JonathanDhi rmg5111:00
rmg51hi JonathanD11:13
rmg51well, that went bad17:17
rmg51just reinstalled 13.10 on my old computer17:17
rmg51lost the mouse17:17
rmg51i can't even get a command prompt17:18
jedijfrmg51: explain lost the most - do you have gui with no mouse?17:31
jedijfalt f2 terminal17:31
rmg51doesn't work17:32
jedijfor gnome-termina;17:32
rmg51neither work17:32
rmg51can't type17:33
rmg51the prompt doesn't come up17:33
rmg51trying reinstall again17:33
jedijfalt f2 will bring up "enter command"17:33
rmg51this time without saving anything17:33
jedijftry alt f2 top17:34
rmg51clean install17:34
rmg51doing a clean install17:34
rmg51also, no internet17:35
rmg51not even wired17:35
rmg51if this doesn't work I may have to try xubuntu17:36
rmg51or even mint17:36
rmg51that's better17:44
rmg51got a working mouse17:45
rmg51not sure about internet yet17:46
rmg51got a wired connection17:46
rmg51wireless is not working17:49
rmg51keeps disconnecting17:50
rmg51got it17:51
rmg51stupid netgear17:51
rmg51keeping the old settings was not a good idea17:58
rmg51clean install works17:58
rmg51now all I have to do is remember a new password :P18:00

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