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netritiousare netsplits still normal on fn?17:22
Unit193Not so much, but every so often.  Firit few there for a while.17:56
wrstUnit193: did you break the internet again?18:27
cyberangernetritious: normal, no18:27
cyberangerbut somebody still likes causing issues nonetheless18:28
cyberangerfrom time to time18:28
cyberangermost of what I've seen lately is the usual ping timeout18:28
netritiousdecided to research ransomeware...wikipedia has some interesting history about it.20:35
netritiouslooks like it goes back a lot farther than I thought20:35
wrsthowdy netritious20:52
netritioushowdy wrst how's your weekend going?20:52
wrstgoing well netritious, doing some nexus 5 research at the moment20:52
netritiouswrst: what do you plan to put on your nexus 5?21:44
wrstas in ROM?21:46
wrstI'm putting 4.4 on my tablet right now... or I think I am... :)21:47
netritiousThat's KitKat wrst?22:15
wrstand my daughter just came over luckily I had her account set up22:18
wrstshe loves HER tablet22:19
wrstwell I just upgraded Google stock kitkat over CyanogenMod and it is starting... didn't expect that22:49

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