gfallbackjcbvanyone here00:39
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:40
gfallbackjcbvim trying to install muse 2.1.2 and its not compiling saying does not know command00:44
GridCubecan you paste the message to a pastebin please?00:50
holsteingfallbackjcbv: what command? what is the exact error? where are you getting the packages from?02:51
ddragonanyone here?03:22
uuser100I don't know, if this is the right chatroom. I have an audio issue. I use Ubuntu 12.10. and Jitsi. During a video call there is a very bad echo. I read on the internet, that the next version of PulseAudio(I have 2.1.) has a way better echo cancellation. I don't want to upgrade to the next Ubuntu version and would like to know if there is a possibility just to upgrade PulseAudio and not Ubuntu?13:03
cfhowlettuuser100, of course.  get the latest from the PA website or compile it yourself and install.13:22
uuser100cfhowlett, and should I uninstall PulseAudio 2.1?13:26
cfhowlettuuser100, sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio will do that.13:29
uuser100cfhowlett, and this will not crash my system? I have not many skills to fix it than.13:36
cfhowlettuuser100, without knowing more about why  the default is acting up,I can't say.  moreover, I only boot LTS so, I'm still in 12.04.13:38
cfhowlettuuser100, could be that your video calling speeds/services are at fault, not ubuntu.  I did some video conferencing last week from China and it ALL sounded bad - but for China, that's normal.13:39
cfhowlettuuser100, is it ONLY video that gets stupid?13:39
uuser100cfhowlett, the sound itself is quit good, but there is an echo, which makes the conversation very difficult. And it is a call within Europa.13:45
cfhowlettuuser100,  try a different connection and a different video call, e.g. skype.13:46
cfhowlettOR go ahead and upgrade your PA and see if that fixes it.13:46
uuser100OK, if there is a possibility to get a package for 12.10. without compiling? I am not that good at it.13:49
zequenceuuser100: you might want to check if you can find a PPA for it.13:50
uuser100zequence, I am trying, but had no success till now.13:51
cfhowlettuuser100, http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/PulseAudio/Download/   I'll send you a bill for the 15 seconds of googling this search consumed13:51
uuser100cfhowlett, thanks : )13:52
uuser100cfhowlett, I had this page already opened, but did not find a PPA in the way I know it in Ubuntu. Sorry, but I am still learning.13:56
cfhowlettno apologies needed.13:58
cfhowlettthe git seems to be for developers.  full "older" versions are what you want.  see the link on the page.  sorry.  gtg13:58
trond_how to install silverlig14:18
zequencetrond_: silverlight? You can't14:22
zequencewhat do you need it for?14:22
trond_watch tv14:23
zequencenetflix? or just anything?14:23
zequenceYou might be able to install silverlight in wine, not sure, and it might not work anyway14:24
trond_tv2 Norway14:24
zequencetrond_: You should tell them to stop using silverlight14:24
zequenceflash is bad enough14:24
Felishiaubuntu studio?... wait this is a program I suppose and not about music inside linux16:23
dtori just installed ubuntustudio 13.10 on my sony laptop. it's great, but my firefox will stop playing audio if i open hydrogen at the same time20:32
dtorif i do a "sudo alsa force-reload" it will fix the audio in firefox, but then hydrogen audio stops working until i restart20:34
dcosnethi all20:50
dcosnetanyone got wine and multilib installing on 64bit 13.10 ubuntu studio?20:51
dcosnetor am i better off just doing a multilib studio setup manually? haha20:53
dcosnetdownloading so i can test that scenario in a vm20:54
dcosneti tried it native on a laptop last weekend and entire system broke, but i wasnt trying to hard either20:55
dcosnetside tracked that day20:55
dcosneti didnt see ia32-libs though in apt repo's when i had looked which didnt help at all20:56
dcosnetps. ubuntu studio doesnt like being in a vm to much. at least not with default video driver cirus. changing to vga was fine.21:58
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Guest33817mahlzeit, jemand da?22:04
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robfordHi all, just installed US 13.10. One problem I have. I used Hydrogen and since closing it, I have no audio on youtube, clementine etc until I reboot. Can anyone please advise?23:44
robfordDo I need to do something with JAck/ALSA??23:45
zequencerobford: What are you using to start jack with?23:54
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro23:54
zequenceYou can pipe desktop audio to jack, if you want23:54
zequencestart jackdbus (default qjackctl settings), open pulseaudio settings and set output to jack23:55
robfordI dont lol (Sorry I am a noob). I start US and then just open Hydrogen (Sound on youtube before this is fine), Hydrogen works fine and then when I close it, there's no sound from Web browser or media player, I suspect I'm missing something obvious?23:56
robfordOk, I've opened qjackctl23:59

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