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jparktonis raring Ubuntu 13? I thought 13 was oneiric14:16
jparktonI was wrong14:20
ikoniajparkton: 13.04/13.10 - both 1314:22
jparktonikonia: I am just running into weird issues but I think it is a restriction on my vps not the repo :)14:25
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gdoshow can i change the default IP address of virbr0: from to another one?15:31
andolgdos: virsh net-edit efault15:56
andolgdos: virsh net-edit default15:57
gdosthank you andol.15:57
andol..unless you want to define a new/other routed network, or want to use bridged networking.15:58
gdosandol: how would i do that?15:58
gdosjust for curious sake.15:58
andolgdos: Have mostly used bridged network myself, and that pretty much comes down to created a bridged network interaces, and then point to it when you create new virtual machines. Not much experiences in mucking around with other rourted libvirt networks.16:01
gdosok. will research that. thanks. i'm in the process of installing multiple BBS'es on my system and trying to figure out which is the best way to go.16:02
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joosseehello. I have installed 12.04LTS 64 on a server. I had a problem with my screens so I set "quiet splash nomodeset" in grub. I can mount encrypted volumes and login fine, but I cannot get startx/GUI to run. I only have access to ubuntu install CD right now, no inet on server.22:17
joosseeit gives me a very clean error saying to sudo apt-get ... but I dont have internet so it returns an error22:18
bekksjoossee: As k1l already told you in #ubuntu, there is no startx. Install a desktop environment like ubuntu-desktop.22:40
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joosseebekks; can i install it on a machine with no internet ?22:42
bekksjoossee: When using an installation cd, sure.22:44
joosseebekks; ok letme try a different approach; i think the problem i am having is that my installer cant access the internet. can you recommend a usb wireless nic that works with the 12.04 installer?I have searched the HWCompatibility list, googled, and the forums but they all conflict with each other...\22:49
joosseeim getting the impression my video card is too legacy for 12.04...22:50
ersiHave you actually tried with any wireless nic?22:55
ersiOtherwise, just use the installation DVD as a source.22:57
joosseeersi; how do i do that from command like?23:03
ersijoossee: I searched for "add ubuntu install dvd as apt source".23:10
ersiHere's a fitting result: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine23:10
ersihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptCdrom seems promising as well.23:11
ersiThat seems to be for the Live Cd though.23:11
ersiAnd this result is basically exactly an answer (though combining both above links): http://askubuntu.com/questions/4694/how-to-use-a-iso-image-as-a-cd-rom-repository23:12
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