boodroscotchHi, I'm trying to build a package for a PPA, but only the i386 version is building, not the amd64 version. The error seems to be the builder completely skipping two lines in the rules file: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/155681652/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-amd64.mpv_1.0~git20131102-try2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz01:45
boodroscotchhere is the package in question: https://launchpad.net/~blinxwang/+archive/mpv-builds/+packages01:46
boodroscotchany help would be appreciated01:46
StevenKboodroscotch: Are the two lines in the rules file under the binary-indep target?01:47
boodroscotchyes, here is the rules file in question: http://pastebin.com/YKy9SdHN01:53
boodroscotchthe amd64 builder skips straight to $(MAKE) -C mpv for some reason01:54
cjwatsonboodroscotch: Defining both build and override_dh_auto_build is confusing and unwise.  I would recommend moving the contents of your build target into override_dh_auto_build and deleting the build target.02:41
cjwatsonboodroscotch: The amd64 builder is not skipping to $(MAKE) -C mpv; it's ignoring your build target altogether and executing $(MAKE) -C mpv install as part of dh_auto_install's default behaviour.  This is because it's running build-arch rather than build, since it's defined by way of the catch-all % target.  As I say, the least confusing way to resolve this is not to define build at all.02:43
cjwatsonboodroscotch: You'd see the exact same behaviour if you built locally with debuild -B.02:43
boodroscotchcjwatson: ah, so like this? http://pastebin.com/Z9ZeXV9302:49
cjwatsonboodroscotch: Yes, that looks more likely to work.  I'd drop the dh_testdir (pointless, dh already handles it), but that's a detail.02:52
cjwatson(Boarding shortly, so unlikely to be able to help further for a day or so.)02:53
boodroscotchcjwatson: It works. Thank you so much! Have a safe flight!02:53
cjwatsonGood stuff02:54
Fudgewgrant  regarding the architectures we copied firefox from mozilla teams security ppa to hold back 24 in the vinux/precise-updates ppa but i copied all the binaries oops. cjwatson  helped me get remove-package from bzr ubuntu-tools but there are still 225 binaries left and I am having trouble getting a list or identifying ones I have missed.03:53
wgrantFudge: http://ppa.launchpad.net/vinux/precise-updates/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox/04:01
Fudgemate thank you.... :D I need to learn more about the http structure of  LP apparently04:04
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drstikkoHi can anyone help me out? I have code uploaded to code,launchpad.net I have my own account. But for me it is unclear what the next steps should be to add this code to a ppa package.11:22
kprkprHello, anyone can help me deleting a project? I created by error a proyect and I dont know how to delete it..17:50
tsimpsonkprkpr: your best option is to ask for it be deleted via https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad17:52
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drstikkoanyone experienced with bzr-builder?19:44
drstikkois it possible to generate a rule file from a makefile?19:58
drstikkoI have a successful build with recipe from code to ppa, but package does not contain a binary. Anyone can help me with that?23:47
StevenKdrstikko: A recipe builds a source package. That source package will then get built into a binary package.23:52
drstikkoStevenK, yes I understand, but a buikd request does both right?23:53
StevenKdrstikko: If the recipe build succedded, then a source package build will be started automatically, yes. The recipe page also shows the status of the source package builds.23:59

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