bennyandthejetzany way to call a javascript variable inside qml?04:11
mzanettihey. anyone knows if it possible yet to open the messages app with a pre filled SMS content and number. So that the user just needs to press "Send"15:13
popeyElleo: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/11/unofficial-spotify-client-arrives-ubuntu-touch16:17
ogra_mzanetti, i would guess the url-dispatcher is supposed to do that16:20
mzanettiogra_: tried that... doesn't dispatch anything but http[s]:// so far16:33
ogra_well, i guess then waiting is in order :)16:33
Elleopopey: cool, fame at last ;)16:35
nik90Is there a library or documentation for parsing Json in qml?17:07
nik90I have experience with XML in QML. quite easy actually...but I have no experience with Json17:08
nik90Qml's XML ListModel has extensive documentation17:08
nik90anythingn similar for JSON?17:08
mzanettinik90: maybe this helps you: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/+junk/qmljsonparser/files17:15
nik90mzanetti: would it be possible to stick to javacript?17:16
tsimpsonnik90: use the JSON module?17:17
mzanettitsimpson: you still can't fetch something from a server17:17
tsimpsonwhat do you mean?17:18
nik90tsimpson, mzanetti: I just need something to receive data from rottentomatoes which replies in JSON format17:18
tsimpsoncan't you just fetch data, then parse it?17:18
nik90tsimpson: yeah I am fine with that17:19
nik90tsimpson: just not sure how to parse it17:19
mzanettinik90: JSON.parse()17:19
nik90where can I find documentation on this?17:19
mzanettilet me know how you fetch it tho17:19
tsimpsonit's part of ECMAScript17:19
nik90mzanetti: can I fetch it using XMlHttpRequest?17:21
nik90and then parse using Json.parse()17:21
mzanettiI don't think so. but I've never really used XMLHttpRequest17:22
tsimpsonI don't see why not17:22
tsimpsonjust pass the responseText to JSON.parse17:22
mzanettitsimpson: I think I tried that once and the poroblem is that it has all sort of xml stuff in it which would make the parsing fail17:23
mzanettibut you might be able to extract the json only from it somehow17:23
tsimpsonresponseText shouldn't contain XML unless the response from the server is XML17:25
nik90I got to go...But I will take a look at your json class, JSON.parse() and then come back later with more questions if necessary17:28
nik90just a thought17:28
nik90this guy at https://github.com/xqwzts/my-movies/blob/master/JSONListModel/jsonpath.js17:29
nik90uses a external JSON parser17:29
nik90he obtains the data using xmlhttprequest17:29
tsimpsonnik90: this seems to work http://paste.ubuntu.com/6354270/17:49
mzanettihmm.. anyone already successfully packaged a click package that ships its own .so files?18:18
mzanettiI tried with a wrapper script that exports LD_LIBRARY_PATH before calling the binary. it crashes with "Cannot create application instance" which is the same error as when the --desktop_file_hint arg is missing18:19
mzanettioutch... that's it... forgot to pass it through the wrapper script18:20
mzanettistupid me18:21
billydwhen using this code Qt.openUrlExternally("http://www.songsterr.com/a/wa/bestMatchForQueryString?s=" + Js.song + "&a=" + Js.band);10;   the url puts null in my two variable positions19:15
billyddo I need to setup javascript on startup?19:16
=== billyd is now known as ca18det
ca18detor is that something that cannot be done? am I reading correctly that to declare a variable in qml, so you have to do it in C or JS?19:23
randomcppqt creator (ubuntu sdk edition) has a serious problem when mtp devices (android phone/tablet) are connected, it starts popping dialog and try to connect to those devices (failing repetitively)21:39
randomcppis this a known bug?21:40
Elleorandomcpp: as a temporary work around you can disable its automatic attempts to connect to devices in the settings21:42
randomcppElleo, that would be nice, I'll try to find that option21:42
sethjAnyone know what this error is in Qt Creator?21:48
sethjCould not determine application identifier. HUD will not work properly.21:48
sethjProvide your application identifier in $APP_ID environment variable.21:48
randomcppElleo, where's that option?21:50
nik90sethj: dont worry about that error21:54
nik90sethj: you are getting that error since the HUD version on the phone is not yet available for the desktop21:55
nik90sethj: rest assured when you run your app on the phone it should work without any issues21:55
sethjnik90, ah.. Thanks :)21:55
sethjbtw, what HUD version does the phone have?21:55
nik90sethj: not sure21:56
Elleorandomcpp: I'm afraid I don't have the SDK installed on this machine, so I can't look it up; I just remember noticing it after coming across the same problem21:56
sethjnik90, OK21:56
randomcppgood night everyone21:59

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