eraserhdAnybody on that can help me with really newbie QML dev questions?00:10
eraserhd1. How do I install QtTest?00:10
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eraserhdANSWER FOUND: apt-get install qtdeclarative5-test-plugin00:20
ubot5Glad you made it! :-)00:20
eraserhdDo I have to know someone to update the wiki with those install instructions?00:27
eraserhdI've logged in, and it says the QML testing page is immutable: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Testing/QML00:28
wilee-nileeeraserhd, To edit a wiki you would at the least have to be a member.00:35
eraserhdwilee-nilee: Can I make a bug report or otherwise tell a member?00:37
ubot5If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:39
wilee-nileeI'm not familiar with that qt stuff we would have to assume that your results play out across the board with other users and is not a anomaly. Being part of the team so to speak fits some I guess.00:40
eraserhdWow, finding a package for a bug that refers to ubuntu's website is really hard.  Is there one?00:46
eraserhdSome kind of convention or something?00:47
Elleoeraserhd: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal/+filebug/ might be the best option01:03
eraserhdwhee, now to figure out how to install a click package on a phone02:33
eraserhdAnybody know the adb commands to install a click package on a phone?02:39
eraserhdOK, I figured out 'adb push foo.click /tmp/ && click install /tmp/foo.click', but it doesn't show up.02:43
eraserhdMabe it needs an icon?02:43
eraserhdSomething to figure out tomorrow.  Good night.02:48
icountuHello everyone04:58
icountuIs that possible to install ubuntu touch on samsung i9305 ?04:59
iabik77Hello all, i will make ubuntu touch for Gt-P7500. Maybe i need help07:08
thatguyisjamesbroud question. if im flashing back to android.... how to i say ok to the "adb restore backup.ab" command if its not running android to say ok to?08:48
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thatguyisjamesi found my anwser, i have to flash back to android.09:27
thatguyisjameshas anyone used the ubuntu recovery mode to do it? or will odin be my only option?09:28
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iabikplese say, what do in step Kernel11:14
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acassisHi All, is there some effort for implement a flipped image for Sony Xperia S (nozomi) ?14:44
doomlord_how close or far is desktop convergance15:11
obiwlandoomlord_: i think it's planned for 14.1015:15
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den4ikshould i install new recovery before installing ut-image? I got status 7 error. cannot install on a phone16:52
aquariusOfficially confused. The "more suggestions for applications" section of the apps scope on my phone has disappeared. Searching for apps doesn't find anything. And all the apps I had installed seem to have vanished. How mught I repair this? I've tried restarting and it didn't help.17:47
popeyi know this one#17:57
popeyhmm, wonder if it's bug 122071717:58
ubot5bug 1220717 in touch-preview-images "Disable Applications / Dash plugins, can't re-enable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122071717:58
* popey wanders off to bath kids18:00
den4ikshould i install new recovery before installing ut-image? I got status 7 error. cannot install on a phone18:21
den4ikassert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") ==  "manta" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "manta" (Status 7)18:27
Tassadaryou are trying to install *something* for Nexus 10, the tablet18:28
den4ikim trying to install to Nexus S 3g18:28
Tassadarthen you have wrong file18:29
den4ikis it a correct command "brunch manta"?18:30
Tassadarnexus S is maguro, not manta18:31
den4ikhow do you know?18:31
den4iki thought "manta" is just kernel version18:33
Tassadarit is device codename18:33
Tassadarhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Working_with_phablet-flash this table contains officialy supported devices and their codenames18:33
den4ikdevice codename should be "crespo"18:33
Tassadarcrespo is CDMA version, I think(?)18:33
marinellaHello guy, how can i  permanently disable bluetooth  in ubuntu touch?18:35
marinellaare there some solution?  it's a prblem for me18:36
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laporI have one question21:06
laporI have Ubuntu touch on my Nexus 421:06
laporand it haven't upgrade since 17.10.21:07
laporbut I have checked out the Changelog and every day is coming some new upgrades for the OP21:07
laporcan someone please explain me why is that so?21:08
popeylapor: we have multiple channels, one for saucy, one for trusty, one for trusty-proposed etc21:09
popeyyou're on saucy, if you update to trusty you'll get new stuff21:09
cxexa1. how do you have it installed?   installed via recovery or flashed via ubuntu  2. is the changleog for 17.10 (13.10)?21:09
laporthis is changelog http://people.canonical.com/~j-lallement/touch/changes/21:10
lapori installed it via ubuntu, from terminal21:10
laporand how do I update it to trusty?21:10
cxexaphablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel trusty21:11
cxexayou may lose installed apps :/21:11
popeyi wouldn't do that21:12
cxexahow would one go about installing trusty?21:12
laporso what do you suggest?21:12
popeyi believe system-image-cli has a command line option to change channel21:12
popeythen you may be able to     adb shell system-image-cli --build 021:12
cxexapopey, if installing for the first time, would the method I posted work?21:13
laporso I simply type adb shell system-image-cli --build 0 in terminal on my device?21:13
popeyyou need to change channel21:14
laporand how do I do that?21:14
popeyi dont remember the option and dont have my phone nearby to test21:14
popeyadb shell system-image-cli -h21:14
popeyto get command line options21:14
popeyone of them (i believe) allows you to change channel21:15
laporwill try now21:15
lapori get bash: adb: command not found21:17
laporto be clear, I typed that in the terminal on my phone21:18
popeyon your phone just do "system-image-cli -h"21:18
cxexaphablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel trusty -- good for initial install if 13.10 not on phone yet?21:19
laporI installed Ubuntu touch on 10th of October21:20
cxexalapor: I did but went back to CM. I am wondering if that is the best install method if 13.10 is not on there.21:20
cxexaso, if install was to occur on November 3rd...21:21
harrishey so on the status page there are two red boxes for the nexus 7 grouper when will those be fixed21:23
cxexacxexa goes to install trusty21:23
laporI found this: -u NUMBER, --upgrade NUMBER Upgrade from this build number instead of the system's current build number21:25
popeylapor: its the channel you need to change21:25
laporI can't find it21:25
laporhow can I move up and down in the terminal?21:25
popeyok, well an alternative is to do what cxexa suggested21:25
popeycxexa: yes, that command is fine21:26
cxexabtw, is MMS working in trsty yet?21:26
cxexapopey: thanks.21:26
laporso to re-install the whole system?21:26
popeythats one way21:27
popeyuntil someone comes along and mentions the magic for changing channel21:27
laporI'll try to google it :)21:28
laporReally don't want to re-install it21:28
laporI have all contacts already in :)21:28
popeylemme see if I can figure it out21:29
popeylapor: you could try  "system-image-cli -c trusty -b 0"21:33
popeywhich should update the device and not touch data21:33
laporI have to try that when I'm on the wifi21:34
laporI can do that tomorrow21:34
laporI don't have wifi here21:34
laporor would that change the channel?21:34
yorickhey! I'm trying to get a magic mouse to work with touchegg, but it's not even listed in geistest21:37
yorickI have seen people use it when googling, so it seems like it should work21:38
yorick(yes, it's using the evdev driver, when cat /dev/input/event21 I can see output when I touch it)21:39
popeylapor: i think so21:42
laporpopey: I got this: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/log/system-image/client.log'21:45
popeyoh, you may need sudo21:47
den4ikhttp://www.xda-developers.com/android/google-patent-trolled-by-rockstar/  interesting article21:49
laporbut what is the password for phablet?21:49
laporis there a way to check it out if the channel is trusty?21:50
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Guest93478\nick rem22:07
laporthanks popey, I'm off for today22:08
laporI'll try tomorrow if it'll upgrade22:09
laporif not, I'll be back :)22:09
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mar77iso. I can flash these images in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/p4wifi as many times as I want. no ubuntu, only cm :(22:39
martin19how hard would it be to port ubuntu touch to a motorola xt897?23:02
mar77ineither saucy-preinstalled nor the new trusty-preinstalled image worked. I'm not impressed.23:22
wilee-nileemar77i, better ask for your money back23:25
wilee-nileeUnder active "development" has no meaning to you?23:27
mar77ihmm. I may have misunderstood the "flashing" mechanism, and didn't expect the previously running bare cm back...23:36
mar77iusually it's me doing stuff wrong when it doesn't work, that's why I /joined here, basically.23:36
RAOFThat's a community port, which is not tested by Canonical.23:38
RAOFThat said, have you tried “phablet-flash community -d p4wifi”?23:39
mar77ino. what state does the device have to be in when I run that command?23:39
RAOFBooted into cyanogen should work, I think.23:40
mar77i(except for being plugged)23:40
mar77iwill try tomorrow. thanks :)23:40

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