manchickenFinally the move is done!02:32
manchickenAnybody know much about QT builds?02:42
manchickenI've got this error in cmake and it's just frusting the hell out of me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6350604/02:44
manchickenI'm virtually certain that I'm just doing something stupid here to cause the problem, I'm just not sure what that mistake is.02:46
ahoneybunmanchicken, I looked at it but don't really know much04:09
manchickenYeah, I don't know what's up with this...04:18
manchickenI'm wondering if Jon is still around and might have time to help. Dunno.04:19
manchickenI feel bad that I haven't gotten this done, but every time I have time to look at it lately I run into a build issue.04:19
valoriemanchicken: do you have a clean build folder?04:35
valorienot "make clean" but actually blowing away the folder and mkdir a new one04:35
manchickenYeah, I did ` /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake`04:35
manchickenDid: rm -r CMakeCache.txt CMakeFiles CMakeTmp04:36
manchickenThat's what I actually did04:36
valoriewell, if you are still running into errors, it is worthwhile (IMO) to actually rm the whole damn folder04:36
lordievaderGood morning.08:49
apacheloggereeeee, quantal is still supported09:48
QuintasanGood morning09:54
apacheloggerScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/saucy-backports/+bug/124755710:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 1247557 in saucy-backports "Please backport mangonel 1.1-0ubuntu1 (universe) from trusty to saucy, raring, quantal, precise" [Undecided,New]10:31
=== PaulW2U_ is now known as PaulW2U
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:56
lars_I'm using Kubuntu 12.04, and when I was booting up, I accidentally clicked on Restart X Server.  Is this going to cause problems for me?  I already noticed sth weird happened when I tried to use a photography program.  It looks like my server got changed.13:26
BluesKajlars in a word , no , restarting X shouldn't do much except restarting the Xserver , and this room is a development chat , you can receive further help in #kubuntu13:36
lars_thanks Blues13:36
ahoneybunhello all15:28
soeehi ahoneybun 15:30
ahoneybunhey soee 15:31
lordievaderHey ahoneybun, how are you?15:31
ahoneybunlordievader, good you?15:32
lordievaderI'm doing pretty good :)15:34
ahoneybunI'm compiling AOKP for my phone :)15:39
lordievaderahoneybun: This thing? http://aokp.co/15:44
lordievaderahoneybun: Ok, have fun ;)15:47
ahoneybunyep it is going well so far15:49
ahoneybunand it just finished16:20
ahoneybunlordievader, I just put it on my phone and it works so far16:34
Quintasanapachelogger: ping19:17
Quintasanlook at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeconnect-kde/+bug/124643319:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 1246433 in kdeconnect-kde (Ubuntu Saucy) "SRU 0.4 to saucy" [Undecided,In progress]19:18
Riddellsmartboyhw for 2013 Ubuntu Community Council!19:30
apacheloggerQuintasan: and then?19:48
apacheloggerI am not in ubuntu-sru19:48
RiddellQuintasan: yeah talk nicely to ScottK 19:48
santa_ScottK: did you talked to the libkdcraw kde maintainers about that security patch?19:49
ScottKsanta_: Which one?19:49
santa_the only one in debian's git for 4.11: libkdcraw_CVE-2013-143x.diff19:50
santa_see the -packagers mailing list if you are in19:51
ScottKI am.19:51
santa_ok, so as you can see I just sent a mail because the patch isn't in .3 tarballs19:52
ScottKsanta_: It's a change to the embedded copy of libraw.  I got it from the Ubuntu security team who were fixing libraw.19:56
ScottKI don't think it's really my job to tell upstreams that are insane enough to depend on embedded code copies that the embedded copies have issues.  I think that's their problem.19:57
ScottKI'm glad they have (AIUI) for 4.12 finally fixed that.19:57
ScottKSo no.  Didn't talk to them about it.  They should be monitoring libraw upstream.19:57
ScottKSent mail.20:00
QuintasanScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeconnect-kde/+bug/1246433  a friendly prod20:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 1246433 in kdeconnect-kde (Ubuntu Saucy) "SRU 0.4 to saucy" [Undecided,In progress]20:06
soeehi :)20:14
soee4.11.3 for saucy almost done ?20:14
yofelsoee: you can test it once kdepim is done building :) http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/build_status_4.11.3_saucy.html20:19
soeeok will test 4.11.320:42
soeeyofel, no errors during upgrade20:55
soeewill reboot no20:55
soeeyofel, all works fine :)20:58
yofelthanks :)20:58
soeesomeone here using homerun ?21:28
Quintasanyofel: Happy birthday now or was it yesterday in my timezone?23:00
yofelQuintasan: yesterday for me now at least, but thanks! :D23:01
QuintasanBetter late than never they say.23:01
valorieyofel, happy bday!23:06
yofelthanks valorie :)23:07
ovidiu-florinHappy birthday, yofel :D23:07
Quintasankubotu: order party for yofel23:07
* kubotu gives everyone a party hat and a hand full of conffeti.23:07
* kubotu turns on tha most funky party music as well as the all shiny disco ball.23:07
kubotuyofel: wanna dance with me? :-)23:07
* kubotu starts shaking her tight ass23:07
QuintasanY, that's the proper order23:07
yofelthanks ovidiu-florin :)23:07
QuintasanWell, that said I have to go to bed23:07
QuintasanDamn lectures.23:07
* apachelogger wonders when kubotu turned female23:07
QuintasanAT 7:30 T_T23:07
apacheloggerit's a lie, it's all a lie23:07
ovidiu-florinkubotu ca be what ever is neccesary23:08
Quintasanapachelogger: Where be me whiskey bind?23:08
apacheloggerdid you ever give me a thing23:08
Quintasankubotu: order whiskey for queuebot23:08
* kubotu slides whiskey down the bar to queuebot23:08
apacheloggerbecause I don't think you did23:08
* yofel hands apachelogger a cake23:08
QuintasanHell, I did, I even asked Riddell for opinion23:08
* apachelogger huggles the yofel to celebrate his unbirthday23:09
apacheloggeractually I think you are all wrong23:09
apacheloggerkubotu probably has an unbirthday package23:09
apacheloggerkubotu: order unbirthday package for yofel23:09
* kubotu is running to the corner shop to get an unbirthday present.23:09
* kubotu slides an unbirthday cake and a present down the bar to yofel and gives everyone a nice frosty mug of beer.23:09
kubotuHappy unbirthday to you, happy unbirthday to you, happy unbirthday yofel, happy unbirthday to you!!!! - Wooooho!23:09
kubotuHappy Unbirthday yofel :D23:09
kubotuTo your unhealth!23:09
apacheloggerthere ye go23:09
* apachelogger now feels like watching alice in wonderland23:09
apacheloggerdarn ye, kubotu :@23:09
QuintasanRiddell: What kind of whiskey should kubotu serve?23:09
yofellolwhat :D23:10
valoriethe Glenfidditch23:10
apacheloggersince your birthday was yesterday we can now celebrate unbirthday23:10
ahoneybunhey valorie 23:10
apacheloggerthat's spellled all sorts of wrong23:10
apacheloggermuch like the piece of code that said Widegt23:11
valoriealso, it tastes like cough syrup23:11
QuintasanJägermeister FTW23:11
ovidiu-florinIt's not that bad23:11
apacheloggerah yes, the children's drug, cough syrup23:11
apacheloggerkubotu: order unbirthday package for afiestas23:11
* kubotu is running to the corner shop to get an unbirthday present.23:11
* kubotu slides an unbirthday cake and a present down the bar to afiestas and gives everyone a nice frosty mug of beer.23:11
kubotuHappy unbirthday to you, happy unbirthday to you, happy unbirthday afiestas, happy unbirthday to you!!!! - Wooooho!23:11
kubotuHappy Unbirthday afiestas :D23:11
kubotuTo your unhealth!23:11
QuintasanJägermeister is absolutely fantastic.23:11
apacheloggerit seems we also forgot our resident Alex23:12
QuintasanDid we?23:12
Quintasanafiestas: (late) Happy Brithday!23:12
yofelhe's also on the 3rd?23:13
apacheloggerbut it's all good, no one knew when my birthday was so I cannot be blamed for forgetting everyone elses :P23:13
QuintasanBesides, ovidiu-florin my friend, Jägermeister is not a whiskey.23:13
yofelhappy birthday afiestas :)23:13
apachelogger2nd actually23:13
apacheloggerkubotu: order birthday package for rbelem23:13
* kubotu is running to the corner shop to get a birthday present.23:13
* kubotu slides a birthday cake and a present down the bar to rbelem and gives everyone a nice frosty mug of beer.23:13
kubotuHappy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday rbelem, happy birthday to you!!!! - Wooooho!23:13
kubotuHappy Birthday rbelem :D23:13
kubotuTo your health!23:13
apacheloggereveryone just stop having birthdays please23:14
apacheloggerit causes excessive amounts of IRC spam23:14
apacheloggerle terrible23:14
ovidiu-florinQuintasan: I know. I just wanted to mention a german drink.23:14
RiddellQuintasan: no whiskey please, only whisky23:14
Quintasanapachelogger: I demand "order jaegermeister" bind23:14
* rbelem hugs apachelogger tightly23:14
* apachelogger (post-)birthday huggles the rbelem, afiestas and yofel23:15
QuintasanRiddell: I'm terribly sorry, I'm getting the weird spelling from the bottle in my fridge. I shall get rid of it shortly when my paycheck arrives23:15
* apachelogger disappears into a shell23:15
yofelQuintasan: no please, let's leave it by whiskey orders, you can definitely live without jaegermeister23:15
yofelrbelem: happy birthday! (whenever it was ^^)23:15
yofelerm, now I'm getting confused by all the spam... s/whiskey/whisky/23:16
rbelemyofel, happy birthday to you too :-D23:16
Quintasanapachelogger: "kubotu slides down a glass of Jägermeister shouting 'Jagd!' ".23:16
QuintasanRiddell: Your recommendation once again please.23:16
Quintasanyofel: Jägermeister is what I drink when I'm ill23:17
Quintasan(maybe that's why I'm still sick)23:18
RiddellQuintasan: balvenie doublewood is the finest23:19
QuintasanRiddell: Shall we serve it with ice or leave it as it is?23:19
* yofel hands Quintasan a bottle of schwarzwälder kirschwasser23:19
yofelwon't make you better either, but it's a change of taste :P23:19
RiddellQuintasan: don't add ice! are you mad?!23:19
Quintasanyofel: >Black Forest cake23:20
Quintasanapachelogger: Sir, make it happen.23:20
Riddella little jug of water if you want to compare the palette at different strengths23:20
Quintasanyofel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fuersteneck_Kirschwasser.jpg We are talking about this?23:20
rbelemhey guys. luv u. I miss u so much :-)23:20
Quintasanrbelem: <323:20
yofelQuintasan: not the cake, the brandy that's part of the cake23:20
yofelQuintasan: pretty much23:20
QuintasanI shall hunt it down and drink it.23:21
apacheloggeryou are all drunk!23:21
Quintasanapachelogger: Make the damn bind already!23:21
yofelapachelogger: we're following your example ;P23:21
ovidiu-florinthat reminds me, I'll go get my beer23:21
Quintasanapachelogger: or tell me how to do so I'll add some more while I'm at tit23:22
Quintasanat it*23:22
QuintasanRiddell: Think I can get some Doublewood somewhere in my backwater country or they don't export at all?23:22
apacheloggerkubotu: rescan23:23
kubotusaving ...23:23
kuboturescanning ...23:23
kubotudone. 10 core modules loaded; 56 plugins loaded; 32 plugins ignored; 2 plugins failed to load23:23
apacheloggerkubotu: order enterprise23:23
* kubotu shouts ENGAGE!23:23
apacheloggeryou better had23:23
Quintasankubotu: order whisky for apachelogger23:23
* kubotu slides whisky down the bar to apachelogger23:23
RiddellQuintasan: hmm good question, I suspect it's not common abroad, quite a lot of brands abroad are different from what we get in scotland23:23
apacheloggerkubotu: order whiskey for Quintasan23:23
* kubotu throws a sign saying 'can't touch this' at Quintasan.23:23
* Quintasan throws bricks at apachelogger23:24
apacheloggerkubotu: order a shield23:24
* kubotu slides a shield down the bar to apachelogger23:24
QuintasanOur local Whisky Overlord Riddell just told you how it's spelt!23:24
* Quintasan throws lava at apachelogger23:24
apacheloggeryou said I shall call it whiskey23:25
apacheloggerso I spelled it whiskey23:25
apacheloggerand since ye can't spell it clearly ye don't deserve no whisky23:25
apacheloggerkubotu: order jaergermeister23:25
* kubotu slides jaergermeister down the bar to apachelogger23:25
apacheloggerkubotu: you need autocorrection23:25
apacheloggerkubotu: order jaegermeister23:25
* kubotu slides jaegermeister down the bar to apachelogger23:25
Quintasankubotu: order jaegermeister23:26
* kubotu slides jaegermeister down the bar to Quintasan23:26
QuintasanYou clearly fail at this.23:26
QuintasanRiddell: http://www.smaczajama.pl/sklep/pl/p/The-Balvenie-DoubleWood-12YO,-0,7l/2823 Are we talking about this?23:26
apacheloggerQuintasan: why would kubotu shout jagd anyway23:26
apacheloggeralso just to explain the fail, that thing still lives in svn23:27
apacheloggerI aint got no clue about the svn23:27
apacheloggerthe other day I tried to commit against anonsvn.kde23:27
Quintasanapachelogger: Doesn't jagd mean "hunt" in German or something?23:27
apacheloggerstill don't get the point23:27
QuintasanWhat do jeagermeisters do?23:28
apacheloggerlet me google that23:28
apacheloggerapparently kinda hunt supervisor civil servant23:29
apacheloggernow I broke something23:30
apacheloggeroh boy23:30
Quintasanapachelogger: Well, anyways, if your German is not rusty enough make kubotu shout "It's hunting time!" in German while we are at it.23:30
QuintasanAh you!23:31
apacheloggerkubotu: rescan23:32
kubotusaving ...23:32
kuboturescanning ...23:32
apacheloggerkubotu: now23:32
kubotudone. 10 core modules loaded; 56 plugins loaded; 32 plugins ignored; 2 plugins failed to load23:32
apacheloggerQuintasan: I fixed it23:32
apacheloggeror maybe I broke it further23:33
apacheloggerI changed something anyway23:33
Quintasankubotu: order jaegermeister23:33
* kubotu slides a glass of Jägermeister down the bar, shouting 'Jogd Zeit is!'.23:33
Quintasan"is" ?23:33
ovidiu-florinDas ist gut23:33
apacheloggerto make things proper german one must make it bavarian23:33
apacheloggeractually that may be one word tho23:34
QuintasanJagd Zeit ist23:34
apacheloggerthere can't even write no german23:34
QuintasanJagdzeit ist!23:34
apachelogger"Jogdzeit is"23:34
apacheloggerkubotu: rescan23:34
kubotusaving ...23:34
kuboturescanning ...23:34
kubotudone. 10 core modules loaded; 56 plugins loaded; 32 plugins ignored; 2 plugins failed to load23:34
apacheloggerkubotu: sing a song23:34
Quintasankubotu: order jaegermeister23:35
* kubotu slides a glass of Jägermeister down the bar, shouting 'Jogdzeit is!'.23:35
Quintasankubotu: order whisky for apachelogger23:35
* kubotu slides whisky down the bar to apachelogger23:35
Quintasanapachelogger: A glass Balvenie Doublewood shall be it.23:35
Quintasanapachelogger: Make it happen.23:38
apacheloggerkubotu: rescaaaaaaaaaaaan23:39
apacheloggerkubotu: rescan23:39
kubotusaving ...23:39
kuboturescanning ...23:39
kubotudone. 10 core modules loaded; 56 plugins loaded; 32 plugins ignored; 2 plugins failed to load23:39
apacheloggerkubotu: order vote23:39
* kubotu slides vote down the bar to apachelogger23:39
apacheloggerkubotu: order i voted button23:39
* kubotu hands apachelogger a blue "I Voted" button with a panda on it.23:39
kubotuThanks for voting -- The Illuminati23:39
apacheloggerbut why a panda23:40
QuintasanWhat the flying...23:40
Quintasankubotu: order whisky23:40
* kubotu throws a mighty fine glass of Balvenie Doublewood at Quintasan.23:40
kubotuWhat are ye looking at?23:40
apacheloggerkubotu: order data23:40
* kubotu is telling apachelogger that they performed an illegal operation and needs to be exterminated.23:40
Quintasankubotu: order whisky for Riddell23:40
* kubotu throws a mighty fine glass of Balvenie Doublewood at Riddell.23:40
kubotuWhat are ye looking at?23:40
Quintasanapachelogger: I commend you for your valiant efforts23:41
apacheloggerkubotu: order can of whoopass23:41
* kubotu opens up a can of whoopass on apachelogger. Chuck Norris jumps out.23:41
apacheloggerclassic chuck23:41
ovidiu-florinwhat's with all the alcohol?23:41
apacheloggerax Quintasan, he's obsessed or something23:42
apacheloggerit's rather common that a bar offers all sorts of alcoholic stuff23:43
Quintasanovidiu-florin: I'm pestering apachelogger to implement something I've wanted for a long time23:44
apacheloggereven though kubotu already has all the best things23:44
mamarleyWhenever I see "kubotu" I keep thinking "kubota" for some reason...23:44
apacheloggerkubotu: order hangover for Quintasan23:44
* kubotu slides hangover down the bar to Quintasan23:45
apacheloggerno wait23:45
apacheloggermaybe it was a breakfast23:45
apacheloggerah, god knows23:45
apacheloggerkubotu: order breakfast, hangover for Quintasan23:45
* kubotu slides 2 liter of water, one glass of tomato juice, 3 rollmops and chips down the bar to Quintasan23:45
apacheloggerthere we go23:45
Quintasanapachelogger: question, what is a rollmop?23:45
apacheloggerno one knows23:45
apacheloggersounds like cleaning equipment23:46
apacheloggerbut why 3 of them23:46
apacheloggerlet me google that23:46
QuintasanIt's a herring.23:46
apacheloggeralso why is name resolution so slow on saucy23:46
apacheloggervery curious23:46
apacheloggersomething must be kaput23:46
* Quintasan noms down the rollmops23:47
* Quintasan gulps down the water and pours the tomato juice on apachelogger's keyboard23:47
apacheloggerkubotu: order a new das keyboard23:47
* kubotu slides a new das keyboard down the bar to apachelogger23:47
apacheloggeroh, I wanted to shave23:48
* apachelogger afk23:48
* Quintasan -> bed23:49
ovidiu-florinok, I'm off to bed. see ya23:59

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