rick_h_derekv: can't you just create a blank graphic in inkscape and use the font to print the character you want?00:10
rick_h_derekv: so I created this by downloading the fontawesome font and creating a 16x16 document. Then used the text tool + the ctrl-u shortcut to enter the unicode for the tags. <ctrl>u f02c<enter> and sized it to fit. 15pt font.00:22
rick_h_derekv: http://uploads.mitechie.com/fontawesome-tags.png00:22
rick_h_derekv: not sure what sized you need things, but you can start out with a larger document and shrink down as needed00:22
rick_h_http://inkscape.org/doc/tips/tutorial-tips.html for the unicode entering tip00:23
rick_h_and http://fontawesome.io/cheatsheet/ for figuring out what the unicode character is00:23
jrwreni realized I've gotten good at python today. :)01:09
rick_h_jrwren: woot01:10
jrwrensomeone in #python asking about all sort of language features, so I mocked 'em all up and posted 'em on gist all quick01:10
jrwrenall of my answers were "I think..."01:11
jrwrenand I nailed 'em all once I tried each one.01:11
derekvcool yea I see how it can be done, i was just realizing i have no image tools installed on this machine01:23
rick_h_derekv: cool, happy to help if you need. Let me know what size/color/etc01:26
derekvtrying with imagemagick01:51
derekvimagemagick not working so far02:35
derekvi have to get ghostscript to know about fontawesome02:35
derekvwhats like, the advantage of cramming the icons in a font anyway?02:41
rick_h_derekv: the advantage is that you get one download, can resize at will, and change colors, weight (bold) all via css02:45
rick_h_you could sprite them to get one download, but then you can't resize/color without rebuilding the images and the sprite02:46
rick_h_notice howw the eyeball icon for readable is red to fit in vs black02:46
cmaloneySo glad that most of the clocks in this house are set to get their time either by radio or online.02:59
jrwreni reset 3 so far03:32
jrwrencan think of only 1 more togo03:32
cmaloneyHappy DST gone day13:08
rick_h_woot, reset the boy's clock last night and he waited until 7am to get up13:40
cmaloneyJoDee's all about reclaiming that lost hour14:14
cmaloneyMight get a fitness gadget out of the deal.14:14
cmaloneyReading through "The Healthy Programmer" and installed a Pedometer on my phone14:14
cmaloneyrick_h_: How's the fit-bit experiment?14:15
jrwrenwhat lost hour? the one from 8 months ago?14:31
rick_h_cmaloney: meh14:32
rick_h_cmaloney: not used it much lately.14:32
cmaloneyIs the psiring off?14:33
cmaloneyPairing, even14:33
rick_h_pairing off?14:33
cmaloneyBetween your phone and the fit bit14:34
rick_h_it won't sync with my phone.14:34
rick_h_it's a limited set of devices. The faq says they don't place nice with moto's bluetooth stack14:34
cmaloneyAh, lovely.14:36
cmaloneyWell that's a bummer.14:36
cmaloneyOK. BBL.14:37
cmaloneyYay grocery shopping done before non16:53
brouschI have to go before 9AM to avoid the churchers17:11
cmaloneySo JoDee had a coupon at Meijer for a pedometer, and now I have a Sync on my wrist.17:16
cmaloneyFunny enough, it has no Bluetooth or Wireless so the actual Sync-ing is going to be manual17:16
cmaloneybrousch: There was an app I was running on my phone called Accupedo17:16
cmaloneyI felt dirty installing it17:17
brouschMight be an app in there with published lists of sex offender addresses. "How close are you to a pedophile right now?"17:20
brouschpedophilometer - meters to the nearest pedophile17:31
brouschparanoid parents would pay for it17:33
brouschAn excuse to play with geodango17:36
jrwrenwould be a pretty easy app to write18:06
cmaloneyYeah, I think it would be a pretty easy app18:49
greg-ghey, that thing I wanted to do when I was at my computer....21:51
greg-gyeah, forgot it21:51
greg-gif I didn't have a problem with the sec offender list ("public urination" shouldn't put you on the list), that's an app I would crowdfund ;)21:52
brouschgreg-g: I have the same misgivings21:57
jrwrenme too.21:58
jrwrenpoor guys.21:58
greg-g(or right, beard wax...)21:59
greg-gcmaloney: you're a qausi-audiophile (from what I've gathered): do you know if a thing that can read/play DVDs that are burned with .flac files exists? (Other than an actual computer, of course)22:24
greg-gmaybe that isn't really even practical....22:24
brouschSounds weird. More things support USB flash drives now22:26
greg-gthat's neat22:26
brouschflac might be a problem though.22:27
greg-gbrousch: can you link to one? I'm looking around amazon as a sort of "what exists" exercise22:27
brouschSo like a boom box that supports usb?22:27
brouschOr something smaller?22:27
greg-gwell, preferably not a boom box, more a component system type thing22:27
greg-greceiver that has usb, I guess....22:28
* greg-g searches22:28
greg-gThe TX-SR313's front-panel USB port lets you play MP3 and AAC stored in an iPod/iPhone, and MP3, WMA, AAC, and FLAC audio files stored on a flash-memory device, using the system's own remote for track selection and playback.22:32
greg-g"ONKYO's Proprietary WRAT Technology" :( :(22:32
* greg-g also has vorbis only albums.....22:33
jrwrenno flac?22:37
greg-g"Playback of Audio Files Through Local Network and USB (MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, FLAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, LPCM, Apple Lossless, DSD)" -- eg http://www.onkyousa.com/Products/model.php?m=CS-N755&class=Audiosys&source=prodClass22:37
jrwrenhow many? anything I'd like? I'll get ya mp3 v0 of them.22:37
jrwrenmp3 patents start expiring soon :)22:37
greg-gjrwren: I have a mix of mp3, ogg, and flac22:37
brouschThere's probaly an rpi project that would work22:43
greg-gI'm done with diy22:48
greg-galright, enough for today: the type of thing I want exists, now just to find the right one for the right price22:51
jrwrenpretty sure xbmc plays ogg22:53
jrwrendon't be done with ALL diy... please please please.   just pick and choose your diy22:54
brouschdiy or diaf!22:58

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