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lotuspsychjehello to all i have a request04:00
lotuspsychjehow about we automaticly join #ubuntu users to #ubuntu-offtopic?04:01
lotuspsychjewould be interesting to users participate other topics then support, the moment they join04:02
IdleOnebecause then we would have to send the people looking for support back to #ubuntu04:03
lotuspsychjeIdleOne: did the past show users looking for support in offtopic?04:03
lotuspsychjeanyway just wanted to propose, tnx04:06
DJonesJust as a heads up http://www.omgchrome.com/chrome-quietly-drops-support-for-obsolete-ubuntu-versions/ Shouldn't have much effect, but flagged up for reference14:43
AlanBellnice that google are doing it in line with the Ubuntu release support timescales14:58
LjLthat's because google is not evil! obv.14:58
AlanBellof course :)14:59
ubottuMsCourtney called the ops in #ubuntu ()15:39
bazhangmight be a troll15:40
ubottuUbuntuIsSpyware called the ops in #ubuntu ()15:40
bazhangand fb got him15:40
bazhangthats an excellent feature15:41
* LjL blinks at MonkeyDust telling MsCourney not to call the ops "too easily"15:49
LjLwhat exactly does it take to call !ops? maybe i missed the memo where it's only in case of nuclear warfare15:49
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Dannermax said: ubottu: it is? Well i just dont know what to do now. I think the array is okay, but my server is in recovery mode.. what would you suggest i do now?16:57
Myrttitopyli et al: just so you know, Calinou is in pm with me and wants to get unquieted. I've declined the honor since he seems to have a beef with me and I certainly can't deal with him with clean hands anymore. he might join here (I've told him about the channel) but he also might not.21:15
Myrttibut I see you've unmuted him so w/e21:16
topyliMyrtti: the quiet was auto-timed. just to shut him up for a while so the discussion can take another turn :)21:17
LjLoh god21:28
LjLcan't play Globulation for a minute ;(21:29
LjLi think i've seen a few complaints about Calinou, from various people21:29

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