ztrainjetsfanHey I have a bug to report from the install of trusty. When trying to install trusty when you are given the chance to attach a ubuntu one account to the install it stalls after clicking continue06:41
Noskcajztrainjetsfan, Was your internet connected?06:54
NoskcajThen i am out of ideas, thanks for the info though. Maybe try search for the error on launchpad?06:56
ztrainjetsfanOk, thank you. Also, the install works when you just skip that step06:56
Noskcajyeah, it's meant to be optional06:56
elfy /chanopt confmode off10:27
alexbhHi, i just downloaded the daily of 20131103... I ran it as Live USB but there is an issue with the graphic interface11:21
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melodiehi ubuntu-quality people19:48
elfyevening melodie19:49
melodiehi elfy, could someone help me decide if opening a new bug report for this reason is the right thing? I was first wondering if my question was relevant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zram-config/+bug/124749619:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1246664 in linux (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1247496 "Buffer I/O error on device zram0, logical block 515067"" [Medium,Confirmed]19:49
melodie"While I am here, I do have a question: shouldn't an init config file have a "stop" line after the "start" line?"19:50
melodiebecause I am unsure about the possible consequences of that line missing, if it can have any consequence19:50
melodieI thought I would come ask here, perhaps some people with dev knowledge would be here and able to tell me?19:50
melodiedev knowledge and upstart insights19:51
elfyI'm neither of those :)19:51
TheLordOfTimelol elfy19:52
elfythanks for the support :p19:52
elfymelodie: as far as the whether to start a new bug for a duplicate - I guess no unless it's different bug19:53
melodieelfy I am not talking about the duplicate19:54
melodieI was seeking for a duplicate, didn't find one, I posted, but there is a duplicate I had not seen, end of line, new question:19:56
melodie"While I am here, I do have a question: shouldn't an init config file have a "stop" line after the "start" line?"19:56
melodieand this man tells me to open a new bug report for the stop start lines19:56
melodieso my question to you is simple: is that lack of a stop line in the script possibly the cause of issues in the way zram behavior creates freezes and crashes in the X session?19:57
elfyI've no idea - I did say I've no knowledge of dev or upstart19:58
melodieif it can cause malfunctions in the session, then I think it would not be relevant to create a separate bug report for this19:58
melodieI might have to ask at #ubuntu-devel then?19:58
elfynor do I have any knowledge of zram - we don't use it19:58
elfymelodie: that's probably where I'd start19:58
melodieelfy thanks!20:00

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