xcaliburhi, can anyone help me on the following issue? For all applications im missing the top menu (file.... settings.... etc....)00:50
DroBuddyI'm running Kubuntu 12.04 Precise and am having a problem with Quassel being able to access IRC. It states that I have an open proxy listening on port :8080 (which is a SSH tunnel to a local VM and it doesn't have access from any other machine on the LAN). The router is an old WRT45G, with no port forwarding or port triggering, so I'm stumped on why irc.freenode.net wont allow me access.00:51
DroBuddyCurrently, I'm connected to an EC2 instance and running irssi just to get on IRC. :(00:52
DroBuddy#quassel redirected me to #freenode, but they didn't have any insight. So, I figure this is the next most logical channel to ask.00:52
DroBuddyOh, and the ssh tunnel isn't even up at the moment, as I have the vm in a down state. For what it's worth... So, nothing is actually using :8080 right now00:53
DroBuddyThe exact message is "You are banned from this server- Your host is an open proxy (HTTP CONNECT (8080))"00:54
xcaliburCan anyone tell me how i get my menus back of every application? (the top menu containing "file", "et cetra")00:55
draikxHave you verified that it isn't in fact listening?00:55
draikxtelnet localhost 808000:55
MangaKaDenzaxcalibur, wait. ... like windows menu00:55
MangaKaDenzaor global menu thing00:55
MangaKaDenzaaka macstyle menubar00:55
DroBuddyxcalibur: It should be System Settings -> Application Appearance. You can change it in there.00:55
xcaliburthe global menu thing00:55
MangaKaDenzathat isn't in KDE00:56
MangaKaDenzai think00:56
MangaKaDenzathe global one00:56
FloodBotK1MangaKaDenza: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:56
xcaliburthe one, where you can close you r application with\00:56
MangaKaDenzathat one00:56
xcaliburor change preferences, etc00:56
xcaliburalt tab is also not working anymore00:56
DroBuddydraikx: I'll attempt to connect to it now just to be certain.00:56
xcaliburi believe its called unity in gnome00:56
xcaliburim running kubuntu 13.04 by the way00:58
draikxDroBuddy, it could be a long shot, but just something I'd check first to make sure that I don't have it listening still, though it should have been killed off.00:58
DroBuddyxcalibur: You should be able to reset it by going to System Settings -> Application Appearances. The options to change the settings are in there.00:58
xcaliburif i open a new window, it opens over the old one, and i cant focus back the first (as i have this problem right now)00:59
DroBuddydraikx: Yeah, I even did a reboot to be sure. I'm attempting to use nbtscan against the local IP and it's saying nothing is listening... Which that doesnt seem to be true. Networking is not my strongest point, but I have two active ssh connections open which should be shown... Or, so I'd imagine at least lol01:00
DroBuddyxcalibur Alt+f2 and type terminal. In the terminal run sudo systemsettings01:00
draikxDroBuddy, netstat -plant | grep LISTEN01:00
DroBuddydraikx: http://pastebin.com/bh07GNy901:02
DroBuddyNothing for port 8080...01:02
DroBuddyI'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary either... Chrome is the biggest culprit for listening, but they are all expected services.01:03
draikxDroBuddy, weird. Maybe try to reconnect again, and see if it lets you in? I'd also suggest hitting port 8080 yourself; telnet localhost 8080. If you get a response, which you shouldn't, then you might be able to isolate the issue.01:04
DroBuddyAs expected, telnet localhost 8080 connection refused. I'll retry with Quassel now.01:05
DroBuddyHrm, I just realized that BTSync normally uses :8080, and it's not running. I wonder if that may be the underlying issue some how.01:05
xcalibur_back again, sorry01:06
DroBuddyI'm going to dig through ps -A real quick and | grepping for BT didnt show anything. Maybe it's got some other ps running behind the scenes. Oh, and I'll check netscan -plant | ESTABLISHED to be safe.01:07
xcalibur_got disconnected, so here is my question once more,, For all my programs i lost the top menu (containing stuff like the file menu, edit, et cetra)01:08
draikxDroBuddy, best of luck. I hope you get it resolved.01:09
DroBuddyYeah, nestat -plant | grep ESTABLISHED just shows the expected services. I'm going to kill -9 teamviewer and see if that may be binding to it somehow... Or, so I hope. lol01:09
DroBuddydraikx: And, thank you btw.01:10
DroBuddyDamn, well that was to no avail. I'm going to reboot again and not open any connections and attempt to connect to IRC. For the life of me, I can't think of what else may be the cause. Damn.01:11
DroBuddyThanks agian.01:11
draikxEven longer shot... iptables -nvL01:13
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draikxNo port forwarding locally?01:13
draikxMaybe on your router?01:13
draikxIf your router is set to port forward, even if you're not listening for it, could return a "listening".01:19
draikxMaybe telnet to your IP (not 192....)01:20
DroBuddyWell, nothing seems to be using :8080 at all. Even after a fresh reboot sudo netstat -plant shows nothing bound to it.01:23
DroBuddyI'm quite perplexed, to say the least.01:23
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DroBuddyI guess when I want to use IRC, I'll just ssh to my EC2 instance for now on... And sob softly while I'm at it. lol01:24
draikxThat's a work-around, not a solution.01:24
DroBuddyYup, unfortunately. And, as a sysadmin, I hardly like it. ;)01:25
DroBuddyOddly enough, my Ubuntu 12.04 at work doesn't have this issue. Too bad I'm not legally allowed to connec this PC to their network and test to see if that resolves my issue...01:26
DroBuddyI think it has to be something higher up the stack; maybe something with the upstream provider... I dunno.01:26
DroBuddyWell, technically, I guess that would be lower down the stack, but you know what I mean :D01:26
draikxHaha, yes. :D01:27
DroBuddyI even went so far as to edit my iptables and block :8080 on this host and that didn't do it, so it can't be local to this Kubuntu installation. Maybe I'll try my Raspberry Pi and see if that works... Worth a shot, I guess.01:28
draikxI don't think it has to do with your local machine.01:28
draikxSomething is reporting 8080 as open.01:28
DroBuddyBut, I'll save that for another day... I just needed to be able to join #cakephp, so I'm going there now. Thanks for the help draikx.01:28
draikxI'd start looking at the router and work from there.01:28
DroBuddyYeah, I have a very ****ty Wireless ISP and they have all kinds of holes... They probably have squid running and that's most likely the cause, or that's what I'm guessing.01:29
DroBuddyhell, they use an at home router to manage their wireless... So, yeah, talk about shit-tastic.01:29
draikxDroBuddy, sorry I couldn't help you resolve it, though.01:29
DroBuddyOne day, they actually plugged the WAN connection into a LAN port and gave me full access to the router on accident. I couldn't help but probe it then... Too bad I didn't save the logs. ;)01:30
DroBuddyPS... That's a secret, lmao. I had to call them and tell them to check their cables and that's how it got resolved.01:31
DroBuddyThe beauty of living in the middle of nowhere. :(01:31
DroBuddyAlright, I'm off. Thanks again for the time and insight. As always, it's truly appreciated.01:31
xcalibur_hi guys, I'm using Kubuntu 13.04 and followed this post: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=174854. Now i'm stuck with a Kubuntu which is not working anymore. My top menu is gone (the one, where you select file..... exit for example)01:31
xcalibur_can anyone help me solving this problem?01:31
DroBuddyxcalibur: Did you start with KDE/Kwin or were you trying to install it on top of Ubuntu01:32
DroBuddyOr, is this after doing a dist-upgrade?01:32
xcalibur_i install kubuntu-desktop01:32
AddleDroBuddy: If you PM me your external IP (say from http://www.whatsmyip.org/) I can see if I can telnet to port 8080 on it.01:32
xcalibur_which worked01:32
xcalibur_until i follewed the blog post on xbmc01:32
xcalibur_als alt-tab is not functioning anymore01:33
xcalibur_als = also01:33
DroBuddyxcalibur: I'd backup your files and just do a fresh install honestly. Just make sure to back up your hidden directories that may have .ssh files, etc.01:34
xcalibur_haha, thats a good one :)01:34
xcalibur_i already expected something like that ;)01:34
Addlexcalibur_: Doubt that's the issue, but try and hit Ctrl+M to make sure that's not it.01:34
xcalibur_is it possible the kernel upgrade has something to do with it?01:35
draikxAddle, I was going to suggest that, but probably best if DroBuddy just telnet to port 8080 using their IP instead of localhost (previously suggested)01:35
DroBuddyIt sounds like something went wrong, and when I tried to migrate from Xubuntu to Kubuntu and install Kwin, it was a nightmare of a mess. It was much easier to just reinstall from scratch... Just my tw cents.01:35
Addlexcalibur_: Otherwise, maybe just zapping your ~/.kde directory will work. I'd move it and see if that works again. e.g. mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.bak01:36
Addlexcalibur_: Then restart KDE.01:36
xcalibur_Addle, if i hit ctrl + M it says i need to provide a nickname (as I have the login screen for freenode opened)01:36
xcalibur_ok, ill try that01:36
Addlexcalibur_: Oh, probably want to do that without any dialog boxes open.01:37
Addlexcalibur_: You want the keystroke going to the main window.01:37
xcalibur_the problem is, i cant do anything with opened screens01:37
xcalibur_i can open one...01:37
xcalibur_and then that screen is the only one whcih is focused01:38
DroBuddylol, telnet to the external IP and port 8080 does respond... Go figure.01:38
draikxxcalibur_, I ditto DroBuddy on that. You can backup your packages (dpkg --get-selections > MyPackages), do a re-install with Kubuntu, and then install all of those packages again (sudo apt-get dselect update && sudo dpkg --set-selections < MyPackages). But you'd have to keep in mind that you're going to install files that pertain to things you may not want. Just remove them from the list after export, or before import.01:38
draikxDroBuddy, figured. You probably have a router saying that it's open, and forwarding to your machine.01:39
xcalibur_ok, thanks guys01:39
xcalibur_ill try that tommorow!01:39
Addlexcalibur_: I'd do the move .kde files thing first, but if that doesn't work, yeah... maybe that reinstall option. :)01:40
Addlexcalibur_: Good luck!01:40
xcalibur_just did move the .kde files, unfortunatly no luck there !01:40
DroBuddyK, g'luck bud01:40
DroBuddyToo bad it's illegal to pen test a router without prior-written approval. I know my router isn't listening on 8080, so it has to be my craptastic WISP (they have one static IP and all clients are NAT'd behind it).01:42
DroBuddyEven better, they only have one backbone provider for the 10+ communities they service, and at least 7 wireless towers.01:42
DroBuddyOn a complete aside, don't move to central IL. lol01:42
Addlelol That does sound like a terrible ISP.01:43
DroBuddyArgh, it's days like today when I wish I could still 'burn one down'... Not the towers, that is. ;)01:43
DroBuddyAlright, I'm going to get back to work. Have fun!01:43
AddleLater! :)01:43
draikxSee you around, DroBuddy.01:44
draikx(and gone)01:44
draikxAddle, after all of my testing and configuration, it seems that I now have a solid laptop. Thanks again for your help earlier today.01:44
draikxapachelogger, thanks to you, too.01:44
AddleYou're welcome! :)  Glad it's working nicely.01:45
draikxOnly issue I have now is the lacking control over the backlight.01:45
draikxI can't control it manually.01:45
draikxBy default, it wouldn't dim01:45
draikxI added "acpi_backlight=vendor" to the GRUB line in /etc/default/grub01:45
Addledraikx: Yeah, I had the same issue with my friend's laptop. Screensaver and such wouldn't work until I added that line, and then it did, but no backlight.01:46
draikxNow, it auto-dims when the energy saver settings kick in at different idle times.01:46
draikxI can live with it this way01:46
draikxAC = 100% -- battery = 30%01:47
AddleYep, it's a very small thing, really. And it'll probably end up working at some point in the future.01:47
AddleHis laptop is a fairly new Toshiba Satellite.01:47
draikxI've never had luck with Dell or Toshiba systems.01:48
draikxI bought a Lenovo laptop some months ago.01:49
draikxWindows 7 laptop, things worked well.01:49
draikxI put Kubuntu 13.04, and the battery life was down to 45 minutes, tops.01:49
draikxPlugged it in, and could use it that way.01:50
draikx100% 99% 98% 97% 96% 95% 94% 13% 12%.... instant drain after 94%.01:51
SonikkuAmericadraikx: Sounds like me with Cinnamon.01:51
draikxI tried all I could to make that battery last.01:52
draikxI put Windows 7 back on it, and now it just functions as my astrophotography and photography capture/edit laptop.01:52
Addledraikx: powertop might be useful to find what's draining the battery so darn fast.01:57
Addledraikx: Fellow amateur astronomer, huh? :)01:57
draikxAddle, thank you for that info. I'll check it out now. This new laptop is showing great signs of battery usage, but when that day comes, I'll be ready for it.01:58
draikxAddle, it would seem that way. I've got quite some cloudy skies and a lot of light pollution around here, but I go where I can and do what I can.01:58
Addledraikx: Yep, I understand the cloud and light pollution thing, that's for sure.01:59
draikxIt's that time of the year, too. --> http://i.imgur.com/DLyz86I.png02:00
donavan01hey what is the text editor for KDE called I just installed Kubuntu and im used to gnome02:11
draikxKDE Advanced Text Editor?02:12
draikxThat's for GUI.02:13
littlegirldonavan01: It's Kate, and it's in the Utilities section of the menu (instead of the office section).02:13
AddleIt is indeed kate.02:13
donavan01thanks  ... I just needed to add a rep  to my source.list and had know idea what program I was looking for to edit with02:14
draikxI prefer vim :)02:14
AddleI prefer ed. ;)02:14
donavan01vim confuses the crap out of me02:14
draikxTo each their own, of course.02:14
draikxdonavan01, I kept messing up with "i" every time, but I got used to it and now I'm much more efficient with my work.02:15
Addle(ed being a very old line editor, for those who weren't around in the stone age with me ;) )02:15
draikxAnyways, glad we can help you find what you need.02:15
draikxDon't forget to sudo kate02:15
donavan01yeah I have to say though this is my first build using KDE instead of gnome or that unity crap and I am loving it ... last time I used KDE was back in like 2000 or something it has come a long way02:15
AddleIt has! Obviously I love KDE or I wouldn't be here. :)02:16
draikxI've been on KDE since 2006, at the start of LTS.02:16
draikxBeen on Kubuntu since June 1, 2006.02:16
donavan01last time I used KDE was back when red hat 5 or so came out02:17
draikxI mean been on it in terms of "official Linux distro that replaced my Windows choice"02:17
AddleI took a break in the early 4.x days, but it's been awesome for quite a while, now.02:17
draikxFirst thing I learned the hard way was the joy of partitioning /home away from /02:17
Addledraikx: Wish I could do that on this laptop. But it has a whopping 80GB hard drive.02:18
donavan01I have pretty much swore of microsoft machines and im loving the kubuntu build it took a while to break away but I am extremely happy with this version of Kubuntu02:18
Addledonavan01: It's a good time for it, what with Steam and all.02:19
donavan01plus windows 8 sucking so bad02:19
Addledonavan01: Although getting X3: Albion Prelude didn't help my productivity at all. lol02:19
donavan01I find any thing on a computer tends to kill my productivity unless im trying to waste time ... then im normally on it 100%02:20
SonikkuAmerica!ot | Addle, draikx, donavan0102:21
ubottuAddle, draikx, donavan01: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!02:21
AddleApologies, SonikkuAmerica, you're quite right.02:22
SonikkuAmerica:) We like to keep this channel open for support requests.02:22
donavan01BTW what is the current LTS version called02:22
Addledonavan01: Still 12.04, so precise pangolin.02:23
donavan01ok good thanks02:23
donavan01how can I find out what chipset my usb wifi takes ... its rosewill but I cant find much on the website about it02:27
Addledonavan01: Might get some info from lsusb -v or lshw.02:29
Addledonavan01: Or at worse, in dmesg.02:29
Addledonavan01: Probably will need to sudo those commands in my first response.02:30
donavan01yeah I figured as much ... pitty su doesnt really work any more without screwin stuff up ... I know its for security but typeing sudo over and over again and entering the password gets old after a while02:31
donavan01sudo lsudb -v02:32
donavan01whoops wrong window02:32
Addledonavan01: Though not recommended, you can sudo -s02:33
donavan01ok and that does what exactly ?02:33
Addledonavan01: Goes without saying, careful what you type there. :)02:33
moondogdonavan01: you can also edit the sudoers file to not require a password when you sudo02:34
Addledonavan01: man sudo and search for -s.02:34
donavan01my linux skills and understanding of the back end of things is novice at best02:34
Addledonavan01: Indeed, just remember to *always* use visudo.02:34
Addledonavan01: That'll make sure you didn't mess it up. Because one mistake and you can lock yourself out.02:35
Addledonavan01: Well, I should say you can still mess it up, but at least it'll do some basic sanity checks. :)02:35
Addledonavan01: And I'm compelled to add that not requiring a password for sudo isn't generally recommended. hehe02:37
Addledonavan01: sudo -s is far preferable.02:37
donavan01ok read the man ... is it saying that if I run sudo -s that it will bascially make the shell act like I did su without actually doing su02:38
Addledonavan01: Yeah, pretty much.02:39
donavan01ahh well thats good enough02:39
donavan01but its not actually dropping me to root right I will still be logged in as a user level account rather than root but I will just be able to pass commands without the sudo at the front all the time02:40
donavan01or am i missunderstanding what it does02:40
Addledonavan01: No, if you do sudo -s and run whoami, it will tell you you're 'root'.02:41
Addledonavan01: You'll get the # prompt and all.02:41
donavan01ok I have run into issues in the past when doing things that when I did them in root I would not have  access to them in my user account for instance installing a program02:42
donavan01will I still have that issue02:43
Addledonavan01: Yes, possibly. Though apt-get install and such will work.02:43
Addledonavan01: And I really don't recommend running GUI programs that way.02:43
Addledonavan01: You'd want to use kdesudo to run GUI programs.02:43
Addledonavan01: With great root comes great responsibility. ;)02:44
donavan01so kdesudo does what tells the system to use the credentials from the KDE session to run stuff but with the authority of the root02:45
donavan01thanks for answering all these questions I have probably learned more in the past few minutes than I would have gotten from hours of reading02:45
Addledonavan01: Sort of the opposite. It will keep your home dir from getting root owned config files created, and so on.02:46
Addledonavan01: sudo -s will still end up with your HOME variable being /home/yourusername02:47
Addledonavan01: kdesudo will make your home /root, so that doesn't happen. Otherwise, if some GUI app writes config or whatnot to the home directory, things may blow up later running as your regular user account.02:48
Addledonavan01: And you're quite welcome :)02:48
donavan01ok so if im trying to do something that would be system wide I would use kdesudo but if im just working in my user account the stick with sudo02:49
donavan01I know it over simplifies it02:50
Addledonavan01: Well, mostly GUI apps need kdesudo. Anything that might write to your home might benefit.02:50
donavan01ok I think I got it02:51
Addledonavan01: I guess I'll mention that there's also sudo -i which will simulate an initial login (see man page).02:52
Addledonavan01: So that'll set your HOME to /root, for example.02:52
Addledonavan01: But for GUI apps, you'd want the graphical prompt for the password, anyways.02:53
Addledonavan01: You could say that sudo -s is like a straight 'su' was, and sudo -i is like 'su -'.02:54
donavan01cool thanks02:55
Addledonavan01: np :)02:56
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brlithe globalmenu patch is acting a bit werid on my side that it is not that smooth and sensitive to mouse click and hover05:31
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sordidbassgood morning06:34
geniiCould be either, depending on where in the world people are connecting from ;) Early morning here ( 1:35AM )06:35
AddleYep, 1:35am here for the second time (daylight savings sucks).06:36
geniiAddle: Heh, same.06:37
draikxStill waiting on mine.06:37
draikxI'd want to say that I'm going to take advantage of the "gained" hour, but I'd be lying.06:37
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lordievaderGood morning.08:49
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BluesKaj'Morning folks11:56
atjehi, i have a problem regarding unmet dependencies11:59
atjecan anyone help me? I'm running kubuntu 13.10 and want to reinstall kubuntu desktop (as all my application menu's are gone)12:00
atjethe issue i'm running into is described here (by someone else) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2167741&p=12757151#post1275715112:00
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BluesKajatje. choose the last lib in the list to install first, since the others depend on it , libkwinglesutils112:21
atjeblueskaj, thanks, but i'm going to reinstall kubuntu12:23
atjeit  seems i broke something big time, as i cant install anything anymoe12:23
BluesKajatje. well, that's your call12:24
atjeyes it is ;)12:24
atjethanks anyway12:24
BluesKajatje. did you try reinstalling kubuntu-desktop12:24
atjethat is exactly where my journy started ;)12:26
atjeafter that i got a dependency issue regarding ubuntu-screen-manager (or something like that)12:26
BluesKajatje. ok12:27
FlyingFoXis there a place to configure which programs get autostrated, when kde starts? There are some that I don't want to autostart any more.12:52
lordievaderFlyingFoX: System Settings -> Startup and Shutdown -> Autostart.12:54
FlyingFoXty, thats it12:55
BluesKajFlyingFoX. as lordievader advises ,  then the session management tab , list the apps you don't want to start in "applications to be excluded from sessions, if they're not listed in the service manager12:57
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FlyingFoXI found the one I wanted to stop starting automatically. Is there a way to put some of those autostart programs to different desktops?12:58
FlyingFoXI like to have all my communication stuff in one virtual desktop, but currently they all get put into the first virtual desktop.12:59
lordievaderFlyingFoX: You could make a script that does some qdbus commands before launching the application.13:03
FlyingFoXlordievader: Do you have some hints where I can look up documentation to all those qdbus methods? I am currently trying qdbus directly, but wihtout a search function I am probably really lost there.13:12
lordievaderFlyingFoX: Never seen any documentation, for me it is trial and error with qdbus. Let me see if I can find it.13:13
FlyingFoXhm ok, gonna go by trial and error as well then13:13
FlyingFoXis there a way in qdbus to get a brief description of what a given method actually does?13:15
lordievaderFlyingFoX: Not for as far as I know ;)13:15
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lordievaderFlyingFoX: Hmm with "qdbus org.kde.plasma-desktop /MainApplication local.PlasmaApp.toggleActivityManager" you get the manager, but now switching...13:18
FlyingFoXlordievader: I don't want to move stuff  between activities, but only between virtual desktops.13:22
FlyingFoXthere is qdbus org.kde.plasma-desktop /MainApplication local.PlasmaApp.perVirtualDesktopViews, but I don't know what it actually does. it just returns falso for me.13:23
lordievaderFlyingFoX: Ah, well that makes things easier. I found out how to switch between activities (well almost).13:23
lordievaderFlyingFoX: qdbus org.kde.kwin /KWin org.kde.KWin.setCurrentDesktop 1 <-- the 1 is the number of the desktop.13:25
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FlyingFoXlordievader: so I could set the current desktop before some programs and set it back again before the rest starts. I hoped there was a way to move an already existing program to another destop through the console.13:33
FlyingFoXbut thx for your help :)13:33
lordievaderFlyingFoX: Well it is one way. I guess it is possible to simple move applications, but I wouldn't know how.13:33
PasNoxHi, is kron still packaged in kubuntu ?13:38
PasNoxi can see the official page: http://docs.kde.org/development/en/kdeadmin/kcron/13:38
PasNoxbut can't found / isntall it ?13:38
PasNoxho it's kcron, and not kron xD13:40
FlyingFoXlordievader: If you are interested I found a way to switch windows to certain dekstops. It can be done with `wmctrl -r <part of window title> -t <desktop id>'.13:54
lordievaderFlyingFoX: Hmm wmctrl is not installed by default, but thanks :)13:55
lordievaderFlyingFoX: That is a nicer solution.13:55
BluesKajwhy not just use the pager plasmoid13:56
BluesKajto switch that is13:57
FlyingFoXBluesKaj: not sure how I would do it with that, but I want to automatically organize some of my autostart windows into different desktops.13:58
BluesKajFlyingFoX. check system settings workspace behaviour, different widgets for each desktop ...not sure whether this is what you need but it it's worth a try14:11
tsimpsonyou can use kwin window rules to do that usually14:14
FlyingFoXtsimpson: those window rules look really cool14:25
FlyingFoXThey are even better than my startup script :D. Now my windows always appear on the correct desktop even when I restart them later14:27
BluesKajtoo bad they can't make it bit simpler14:27
tsimpsonX11 is stupidly complex, so...14:38
FlyingFoXI just set virtual desktop to 'remember' for every normal window. that seems like a really nice way to organize the windows without having to do very much14:39
FlyingFoXjust move my windows once where I want them and it will get remembered14:39
tsimpsonI suppose you could also use activities, as opposed to virtual desktops14:40
FlyingFoXtsimpson: my problem with activities is that once I use them all the other windows of other activities are kind of gone until you switch again. That is a bit annoying as I switch rather often between stuff that may fit into activities14:46
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tsimpsonFlyingFoX: how's that different from virtual desktops?14:51
FlyingFoXtsimpson: to switch to my irc window it takes me 2 clicks at most, maybe only 1. can I do that with activities, when I am in another activity than my irc window?14:53
FlyingFoXtsimpson: I haven't actually used activies yet. I had a look at them, but I kind of didn't get the value of them or how to make them work in a way that improves what I currently have.14:54
tsimpsonwell it's one click to bring up the activity manager, another to switch, and then it depends if the window is raised and on top or not...14:54
tsimpsonbut you can assign keyboard shortcuts to get to activities too14:55
tsimpsonthe nice thing about activities is that you can suspend and resume them, so infrequently used activities don't take up resources when you suspend them14:55
PasNoxHi, i'm trying to start a cron for my database once machine is power on.14:59
PasNoxproblem is cron is started before mysql service.14:59
PasNoxwhat i can do for that please?14:59
tsimpsonPasNox: check if mysql is running first and sleep for a while otherwise?15:01
FlyingFoXPasNox: do you only want to call your cron once after startup or periodically (like once every 10 minutes or so)?15:01
PasNoxFlyingFoX: only once. after startup15:02
PasNoxmaybe i hsould put the script inside the kde session startup thing instead15:02
PasNoxtsimpson: hm i dislike this kind of hack :/15:02
FlyingFoXPasNox: then a cron is probably the wrong thing to use. Maybe look into creating an init script15:03
FlyingFoXI think you can specify in them to execute only after another service (mysql in your case) has been started.15:03
PasNoxFlyingFoX: i will just call the script into the kde session startup tasks15:03
PasNoxafter all it's just what i want ;)15:04
PasNoxthnks for your support guyz!15:04
miseuwhen trying to "do-release-upgrade", i'm getting: An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade. This can be caused by:* Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu* Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu* Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu15:08
miseui think i'm running a pre-release version, what should i do?15:11
BluesKajmiseu. make sure you update/upgrade , before running release-upgrade , also disable any ppas you may have in muon and the sources.list15:12
BluesKajif it's a pre release vers ion then dist-upgrade should take care of bringing your OS up to date15:13
nafacAnyone got working AppArmor profile for Kubuntu 12.04 rekonq?15:15
lordievadermarkus__: What does "cat /etc/issue" return?15:16
markus__lordievader: what?15:19
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lordievadermarkus__: Ah sorry that was for miseu, I see now he just left before I typed my message. Sorry.15:21
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BluesKajgassho., have kubuntu question?16:14
gasshonah it looks pritty plug n play from here :D16:19
gasshowhoo burnin kubuntu 13.10 now 8D16:25
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gasshohow do i install the game pack bragged about in the setup stuff17:23
gasshofor 13.10 kubuntu17:23
gasshogot muon discover open :I17:24
BluesKajtype games in the search17:24
gasshono results :S17:28
gassho;-; now it looks like muon discorer crashed17:29
BluesKajgassho. open muon itself , discover is still buggy for some installs17:30
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BluesKajslow and clunky here17:30
BluesKajAb3L. is this drive a usb17:31
BluesKajyeah, does lsusb show it ?17:32
BluesKajor mount ?17:33
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Ab3LBluesKaj: yes. it is a usb harddrive. it doesn't mount automatically at start up anymore, since i've activated the backports17:39
BluesKajAb3L. did you see my suggestions above ?17:39
gasshoi feel so professional o.O17:39
Ab3LBluesKaj: to test it i've to restart, but i'm quite sure that lsusb shows it, because it is listed in dolphin. the harddrive is mounted as soon as i try to access from dolphin. i just would like that it would be mounted at start up.17:42
bludonnakuwhere are the official (or just good and up-to-date) instructions on how to migrate from EVOLUTION to THUNDERBIRD?17:43
Ab3La different behavour of mounting usb devices, is that before they were mounted in /media/, and now in /media/<user>/17:43
draikxAb3L, there is a workaround for that to go back to just /media/. Give me a sec to pull up that info.17:44
Ab3Ldraikx: that's not the problem17:45
draikxAb3L, http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?63441-KDE-has-changed-where-it-mounts-my-USB-drives17:45
Ab3Ldraikx: the problem is that the usb drive is not automatically mounted when i plug it in17:45
BluesKajAb3L. run sudo blkid , then copy the string (without the quotes ) to fstab17:45
Ab3Lbut only when i try to browse in it17:46
BluesKajok , gotta go ..BBL17:46
draikxAb3L, oh. What if you go through System Settings > Removable Devices? Can you not enable it there?17:46
Guest378Hi there! I'm new to Kubuntu and I would like to know if there's an option to enable the input of Unicode characters? e.g. CTRL + U + 2417 (unicode)17:47
Guest378input of unicode characters in konsole *17:47
Ab3Ldraikx: i did it, but it doesn't work17:48
Ab3LBluesKaj: yes, i think that to put it in fstab can solve my problem, but it should work directly from system setting, shouldn't it?17:49
Ab3Lin the last version of kde, it worked...17:49
Ab3Lshould the new kde have lost some features?17:50
kalakadsnhello everyone, how to improve login time to kubuntu, i am getting login half minute later as compared to ubuntu, i have both environments installed17:52
kalakadsni have also disabled startup items in both17:53
kalakadsnbut no impact17:53
Ab3LBluesKaj: from "sudo blkid" i got this line: /dev/sdb1: LABEL="My_Book" UUID="12C23AD8C23AC031" TYPE="ntfs". How is it translated in fstab syntax?17:53
lordievaderAb3L: UUID=12C23AD8C23AC031 /media/My_Book ntfs defaults 0 017:55
lordievaderAb3L: For example.17:55
Ab3Llordievader: /media/My_Book should exist first, or is it created automatically?17:56
lordievaderAb3L: Yes, that should be an exisiting folder. Mount doesn't create folders.17:56
Ab3Lthat pushes me back to the time of hardy... but at the moment it seems to be the only workaround17:59
Ab3Lthank you everybody18:00
Ab3Land if someone have other suggestions, please let me know18:00
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gasshowhere might i find the source to this delicious software?19:33
Ab3Lgassho: which software?19:34
gasshothat available from muon19:34
Ab3Lgassho: have you tried to add the source repositories?19:35
gasshoi don think so .-.19:35
BluesKajyou use muon to install the software available there, gassho19:36
BluesKajor the the terminal with apt-get19:36
MangaKaDenzaI am seriously missing something19:36
MangaKaDenzaI have been at this for like... a week now... and I still cant find the damn source code19:37
MangaKaDenzafor kubuntu19:37
MangaKaDenzaisn't there like a few tar packages I could download19:37
BluesKajthe src repos are in the sources.list and package manager , MangaKaDenza19:38
MangaKaDenzawell something must be off...19:38
MangaKaDenzahere... BluesKaj can I screenshot my sources list?19:39
BluesKajMangaKaDenza. sure19:39
MangaKaDenzaalso... the KDE shell isn't working19:41
MangaKaDenzaI fell asleep yesterday, and my laptop drained... and now it won't work19:41
MangaKaDenzaBluesKaj, http://pastebin.com/WcT9aKb619:42
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: What are you looking for exactly?19:43
MangaKaDenzafirst lol kubuntu dat nick19:43
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MangaKaDenzaand lordievader well... all the source code for the kubuntu OS19:43
MangaKaDenzaso I can make some changes, add some programs, and rework some features19:44
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: Euhh, Kubuntu is a distro... It is comprised of serveral smaller pieces, what are you looking for the kernel?19:44
MangaKaDenzacuz out of all the ubuntu distros I tried I liked kubuntu19:44
MangaKaDenzalordievader, well... the core for now19:44
MangaKaDenzalike... kubuntu-base19:45
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: So the kernel?19:45
MangaKaDenzawait, isn't kernel = linux 3.* ?19:45
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: Yes the kernel is the hart of the os, the core.19:45
MangaKaDenzaI know... but I want the kernel... plus the kubuntu wrapper thing19:46
BluesKajMangaKaDenza. , uname -a , will give your kernel version19:46
draikxMangaKaDenza, sounds like you want to do this --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization19:47
MangaKaDenzahmm, yes19:48
MangaKaDenzathis is similar to what I want19:48
BluesKajkubuntu wrapper thing?19:48
MangaKaDenzawait.... would I replace ubuntu with kubuntu in19:48
MangaKaDenza ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso ~/livecdtmp19:48
BluesKajubuntu and kubuntu use the same kernel19:48
MangaKaDenzaYes I know19:49
MangaKaDenzawait... maybe I'm thinking KDE19:49
BluesKajand core OS19:49
MangaKaDenzathe DE19:49
MangaKaDenzaI want kubuntu's DE to work off of19:49
BluesKajthen it's KDE19:49
AddleFYI, MangaKaDenza, you can install the sources for anything (assuming you have the source repos enabled) with 'sudo apt-get source packagename'19:49
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: Follow the guide from Extract the CD contents and simply use your Kubuntu iso of choice.19:49
MangaKaDenzawait... how do I get that19:49
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: Get what? The Kubuntu iso?19:50
MangaKaDenzalordievader, yes19:50
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu19:51
BluesKajthis is just too funny , running around in circles19:51
MangaKaDenzaBluesKaj, sorry ^.^; I'm kinda lost in the process... and I keep breaking stuff in my system19:52
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: It's good to have a working system before you start dev'ing ;)19:53
MangaKaDenzaI mean it works...19:53
MangaKaDenzabut... every install I do... I enter one wrong command... and BAM19:54
MangaKaDenzamy install gets destroyed by a self created maelstrom of insanity19:54
BluesKajMangaKaDenza. please explain what you want to do , removing or installing packages/applications is the same as setting up your system for your needs19:55
WalzmynHow come I can change the icon for some items in quicklauncher but not others?19:55
MangaKaDenzaBluesKaj, make a modified version of the Kubuntu variant of Ubuntu, with my with custom features and some programs I've written and other stuff19:56
BluesKajnot fooling with the kernel ...that won't work...too many dependencies that you can't predict the outcome if you mod the kerenel19:56
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: Yes then you want to follow the guide draikx gave you.19:56
MangaKaDenzaNah, I ain't touching the kernel... until I get more programming skill19:57
MangaKaDenzajust addons and DE level mods19:57
draikxMangaKaDenza, get the Kubuntu ISO, and follow the instructions provided at the URL, changing the Ubuntu for Kubuntu image name. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization19:58
BluesKajjust install kubuntu , then remove or install apps to your liking19:58
BluesKajMangaKaDenza. one doesn't mod the desktop without using the package management system called dpkg which is the base for apt-get and aptitude20:02
gasshohooray, muon crashed20:27
gasshothat means its time for SYNAPTIC 8D20:29
Walzmynor apt20:30
MangaKaDenzaor get20:30
AddleYeah, Muon is nice and hopefully will stabilize soon, but I'm still using synpatic for everything. Always works.20:31
MangaKaDenzamy desktop shell keeps crashing when I boot into a kubuntu session20:32
MangaKaDenzahow do I reset it20:32
AddleMangaKaDenza: Assuming you don't mind losing all your KDE settings, you can just 'mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.bak'20:33
AddleMangaKaDenza: Then if you're happy with that, delete the backup.20:33
MangaKaDenzahmm wait...20:33
MangaKaDenzahow do I open a new visual session20:33
MangaKaDenzaalt ctr f820:33
MangaKaDenzafrom unity/ubuntu20:33
FloodBotK1MangaKaDenza: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:33
BluesKajthe terminal with is my install/remove vehicle, muon is just a info  reference for apps20:33
BluesKajignore the with :)20:34
MangaKaDenzaBluesKaj, how do I open a new session from ubuntu?20:34
AddleMangaKaDenza: You mean a virtual terminal, like a tty? Ctrl+Alt+F[1..12]20:34
MangaKaDenzaI know that20:34
MangaKaDenzawait a sec20:35
MangaKaDenzaI do F8 and there's just a blinking cursor20:36
MangaKaDenzabut I remember in Kubuntu there was a way to open a new session in that20:37
BluesKajctrl+alt+F7 to get the desktop if you're at the the TTY prompt20:37
MangaKaDenzaI know that...20:37
AddleMangaKaDenza: Well, there's only 6 ttys and one used for X (Ctrl+Alt+F7), so that's normal.20:37
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: alt+f2 -> type switch -> hit "new session"20:38
lordievaderAddle: Everything after 6 is for X, you can have more than one X session running ;)20:38
Addlelordievader: Good to know, thanks. Never tried. :)20:39
MangaKaDenzaodd... it doesn't work20:39
MangaKaDenzawait a moment20:39
BluesKaj!enter | MangaKaDenza.20:39
ubottuMangaKaDenza.: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:39
bjrohanMy audio is not working. I tried restarting and here is what I got21:03
bjrohanbjrohan@bjrohan-HPLaptop:~$ pulseaudio -D21:03
bjrohanE: [pulseaudio] main.c: Daemon startup failed.21:03
BluesKajbjrohan. sudo service pulseaudio restart21:07
bjrohanBluesKaj: nada :-(21:10
bjrohansudo service pulseaudio restart21:10
bjrohanstop: Unknown instance:21:10
bjrohanpulseaudio start/running, process 2009321:10
bjrohanAfter doing so, still no audio. No audio after a reboot either21:11
BluesKajbjrohan. ok now check the audio output test in system settings>multimedia>audio and video settings>device preference21:13
bjrohanNothing there. Oddly enough, before it had about 10 options (HDMI, 5.1 Surround) now it just has PulseAudio Sound Server listed in the Device Preference21:14
bjrohanBy nothing there I mean test doesn't produc sound21:15
BluesKajbjrohan. which soundcard ?21:15
bjrohanI have an hp with beats audio21:16
BluesKajcat /proc/asound/modules21:16
BluesKajto see if a driver is loaded21:16
bjrohan snd_hda_intel21:16
BluesKajis this a laptop21:17
BluesKajok run this anyway , then reboot , sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel21:18
bjrohanrunning that returned nothing but a command prompt, now reboot?21:18
BluesKajyes that means the driver is loaded21:18
bjrohanIam playing an audio clip, in pulse audio control, the Alsa Plugin (audacity) the meter is moving21:19
bjrohanJust an FYI21:19
bjrohanrebooting now21:20
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soeeguys someone here using homerun ?21:28
BluesKaji tried it , not my cup of tea, soee21:29
bjrohanBluesKaj: nothing changed21:29
soeeah ok, i just want someone to confirm that he has also this issue on latest Kubuntu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrAf3JOnQt821:30
soeeim not sure it this is homerun issue or some KDE effect21:31
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BluesKajbjrohan. ok lets purge pulse for now , we can reinstall it later ,  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y --reinstall install alsa-base alsa-utils; killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse21:32
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bjrohan0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 2 reinstalled, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.21:36
bjrohanNeed to get 1,278 kB of archives.21:36
bjrohanThere was more output regarding Alsa, replacement21:36
BluesKajok ,continues21:37
BluesKajerr continue21:37
bjrohanIt is all done, it said setting up alsa-base and alsa-utils then prompt21:37
BluesKajok ,not sure if you need to reboot or not ...try some audio21:38
=== kubuntu is now known as Guest52765
bjrohanBluesKaj: trying audio with speakers and headphones, no sound on either will reboot21:44
bjrohanBluesKaj: scratch that, audio out of headphones21:45
bjrohanno speakers21:45
MangaKaDenzaso I'm reinstalling ubuntu/kubuntu/etc because I blew it up again...21:46
MangaKaDenzaSo I'm in the livecd/usb mode right now, installing... and in my boredom, I decided to apt-get update and apt-get upgrade21:46
MangaKaDenzabut I realized I was in live mode... so what happens if you apt-get update/grade in live mode?21:46
bjrohanBluesKaj: still reboot, or try another setting to get speakers to work like headphones now are?21:47
BluesKajtry a reboot , bjrohan it will reset alsa without needing pulseaudio21:47
BluesKajthink your PA was corrupt ed somehow21:48
MangaKaDenzaoh wait... it turns out it didn't do anything21:49
MangaKaDenzabut another question21:49
MangaKaDenzaso in livemode, I deleted my previous install's partition, and then ran the installer for 13.04, but then when it finished, the grub went into recovrey mode21:49
BluesKajhave you chosen the :install kubuntu option on the desktop , MangaKaDenza ?21:50
MangaKaDenzaer... I haven't made a kubuntu disk... a ubuntu one tho21:50
MangaKaDenzaand they quieted me in #ubuntu21:51
BluesKajdon't fool with the terminal until you have the OS installed21:51
MangaKaDenzabut yes, I did chose install kubuntu besides win721:51
MangaKaDenzabut the grub thing21:52
MangaKaDenzawhats up with that21:52
BluesKajgrub will install in the mbr with the windows boot , grub is a bootloader21:53
MangaKaDenzaI know21:53
bjrohanBluesKaj: seems to be the same after reboot, audio form headphones, not the speakers. I checked, and output in the colume control is for analog output, not headphones21:56
bjrohanwith analog output (port) sound is coming out the headphones21:57
BluesKajbjrohan. ok , check your audio&video settings in multimedia again21:57
BluesKajand of course the volume settings inalsamixer, bjrohan21:58
bjrohanI have the alsa mixer gui that shows cvolume at full, what is the other place to check alsa?21:59
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BluesKajsystem settings>multimedia>audio&video settings , bjrohan22:00
bjrohanThe multimedia audio&video has the Built-in Audio Analog stereo listed at the top, not sure what else to check in that panel22:01
BluesKajthe hadware device tab22:01
BluesKajhighlight the analog and run the test at the bottom22:02
bjrohanThe Device Preference shows Built-in Audio Analog stereo at the top, the hardware set up tab has Built-in Audio for the sond card with analog-stereo Duplex as profile22:02
bjrohanbackend is VLC (not gstreamer)22:02
BluesKaj,if it works click apply22:02
bjrohanhighlgihting and pressing test shows the test depressed for a bit but no sound22:02
BluesKajunplug your 'phones , then try again22:03
bjrohanThey have been unplugged through this22:04
bjrohanpugging them in, they have sound22:04
BluesKajthen I'm out of ideas , the intel driver loads , guess you might as well reinstall pulseaudio22:05
BluesKajit could have been corrupted somehow22:05
BluesKajand pavucontrol22:06
bjrohanthe pavucotrol was never uninstalled, should it have been?22:09
bjrohanwell crap in the muon package manager, I went to select pulseaudio to reinstall, and it shows as installed22:09
bjrohango there, uninstall and start this over?22:09
BluesKajnot sure , but it's the final output stting for the audio chain , and if that wasn't setup correctly then I forgot a very important check22:10
BluesKajpavucontrol is a gui for pulseaudio , so reinstalling both can't hurt22:12
bjrohanI have pulse device selector, vol ctrl, eq installed. I will remove all of those, reboot, and then reinstall22:12
BluesKajyes that's worth a try22:13
BluesKajbjrohan. sorry, it's dinnertime here , i have to go.22:13
bjrohanNP. I appreciate all you help. I need to go as well to cook dinner22:15
Denza252Every time I have to reinstall... a kitten dies22:33
draikxI'm not a cat person. Re-install to your heart's (dis)content.22:40
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valorieDenza252: not IMO, since reinstall is so easy22:52
Denza252valorie: not when you have my luck :P22:53
* valorie shares around the luck22:53
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