sally10is this a South African channel?04:59
Kilosmorning all05:13
Kiloshi sally10 welcome to ubuntu-za05:13
sally10hi Kilos05:14
Kilosare you here for ubuntu help or have you come to help us?05:14
sally10is this about the linux flavor, or the real Ubuntu?05:15
Kilosthe linux flavour05:15
sally10I was looking for South African channels05:15
sally10are there any? like social channels?05:16
Kiloshang around, someone will let you know.05:16
sally10ok, sure05:17
Kilosi see you know irc so thats good05:17
Kiloshi charl_ 06:28
Kilosmorning nlsthzn 07:07
nlsthznhiya uncle Kilos 07:11
kbmonkeymorning Kilos - I see your appeal07:49
Kilosah thats good07:50
Kilosmorning kbmonkey 07:50
Kiloshope it gets some results07:50
kbmonkeyholds thumbs and tails07:50
kbmonkeyI wish I had some breakfast today. I feel hungry!07:51
Kilosinstalling kubuntu 13.10 on other pc07:51
kbmonkeyIm playing with Milkytracker07:51
Kilosaw aint you got pronutro?07:51
kbmonkeyno man that is babys food07:51
Kilosit is the healthiest cereal out there07:52
Kiloscan be fed to anything even goldfish07:52
kbmonkeyI got roasted and rolled oats muesli thing07:52
Kilosso pretend you a baby at times and get some07:52
kbmonkeyI like that plan as long as I dont have to wear diapers07:52
Kilosseriously healthy food that you can live on it07:53
Kilosand its very lekker, 07:54
kbmonkeyI just pulling my leg. I like pronuto I just don't have any today. needs shopping trip.07:55
kbmonkeyfridge is empty!07:56
Kiloshey we gotta think about trying to promote this channel more07:56
kbmonkeyI been very bad with it lately ha ha07:56
Kilosor make the existing adds or so more obvious07:56
Kilosshopping is a pain07:57
Kilosthere are lotsa peeps using ubuntu that dont know we exist07:57
kbmonkeyits all about numbers. most people wont bother as they on all the other IM and chats like fb or whatnot.07:57
kbmonkeyso they are not curious enough to try something new07:58
Kilosno man some dont know we have a help channel07:58
kbmonkeyI used 'buntu for maybe 2 years before I joined irc07:58
Kilosfound a ballie on #libreoffice looking for help with a crashing unity07:59
kbmonkeymaybe 1.5 years07:59
kbmonkeyI get tired hearing somuch of crashing unity. it is very sad :(07:59
Kiloson our west coast07:59
Kilosno man they dont all know about update/upgrade and using ppas08:00
Kiloslike he ppaed the latest libreoffice then unity kept hanging08:00
Kilosand that channel dont answer help much08:00
Kilossjoe 13.04 is faster08:02
Kilosinstalled on old p4 in 15 mins about08:02
Kilosslow to reboot though08:04
kbmonkeyremember Gnome is a mature project. It was born in 1997. It was a hasty move to push unity to the main stream so you get these problems now and then.08:04
kbmonkeywow that is quick Kilos !08:05
Kilosand no need to turn off desktop effects even with scrapped graphics card08:05
Kilosthis is kde 08:05
Kilos12.04 took 30 mins to install there08:05
Kilosjust a bit blue the background. too close to win for me08:06
Kiloswhen you going to ubuntu kbmonkey ?08:07
kbmonkeythe last one I used was 10.10 (I think)08:07
kbmonkeyor 11.0408:08
Kilosoh if you know of irc social channels in za tell sally08:08
kbmonkeyI am not sure I am going back to Ubuntu Kilos - Once Unity came in I decided to adventure into new territory08:08
Kilosthis 13.04 kde looks good08:08
kbmonkeythat kde plasma08:09
Kilosi also have a prob with unity later than 12.04 but the kde has got better imo08:09
Kiloswill do update/upgrade if i can stay awake tonight08:09
Kiloskde has got more tools for your kinda clever peeps i think08:10
kbmonkeyI tell my pc to turn off in x hours at night. it is useful.08:10
kbmonkeykde has a lot of 'widgets' and 'applets' and things08:11
kbmonkeynot an applet man myself. 08:11
kbmonkeyI like the simple things in life ;)08:11
kbmonkeyirc social channels? can you explain a bit more please?08:13
Kilosi dunno i suppose she meant where peeps get together and just chat08:16
Kiloswe must try get her to use ubuntu08:16
kbmonkeychat here :D08:17
kbmonkeythere are 100's of channels here for various projects. freenode is for project discussion.08:17
Kilosthis new kde is really good08:17
kbmonkeyother irc servers exist - enter at your own risk08:18
Kilosim sorry now i didnt use that data to upgrade my 12.04 kde08:18
Kilosshe seems to know irc because i see she is masked08:18
Kilosoh not anymore08:19
Kilosmaybe im mistook08:19
Kiloshey kbmonkey you must study man08:20
Kilosthere linux engineer jobs going there in durbs08:20
kbmonkeylike the first time I see a linux job position in years08:21
kbmonkeythis job thing is really a waste of one's life08:23
kbmonkeyat least the current job is08:24
Kilosya but difficult to start on your own until everyone knows about you08:25
kbmonkeywhat if you have a condition where you dont want everyone to know about you Kilos ?08:37
kbmonkeythen is it impossibly difficult?08:37
Kilosyeah but thats where the work comes from08:38
Kiloshard to start off on your own08:38
Kilosno income for a long time08:38
Kiloshi Xethron 09:04
charl_hi Kilos 12:19
charl_and everyone else12:19
charl_Maaz: coffee on12:19
* Maaz flips the salt-timer12:19
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_!12:23
charl_Maaz: thanks12:25
Maazcharl_: Okay :-)12:26
Kiloshi charl the new kubuntu is lekker hey12:26
charl_exactly, it's really smooth and fast !12:29
Kilosyeah installed in 15 mins on my slower pc12:39
Kilosnow i want it here but will need to wait for 11pm to do update/upgrade12:48
charl_i am pretty happy right here with i3 on my laptop because i like to use keyboard navigation (using the touchpad sucks)12:50
charl_at work i'm using gnome3 on debian7 atm which is also good enough12:51
charl_but i still think kde4 is all-round the best desktop there is at the moment12:51
Kilosi will see after an upgrade so i can see how everything works12:52
magespawnHowdy all12:55
Kiloshi magespawn howsit12:56
magespawnGood and you?12:56
Kilosgood ty, 13.04 kde is great12:57
Kiloswill geive more feedback tomorrow12:57
Kilosvery fast12:57
magespawnCool beans, i saw the request for hard drives, i only have very old ones12:59
Kilosi have everything from 40g's that need parts13:00
Kilosbut just keep eyes open everywhere. dont let others throw away drives please13:00
magespawnWill do, allm13:07
Kilosand seagate 500g seem to have had a bad spell . have 2 here13:07
magespawnAll the old ones are really small13:07
Kilosone with card messed up and other with reader bust13:07
Kilosah ok np13:07
Kilosill keep hoping13:07
Kiloshows things there lad13:08
magespawnHah, bonamanzi.co.za just got cracked13:08
Kilosoh my13:08
Kilosno security13:08
Kilosmind you launchpad also got cracked a while back13:09
magespawnNot sure but will have to sort it out, it did have joomla asma cms13:09
Kilosthats to help you to get them to go all linux13:10
magespawnS/asma/ as a13:10
Kilosim sure there are linux crackers out there as well though13:10
Kiloscant all be good peeps that get IT training13:11
magespawnJust not as many, i think is was just a bored kid or something like that13:11
Kilosya acting clever13:13
Kilosis it sposed to be capital S/13:13
Kilosi always use small one13:13
Kiloshate using caps13:14
magespawnNo small is right, this program i am using makes the first one a capital automatically13:16
Kiloslike cell fones13:16
magespawnI am taking the kids down to the river , chat later13:18
Kilostoo much stress here. need to replace my 12.04 kde with 13.1015:26
KilosMaaz, coffee on16:04
* Maaz starts grinding coffee16:04
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:08
KilosMaaz, thanks man16:08
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)16:08
Kilosno bunch16:09
Kiloshaha got a 80g samsung that only shows as 38g with disk utility16:38
Kiloshi nlsthzn wb17:01
Kilosyou having a good break17:01
nlsthznalo, thanks 17:02
nlsthznalways :)17:02
magespawnevening all17:45
kbmonkeyhello magespawn 17:47
kbmonkeyhow goes it? can you also hear fireworks this entire weekend?17:48
magespawnhey kbmonkey 17:48
magespawnnot here in hluhluwe, not many Hindu people here17:48
magespawni have a general sort of question: if i have root accessto your bare metal server how do you get me off?17:50
kbmonkeyoh yes, I though it was for guy falkes or some other.17:51
magespawnDiwali I think17:51
kbmonkeyif you have root's password to my server, I can block your IP from ssh'ing in - best protection is to change the password though17:52
magespawnokay assume that if i had root access i will have locked you out17:52
kbmonkeyif it is via ssh you should not use passwords anyway - use gpg keys for authentication and disable remote password logins17:52
kbmonkeyoh, I see..17:53
kbmonkeyIf you locked me out? that is pretty serious - reboot the server in recovery mode and reset root password from there (single user mode)17:53
kbmonkeyyou need physical access to do that17:54
magespawnwhich yuo could only really do if you had physical access to the machine?17:54
kbmonkeyrecovery mode boots to a root console, thenyou can "passwd root"17:54
magespawnright just wanted some conformation of what i suspected, lots of politics at work17:55
kbmonkeycorrect. without physical access and no way to log in, you cannot recover the root account.17:55
kbmonkeyhmm, it sounds harsh.17:55
=== Eames is now known as magespawn
magespawnright back just had to change connection17:58
kbmonkeyso magespawn are you the one locked out, or was it a question to see if somebody else could get back in?18:03
* kbmonkey puts the monocale on18:03
magespawnno i am not the one locked out18:06
magespawnthe works joomla website was cracked today, and the 'other' it person claims it was done by a script on the server with root access18:07
kbmonkeyman, that is some claim, and how did it get on there in the first place. 18:08
magespawnquote 'this is a script that some one have run in the server with root access that affects every one on that server18:08
magespawnexactly you would need some sort of access alrready that you could somehow elevate to root18:09
magespawnit was a joomla cms, on apache, presumable on some sort of linux os18:13
magespawnI think they host themselves, though how and where I have no idea18:15
magespawnI feel a little like a mushroom sometimes, lol18:16
kbmonkeyA goomba mushroom?18:18
kbmonkeythose guys in Mario Bros 18:18
magespawnif they are kept in the dark and fed on manure18:19
kbmonkeythey love that though, so it may not be your calling if that is the case :p18:23
magespawnhow do you do your job if that is the case then?18:52
Kilosguten abend mein herren19:01
Kilosdaai ding19:02
Kilosherren is more than one her hey?19:02
Kiloshey kbmonkey 19:04
Kilosyou okes all in suspended animation19:05
kbmonkeyhi Kilos - magespawn was just in. said brb19:05
Kilossuch weird things happen here19:05
Kilos13.04 kde installed like a bomb on old single core pc but here it sukkels and hangs19:06
kbmonkeygood night Kilos I am off19:06
Kilosalmost like the old one bust the boot stick19:06
Kilosnight kbmonkey sleep tight19:06
kbmonkeyfeeling hot and dizzy19:07
Kilosoh no19:07
kbmonkeygoing to step away from the screen19:07
Kilosrest well work tomorrow19:07
kbmonkeyyup. gonna make more tea.19:07
Kiloshope you get better19:07
kbmonkeyhope magespawn comes back.19:07
Kiloswhew you worry me19:08
Kilosnot enough pronutro19:08
superflykbmonkey: I don't use the "widgets and applets and things" in KDE19:26
Kiloslol hes just looking for excuses not to use ubuntu superfly good evening19:26
Kilosall good there with you and family?19:27
Kiloswb magespawn 19:33
magespawnhey Kilos19:33
magespawndid not see you lurking there19:33
Kiloshehe i was away earlier19:33
magespawnah right19:33
Kilosmonkey sick19:33
Kiloshot and dizzy19:34
magespawnahh, nice to have a bit of a chat though19:34
magespawnneeds a doctor then19:34
Kiloshe opened the window and influenza19:34
Kiloshe isnt a well guy19:34
Kilosyou ready for another week of it19:35
magespawnindeed, altough i was at work briefly today19:36
Kilosah with the hacking prob19:36
magespawnno strangely enough not, those computers are nowhere near the property, this was a failed network cable19:37
Kiloshow do cables fail19:37
Kiloswhat do they make then out of19:37
magespawnthis was an ethernet cable, might be at one or other of the ends, or from electricity or such19:38
magespawncopper and plastic19:38
magespawnit can happen19:39
Kiloswithout movement?19:39
magespawnyup but there are also some seriously funny ways of putting in cable19:40
Kilosai!. ok then lad have a good evening19:41
Kiloslast night was too late for me19:41
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:41
magespawnall sorts of way for a cable to fail19:41
Kilossee ya morrow19:41
magespawngood night Kilos 19:41
Kilosya man but not normally if the dont move or get rust and stuff19:42
Kilostarnish oxidization etc19:42
Kilossleep tight19:42

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