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ZeThomashey,  i try to boot from live cd, but after the splash, all i get is a black screen. i can C-A-F1 to tty1 alright. nomodeset is added.10:55
FabioCiao Ragazzi, Buongiorno. Ho da poco installato Lubuntu 13.04 sul mio Netbook ed ho un problema con la stampante. Non viene riconosciuta. Ho anche scaricato il driver ufficiale dal sito Canon ma non c'è stato nulla da fare, continua a non funzionare. Qualche suggerimento?10:57
FabioHi guys! I'm using Lubuntu 13.04 and I got some problem with my printer Canon. It does not work. I downloaded the official driver as well but nothing comes out. Any suggestion?11:00
cozzo91bonjour à tous13:26
cozzo91quelqu'un s'y connait avec linux live usb creator ?13:27
bludonnakuwhat is the name of the gui tool to manage users in lubuntu? (exact name of package)17:23
bludonnakunobody around? :)17:31
ianorlinI am not sure but know how to look17:32
ianorlinusers-admin is what it seems to be called17:34
bludonnakuthank you17:34
ianorlingrr left before I realized the U was capitalized17:37
StretchyI'm having an issue with sound drivers for Hydrogen...I'm on a PPC20:12
StretchyWhenever I start up Hydrogen it says "Error starting audio driver"20:14
Stretchyanybody home?20:35
holsteintoo bad... thats not a driver issue at all.. thats a JACK audio issue21:14
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro21:14
holsteinnext time :)21:15
Joshuananyone have packet tracer installed?22:29

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