mardyhi! Does Mir use EGL drivers, or does it require some modifications to them?21:33
RAOFmardy: The question is sort of malformed; EGL is a cross-platform(ish) way of mapping from a windowing system to GL/GLES/OpenVG/etc.22:09
RAOFmardy: So, accelerated Mir clients use an EGL driver - with Mir platform support - to draw to the surfaces they've created through Mir.22:10
racarrMir uses EGL, but requires additional driver support basically22:10
RAOFmardy: And on the server-side, Mir uses various EGL platforms, yes. On the free stack Mir uses the drm platform to do the KMS→GLES mapping; on Android it loads the magical android stuff to do the same job.22:11
RAOFracarr: Also, a fine Sunday evening to you!22:11
racarrRAOF: Howdy :)22:12
racarrHappy monday morning22:13

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