zero_codermy applications are freezing at times , totally09:23
zero_coderlike a second delay before it works09:23
zero_coderAtluxity, ?09:31
zero_coderampelbein_, ?09:31
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e11bitsFollowing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBisection I'm trying to bisect from kernel v3.9.11-saucy to kernel v3.10-rc1-saucy. With git I can find the tag v3.10-rc1, but not the tag for v3.9.11. How do I find that?22:06
maxbe11bits: I'm not sure the bisection you propose actually makes sense23:13
maxbYou need to consider the branching structure of the history you're going to bisect over23:13
maxbIn this case, 3.9.11 is going to be quite some way down a 3.9.x branch which diverged from the main line of development23:14
maxbSo the bisection you suggest could be likened to starting at the top two points of a V23:15
maxbIt would probably be more productive to bisect between 3.9 and 3.10-rc1 which would reasonably closely approximate bisecting along a straight line of history23:16
maxb(But if you did need to find the stable release tags for some other reason, they're in the upstream linux-stable.git repository)23:17

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