Poisoned_DragonWhen I re-purposed a Dell File server, to use as a desktop, I didn't use the raid feature. The onboard controller worked just fine. Granted, It wasn't a Cisco Blade server, but options can be changed.00:00
Poisoned_DragonBut, I digress.00:00
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xubuntu091je reste bloqué a enregistrement des paquets01:47
xubuntu091paquet installés01:48
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csalvadorhey guys04:23
kRushanyone successfully running the latest amd biary blob on 13.10? I just get the wallpaper after login/no UI =/06:16
A_J_how do i enable wireless networks in xubuntu ? any help06:51
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:52
A_J_well_laid_lawn this is an xubuntu specific problem. cause i enabled it via the cli just can't do it via the GUI06:54
A_J_says wireless network disabled in the dropdown on the desktop06:54
A_J_and in network manager the previous network shows up ( saved pw) with no way to connect to it06:54
well_laid_lawnif you bring down the wifi in a terminal can you then remove the old connection in network manager ?06:56
A_J_oh well i can scan for it. can't seem to connect to it.06:56
A_J_some syntax error06:56
A_J_hey all.. i need help. how do i restore the taskbar( bar on top) to default settings.. i messed mine up bad07:43
well_laid_lawnA_J_:  you can remove the files for the panel in ~/.config/xfce4/08:26
well_laid_lawnwhile not in X or they just get saved again08:27
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ngomesabout the known bug on 13.10 networkmanager11:44
ngomessuspend hangs networkmanager on wakeup11:45
ngomesworkaround killall Networkmanager brings networkmanager11:45
ngomesi cant suspend anymore either shutdown11:45
ngomesgives me a dbus error11:45
ngomesits still not solved , right11:46
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brainwashngomes: not yet solved (officially)12:35
brainwashngomes: bug 1184262, comment 7312:36
ubottubug 1184262 in systemd (Ubuntu) "[logind] stuck in PrepareForSleep, causing network and other services to not resume" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118426212:36
ngomesbrainwash, hmmm some say it works some say it doesnt12:40
brainwashngomes: if your session gets stuck and won't allow you to suspend again, then this fix will most likely fix it12:41
ngomesisnt this package available in the ubuntu repositories ?12:42
ngomesi hate to add PPA12:42
brainwashit is, but the "broken" one12:42
brainwashwell, simply download the .deb file and install it manually12:42
brainwashor compile from source12:43
ngomesok done12:44
ngomesdpkg did not told me about upgrading the package ...12:44
ngomesoh wait12:44
ngomespreparing to replace (...)12:45
ngomesguess its ok12:45
ngomesill go test12:45
brainwashalright, add a comment to the bug report with your test result(s)12:45
ngomeshello ?12:46
ngomessuspended twice , looks like its solved :D12:46
ngomes( gotta love tcp timeouts ) :)12:47
ngomesok , dont know if i have account12:47
ngomeson launchpad12:47
brainwashdon't worry12:48
ngomesi dont see a reply box12:48
ngomesto add my comment12:48
brainwashdid you login?12:48
brainwashthe comment box is located at the bottom of the site12:49
ngomesbrainwash, comment 107 :-)12:52
ngomesi see now , i was not logged in12:53
brainwashngomes: thanks :)12:53
ngomesgreat. now only sound volume is bugged12:53
ngomesits ok , i can go on multimedia and select volume12:54
brainwashthat's bug 120820412:54
ubottubug 1208204 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120820412:54
ngomesis it solved ?12:54
brainwashworkarounds do exist12:55
ngomesi see12:56
ngomesgonna wait12:56
ngomesits not very important to me right now12:56
brainwashthe long term solution would be add support for ubuntu's gtk3 indicators12:57
ngomesand the update-manager icon does apeear not more12:57
brainwashsee bug 123899712:57
ubottubug 1238997 in xfce4-panel (Ubuntu) "Add support for GTK3 panel indicators" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123899712:57
ngomesit opens up a task in task manager12:57
brainwashupdate-manager indicator -> bug 124636412:58
ubottubug 1246364 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "update-notifier does not show a tray icon in xubuntu 13.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124636412:58
ngomesno workaround13:00
ngomesits ok too , no big problem13:01
ngomesill wati13:01
ngomesi still prefer the icon rather the minimized window13:01
brainwashmaybe it will be fixed or some adjustments will be made, but not any time soon I'm afraid13:03
ngomesi'll wait13:04
ngomesthe suspend / network manager was the one annoying me13:05
ngomesrest is fine13:05
ngomesapart from that13:05
ngomesfew kernel releases ago , i could list all kernel modules with modprobe -l , now ( i think its after 3.x.x) i cant ... do you know how can i do this ?13:06
brainwashdon't know, try lsmod13:07
ngomeslsmod lists the modules kernel is using at the moment , i was asking the opposite13:09
ngomesparameter -l is out of modprobe manual :o13:10
ngomesdeep changes in this13:10
brainwashfound this http://lwn.net/Articles/529781/13:11
brainwashand https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=13439313:11
ngomesok , thanks , couldnt find that out , but its what i was looking for13:13
moondoghmm, they apparently moved the default menu in 13.1013:14
ngomeslooks the same to me13:15
moondogI grabbed the one from /etc/xdg/menus like I would typically do and put it in ~/.config/menus and everything changed13:15
moondogso that's apparently not where it's getting it13:16
moondogit *was* the norm13:16
moondogthank you :)13:16
ngomesdo you want an alternative menu ? i've seen one few days ago , cant remember the name13:16
ngomeswhisky something13:16
moondogoh yeah, Mint uses that13:16
moondogit's not bad13:17
ngomesi've seen a post of someone using it as alternative to xfce one13:17
brainwashthis one http://gottcode.org/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin/13:17
moondogwhisker menu13:17
ngomesyes whisker-menu13:17
ngomeshere is the article about it13:19
ngomeswell , i done here13:24
ngomessee you next time13:24
xubuntu399buona sera a tutti13:41
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Junkaelfy, sorry :(13:50
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ljunggrenis there any differnce between isntalling fglrx-updates and download and try to install from amd website?18:44
bekksljunggren: The difference is: the latter will break on every kernel update.18:44
ljunggrenbekks, you mean if i download from website?18:45
ljunggrenso fglrx-updates is the best choice18:45
ljunggreni just want best performance18:45
ljunggreni dont think opensource drivers will cope with games as well as propdrive18:46
ljunggrenthanks for the help18:48
xubuntu949j'ai installé xubuntu 13.10 et j'ai un problème de surchauffe avec ma carte graphique ATI radeon 340018:58
bekks!fr | xubuntu94918:58
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m3kkis linux ready to completly replace windows for gaming now?19:36
m3kkwith steam and all19:36
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.19:37
m3kkwas that meant for me?19:37
holsteinm3kk: that really has nothing to do with "linux".. its about the game developers and hardware manufacturers supporting linux19:37
holsteinm3kk: yes.. that is the steam information19:37
m3kkholstein: thanks19:37
m3kki mean drivers? are they on-pare? in experience19:37
holsteinm3kk: if they are made/designed to me, yes19:38
Junkam3kk: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=gpus_windows81_ubuntu&num=119:38
m3kkwow junka nice link19:39
m3kkoh.. linux is pretty behind19:42
holsteinm3kk: its actually not linux that is behind.. its linux support19:42
m3kki mean in-direct19:43
holsteinyou can find hardware that will have *better* perfomance in linux19:43
m3kkor something19:43
m3kki should buy  a gtx 680 it seems19:43
holsteinif you are gaming, linux is an option.. a new option19:43
m3kknice way to put it19:44
m3kkguess ill just stick with win8.1 for gaming till now only because of performance in game19:45
holsteinor, help steam make it better by using it..19:45
holsteinwhen folks on linux want games, they will come19:46
holsteinarguably the best thing to do is to just use linux and ask for and demand support and buy games for linux, from hardware vendors that support linux19:46
m3kkholstein: you talked me in to it.. i will actually install linux now on my main desktop pc..19:52
m3kkwish me luck19:52
holsteinm3kk: enjoy!19:52
m3kki know this belongs to #ubuntu-steam but you seem pretty good at it holstein , is it possibly to install games from steam on a seperate disk than ubuntu is isntalled on ? i only have 64gb SSD and it will vannish if i start installing games on it.. i have another 500GB HDD that i intented for games etc19:56
RipresaTecncould move your home to the hdd20:03
RipresaTecnthen use live cd to expand root partition thats on the sdd20:06
m3kki don't know20:06
m3kkcant i just chose path install like windows?20:07
bekksm3kk: sure.20:07
m3kkbut moving home to E: ( my HDD) perhaps is a good idea.. since its there i have all my movies and pictures?20:07
RipresaTecnnot sure im just throwing stuff out there since nobody was answering you20:07
bekksE: is a Windows drive letter.20:08
RipresaTecnlol when you convert linux terms to windows terms you make your life harder20:08
m3kkRipresaTecn: thanks20:09
m3kkwriting a liveusb now!20:10
RipresaTecnim trying to find a good resource that will teach you how linux handles storage devices20:10
m3kkthat would be awesome and probably really confusing20:10
m3kkbut i really would love to learn20:11
m3kki installed ubuntu on my mothers OOooooldass laptop because it was not running even XP good..20:11
bekksm3kk: Then dont expect wonders.20:12
m3kkit was overheating and it was freezing even after full reinstall.. i just tested it with ubuntu and its like brand new.. runs much better then my new laptop20:12
m3kki didn't just last resort.. worked out beaaaautiful20:12
m3kkshe loves it20:12
RipresaTecnmaybe that will help clear things up20:12
m3kkbekks: wonder did happen ;)20:13
m3kki will check20:13
m3kkaha.. so my "C" will be used as just / then20:13
m3kkmy whole SSD as /20:13
bekksThere are no drive letters.20:13
m3kknono i know20:14
RipresaTecnyes C is /20:14
bekksRipresaTecn: Uhm no.20:14
RipresaTecnwell yah if you convert it pretty much is20:14
m3kkYeah so when i install ubuntu my whole SSD (WItch is NOW C;) will be /20:14
bekksTechnically, you can install Windows on D:-Z: - you cannot install linux anywhere but /20:14
RipresaTecnwell now we are getting overly technical20:15
m3kki understand, but my ssd will be / either way20:15
RipresaTecnto his eyes yes c is /20:15
well_laid_lawnc is a partition, linux names the partitions like /dev/sda20:15
well_laid_lawn /dev/sdb etc20:15
m3kkso guys20:16
m3kkwhat i have is 64GB SSD, 500gb HDD ( filled with pics and movies) .. the best deal for me (and easiest) would be just crashnburn install ubuntu over win8 on ssd right?20:17
m3kkim in the liveusb right now20:17
well_laid_lawnyou can dualboot if you still want to keep windows20:17
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot20:17
m3kki raelly dont want to dualboot20:17
m3kkim trying to break up with windows20:17
well_laid_lawnjust nuke the win install then20:18
m3kkgood lord20:18
m3kksounds brutal20:18
m3kkand awesome20:18
well_laid_lawnyou just overwrite the win install with linux20:18
well_laid_lawnI recommend making a seperate /home partition too20:19
m3kkwell_laid_lawn: you mean instead of choosing "Nuke Windows 8 with Ubuntu" i should chose "Something else.."20:20
well_laid_lawnif you have no experience making partitions going with the default install might be a lot less stress20:21
well_laid_lawntry that first then20:21
m3kkbut why does ubuntu think default i want my start-handle ( direct translate from swede) to be oni my 500gb hdd? aka /dev/sda20:22
well_laid_lawnit only takes about 20 minutes for an install so if you change your mind later it is quick enough to redo things20:22
well_laid_lawnit's normal to install the boot loader to the disk with the root partition20:23
m3kki have a lot of options really.. i dont know why20:23
m3kk/dev/sda 500gb20:23
m3kk/dev/sda3 (windows 8 loader)20:23
m3kk/dev/sdb 64GB SSD20:23
m3kk/dev/sdc 2gb20:23
m3kki think i will just "replace win 8 with ubuntu" .. and hope for the best? i just  hope it does not delete everything on my second HDD20:25
well_laid_lawnyou said win8 was on the ssd ...20:25
m3kkyeah it is really20:25
well_laid_lawnso win8 is on /dev/sdb1 then20:25
m3kkit should20:25
m3kkits ntfs partition20:26
m3kkthe /dev/sda3 windows 8 loader is just 367MB big20:26
well_laid_lawnsounds like the live cd didn't sort the partitions out right then20:26
m3kkthe /dev/sdb1 says size 64020 with used space "unknown"20:27
well_laid_lawnI can't see the setup from here so I'm just going by what you say, and there's a contradiction there20:28
m3kkokok i can take a screendump20:28
m3kka shame i cant maximize the window..  cant see everything in that little20:30
ubuntu_ok im here20:30
ubuntu_its m3kk20:30
ubuntu_give me a good site to upload 3 screenshots?20:32
ubuntu_does not work20:34
ubuntu_wrong file type20:35
ubuntu_im so happy20:35
well_laid_lawnif it is .JPG with capitals change it to lower case20:36
ubuntu_not even that can go smooth20:36
well_laid_lawnfirst time doing something is always the hardest20:37
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ubuntu_check if that works20:37
ubuntu_only site that did not give me error20:37
ubuntu_and here is n2.. it worked this time20:38
ubuntu_and n3 http://imagebin.org/27556320:39
ubuntu_i cant even enter my ssd or my hdd from the live usb.. that is strange20:40
ubuntu_i do not have permission20:40
well_laid_lawndid you check the iso and cd you burnt?20:41
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows20:41
ubuntu_yeah its ok i have been here before actually with different iso20:41
ubuntu_it was xubuntu20:41
ubuntu_and mint20:42
ubuntu_i cant enter those drives for some reason20:42
well_laid_lawnwell, technically speaking, if you are using the ubuntu live cd you should be trying #ubuntu for help20:43
well_laid_lawnit looks like your ssd is ntfs20:43
ubuntu_is that bad20:43
well_laid_lawnif you are confident /dev/sdb1 is the win8 install put ubuntu on that20:44
ubuntu_i could just "replace win 8 with ubuntu".. but my fear is that it tries to put ubuntu on my 500gb somehow20:45
well_laid_lawnyes, some ppl remove other disks to eliminate such chances for errors20:46
well_laid_lawnwith a manual install there is less chance for the system to get it wrong20:46
well_laid_lawnbut a greater chance you will20:46
ubuntu_so i should put /dev/sdb to / then20:47
well_laid_lawn /dev/sdb120:47
well_laid_lawn /dev/sdb is the disk you don't install to disks20:48
ubuntu_now im confused20:48
well_laid_lawn /dev/sdb1 is a partition, you install to partitions20:48
ubuntu_oh right20:48
ubuntu_thanks lol20:48
ubuntu_so i can just press /dev/sdb1 .. and chose that for / ? do i need to configure any other drive? swap etc?20:49
ubuntu_and i should also make the "starthandler" to my 64gb ssd?20:49
ubuntu_edit partition : ext4 or something?20:50
ubuntu_Hey.. i chose "replace win8" and after that  i could chose either 500gb hdd or 64gb ssd. to install20:54
ubuntu_so it will all be good right?20:54
well_laid_lawnsounds like it will20:54
ubuntu_well shoot here i go20:55
bekksSince you hopefully made a backup before, you dont have to be concerned.20:55
ubuntu_bekks, ofc not20:55
bekksThen you dont have any data worth to be kept and you can continue.20:55
ubuntu_this is where i should say YOLO but i dont want to seem like a bigger idiot than i already do20:56
ubuntu_then i already appear to be20:56
ubuntu_or something20:56
ubuntu_thanks for the help guys20:56
m3kkFile /WINDOWS/system32/winload32 error error cant reboot21:11
well_laid_lawnhold the power on button down for more than 5 seconds21:13
m3kkshould i remove /dev/sda3 ntfs aka the Windows 8 loader? a partition that is fairly ...21:15
m3kksorry english21:15
m3kkwell_laid_lawn: it just .. shuts down again if i hold it down for more than 5 sec21:17
m3kknailed it..21:19
m3kkdo i need to unisntall opensource amd drivers before installing fglrx?21:33
bet0xHello, my volumen indicator is empty on my panel, how can i fix this? i installed xubuntu-desktop from console21:59
bet0xwhere i submit a patch for xubuntu?22:40
ochosibet0x: on launchpad22:41
ochosifor what package?22:41
bet0xthe sound indicator is broken22:42
bet0xi made that small patch wich fix it so now i have my sound control back22:42
ochosiah right22:42
ochosiwell there is already a bugreport with a patch for that22:42
bet0xoh ok22:43
bet0xwasted my time T_T22:43
* bet0x feeling slow22:43
ochosibet0x: depends on your patch22:44
bet0xochosi, was a simple one anyways =p22:45
bet0xxubuntu841, hi22:45
ochosibet0x: well next time feel free to search launchpad first ;)22:45
ochosibet0x: here's the bugreport anyway: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-sound/+bug/120820422:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 1208204 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin" [High,Triaged]22:45
xubuntu841please, do you know which distro runs on old laptop, like non-pae cpu?22:46
ochosixubuntu841: i think xubuntu 12.04 (LTS) could, but i'm not sure now22:46
xubuntu841thanks. i'm trying a lot of distros with no results...22:47
bekksxubuntu841: 11.10, then update to 12.0422:50
bekksor 10.04 and update to 12.0422:50
bet0xi upgraded from 13.04 to 13.10 then installed xubuntu-desktop22:51
bet0xand thats when happened22:51

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