is all just theory at the moment I'm trying to work out how to do this before I hand it over to him. Theres an executable in net001's home directory that i need to run, without letting net001 have SSH access19:05
apb1963semajnad: personally I don't see a way to avoid giving the user command line access unless he's running a restricted shell.  Maybe someone else can think of something.19:05
apb1963semajnad: If you just want to restrict ssh access, that's different from not giving him command line access.19:06
pfifosemajnad: so how are you proposing to get the file to run?19:06
Doinkpage 3 on dells19:06
semajnadpfifo: That's my issue. apb1963 Can you stop a user using ANY commands except 1?19:06
apb1963semajnad: If I only needed to run one command, I would probably make that command his shell.19:07
semajnadapb1963: All I need them to be able to do is ./MCMA2_x86_6419:07
eerIs there an upper limit of RAM for Ubuntu? I mean is the more the better or is there a limit where it doesn make sense to add more RAM.19:07
semajnadapb1963: His shell?>19:07
semajnadapb1963: This sounds promising :P What does that mean?19:07
bootloop_Doink:  I figured it out.19:07
bootloop_Doink:  it was a setting called "Wake on LAN"19:07
pfifosemajnad: why dont you just run it for him, it is a server after all, you could start it from rc.local or something19:07
Doinkyer that will do it19:07
bootloop_Thanks for the help Doink  and adamu19:08
bootloop_I appreciate it19:08
semajnadpfifo: That's true, but whenever i've given another user permission to read/write/execute his files, it stops his FTP access for some reason :/19:08
apb1963semajnad: yah.  Instead of /bin/false or /bin/ksh or whatever, just change his shell to /home/user/MCMA2 whatever19:08
adamubootloop: np19:08
semajnadapb1963: So what would that do exactly?19:08
Tomfoolerykostkon, It give me 4 lines and I use the menu19:08
apb1963semajnad: but I'm not sure what that would do to ftp access19:08
lukodiabloguys... where i can find mac80211 driver for usb 8812au ( sitecom WLA 7100 )19:08
kostkonTomfoolery, hmm could you paste it on paste.ubuntu.com19:09
Tomfoolerykostkon, There's a special way to copy things from terminal right?19:09
apb1963semajnad: because now you've restricted to that one program... running ftp...  I think that requires a normal shell of some type19:09
kostkonTomfoolery, select the text with your mouse, right click and select copy19:09
pfifosemajnad: setting his shell to it would require him to be looged in iver ssh constantly19:09
Tomfoolerykostkon, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6348688/19:10
semajnadpfifo: Can I set a users home directory to a folder in someone elses home directory?19:10
DoinkThe Buddha once said. "A wise man knows nothing and talks little about it."19:10
apb1963semajnad: the shell is just a program that runs.. ksh, csh, tcsh, sh, bash... .... change that program - the shell - to the program you want.19:10
pfifosemajnad: no not a good idea19:10
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Doinkinfinite loops19:11
pfifoapb1963: how do you keep the program running upon logout though? mcma is server software19:11
PhonicUKpfifo, using screen19:11
semajnadapb1963: pfifo I'm really stuck on how to do this haha can another use be allwoed to run an executable in another users home directory?19:11
apb1963pfifo: oh, I didn't know that was a requirement.  the requirements keep changing.19:12