Unit193jrgifford: Heyhey!  I was in Columbus today even. :P07:17
jrgiffordUnit193: come again?14:13
Unit193I visited your area, more or less.14:19
Unit193OSU Medical Center.14:19
belkinsaI was there three weeks ago but just to the stadium14:20
skellatjrgifford Unit193: Community Council ballots should be in your e-mail.  I just took care of mine.14:22
Unit193Yep, I saw.15:00
jrgiffordskellat: I didn't see anything.18:51
jrgiffordI think I'm still a Ubuntu member,18:52
jrgiffordSo I should have gotten something, right?18:52
paultagI got mine18:53
paultagand voted ™18:53
skellatjrgifford: Look for "Poll: 2013 Ubuntu Community Council" on the subject line20:17
skellatpaultag: I looked and the electorate only numbers 764 this time.20:18
jrgiffordoh, it got sucked into my email filter for ubuntu-uploads somehow.20:18
Unit193I knew I had mine, but not had a chance to look yet.20:19
skellatI couldn't sleep...saw Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph's tweet about it...couldn't find it in the inbox...went to bed...and it was there this morning before church.20:20
jrgiffordhttps://gist.github.com/jrgifford/39e2a06b2e073da1e113 | my kindle has a web browser.20:40
jenni[ The Kindle UserAgent. ] - https://gist.github.com20:40
Unit193I dual boot my mp3 player. :P20:41
Unit193Both firmwares are there, I can boot either one.  (Guess what I found today. :P )20:59

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