joseakgraner: ping00:14
jcastropleia2, ping06:58
josejcastro: she was travelling, may not respond06:59
jcastrooh right06:59
jcastrohong kongh06:59
jcastroI didn't get a CC ballot, you know anything about that?07:00
josejcastro: yeah, they're still in the process of being sent, a friend of mine just got theirs whilst I got mine a good while ago07:00
joseI'd say, wait for a couple hours and then email community-council@lists.ubuntu.com :)07:00
pleia2jcastro: was set up to go to your jorge@ubuntu.com address, YokoZar can add a different address if you don't get it (just email the CC and he'll take a look)07:16

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