Dr_Willisozberk:  you might want to at least summarize the issue.  Not many people will go to a random video00:00
ozberkok guys last summarize as you can see that video I can^t login to google chrome00:01
ozberkmy e-mail and pasword are tru00:01
blurkisreisio, not really. Just prefers gnome and well even though I can do with 3.8, some part of me always wants the newest.. same reasen I didnt stick with 13.04 :)00:02
ahoneybunhas anyone had issues with steam on 13.10?00:03
wilee-nileejubale, The gnome shell has some extensions that might serve you needs.00:04
ahoneybunsteam is having issues connecting to steam servers00:04
ahoneybunARCILITE, hello00:05
ozberkDr_Willis: I guess no body can't help me with that00:05
k1lahoneybun: no problem here00:05
* ahoneybun thinks it has to do with bumblebee00:06
Dr_Willisozberk:  see if a newly made user works. thats standard debugging procedure00:06
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AgentSmithMr. Anderson00:06
Dr_Willisozberk:  if a new user can. that points to some setting issue with the problem user00:06
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AgentSmithMe, yes me.00:07
AgentSmithMe me me.00:07
PDilyardyou know its bad when you accidentally type "sudo apt-get" in the ubuntu software center search bar00:10
AgentSmith"I drank too much wine; now I must (use the restroom). Cause and effect.''00:10
tfhhi, after I upgraded ubuntu to 13.10, my keyboard layout (language) switching shortcut stopped working. I looked online and found a few entries on askubuntu about a bug and that there is an unofficial patch to fix it, I tried that and it still doesn't work ... or I don't understand what the words mean in the short cut, so I want to be able to switch by pressing the Left Alt and Shit keys, but that doesn't work00:11
intraderhitsujiTMO, I am back on 13.10 after booting to XP and fixing some security issues00:12
hitsujiTMOintrader: sweet00:12
intraderhitsujiTMO, so now I would like to wipe out 13.10 and 12.04.3 while keeping Windows XP intact.00:13
hitsujiTMOintrader: boot to a live cd and connect up your external drive00:13
hitsujiTMOintrader: install xchat, or use chatzilla, or whichever you'd like and get back here then00:14
intraderhitsujiTMO, the external drive may not have sufficient storage for both 12.04.3 and 13.1000:15
Zordoes xdmcp with lightdm require an actual display on the machine running it? I've enabled xdmcp in lightdm.conf, but starting it causes it to bail immediately because it can't find a display (the machine is headless)00:15
hitsujiTMOintrader: can you make the space?00:15
k1linokios: no advertising allowed in the ubuntu channels00:15
hitsujiTMOintrader: if not, just through the partitions and backup any data you want to keep00:16
k1linokios: please stop that advertising. it is against the channel guidelines00:17
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intraderhitsujiTMO, how do I determine the GB in sda5 and sda7?00:17
k1lAgentSmith: please be helpfull in here.00:19
hitsujiTMOintrader: have a peak in gparted or mount them and have a look at df -h00:20
hitsujiTMOintrader: sorry, lsblk will tell you the size too00:20
intraderhitsujiTMO, I was using du, but lsblk is better and in GB!00:22
intraderhitsujiTMO, not enough storage in the external - I need to wipe out sda5, sda6, and sda7, creating a 2.6G Swap00:24
hitsujiTMOintrader: then save your data on its own00:24
hitsujiTMOintrader: it's probably all in /home that you need00:24
hitsujiTMOon both installs00:25
spyke581Ive accidentally reformatted one of the drive in my BTRFS array during an ubuntu install. Do I start with data recovery or should i set the array back up and then restore it?00:25
hitsujiTMOintrader: boot the live cd still and i'll talk you through it00:25
Dr_Willisintrader:   du -h  -> i think gives mb.00:25
intraderhitsujiTMO, now I get it00:26
ZeThomashey I'm trying to install ubuntu but at the very end of the install procedure i get the error "Executing 'grub-install /dev/sdb' failed. This is a fatal error00:27
jmgkhi ZeTh00:27
FloodBot1jmgk: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:27
intraderhitsujiTMO, I'll be back from the live CD. see you soon00:27
reisioZeThomas: reboot and run 'try' then we can do some things00:27
Kromazcan anyone please suggest a good webcam?00:28
ZeThomasreiso: on it00:28
wilee-nileeKromaz, we don't really do polls here but take a look http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/00:29
Ari-Yangokay, so right now I got this error from E17 http://paste.opensuse.org/view/raw/44648643 dunno why00:29
reisioKromaz: cheap logitech at walmart00:29
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wilee-nileemost will probably work00:29
Ari-Yangso then I opened up a gedit and saved it as test in documents.... and I get "could not save the file /home/test"00:30
Kromazwilee-nilee: been try to get an old intel cs330 working with no luck00:30
reisioKromaz: go to store, find model, check model against http://www.ideasonboard.org/uvc/ list00:30
gasshoboth synaptic and sudo apt-get list more than 5 instances of failing to fetch repo updates ;-;00:30
Ari-Yang"you are trying to save the file on a read-only disk. Please check that the location correctly and try again.00:30
Ari-Yangwhy am I getting this all of a sudden?00:30
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gassho404 ;-;00:31
Kromazthanks guy's will check out the links00:31
thiagomdsgood morning00:31
gasshothiagomds: http://yuni.deviantart.com/art/Early-Bird-24426727500:33
ZeThomasreisio: I'm in (with nomodeset).00:33
Ari-Yangjust ran gksudo gedit n terminal and got "Unable to copy the user's Xauthorization file."00:33
reisioZeThomas: okay, so are you trying to do a dual boot?00:33
ZeThomasreisio: i immediately get an error in ubiquity00:33
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reisioZeThomas: hrmm?00:34
Jordan_UAri-Yang: What is the output of "ls -l ~/.ICEauthority"?00:35
ZeThomasreisio: no, just a simple one, but my sda4 i want mounted as /home, and my sdb i want to install the new systemon00:35
Ari-YangJordan_U: it's -rw------- 1 x x 30792 Oct 17 13:18 /home/x/.ICEauthority00:36
Ari-YangI'm not sure what that means...00:36
Jordan_UAri-Yang: Is your username 'x'?00:36
Ari-YangJordan_U: no, I just replaced my username with x00:36
GentoonWhy when I do sudo apt-get update do I keep getting errors like00:36
arvutthis line: sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"00:37
Ari-YangJordan_U: like it's -rw------- 1 username-here username-here 30792 Oct 17 13:18 /home/username-here/.ICEauthority00:37
Gentoon Failed to fetch http://packages.medibuntu.org/dists/quantal/non-free/binary-i386/Packages  Something wicked happened resolving 'packages.medibuntu.org:http'00:37
arvutis it correct?00:37
GentoonHowcome Ubuntu is always broken00:37
Ari-YangJordan_U: but does that output look good or bad? I don't really understand it....00:37
GentoonI just want a stable Linux Distro00:37
GentoonThink I should go back to Debian00:37
arvutand your name -n is one00:38
GentoonIt is just a simple apt-get update00:38
PiciGentoon: I'm not sure what "Ubuntu" has to do with medibuntu going offline. Neither the Ubuntu project nor Canonical run that site.00:38
GentoonWeird since it is a default repo off a vanilla install?00:38
Jordan_UAri-Yang: That output looks correct, it tells me that the file ~/.ICEauthority exists and is properly owned by your user.00:38
GentoonHerp Derp00:38
GentoonBut blame it on someone else00:39
Jordan_UGentoon: It's not a default repository.00:39
GentoonTypical Ubuntu Community00:39
ZeThomasreisio: "Sorry, Ubuntu 13.10 has experienced an internal error. ExecutablePath /usr/lib/ubiquity/bin/ubiquity. Title: ubiquity crashed with IndecError in _getiter(): could not find tree path '11'"00:39
GentoonReally, cause it came out of the box00:39
Ari-YangJordan_U: and a popup window shows up and says this http://paste.opensuse.org/4464864300:39
GentoonSo, yes it is.00:39
Ari-YangJordan_U: think it's my DE?00:39
reisioZeThomas: from 'try'?00:40
Jordan_UGentoon: If you would like to have a productive support discussion then please leave out the ranting.00:40
PiciGentoon: Would you like help resolving the error?00:40
ZeThomasreisio: yes, but it's a usb with persistence, so it coulb be from the previous boot (i.e. my install attempt)00:41
ZeThomasreisio: if i press ok fter that, all seems to be working well00:42
Ari-YangJordan_U: if I right click on a folder and click on properties.... and the Volume says unknown, is that good?00:42
Ari-YangJordan_U: like the Location is displayed, but right below it the Volume says unknown00:42
Jordan_UAri-Yang: What is the output of "ls -l ~/.Xauthority"?00:42
Ari-YangJordan_U: -rw------- 1 username-here username-here 55 Oct 31 01:19 /home/username-here/.Xauthority00:43
arvuthi Pici, take a look at this site pls and tell me if you think its a valid way to add reps and install skype. bit.ly/1avO8NL00:44
Piciarvut: sure, the partner repository is a real thing and those commands look fine to me.00:44
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »00:44
Ari-YangI can't create new folder at all00:45
arvutPici: alright, I wonder why it screwed up my buddys sources.list then.00:45
arvuthe must have done something seriously wrong00:45
Piciarvut: It shouldn't touch sources.list. It should put its own file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/00:45
xcaliburhi, can anyone help me on Kubuntu, missing top menu items of screens?00:45
Sagittif there is an offical package with problems, who i've to contact?00:46
arvuthe edited sources.list I think, not sure tho00:46
reisioSagitt: launchpad00:46
arvutfun to help someone get started with linux tho. hes totally new to it00:46
Jordan_U!bug | Sagitt00:46
ubottuSagitt: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:46
Ari-Yangso it seems that I currently can't create any folders or files... not sure why00:47
jeffrey_fI'm on a 13.10 and gnome.  Trying to add a printer and I see the printer identify in the search, but when I go to install it, I get a pop-dialogue "Failed to add new printer."  I switched to Unity, it was added successfully, but back under gnome, the printer seems to not work and it's network address is "localhost" when it really is (statically set).00:47
Ari-Yangany suggestions?00:47
ZeThomasreisio: i'm in lubuntu now, through the 'try' option (with nomosetd00:47
xcaliburim running kubuntu 13.04, and  I'm missing my file menu (the topbar at every application) can anyone help me?00:48
ZeThomaswhat do i do now?00:48
Jordan_Uxcalibur: Try asking in #kubuntu.00:49
Ari-Yanghere is the output on mount http://paste.opensuse.org/5401052300:50
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Ari-YangJordan_U: did you see the output of mount?00:53
moondogAgentSmith: this isn't windows :)00:53
lachesiswhen i try using an nfs4 share, i get permission denied00:54
jriblachesis: give the permission details for the file you are trying to access00:55
lachesisjrib, drwxrws--x 14 root fileserver 14 Sep 26 18:21 /data00:55
jriblachesis: how did you obtain that output?00:56
lachesisjrib, using all_squash and anonuid, anongid where anonuid is in the group fileserver00:56
lachesisls -l on the server00:56
jriblachesis: do it on the client00:56
lachesis[00:56/pi@micke ~]$ ls -ld /data00:56
lachesisdrwxrws--x 14 root 1002 14 Sep 26 18:21 /data00:56
lachesisand "sudo ls -l /data" gives permission denied00:56
jriblachesis: what is "all_squash", "anonuid", and "anongid"?00:58
lachesiswhat's the suggested pastebin for this channel?00:58
anternatty staff00:58
jriblachesis: paste.ubuntu.com00:58
lachesisthat's my /etc/exports file00:59
lachesisworks great on the .81 box but not the .52 box01:00
jriblachesis: .81?01:00
jriblachesis: .81 of what01:01
jriblachesis: same ubuntu version?01:01
lachesis13.10 all around01:01
lachesishmm, i mirrored the uids on the first box and not the second01:02
lachesisi thought all_squash was supposed to make that not matter01:02
lachesismaybe i'm misunderstanding01:02
jriblachesis: i'm not familiar with the option, but I would concur with you01:02
jrib(after reading the man page)01:03
jriblachesis: you're mounting in the same way?01:03
jriblachesis: also, why do you use anongid = 1000 ?01:04
lachesisthat's the group of the user i was trying to emulate01:04
Ari-Yangwell I just checked the contents of /proc/mounts and saw /dev/disk/by-uuid/c569a25a-4c5c-4731-8836-2bdfd7ce3d7e / ext4 ro,relatime,errors=remount-ro,data=ordered 0 001:04
Ari-Yangit remounted as ro01:04
lachesisjrib, oho, let me try that as the fileserver group01:05
lachesisthat was it01:05
lachesisthx for the help01:05
jriblachesis: sure, np01:05
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GentoonWhy make the ISO's 883 MB?01:06
GentoonToo big for CDR01:06
GentoonMight as well put everything on it01:06
AgentSmithCd's are 700mb.01:07
GentoonuBUNTU13.10 dESKTOP IS 883 mb01:07
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.01:08
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:08
SchrodingersScatoptical media is dead01:08
AgentSmithI lost my usb key.01:08
GentoonIf you are targeting USB sticks than why limit it to 883 MB?01:08
GentoonWhy not put all the packages and make a 4GB ISO?01:09
Dr_Willisbecause then the server load would be much higher01:09
Dr_Williswith people downloading useless stuff01:09
GentoonUsed to have the option of a net or base install that fit on a CDR01:09
GentoonWhat happened to that?01:09
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:09
GentoonYeah, way to hard to find through the website01:10
Dr_Williscant say ive noticed.. or really care.01:10
Gentoonwhere is the torent for the net install?01:10
ubottuSaucy can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/saucy/desktop/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/saucy/server/ubuntu-13.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696901:11
GentoonThe Net install?01:11
Dr_WillisOther flavors can be found at ......01:11
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triplchi all01:13
triplchow to tell the grub to use a specific kernel at boot? i am using 12.04.3 and wanna to default to linux 3.201:14
Dr_Willisyou can select the default item in the /etc/default/grub file01:14
Dr_Willisor make a custom entry in /etc/grub.d/40_custom01:15
Dr_Willisthen set the default entry in the /etc/default/grub01:15
Dr_WillisI think the entries start counting at 0 - so it can be a little confuseing how to count them01:15
Dr_Willisthe GRUB docs/wiki/ and askubuntu.com site should also have some guides on selecting the default entry01:16
triplcDr_Willis: nice... so, after change that file, do i need to run something? like grub-update or something01:16
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
Dr_Willisyes. triplc01:16
wilee-nileetriplc, That is all correct info and there is a #grub channel.01:16
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:16
GentoonDr_Willis: Thanks. Sorry for being a dick.01:16
deper29triplc: just change GRUB_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub01:16
triplcok thanks01:17
deper29your default is likely 0, just change it accordingly then 'sudo update-grub'01:17
Dr_Willissome of the newer releses have th older kernels in a sub menu. Not sure how you select them to be default with the GRUB_DEFAULT item01:17
GentoonJust don't think Optical Media is dead is all. I do Desktop Support and anything we dont push via Ghost we use Optical media.. Can't expect every PC in a workplace to have BIOS that support booting USB01:17
tp1999111hey can anyone help me, when i try to install lubuntu, i get  an error "Executing 'grub-install /dev/sda' failed. This is a fatal error."01:18
wilee-nileetp1999111, This a uefi? when and where is this happening?01:18
Dr_WillisGentoon:  we have no controll over how the ubuntu devs do things.01:19
tp1999111wilee-nilee: uefi is disabled in b01:19
wilee-nileetp1999111, still a uefi would not install to the mbr is all.01:19
tp1999111wilee-nilee, uefi is disabled01:19
wilee-nileestill a uefi would not install to the mbr is all.01:20
tp1999111nwilee-nilee in bios, this happens at the end of the install procedure, when all is set up and copied01:20
wilee-nileetp1999111, Ah install thanks, is b a HD?01:21
wilee-nileeor a partition?01:22
tp1999111wilee-nilee, sorry, since my computeris now a brick, i have to use my ipad for irc... sdb is a hdd, indeed01:22
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
wilee-nileetp1999111, Internal or external HD?01:24
wilee-nileetp1999111, We often recommended the bootrepair app it can be run from a live ubuntu cd. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair01:25
tp1999111wilee-nilee, internal; normally i use the biggest sda partition to be mounted as /home, and the sdb (a sdd disk) as my main drive01:25
wilee-nileetp1999111, Sounds like a uefi if there is an error with a mbr load, do you know what uefi is? THos is not an apple computer is it?01:26
mythfanAny know where i can find infos to know if a partition is flaged as bootable...  Installed linhes and got no disk error not able to boot the hd ... I have mythbuntu live cd... So i want to know if i can check partition with this live mythbuntu cd01:27
deper29Dr_Willis: seems if you want to set a default kernel that's within that submenu you basically have to make your own menuentry by editing /etc/grub.d files01:27
Dr_Willismythfan:  sudo fdisk -l         i recall can show the boot flag01:27
tp1999111wilee-nilee, no it is a toshiba laptop01:27
Dr_Willisdeper29:  yea. thatw why i mentioned the 40_custome file ;)01:27
Dr_Willisdeper29:  i tend to rename 40_custom to somthing of a lower # that way i alwyas get it first if i need it.01:28
deper29Dr_Willis: ahh, I skimmed over that I guess.01:28
wilee-nileetp1999111, Try the bootrepair thang it seems to fix many problems without the fun of doing it from the command line like we used to.01:28
mythfanDr_willis if i go in term from the live cd fdisk -l show notting.... Do i have to mont disk01:28
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wilee-nileetp1999111, Be sure to save the bootinfo summary url generated01:29
Ari-Yangwell looks like I'll have to run fsck (reboot), but I'll do it in a livecd01:29
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PDilyardthe auto-hide launcher in unity doesnt work for me....i move my mouse to the side and it doesnt reveal it01:31
* wilee-nilee watches Unsealed: Alien Files; Subject "Aliens may invade homes while occupants are asleep."01:32
fishduckso.. where is gimp stored?01:32
Dr_Willismythfan:  fdisk shows all disks and partions the system sees. you then can mount weht you want01:33
areilox/usr/share/gimp, probably01:33
wilee-nileethere coming to take you away haha01:33
=== tasken is now known as nimbo
areiloxer, lib01:33
areilox/usr/lib/gimp, at least on my box01:33
Dr_Willisfishduck:  in  the proper system directories...01:33
Dr_Willislocate gimp01:34
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nimbohello all, i'm having a problem with the ubuntu 13.10 amd64, unity dash background on my eeepc01:34
nimbothe background is all black01:34
nimbotried turning on or off blur, statis or dynamic01:35
wilee-nileenimbo, Have you tweaked it beyond those controls?01:35
nimbowilee-nilee: please elaborate01:35
gls_tinscreen -rd01:35
hitsujiTMOnimbo: what gpu do you have? intel gma?01:36
mythfanFdisk -l return that /dev/sda1 seem to have * under boot01:36
Dr_Willismythfan:  thats the partion thats flagged bootable.01:36
wilee-nileenimbo, There a number of ways to mess with the desktop, unity-twaek and compiz are commonly used01:36
Dr_Willisnimbo:  this is a netbook?01:37
AgentSmithDevelopers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers .01:37
nimboDr_Willis: yes a eeePC 1215P01:38
mythfanDr_willis /dev/sda is the complete disk ?01:38
Dr_Willisnimbo:  personally - i run xubuntu or lubuntu on my netbook. Unity seems too big a drag on its01:38
wilee-nileeAgentSmith, Take your meds01:38
stevecoh1trying to get a scanner to work with ubuntu 13.04 that used to work with 10.04 but now does not. sane-find-scanner doesn't find it, sudo sane-find-scanner does, but there is some perms issue that prevents it from working.  The model is supported.  See http://paste.ubuntu.com/6350373/01:38
Dr_Willismythfan:  sda would be the disk. sda1 would be the first partition01:38
hitsujiTMOnimbo: that uses an intel gma graphics gpu. ity can't handle unitys 3d acceleration01:39
stevecoh1what do those "could not fetch string descriptor: Pipe Error" things mean?01:39
PDilyardthe auto-hide launcher in unity doesnt work for me....i move my mouse to the side and it doesnt reveal it01:39
nimbohitsujiTMO: yes, Intel GMA 315001:40
wilee-nileePDilyard, In that gui to hide it you can set the pressure needed.01:40
XHEART24hi everyone01:40
nimbohitsujiTMO: how can i turn that off?01:40
XHEART24i what room can i go to to ask for for a youtube to mp3 for 12.04, i will not ask in this room to follow the rules01:41
XHEART24in what room01:41
hitsujiTMOnimbo: you cannot use unity on that gpu. it does not handle 3d acceleration which is requited for unity. you must use a different DE. as Dr_Willis suggested you should use xubuntu on that device01:41
hitsujiTMOnimbo: if you want unity2d you can instal 12.0401:41
AgentSmithDevelopers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers .01:42
mythfanDr_willis sda1 seem to have the correct system file sjl01:42
stevecoh1trying to get a scanner to work with ubuntu 13.04 that used to work with 10.04 but now does not. sane-find-scanner doesn't find it, sudo sane-find-scanner does, but there is some perms issue that prevents it from working.  The model is supported.  See http://paste.ubuntu.com/6350373/01:42
nimbohitsujiTMO: so no way of using 13.1001:42
stevecoh1what do those "could not fetch string descriptor: Pipe Error" things mean?01:42
Dr_WillishitsujiTMO:  well one of the things with  the removal of unity2d was the 3d unity was supposed to 'downsize' or whatever the term was. ;) Unity does run on the netbook. its just so slow its nasty ;)  but on a netbooks little screen - lubuntu i find works much better01:43
hitsujiTMODr_Willis: there is NO 3d acceleration at all on that gpu01:43
mythfan /bin /boot /data /dev /etc.... The the system seem to be there i could be the bios or grub not booting ?01:44
intraderhitsujiTMO, tribulations while of live CD: Xchat aborts the package manager, Chatzilla will not connect to Freenode, mibbit does not offer freenode.01:44
intraderhitsujiTMO, is there a simple IRC client?01:45
dreamy_can i compile on a ubuntu 10.10?01:45
nimbointrader: try kiwiirc01:45
mythfanMy computer was booting mythbuntu fine .... But not linhes01:45
hitsujiTMOintrader: sorry: https://webchat.freenode.net/01:45
dreamy_anyone helping?01:45
wilee-nileedreamy_, Compile what your not hooked to the main repos.01:45
hitsujiTMO!eol | dreamy_ 10.10 is no longer supported01:45
ubottudreamy_ 10.10 is no longer supported: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:45
intraderhitsujiTMO, I will try01:46
XHEART2412.04 is very stable01:46
nimbohitsujiTMO: i really don't like xfce or lxde UI01:48
XHEART24what is the command in the terminal to create a virtual window for windows using 12.04?01:48
nimbohitsujiTMO: so maybe oyher distro01:49
AgentSmithMicrosoft Rules!01:49
bekksXHEART24: Install virtualbox and create a virtual machine, install Windows in it.01:49
hitsujiTMOnimbo: i suggest installing 12.04 ... it a 2d fallback unity experience, which should be usable on that gpu01:49
tirta-lalondongI'm running Ubuntu 13.10, and i've just installed few couples of software from Software Center.01:50
XHEART24bekks is that on the ubuntu programs?01:50
tirta-lalondongbut when i tried to find it, or type it on Dash Home, it shows nothing ?01:50
tirta-lalondonghow to fix this?01:50
Dr_Willistirta-lalondong:  what apps?01:50
bekksXHEART24: I suggest installing the official virtualbox package from the official website: www.virtualbox.org01:50
tirta-lalondongGeany, VLC, Gparted and so on01:50
tirta-lalondongnone of these apps can be find from Dash home.01:50
Dr_Willistirta-lalondong:  could just run them fro a terminal. the dash menus can take time to refresh01:51
tirta-lalondongbut it's installed already01:51
XHEART24bekks how can i chat with u in private?01:51
tirta-lalondongexactly, it runs from the terminal, but won't show up when i searched them on dash home01:51
userhey fellow ubuntu users has anyone else had problems with dropbox and ubuntu 13.1001:53
Dr_Willisuser:  its been working here for me01:53
wilee-nileenope, works fine here user state the actual issues01:53
littlegirlHey there, is the yelp-tools package installed in Ubuntu by default?01:54
userwell for me a message pops up and it asks to restart nauitas but when i click it nothing happens01:54
intraderhitsujiTMO: I am on the live CD! Hurrah!01:54
koffingWhy is 13.10 so slow?01:55
wilee-nileeuser, Use the install from their site.01:55
useri have i get the same problem01:55
hitsujiTMOintrader: first thing can you pastebin the output of lsblk so we can figure out what is what again.01:56
wilee-nileeuser, I use gdebi with debs, I wonder if that might be a difference, rather than the ubuntu software center01:56
userhmm i will try that01:56
userbut i only have my windows computer with me now01:57
wilee-nileeuser, you contacted us in this situation, what should we do?01:58
intraderhitsujiTMO: I will doLhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6350442/01:58
hitsujiTMOintrader: can you plug in your external tool please01:58
wilee-nileeI left my magic wand at work01:58
trismlittlegirl: it doesn't look like it, it is a dep of ubuntu-gnome-desktop but not ubuntu-desktop, and I don't see it on the ubuntu 13.10 iso01:58
userwell sorry i was hoping there was a terminal command to fix this but i guess not01:59
trismlittlegirl: so it is probably installed by default in ubuntu gnome01:59
intraderhitsujiTMO: remember it does not have enough room01:59
hitsujiTMOintrader for just your /home folders tho?01:59
littlegirltrism: Thanks! Is ubuntu gnome available by default or is that a choice the user has to make after downloading? I use Kubuntu and I'm trying to get this information to help out the Ubuntu doc team. (:01:59
littlegirltrism: The yelp-tools package wasn't installed in Kubuntu by default, which is why I'm wondering about Ubuntu.02:00
intraderhitsujiTMO: only the /home on 13.1002:00
hitsujiTMOintrader: even tar.gz ed??02:01
trismlittlegirl: ubuntu gnome is a separate project like kubuntu02:01
intraderhitsujiTMO: can we install on top of 12.04 only02:01
psusilittlegirl, you can either install the ubuntu gnome remix, or the ubuntu-gnome-desktop package02:01
hitsujiTMOintrader: i cannot recommend installing on top of another OS ... leads to a lot of problems02:02
hitsujiTMOintrader: we can backup /home of 12.04 and replace just that is that ok?02:02
littlegirltrism: Thanks! Does ubuntu gnome have its own IRC channel so I can ask them specifically whether yelp-tools is available in their default release?02:03
wilee-nileelittlegirl, I'm in the gnome shell, when I type yelp into synapse it shows help, does that sound right?02:03
trismlittlegirl: yes, #ubuntu-gnome02:03
intraderhitsujiTMO: I was thinking it would mess up configurations. So let's just do it on clean over 12.04 so that I could copy 13.10/home if necessary to 12.04.3/home02:03
littlegirlpsusi: So it's not a separate team the way Kubuntu is, but instead is packages you can choose?02:03
psusilittlegirl, both of them are both a separate set of packages that are maintained by dedicated teams and have dedicated install media02:04
littlegirlwilee-nilee: Nope, that comes with the yelp package that's definitely installed by default. (:02:04
littlegirltrism: Oh, thank you! Off I go. (:02:04
hitsujiTMOintrader: but do you need anything in /home on 12.04?02:04
littlegirlpsusi: Thanks!02:04
hitsujiTMOintrader: is there any data you want to backup?02:04
stevecoh1could not open USB device 0x04b8/0x0131 at 001:005: Access denied (insufficient permissions)  That's my scanner.  How do I give myself permissions to access it?02:04
psusilittlegirl, in other words, if you want only the gnome desktop, get the gnome remix install cd... if you already have ubuntu installed though, or want to be able to switch back and forth, just install the package02:05
intraderhitsujiTMO: no, I was on 12.03 too short a time. Nothing except some email02:05
hitsujiTMOintrader: ok cool. open gparted and delete that partition02:05
intraderhitsujiTMO: sorry 12.04.302:05
intraderhitsujiTMO: shall we verify that it is 12.04.3?02:06
donavan01Im using Kubuntu and I dont seem to have iwconfig ... am I missing something ?02:06
littlegirlpsusi: That sounds a lot like Kubuntu and the KDE desktop, both of which are options. (:02:06
hitsujiTMOif you wish, but i do remember it boing /dev/sda702:06
hitsujiTMOintrader: sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt; cat /mnt/etc/issue; sudo umount /dev/sda702:07
intraderhitsujiTMO: please, just to make sure02:07
psusilittlegirl, right... that is what I said, they both ( kubuntu and gnome remix ) have their own install media, or you can get the same effect by installing the corresponding package02:07
littlegirlpsusi: Cool, thanks. (:02:08
jmgkhi Little02:08
intraderhitsujiTMO: it is correct - I have gparted ready02:09
littlegirlHey there, jmgk. (:02:09
jmgkNever knew a girl was into Linux02:09
littlegirlOkay, it looks like Ubuntu GNOME gets it by default and the rest of us have to install it manually. (:02:10
littlegirljmgk: There are lots of us. (:02:10
donavan01wait there is a girl in here ... everyone hide :P02:10
hitsujiTMOintrader: delete /dev/sda7 away then start the installer ... no need to create a partition for it ... choose "install alongside" and it should automatically do all that for you02:10
wilee-nileemmm sexism how quaint02:11
intraderhitsujiTMO: one operation pending - what do I do with gparted02:11
intraderhitsujiTMO: dammed, one error while applying the operations02:13
profligacyI knew a girl that liked BSD.02:13
wilee-nileelittlegirl, I don't have the yelp-tools installed stock in the shell.02:13
ZeThomaswilee-nilee, that didn't work, link i got = http://paste.ubuntu.com/635045902:13
littlegirlwilee-nilee: Yep, neither did I in Kubuntu, which is why I figured I'd go asking around and find out who does. (:02:14
hitsujiTMOintrader: make sure it's unmounted: sudo umount /dev/sda7       then try delete it again.02:14
arvutcan you shrink parts with fdisk? or do you need parted for that?02:15
SonikkuAmericahitsujiTMO: ... Don't you use [ umount ] to unmount the MOUNT POINT?02:15
intraderI made sure, gparted exited gracefully02:15
kostkonSonikkuAmerica, good catch lol02:16
intraderhitsujiTMO: I will start the install - using the install offered by live CD02:16
hitsujiTMOSonikkuAmerica: you can umount the point or the device02:16
SonikkuAmericahitsujiTMO: Hm. I was told always umount the mount point02:16
ZeThomaswilee-nilee, bootloader install failed, and on any partition i give it proceeds to give this error02:16
Dr_Willisarvut:  parted or gparted.02:17
Dr_Willisarvut:  fdisk cant02:17
wilee-nileeZeThomas, I'm not really up on uefi in general, however there is some great help at the ubuntu forums, if you find none here. That script is a key to the help there and if you make a thread mention uefi in the header, or use the bootrepair thread there02:17
arvutDr_Willis: ty02:17
hitsujiTMOintrader: did it delete the partition of then?02:17
Geo_well if u want to install uefi make a clean install02:18
Geo_otherwise u gonna have trouble with ur installation02:18
hitsujiTMOSonikkuAmerica: from man umount: umount [-dflnrv] {dir|device}02:18
SonikkuAmericahitsujiTMO: Well, then.02:19
hitsujiTMOzethomas: what seems to be the problem?02:20
PDilyardUnable to locate package unity-tweak-tool :(02:22
PDilyardafter following these instructions http://askubuntu.com/questions/256137/change-launcher-icon-opacity-brightness02:22
Dr_Willisapt-cache search unity | grep tweak02:23
Dr_Willisunity-tweak-tool - configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment02:23
hitsujiTMOPDilyard: what version of ubuntu ?02:23
hitsujiTMOPDilyard: you installed the ppa and did apt-get update first?02:23
wilee-nileePDilyard, unity-tweak starts at 12.10 take a look at the ppa.02:24
hitsujiTMOwrong ppa :P02:24
=== ClumsyFairyQueen is now known as bellasbells
PDilyardoh hahaha02:24
PDilyardmy bad02:24
Dr_WillisAccording to this statement, omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/02/…, Unity Tweak Tool doesn't work for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS,02:24
PDilyardwait though it worked on my laptop and im running 12.04 there...at least im pretty sure..hang on02:25
wilee-nileeone can mess with compiz that's always fun, hehe02:25
Dr_WillisWith MyUnity (http://www.uielinux.org/myunity) you can change these settings for the launcher:.........02:25
hitsujiTMOPDilyard: there's no tweak-tool at all for 12.04: he won't write one for it: https://answers.launchpad.net/unity-tweak-tool/+question/21848702:26
wilee-nileeknow your resets kids02:26
Geo_you need at leat unity 12.10 for unity-tweak02:26
Geo_ubuntu 12.10*02:26
hitsujiTMOZeThomas: are you still having problems with uefi boot?02:27
=== peter is now known as Guest12191
PDilyardhitsujiTMO, nevermind, im using MyUnity on my laptop02:27
stevecoh1What is the deal with scanners?  A scanner that worked just fine in Ubuntu 10.04 (EPSON V300 PHOTO) does not work in 13.04.  Some sort of permission issue.  There are all these suggestions to try, like sane-find-scanner, but basically it gives RTFM type messages.  Not very helpful.02:32
stevecoh1It would be easier is TFM was uptodate, but what Ubuntu distributes for XSane is useless in resolving these types of issues.02:33
sleeziohello, anyone else having a problem running a script from crontab? the script rund fine from terminal, but won't run via crontab...i can see crontab triggering in syslog02:33
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: have you added yourself to the xsane group and relogged?02:34
stevecoh1xsane group?  I added myself to the sane group, that was one suggestion I read.02:34
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: sorry sane group ... and have you relogged?02:35
stevecoh1yes, still not working02:35
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: does it work for an app run with gksudo?02:35
stevecoh1I changed the group ownership of my device to sane (it was root) and that got me one step further (sane-find-scanner now finds it) but xsane still does not.02:36
stevecoh1don't know gksudo, and what is the "it" you want me to run with it?02:37
stevecoh1I tried sudo xsane and it told me this was a very dangerous thing to do, but it didn't work anyway.02:37
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: whats the output of sane-find-scanner ?02:38
wafflejockhitsujiTMO: on average how many computers do you think you fix per day?02:39
hitsujiTMOwafflejock: what do you mean?02:39
wafflejockI just see you in here constantly helping people02:39
stevecoh1hitshjiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6350597/02:39
hitsujiTMOwafflejock: it kills the boredom while i'm looking for a new job :P02:40
stevecoh1adjust permissions as necessary:  what does that really mean?02:40
wafflejockhitsujiTMO: ah okay I just decided to start my own thing instead of looking for a job or taking a job02:40
areiloxAny particular reason iPod nano's don't mount on Xubuntu 13.1002:40
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: what's the output of: ls -la /dev/bus/usb/001/00502:41
stevecoh1crw-rw-r-- 1 root sane 189, 4 Nov  2 21:38 /dev/bus/usb/001/00502:42
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: sane may not have rites to access the device02:42
stevecoh1make it crw-rw-rw-?02:42
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: dont mess with the pipe directly :P02:42
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: you add a udev rule for that02:43
stevecoh1ok, then what?02:43
stevecoh1dunno how to do that?  And actually the group owner was root before I messed with it.  Only when I made it sane did sane-find-scanner find it.02:43
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=== Xirredvsadfvsdfv is now known as Xirre
stevecoh1so pls explain udev rules02:44
help-pleaseI'm running ubuntu 13.10, I am new to ubuntu,  i've searched for some tweak on this 13.10 on web, and my question is, do i really need to install OpenJDK ?02:45
root___anyone use irssi?02:45
hitsujiTMOecho "ATTRS{idVendor}==\"04b8\", ATTRS{idProduct}==\"0131\", ENV{libsane_matched}=\"yes\"" >> /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules02:45
root___I am trying to change my handle02:45
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: run that line then reattach the scanner02:45
stevecoh1ok, will try that.  Should I change group of the device back to root as it was originally?02:46
dogarrheaI spent all day 8 hours wasting time reconfiguring my development environment for 12.04 LTS02:46
dogarrheaonly to find out that again, the repositories don't have the latest c++1102:46
dogarrheawhat an extreme waste of time setting up ubuntu was02:46
Dr_Willisthe repoistories never have the latest of anything.02:46
Dr_Willisthats how ubuntu works.02:46
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: sorrt should be this: echo "ATTRS{idVendor}==\"04b8\", ATTRS{idProduct}==\"0131\", ENV{libsane_matched}=\"yes\"" | sudo tee -a /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules02:47
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.02:47
dogarrheafrom the recommendations of "Rewrite your code in C" to "Reinstall Ubuntu" to "Configure your c++ compiler and build from source"02:47
help-pleaseI'm running ubuntu 13.10, I am new to ubuntu,  i've searched for some tweak on this 13.10 on web, and my question is, do i really need to install OpenJDK ?02:47
dogarrheai find that open source has been nothing but a waste of time02:47
stevecoh1thanks, hitsujiTMO, but pls answer if I should put the device ownership back to what it was.02:47
Dr_Willishelp-please:  install whatever java you need.02:47
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  we dont care. demand a refund.. this is support  channel. Not a ranting channel.02:48
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: the ownership will be changed when you reattach it02:48
stevecoh1thanks, will try and get back to you.02:48
dogarrhearefund of my life.. probably won't get one02:48
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  again. we dont really care.02:48
dogarrheayou seem angered02:48
Dr_Willisif you want support then we are here.02:48
dogarrheaif you count wrong suggestions as support sure02:49
Dr_Willisif you want some one to rant to. well.. theres #foreveralone02:49
dogarrhea"rewrite your entire program in C so you can use mutex"02:49
dogarrheathat's the support in this channel02:49
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  we have no idea of the history of your issue.02:49
dogarrhea"reinstall ubuntu "02:49
wilee-nileeor $itsasifwecare02:49
dogarrheaeither way, the "support" from this channel is wrong and even destructive02:50
intraderhitsujiTMO: I don't see issue displayed on the left bottom as it did before - whre is the issue stored?02:50
Dr_Willisand no one in here even rembers your original issue dogarrhea .. so have a nice day02:50
garciancdogarrhea, what do you need help with?02:50
dogarrheagetting a c++11 compiler02:50
dogarrhea4.6.3 is too old02:51
dogarrheaand it is the one in ubuntu repositories02:51
hitsujiTMOintrader: issue of which as in the ubuntu issue?02:51
intraderhitsujiTMO: it displayed 12.04.302:51
dogarrheaearlier, people (about 5-6 people) were all saying "YOUR UBUNTU 10.04 is END OF LIFE. INSTALL A NEWER UBUNTU AND YOUR PROBLEM IS FIXED"02:51
dogarrheatoo bad they are all wrong02:51
kostkondogarrhea, they aren't02:51
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.02:52
Dr_Willisit in fact IS EOL.02:52
dogarrheaThey are wrong02:52
dogarrheait doesn't fix the c++11 issue02:52
garciancdogarrhea, what is preventing you from installing the latest compiler?02:52
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  and we have no idea what your c++11 issue is.02:52
dogarrheaWhat package is supported for the OS?02:52
stevecoh1xsane still doesn't find it, alas, hitsujiTMO02:52
dogarrheathe whole point of reinstalling ubuntu according to thsi channel, was to get proper support for c++1102:53
dogarrheabut I see this is a false statement as only up to 4.6.3 gcc is supported02:53
dogarrheaand 4.8 is the gcc version i'm after02:53
Dr_Willisnow we have an actual 'statement as to what you want'02:53
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: if you want 4.8 install ubuntu 13.10 ... or use a ppa ... or compile it02:54
dogarrheatrollolol. another install02:54
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: if that doesn't work then i'm unsure what the issue is ... that should be enough to make sure xsane has permissions to see and use the device :(02:54
intraderhitsujiTMO: it displayed 12.04.3 and now nothing. System details says 12.03 LTS, and there are slew of updates which 12.04.3 had included02:54
dogarrheaWhy should I keep reinstalling thigns?02:55
intraderhitsujiTMO: it displayed 12.04.3 and now nothing. System details says 12.04 LTS, and there are slew of updates which 12.04.3 had included02:55
Picidogarrhea: Its up to you.02:55
kostkondogarrhea, buy the intel compiler then, i bet it's c++11 ready02:55
stevecoh1very annoying.  NO such issues back in 10.0402:55
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  if you dont want it.. then dont reinstall.. then you are just going to sit there i guess.02:55
dogarrheathe ubuntu distribution pages said that 13.10 is going to be supported EVEN less than 12.04 lts02:55
dogarrheawhy would I install it02:55
dogarrheait's probably got more bugs too02:55
dogarrheaopen shit software.02:55
dogarrheawhatever i'll figure it out by myself02:55
* Dr_Willis closes the ticket.02:56
dogarrheai don't need to listen to idiots02:56
kostkondogarrhea, thats your only choice unfortunately.02:56
dogarrhealike the last time i reinstalled02:56
dogarrheato a newer ubuntu02:56
garciancdogarrhea, check this link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/312620/how-do-i-install-gcc-4-8-1-on-ubuntu-13-0402:56
kostkondogarrhea, then, listen..02:56
intraderhitsujiTMO: I am going ahead with the updates - it was probably something I missed in the install02:56
kostkondogarrhea, install virtualbox and then install 13.10 on that02:56
Picidogarrhea: I understand that you are frustrated, but I'm not sure what you're hoping to accomplish here by just complaining.02:56
Dr_Willislatest release. or lts. theres not much point in using anything in between02:56
dogarrheakostkon: i listened last time.02:56
dogarrheaand i'm not going to reinstall again and again and again and again02:56
minimecdogarrhea: I don't know why I am helping you, but you can have what you want. Just use this ppa... https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/test02:56
hitsujiTMOintrader: what kernel are you on with it now? uname -r02:57
kostkondogarrhea, final word from me: 13.10 in vb02:57
dogarrheais 4.8 actually supported on 13.0 are you just saying "REinstall"02:57
pi_____hi ! what is the best terminal game ?02:57
* Dr_Willis could have reinstalled in the time this discussion has been going on..02:57
Pici!info g++ saucy02:57
ubottug++ (source: gcc-defaults (1.122ubuntu3)): GNU C++ compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.8.1-2ubuntu3 (saucy), package size 1 kB, installed size 34 kB02:57
dogarrheaI have to know that it is supported02:57
Dr_Willispi_____:  nethack  ;)02:57
dogarrheadr_willis the download wouldn't even complete in this time02:57
Picidogarrhea: please see ubottu's output above02:57
dogarrheaso stop lying02:57
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: gcc 4.8.1 is the version of gcc on 13.1002:57
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  please stop lying.. yes.. we think you should.02:57
Picidogarrhea: Or search yourself on packages.ubuntu.com02:57
pi_____dr_willis thanks !! going to see now02:58
intraderhitsujiTMO: 3.8.0-29-generic02:58
Dr_Willispi_____:  theres the bsd-games package also with some old skool ascii games02:58
hitsujiTMOintrader: thats 12.04.3 alright then02:58
dogarrheaYou have searched for packages that names contain c++11 in suite(s) raring, all sections, and all architectures.  Sorry, your search gave no results02:58
dogarrheai guess it's just not supported02:58
pi_____thanks !02:58
minimecdogarrhea: gcc-4.8 (4.8.1-2ubuntu1~12.04) precise; urgency=low   https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/test/+packages02:58
intraderhitsujiTMO: I tried to bring up Xchat but it does not find it02:59
dogarrheahrm. so I don't need to reinstall minimec02:59
hitsujiTMOintrader: i'd advise installing hexchat instead03:00
minimecdogarrhea: You need to add that ppa, and probably you are fine...03:00
intraderhitsujiTMO: apt-get hexchat install?03:00
hitsujiTMOintrader: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/hexchat-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hexchat03:00
Dr_Willisintrader:  or learn to use irssi or weechat ;)03:01
Greylocksweechat rocks :-)03:01
Dr_Willisyep - definatly has an amazeing feature set03:02
intraderhitsujiTMO: can't install while update is running03:02
hitsujiTMOintrader: ahh yeah ... wait for the updates to finnish ofc03:02
hitsujiTMOintrader: hexchat is xchat with a lot of improvements. it will probably replace xchat as the default irc client in the near future03:03
intraderhitsujiTMO: the webchat is pretty good - I can copy from the display - on xchat I can't03:04
SetiAmonhow do i enlarge the 'min/max close' buttons in the user interface03:04
SetiAmoneverything is way to small on my 1080/1920 hi res display03:04
wilee-nileeSetiAmon, Unity desktop and what release?03:05
Dr_WillisSetiAmon:  the ones on the top panel? or the one in the windows title bar?03:05
SetiAmongnome 3.8 and ubuntu 13.1003:05
wilee-nileeSetiAmon, gnome shell?03:05
Dr_Willisgnome-shell plugin page MIght have some  plugins to tweak the size.03:05
SetiAmonthe universal ones like the ones in the corner to close/minimize or maximize03:05
SetiAmonyeah i looked03:05
wilee-nileeSetiAmon, The advanced "tweak tool" has resizing for some things.03:06
SetiAmongnome tweak tool?I looked threw that but only font size03:07
wilee-nileeSetiAmon, Most are font size the panel and buttons are probably a config issue, I menat the advanced tweak tool.03:08
wafflejockSetiAmon: think the close buttons are part of the theme no?03:08
wafflejockSetiAmon: I imagine you would have to just change themes but haven't really messed with development on those at all so not sure03:08
Dr_Williswindow decoration  for the windows title bar03:09
SetiAmonyeah i'll look for a hi res theme03:10
stevecoh1hitsujiTMO: A problem with your udev rule, was that it wrote it into the file at the end AFTER the line reading LABEL="libsane_rules_end".  I moved it up with all the other EPSON scanners - but that still did not do the trick.03:10
fr1tz3dtry closing the program real quick and re opening it03:10
intraderhitsujiTMO: would mind repeating the commands - web chat forgets about everything and I rebooted  (about hexchat)03:11
ganjaherbsdoes Ubuntu Desktop use gnome-terminal as its BASH Gui?03:11
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: and a restart doesn't help?03:11
kostkonganjaherbs, yes03:11
hitsujiTMOintrader: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/hexchat-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hexchat03:11
stevecoh1restart of the scanner or the computer?03:11
Dr_Willisganjaherbs:  gnome-terminal is the default teminal03:11
Dr_Willisganjaherbs:  theres dozens of others you can choose from03:11
wilee-nileeSetiAmon, Might be something in dconf-editor this has to be installed I believe.03:11
zykotick9ganjaherbs: actually - BASH doesn't have a GUI.  there is an default x-terminal and a default shell, but they are independent of one another.03:12
stevecoh1hitsujiTMO: I restarted the scanner.  I did not restart the computer.  Should I?03:12
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: give it a shot, some rules might only be read on startup of specific services03:13
ganjaherbszykotick9: is it possible to interact with the shell without a gui?03:13
intrader_hitsujiTMO, on hexchat03:13
stevecoh1all right, will try it.03:13
Dr_Willisganjaherbs:  that would be a script....03:13
ganjaherbsDr_Willis: a script that must be run through a terminal emulator?03:14
Dr_Willisganjaherbs:  unless you mean gui as in X.. then that would be the console03:14
dogarrhea"Repositories are a more trustworthy way to download software than grabbing EXE files from random websites. Since everything in the default repositories is reviewed by the Ubuntu team before it goes out, you know everything there is completely safe for your system." TROLLOLOL aboslute lie and garbage.03:14
intrader_hitsujiTMO, on hexchat - I can't copy from scrolling screen - oops03:14
zykotick9ganjaherbs: yes, through "linux" (the real kernel use), by using the "linux-consoles" in F1 -> F6 (by default)03:14
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Dr_Willisganjaherbs:  so its not clear what you mean. You might want to go read a few bash tutorial guides03:14
ganjaherbsDr_Willis: i am now which is why these questinos have arised03:14
intrader_hitsujiTMO,that means to retype with errors the long command set!03:15
Dr_Willisganjaherbs:   your qestions are not making a lot of sence. ;)03:15
wilee-nileeintrader_, Are you sure I use hexchat anything highlighted goes to my clipboard, might be in the preferences.03:15
zykotick9ganjaherbs: try "echo $TERM" in a console ;)03:15
wilee-nileeexcept the enter to the channel line it has a copy03:15
hitsujiTMOintrader: in hexchat just selecting the text will copy it03:15
ganjaherbsDr_Willis: so in Linux a shell is not 100% necessary and we can run script from x-terminal and use no GUi or shell ?03:16
intrader_hitsujiTMO, simple!03:17
stevecoh1hitsujuTMO, alas this did not work either.03:18
zykotick9ganjaherbs: user level gui - x-terminal-emulator (xterm, gnome-terminal, rxvt ...), then the shell level (bash, sh, ksh ...).  the linux console (virtual consoles) are an odity, and rarely used (they kinda suck actually)03:18
intrader_hitsujiTMO, should we try to mess it up with 13.10? I think that while updating 13.10 something is left to be finished and when I shutdown 13.10 it can affect 12.04ft03:19
dogarrheaunable to locate package gcc-4.803:19
dogarrheasudo apt-get install gcc-4.803:19
stevecoh1"Try scanimage -L and read the backend's manpage."  What does that mean and where is this manpage03:19
dogarrheawell. the ppa was added so i don't know what it is03:19
ganjaherbszykotick9: got it03:19
intraderhitsujiTMO: not really left - I am still here dowing webchat03:20
intraderhitsujiTMO: and something leaks my first name!!!!!03:21
dogarrheahrm. i guess Ubuntu is broken.03:21
wafflejockSetiAmon: was just poking around in my setting on Kubuntu03:21
ganjaherbszykotick9: and Ubuntu uses "gnome-terminal" and "bash" and the generic LInux kernel... got it03:21
hitsujiTMOintrader: do you have it in the options?03:21
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  or you dont know how to use a PPA.03:21
wafflejockcan actually customize the window decorations in system settings and just enlarge the buttons03:21
dogarrheasudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r03:21
dogarrheaso. that did something03:21
zykotick9ganjaherbs: fyi, if you do "echo $TERM" in xorg it'll say what terminal you are using, when you run it in console it returns "linux" ;)03:21
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  after adding a ppa. you do a sudo apt-get update. then sudo apt-get upgrade. or sudo apt-get install whatever03:21
dogarrheai removed the gcc and g++ alternatives03:21
zykotick9ganjaherbs: yup and yup03:21
hitsujiTMOintrader is it there in network list?03:22
dogarrheaDr_Willis: and you're missing the step of removing the older repositories which i have attempted to do03:22
dogarrheabut it STILL won't find gcc-4.803:22
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  what older ones?03:22
dogarrheathe previous 4.6 gcc tools03:22
dogarrheasudo update-alternatives --remove-all g++03:22
Dr_Willisif a version is newer in a ppa - you dont remove the older REPOSITORY.. the ppa version should upgrade03:23
dogarrheaCouldn't find any package by regex gcc-4.803:23
intraderhitsujiTMO: network list is shown where?03:23
wafflejockI think I like the large buttons, very large feels like it's for senior citizens, I'm not sure who huge is for03:23
dogarrheait seems pretty broken to me03:23
hitsujiTMOintrader: hexchat->network list03:23
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  sounds more like you dont know what you are doing.03:23
hitsujiTMOintrader: or ctrl + s03:23
dogarrheasounds more like Ubuntu is not doing what it should be doing03:23
Dr_Willisdogarrhea: sure blame the tool for the users lack of knowledge.03:24
dogarrheahrm.. an error occured during the ppa update.03:24
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
wafflejockdogarrhea: go to arch if Ubuntu isn't doing your bidding03:24
dogarrheaA error occured during the signature verification.  The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.03:24
Dr_Williswafflejock:  or gentoo :)03:24
dogarrheaGPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com precise-backports RElease:03:24
wafflejockyeah see how much ubuntu is really not doing for you :)03:24
intraderhitsujiTMO: ctrl + s opens a new window - it is what browser's do03:25
dogarrheafailed to fetch http: blah blah blah blah release03:25
dogarrheaseems like it's not me03:25
hitsujiTMODr_Willis: wafflejock I'd recommend LFS, you can install whatever version of anything you want in that03:25
Dr_WillishitsujiTMO:  can i install kernel 1.0! ;)03:25
hitsujiTMOintrader: in hexchat?03:25
arvutall hail the unholy cow!03:26
ganjaherbsi am looking at the Gnome Project page and there is a picture of a group of people standing on some stiars in fron of a building. where is that?03:26
wafflejockDr_Willis: haha do you hate life or what :) I'll stick with a modern kernel03:26
intraderhitsujiTMO: it keeps on quiting and shown first name when leaving and rejoining03:26
intraderhitsujiTMO: going to hexchat03:26
dogarrheayep. Definitely a bug/broken behavior of Ubuntu03:26
Dr_Williswafflejock:  :) i used to use CP/M decades ago03:26
=== AniMysore74 is now known as Animus74
dogarrheasudo apt-get update failed03:27
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  yep.,. if you want support help definatly be vague and rambling.. state the support issue with details - or  theres not going to be much help forthcomming03:27
dogarrheaI listed the error03:27
hitsujiTMODr_Willis: ahh i remember cp/m , had that on my asmtrad03:27
arvutDr_Willis: send him to gentoo instead03:27
Animus74Help! I cant boot into ubuntu - Low Graphics Error03:27
dogarrheaGPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com precise-backports RElease:  you're just not reading Dr_Willis03:27
intraderhitsujiTMO, my leaked name is not here. So it is webchat03:28
arvutAnimus74: install 8.0403:28
hitsujiTMOintrader: kewl03:28
Dr_Willisdogarrhea:  i imagine im one of the many in here that dont have you on ignore yet..03:28
dogarrheasince you refuse to read, I either surmise you are incompetent/illiterate or aggressively useless03:28
Animus74i have 13.0403:28
arvut8.04 has no more support, has it?03:28
poopootrainSo I presume graphics card support on ubuntu is vastly superior to that of debian or any other os since debian has been a right pain in the arse from the start having to manually install things and all sorts is annoying.03:28
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support ended on May 9th 2013. See http://ubottu.com/y/hardy for more details.03:28
arvutthere we go03:28
wafflejockdogarrhea: how much are you paying us03:28
wafflejockdogarrhea: bite your tongue03:28
wilee-nileeone of the few I did that at the least yesterday obvious a problematic user Dr_Willis03:29
dogarrheawafflejock: i'm not paying for useless advice03:29
garcianche can have my cut03:29
wafflejockdogarrhea: you're not paying for anything03:29
dogarrheawafflejock: what are you offering?03:29
arvutpoopootrain: maybe that is the way you actually learn, and get things done.03:29
Animus74ive tried most of the suggestions on the askubuntu forums03:29
* Dr_Willis doubles the price03:29
intraderhitsujiTMO, now should we experiment with shuting down, bringing 13.10 up - run the update manager on 13.10, shutting down 13.10 and rebooting 12.0403:29
poopootrainalot of money whores in this chat room fantastic what you want to see in a free community -___-03:29
dogarrheaeither way, i'm paying by reporting bugs03:29
dogarrheawhat are you returning?03:29
dogarrheaso your point is moot03:30
wafflejockdogarrhea: when's the last time you walked into a bar or social club and started screaming about how little the club has to offer you and had people really want to help you03:30
poopootraindogarrhea: people like you should rot money is not the defacto way of life there should be alternatives to money that don't require hard work with shitty bosses ,etc03:30
wafflejockdogarrhea: I really don't care if you succeed and given your attitude I hope you don't03:30
dogarrheapoopootrain: as I said, I'm actually reporting actual bugs03:30
arvutpoopootrain: stop trolling, this is ubuntu support03:30
dogarrheaand here are a bunch of useless wastes of matter saying "pay me"03:30
hitsujiTMOintrader: can you give me the output of blkid again03:31
poopootrainI'm confused who I'm speaking too lol03:31
dogarrhea"pay me. even though you just reported a bug but aren't paid as QA"03:31
wafflejockdogarrhea: I'm saying quit your bitching not pay me03:31
dogarrheathat's what people here are saying03:31
poopootrainwho ever is the person who believes money is the only way you wil give advice should rot there done no more talking about it from me03:31
dogarrhea[20:29] <wafflejock> dogarrhea: you're not paying for anything03:31
wafflejockdogarrhea: I'm just another bystandard as is everyone here03:31
dogarrheawhat was the implication of this?03:31
dogarrhea[20:29] <wafflejock> dogarrhea: you're not paying for anything <-- I REPEAT. WHAT IS THE IMPLICATION OF THIS?03:31
wafflejockyou shouldn't bitch at strangers who you don't pay03:31
wafflejockwe aren't your employees03:32
wafflejockeven if we were I would quit03:32
jmgkpoopootrain, hi poopootrain  when is the next train coming?03:32
wilee-nileeSTOP ENABLING THEM03:32
poopootrainjust need a big shit in the sigimond colon and it will flush it self out03:32
dogarrheait's fine. if i stop using this product, the bugs stop being reported.03:32
arvutanything else than virtual machine support that I should add to a gentoo that is installed in vbox then moved to physical ssd?03:32
wafflejockawesome then stop03:32
wafflejockI don't care03:32
jmgkpoopootrain,  lol03:33
poopootrainI should really go back to my normal nick03:33
=== poopootrain is now known as FailDrain
intraderhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6350759/ I think that you are thinking that it is possible for 13.10 to polute the restart of 12.0403:34
FailDrainmuch better <303:34
dogarrheai'm saying it's broken. and people are saying "what are you paying me?" seems as trollish as it can be.03:34
dogarrheano one cares to even verify that the keys are bad03:34
intraderhitsujiTMO, it just happens that I remember that I was seting up graphics on 13.1003:34
dogarrhea"PAY ME"03:34
FailDraindogarrhea: I agree that people should out of the kindness of there hearts help others honestly I do , I would but maybe that's just me03:35
hitsujiTMOintrader: nah, 13.10 should be able to run independently of 12.04.03:35
dogarrheaI agree that people should not waste time reporting bugs that they aren't paid to find.03:35
jmgkFailDrain, ncie nick03:35
jmgkbut I don't care03:35
jmgkQuit trolling like the other user said03:35
hitsujiTMOdogarrhea: at this point it's clear that you are not going to get what you wan't from here. Can you please move on to where you can be helped.03:35
hitsujiTMOintrader: we can see if we can fix that from here.03:36
dogarrheayep. time to delete this vm and remove the ubuntu isos. yet again after 3 years03:36
intraderhitsujiTMO, yeah it should but if they are not careful with the updates this may happen and it could explain the non-starting 12.04 (with graphics not coming up)03:36
dogarrheaget your act together open shit software.03:36
wafflejockthank jebus03:37
FailDrainI think I finally understand why people don't want to support linux that much just look at it , it's a complete mess where as windows is full proof it works even with a few annoyances but there not majorly experience breaking like linux drivers and other things are.03:37
hitsujiTMOintrader: what probably happend was update-grub may have overwritten the mbr03:37
IdleOneCan we all please stop with the off topic chat. Get back to actual support.03:37
hitsujiTMOintrader:or grub-install i should say03:37
intraderhitsujiTMO, remember that 12.04 was installed after 13.10 - out of disgust with 13.1003:38
FailDrainI am trying ubuntu and if I find that I gotta read disgusting documentation of artificial trash I'm going back to windows03:38
hitsujiTMOintrader: ahh kk :P just tihnking about how to go about without the possiblilty of overwriting the mbr03:38
intraderhitsujiTMO, well, I can continue from here restoring as I need from 13.10 (CAREFULLY)03:39
wafflejockFailDrain: the fragmentation in Linux and extreme flux do make it more difficult to support for end users but it's also why Linux is able to evolve more quickly, things are becoming more stable where it is being used more widely by governments and larger corporations (beyond running the servers)03:39
KillBiebshrm. I can sudo with my psasword but when I try to su it keeps telling me authentication failure - any ideas?03:39
wafflejockFailDrain: windows is as much of a mess they just hide it all in SxS configurations and the like that end up chewing up all your hard disk space and running like garbage after a million security updates and antivirus software03:40
Dr_WillisKillBiebs:   wht are you doin with su exactly?03:40
KillBiebsah nevermind I got it figured out03:40
rypervencheKillBiebs: Yes, because the root user is disabled by defualt.03:40
wilee-nileeKillBiebs, why would you use su and have you installed gksu?03:40
IdleOnewafflejock: Please stop with the off topic.03:40
KillBiebsno what is gksu? :)03:40
FailDrainpity pity pity03:40
intraderhitsujiTMO, it is through the MBR that they communicate about pending updates during upgrades03:40
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:40
Dr_WillisFailDrain:  im reminded of the time i had to reformat and reinstall windows to fix a .net issue...03:41
wafflejockIdleOne:  done people are just making me crazy in here today sorry03:41
ganjaherbszykotick9: what do oyu mean if i "do" <echo $TERM> in "xorg" ... can you link me a website that will explain xorg to me so i can understand what you mean by this? do you mean i have to run that command in a terminal emulator in the xorg directory?03:41
KillBiebsnah this is all in terminal. I have been trying to do the least amount of work through gui as possible03:41
IdleOneDr_Willis: Getting real sick and tired of you dude. Drop the off topic03:41
Dr_Williswafflejock:  Yep! do a back flip when you bend over backwards for them!03:41
FailDrainmy problems mainly come down to compilation issue's being a pain in the arse but somehow in linux everything can be done in one command and stuff which is just like what why did they do that to promote linux or what03:41
intraderhitsujiTMO, did you do something to change your color from red to green?03:41
hitsujiTMOintrader: mkdir ~/oldhome; sudo mkdir /mnt/13.10; sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/13.10; ln -s /mnt/13.10/home ~/oldhome03:42
hitsujiTMOintrader: if someone says your name, it will highlight it03:42
zykotick9ganjaherbs: xorg is the GUI in linux/bsd land (right now).  all the desktop environments run on xorg ;)  i mean, in any terminal in the GUI try "echo $TERM" and it should return gnome-terminal or xterm or whatever.... in the console F1-F6 it says "linux" ;)03:42
hitsujiTMOintrader: no the mbr contains the tiny bootstrap that tells the bios where to load grub from when you start the computer. the priblem is, is that grub was one of the recent updates in 13.10 and if that is on your update list, it will try to reinstall the bootstrap into the mbr on the update..03:44
ganjaherbszykotick9: so my output was <xterm>03:44
zykotick9ganjaherbs: are you actually runing xterm?  (or is gnome-terminal perhaps faking "xterm" as an answer i wonder?)03:45
ganjaherbsnot sure but that is what it says03:45
intraderhitsujiTMO, your facility with bash is astounding - some 30 years ago i was there too!03:45
ganjaherbszykotick9: i am using whatever saucy desktop default03:45
intraderhitsujiTMO, here we go!03:45
zykotick9i get rxvt-unicode in 1 windows, and screen-256color in another ;)03:45
hitsujiTMOzykotick9: gnome-terminal will fake a number of terminals. xterm is the default03:45
ganjaherbshitsujiTMO: why does gnome terminal do this?03:46
intraderhitsujiTMO, it is all there!03:46
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as SluggoAmerica
stevecoh1hitsujitmo: check this out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6350801/03:48
hitsujiTMOganjaherbs: a lot of scripts and apps look at $TERM to determine what is supported (colours etc) so most terminals will default to xterm or xterm-color or xterm-256color so the scripts will correctly respond... look at ~/.bashrc as one example03:48
stevecoh1hitsujiTMO: check this out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6350801/03:48
intraderhitsujiTMO, yes that is possible!03:48
lotuspsychjemorning to all(its time to go to sleep hitsujiTMO :p )03:48
wafflejockhaha hi lotuspsychje03:49
ganjaherbshitsujiTMO: ok03:49
lotuspsychjewafflejock: hello mate03:49
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: it shouldn't really matter a whole lot where it gets written to, but it's worth a shot to try the change03:50
hitsujiTMOlotuspsychje: ahh crap, its 4am again :(03:50
daedalus_where is it 4am?03:50
stevecoh1hitsujiTMO, should it be 60 or 40 or both?03:50
intraderhitsujiTMO, I can't believe how you stay awake!03:50
ganjaherbsSaudi Arabia?03:51
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: try just 60.03:51
=== SluggoAmerica is now known as SonikkuAmerica
stevecoh1so copy the 40 file as /etc.../60?03:51
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: no, just copy the 1 line i gave you03:51
hitsujiTMOits 4am in Ireland03:52
wafflejockwait hitsujiTMO where are you greenland? I'm in Chicago03:52
ganjaherbsdaedalus_: i was 3 hours off. West Africa is 4 am now03:52
stevecoh1that file has section markers, etc.  Are those important?03:52
intraderhitsujiTMO, that's where you are mate?03:52
daedalus_ganjaherbs: way too early03:53
ganjaherbsdaedalus_: it is 4 am in "Côte d’Ivoire "03:53
* lotuspsychje likes the variety of countries in #ubuntu03:53
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: there prob for the update scripts so it should be ok to ignore them03:53
hitsujiTMOintrader: yup03:53
daedalus_ganjaherbs: i hope there is red bull there03:54
intraderhitsujiTMO, I am USA CA, but originally from beautiful and sadly US puppy Colombia03:54
ganjaherbsdaedalus_: like in "The Last Unicorn"?03:54
daedalus_intrader: nor or south cal?03:54
lotuspsychjelets stick to ubuntu support guys03:55
daedalus_ganjaherbs: no like the energy drink03:55
intraderdaedalus_, south - Fountain Valley03:55
hitsujiTMOintrader: hehe there's nothing wrong with CA (have some family and friends there)03:55
daedalus_intrader: ah im north03:55
daedalus_there are plenty of things wrong with california03:56
intraderhitsujiTMO, yes, sunny and beautiful - now let's get back to business as lotuspsychje says03:56
hitsujiTMOintrader: go backup you're stuff for now03:56
* lotuspsychje hopes to see 1700 users in #ubuntu-offtopic one day...03:56
intraderhitsujiTMO, thanks a lot for your help. I will not boot to 13.10 - just in case!03:57
stevecoh1ok, trying restart03:57
stevecoh1no luck hitsujTMO: I'm going to bed.  Maybe write a bug report.  This is a bunch of BS.04:01
stevecoh1thanks for your help, though\04:01
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: np, sorry i couldn't help04:01
wilee-nileestevecoh1, For what it's worth I remember having to run a reset on the install to get mine working per the web.04:03
wilee-nileea rm on the config basically04:04
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=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
sarvsavwhat's the meaning of this statement?04:16
sarvsav$ set -- *04:16
sarvsavi have read somewhere to list all files of folder you can run this command. $ set -- *04:16
sarvsav$ echo $#04:17
sarvsavi know, $# counts the list of arguments04:17
sarvsavbut what set -- is doing?04:17
=== hakr is now known as h[a]kr
Animus74low graphics mode - Cant boot04:22
lotuspsychjezee_hax0r: hello mate what can we do for you?04:22
zee_hax0rnothing, I just like saying hello.04:22
lotuspsychje!details | Animus7404:22
ubottuAnimus74: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:22
Animus74i have problem with booting ubuntu. i run a very old pentium processor, 13.04 , intel graphics. The low graphics error started randomly. i have no clue how to fix it, even though i tried several suggestions given on ask ubuntu04:24
ianorlindoes it have pae?04:24
ianorlinpentium M?04:25
Animus74no. just pentium.04:25
Animus74dual core04:25
FlosAnimus74, how low the mode is? and what video card is it?04:25
Animus74intel graphics card. it just says low graphics mode04:26
ianorlinwhat happens after it says low graphics mode?04:27
hitsujiTMOAnimus74: can yuo tell us the output of: lspci | grep VGA04:27
Animus74okay. im booting. ill tell the display as iboot04:27
Animus74first the dual boot screen04:28
Animus74i select ubuntu04:28
Animus74its loading04:28
Animus74suddenly screen goes blck04:28
stevecoh1hitsujiTMO:  Grr, it's all come back to me.  My scanner isn't supported after all.  It was listed on some list but then there was an html page in /usr/share/doc that said it wasn't.  I had to download some drivers from Epson and now it works!04:29
Animus74system is running in low graphics mode04:29
hitsujiTMOstevecoh1: hehe cool, at least you should be able to grab those drivers noe04:29
stevecoh1I think I had to do the same thing 3 years ago with Ubuntu 10.404:29
Animus74your graphics card could not be detected04:29
poopootrainWell it appears that ubuntu is ten times better then debian and will officially be my os of choice for linux04:29
poopootraindebian needs to grow up.04:29
Animus74so any suggestions guys?04:30
=== poopootrain is now known as FailDrain
ianorlinpress control alt f1 and see if you can get into a terminal04:30
Animus74yeah i can04:30
hitsujiTMOcan you do <ctrl> + <alt> + <f1> to get up a console tty?04:30
ianorlinand then do the lspci | vga04:30
hitsujiTMOlspci | grep VGA04:31
ianorlincrud hitsujiTMO is right command04:31
Animus74it says UserPc Login04:31
Animus74i suppose i should login then?04:32
hitsujiTMOAnimus74: just login with your account04:32
Animus74okay. done04:32
Animus74ill try the command now04:32
zee_hax0rIs Ubuntu a new version of Windows 2008?04:32
Animus74okay. so it says VGA compatible controller : Intel something04:33
Animus74what next?04:34
hitsujiTMOAnimus74: do you have internet access from there? can you ping google? ping www.google.com04:34
Animus74okay il try. i dont see hpw it can be connected to my wifi, but..04:34
lotuspsychje!ubuntu | zee_hax0r04:34
ubottuzee_hax0r: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com04:34
Animus74unknown host google.com04:35
zee_hax0rIs it like doors than? Should I replace all me windows with doors?04:35
hitsujiTMOAnimus74: just so we can get you to install pastebinit. that will allow you to dump text to the net04:35
hitsujiTMOAnimus74: crap ... can you type the full string of thet VGA output line so04:35
lotuspsychjezee_hax0r: plz keep this channel for ubuntu support only04:36
expo987my iMac won't shut down (running Ubuntu)04:37
expo987killing all remaining processes...............................[FAILED]04:37
Animus7400:02.0 VGA(in red ) compatible controller : Intel Corporation Mobile 4 series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev7)04:38
expo987how do i get this machine to start shutting down properly04:38
hitsujiTMOanimus: ok now: lspci -k         the VGA line should be there again.but 1 or 2 lines below that it should say what kernel driver is used. can you tell us the kernel driver04:39
Animus74there are too many lines, and i cant scroll up04:41
hitsujiTMOlspci -k | less04:41
Animus74okay , its i91504:42
hitsujiTMOok: lspci -nn | grep VGA        there should be a set of digits [8086:XXXX]    can you tell me what XXXX is04:43
hitsujiTMOwhat are the 4 digits for XXXX04:45
=== LeprechuanEse is now known as ese
Animus74hmm. it doesnt say anything.04:47
hitsujiTMOcan you try it again: lspci -nn | grep VGA       make sure VGA is all caps04:48
FlosAnimus74, could you type the whole output?04:48
xeno_I'm wanting to configure the apache2 on my Ubuntu laptop to simply allow CGI scripts to talk with AJAX.04:50
xeno_I have it executing a simple CGI script.  I'd like to avoid using PHP, and just stick with simple CGI.04:50
hitsujiTMOxeno_: iirc the default virtualhost is set up for cgi04:51
xeno_Yes, I have a cgi script working.04:52
xeno_Perhaps I need to ask a different question.04:52
xeno_Is there a configuration that allows or disallows access via XMLHTTPRequest?04:52
e2xistzHow is the state of AMD/ATI graphics support? I'm wary of getting an AMD CPU because of that.04:52
hitsujiTMOxeno_: probably, but that if off by default04:53
xeno_I'm sorry, but there's nobody over on the apache channel, and I am using Ubuntu.04:54
daedalus_e2xistz: I have AMD stuff what do you mean by support? like drivers?04:54
hitsujiTMOe2xistz: as bad as it's always been. what gpu specifically are you looking to go for?04:54
daedalus_hitsujiTMO: gmta04:54
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
whoeverhi all what is a good server? i have a vizio smart tv and it seems to like dlna but cant't find my samba shares, do i need a server like plex running to be found by my not so smart tw04:55
e2xistzLast time I tried an AMD cpu laptop, the driver was terrible, only 2d and buggy as hell.04:55
hitsujiTMOxeno_: do you want ajax to talk to cgi?04:56
e2xistzI have been sticking with Intel cpu because of the great video driver.04:56
xeno_Yes, hitsujiTMO.04:56
xeno_I'd prefer that over PHP.04:56
daedalus_checkout the new AMD powered MSI amd laptop forbes did a review on04:56
hitsujiTMOxeno_: that works by default04:56
hitsujiTMOxeno_: you should have no problems with it04:56
xeno_Okay, then the world is saying it's my damned AJAX that is broken.  Thanks guys.  That helps.04:57
hitsujiTMOe2xistz: atm on ubuntu 13.10: 8k series is difficult to get the driver working on ( you'll have to use a proprietary driver from ppa or ati website. 7k series is pretty o to get running. anything else is pretty much a doddle. the issue with the proprietary drivers is poor 2d acceleration.04:59
FailDrainhow would I run a a.out file in ubuntu terminal ?05:01
xeno_Oops.  Sorry guys.  One more thing.  Could it be that AJAX is prevented by default on public_html/cgi-bin trees?05:01
FailDrainI just compiled a main.cpp with g++05:01
hitsujiTMOFailDrain: ./a.out05:01
daedalus_is there anything that aptitude can do that apt- cant or vice versa?05:01
FailDrainthanks hit05:01
ianorlinyou can also use the -o option on g++ to name it something else05:01
e2xistzhitsujiTMO: Thanks. I'm only thinking of basic integrated AMD video built into the chip/motherboard.  Just want the basic desktop and video working.05:01
FailDrainSweet suck on that windows with your shitty cd garbage trash!05:01
FailDrainsuck my wet hairy balls ;P05:02
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
hitsujiTMOdaedalus_: i think it's jsut more that apt- and aptitude do things differently. apt- is preffered and aptitude can cause some issues ( i don't know the specifics as i don't use it )05:02
daedalus_hitsujiTMO: is aptitude just a wrapper around apt-?05:03
wilee-nileeFailDrain, This is a world wide page crossing cultures and ethnic groups, keep it appropriate in the language please.05:03
FailDrainman I love ubuntu so much thank you guys for making such a great os!05:03
FailDrainnp wilee-nillee: just taking the piss allite my bad05:03
wafflejockdaedalus_: aptitude uses apt05:08
wafflejockdaedalus_: it's a front end built in n-curses05:09
wafflejockn-curses is just some library that lets you setup "windows" and menus in a terminal using ascii05:09
wafflejockthe software center is also just a front end for apt05:09
ianorlinum stuff using ncurses can use utf-8 as well05:09
wafflejockianorlin: ah thanks for the correction was thinking ASCII-art not really about the charset05:10
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=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
lenovox100ehey! i am considering installing ubuntu on my thinkpad lenovo x100e. according to this: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201011-6817/ it should work. i've got the same processor as mentioned in the link. so here comes the questions: 1. will an ubuntu install go smoothly on this machine? 2. should i get 12.04 or should i go for the latest lts (13.03) or latest ubuntu version 13.1005:48
lenovox100e- forgive my stupid question and english. cheers!05:48
FloodBot1lenovox100e: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:48
RaginHamin adding something to the "application autostart", is there a way to run a terminal command?05:49
lenovox100esorry floodbot! ^^05:49
RaginHamlenovo: that is ubuntu certified05:50
RaginHammeaning everything should be a quick easy conversion (normally)05:50
RaginHamI'd venture to say start with 12.04. Once you get familiar with things you can go to newest software 13.1005:52
lenovox100eRaginHam: thanks for the quick reply. alright, will give it a shot then. any thoughts on which version? 12.04 (certified version) vs 13.04 (lastest lts version) vs 13.10 (latest version)05:52
RaginHamwould be my suggestion05:53
lenovox100esaw your reply just as i hit enter to my follow up question. mind reader!05:53
lenovox100ealright, will give that a shot then.05:53
RaginHambut some of these guys suggest stuff daily, and have more experience with different computers. I've only configured my few different systems (none which were certified)05:54
RaginHameven then, it's normally something small or quirky that I must flex my google muscle to figure out05:54
lenovox100esecurity wise is there a difference between 12.04 vs 13.10, i mean the packages within 12.04 must be a little outdated by now, or will i easily fix this with an update of complete system?05:54
RaginHameques: what's your thoughts, good sir?05:55
lenovox100ealright, i will go ahead with this. ubuntu 12.04 that is. thanks a lot for the help!05:58
RaginHamdual boot or jumping in?05:59
RaginHamhopefully we see him back here in awhile ;)06:01
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=== zee_hax0r is now known as goodbanana
ErmolegomosiGuys I burned dban onto a bootable USB and then autonuked.   It's currently wiping both USB and hdd...   Will it crash or just go through?06:17
ErmolegomosiGuys I used a bootable USB for dban on my laptop.  Ran autonuke it's currently wiping USB and hdd... Will it crash eventually destroying self? Or run fine?06:18
ErmolegomosiCrap sorry lag didn't mean to repeat06:19
geniiMost likely it's entirely loaded into ram and will successfully wipe both the hd and the media it booted from06:22
SameSame dban question sorry got logged out06:24
SameDid anyone answer?  Sorry06:24
SameAnyone run dban off USB and autonuke?06:26
ZeebHey guys i needed some help with my screen... it seems that it is out of bounds? btw its a fresh install of ubuntu http://imgur.com/6GXGGCO06:26
zhaotongxuetoday i will go to school06:27
zhaotongxuenice to bye you ....!06:27
geniiSame: Most likely it's entirely loaded into ram and will successfully wipe both the hd and the media it booted from. But this is more an educated guess.06:29
zhaotongxuenice .06:30
FloodBot1zhaotongxue: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:30
rajmahendraI am trying to upgrade to new version of ubuntu i run the updater and after what when i restart my system it says the graphic is not supported move to mover graphics i say yes but the windown i showing a blank screen and rotating cursor for many minutes and noting is coming. anyone help me ?06:33
alpharender_lol gotta love computers06:34
alpharender_update bios on pos dell laptop and now ubuntu core dumps on boot06:34
rajmahendraanyone suggest me to recover back ?06:35
wafflejockalpharender_: may want to check out the HDD settings in the BIOS perhaps something just got defaulted differently... worth a shot at least06:35
alpharender_rajmahendra, find out what graphics card you have with lspci, check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for clues06:38
alpharender_rajmahendra,  try a different tty on ctrl+alt+f1 .. (f7 is X)06:38
=== hexhaxtron is now known as Guest20584
rajmahendraalpharender_:  i don't see any exception as such in the log06:41
wafflejockrajmahendra: yup as alpharender says you probably want to check out your Xorg log also you probably want to check out /etc/X11/xorg.conf you may want to try backing up that file by moving it (mv) then use X -configure06:41
rajmahendraat the end i see server terminated successfully closing log file06:41
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.06:41
zerocirclewhat's widgets???06:42
wafflejockzerocircle: in KDE?06:42
zerocirclemeans in general, what's difference in api and widget wafflejock06:42
alpharender_rajmahendra,  gotta be something06:42
alpharender_if you have an nvidia card its easy to get deprecated in updates and make your system broken as it updated a new module which does not support the card anymore06:43
alpharender_if you have a dell... its easy to break by using it06:43
wafflejockzerocircle: not sure I understand the question... a widget generally doesn't have it's own window decorations but rather is added to a panel or to the desktop in KDE06:44
wafflejockalpharender_: truth06:44
alpharender_something is wrong at the dell labs when they push out bios updates every three months for one system06:44
=== anonymous is now known as Guest21346
Guest21346#need help guyz06:44
wafflejockalpharender_: I worked at the Wrigley building in Chicago and we used Dells, constantly HDD breaking and keyboards disconnecting06:44
wafflejockalpharender_: luckily they were good about replacing stuff and very easy to fix06:45
zerocirclewafflejock, u'r right google also saying samething... I just heared this name alot.. asking06:45
Guest21346#how to hack web pages guyz06:45
Guest21346#how to hack web pages guyz06:45
Guest21346#how to hack web pages guyz06:45
FloodBot1Guest21346: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:45
alpharender_wafflejock,  ever have 4, 24 disk 10krpm SAS servers shipped with the wrong sas cable, causing enclosure errors leading to false-positive smart failures?06:45
Guest21346#how to hack web pages guyz06:45
alpharender_yeah... dell does that06:45
wafflejockhaha yeah can't say that I have06:45
Guest21346how tohack re06:46
wafflejockthat's terrible06:46
alpharender_how to hack.. first reach into your pocket06:46
alpharender_find the plastic thingy with #s on it06:46
Guest21346fuck you guyzz06:46
alpharender_tell them to us06:46
alpharender_i have this dell i7 laptop and thing overheats, stupid thing does not turn on fans until its too late06:50
wafflejockalpharender_: yeah rocking an i7 here too they are toasty06:51
wafflejockalpharender_: I just use my laptop with external everything and it's sitting on a huge quite fan06:51
wilee-nileealpharender_, You install lm-sensors and run the commands?06:52
alpharender_i can bareley get there06:52
alpharender_barely ?06:52
wafflejockoh yeah quiet* haha programmers so good at spelling06:53
alpharender_what is annoying is when it turns on you can hear the fans hit turbo mode during post test, but it never does that for normal ops06:53
=== veebull is now known as veebull_away
alpharender_i should just bite the bullet put windows back on and install linux on the desktop06:54
kik11hello. can anybody help? xmodmap settings are falling after changing keyboard layout. What to do with that?06:54
BradTNCan anyone help me setup my software raid plz?07:03
lotuspsychje!raid | BradTN07:04
ubottuBradTN: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto07:04
wafflejockalpharender_: Don't do it https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Fan_Speed_Control07:04
BradTNcan someone actually help me now?07:05
BradTNgetting some weird dialogue when trying to create the raid07:05
wafflejockalpharender_: go back to windows :)07:05
wafflejockalpharender_: step back from the ledge man :)07:05
alpharender_Yea im wasting too much time with this07:05
alpharender_its so weird, my crappy acer i5 laptop runs linux just fine07:06
genii!details | BradTN07:07
ubottuBradTN: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:07
geniieg: What does the "weird dialogue" say, for instance07:07
wafflejockalpharender_: just installed a CPU sensor I'm sitting at 47 degrees C07:11
wafflejocki7 3630QM 2.4GHz running Kubuntu 13.0407:12
=== Ovid is now known as Guest53162
BigMaoHi there, off topic question - I had antipasto tonight and it had these olive-like seed pods07:13
BigMaoalso resembling green grapes with stems07:13
BigMaowhat are those called?07:13
wafflejockalpharender_: turned off the big fan under it and started up KSP and it's up to 60 degrees C07:14
alpharender_I have similar issue but it just does not feel right07:14
alpharender_its sluggish and crappy07:14
geniiBigMao: That's not an Ubuntu support question, please ask in #ubuntu-offtopic or another channel.07:14
alpharender_i repasted the sink too... boy do they do a crappy job with the paste07:15
wafflejockalpharender_: yeah the build quality isn't superb... I'm running System76 right now, pretty happy with it but only a year in we'll see how it stands up over time07:15
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
wafflejockalpharender_: saw lots of GX270s with blown capacitors was just a cheap part in an otherwise decent motherboard07:16
alpharender_wafflejock,  the system76 running a 'standard' bios?07:16
alpharender_pheonix ...07:16
wafflejockalpharender_: the bios is garbage07:16
wafflejockthink it's american megatrends07:17
wafflejockbut doesn't have much to offer there07:17
alpharender_you know what i mean...dell has it all dellified07:17
wafflejockthe SSD is great though07:17
wafflejockI feel like I can't use computers without SSD anymore, and it sucks cause they're expensive and small07:17
wafflejockplus gives me a misconstrued idea about what other peoples experience will be like even testing server code (MySQL execution) is so much faster on my machine than on the actual server07:18
alpharender_expectations are awesome07:19
alpharender_another department asked if we can virtualize SSD07:19
alpharender_something with tempfs i guess07:20
wafflejockyeah CPU here gets up to 69 that seems to be where it stops07:21
arunFacing a strange bug in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit version07:21
arunThe whole system tends to freeze for about 10-15 minutes when the mouse pointer is taken to top left region of screen while using firefox07:22
wafflejockarun: only with firefox?07:23
arunand this happens within the first 30minutes of stating the system, if u make it through.. it does not happen07:23
arunI have observed this only with firefox07:23
arunand after the latest update07:23
arunhow can i report this bug?07:24
lotuspsychjearun: what was your default Os on your system?07:24
lotuspsychjearun: did you buy it this way?07:24
aruni have installled it over OpenSuSE12.3 64bit...07:24
arunI installed openSuSE first07:25
arunand then installed Ubuntu over it..07:25
wafflejockarun: perhaps run firefox from console and see if you get any feedback, also maybe run htop from a another tty ctrl+alt+f1 to see what's going on07:25
lotuspsychjearun: default Os when it came out the store?07:25
arunthere was no default OS when i purchased it..07:25
arunwell it was DOS,07:25
wafflejockarun: wow really07:25
wafflejockarun: is it old or they just had dos?07:26
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
arunno.. ive got i5 3rd gen and all, i just did not prefer Windows07:26
wafflejockarun: yeah that's cool I'm just surprised anyone has MS-DOS anymore?07:26
arunits  a thinkpad, so they always give u  DOS07:26
lotuspsychjearun: the reason im asking this because i've seen weird freezes with win7 as default Os freezing ubuntu07:26
arunI have kept my laptop safe from Windows07:27
wafflejockarun: ah I didn't know that interesting07:27
lotuspsychjearun: but if only FF freezes this will not be your case07:27
wafflejockarun: another reason to like thinkpad I suppose07:27
wafflejockarun: yeah I would just try to make sure it's FF and see if it's choking the CPU or what07:28
wafflejockyou can use top, htop, iotop, to get some more info07:28
lotuspsychjearun: maybe try to start firefox from terminal, see what kind errors you getting07:28
arunI cant use anything during the freeze07:28
arunnothing works, it seems llike a kernel Panic.07:28
wafflejockarun: you can switch to another screen using Ctrl+Alt+F1 no?07:28
arunI cant switch to other screens07:29
lotuspsychjearun: so its a whole system freeze?07:29
arunyes.. the whole system.. just like a kernel Panic, but without the stack dump and all..07:29
lotuspsychjearun:  how do you know its FF related?07:29
arunbut it comes back live after 10-12 minutes07:29
wafflejockarun: perhaps you can use sshd to remote in?07:29
aruniit always happened with Firefox, this is the 7t time07:29
lotuspsychjethats one strange situation indeed07:30
aruni am not using FF ryt now.. and the system is working fine..07:30
arunPS: FF has to be in the foreground07:30
wafflejockarun: yeah would say switch to Chromium or whatever for the time being and file the bug with Mozilla if you can't find it07:30
lotuspsychjearun: i would hunt errors in /var/log/syslog.1 and try start firefox from terminal07:30
=== nigel is now known as Guest69784
aruni am alien to debugging techniques, so if u guys can tell me where to look for what, i will be glad to help07:32
lotuspsychjearun: you have memory enough to handle FF?07:32
=== Guest69784 is now known as Smokie
SmokieHello I have a network/NAS Query can anyone assist pls?07:33
wafflejockI'm sure with an i5 it should be okay07:33
intraderAnyone, basic understanding needed. Why in the navigator's /home view I don't see an intrader folder?. In a terminal I find it under /home07:33
wafflejockI have a Dell C600 sitting over here that can run firefox07:33
wafflejockgranted if anything with Flash loads it just crashes Flash but this thing has a HDD that was made in 200007:33
lotuspsychjeintrader: you need to click /home then usernames will show07:34
wafflejockintrader: not sure what navigator/file browser you're using but if you hit Ctrl+L you can see the path for your current folder your  viewing07:34
lotuspsychjeintrader: entering /home will show you folder intrader07:34
lotuspsychjeintrader: from terminal it will show /home/intrader07:35
wafflejock!ask | Smokie07:35
ubottuSmokie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:35
AJH101Hi i have a fresh install of 13.10 - is the blue login screen the default?! Where do I change it please? thanks07:35
intraderlotuspsychje, navigator is that application that displays the home folder07:36
SmokieI have a NAS, how do I add it into my system so that its always there, rather than having to 'mount' it every time?07:36
wafflejockAJH101: should be in system settings login screen I believe... I'm on Kubuntu 13.04 but generally setting are about the same07:36
wafflejockSmokie: believe you need fstab07:36
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:36
zero_coderhello, my applications are freezing at times07:37
zero_coderi am using ubuntu 13.1007:37
intraderlotuspsychje, click on /home where?07:38
wafflejockzero_coder: are you watching system monitor or htop or anything to see if your CPU is spiking?07:38
wafflejockintrader: in your navigtor if you hit Ctrl+L you should be able to type the path the same as you would in a terminal07:38
wafflejockyou can hit Ctrl+L then type /home and hit enter and it should show all of your users folders (assuming defaults)07:39
wafflejockdepending on your file browser they usually have a button to click to see the /home folder in the bar on the left as well07:39
zero_coderwafflejock :yep07:39
wafflejockzero_coder: seeing anything peaking out?07:39
zero_coderwafflejock, it goes upto 30 at max07:40
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
wafflejockdo you have a quad-core?07:40
wafflejockit may be peaking one of the cores07:40
zero_coderwafflejock, nope , dualcore07:40
zero_coderwafflejock, yes07:40
wafflejockokay makes sense again :)07:40
wafflejock25% would be a single "core" on your system peaking out I believe07:40
wafflejockso what is at the top of htop07:41
wafflejockor if you sort by CPU in system monitor07:41
zero_coderwafflejock, my browser07:41
wafflejockgot flash running or any pages that might be suspect?07:41
wafflejockyeah could be07:42
theadminGMail isn't Flash07:42
wafflejockgmail works on this old machine here07:42
wafflejockbut it's heavy07:42
wafflejocklots of moving parts and ajax07:42
wafflejockyoutube crashes the machine here entirely07:42
wafflejockwell crashes the browser07:42
AJH101wafflejock: thanks for the suggestion but i cannot find what i need to change the login screen background. any other ideas out there?07:43
zero_coderwafflejock, i have tried different os , its all the same07:43
pnglI have a problem with installing software from a ppa: I added it but apt-get says the software can't be found. The ppa is https://launchpad.net/~avsm/+archive/ppa07:43
wafflejockzero_coder: hmm weird wonder if you're having some HDD issues or something then07:43
wafflejockzero_coder: perhaps fsck07:43
zero_coderpngl, have u updated after adding repo?07:43
arunwat should i look for the next time system crashes with FF?07:43
pnglI did apt-get update afterwards, but then apt-get install opam gives me:"Unable to locate package opam"07:44
zero_coderwafflejock, fsck tried. 0 bad blocks07:44
wafflejockpngl: means the URL is wrong07:44
wafflejockor repo is down07:44
zero_coderpngl : apt-cache search opam07:44
pnglwafflejock: I did sudo add-apt-repository ppa:avsm/ppa07:44
pnglzero_coder: no result07:44
wafflejockzero_coder: well wait though the 25% CPU still seems really high for the browser, is that true with FF or chromium07:44
Picipngl: opam is only available for raring from that PPA, are you on that release?07:45
zero_coderwafflejock, FF is a night mare.. freezes too often for me07:45
pnglPici: ah thanks, I'm on 13.10 :)07:45
zero_coderpngl : :)07:45
kalakadsnsuggest some good CD/DVD burning application07:46
zero_coderwafflejock, even this xchat window is freezing for a second or so at times07:46
kalakadsnhello everyone, please suggest me some good CD/DVD burning application for ubuntu07:46
wilee-nileezero_coder, Install htop and see what's eaten it07:47
zero_coderkalakadsn, brasero07:47
wafflejockzero_coder: wee-heird not sure07:47
wafflejock+1 brasero07:47
wafflejockK3B works fine too07:47
wafflejockfor KDE07:47
wilee-nileezero_coder, Maybe check your ram07:47
kalakadsnzero_coder: it is not good at all, it made my DVD unusable07:47
zero_coderwilee-nilee, check the ram??07:48
kalakadsnzero_coder: i also tried K3B and it crashes very oftenly07:48
wafflejockkalakadsn: I've never had it crash burned plenty of ISOs07:48
wilee-nileezero_coder, Knock out the variables07:48
kalakadsnzero_coder: and these crashes are reproducible07:48
wafflejockkalakadsn: usually I check the MD5 sum and have it verify the disc never had a problem really07:48
zero_coderwilee-nilee , variables?07:49
wilee-nileezero_coder, possibilities.07:49
wafflejockI gotta say disc burning is one of those things that has just about always worked everywhere for me, Img Burn on windows and either Brasero or K3b07:49
zero_coderwilee-nilee, i have been trying to spot the trouble for hours now07:49
kalakadsnwafflejock: let me tell you the steps i took, i open K3B and select data project and then i added files to the project, whenever i click to files added to the project, in the section given below , it crashed07:50
zero_coderwilee-nilee, tried different flavours of linux, tried different apps whatever watever :P07:50
wilee-nileezero_coder, Sure and when doing that you generally check every possibility to get down to what is causing it.07:50
wilee-nileezero_coder, If this is happening across multiple OS's I would look at the hardware.07:51
zero_coderwilee-nilee, checked the harddisk , it has no bad sectors . someone told me that unity needs 3d graphics rendering , so switched to lde , even that has troubles07:51
kalakadsnmostly when i click to the added folder07:51
wafflejockzero_coder: yeah it sounds like it must be something low level with your hardware and the kernel or something that's going wrong if it's the same problem across different distros and things memory check isn't a bad idea07:51
wafflejockkalakadsn: let me try like I said mostly burn ISOs07:52
zero_coderwafflejock, how to od a memory check?07:52
wilee-nileemissing drivers or broken ram...etc07:52
wafflejockzero_coder: you can boot with a install iso it gives an option for memory check... think maybe holding shift during boot can get you grub menu with memory check07:52
geniizero_coder: Usually one of the boot options is called memtest07:52
zero_coderwafflejock, okay got it07:53
kalakadsnwafflejock: Try to add a folder to the data project, whatever size it have, and then click to the added folder, in the added data section(DVD), it instantly crashes07:53
zero_codergenii, thanks07:53
wafflejockkalakadsn: yeah not sure no issue here07:53
wafflejockI just dragged in some random stuff07:53
wafflejock6.7mb apparently not much but no crash07:53
wafflejockI'm using Kubuntu though07:53
kalakadsnwhat could be the problem, should i add some addons07:54
wafflejockif I were Unity I would probably go Brasero07:54
kalakadsni am using minimal set of application in the KDE, i tried to run the same in both KDE and ubuntu07:54
kalakadsnsame resutl07:54
wafflejocktry running k3b from command line07:54
wafflejocksee if you get any feedback about the crash07:54
kalakadsnwafflejock: let me check07:55
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com07:56
aleksejs_Hi, could anyone help me?07:57
wafflejock!ask | aleksejs_07:58
ubottualeksejs_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:58
geniialeksejs_: Perhaps first describe to the channel more specifically what you need assistance with, then someone may take it up07:58
wilee-nileealeksejs_, Do we guess the problem or you gonna tell us?07:58
wafflejockmy way was easier :)07:59
kalakadsnwafflejock: it work for some time, i tried two times, it worked okay in command line but third times, it crashed again, my folder contains MP3 AND Images, here is the output in the terminal http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6351518/07:59
wafflejockkalakadsn: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12662760/qt-creator-crashes-after-choosing-new-project08:00
wafflejockkalakadsn: shot in the dark08:00
wafflejockkalakadsn: Qt is from nokia and does UI stuff cross platform, apparently removing some part of it helps though08:00
kalakadsnwafflejock: it is related with celemtine player, but celemtine is running fine, should i remove it08:01
kalakadsni mean package that is mentioned in the link08:01
wafflejockkalakadsn: no harm can always re install08:01
wafflejockkalakadsn: not really sure how else to debug that error but to google and cross fingers08:02
wafflejockkalakadsn: without getting into downloading the k3b source and all08:02
wafflejockkalakadsn: perhaps if you'd like can also try running brasero from command line and see if the error gives something that doesn't require removing anything you use or anything at all for that matter... your call08:03
wafflejock!ubuntu-fr | wangn08:04
wafflejock!ubuntufr | wangn08:04
wafflejockdern it08:05
kalakadsnwafflejock: Brasero made my DVD's unusable at all, i don't dare to try that again08:05
kalakadsni will try brasero with rewritable dvd08:05
aleksejs_here's a problem: I have a laptop with i3 and GF720m. I tried to launch some steam games via wine, and most of them worked, but some of them crashed. I've found out that one of these games is using a i3 built-in vga, not GF720, so I've decided to try to enable 720 by default. I've tried this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee and now all games are crashing at the launch. I've tried to completely wipe out wine. steam and all these games, nothing helps. T08:05
aleksejs_he example of error: http://pastebin.com/Dxx2dAir08:05
wafflejockkalakadsn: hmm strange perhaps try to lower the burning speed that's the only thing I think has effected the readability of a burned disc for me08:05
=== lanr3fn1_sn3m is now known as Lacon1c
kalakadsnwafflejock: thanks, removal of that package worked like a charm08:08
kalakadsnboth in command line08:08
wafflejockkalakadsn: sweet glad to hear it08:08
kalakadsnor run from menu08:08
kalakadsna HIT IN THE DARK, worked08:08
wafflejockyeah saw a couple of other bugs filed with same result08:08
wafflejockbad package, very bad package08:08
kalakadsnwafflejock: Thanks again for the help08:11
wafflejockkalakadsn: sure thing always glad when it works out for people08:11
kalakadsnwafflejock: is there any way to improve read write speed to the NTFS partitions, i have a dual boot system and it is necessary for me to switch to windows for office 2010 like programs08:13
kalakadsni couldn't format all my system, in ext4 partitions08:15
kalakadsnso i need them, because of windows thing08:15
wafflejockkalakadsn: not sure about that, I generally just run Kubuntu like 99% of the time and have Win 8 in a virtual machine for Adobe CS stuff when I need it08:15
wafflejockkalakadsn: can't use LibreOffice?08:16
kalakadsnlibre office is good but Microsoft office set standards in the industry , libre office is way behind Microsoft office08:16
wafflejockkalakadsn: way behind in what respects?08:16
wafflejockI'd be surprised they're lagging much anymore since the whole 2010 XLSX DOCX etc are pretty well documented08:16
kalakadsncan use Libreoffice but document compatibility, calibri like fonts08:17
kalakadsnlooks horrible in libre office08:17
wafflejockhmm yeah fonts are always an issue08:17
ripthejackerhow do I add a sudo command to my script?08:18
wafflejocksorry dunno I do web development stuff mostly so I rely on Adobe for Photoshop to get comps and whatnot from designers, and to mock stuff up myself here or there, but like I said just run in a VM and have an SSD so I don't feel the performance is that bad08:18
kalakadsnlike live preview of shadows, color change, etc08:18
wafflejockkalakadsn: I mostly really just use Google Docs which is really basic but the ease of sharing makes it worthwhile08:18
ripthejackerI have a script that runs a command to connect to pppoe network and then set a static ip to the eth0 interface08:19
wafflejockkalakadsn: granted I'm starting a small business and we are usually working with other small businesses who haven't completely bought into the Microsoft ecosystem08:19
kalakadsni could not use win8 in virtual machine because i have only 2 gb ram on my system and processor is only dual core, with no hardware virtualization08:19
wafflejockkalakadsn: ah yeah that's probably not a great idea then08:19
kalakadsnyes, microsoft costs a lot08:20
wafflejocknewer hardware an option? for a 1000 you can get something very nice08:20
kalakadsnwafflejock: No, its a laptop08:20
ripthejackerI am running this script from a zshell08:20
wafflejockkalakadsn: well meant just replacing the laptop isn't an option?08:21
aleksejs_So, any ideas about my problem?08:21
ripthejackerWhen I try to run that script, I get the error: permission denied.08:21
kalakadsnwafflejock: No, My finance doesn't allow me to replace laptop, and i will move to libre office slowly08:21
kalakadsni am trying my hand and getting familiar08:22
wafflejockripthejacker: http://askubuntu.com/questions/155791/how-do-i-sudo-a-command-in-a-script-without-being-asked-for-a-password08:22
ripthejackerwafflejock: I checked that, but that's not what I want, I want to be asked a password.08:22
ripthejackerBut instead of asking me the password it just give me permission denied error08:23
wafflejockripthejacker: if you  just use sudo in the script it doesn't prompt you?08:23
ripthejackerwafflejock: no, It fails with error, permission denied.08:23
wafflejockripthejacker: I'm not familiar with doing this but it seems like if you had sudo something in a command it would prompt08:23
ripthejackerFYI, I use zsh08:23
ripthejackerwafflejock: ok Gotit08:25
ripthejackerthe file didn't have the execute permission, but this zsh still had it in autocomplete08:25
wafflejockripthejacker: ah okay good to know08:26
ripthejackerwafflejock: have been using zsh for only few days now. And guess this is one of the gotchas.08:26
wafflejockripthejacker: yeah I've pretty much always stuck with bash why zsh?08:26
ripthejackerwafflejock: This autocompletion and really good customizations08:28
ripthejackerIt has been really helpful.08:28
wafflejockripthejacker: so the thing that just shot you in the foot :P08:28
Kevin_FlynnUbuntu 12.04 desktop...  After reinstalling  Ubuntu belkin Basic Wireless usb adapter F7D1101 keeps dropping the connection.  Installed with ndiswrapper.08:28
ripthejackerwafflejock: hehe , yeah I know08:28
wafflejockthats cool though fun to check out new stuff, and any kind of scripting is always good08:29
salamandre85Hi all, 12.04 LTS dead from Nvidia 319 driver, no access to drivers from recovery mode. Need instructions on how to get to root shell or TTY from grub08:30
wafflejocksalamandre85: boot in from grub then use Ctrl+Alt+F1 after the system boots to get a shell08:31
wafflejocksalamandre85: then back up your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and make a new one08:31
wangnWho knows the default video card module for the 'Intel i5m480 video card'?08:31
wafflejockX -configure08:31
wafflejockcopy the new one to the old location08:31
salamandre85wafflejock: do you mean hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 while grub is up?08:32
wangnwafflejock: Say to me?08:32
wafflejocksalamandre85: no, select your OS at grub even though the video is going to fail when you get in there, once it shows you the video failure you can switch to tty08:32
wafflejockwangn: nope sorry don't know08:33
salamandre85wafflejock: it doesn't get that far08:33
salamandre85wafflejock: (if I'm lucky) I get splash, then freeze08:33
wafflejocksalamandre85: can't Ctrl+Alt+F1 at that point?08:33
salamandre85wafflejock: i'll try it08:34
wafflejocksalamandre85: yeah even if the X display stuff is botched you can usually get there08:34
wangnwafflejock: aha, I find it use in your way, thank u!08:34
wafflejockheh np glad you found it08:34
wafflejockalmost everything is 1 a wifi problem or 2 a X config problem08:35
wafflejockunforntunately the wifi ones are varied and complicated08:35
Kevin_FlynnI've been looking for a linux driver for my usb adapter but, I can't find one.08:35
wafflejockKevin_Flynn: yeah I saw your post but nothing to contribute08:35
wafflejockKevin_Flynn: sorry08:35
wafflejockI've had a lot of luck with Intel chipset based wireless adapters08:36
Kevin_Flynnwafflejock, It's Ok.  I was hoping someone else might notice.08:36
Kevin_FlynnI don't even know why it would drop the connection.08:37
wafflejockyeah I've got this old Dell C600 I picked up from a client that is basically a zombie computer at this point but any wifi adapter I put in it, it can scan the wifi networks and can see my router but can't connect (regardless of security options)08:38
wafflejockon the other hand my System76 connects flawlessly everywhere and gets great speed08:39
wafflejockalso believe the wifi card I got for the desktop is intel based too... was for the hackintosh compatibility there though08:39
Kevin_FlynnGuess I should get a d-link or something with more Linux compatibility.08:40
wafflejockKevin_Flynn: yeah it really helps to have compatible hardware, not worth the struggle08:41
Kevin_FlynnK. Thanks.08:41
aleksejs_ok, thank's for "help", I've figured it somehow by myself. I have another question, this should be easier: I've installed ubuntu without any swap partition, but now I can see that this was a bad idea, because games use RAM a lot. Is it possible to enable swap partition without reinstalling OS? Will ubuntu see it and will it work with it?08:44
aeon-ltdaleksejs_: you have 2 choices swap file or partition, choose one08:45
RaymiiI've got a folder with too many subfolders, which when removing lets rm crash. However it is taking up all of the disks space. How do I remove the folder?08:45
RaymiiI've got a folder with too many subfolders, which when removing lets rm crash. However it is taking up all of the disks space. How do I remove the folder?08:45
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info08:45
aleksejs_aeon-ltd, so, if I just create swp partition, will it work?08:46
wafflejockaleksejs_: sorry you didn't get a response at first think you were asking about games in wine, I have only used steam games that actually are made for Linux so have no experience trying to run them in wine or the like08:46
aeon-ltdaleksejs_: yes, and use 'swapon' to load it it will work08:46
wafflejockaleksejs_: details in the link too08:47
wafflejock!swap | aleksejs_08:47
ubottualeksejs_: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info08:47
aleksejs_wafflejock, it's possible to run steam via winetricks, so most of windows steam games will work08:48
wafflejockRaymii: are you running sudo rm -rf on the folder08:48
Raymiiwafflejock Both08:48
wafflejockaleksejs_: that's cool to know just saying think you were possibly ignored cause lots of people haven't tried (er at least I haven't)08:48
wafflejockRaymii: you may need to boot from a live CD not sure why that would happen though08:49
Raymiiwafflejock This is what I did: hile true; do mv a a.tmp; mkdir a; mv a.tmp a/; done08:49
Raymiiwafflejock This is what I did: while true; do mv a a.tmp; mkdir a; mv a.tmp a/; done08:49
aleksejs_here's a tutorial which I've found useful (maybe other's will). It's skyrim specific, but it shows how to launch steam games with steam wineprefix http://www.steamgamesonlinux.com/skyrim-the-elder-scrolls-v/08:49
Raymiiwafflejock It is an openvz VM, even removing it from the host system does not work...08:50
Raymiiwafflejock I even cannot remove the VM08:50
wafflejocksorry Raymii you lost me there08:51
Raymiiwafflejock I think I'm screwed :(08:51
wafflejockRaymii: yeah I mean without being able to install anything else I'm not sure what you can do08:53
wafflejockeven so I imagine most tools just use rm in the background08:53
wafflejockI have K4DirStat which shows a nice chart of file disk space usage08:53
Raymiiwafflejock Yep they do..08:54
wafflejockand can delete from there but I imagine it's still just rm in the background08:54
wafflejockRaymii: have you tried from a live cd?08:54
Raymiiwafflejock Yes I did, rm crashes as well...08:54
wafflejockRaymii: bummer08:55
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zero_coderwafflejock, nothing wrong with the ram09:02
r0xmy ubuntu completely freezes09:02
zero_coderr0x, for a couple of seconds every  at times?09:02
r0xi had to reboot the machine09:03
r0xno signal of life in an hour09:03
zero_coderr0x , oops09:03
r0xi'm trying to understand what happened09:03
zero_codertried monitoring?09:04
wafflejockzero_coder: yeah not sure when you don't have a browser running and you run htop or top is something still spiking any of the cores09:04
r0xbut in kernel.log isn't written anything useful09:04
wafflejockzero_coder: only time I think I've had behavior like that is when I had some hard disk problems... you don't have any extra USB stuff plugged in do you?09:04
zero_coderwafflejock, nope09:05
zero_coderwafflejock, each of the core is going upto 1009:05
wafflejockzero_coder: that seems about okay09:06
wafflejockzero_coder: I am idling with about 4% per CPU listening to pandora through Pithos and quite a bit of stuff open09:06
zero_coderwafflejock, the thing is computer doesnt actually freeze09:06
wafflejock2.4Ghz quadcore09:06
zero_coderwafflejock, so my processing is okay09:07
wafflejockzero_coder: yeah it seems reasonable09:07
zero_coderwafflejock, its just that certain applications maybe09:07
wafflejockit sounds like something interrupt wise is going wrong or something09:07
wafflejockwireless keyboard and/or mouse?09:07
zero_coderi have connected my phone for charging through USB port09:08
aleksejs_http://i.imgur.com/dwI5zqO.png << is this a problem with vga drivers?09:08
wafflejockaleksejs_: again no idea but looks like something with the Z-Buffer09:11
zero_coderwafflejock, my phone connected through usb port09:11
wafflejockaleksejs_: this based on one class in 3D graphics though... it just looks like it's not properly applying the shaders or anything and just showing the Z-buffering (stuff closest to the camera being rendered with flat colors)09:12
KolmogorovTesting (please ignore)09:12
wafflejockzero_coder: yeah I mean I would disconnect anything just to elimate possibilities09:12
zero_coderwafflejock, okay09:12
wafflejockzero_coder: best to strip down to a point where it works then slowly add one by one to see what causes the problem if possible09:13
zero_coderwafflejock, everything is disconnected09:13
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
zero_coderwafflejock, disconncted and reconnected not much difference09:17
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=== KindofaRarity is now known as Rarity
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stephansHi, how can I fix NTFS filesystems under ubuntu 13.10?09:34
wafflejockstephans: you have to be more specific about how it's broken09:36
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
stephanswafflejock: I want to run fsck to see what is broken... but fsck.ntfs is no longer available in ubuntu 13.1009:37
geniiman ntfsfix09:38
ripthejackerhow do I run a .desktop file in a terminal?09:43
x1how do i set the default folder view to detailed list09:44
=== x1 is now known as x1x1
ripthejackerTrying to run the .desktop fails silently, But if the I try to run the entry in 'Exec' it runs fine.09:44
x1x1how do i set the default folder view to detailed list?09:45
x1x1on lubuntu09:45
wafflejockripthejacker: .desktop file just contain info for the binary and icon and the like09:47
wafflejockripthejacker: cat the .desktop file to see what it runs09:47
ripthejackerwafflejock: I manually created the desktop file09:49
ripthejackershall I pastebin?09:49
ripthejackerwafflejock: desktop-file-validate on the file gives no output09:50
ljunggrenHey guys, what happens if i run "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" in 13.10 ??09:50
ripthejackerljunggren: No new release found09:51
ljunggrenripthejacker, it did actually09:51
wafflejockripthejacker: ah sorry wasn't following yeah may not hurt to post the pastebin of the .desktop file09:51
cfhowlettljunggren, nada.  No development release by that number.09:51
ljunggrenwell it happens alot in terminal right now09:52
geniiripthejacker: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/+bug/37878309:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 378783 in gvfs "xdg-open *.desktop opens text editor" [Low,Confirmed]09:52
ripthejackerwafflejock: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6351896/09:54
ripthejackergenii: yes I saw that09:54
ripthejackergenii: even the gnome-open behaves the same way09:55
=== dpvbcenybdhvffzg is now known as twgacvlxqggvlbxw
geniiripthejacker: Yes, currently for me xdg-open, gnome-open, kde-open, and exo-open all open them in editor09:56
=== twgacvlxqggvlbxw is now known as Mace268
wafflejockripthejacker: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/116131256/azureus.desktop09:56
ljunggrenHow do i mount my second hdd with execute rights?09:56
ljunggreni want to install games on my second hdd09:56
geniiljunggren: Does it have a filesystem which supports linux ownerships and permissions?09:57
wafflejockripthejacker: perhaps that will help, for azureus but a bug about some other issues for having it launch for magnet links09:57
ljunggrengenii, i have no idea09:57
ljunggrengenii, what filesystem can be used?09:57
wafflejockljunggren: is this a blank HDD or one you're willing to blank?09:57
geniiljunggren: Preferably ext409:58
ljunggrenwafflejock, rather not.. got alot of pics and movies on it already09:58
ljunggrenjust wanted to add a folder for games :(09:58
momchilHi, I'm trying to install windows 7 to dual boot it. Allocated space with gparted, formatted it with ntfs, put a /boot flag on the partition, but the windows installer says "Setup was unable to create a new system partition........" and I can't proceed. Threads about it on forums are from people who are trying to accomplish different things, so their solutions don't work for me.09:58
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geniiljunggren: Please pastebin result of: sudo fdisk -l     ...and result of just: mount09:59
ljunggrenfilesystem is NTFS.. genii09:59
wafflejockljunggren: NTFS doesn't support linux permissions so far as I know09:59
wafflejockljunggren: you can maybe just partition part of the drive09:59
cfhowlettmomchil, install windows first, then ubuntu10:00
wafflejockljunggren: I probably wouldn't do this without backing up critical stuff first though10:00
ljunggrenWell..actually i have one 20gb partition.. but i fear thats not enough for steam?10:00
ripthejackerwafflejock: It's not installed in the default folder.10:00
Benkinoobyhi, i have trouble sharing my wireles to an other computer via lan. router<->wireless<->mylaptop<->lancable<->othercomputer10:01
momchilcfhowlett, I will know next time, but it's not really an option for me since I have tons of work in /home and lots of configured software installed.10:01
Benkinoobymylaptop is ubuntu. the othercomputer is a debian i want to install but wlan during install does not work10:01
wafflejock!fixboot | momchil10:02
Benkinoobyso i want to do it throgh my ubuntu box10:02
wafflejock!fixgrub | momchil10:02
ubottumomchil: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:02
wafflejockmomchil: ah I see having problems on the windows installer side of things though10:03
momchilwafflejock, yeah... i was just typing a response :)10:03
momchilcan't see how grub will help me *10:03
wafflejockBenkinooby: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing10:03
Benkinoobywafflejock: ah yes. i followed it but faild but i think where i made a mistake. but thank you for the hint10:04
wafflejockBenkinooby: yeah have only done this in windows myself but figured the page might help10:05
wafflejockmomchil: have you tried with just wiping a partition in Gparted and not formatting with NTFS within Gparted?10:05
wafflejockmomchil: perhaps just letting Windows work with the empty partition10:05
semajnadFollowing this tutorial works very well, http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2012/03/chroot-sftp-setup/ but how could I then give the user I denied SSH access again?10:06
momchilno, haven't. Seems like a decent possibility. Will try it out now. thanks.10:06
wafflejockeh alright I'm tuckered out g'night all10:08
semajnadCan someone please check out this tutorial and tell me how I would reverse part of it to give the user ssh access after denying it? http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2012/03/chroot-sftp-setup/10:08
ljunggrenhow old is fglrx-updates compared to the one found on amd website? i can't tell.. fgrlx-amdcccle says 3.100 something and the website newest say something else10:08
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circ-user-E7BTmHi there.. I was wondering if anyone could help me get cuda installed on my ubuntu 12.04 ? I have tried adding the nvidia repo, and doing apt-get install cuda, but it fails for some reason.10:11
=== circ-user-E7BTm is now known as hlotac
hlotacor rather, it says it succeeds. But the directory /usr/local/cuda-5.5 is not there.. (even if locate tells me it is)10:11
semajnadIs anyone able to help with that above please?10:12
semajnadCan someone here give me a hand with an problem i've got with ubuntu?10:18
gordonjcp!ask | semajnad10:18
ubottusemajnad: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:18
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/10:18
semajnadCan someone please check out this tutorial and tell me how I would reverse part of it to give the user ssh access after denying it? http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2012/03/chroot-sftp-setup/10:19
andry!read-the-question gordonjcp10:19
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!10:19
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)10:19
ubottuFor PPC discussion, join #ubuntu-powerpc. For discussion on Mac software, or help with same, please visit ##apple.10:19
mautbabacan anyone point me on how can I install matlab on ubuntu ?10:20
trupheenixcan any kind soul here help me configure postfix and saslauthd? I keep getting this error: Nov  3 10:09:15 localhost postfix/smtpd[8066]: warning: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: No such file or directory10:20
falemattemautbaba, You have to download the files, then there is an installer10:22
mautbabai am thinking for the cracked version ?10:22
gordonjcp!piracy | mautbaba10:23
ubottumautbaba: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o10:23
mautbabaoHkay, myBad10:23
gordonjcpsemajnad: see in section two, it says to modify the user10:24
semajnadgordonjcp: Yes10:25
gordonjcpsemajnad: where it says /sbin/nologin change it to say /bin/bash10:25
semajnadgordonjcp: Yes I've done that and set it back to /bin/bash and it still won't let me login. I'm in Putty and when it's set to nologin it just closes if you login, and when it's set to bash it still just closes.10:25
gordonjcpsemajnad: I'll let you try to guess what /sbin/nologin does, when you run it10:25
gordonjcpsemajnad: you might need to restart sshd10:26
gordonjcpsemajnad: use vipw to verify that this user's shell is set back to /bin/bash10:26
semajnadgordonjcp: I was, I checked with grep10:26
semajnadgordonjcp: "guestuser:x:1009:1020::/home/guestuser:/bin/bash"10:27
gordonjcpsemajnad: and you've got a password set for that?10:27
semajnadgordonjcp: Yes, it's just 1 at the moment10:27
gordonjcpsemajnad: weird10:27
semajnadgordonjcp: I know and ive had this problem for over 36 hours haha can't work out how to get back in.10:28
gordonjcpsemajnad: well you can wait until I get back from the shops so I can test it locally  ;-)10:28
semajnadgordonjcp: Ah hold on10:28
semajnadgordonjcp: Even though it won't let me login, it does let me do su guestuser10:28
ZeThomashey, can someone help me, i installed from usb, but at the very end i got the message that the bootloader could not be installed… now my computer is almost a brick10:28
semajnadgordonjcp: If I run something under su guestuser, will that run as though guestuser ran it?10:29
gordonjcpsemajnad: yes10:29
gordonjcpZeThomas: you're trying to install to the wrong drive10:29
semajnadgordonjcp: We'll i'd appreciate a local test on that tutorial so it's not just me going crazy but that could be  temp workaround, as I only need to run something as guestuser not actually be logged in as him.10:29
gordonjcpsemajnad: ooo10:29
semajnadgordonjcp: ooo?10:29
gordonjcpsemajnad: try dropping guestuser out of the sftpusers group10:30
semajnadgordonjcp: How do you do that? Because deluser guestuser sftpusers says you cant remove from primary group?10:30
gordonjcpsemajnad: stick them in another group for now10:30
gordonjcpsemajnad: or, comment out the thing you added to sshd_config in section four10:31
ZeThomasgordonjcp: don't i get to choose the drive? my sda is where all my documents are (i mount it as /home normally), sdb is where the system should be, is there no way of accomplishing this without loosing my data?10:31
semajnadgordonjcp: I've tried that as well and it still doesn't work :P10:31
gordonjcpsemajnad: restarted sshd?10:31
gordonjcpZeThomas: and you're installing to /dev/sdb ?10:31
semajnadgordonjcp: How do you restart sshd because I've always just used service ssh restart and I've tried putting sshd in there and it says....10:31
semajnadunrecognised serivce10:32
semajnad"service sshd restart sshd: unrecognized service"10:32
gordonjcpsudo service ssh restart10:32
semajnadI'm logged in as root, but just tried that as well and it says unrecognised service10:32
gordonjcp/etc/init.d/ssh restart10:33
wafflejock!fixgrub | ZeThomas10:33
ubottuZeThomas: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:33
semajnadgordonjcp: ssh or sshd?10:33
semajnadgordonjcp: okay done :)10:33
gordonjcpnow try10:34
ZeThomasgordonjcp: when i was in the repartition menu it already started acting weird, it gave me two mouse cursors… and at the end, it gave me the option to choose another drive to put the bootloader on, but none worked10:34
gordonjcpZeThomas: strange10:34
semajnadgordonjcp: Nah, just closes putty when I try to login10:34
semajnadgordonjcp: " guestuser:x:1009:1020::/home/guestuser:/bin/bash210:35
semajnadOOPS that 2 was a "10:35
semajnadgordonjcp: Where does it say in grep what they're group is? For me it says guestuser:x: what's the x?10:36
mrafiqhow to change the driction of words in LIber office10:36
MonkeyDustmrafiq  try #libreoffice or #openoffice10:37
mrafiqi want to write contents of a table from up wards to down wards positon how to do that10:37
mrafiq im im using liber office10:38
ZeThomaswafflejock: i'm running boot-repair, and it tells me that it's set to boot in legacy mode, and to reboot in efi mode… however, when i do that, my system boots in windows (holding shift doesn't change anything)10:40
ZeThomaswafflejock: paste.ubuntu.com/635206410:41
n008Hi, I am using  Alienware TactX ™ Keyboard, anyone have an idea what to donwload to change the lights?10:42
wafflejockZeThomas: sorry not very familiar with EFI issues and a bit too tired to think straight10:43
n008http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/driverdetails?driverid=5K3FM this is the driver for windows10:43
ZeThomaswafflejock: no prob; gordonjcp, can you understand this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/635206410:44
=== ampelbein_ is now known as Ampelbein
MonkeyDustn008  Linux is not in the drop down list http://support.alienware.com/Support_Pages/Restricted_Pages/driver_downloads.aspx10:47
pedrocrI have a folder that has too many files in it that ls seems to block forever without any output10:49
pedrocranyone know how to get around this?10:50
MonkeyDustpedrocr  even in a terminal, with ls ?10:50
pedrocrMonkeyDust, yep10:50
pedrocrMonkeyDust, I was running motion to store events from cameras and it wrote way too many jpg files into the same directory, I should have saved them to something like "%Y/%M/%d/%file"10:51
ZeThomashey, i try to boot from live cd, but after the splash, all i get is a black screen. i can C-A-F1 to tty1 allright. nomodeset is added.10:51
MonkeyDustpedrocr  what's motion?10:52
pedrocrMonkeyDust, motion detection for surveilance cameras, like zoneminder10:52
hlotacare there any out of the box prereqs for doing the *.deb installation of CUDA from the nvidia developer site? Or should it take care of itself?10:57
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ljunggreni decided to try to install gpu drivers from amd website.. to i need to uninstall the one already installed? fgrlx-updates and fgrlx-amdccle before doing so?10:59
ljunggrenim following this guide:" http://linuxg.net/catalyst/#comment-94577 " do i need to remove currently installed fgrlx-updates before doing it?11:02
momchilwafflejock, that didn't work, but I found the problem - the windows installer freaks out if there are more than 4 partitions. I have sda1 for ubuntu and sda2 is split into 3 more - sda5 - swap, sda6 - /home and sda7 - the space for windows. And there is 1 MB sda3 (probably alignment issue).11:04
momchilany idea how this can be fixed?11:04
MonkeyDustmomchil  use !pastebin to show us that, please11:05
momchiluhm, MonkeyDust idk what you mean by that? The partition table? Or the error that the windows installer gives me?11:07
ubottuhack72_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:08
MonkeyDustmomchil  the windows installer? better ask in ##windows, then, I guess11:08
belgianguyis there a way to see when the 3.12 kernel will be in Ubuntu?11:09
momchilMonkeyDust, thanks for the tip!11:09
guest-EgyeEUhey guy11:09
lotuspsychje!es | hack72_11:09
ubottuhack72_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:09
guest-EgyeEUi Need some help please11:09
HitsujiTMObelgianguy 3.12 is not even finished yet11:09
lotuspsychje!ask | guest-EgyeEU11:10
ubottuguest-EgyeEU: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:10
belgianguyHitsujiTMO: read on some forum that some are already using it, I guess they are using release candidates then11:10
rymate1234my wireless on ubuntu keeps dropping and then coming back up a couple seconds later11:10
lotuspsychjerymate1234: ubuntu version and wifi chipset plz?11:11
belgianguyHisaoNakai: it's just that I was looking into the radeon.dpm=1 thing, but it's still unclear to me11:11
rymate1234ubuntu 13.1011:11
rymate1234it's an rtl8192cu11:11
lotuspsychjerymate1234: did you upgrade or clean install 13.10?11:11
guest-EgyeEUim using anonymous for the first time but i cant access to some option bcz im login like a guest i need to know how to get an account plz11:12
rymate1234lotuspsychje, clean install11:12
rymate1234well it's not brand new11:12
rymate1234but it was a fresh installation11:12
rymate1234no upgrading11:12
lotuspsychjerymate1234: did your wifi card work on previous ubuntu version?11:12
HitsujiTMObelgianguy, yes, it's still on RC phase. If we're lucky we'll see it in 14.04, other wise we'll just have to wait for 14.1011:12
rymate1234I'm using this driver https://github.com/pvaret/rtl8192cu-fixes as the kernel driver didn't work at all11:12
rymate1234lotuspsychje, not really, I had to install a driver and blacklist the built in kernel driver11:13
belgianguyHitsujiTMO: hmm, yeah, I guess some can install it from outside of the PPA, but then I'll just wait for it to appear in the PPA11:13
lotuspsychjerymate1234: anything usefull in /var/log/syslog.1 as wifi errors?11:13
cuddylierIs it possible to auto refresh a website via ssh but not actually see the web page?11:13
ikoniarefresuh a website by ssh ?11:14
=== GingerGeek is now known as GingerGeek[Away]
gordonjcpcuddylier: what exactly are you trying to d?11:14
ikoniayou use a browser of some sort to see a web page, where does ssh come into it?11:14
HitsujiTMOcuddylier, you're question makes no sense11:14
cuddylierI have a remote script that runs whenever someone loads the we page11:14
belgianguyHitsujiTMO: but is there any good documentation on the radeon.dpm kernel parameter ? This should presumably also work in 3.1111:14
lotuspsychjemaybe he means ssl11:14
belgianguybut I can't see any data and it still overheats IMO11:14
cuddylierSo I need to load the web page on my server box and auto refresh it so it runs e.g. Every minute.11:15
rymate1234lotuspsychje, what am I looking for?11:15
barkofinkhi can't access samba server from android11:15
barkofink[12:12] <barkofink> bsplayer lan for instance11:15
guest-EgyeEUhow could i get an account?11:15
cuddylierWhenever the page is loaded an email import is ran11:15
lotuspsychjerymate1234: maybe pastebin the whole syslog.111:15
HitsujiTMObelgianguy: afaik, thats part of the gpu additions in 3.1211:15
ikoniacuddylier: you could use something like wget or curl to make a http request to your server for the page11:15
barkofinkhi can't access samba server from android11:15
cuddylierikonia would wget not just download the web page file?11:15
rymate1234lotuspsychje, but it's huge11:16
belgianguyHitsujiTMO: ah, good to know, I'll try to look for a 3.12 changelog then11:16
ikoniacuddylier: yeah, just download it to /tmp and delete it11:16
barkofinkcan see folders but access deny11:16
ikoniacuddylier: or to /dev/null11:16
lotuspsychje!paste | rymate123411:16
ubotturymate1234: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:16
barkofinkwith bsplayer for instance11:16
rymate1234lotuspsychje, no, i mean it's massive11:17
gordonjcpcuddylier: what are you trying to do?  What exactly is the problem you are trying to solve?11:17
rymate1234i know about pastebin11:17
lotuspsychjerymate1234: i know, they mostly are :p11:17
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Greylocksguest-EgyeEU: see https://www.freenode.net11:17
lotuspsychjerymate1234: but as your default driver doesnt work, we need to find other clues11:18
cuddyliergordonjcp I want to load a webpage fully via ssh, as soon as this webpage is loaded it is running a script from the web server the website is hosted on.11:18
guest-EgyeEU<Greylocks> imma check that11:19
cuddylierI'm having issues running the script using the php command on the server box but the script works perfectly from a web browser11:19
cuddylierand when the webpage is loaded it runs an email import into whmcs11:19
cuddylierClick that and leave it to load for a few secs and you'll see what I mean11:19
nginx-happyWhat is the command to show all groups in my system?11:20
gordonjcpcuddylier: when you say "load", what exactly do you mean?  Load onto what?11:20
rymate1234i thinik i fixed it11:21
lotuspsychjerymate1234: what did you do?11:21
rymate1234unplugged the adaptor and put it in again11:21
HitsujiTMOcuddylier: if you want to trigger the php script in such a fashion, just add a cron to wget the page as everyone has suggested11:21
lotuspsychje!yay | rymate123411:21
ubotturymate1234: Glad you made it! :-)11:21
MonkeyDustnginx-happy  'groups' (without the quotes)11:21
ikoniaplease don't use caps11:22
lotuspsychje!caps | mrafiq_11:22
ubottumrafiq_: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.11:22
ikoniajust ask the question clearly, explaining what you've done / what's not working11:23
HitsujiTMO!usb | mrafiq_11:23
ubottumrafiq_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:23
barkofink hi can't access samba server from android11:23
barkofink hi can't access samba server from android11:23
semajnadgordonjcp: Mind if I send you what I've done and can you take a look at it?11:23
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest20305
ikoniabarkofink: please don't spam the channel11:23
HitsujiTMO!patience | barkofink11:23
ubottubarkofink: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/11:23
lotuspsychje!pl | ubuntu11:23
ubottuubuntu: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:23
lotuspsychjebarkofink: do you even use ubuntu?11:23
guest-EgyeEUit does not give me what im lookin for11:25
ikoniaguest-EgyeEU: what do you actually want ?11:25
barkofinklotuspsychje:no i'm on mageia but samba should be same protocol sharing11:25
ikoniabarkofink: ok, so this channel is not the channel you need for support11:25
barkofinkiconia:why don't you shut up and get a life?11:26
* lotuspsychje hides11:26
ikoniabarkofink: there is no need for that,11:26
ikoniabarkofink: http://www.mageia.org/en/support/ that shows the support resources you should use11:26
myordoесть русские ?11:27
lotuspsychje!ru | myordo11:27
ubottumyordo: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:27
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nginx-happyWhat is the command to show all groups in my system?11:28
lotuspsychjenginx-happy: someone already showed you, scroll up11:28
ikonianginx-happy: quick check is to look in the groups gui, or just cat /etc/group11:28
guest-EgyeEUIkonia im using anonymous for the first time i can not login like an user but just like a guest. then i wanna create an account.11:28
MonkeyDustbarkofink  type /join #mageia   <-- some 100 people there11:29
ikoniaguest-EgyeEU: anonymous on ubuntu, or do you mean anonymous freenode account ?11:29
hlotacCan anyone take a look at this? I am struggling with apt-get and some nvidia cuda stuff, it just wont install the packages i need: http://pastebin.com/pd4qW8mV11:29
guest-EgyeEUIkonia anonymous account11:29
ikoniaguest-EgyeEU: anonymous on what ? your operting system, this IRC chat session ?11:30
guest-EgyeEUon my operating system11:30
semajnadIs it not normal then to chroot someone to their home directory? is that why I'm having problems?11:30
ikoniaguest-EgyeEU: ok, so you're using what version of ubuntu11:31
ikoniasemajnad: it's certainly not the norm for day to day operations, it's quite pointless on most occasions11:31
nginx-happywhere could i find out what number represent -rw-r--r-- ? and vice versa?11:31
ikonianginx-happy: just google chmod or man chmod11:31
ikoniaguest-EgyeEU: ok, so this channel only supports ubuntu, not anonymous-OS, so we can't help you in here11:32
lotuspsychje!chroot | semajnad11:32
ubottusemajnad: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot11:32
HitsujiTMOnginx-happy: http://www.linux.org/threads/file-permissions-chmod.4094/ google is your friend11:32
guest-EgyeEUwhat about freenode?11:33
ikoniaguest-EgyeEU: what about freenode ?11:33
arsdragonflynginx-happy ,r-4,w-2,x-111:33
nginx-happyHitsujiTMO, yes sir and see what i found http://codepen.io/loraxx753/details/nBaAf11:33
guest-EgyeEUyeah/ i wanna know some think abt it11:33
ikoniaguest-EgyeEU: I'd suggest looking on their website for the support information / where to ask questions11:34
semajnadikonia: I created a user called net001 and a group called thenetwork, net001 I used "useradd -g thenetwork -d /home/thenetwork/net001 -s /sbin/nologin net001" and then create "mkdir /home/thenetwork" and "/home/thenetwork/net001" finaly in ssh_config I added http://pastie.org/8452053 that to the bottom and restarting shh with "service ssh restart". However when I loginto FTP it won't connect me. Do you know if I'm doing something wr11:34
mrafiq_in disk creator the button  of make startup disk is not highlighted although i have selected the usb and image11:34
HitsujiTMOguest-EgyeEU, then maybe try #freenode11:34
guest-EgyeEUok im gonna check it11:34
ikoniasemajnad: you've got nologin shell set11:34
MonkeyDustguest-EgyeEU  anonymous-os is no longer maintained, no longer exists, is what i find here11:34
ikoniasemajnad: hence why you can't login11:34
semajnadikonia: Sorry I meant login to FTP11:34
semajnadikonia: Won't let me login to FTP11:35
ikoniasemajnad: yes, you still have a nologin shell11:35
lotuspsychjemrafiq_: did you format the usb?11:36
semajnadikonia: Oh, so if I still want them to login to FTP should I use /bin/false instead?11:36
guest-EgyeEUit is seemed like backtrack is better than anonymous-os/11:36
ikoniasemajnad: change it to say /bin/bash for a test, then work out the process11:36
ikoniaguest-EgyeEU: backtrack is also dead and unmaintained11:36
cuddylierWhat's the best way to download to /dev/null? When I try to CD to the directory it doesn't exist.11:37
cuddylierUsing the wget command11:37
ikoniacuddylier: it's a special file11:37
guest-EgyeEUso what is the better right now?? ikonia11:37
ikoniacuddylier: I'd suggest looking at "man wget"11:37
ikoniacuddylier: look for the output option11:37
ikoniacuddylier: try to check the basics of the commands you want to use before asking "how do I...."11:37
HitsujiTMOcuddylier, wget -O /dev/null http://www.example.com/url11:37
semajnadikonia:  It doesn't seem to like it that I've chrooted them to /home/thenetwork/net001 even though chrooting them to /home/thenetwork works :/11:37
ikoniasemajnad: so your problem is a subdirectory, as opposed to the actual chroot11:38
ikoniasemajnad: if you're trying to use ftp, why are you making changes to ssh_config - which is the ssh client config11:39
semajnadikonia: Because that's what chroots them in FTP?11:39
ikoniasemajnad: ssh_config is for the ssh client11:39
ikoniasemajnad: it's nothing to do with ftp11:39
semajnadikonia: Yes but it works for FTP :/11:39
guest-EgyeEUcuddylier www.filecrop.com11:39
semajnadikonia: So when I log into FTP i'm locked in my home directory11:39
ikoniasemajnad: no, I'm sorry, it doesn't, ssh_config is for for ssh clients, you're either mistaken or don't really understand what you are changing11:40
HitsujiTMOsemajnad, are you thinking of sftp?11:40
semajnadikonia: I've ran through the steps perfectly, and it does lock them into their home directory in FTP. Hold on.11:40
semajnadHitsujiTMO: Damn yes HitsujiTMO  thanks11:40
ikoniasemajnad: it really doesn't11:40
semajnadHitsujiTMO: I always forget that difference.11:40
HitsujiTMOsemajnad, ftp != sftp :P11:40
eerWhen opening a new tab in Firefox for example , will the information about that weg page be stored in the memory of the graphics card or the memory installed on the mainboard?11:41
semajnadHitsujiTMO: I just can't work out why it's not letting me log-into SFTP once I've chrooted them to /home/thenetwork/net00111:41
ikoniasemajnad: even so, again ssh_config is for your local client, not the server, so ssh_config should not make any difference, sshd_config, for sftp yes11:41
cuddylierIs -o the option for the wget command to specify the output directory? I just read through the manual for wget and it's not extremely clear11:41
semajnadikonia: YES I'm using sshd_config, sorry I'm quite new to this ;)11:42
cuddylierSo wget -o /dev/null http://billing.spartanhost.net/pipe/pop.php11:42
ikoniasemajnad: you need to be MUCH more clear and specific11:42
ikoniacuddylier: no, please try to pay attention -O11:42
semajnadikonia: I thought I was being :P Thanks for the help. So do you know why this wouldn't be working?11:42
cuddylierikonia you mean a capital O?11:42
ikoniasemajnad: I've no idea as you're asking a totally different question to the question you did 60 seconds ago11:42
guest-EgyeEUIkonia: what is better sys according to u?11:42
semajnadikonia: Okay, let me get this down and pastie it to you, if you don't mind.11:43
ikoniaguest-EgyeEU: I'd suggest trying in ##linux11:43
ikoniasemajnad: just ask the channel clearly, not me11:43
HitsujiTMO!ot | guest-EgyeEU this is a support channel, not a chat channel11:43
ubottuguest-EgyeEU this is a support channel, not a chat channel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:43
philinuxTime and date keeps disappearing in 13.10 - setsid unity gets it back. Any fix yet11:44
alpharender_really? eww thats a terrible bug11:45
lffl HexChat: 2.9.6 ** OS: Linux 3.11.6-031106-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Debian wheezy/sid ** CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 3,39GHz ** RAM: Physical: 994,0MB, 60,8% free ** Disk: Total: 6,8GB, 13,4% free ** VGA: InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH VirtualBox Graphics Adapter ** Sound: ICH - Intel 82801AA-ICH ** Ethernet: Intel Corporation 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller ** Uptime: 7m 2s **11:45
ikonialffl: please don't paste that sort of thing, we don't need to see you system spec, and it's not really relevant to a support channel11:45
alpharender_incorrect time is computing hell11:45
guest-EgyeEUhey guy thanks11:45
philinuxalpharender_: ah found this now was using wrong google foo. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/123971011:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 1239710 in indicator-session (Ubuntu Saucy) "indicator-datetime and -session missing ~10% of the time" [High,Fix committed]11:46
lotiahi all. is there a way to specify ppas for different distros when using pbuilder-dist?11:48
eer When opening a new tab in Firefox for example , will the information about that weg page be stored in the memory of the graphics card or the memory installed on the mainboard?11:48
ikonialotia: PPA's are distro specific by default, not sure what you mean11:48
semajnadOkay, this is exactly what I've done and an explanation of what isn't going right. If someone can take a look I'd be very grateful http://pastie.org/845207411:53
hkanhello, i have a quick question11:55
hkanwhere can i find out the infos like 'hd(0, 5)'11:55
MonkeyDusthkan  then hope thre answer is quick also, shoot!11:55
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:56
hkanI plugged in my external hdd and I need to find what it's number11:56
hkanmust be something like hd(1,0) but im not sure11:57
hkanMonkeyDust ?11:57
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: hello mate11:58
BluesKajhkan. sudo fdisk -l , or mount in the terminal11:58
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje11:58
hkanyess fdisk it is. thanks a lot BluesKaj11:58
BluesKajhkan. yw11:59
lotuspsychjei've just install wobbly windows on 13.04 with compiz-plugins-extra and works smooth after reboot11:59
lotuspsychjejust letting you guys know12:00
Benkinoobyhi, is there a way to see my wireless passord. i have stored it on my computer but can't remeber it to give it to a friend12:01
shankarahi,  Silverghost12:01
lotuspsychjeBenkinooby: in
cuddylierI did the command and now my root login doesn't work hmm12:02
cuddylierBut services are still working fine12:02
eer When opening a new tab in Firefox for example , will the information about that web page be stored in the memory of the graphics card or the memory installed on the mainboard?12:02
lotuspsychjeeer: are you on ubuntu?12:02
eerlotuspsychje, yes, of course12:03
lotuspsychjeeer: maybe the #firefox guys might know it?12:03
eerlotuspsychje, thx12:03
eerjoin #firefox12:03
hkanOK this is more complicated than I thought, for example: sda1 is (hd0,1) and sdb5 is (hd1, 5), I use a SD card, and it's name is not sdaX but it's mmcblk0p4, what now? :/12:03
Benkinoobylotuspsychje: got it, thnk. i can use "show passowrd" in the setting menu of the connction12:04
ikoniahkan: normally hd0,0 is sda112:04
yeyemanplease tell me there's a way to make geany caret stop blinking12:04
hkanikonia: ok but that's not what i concern about12:04
ikoniahkan: hd is just a disk reference the sd card is just a disk12:05
hkanI'm trying to create an grub2 ISOBOOT record on grub.cfg12:05
lotuspsychjeyeyeman: geany?12:05
hkanI placed my iso file on my SD card12:05
ikoniahkan: there is a good chance grub will not see the card12:06
cuddylierwget --directory-prefix=dev/null billing.spartanhost.net/pipe/pop.php12:06
cuddylierIs that good?12:06
yeyemanlotuspsychje: yeah geany12:06
HitsujiTMOhkan: boot to the grub prompt and type: ls       it will list all devices and their grub names12:06
semajnadOkay, here's my question. I have CHROOTED a user to a directory and locked their SSH access with /bin/false. However when I try to reverse it and let them have SSH access again, it won't let me back in. Here are the steps I've taken http://pastie.org/8452089#712:06
shankaraI have been using ubuntu 12.04.3 on Atom processor from past 1 and half year. Now i am facing a peculiar problem. It works fine when I log in, but, after some time when ever a new dailogue box appears it appears white and blank without any text. At that time I can not open any application. I can only use the opened application.12:06
hkanOK will try, thanks12:06
ikoniacuddylier: why are you not using -O as you where advised, as you've ben told twice, /dev/null is not a directory12:06
shankaraCan any one please help?12:07
cuddylierAh, I get it now12:07
cuddylierwget -O dev/null billing.spartanhost.net/pipe/pop.php12:07
cuddylierThat yeah?12:07
phoenix101using ubuntu on samsung n150plus netbook laptop, wants to change resolution other than 800x60012:07
ikoniacuddylier: it's pointless trying to explain this again as you are not paying attention and not paying attention the minor details12:08
HitsujiTMOcuddlier: wget -O /dev/null http://billing.spartanhost.net/pipe/pop.php12:08
HitsujiTMOcuddylier, dev/null != /dev/null12:08
cuddylierHitsujiTMO I see my mistake now, thanks12:08
alpharender_semajnad,  no real good answer why, if you restart sshd after altering the shell does it work? That is ... sshd does not like you playing with the users file maybe? Are you able to utilize usermod -l  or -u  for lock and unlock?12:09
semajnadalpharender_: What does -l or -u do? That sound promising, let me search12:10
shankaraI have a problem in my system, can anyone help me please12:10
semajnadalpharender_: With that not also lock the SFTP access?12:10
lotuspsychjephoenix101: your default install resolution is 800x600?12:11
semajnadalpharender_:  and everyone keeps saying restart sshd but I can only seem to restart ssh with service ssh restart, service sshd restart says unrecognised service12:11
shankaraI have been using ubuntu 12.04.3 on Atom processor from past 1 and half year. Now i am facing a peculiar problem. It works fine when I log in, but, after some time when ever a new dailogue box appears it appears white and blank without any text. At that time I can not open any application. I can only use the opened application.12:12
ikoniathe ssh service is the sshd daemon12:12
ljunggrenok i have gotten a perfect ubuntu install with drivers (even AMD) and all.. i just want two things now: Automount a partition on boot and Autostart Ubuntu on boot, somehow it gets me to grub auto now with 8sec timeout.. i want ubuntu direct12:13
semajnadikonia: Ah so that's all I have to restart.12:13
shankaraHi, radu_, , are you the one who made a script for installing LBP2900 driver script?12:14
semajnadikonia: So why won't it let me back into ssh after I've ucommented the CHROOT lines AND given them back bash shell.12:14
ikoniasemajnad: what do you mean, why won't it let you back in,12:14
radu_shankara no12:15
semajnadikonia: Once I've got CHROOT working perfecty at line 34, I then give them back SSH access andI can get in, however then I lock them down again and open it back up and i'm still locked out.12:16
shankararadu: ok. sorry.12:16
ikoniasemajnad: what do you mean by "locked out",12:16
ikoniasemajnad: explain the actual failure12:16
shankararadu: I am having a pecular problem in display can you kindly help?12:16
HitsujiTMOljunggren, read up on fstab ... you need to put info of the partition you want to mount in there. you need to edit the grub config (/etc/default/grub) and update-grub to change the timers.12:16
ljunggrenHitsujiTMO,  ok thanks12:17
semajnadikonia: If you don't mind reading the last 3 lines on http://pastie.org/8452116 I think that explains my issue, otherwise I might get it mixed up and just confuse everyone12:18
ikoniasemajnad: ForceCommand internal-sftp......12:19
semajnadikonia: But I've commented out those lines at this point and I still can't log into SSH12:20
ikoniasemajnad: according your pastebin, you've uncommented them, not commented them out12:20
ikoniasemajnad: look in the ssh auth log and see what it's complaining about12:20
semajnad"#Commented back in those lines in sshd_config as before and I'm still getting Access Denied in SSH? How do I get in?" sorry that's where it says I comment them back in12:20
semajnadikonia:  Okay, two seconds.12:21
semajnadikonia: http://pastie.org/845212112:24
ikoniasemajnad: come on - I'm asking you to look at it, not just paste me everything12:25
ikoniasemajnad: restart sshd, tail the log, connect with ssh, watch the error, connect with sftp, watch the error/sucess, comapre12:26
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semajnadikonia: Sorry I'm very new to this. Let me try that.12:28
semajnadikonia: That's strange, I trailed the log, then restarted ssh and I can now get back in :/12:29
ikoniasemajnad: yes, because you didn't restart the service after you re-commented those lines12:30
semajnadikonia: But I did :/ let me try replicating that.12:31
ikoniasemajnad: I don't believe you did looking at your patebin12:31
ikoniasemajnad: and that's backed up by the fact that after you've restarted it, it's working12:31
=== noface17 is now known as n0fac3
semajnadAt the bottom line 76 I said commented back in the lines12:31
ikoniasemajnad: yes, and then didn't restart it12:32
semajnadikonia: Damn, your right :/12:32
lotiaikonia: thanks for the response. I mean within the config for pbuilder and pbuilder-dist, how do I specify them in a distro specific way.12:32
ikoniasemajnad: this isn't meant rude, but you are going to get no-where and just waste peoples time with level of detail, you're not giving accurate information, you're not paying attention to the important small things12:33
ikonialotia: apologies, I don't know what pbuilder is12:33
semajnadikonia: No I understand. I'm new to linux and am still trying to learn that the smallest details can make a big difference.12:33
semajnadikonia:  Not really an excuse but I'll get there. Thanks a lot for your time and help.12:34
ikoniasemajnad: I appreciate you are new, but being able to type the correct file name you are editing, or the correct service you are using, or remember to stop/start a service after you've been told to, isn't anything to do with being new, it's just lack of attention12:34
vishnu_How to configure alps touchpad in ubuntu12:34
semajnadikonia: Ye it is. I'm being careless because I'm getting impatient, which is worst thing I can do because It'll just take longer.12:35
vishnu_How can I configure my touchpad in linux12:35
MonkeyDustvishnu_  is this useful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad12:36
vishnu_MonkeyDust: THank you so much12:36
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phoenix101lotuspsychje: yes, and I donot have any other resolution options available in display manager12:48
UbuntivityI need to change the 'compression' attribute of a file in an NTFS partition, how can I do that?12:50
robfordHi all, can anyone help?! Just installed XUBUNTU 13.10 and it's set my screen resolution to 1024x768 yet this monitor can handle higher. Is there a way to overide this to get the correct res?12:50
Ubuntivityrobford: are there any restricted drivers available for your video card?12:53
robfordNo, its intel graphics12:54
robfordJust looking here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution12:54
minimecrobford: Check #24 of this forum thread. That is the thing you could try. In the 'xrandr --addmode ...' at the end you would have to replace 'DVI-0' with output port. You can check your ports with 'xrandr'. https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=16438512:55
=== wylde is now known as Guest51778
UbuntivityExecuse me, How can I change the 'compressed' attribute in an NTFS partition?12:55
robfordThank you :)12:56
bekksUbuntivity: Boot Windows, uncompress the files.12:56
Ubuntivitybekks: I need to uncompress them in Linux because I can't boot windows "BOOTMGR is compressed" :/12:56
bekksUbuntivity: You need to boot a Windows CD and reapir the boot files.12:57
talkletstalkHey guys12:58
talkletstalkCan I troll here????12:58
David_anyone figure out how to install ubuntu since the 3.10 update with amd drivers?  I put hte cd in and say "install" in GRUB, but all I get in return is a screen with corrupt graphics that I can't see anything in12:58
UbuntivityIt is actually not my PC, a friend has this problem on it. I can't boot from CD since the CD drive seems faulty!12:58
ikoniatalkletstalk: clear and only answer/warning "no" - the channel is for ubuntu support only12:58
giwrgarashi i reeinstalled my windows 8 and i cannot access my ubuntu now!12:59
giwrgarasany ideas?12:59
bekks!grub2 | giwrgaras12:59
ubottugiwrgaras: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:59
talkletstalkikonia Ok!!!!12:59
giwrgarasi had ubuntu 13.04 and i updated to .10. i have only the .04 dvd will the repair work?13:01
David_why not just download the 3.10 iso?13:01
giwrgarasmore burning and dvds if i can avoid that why not13:02
David_is anyone able to help me do a brand new install of ubuntu 3.10 using amd drivers?  the gfx is corrupt when I load it by cd and I can't install because of it13:02
yeatsgiwrgaras: it shouldn't matter for grub repair13:02
giwrgarasso my ubuntu is still there its just that windows deleted or did something to grub13:03
yeatsgiwrgaras: as long as you didn't overwrite it during the windows install, yeah13:04
=== wylde_ is now known as wylde
giwrgarasis there any way to see if it is somewhere? before i do anythig13:07
marloi've set up public key log-in to my ubuntu server, and now i can log in automatically with ssh user@host without entering a password, but the home directory is encrypted13:08
bekksgiwrgaras: sudo fdisk -l13:08
giwrgarasim on windows now lol13:09
bekksgiwrgaras: you need a live cd...13:09
giwrgarasi had the ubuntu to dll a new windows edition and the windows deleted my ubuntu or something13:10
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
UbuntivitySo.. no way to change the compression of NTFS partition??13:10
bekksmarlo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome13:10
bekksgiwrgaras: "or something". Boot a linux live cd, and furst check where your ubuntu is installed. You cant do anything to repair it using windows.13:11
marlobekks, thanks13:11
manolitoshello guys13:11
manolitoscan anyone help me use an usb tv tuner to my ubuntu 13.10?13:11
bekks!details | manolitos13:12
ubottumanolitos: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:12
williangliaocan anyone help me with the amd display driver13:12
bekks!anyone | williangliao13:13
chroI'm using "Welcome to Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-35-generic x86_64)". But when I do "$ sudo do-release-upgrade" it says "No new release found". Why ?13:13
ubottuwilliangliao: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:13
lars_Could I ask a question about my connection to the Ubuntu server?13:13
bekkschro: there is now new lts release until now.13:13
manolitosi  have ubuntu 13.10 and i want to watch dvb tv (Greece) and i dont know how to "install" the usb tv tuner13:13
chrobekks what is LTS?13:13
bekks*no new13:13
MonkeyDustchro  i guess because it searches for the next LTS, but that isnt ready yet13:13
bekks!lts | chro13:13
ubottuchro: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)13:13
williangliaowhen i install the display drivers , it goes blackscreen......13:13
marlobekks, how would i rsync to this machine using public-key login, then?  will i not have the same issue as ssh ?13:14
chrobut can I use the latest kernel with this LTS ?13:14
bekksmarlo: I never dealt with encrypted homes.13:15
bekkschro: why do you need that?13:15
David_how do you fix the graphics corruption of 3.10 when installing ubuntu, or am I stuck with LTS?13:15
marlobekks, yea.... i'm starting to regret it myself13:15
chrobekks, because it's the requirement of a framework I'm using13:15
lars_I'm using Kubuntu 12.04, and when I was booting up, I accidentally clicked on Restart X Server.  Is this going to cause problems for me?  I already noticed sth weird happened when I tried to use a photography program.  It looks like my server got changed.13:15
ubottudreamy_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:15
bekkswilliangliao: Keep it in the channel please.13:17
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
manolitosanyone know about dvb tv?13:19
bekks!anyone | manolitos13:19
ubottumanolitos: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:19
bekksmarlo: Which DVBT chipset do you have, what did you do to use it, etc.?13:19
bekksmarlo: that was for manolitos, sorry.13:20
williangliaobekks: how to install amd display driver, when i install it ,it says OKMS part of installation failed,13:20
manolitosbekks could you please help me? i want to watch tv with my tv tuner and i dont know how to install it13:20
bekksmanolitos: Then answer the questions please.13:20
=== yCrazyEdd is now known as CrazyEddy
moonracker_anyone got tips for playing dvd films in ubuntu?13:21
manolitoswhat questions?13:21
MonkeyDustmoonracker_  you mean titles?13:21
bekkswilliangliao: I never had and never will use AMD graphics. Which ubuntu are you on, which package exactly are you trying to install, whats the full error message? Pastebin that information please and provide the URL.13:21
semajnadikonia: All working now, so basically to save time and the risk of making a mistake, I'll just set their shell to bash when I need to use their account and su into it instead of commenting that file13:22
bekksmanolitos: Which DVBT chipset do you have, what did you do to use it, etc.?13:22
moonracker_<MonkeyDust> movie films13:22
manolitosi dont know what dvbt chpset i have. it's usb13:23
manolitoshow can i see it?13:23
MonkeyDustmoonracker_  this is the ubuntu support channel, better ask somewhere else13:23
bekksmanolitos: then you have to find that out first.13:23
manolitoswhat to write to terminal in order to find it ou?13:23
moonracker_cheers...newbie at this...ta13:23
manolitosyes i am a little bit newbie :P13:23
bekksmanolitos: lsusb13:24
bekks!dvbt | manolitos13:24
bekks!paste | manolitos13:25
ubottumanolitos: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:25
bekksmanolitos: And keep it in the channel, dont paste it in a query again.13:26
manolitos1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Bus 002 Device 006: ID 03f0:c302 Hewlett-Packard DeskJet D2300 Bus 002 Device 005: ID 05e3:0608 Genesys Logic, Inc. USB-2.0 4-Port HUB Bus 002 Device 004: ID 1a1d:c001 Veho  Bus 002 Device 003: ID 058f:6254 Alcor Micro Corp. USB Hub Bus 002 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 001 Device 0013:26
VicciebI've been using 13.10 for a while now (been upgrading it form 13.04). I had too many freezes, so I went back to the latest LTS. I backuped all my relevant data (including evolution) but now when I'm back on 12.04 (I've installed evolution) my backup won't restore... How do I install a newer version of Evolution???13:26
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manolitosthis is13:26
manolitosi think13:26
martinuniI was addicted to watching pornography for 10 years.13:26
martinuniIf you want to know how i won the fight simply write me a short line now: anonymouswriter7@hushmail.com13:26
Daniel0lol hilarious13:27
bekks!ot | martinuni13:27
ubottumartinuni: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:27
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bekksmanolitos: Is the device currently plugged in?13:27
manolitosyes i have plugged in13:28
manolitosbut i dont know which is13:28
manolitosmb i got to replugged in13:28
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
manolitosi will get it out and plugged in again13:28
manolitosoh it does not appears anything when i put it into usb :(13:30
manolitosbut when i m into win7 it works13:30
manolitosto the same usb13:30
bekksmanolitos: unplug it, run lsusb, pastebin it. plug it in, wait 10s, lsusb, pastebin it. And Windows is out of interest in this channel.13:31
manolitosi did exactly that and there is no difference13:31
manolitosto lsusb13:32
VicciebI've been using 13.10 for a while now (been upgrading it form 13.04). I had too many freezes, so I went back to the latest LTS. I backuped all my relevant data (including evolution) but now when I'm back on 12.04 (I've installed evolution) my backup won't restore... How do I install a newer version of Evolution???13:32
giwrgarasthe dvd of my ubuntu 13.04 is a live cd?13:32
giwrgarascan i use that?13:32
giwrgarasbut ive upgraded as i mentioned before from that to .1013:32
LjLbekks, please don't redirect spam like that to #ubuntu-offtopic, it's not an "anything goes" channel13:33
bekksLjL: Ok.13:33
manolitosgiwrgaras are u fro mgreece?13:33
nginx-happyhow could I find out what are in my runlevels ? update-rc.d list doesn't work13:34
manolitosi ll do a restart and coming back13:34
bekks!upstart | nginx-happy13:34
ubottunginx-happy: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/13:34
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nginx-happybekks, so any other way?13:35
ikonianginx-happy: ubuntu only uses run level 213:35
=== mathieu is now known as Guest7403
nginx-happyikonia, i want to find out if nginx is in my default runlevel or is that deprecated?13:36
DarksonnUbuntu randomly started booting to a black screen13:36
bekksnginx-happy: It is deprecated, since ubuntu uses upstart.13:36
nginx-happyso should say if nginx is in my upstart?13:37
theUserWhich volume control app lets you turn sound over 100% when sound is from really weak source ?13:39
bekkstheUser: You need an amplifier then.13:40
RorytheUser: It won't make it magically louder13:40
k1l_theUser: vlc does this from software13:40
RorytheUser: Yes VLC will but it will distort and clip13:40
HodappRory: If the source is really weak, then no, it won't.13:40
k1l_yes, its getting better. that is still a compromise13:40
Darksonnanyone have any idea why ubuntu suddenly began booting to a black screen?13:41
=== StackOverflow is now known as Guest76935
theUserIt wont as long as your not pushing into bad clipping...   right clicking on the speaker in xfce4 just fine13:41
theUserbut in LXDE it don't work13:42
k1l_Darksonn: do you have errormessages or some logfiles? like .xsession-errors in /home or syslog/dmesg in /var/log13:42
tcstorywhat's different between vim user manual and vim reference manual?13:42
bekkstheUser: the first is the user manual, the second the complete reference.13:43
Darksonnk1l_: ill get into terminal and check13:43
tcstoryvim reference manual has more than 2000 pages13:43
AraneidaeHow do I find out which action is *really* bound to my power button -- I think the GUI is lying13:43
bekkstheUser: Yes.13:43
=== carlos is now known as Guest14755
MonkeyDustAraneidae  computers are machines, they don't lie13:45
AraneidaeMonkeyDust, I am lost for words13:46
AraneidaeDo you have an answer for my question, though?13:46
DrGrovHow can I check my SSH status on 13.10? Is it enabled by default or?13:46
k1l_Araneidae: i think you want to look up "xev". but i am not sure if its working with the power button. there is some BIOS action behind that what the OS does with that button13:46
cfhowlett !ssh13:46
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)13:46
bekksDrGrov: sudo lsof -i | grep 2213:46
mrafiq__when ever i installed the ubuntu via dvd it gives an error massage insert the removeable media13:47
DrGrovcfhowlett: Thank you :)13:47
k1l_DrGrov: you need to install the ssh-server if you want to connect to that machine with ssh13:47
AraneidaeWhat's happened is that when I upgraded Xubuntu from 13.04 to 13.10 the power button action has changed from suspend to shutdown.13:47
DrGrovbekks: Thanks, will see the output.13:47
AraneidaeI can still suspend from the logoff menu13:47
DrGrovk1l_: Oh, I see. Can I easily set it up for remote access with SSH?13:47
bekksDrGrov: Yes, just read the links given.13:48
k1l_DrGrov: see the bots message.13:48
martinuniI was addicted to watching pornography for 10 years.13:48
martinuniIf you want to know how i won the fight simply write me a short line now: anonymouswriter7@hushmail.com13:48
MonkeyDustmartinuni  are you a script or bot?13:48
* cfhowlett ... don't care13:48
dcopehey all, is there an appropriate monit channel or are monit questions allowed in here?13:48
martinunia bot ;-) lol13:48
MonkeyDustmartinuni  please stop being un-funny13:49
DrGrovbekks: That output showed nothing. That means it is turned off by default, all remote access to this machine via SSH?13:49
cfhowlettsmite and ban please13:49
cfhowlettadamu, greetings13:49
bekksDrGrov: Thats mean: there is no ssh server running.13:49
CoolApps2Anyway I am having a strange issue today...13:49
CoolApps2Somehow the power cog disappeared...13:49
FailDrainHow do I change the global font in Ubuntu 13 GNOME?13:50
FailDrainIt's screwed up the fonts in USC13:50
FailDrainSorry not font!! Font color!13:50
DrGrovbekks: Roger that. I always wanted to set up some kind of remote access due to having a better machine now that supports things better.13:50
cfhowlettFailDrain, best to ask the gnome folk ...13:50
DrGrovbekks: Would SSH be the best option or should I focus on something else probably with a GUI of some kind?13:51
Darksonnk1l_: theres no logfiles in /home, theres alot of files in var/log, not sure what to look for13:51
Voxel33ola ola13:51
ubottuVoxel33,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:51
k1l_Darksonn: sorry: /home/<user>/13:52
adamuFor remote access from the console you can't beat SSH13:52
Voxel33cfhowlett,  and ubottu i am french ;)13:52
Darksonnno log files there13:52
DrGrovadamu: So SSH is the best thing if I want simple remote access to monitor the beast from afar? :)13:52
cfhowlettVoxel33, heh.  the ola ola threw me.13:52
bekksDrGrov: SSH is the best option.13:52
k1l_Darksonn: and in /var/log/ see for dmesg or syslog. after reboot that old logs get changed to dmesg.0 etc to make a new one for that run. so take a look there13:53
DrGrovbekks: Roger that boss. :)13:53
adamuDrGrov: Yeah you can also do fun stuff like create SSH tunnels to get around pesky web filters :P13:53
DrGrovadamu: Ah, you mean tunnels to get past geoblocking and such filters? :D13:53
phoenix101okay...i got it.. i used the xrandr command to find the available display option and found that my n150plus supports only 1024x60013:54
adamuDrGrov: Yeah13:54
Darksonnk1l_: i found a dmesg and syslog file in var/log/13:54
=== ItTakesTwo|off is now known as ItTakesTwo
Darksonnk1l_: there both really long13:55
DrGrovadamu: Oooh, that sounds great. On a beginner, intermediate, advanced level, how difficult is it to set up a fully working SSH server with those fun things you mention?13:55
k1l_Darksonn: they are from this boot. from last boot they get renamed to dmesg.0, from the 2nd last boot its dmesg.1 ...... so you need to find that logfile which is from the situation where that black screen appeared13:56
k1l_Darksonn: if you are not familiar with the messages in it, put it into a pastebin and show the link here13:56
adamuDrGrov: Its easy for a beginner as long as you have access to google once you install OpenSSH (sudo aptitude install openssh) its easy to configure everything I 'think' you might even be allowed to create SSH tunnels by default13:57
k1l_Darksonn: i would start with the .xsession-errors in the users-home13:57
DrGrovadamu: I can install all apps like normal through Synaptic as well?13:58
DrGrovadamu: Or I need to use a terminal?13:58
MonkeyDustto me, the terminal *is* the normal way13:58
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
DrGrovMonkeyDust: I love you :)13:59
adamuDrGrov: Do you have much experience with the console? I am not familiar with Synaptic I generally just use aptitude14:00
DrGrovMonkeyDust: *nogay*14:00
Darksonnk1l_: okay, i found xsessionerrors14:00
DrGrovadamu: Yes, I have some experience with the console but I tend to want to use GUI for app installations.14:00
=== AEM` is now known as aem`
adamuDrGrov: Oh, Well I guess you could maybe try X11 forwarding but I have never used it before and normally have it disabled but you could give it a try if I am correct it would allow you to run a graphical tool like synaptic remotely with X11 Forwarding (http://itg.chem.indiana.edu/inc/wiki/software/openssh/200.html)14:02
Darksonnk1l_: it says something about gtk-critical alot of times in xsessionerrors14:02
DrGrovadamu: I might be explaining everything a bit wrong in terms. What I would love to have is remote access to my files on /home from anywhere. Is SSH a way to achieve that or should I look into something else?14:04
gordonjcpDrGrov: use shfs14:04
gordonjcpthis keyboard is *terrible*14:04
adamuDrGrov: Yeah you can do that with SSH OpenSSH also allows you to connect over SFTP to access your files with a graphical FTP client such as FileZilla14:05
DrGrovadamu: Ok, that is what I mean. So then it is not all that difficult to manage. I have used temporary file storage via gFTP on SFTP protocol.14:06
DrGrovadamu: But not on my own box, but the idea is the same.14:07
Darksonnk1l_: i have no idea what to look for in this xsessionerrors file14:08
adamuDrGrov: No it should be really easy just sudo aptitude install openssh on the machine then on another machine ssh <username>@<ipaddress> to connect to your system with SSH then if you want to connect via SFTP you can use filezilla/any other ftp client of your choosing14:08
Darksonnk1l_: its 39 GB size14:09
k1l_Darksonn: 39GB is way too much. there is alot going wrong there. i would suggest to delete that file and do a relogin. which ubuntu is that? which desktop? do you use some special theme?14:10
cfhowlettDarksonn, the whole ubuntu distro doesn't run 39 G!14:10
Darksonnk1l_: seems like i got the terminal started in readonly14:12
CoolApps2I am missing the power cog today...14:12
k1l_Darksonn: does "df -h" show its over 95% somewhere?14:12
CoolApps2Before the time was missing...14:13
CoolApps2Any idea?14:13
Darksonnk1l_: moment, restarting to get out of readonly so i can delete it14:13
Darksonnk1l_: okay i removed xsessionerrors now14:15
ubottusimone: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:16
k1l_Darksonn: then relogin and see if there are new errors now.14:16
Darksonnk1l_: okay, ill restart the pc14:16
k1l_Darksonn: but interesting is this all only after you had a black screen. but that could be caused by drivers or other stuff. so that is just a search where the error is. not a solution to the error14:17
Darksonnk1l_: xsessionerrors dosent exist now, should i try starting normally (into blackscreen) and see if the file then exists?14:19
adamuSo today I am thinking about removing Windows 7 from my system and 'FINALLY' being able to just use linux over the years I have been able to get rid of Photoshop (gimp), Microsoft Office (Libreoffice), Dreamweaver (Vim) which were my main reasons for keeping windows anyway, I am thinking today might be the day... The nice thing is if I need Microsoft Office (Or Visual Studio) I can connect to my UNIs computer lab with VMWare View.. Have I lost14:19
adamumy mind or do you think I can do it? Has anyone else had similar experiences??14:19
Darksonnk1l_: now in blackscreen, restarting into terminal14:21
Darksonnwhen i touch the onoff button it does show the ubuntu with dots below before shutting down btw14:21
cfhowlettadamu, lots of people have done it.  at worst, save your win7 for a virtualbox install.14:22
hedinI have experienced blackout of my screens on 13.04 and now 13.10... Where should I report this? I have posted the details on dpaste. https://dpaste.de/tJmw14:22
Darksonnk1l_: still no xsessionerrors file14:23
k1l_Darksonn: if you dont even see the login screen its more a videocard or driver issue. than the syslog in /var/log/ is more interesting14:23
k1l_Darksonn: im away for some minutes now. so if you get that log file to a pastebin others could have a look, too14:24
stef1541hey guys14:24
ianorlinyes you can adamu but I have heard people have problem with tax software14:24
adamucfhowlett: So just to make sure I am understanding you correctly, you think I should get have linux as my main operating system with no other operating systems on the system and then run windows 7 in virtualbox?14:25
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hellangeladamu, that is what i have done last week, i only use ubuntu now and a win7 VM for photoshop and visual studio14:25
Darksonnk1l_: i found syslog14:25
stef1541can anyone explain me what people mean if they say linux works out the box ?14:25
adamuWould it be considered bad practice to boot from a gparted live cd and delete my windows partition and then resize my linux partition reboot and boot into linux (after of course backing up my files)14:25
cfhowlettadamu, I merely suggest that as a recommendation if you've decided to go solo ubuntu.  I've heard others give good reports.  I'd also suggest you run the LTS only version unless you truly NEED the latest/greatest shiny version with a 9 month lifespan.14:26
hellangelstef1541, it works without  needing to install stuff.. so you get it "out of its box" and it works right away14:26
MonkeyDuststef1541  that you don't have to install additional software14:26
cfhowlettadamu, not bad practice at all14:26
BluesKajstef1541. that's a pretty general statement , and i don't think it's valid14:26
ianorlinor you could dual boot two distros if you wanted to14:27
cfhowlettstef1541, what is your specific issue?14:27
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:27
hellangeladamu, i went from fedora + windows dualboot to ubuntu and im glad i did :>14:28
stef1541i read that line when they were talking about linux security does it mean linux doesn't need anti virus software to clean the pc against malware. I'm making a thesis about Linux clients as an alternative for windows clients and i read about linux working out the box but didn't really know what i ment so i came here for asking ^^ i heard linux works mounting based that everything is a file that14:28
stef1541needs to be mounted still i don't understand it but does that mounting system means out of the box ?14:28
adamucfhowlett: okay thanks14:29
Darksonnk1l_: syslog is 1.9 MB14:29
cfhowlettadamu, be safe, have fun14:29
adamuhellangel: Yeah I have been looking forward to this day for a long time I have been using linux for about 2 years but have never actually been able to get rid of Windows due to Windows only software14:30
hellangelstef1541,  "mounting based"? well, if you mean the boot-image, then kind of yes14:30
adamuWell I am off to go get rid of Windows (have to run a backup first though so it will probably take a little while)14:30
hellangeladamu, heh yeah, same here, i got all the games to run on ubuntu, which was kind of the only reason for me to boot windows14:30
hellangeladamu, good luck with that =)14:30
stef1541well yeah i mean all files need to be unpacked since everything is a file to linxu but is that right i don't really understand >.<14:30
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.14:30
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu14:31
adamuhellangel: Thanks I'll be back to report the good news later..14:31
cfhowlettgamers may find steam and wine worth checking out14:31
hellangelstef1541,  all files need to be unpacked? huh? there are boot-images that get mounted and "started" if you will, but that is all, i dont know what you mean by things need to be unpacked14:31
stef1541steam and wine make  it possible to runn windows software14:32
hellangelstef1541, linux uses filesystems aswell14:32
hellangelcfhowlett, you might suggest playonlinux as well14:32
neurot1calwhat server distro would someone recommend is good for someone wanting to learn linux sysadmin type tasks? i tried latest ubuntu but cant stand the new gui14:32
cfhowlettneurot1cal, ubuntu server doesn't come with a gui14:32
* neurot1cal current windows sysadmin wanting to learn linux14:32
hellangelneurot1cal, server distru and desktop (gui) doesnt match up for me really14:32
neurot1calwell, i installed ubuntu-desktop ;p14:32
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server14:32
MonkeyDuststef1541  maybe these links are useful    http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/   http://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/32474-a-windows-users-guide-to-linux.html14:32
cfhowlettneurot1cal, if you want to learn server, learn the command line.  no desktop needed.14:33
MonkeyDuststef1541  and this http://opensource.com/14:33
neurot1cali already prefer powershell on windows server14:34
ubottuneurot1cal,: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.14:34
neurot1calhas some similarities to bash i hear14:34
neurot1calawesome, thanks!14:34
cfhowlettneurot1cal, setting up lamp is a nice all around project for server sysadmins14:34
malinusWhen I do lsof, I can easliy see that dnsmasq is running. When I try to apt-get remove it, it tells me that it is not installed?14:34
neurot1cali work for microsoft ;) this should be a good step out of my comfort zone14:35
malinusWhat is going on?14:35
hellangelcfhowlett, in my opinion lamp is for NON admins, admins should rather install the packages themself =)14:35
* cfhowlett reaches for pitchfork, tar and feathers ...14:35
cfhowletthellangel, :)  ok14:35
neurot1calhellangel, is there a good, well-known, linux 101 guide/curriculum out there? i wanna start from the basics and build up14:36
vietnam_no1hello world14:36
neurot1calnot just learn how to get things to work functionally14:36
vietnam_no1hey boy !14:36
cfhowlettvietnam_no1, greetings boy14:36
MonkeyDustneurot1cal  "life begins, the moment you leave the comfort zone"14:36
neurot1calDANGER ZONE!!14:36
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hellangelneurot1cal, well, you might just pick a server distribution and think of what you actually want to do and then google those things.. like step 1: install a webserver, then you google how to do that in that distribution and read and understand it.. thats how i learned it :)14:37
cfhowlettvietnam_no1, if you have an ubuntu question, please ask it in channel.14:37
neurot1calis there a big difference between centos and ubuntu server?14:38
neurot1calhave a friend in the industry who swears by centos, on the enterprise side14:38
hellangelneurot1cal, there are differences like the packagemanager for instance14:38
cfhowlettneurot1cal, they're both good.14:38
BluesKajneurot1cal.  depends on your needs ,of course14:38
hellangelneurot1cal, most people would recommend debian, i HATE debian and would never use it again so.. it is mostly a taste issue14:39
neurot1cali really like what i can do with freenas14:39
neurot1calbut want to have more capability14:39
Darksonnk1l_: you there?14:39
stef1541since linux is open source who runns everything and controls about what can be updated what not i mean if everyone can see and check linux open source who does see if they use it properly and are the developers who work on linux distro's people people who are high in IT or can it be like anyone ?14:39
cfhowlettneurot1cal, check out #ubuntu-server14:40
cfhowlettand forums14:40
hellangelthe distribution is just the base of your server, you can add software to all linux distributions, some have them in repositories already to just install them via the packagemanager, others require software to be built manually14:40
neurot1calcfhowlett, thanks14:40
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BluesKajstef1541. try to use some punctuation instead of a run on sentence with several ideas , your post is confusing otherwise14:41
hellangelstef1541, that is per distribution kind of.. distributions have a selection of stuff (kernels, software) they provide14:41
hellangelso distributions are "mainly" groups of certain selected software14:42
neurot1calhellangel, ahhh so when i'm doing 'sudo apt-get install blahblah', if blahblah is part of the packagemanager it just knows where to install from14:42
hellangelneurot1cal, almost yeah, apt-get install bla will search the repositories you have installed for that kind of package, and the information where to install and what dependencies are required is in the package14:42
stef1541hellangel what do you mean with groups of certain selected software ? Do people select the software ?14:43
hellangelstef1541, yes14:43
hellangelthe packagers of the distribution select the software to be available (or installed in the default installation) in their distributions14:43
cfhowlettstef1541, well that software ain't gonna select itself!14:43
semajnadCan someone explain to me what "script /dev/null" does?14:44
semajnadIn simple terms :P14:44
hellangelsemajnad, it runs a script with the parameter /dev/null.. do you mean > /dev/null?14:44
hellangel"script > /dev/null" writes its output into /dev/null -> nirvana! =)14:44
stef1541@ hellangel And who does overlook everything to see the right decision are made ? I mean it can be like anyone or not ? xD i'm trying to understand this i mean it's so awesome to see how linux grown to be something outstanding ^^14:44
semajnadI'm trying to run 'screen' after su'ing to a user. However it doesn't let you. So someone suggested doing su <user> then script /dev/null and screen then works.14:45
hellangelstef1541, the people who are a part of the administration of the distribution..14:45
hellangelso team ubuntu decides what we get ;)14:45
hellangelin the repositories, that is (you can still install other stuff or build it yourself)14:45
stef1541@ hellangel so team ubuntu is like a team of people like Microsoft has it's teams ?14:45
hellangelsemajnad, huh, if you "su" to a user, you are that user and that user is running the screen no?14:46
hp_i use tor for surfing the web .. when it works it accept no keyboard layout .. how can i make it accept to write in via keyboard?14:46
semajnadhellangel: If as root you do eg '14:46
hellangelstef1541, kind of yes.. if you wanted you could just start your own distribution14:46
semajnadhellangel: If as root you do, for example 'su usr01' so you are running as them, then do 'screen' it says : "Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check." so someone suggested doing script /dev/null first14:46
semajnadhellangel: doing /dev/null does then let you run screen, just wondering if it's a safe thing to do when your running an executable under screen.14:47
stef1541@ hellangel but compared to microsoft Linux community the user's themself got the right to speak. While in windows people get pushed to use things they don't need or want. start my own distribution ? your serious ? so it can be a distribution of linux sucks big time because a noob made it ?14:47
hellangelsemajnad, if you su to usr01 and execute "screen" as usr01, you should have usr01's screen session... no idea what /dev/null has to do with that14:47
hellangelstef1541,  that always depends, you could just create a company and hire people to make you a new distribution and call it Foobuntu14:48
semajnadhellangel: Yes, I'm saying if you su to user01 then type screen to oppen a screen session, it won't let you, you get Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check.14:48
asad2005Can i upgrade my ubuntu unity to ubuntu gnome?14:48
hellangelsemajnad, it does let me ;)14:48
hellangelasad2005, you can install gnome3 on your ubuntu installation sure14:48
semajnadhellangel: Well I must be doing something wrong haha, there are some other people with this issue as well, so if /dev/null works, is it safe to use?14:48
stef1541i understand i think ^^ luckily i don't need to write about that i my thesis14:48
ThinkT510asad2005: that isn't an upgrade, thats just installing another desktop environment (and yes you can do that)14:48
hellangelsemajnad, you arent telling me everything, because /dev/null itself does have _nothing_ to do with screen ;)14:49
asad2005ThinkT510: is just apt-get install gnome314:49
stef1541the most user friendly distro's are ubuntu, mint ? what else ?14:49
semajnadhellangel: Hmmm, I don't really know then. All I was told is sometimes when you su to a user and type screen, you get the message "Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check." and someone said that if you use script /dev/null then use screen it works. and it does :/ not sure why then.14:49
hellangelasad2005, first google result: http://askubuntu.com/questions/358989/install-gnome-3-10-in-ubuntu-13-10-without-breaking-unity14:49
semajnadhellangel:  - http://dbadump.blogspot.co.uk/2009/04/start-screen-after-sudo-su-to-another.html14:50
ThinkT510asad2005: gnome-shell14:50
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic14:50
hellangelsemajnad, never heard of that hack, seems very dirty14:52
cfhowlettstef1541, that's a religious question:)  depends who you ask, what you mean by friendly, etc.  and it's a poll, so ... offtopic for this channel.14:52
semajnadhellangel: Okay, so I'm not sure why I can't do it then :/ do you have any ideas?14:52
asad2005ThinkT510: hellangel: thanks14:52
fuduschances if you don't like unity you won't like gnome shell either though. If you want the XP/Vista look try cinnamon which has  the  Vista style taskbar with starmenu at bottom left14:52
semajnadhellangel:  My situation is that usr001 is jailed to the directory /home/network/usr001/directory through the sshd_config, and I'm logged in as root to su to usr001 to run an executable, but it gives me the error ""Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check."14:53
hellangelsemajnad, it sounds more like a weird permission issue you are hacving14:53
nii236|RPiHey all, after updatin to 13.10 I can no longer type in the compose window in gmail in Chromium. Has there been any changes recently that would've caused this?14:53
semajnadhellangel: Lol probably, I've been at this chroot thing for 48 hours now. I'll have to find a workaround :/14:53
fudusapt-get install cinnamon and relogging in is all that is needed if you prefer the XP/Vista style system14:53
semajnadhellangel: When you say dirty? What do you mean. I don't really mind if it's a sloppy approach as my server isn't actually being used for much, but is /dev/null then screen safe to do?14:54
hellangelsemajnad, im not even sure what "script" is14:55
semajnadhellangel:  ah ;) Okay, no worries. But thanks for looking :)14:55
semajnadhellangel: and that makes two :P14:55
scatharishey all....flashplugin-installer (sp?) isn't in the canonical-partners repo anymore, or it seems, as of 13.10....any reason?14:55
hellangelseems like script /dev/null will save all your session logs into /dev/null .. but why this should be a workaround for the permission issue, i dont know14:55
hellangel@ semajnad14:55
ThinkT510!info flashplugin-installer | scatharis14:55
ubottuscatharis: flashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 6 kB, installed size 136 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)14:55
semajnadhellangel:  ?14:56
scathariswell, that's a shame.  I won't enable multiverse.  guess I'll get the tarball straight from adobe and manage it myself.14:56
fudusit is in multiverse in 13.1014:56
stef1541pfff dunno how far i would go to describe the difference between linux clients and windows clients. What i mean is i got already lots of wiki and comparison sites and some books but i need around 100 pages :s xD14:56
stef1541hi arnex14:56
scatharisThank you for the information, though.  appreciated.14:57
ThinkT510scatharis: you realise that the repo is enabled on a default install14:57
BrianHscript /dev/null just prevents messages from appearing.14:57
BrianHThink of it like a black hole.  Anything written to /dev/null is destroyed.14:57
fudusif you have partners repo enabled, you can install flashplayer directly14:57
scatharisyes.  it's a pain to disable it immediately, so sometimes I do a super-minimal install, or just go from the last LTS like I did on this box.14:57
scatharisfudus:  it appears to no longer be in partners14:57
fudusadobeflash or something14:58
scatharisyes, up until 13.10 it was in partners; was moved to multiverse (not an option)14:58
nii236|RPiHey all, after updatin to 13.10 I can no longer type in the compose window in gmail in Chromium. Has there been any changes recently that would've caused this?15:00
stef1541Are there reasons why people should not choose for Linux acsept compatibility with high end software ?15:04
fudushttp://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/ ah no saucy upload, explains that then15:04
scatharisOh hey, one other question while I'm at it.  During startup, I've got grub set to use a plain-text console as I prefer.  However after the init scripts start (I suspect upstart stuff is going on at this point) there is zero console output...then a few seconds before my xdm starts, I get a whole spew of modem-manager messages at a high resolution graphics mode.  how do I get to see init script output on boot?  got a couple15:04
scatharis I need to write and watch come online15:04
ThinkT510stef1541: if by high-end you mean closed source then thats about the only reason yes15:04
ZeThomashey, i am trying to make a bootable usb with usb-creator-gtk, but it is in 'Installing the bootloader...' for 30 minutes now already... is this normal?15:05
fudusnii236|RPi: try the official chrome debs? the chromium in official repos are usually behind the offiicial version15:05
stef1541with high end software i mean programs that are made for windows like manny games , photo drawing tools i dunno software that people need and only are avaiable for windows that's the main reason people wouldn't use linux right ? my question was if there would be other reasons  ?15:06
scatharisI would wager that there's 10x more important software running on linux/BSD than on windows :)15:07
scatharisAdd in solaris and aix15:07
ThinkT510stef1541: almost all those examples you give are windows only because they are closed source and designed as such, anywho your questions are getting rather offtopic15:07
stef1541sorry :s15:07
stef1541i quess i better go15:08
stef1541thanks for all the help and the info15:08
=== weebles is now known as reebles
gasshohow come mister synaptic won't select sourcecode checking15:11
gasshoas in checking the option to download source code15:12
gasshojust what the sizzlin you tryin to hide :U15:12
ikoniagassho: it downloads the source debs, (which contain the source code)15:12
gasshoit  goes from check to -15:13
gasshoas if by magic i might add15:13
ikoniagassho: sorry, you're not making sense15:13
ikoniacan you try to just state clearly what's not working as you want15:13
gasshocheckmarking the source code option in synaptic!15:13
semajnadThe ending of breaking bad :(15:16
ikoniasemajnad: if you want to chat about non-ubuntu stuff, try #defocus, or #ubuntu-offtopic15:17
semajnadikonia:  Sorry, that's all I gotta so :P15:17
gasshoclicking the little box so that it goes to a check symbol immediately reverts to a - symbol and when i close and repoen repositories it shows a blank box symbol15:18
semajnadIf you created a screen session as 'root' then in the session did 'su usr001' and ran en executable, would the executable be ran by usr001 intstead of root ye?15:19
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
ikoniacreating a screen session as root is a bad idea though15:19
gasshobad boys15:19
ikoniagassho: ok, so the gui is not allowing you to enable the source download15:19
ikoniagassho: is that what you are saying ?15:19
ianorlinscreen the terminal multiplexer?15:19
gasshoi guess15:20
gasshoi dont really know what all dem1's n 0's do15:20
ThinkT510semajnad: if thats a desktop version of ubuntu you shouldn't be logging in as root (its not supported in here)15:20
ikoniagassho: 1's and 0's ? where ? what are you talking about ? could you take a screen shot as it appears your having a hard time explaining it15:20
semajnadThinkT510: It's Ubuntu 13.10 desktop? Why can't you log in as root?15:20
sunnysonhalloo, new to the irc channels. quick question for anyone using ubuntu on hp laptops... any success on installing wireless+bluetooth drivers for mediatek m7630 card?15:20
ikoniasemajnad: the root account is disabled by default15:21
semajnadikonia: But I can connect to it :/15:21
semajnadikonia: Without having to enable it15:21
ikoniasemajnad: then it's not an ubuntu standard build15:21
ikoniasemajnad: is this a vps by any chance ?15:21
ianorlinyes it can15:21
gasshojust tell me how to enable source download15:21
ianorlinalthough some might have broadcom wireless15:21
semajnadikonia: No it's a dedicated server that I aasked them to put Ubuntu 13.10 on and when I log in it says that :/15:21
gasshothrough cli terminal15:21
ikoniasemajnad: can you show me the ouptut of "uname -a" please.15:21
=== lasse_ is now known as crusie
quoveridisif you do screen within screen within screen within screen, swapping windows at random each time, is there a chance you might never get out? (something like inception)15:22
semajnadikonia: " Linux h88-150-197-34 3.11.0-12-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 9 16:20:46 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"15:22
ikoniasemajnad: it sounds like it's not a proper ubuntu install as the root account should be disabled by default, you shouldn't be able ot login15:22
semajnadikonia: What version of ubuntu have I got?15:22
ikonia3.11 - looks like 13.1015:22
semajnadikonia: Okay, so should I have a root user on 13.10?15:23
=== gugaua_ is now known as gugaua
ikoniasemajnad: no, no root account should be enabled in any ubuntu install15:23
semajnadikonia: Awesome15:23
sunnysonhalloo, new to the irc channels. quick question for anyone using ubuntu on hp laptops... any success on installing wireless+bluetooth drivers for mediatek m7630 card?15:23
semajnadikonia: I didn't think there was much difference between ubuntu and ubuntu with a GUI. I thought they operated basically the same.15:23
crusiehey - I just installed ubuntu and steam - finally got my GFX card working (ATI) but now I realise I have to use my other partition for steam games (not enough space) - how do I mount a partition from another drive. I assume it has to have read/write/execute15:23
ikoniasemajnad: they do, and root should not be enabled in either15:23
Rexodussemajnad: cat /etc/issue15:24
sunnysoncruise how did u get it to work, i am trying to install amd drivers and i get the flxgr error15:24
semajnadikonia: What do you mean? I thought you just said root is enabled in any?15:24
semajnad"Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l"15:24
ikoniasemajnad: no, I said root is not enabled in any15:24
ikoniasemajnad: remember the "pay attention" bit15:24
semajnadikonia: " no, no root account should be enabled in any ubuntu install"15:24
ikonia15:22 < ikonia> semajnad: it sounds like it's not a proper ubuntu install as the root account should be disabled by default, you shouldn't be able ot login15:24
gasshojust tell me how to enable source download ikonia15:24
crusiesemajnad, I really can't remember - think I build the latest beta drivers from ATI website15:25
ikoniasemajnad: yes, no root account should be abled, eg: root account should be disabled15:25
ThinkT510semajnad: english isn't your first language?15:25
ianorlinikonia https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:25
ikoniaianorlin: why are you giving me that link ?15:25
crusieI don't know much about ubuntu - reinstalled 5 times because I couldn't revert the broken drivers...15:25
semajnadThinkT510: Lol it is I read that as no no, root account should be enabled in all ubuntu, sorry me screwing up.15:25
ianorlinit explains why root isn't enabled by defualt15:25
ikoniasemajnad: not a problem15:25
ikoniaianorlin: I know why root isn't enabled, that's why I'm saying "it should not be enabled"15:26
crusieI think the most important step would be the ATI-config --initial at the end BEFORE you reboot15:26
ThinkT510semajnad: notice where the coma is15:26
crusieI think that's what did the trick for me sam11310115:26
crusiesemajnad,  even15:26
semajnadThinkT510: Yes I know ;)15:26
ianorlinsorry wrong person15:26
semajnadWell all I can say is when I got the server I could log in stragith away as root.15:26
CoolApps2How do I restore the Power cog?, it disappeared today, the other day the time was missing but then it came back after a reboot.15:27
ikoniasemajnad: seems like the people doing the install have either been tinkering or using a non-standard ubuntu build15:27
semajnadikonia: Is this a bad thing specifically? I'm i'm using it for is hosting game servers.15:27
ThinkT510semajnad: which means somebody enabled it for you, which is not the default setup and not the way ubuntu was intended to be used15:27
=== CoolApps2 is now known as CoolApps
crusieI'm starting to think there is still too much terminal for me in ubuntu15:28
ikoniasemajnad: well, yes and no, are you having problems, no so it's not bad, wil you have problems, what else is different - who knows, can people help you, possibly not as it may not all work the same as a stanard ubuntu install depending on the risk15:28
ikoniasemajnad: so not a clear yes/no response15:28
ahoneybunhey ikonia15:28
ikoniahello adamu15:28
CoolAppsAny idea?15:28
ikoniahello ahoneybun even15:28
adamuikonia: Hello15:28
ikoniaadamu: sorry about that, wrong person15:28
CoolAppsI have asked earlier but no one replied...15:29
semajnadikonia:  Okay, so far everything seems to have worked smoothly (except where I screw up) so I'll just go along with it for now and if I have problems maybe get the Virtual KVM and install it myself.15:29
adamuikonia: Its okay15:29
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
ikoniasemajnad: that wouldn't fix anything as you'd be running a kvm instance from a possible "risk" host15:29
crusiehow do I remount a partition as read/write/execute?15:29
CoolAppsOk what about refreshing the Ubuntu UI? (The top bar)15:29
adamuIs SCP good for copying large greater than 50gb tarballs across a network?15:30
holymaci want to load ubuntu or something linux on my phone.15:30
crusieholymac, you really wanna tinker in terminal on your phone ?15:31
* ahoneybun is waiting on his build of AOKP to finish15:31
holymacmaybe ... if wifi works.15:31
DJones!touch | holymac Not something I have experience of, but the bot's channel may be able to help,15:31
ubottuholymac Not something I have experience of, but the bot's channel may be able to help,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:31
vladimirhi guys ... i have interresting problem ... when I press display brightness adjustment on my keyboard, immediatelly configuration window of Display setting arrises ... this means that each keyboard press on that button provokes generation of new window of Dispplay settins ... has anybody the same problem? thank you.15:32
semajnadikonia: I appreciate the concerns, but to be honest this is only a game server and I back things up anyway, so if one day there's a huge security exploit it won't make much difference to me. Although I understand the dangers if this was being used for a proper business etc.15:33
ikoniasemajnad: of course, it's fully up to you to asses the risk and manage it15:34
semajnadikonia: But thanks again for all the help, everyone here. I've been trying to work my head around this for 2 days :) now at least I can get going!15:34
crusiehow do I remount a partition as read/write/execute?15:35
adamusemajnad: what game are you setting up a server for?15:35
adamucruise: man mount15:35
vladimircrusie, mount -o remount,rw /partition15:36
crusietried - makes no sense to me15:36
semajnadadamu: Minecraft for this one right now, but we just use it for any servers. Why?15:36
semajnadadamu: Server for a friend this one.15:36
adamusemajnad: I was just curious15:36
UbuntuIsSpywarefuck you ubuntu users!!! your are for the dick15:38
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!15:39
adamuWell if your not satisfied with it feel free to return to get back any money you paid for it15:39
MonkeyDustMsCourtney  do'nt call the ops too easily, please15:40
MsCourtneySorry about that15:40
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!15:40
FloodBot1UbuntuIsSpyware: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:40
FailDrainAnyone played Forgotto on Ubuntu Software Center not bad music , graphically but the controls stink so bad and it trys to be fun does an okay job but It didn't keep me entertained that long got bored after like 30minutes15:42
malgorathI have 2 500g hard drives on my ASUS ROG G75VW Laptop. The first one is windows 8 that I use for gaming. Can ubuntu be installed on the secondary hard drive without destroying my install of windows 8?15:43
MsCourtneymalgorath Yes15:44
adamuI just found the most useless application you could possibly install (cowsay)15:44
adamuIt is fun though... :/15:44
FailDrainadamu: go on tell me all about it :D15:44
CoolAppsapt-get moo15:45
malgorathMsCourtney: Is there anything special that has to be done?15:45
FailDrainlove this classic 8bit music tones! buda doo daa durda burda doo15:45
kanthalaraghuhiee there ...15:45
extremelyanonrymhi kanthalaraghu15:45
MsCourtneymalgorath yes give me a sec15:45
extremelyanonrymhey n e buddy is there15:46
zykotick9adamu: how can you say cowsay is useless?  it's perfect when i want a cow to say something!15:46
FailDrainlol it's a cow?15:46
FailDrainNOM NOM GRASS !15:46
adamuzykotick9: Thats a good point :P15:46
MsCourtneymalgorath use manual partitiioning select correct hard drive for boot loader15:47
extremelyanonrymi want to learn15:47
malgorathMsCourtney: Primary Hard Drive for boot loader?(aka over write windows 8 boot loarder?)15:47
wet88hello ...who can help me with the following error : Python (v2.7) requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: text/html decoder ?15:48
bekkswet88: Where's there error at that?15:49
wet88I'm trying to play a radio stream in my Rhythmbox15:49
LjLMsCourtney: i think your ops call was appropriate, for what is worth15:50
mrafiqwhere to get adobe flash player for ubuntu 13.1015:50
adamumrafiq: you can download it from adobe15:51
MsCourtneymrafiq Install ubuntu-restrice15:51
BluesKajmrafiq. , install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:51
MrMonkey31bit of a goofy question here: if I've modified the xorg.conf file for another linux installation, and I do chown root, that will or will NOT mark it as belonging to the root for that other install?15:53
mrafiqhow to setup vpn15:53
bekks!vpn | mrafiq15:53
ubottumrafiq: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN15:53
adamuMrMonkey31: no it will only change it on that computer modifying the permissions for a folder/file on one computer will not change them on another15:53
wet88bekks ? could you help me please? I tried this until now: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1864150&page=215:53
zykotick9MrMonkey31: it's standard that root is always uid=0 so it should be root on all systems.15:54
bekkswet88: whats the output of "lsb_release -a"?15:54
wet88@bekks No LSB modules are available15:55
zykotick9MrMonkey31: re: adamu's comment, so long as you use a "real" filesystem or network to transfer (so the POSIX permissions are preserved) the change IS actually transferable from one system to another.15:55
wet88ubunt 12.04.3 LTS precise15:55
bekkswet88: Thats not the entire output. Pastebin the entire output and provide the URL please.15:56
adamuzykotick9: interesting..15:56
MrMonkey31zykotick9: ok thanks guys, learned something :}15:57
wet88bekks  http://pastebin.com/MhpqU8df15:58
martincptcan anyody tell me how can I change outgoing email addresses from localhost.localdomain to my real domain?15:59
=== binni is now known as remmi
=== remmi is now known as Remmi
bekkswet88: And what are you doing to get which message exactly?16:01
wet88I just added a radio address in Rhythmbox and then I'm double clicking to open to listen ...16:02
CoolAppsAnyway to refresh or restart the Ubuntu status bar?16:03
techneci installed ubuntu 13.10 on my laptop and 1440x900 is not a selectable resolution. how do i go about adding or setting 1440x900?16:04
martincpttechnec: I think you should search for display then you can set up resolution16:05
ocooelOfficial support for 12.04 users. Is it possible..?16:06
=== emrys is now known as Guest94162
technecmartincpt: is it required that i edit config files or is there an app i can install and use?16:08
kunjiHey everyone, I know it isn't strictly on topic, but does know what, if any, free web platforms (e.g. wordpress, drupal, etc.. ) has good built in support for user accounts and transactions?  I'll be running it on Ubuntu at least :P  If it's not something that someone can answer off the top of their head, then could someone point me to a better channel to ask this in, thanks.16:09
zykotick9technec: is this a portable computer?  in a terminal try "lspci -v | grep -i vga" are two cards listed, or just one?  what is it (are they)?16:09
gasshojust tell me how to enable source download16:10
minimectechnec: Check #24 of this forum thread. That is the thing you could try. In the 'xrandr --addmode ...' at the end you would have to replace 'DVI-0' with output port. You can check your ports with 'xrandr'. https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=16438516:10
techneczykotick9: its a macbook and the output of lspci result in:  Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS16:11
martincpttechnec: go to dash home and search for 'display' I was able to set up resolution there on 12.0416:11
zykotick9technec: best of luck then.16:11
MO_Handeswhat is the appropriate partition size for root? if I'm only creating a partition for /home separately? is 14gb enough?16:11
k1lMO_Handes: something between 5Gb and 10Gb imho16:12
kunjiMO_Handes: It's enough to start with, remember that your apps are going to be installed there though.16:12
trijntjegassho: apt-get download16:12
CoolAppsIs there a way to restart the status bar on Ubuntu 13.10?16:12
techneczykotick9: yeah, most instructions are for nvidia or ati video cards16:12
k1lMO_Handes: on my laptop here its 5,9GB used form / with a pretty standard desktop usecase16:12
kostkonCoolApps, only if you restart unity16:13
CoolAppsAnd how do you restart Unity?16:13
CoolAppsThe power cog disappeared today so yeah. :P16:13
technecminimec: i'll take a look, thanks16:13
kostkonCoolApps, press ctrl+alt+f4, then give: setsid unity, then ctrl+alt+f7 to go back16:14
CoolAppsA week ago the time disappeared...16:14
kostkonCoolApps, or just do it in the terminal16:14
zykotick9kostkon: you need ctrl in xorg to get to VTs, but once in console it's just alt+F? to move around.  so, "c+a+f4" then "a+f7" to get back properly.  CoolApps16:15
kostkonzykotick9, didnt know that thanks16:15
zykotick9kostkon: fyi, alt+arrow (left or right) can also move around, get back to xorg.16:16
kostkonzykotick9, that's even better16:16
ocooelIs there paid support for personal desketop or is this the best place to visit..?16:18
IdleOneYou can check canonical.com for paid support options16:19
kostkonocooel, http://www.ubuntu.com/support16:19
nocheHello, I am having trouble booting into my Ubuntu partition because hitting shift doesn't stop it from loading Win7. Does anyone have any advice?16:20
jmgkhola noche16:20
zykotick9noche: was win7 installed after ubuntu?16:21
nocheNo, it was the other way around16:21
zykotick9noche: fyi, you can just HOLD shift after bios to get grub2, no need for tapping16:21
nocheEven when I hold shift Win7 is still booted16:21
nocheand moving the arrow keys does not work either16:21
zykotick9OH, do you see grub?16:22
nocheI do.16:22
nocheI set the timeout limit to 1 second16:22
zykotick9lol, no need for shift then!16:23
nochebut no key allows me to select Ubuntu16:23
nochethe "e" or "c" keys don't do anything either16:23
zykotick9noche: lol, to be honest i have the same problem with my usb wireless keyboard.  i can't interact with grub.  in my case i can plug in a ps2 keyboard and use that temporarily.  i have no idea how to fix it.  best of luck!16:24
nocheI'll try that16:24
nocheI'm using a Lenovo laptop16:24
zykotick9noche: DANDER PS/2 is NOT hot pluggable!  don't unplug it with the computer on!16:25
nocheoh no16:25
nocheI'm going to use a USB laptop16:25
nocheI mean USB keyboard16:25
nocheAnd thanks again zykotick916:26
hsegTrying to burn Ubuntu LiveCD for 12.04.3 onto CD. Problem is that .iso is 708MB, while disk capacity is 702MB for all CDs I've tried. Might I be doing something wrong here?16:27
adamuWhat is better (in your opinion) virtualbox or kqemu16:27
zykotick9hseg: use a dvd :|16:27
zykotick9hseg: i believe with the .3 update it pushed it over the cd limit.... "i believe" i'm not 100% certain16:28
Isualinor a usb drive if you can16:28
hsegUgh. Can't I, e.g., erase the WUBI .exe from the .iso?16:29
CoolAppsDone the instructions wrong. :P16:29
spiderflyprogramms running very slow16:29
ocooelkostkon: thank you16:29
CoolAppsI ended up with Unity looking broken so I had to hard reset. :P16:29
ocooelIt seems paid support is only available for large scale16:30
CoolAppsIt is just a user error. :P16:30
CoolAppsWhich is caused by me.16:30
bekksocooel: It is available for private individuals too.16:31
CoolAppsI thought that CTRL+ALT+F4 would just close a window. :P16:31
CoolAppsAll well, a reboot did the job anyway.16:31
zykotick9CoolApps: that will take you to VT #416:31
ocooelbekks: As Ubuntu Advantage..?16:31
kostkonbekks, only for 10+ desktops, not for single ones anymore16:31
bekkskostkon: Ah ok, so they cancelled that.16:32
kostkonbekks, more or less16:32
hsegWhat about 12.04? Is that OK?16:32
bekkshseg: Yes.16:33
wet88check the keyboard16:33
hsegAs in, it's still below the 702MB limit, right? Why on earth would they exceed that limit.16:33
khaotikanyone have any luck with installing 13.10 dual boot on msata drive?16:33
ocooelbekks, where..?16:33
CoolAppsWhat I did was went to the terminal, entered "setuid unity", Pressed CTRL+C which I shouldn't of done, did CTRL+ALT+F4, logged in, did "startx" and then unity was gone.16:34
bekksocooel: where what?16:34
CoolAppsA reboot fixed it after all that.16:34
zykotick9CoolApps: don't use startx16:34
zykotick9CoolApps: stop and start lightdm16:34
CoolAppsOh. :P16:35
tolgasa 512mb ram var xubuntu kurmama rağmen mouse imlecinde ve pencere arası geçişlerde donukluk yaşıyorum takas alanını 1.5 gb olarak belirledim16:35
tolgane yapmam gerekiyor16:35
ocooelbekks, all I can find is http://www.canonical.com/enterprise-services/ubuntu-advantage/desktop16:35
tonytya what he said16:35
CoolAppsWill it be "lightdm stop"?16:35
bekksocooel: "1103 173157 < bekks> kostkon: Ah ok, so they cancelled that."16:36
bekksCoolApps: "sudo service lightdm stop"16:36
zykotick9CoolApps: someone else would need to answer.  i'm not sure what works best for ubuntu theses days...16:36
fztorI'm running a multiple monitor setup with nvidia and twinview, it creates the xorg.conf file for me (with the required metamodes). Somehow xorg REFUSES to use the xorg.conf file16:36
khaotikI have been having a hell of a time getting this to work. My laptop has dual booting since Ive got it with no issues. Windows 7 and debian 7. I bought a msata to use for booting device so I can use hdd for storage, but cannot get linux to load. Just hangs at the grub screen. I have been searching all over forums to see if I can find the problem16:37
CoolAppsI am just going to create a shell script to do all that...16:37
MonkeyDustkhaotik  this is ubuntu support16:37
khaotikYes I know. I am currently trying with ubuntu16:37
fztorkhaotik: and the boot entry for windows works (boots)?16:38
hsegDoes anyone know where I can find 12.04? All the mirrors up to now only host
khaotikNo. just hangs on grub is loading screen16:38
tonythseg you check linux freedom's site ?16:39
khaotikI know the laptop hardware works fine with this as its the setup I had on HDD16:39
khaotikfor some reason it is not liking the msata16:39
hsegNever heard of it16:39
MonkeyDusthseg  there's this, it has 12.04.2 http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/16:39
adamukhaotik: maybe have a look at your bios settings?16:39
khaotikinstall goes perfectly fine. Installs grub with no errors. upon reboot just hangs16:40
CoolAppsSo I can just use stop and start Lightdm service to restart Unity, right?16:40
khaotikMy msata is first boot device. All legacy boot settings16:40
fztorkhaotik: msata has nothing to do with it, it is an ordinary sata device as far as grub is concerned. Boot the installation cd and update your entries, the disk order is probably different16:41
hsegOdd. There are no release notes for 12.04.316:41
zykotick9CoolApps: that restarts unity and everything else in the GUI!  it's very drastic, only needed in emergencies type thing.16:41
zykotick9CoolApps: but startx isn't going to work16:41
CoolAppsAh ok. -Zykotick16:41
zykotick9!tab | CoolApps16:41
ubottuCoolApps: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.16:41
khaotikI was reading some forum that my msata may be port1 and boot grub is looking to boot from port0?16:42
CoolAppsReally? ubottu16:42
zykotick9CoolApps: ubottu is a BOT (not real) i sent you that message 'cause you failed in typing zykotick9 " -Zykotick" - and cause it's a PAIN to type!  zyk<TAB> ;)16:43
CoolAppsSo will it be safe to perform those commands in a command line environment? - zykotick916:44
fztorkhaotik: uhm ok, I might be wrong then. I'm not sure where you read that, might be worth a try to install in UEFI-mode if your laptop supports it16:44
zykotick9lol still fail ;)  it's "safe" if you want to restart EVERYTHING16:44
hsegOK, it seems the file is only 695MB large. thanks guys.16:44
zykotick9CoolApps: oh sorry, you got it!16:45
CoolAppsWhat do you mean exactly?, by the way how do you mention someone like what you did? - zykotick916:46
jjavaholicmy indicator-datetime calendar is no longer keeping track of the days since 13.10 how can I diagnose what is going on wrong here?16:46
=== n00b is now known as Guest66730
zykotick9CoolApps: the same way you just did - by using tab :)16:47
CoolAppsI was thinking of how do you mention someone like "Username:". - zykotick916:48
auronandaceCoolApps: type their name first16:48
zykotick9CoolApps: sorry, i'm not following?16:48
CoolAppszykotick9, I think I got it now (thanks auronandace).16:49
=== sergio is now known as Guest37022
CoolAppszykotick9, Do I stop and start the Lightdm service on the command line only environment?16:50
DannermaxHi everyone. I have just installed ubuntu server 12.03 and wanted to mount my existing raid 5 array with mdadm and webmin. But i think i mounted it the wrong way, because i harddrive have failed. Now the server boots up and tells me that 1 harddrive is degraded, but i actually think its because i did it wrong. Can i reinstall the server and try over or would this make it worse?16:50
CoolAppsEh, not really working but all well.16:50
zykotick9CoolApps: what's not working?  any details?16:53
CoolAppsOk, I will log on has CoolApps2 on my Nexus 4 to continue talking.16:53
etoiley a des francais ici16:53
zykotick9!fr | etoile16:54
ubottuetoile: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:54
CoolApps2Ok, I'm in.16:54
CoolApps2Hang on.16:54
DannermaxHi everyone. I have just installed ubuntu server 12.03 and wanted to mount my existing raid 5 array with mdadm and webmin. But i think i mounted it the wrong way, because i harddrive have failed. Now the server boots up and tells me that 1 harddrive is degraded, but i actually think its because i did it wrong. Can i reinstall the server and try over or would this make it worse?16:54
zykotick9CoolApps2: can I ask, what command are you using?16:55
bekks!webmin | Dannermax16:56
ubottuDannermax: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.16:56
john______I'm trying to customize gedit as a php ide. I downloaded a .xml file and as I was told run the command "gconftool-2 --load=gedit_php_highlight.xml /apps/gedit-2/preferences/syntax_highlighting/PHP" on the terminal, nothing seems to happen, it is suppose to highlight texts16:56
john______here's the website: http://www.micahcarrick.com/gedit-html-editor.html16:56
aschmitzjohn______, Have you restarted gedit?16:57
john______aschmitz: yes16:57
john______aschmitz:  I tried typing <?php phpinfo(); ?> but no highlights whatsoever16:57
Dannermaxubottu: it is? Well i just dont know what to do now. I think the array is okay, but my server is in recovery mode.. what would you suggest i do now?16:57
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots16:58
likynghi guys16:58
likyngcould anyone say my name so that i can see what the highlighting of the client looks like :D16:58
aschmitzDannermax: You can remove the "failed" drive and try adding it to the array and rebalancing it, if you're okay rebalancing with one drive missing. (Small chance of losing data if you haven't scrubbed recently or a drive fails while it's going on.)16:59
dangerousdavecan someone explain the line "openssl x509 -noout -text -in storedcertificate.pem" from here http://www.macfreek.nl/memory/Install_CA_Certificates17:00
dangerousdavewhats it supposed to do?17:00
aschmitzdangerousdave: It's supposed to give information about the certificate in a readable format.17:01
dangerousdaveaschmitz: ok, interesting, thanks17:01
pip__how is Ubuntu GNOME playing with fglrx drivers at the moment?17:02
Dannermaxaschmitz: ok. but if webmin is not supported by ubuntu, is there another GUI i could use?17:02
dangerousdaveaschmitz: so this line creates the file? "echo "" | openssl s_client -showcerts -connect kwek.macfreek.nl:443"17:03
CoolApps2I am using "sudo service start lightdm"17:03
CoolApps2Also stop.17:03
Dannermaxaschmidz: And, would it be ok, if i reinstall my previous system where the raid array worked?17:03
aschmitzDannermax: I'm not aware of any officially supported GUIs that do the same things that webmin does, but there might be some. I suspect that's not related to your RAID issues at the moment, though.17:03
CoolApps2Stop goes first.17:03
pip__Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 that is17:03
CoolAppsOkay, back on this netbook.17:04
aschmitzdangerousdave: That should output a bunch of certificates, and then it expects you to copy one block of certificate text into "storedcertificate.pem"17:04
dangerousdaveaschmitz: i see, thanks17:04
CoolAppszykotick9, I am using "sudo service stop lightdm"17:04
Dannermaxaschmidz: Because i think the array failed because i clicked on something i shouldent have done.. perhaps if i reinstall my previous system the raid array will be onay?17:05
CoolAppsI am going to improve the shell script but this is what it is so far:17:06
CoolAppssudo service start lightdm17:06
CoolAppssudo service stop lightdm17:06
CoolAppsIt is actually...17:07
aschmitzDannermax: Well, it depends on how much you care about the data that's there. If you don't need it, then you should be fine reinstalling. I haven't used webmin in probably about 8 years, so I don't really know what it's like these days.17:07
CoolAppssudo service stop lightdm17:07
CoolAppssudo service start lightdm17:07
tnzrhi guys.. if I want to make a bootable USB liveCD, is it possible to also include extra files on it for booting a machine that is not connected to the internet?17:08
CoolAppszykotick9, That is the shell script so far.17:08
tnzrwould I just make another partition on the USB drive?17:08
adamuCoolApps, I would change service to /usr/sbin/service17:08
zykotick9CoolApps: re-scripts, sorta.  there is also "sudo service restart lightdm" or should be.17:08
adamuCoolApps, and sudo to /usr/bin/sudo17:09
ZiberCan someone explain to me how resolvconf works? doesn't tell me what my nameservers actually are...17:09
CoolAppsHow would I do the service one?17:10
RaymiiA developer was trying to be funny... He has an openvz VM, did this: "mkdir a; while true; do mv a a.tmp; mkdir a; mv a.tmp a/; done". It now has a lot of subfolders, which when removing give an OOM error and let RM crash. Even as root from the host system I cannot remove the folder. Any help? A live CD also does not work...17:10
Dannermaxashcmitz: i do care. but thank for the support17:11
CoolAppsHow to make Ubuntu unbootable: sudo rm /initrd.* Raymii17:12
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!17:13
RaymiiCoolApps -_-'17:13
RaymiiCoolApps You know some noob will copy and run that command...17:13
aschmitztnzr: You should be able to boot a machine that's not connected to the Internet anyway.17:13
CoolAppsYeah... :S - Raymii17:13
CoolAppsI don't see why anyone would run such thing anyway even though it was stated what it can do. :p17:14
aschmitzDannermax: If it's still booting in a degraded state, the "correct" thing to do from here would probably be to back up the data on it, try removing the drive it thinks is failed, and try adding it again as a "new" drive (if you think the drive is actually still good).17:14
aschmitzDannermax: I can try to give suggestions on how to do that if you want, or if you're comfortable doing that yourself, that's fine too.17:15
CoolAppsSo I have set the first line to "#!/usr/bin/sudo".17:15
bekksCoolApps: No. Thats nonsense.17:16
aschmitzRaymii: Which filesystem?17:16
CoolAppsOk, I will change it back. - bekks17:16
Raymiiaschmitz ext4 with extended attributes and noatime17:16
zykotick9CoolApps: don't use sudo in a #! line.17:16
CoolAppsAh, I see. :P - zykotick917:17
zykotick9CoolApps: run your script as sudo is one option!17:17
lapionhmm I have 2 dvb adaptors connected to my system, but both device instances point to the same physical card..17:17
lapionthis is really annoying17:17
kalakadsnhello everybody, anyone who is using KDE here, my system takes 45 seconds to boot to ubuntu UNity and  65 seconds to boot to KDE, both have either desktop effects enabled or not, take same time, disabled almost all applications from autostart and startup application which i don't want and which i think safe to disable17:17
kalakadsnwhy is that17:17
kalakadsni want to boot to kde faster17:17
CoolAppsOk, now the first line is "/usr/bin/sudo"17:18
bekksCoolApps: Thats nonsense.17:18
lapionkalakadsn, unity cuts corners, continues starting processes while the desktop is allready running..17:18
Dannermaxaschmitz: Yes please.. i would really apprechiate it. Actually, could i unmount the raid and try mounting it again?17:18
=== LoganG is now known as LoganG|off
bekksCoolApps: Do not use sudo as the script interpreter. Use your shell. #!/bin/bash e.g.17:18
CoolAppsWhats nonsense now? - bekks17:18
aschmitzRaymii: Only thing I can think of would be to recurse into the directories until you stop, then start backing out and removing them. I'm guessing it could be done in a script.17:18
hitsujiTMOerm ... using sudo as a shell?17:18
lapionwhile kde wait nicely till all  processes have started17:19
Raymiiaschmitz I tried with a perl script, but it cannot go deep enough...17:19
Dannermaxaschmitz: I have probably mounted choosing the right filesystem..17:19
CoolAppsI know that but I keep on getting told that I have to use sudo. 0.o17:19
aschmitzRaymii: Heh, figures.17:19
kalakadsnlapion: i also noticed one thing, login sound plays after a dealy in KDE17:19
aschmitzDannermax: Well, you could try rebooting, which will remount the RAID, but I'd make doubly sure you have backups before you do anything else, if you can.17:20
lorundrikCoolApps, you invoke the sudo on the second line with the command you want to run17:20
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
kalakadsnlapion: i got  a completely usable system, without any moving cursor on unity within 45 seconds, and why it cannot be improved in KDE, any idea17:20
Raymiiaschmitz Any other ideas? Or is a reinstall the only solution?17:20
lorundrik1. #!/bin/bash   2. sudo apt-get update (example)17:21
lapionkalakadsn, why does KDE have more customisable functionality ?17:21
Dannermaxaschmitz: So im apprehensive about doing anything with the raid because i think its mounted the wrong way. A reboot does not help. im in initframs - sort of command line now17:21
CoolAppsSo join that binary execution command to that command? - lorundrik17:21
aschmitzRaymii: Any idea how long that was running? I have to imagine that it's possible to get cleared up.17:21
Ari-Yang[12:02:47] <pip__> how is Ubuntu GNOME playing with fglrx drivers at the moment? ---> fglrx is terrible, it has terrible 2d acceleration17:21
aschmitzDannermax: Ah, initramfs. Okay. I thought it was just mounting degraded.17:21
kalakadsnlapion: i want my system to be blazing fast to show off to windows users17:22
CoolAppsSo should the first line "#!/bin/bash" still have "#!"?17:22
Raymiiaschmitz The perl script ran for 3 hours, trying to cd into a folder, rm it, if unsuccessful go deeper and try again...17:22
kalakadsnlapion: I made KDE look like windows, approximately, in looks and feel, for windows users not to feel odd while moving to linux17:23
CoolAppsOk so now it is like this:17:23
CoolAppsLine 1: #!/bin/bash17:23
lapiontry lxde17:23
CoolAppsLine 2: /usr/bin/sudo service start lightdm17:23
hitsujiTMOkalakadsn: use dwm then :P But really, if you're hardware is that slow, a few tweaks here and there isn't going to improve things terribly.17:24
lorundrikLine 2: sudo service lightdm start17:24
kalakadsnlapion: no lxde is fast but not customizable like KDE, i found KDE more easy to use than GNOME or Unity17:24
zykotick9lorundrik: +117:24
CoolAppsLine 3: /usr/bin/sudo service start lightdm17:24
GatakHi. Just installed Ubuntu for the first time ever:)  Is it possible to scan for CIFS shares with the default file manager? I can only see a linux samba share, but no other windows desktops' shares.17:24
CoolAppsLine 2 was suppose to be "stop". :P17:24
lorundrikCoolApps, skip the /usr/bin/sudo17:24
aschmitzRaymii: Perhaps "while [ -d a ]; do cd a; done; cd ..; while [ -d a ]; do rmdir a; cd ..; done" ? (Should go until there are no more subdirectories named a, then back up and rmdir a and repeat until there isn't a directory named a.)17:25
kalakadsnhitsujiTMO: Hardware is okay okay, performing well on UNITY17:25
lapionkalakadsn, try gnome-flashback17:25
lorundrikCoolApps, only, Line 2: sudo service lightdm start17:25
Raymiiaschmitz Thanks! I'm going to try it.17:25
bludonnakuwhat do i type in terminal to add a new standard user (not administrator)?17:25
aschmitzRaymii: That should also not remove directories with files in them, in case there are any.17:25
kalakadsngnome-flashback or fallback?17:25
jhutchins_wk    bludonnaku adduser17:25
CoolAppsOops, the shell script has it right but I got it wrong. :P17:25
zykotick9bludonnaku: "sudo adduser fooname"17:25
Dannermaxaschmitz: when it boots up it tells me the raid is degraded and it defaults to a command line.. So what can i do now? Can i unmount it..and mount it the correct way.. perhaps this will solve it?17:26
kalakadsnlapion: gnome flashback or fallback17:26
bludonnakuis that automatically a standard user without privileges?17:26
lapionflashback is the new name for the closest to the original gnome2 on gnome3 desktop17:26
jhutchins_wkCoolApps: Rather than using the service script to call the init script to call the service daemon, why not either call the init script or the daemon explicitly?17:26
CoolAppsShall I make it "sudo service lightdm restart"?17:26
kalakadsnwhat do i want really to improve startup time, without comprising the looks, because same things are working in unity with enabled water effects, splash etc17:26
zykotick9bludonnaku: yes.  and not adduser is NOT the same as useradd.17:27
lorundrikCoolApps, you can do that as well17:27
lapionkalakadsn, just install gnome-panel17:27
bludonnakuwhat's the difference?17:27
zykotick9bludonnaku: useradd is manual everything, doesn't create a "regular" ubuntu user OOTB17:27
bludonnakuOOTB ?17:28
kalakadsnit is already installed17:28
zykotick9out of the box17:28
CoolAppsHow will I do that? - jhutchins_wk17:28
zykotick9bludonnaku: sorry17:28
bludonnakuah ok :)17:28
bludonnakuwhat about the password, dont i need to specify a password for it?17:28
jhutchins_wkCoolApps: /etc/init.d/<service> or read that script and see what it does and how.17:28
kalakadsnlapion: it is also fast, but KDEEE is what i like to improve17:28
=== jhutchins_wk is now known as jhutchins
zykotick9bludonnaku: it'll prompt you for it ;)17:28
bludonnakuin terminal or at first log in ?17:29
zykotick9bludonnaku: during adduser17:29
CoolAppsLike "/etc/init.d/service lightdm restart"? - jhutchins17:29
john_______I'm new to ubuntu, I tried google-ing articleso n how to make gedit a full blown php IDE but I'm getting nowhere, can anyone assist me with this please17:30
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
zykotick9CoolApps: service is there so you don't need to write a script like this...17:30
aschmitzDannermax: Do you have any information about why it might not be being mounted "the correct way?" What does the "md0" (or md[N]) line of "cat /proc/mdstat" say?17:30
bludonnakuok thankyou. last question: what is the name of the gui tool to manage users in lubuntu? (exact name of package) i am looking for the lxde equivalent of gnome-system-tools17:30
CoolAppsThe shift feature just cutted off the "_wk" part. :P17:30
jhutchinsCoolApps: No, /etc/init.d/lightdm restart17:30
kalakadsnjohn_______: install geany17:30
CoolAppsAh ok. - jhutchins17:31
zykotick9jhutchins: init.d is the old sysv method, i'm not sure that's the best suggestion in ubuntu theses days!17:31
jhutchinsCoolApps: for commands you can do "which <command>" to find the full path.17:31
lorundrikhave to agree wutg zykotick917:31
Dannermaxaschmitz: just a sec17:31
jhutchinszykotick9: It's still where the majority of scripts are, and I don't think "service" looks anywhere else.17:31
kalakadsnlapion: why chrome on linux is slow than chrome on windows, and how to improve that, i am using only one add-on and which is same in both the cases(ADBLCOK)17:31
hitsujiTMOkalakadsn: btw, have you tried asking in #kde I'm sure they'd have a better idea of tweaking kde17:32
john_______kalakadsn:  I'm planning to use vim, but since I'm not quite comfortable with it yet, I mean I'm still on the process of learning, I'll be using another IDE. I'll try geany though, thanks17:32
CoolAppsOn the IRC or the command interpretor? - jhutchins17:32
zykotick9jhutchins: i certainly don't want to argue it ;)  just wanted to include my 2 cents with my "i'm not sure..."17:32
kalakadsnhitsujiTMO: thanks, for providing the channel17:32
alpharender_john_______, check out vimtutor?17:32
hitsujiTMOjohn_______: sublime text is what all the cool kids use17:33
mojtabaHi, My laptop shutdown when I was not in front of it due to lack of battery. But now when I search in the dash any application, It does not show any result! Does anybody know what should I do?17:33
ytrezqjohn_______: Gvim is for you!!!!17:33
kalakadsnjohn_______: it is easy to learn, it is lightweight and you will love it17:33
alpharender_I like... :gasp: .. aptana17:33
john_______ytrezq: As I said, I'm still trying to learn it. Hehehe17:33
bludonnakulast question: what is the name of the gui tool to manage users in lubuntu? (exact name of package) i am looking for the lxde equivalent of gnome-system-tools17:33
john_______alpharender_: I'm watching video tutorials though instead of reading the tutorial itself17:34
CoolAppsLine 1: #!/bin/bash17:34
CoolAppsLine 2: /etc/init.d/lightdm restart17:34
kalakadsnjohn_______: it has feature of code highlighting, auto completion and better than gedit17:34
mojtabaI have set the results in the filters.17:34
CoolAppsThats the end of that, is that ok?17:34
bekksCoolApps: Why do you need a script for that single command?17:35
lorundrikCoolApps, give it a go!17:35
mojtabaHi, My laptop shutdown when I was not in front of it due to lack of battery. But now when I search in the dash any application, It does not show any result! Does anybody know what should I do?17:35
phenylaninehi everyone. I have a non-technical question, I hope it is appropriate to ask here.17:35
phenylanineI was wondering if Ubuntu 13.x was based on Debian 7's codebase17:35
Dannermaxaschmitz: from grob i tried cat /proc/mdstat but it sais fine not found17:35
john_______I have customized my gedit a lot, is there any way I can reset any chnges I made to it?17:35
bludonnakulooks like it's users-admin. ok thanks17:36
CoolAppsGood point, I just want it to look a bit fancy with some echo commands along with it. :P - bekks17:36
zykotick9CoolApps: scripts of 1 line of body are of minimal value.  "history" is helpful in those cases, you can search your history like "history | grep -i lightdm"17:36
jhutchinsphenylanine: I think these days ubuntu tends to feed directly from the upstream developers rather than working through Debian.17:36
Dannermaxperhaps, i could try and install my previous debian OS on a thumb stick and see if the raid is degraded there?17:36
Dannermaxaschmitz:perhaps, i could try and install my previous debian OS on a thumb stick and see if the raid is degraded there?17:36
aschmitzDannermax: Perhaps. You could try, anyway.17:37
phenylaninejhutchins: since what version of Ubuntu (and Debian), relying on mostly (or a significant proportions) Debian had stopped, you think?17:37
CoolAppsSo how I will make up all those lines?, well I will add echo commands including the "e" flag.17:37
mojtabaHi, My laptop shutdown when I was not in front of it due to lack of battery. But now when I search in the dash any application, It does not show any result! Does anybody know what should I do?17:37
zykotick9phenylanine: i'd think ubuntu is still 80+% unmodified debian, myself.  but i certainly don't have anything to back that up.17:38
jhutchinsphenylanine: I couldn't tell you but I'm sure it's documented on the web site pretty well.  It was really only the first few releases that relied on Debian directly.17:38
ytrezqjohn_______: Gvim is a terminal emulator where you can use only vim. This just you have a special bar on the window for sending vim command  http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/4134/gvim.png17:38
CoolAppsThis is like the first time I made a shell script with only one useful command and thats it. :P17:39
zykotick9jhutchins: what?  perhaps only the first few where compatible, but ubuntu has always pulled most of there stuff from debian testing/sid.  that hasn't changed.17:39
phenylaninejhutchins, zykotick9: thank you both. ;-)17:39
jhutchinszykotick9: Unity?17:39
jhutchinszykotick9: wayland?17:39
john_______ytrezq: I already installed Gvim, and it is not configured yet. It looks crappy compared to that one17:39
bludonnakuverylast question: where are the official (i mean good and up-to-date) instructions on how to migrate from EVOLUTION to THUNDERBIRD?17:40
zykotick9jhutchins: +mir and whatever else "canonical" adds, but those are still little pieces in the big picture.  ubuntu has lots of "debian" underneith17:40
someguyHi, what filesystem does Ubuntu 12.04 LTS use? ext4?17:40
kostkonsomeguy, y17:41
CoolAppsFeels cheesy just to do one command apart from echoing output but its something, it must of felt cheesy because it will be just like creating some script with only one line for you to read. :P17:41
someguykostkon: thanks17:41
kalakadsnsomeguy:ext4 and ext3 both are supported and can be used17:41
kostkonsomeguy, by default that is.17:41
zykotick9phenylanine: on ubuntu 13.XX get people to run "cat /etc/debian_version" i don't have any ubuntu installs to test with.17:43
phenylaninezykotick9: ah that's excellent. I will try it later!17:43
someguyok, how do I find out which one its using ?17:43
phenylaninethank you very much zykotick917:44
aschmitzIs anybody familiar with dm and luks at startup? I have several partitions that are encrypted, but it seems to be moving on trying to boot after only two of them are decrypted, and then fails to boot.17:45
aschmitz(This is a fresh install, I have not gotten it to work in this configuration before, so it's not like something broke.)17:46
mojtabaHi, My laptop shutdown when I was not in front of it due to lack of battery. But now when I search in the dash any application, It does not show any result! Does anybody know what should I do?17:48
kgalahassaHi! how can i recover a deleted file?17:48
kgalahassaon ubuntu17:48
bludonnakuwhere are the official (or just good and up-to-date) instructions on how to migrate from EVOLUTION to THUNDERBIRD?17:48
jhutchinskgalahassa: Restore it from your backup.17:48
jhutchinsbludonnaku: I don't know of any, but mozilla.org might have some.  (Although why they would care about evolution I don't know.)17:49
kgalahassano, I do not have backup, or i don't understand , right i've deleted definetely my file and i wanna make a recovery17:50
bludonnakulooking there but they dont seem up-to-date for evolution17:50
Gatakare there any catalyst drivers for ubuntu 13.10?17:50
bludonnakubut thanks17:50
jhutchinsmojtaba: Read the documentation for the desktop environment you have (Unity?) and figure out what the indexing service is, see what it takes to re-start it.17:50
jhutchinsmojtaba: You may want to check your filesystem for errors as well.17:50
GatakCan't seem to find any, and the catalyst manual download cant build a package - complains about missing dpkg-buildpackage17:50
=== anna is now known as Guest79257
mojtabajhutchins: Could you please give me more details? ( I ma using ubuntu 13.10), newbie. :)17:51
kgalahassajhutchins: no, I do not have backup, or i don't understand , right i've deleted definetely my file and i wanna make a recovery17:51
aschmitzGatak: There are probably dependencies you're missing. For example, dpkg-buildpackage is in dpkg-dev.17:51
Gatakaschmitz, thanks!17:51
CoolAppsThe script had an issue.17:52
jhutchinsmojtaba: Sorry, I am not familiar with the details of the current Ubuntu desktops.17:52
CoolAppsDoing it directly to init caused a black screen with an underscore.17:52
aschmitzkgalahassa: Do you know which filesystem you are using? If not, do you know when you most recently did a full install of Ubuntu on that computer?17:52
mojtabajhutchins: ok, thanks17:53
CoolAppsIf I run it just with the shell then it will do what it should do.17:53
mojtabaDoes anybody know how can I re-index my desktop (ubuntu 13.10) and check my disks for errors?17:53
kgalahassaaschmitz: this one /dev/sda5,17:53
dangerousdaveanyone have experience of openSSL? where do I put self signed certificates so they can be picked up?17:53
jhutchinsCoolApps: Compare what the script does with what happens from the command line.  It may be waiting for input or something.17:53
=== mr-digital is now known as mrdigital-S3Att
aschmitzkgalahassa: Er, sorry, I meant more like, ext2, ext4, btrfs, etc.17:54
jhutchinsmojtaba: To check the disk, sudo shutdown -Fr now17:54
=== mrdigital-S3Att is now known as vbman16
CoolAppsI can type stuff to it but pressing enter just puts it into a new line like nothing is executing. - jhutchins17:54
=== vbman16 is now known as mrdigital
wafflejock!fdisk | mojtaba17:54
mojtabajhutchins: have you check that before?17:54
kgalahassaaschmitz , it' s ext417:54
wafflejockoh really no fdisk come on ubottu17:54
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wafflejock!fsck | mojtaba17:55
ubottumojtaba: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot17:55
CoolAppsI had to do CTRL+ALT+F4 and execute the command without using the init part and then it worked just fine. - jhutchins17:55
wafflejock!ssl | dangerousdave17:56
mojtabawafflejock: Can I use fsck without unmounting the disks?17:56
mz`NO !17:56
bekksmojtaba: TEchnically, you can. Practically, that will destroy your filesystem.17:56
wafflejockCoolApps: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-create-a-ssl-certificate-on-apache-for-ubuntu-12-0417:57
wafflejockmojtaba: yeah not recommended17:57
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mojtababekks: wafflejock: Thank you very much.17:57
kgalahassaaschmitz , it' s ext417:57
aschmitzkgalahassa: So unfortunately there's not a particularly easy way to recover deleted files (assuming they're not in your trash). I have had success with R-Studio: http://www.r-tt.com/data_recovery_linux/Download.shtml but it's not free. There is a trial that will let you recover files up to 64k for free, and preview more, though.17:57
wafflejockmojtaba: better off running of LiveCD or just flagging it to happen during reboot17:57
wafflejockmojtaba: np17:57
Gatakhmm dependency stuff again :( what a PITA.... I thought pre-packaged stuff had progressed further!... perhaps I should use Gentoo instead ;)17:57
mojtabawafflejock:  Do you know how can I re-index my desktop (ubuntu 13.10) and check my disks for errors?17:57
mojtabawafflejock: ignore the last part17:58
mojtabaI am searching in unity, but nothing shows up.17:58
wafflejockmojtaba: not sure what you mean by re-index are you using nepomuk....17:58
wafflejockah unity17:58
CoolAppsWrong user, kind of irreverent to what is going on here. - wafflejock17:59
mojtabawafflejock: My laptop shutdown suddenly due to lack of battery, and now when I am searching for example for firefox, nothing show up in the results. (no application)17:59
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
aschmitzmojtaba: Just to make sure, you're giving it a few seconds after you type, and you've selected the "home" or "applications" lens?18:00
wafflejockmojtaba: http://askubuntu.com/questions/39405/deeper-unity-search-indexing not sure about that one... been off Unity for a few months18:00
CoolAppsTry refreshing the index by upgrading apps with "apt-get upgrade". - mojtaba18:00
mojtabaaschmitz: application, yes, I have wait.18:00
aschmitzmojtaba: I had accidentally selected a different lens once, just figured I'd make sure.18:00
wafflejockCoolApps: indeed sorry meant dangerousdave https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-create-a-ssl-certificate-on-apache-for-ubuntu-12-0418:00
chris__Hey there everyone18:00
wafflejockCoolApps: sorry do that a lot on IRC18:00
wilee-nileemojtaba, look up a reset for compiz and unity on the net it changed from 12.04 to 13.1018:01
CoolAppsYeah... - wafflejock18:01
mojtabawilee-nilee: ok, thanks18:01
mojtabaThank you all18:01
BetaSoulCan I Get a touch of help troubleshooting a peice of hardware.18:01
dangerousdavewafflejock: thanks, but this is for apache, not openssl (i think)18:02
wafflejock!ask | BetaSoul18:02
ubottuBetaSoul: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:02
BetaSoulSorry, I'm tired and when I'm tired, I Get overly polite.18:02
BrianHAny graphic driver experts out there, particularly Nvidia?18:03
BetaSoulAnyways, trying to get a TP-LINK TL-WDN3800 working on 13.04, its listed as connected but unclaime.d18:03
wilee-nileeBetaSoul, That's funny like the nice drinker, 1 in a million.18:03
wafflejockdangerousdave: covers making the SSL certificate and getting it setup with Apache what are you using SSL for if not Apache?18:03
aschmitzdangerousdave: What are you trying to do? (OpenSSL itself doesn't actually store any certificates.)18:03
BrianHI have a GT240 and been testing the different driver versions.  Anything I can do to maximize my card's potential?18:04
BetaSoulwilee-nilee: Yep.18:04
CoolAppsSomehow I can tell that "ubottu" is a bot by its name which is a cross over with Ubuntu, haha...18:04
daftykinsBetaSoul: what exactly about this - i assume router - doesn't appear to be working?18:04
dangerousdavewafflejock: the openSSL library which is used by a ruby pplication to scan mailboxes18:04
ubukouim trying to set a dual head wallpaper to my desktop but this guide ( http://dotcadot.ca/articles/using-multi-monitor-dual-head-wallpapers-xfce )  makes the wallpaper streched and i cannot change the style of the wallpaper. i realize this has to do with xfce, but noone there seems to know.18:04
BetaSouldaftykins: Not router, wireless PCI-E card in a desktop.18:04
daftykinsoh i see18:05
daftykinsthat makes more sense as to how the OS is at fault18:05
ubukouis there something i should add to the string to make it work. btw im using twinview i think so maybe that seems to have something to do with it.18:05
daftykinsBetaSoul: so you see an interface, you see a wireless network...?18:05
CoolAppsWhen I get those missing components in the status bar I will use that script...18:05
aschmitzdangerousdave: Are you using the raw openssl gem, or another one on top of that?18:05
BrianHBetaSoul: http://wikidevi.com/wiki/TP-LINK_TL-WDN380018:05
dangerousdaveaschmitz: using raw gem18:06
wafflejockdangerousdave: aschmitz will have to help you here no ruby experience18:06
ubukouweird thing is that when i try to change the style of the preinstalled wallpapers it seems to work .18:06
BrianHBetaSoul: use the ath9k drivers, it's an Atheros chipset card.18:06
dangerousdavewafflejock: ok, thanks for help so far18:06
aschmitzdangerousdave: So are you just trying to verify the certificate on the other end, or provide your own client certificate?18:06
BetaSoulBrainH: Hrm, I'll have ot try those again. LAst time they didn't work.18:06
dangerousdaveaschmitz: (disclaimer: i am a noob with all this certificate stuff) trying to provide my own client certificate18:07
pipHey guys. I just installed Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit, and I'm having trouble installing the driver for my ATI Radeon HD345018:08
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aschmitzdangerousdave: Something like http://www.spacevatican.org/2009/7/11/ruby-openssl-and-client-side-certificates/ might work for you, assuming you already have the client certificate. (Note that not many things require *client* certificates, so make sure that's actually what you need.)18:09
Ari-Yangpip: what driver?18:09
pipI tried to run  amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13.1-legacy-linux-x86.x86_64.run and it gives me an error saying I don't have all the tools. I go to the .log file it sends me to, it tells me this -- fglrx installation requires that the system have kernel headers.  /lib/modules/3.11.0-12-generic/build/include/linux/version.h cannot be found on this system. -- but when I apt-get install, it says Its already at the latest version18:09
acer_testsn novello18:10
dangerousdaveaschmitz: thanks, all i know is that "SSL_CERT_FILE=/blah/blah/certificate.crt" makes my ruby application using openssl gem work, but i want a more permanent solution.18:10
john_______Can someone help me apply the theme I've downloaded to geany. I'm trying to follow the instructions given by this website: http://code.google.com/p/geany-dark-scheme/wiki/InstallGuide18:11
john_______nothing happens though18:11
pipany help?18:13
daftykinspip: have you been pointed toward the ATI driver guides?18:13
daftykinssuch a bad habit that :/ heh18:14
Ari-Yang!fglrx | pip18:14
ubottupip: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:14
daftykinsAri-Yang: nice defeating the purpose of me asking, there18:14
aschmitzdangerousdave: Ah, okay. You may be looking for OpenSSL::X509::Store. Does the documentation at the top of http://www.ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.0.0/libdoc/openssl/rdoc/OpenSSL/X509/Store.html help?18:14
pipAri-Yang :"Event not found"18:15
suyash1629can anyone help me to setup android build environment??18:15
Ari-Yangdaftykins: might as well link instead of asking :b18:15
Ari-Yangpip: huh? it loads for me18:15
Ari-Yangpip: and this is the page you want https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI18:15
dangerousdaveaschmitz: thanks, will try!18:15
daftykinssuyash1629: no, that has nothing to do with supporting ubuntu. sorry. try an android channel if one exists, or simply read the guides on the android site18:16
pipI'll check the link out, thanks18:16
suyash1629daftkins: well thanks18:16
pipbut yeah, Ari-Yang, pip@pipubuntu-pc:~$ !fglrx | pip18:17
pipbash: !fglrx: event not found18:17
Ari-Yangpip: k18:17
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earthling_Anyone know the shortcut for showing all windows on a current workspace in 12.04 running Unity 2d?18:21
ytrezqHello, There are big problems with the qemu-user-static packages (I've tried all version including stable). When I use qemu-mips-static (even without binfmt), certain mips program make incorect computes. for example using '4 * _exp(-0.5)/_srqt(2.0)' make python complaining about div by 0. When I ask time of subprograms to gcc with -time, it print nan serveral times (nan~=not a number). Many programs simply crash. I've18:25
ytrezqtested the rootfs on real hardware. May someone can help please (2 times)?18:25
hawkeeeI have a netbook and the keyboard was working perfectly fine now is not18:25
hawkeeeMissing some keys18:25
bekkshawkeee: So what have you done between "working" and "not working", using which Ubuntu?18:26
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hawkeeei believ im on 10.418:26
wafflejockhawkeee: why not upgraded?18:27
hawkeeewill that solve my issue18:27
hawkeeeor make it worst18:28
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wilee-nileehawkeee, If you are running 10.04 with a desktop it is end of life and not supported, are you aware of release times and ends?18:28
wilee-nilee10.10 either18:29
wafflejockhawkeee: yeah it's just very in the past18:29
wafflejockhawkeee: in linux time at least... you'd just be more likely to get a fix with up to date software... will still try to help18:30
wafflejockhawkeee: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=179325018:30
=== Mike is now known as Guest81529
wafflejockhawkeee: basically only things I could see being wrong are wrong keyboard layout configured which the forum there should help with... or else hardware failure... possibly disconnect reconnect keyboard (even with laptops this usually isn't terribly difficult matter of popping off part and taking out a couple of screws, just have to be careful with the cables18:31
hawkeeewaffle thats what i tought it was18:32
hawkeeeim thinking for of a misconfiguration then a hardware failure18:32
hawkeeebut ill give the link a try thats something i havent done18:32
wilee-nileeThank goodness for the enablers to just make everyones life more difficult than it should be.18:34
wilee-nileeself serving idiots18:35
ytrezqAgain: How I can get the mips target working in the qemu-user-static dpkg?18:35
wafflejock!hi | DrGrov18:37
DrGrovwafflejock: Have you used VLC a lot in transcoding in 13.10?18:39
wafflejocknegative on 13.0418:39
wafflejockDrGrov: http://www.ffmpeg.org/18:40
DrGrovwafflejock: Ah sorry, my mistake.18:41
DrGrovwafflejock: I just figured it out by selecting a ready made profile in VLC :) Sorry about that.18:41
wafflejockDrGrov: ah k cool... so you're converting video files in VLC?18:41
martin____is anyone familar with geany here?18:42
wafflejockmartin____: what about it?18:42
earthling_Anyone know the shortcut for showing all windows on a current workspace in 12.04 running Unity 2d?18:42
wafflejock!ask | martin____18:42
ubottumartin____: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:42
DrGrovwafflejock: Yes, I converting webpage videos which I normally see on the telly.18:42
wafflejockearthling_: I feel like you need to set it18:42
earthling_somehow I was able to do it, not sure what I pressed heh18:42
wafflejockDrGrov: ah cool18:42
DrGrovwafflejock: But on the web I can't see them due to geoblocking :/18:42
martin____wafflejock: I tried downloading a geany theme, but I'm having troubles applying it18:43
DrGrovwafflejock: And since I do not use regular TV any more in the past 3 years I thought I would still get them somehow and VLC provides the solution :)18:43
wafflejockearthling_: you can get compiz config settiggs manager to adjust the keybindings for all the window actions18:43
wafflejockDrGrov: nice VLC to save the day again18:43
DrGrovwafflejock: VLC is the first app I installed and have done in past when getting Ubuntu18:44
DrGrovwafflejock: It is a lifesaver in cases like this18:44
wafflejockmartin____: sorry I don't actually use Geany on the regular, I've used it here or there but like SublimeText too much so never dug into Geany deep, just always good to just ask in these rooms18:44
DrGrovwafflejock: I though can't seem to get VDPAU working with VLC 2.1.0. That I have to figure out.18:44
DrGrovwafflejock: Or then I am just blind and can't see VDPAU :)18:45
martin____The theme i've applied to geany disappears after saving the file, can anyone help me out with this?18:45
wafflejockmartin____: what have you tried what symptoms?18:45
tolgatürkçe bilen var mı arkadaşlar18:45
martin____wafflejock: well, i just followed what the instructions said18:45
martin____wafflejock: at first the theme is there but after saving the file, it kinda resets18:45
martin____wafflejock: is SublimeText free?18:46
wafflejockmartin____: it's free to try it bugs you after saves every once in a while, $50 for the license in the end18:47
wafflejockmartin____: totally worth it though18:47
wafflejockmartin____: lots of nice plugins18:47
aschmitzmartin____: I can second wafflejock's recommendation of Sublime Text.18:47
wafflejockmartin____: I use it for PHP and AngularJS development18:47
martin____wafflejock: can i use it without buying the license?18:47
wafflejockmartin____: indeed18:47
wafflejockmartin____: it just bugs you18:47
martin____wafflejock: nice18:47
DrGrovwafflejock: You have any idea why the .mp4 doesn18:48
martin____i'll try that out18:48
martin____aschmitz: I'll try it out18:48
DrGrovwafflejock: You have any idea why the .mp4:s I just converted do not show up in the default 13.10 file manager as preview icons? In the Trash they show up as previews.18:48
wafflejockDrGrov: no interesting...18:48
wafflejockDrGrov: I'm using Kubuntu now18:48
wafflejockDrGrov: I have to enable previews in the file browser... ignorantly not knowing what it's called18:48
wafflejockoh right Dolphin18:49
martin____aschmitz: I'll try it out then18:49
DrGrovwafflejock: I have previews on all my other .mp4 files as they should be. Probably I could find out from them the right conversation?18:49
BetaSoulCan I get some help installing backports?18:49
BetaSoulmartin____: Its classic nagware.18:50
wafflejockmartin____: yeah some things to know going into it... use Ctrl+P for almost anything... Google for Package Control, there will be a command you enter into a SublimeText command window to install that18:51
ytrezqAgain: There are big problems with the qemu-user-static packages (I've tried all version including stable).18:51
ytrezqWhen I use qemu-mips-static (even without binfmt), certain mips program make incorect computes. for example using '4 * _exp(-0.5)/_srqt(2.0)' make python complaining about div by 0. When I ask time of subprograms to gcc with -time, it print nan serveral times (nan~=not a number). Many programs simply crash. I've tested the rootfs on real hardware. May someone can help please (2 times)?18:51
wafflejockmartin____: after installing that you can use Ctrl+Shift+P to find other packages for sublime18:52
wafflejockmartin____: do some Googling on using SublimeText 2 there's lots of good ramp up stuff out there to get the most out of it18:52
martin____wafflejock: I'm new to Ubuntu as well18:52
earthling_wafflejock, I see, I heard some ccsm settings could mess up your system?18:52
martin____wafflejock:  would be great if you'd assist me with it18:52
wafflejockmartin____: Ctrl+K,B also hides the file navigator and F11 gives you distraction free mode... those are probably my most common18:52
wafflejockmartin____: yeah this is the ubuntu support channel I'm surprised I haven't been yelled at for talking about SublimeText so far :)18:53
wafflejockearthling_: it can if you screw with things a lot18:53
DrGrovwafflejock: Now I followed the exact one of a .mp4 that shows up in preview. H264, MPEG 4(AAC).18:53
xanguahi everyone, after i upgrade ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 my bluetooth dongle stops being recognized, any suggestion on the issue?18:53
wafflejockearthling_: if you just go in there and use it to update some stuff that's already active or to check out the keybindings you should be fine18:53
earthling_I see,ok18:54
wafflejockDrGrov: not sure about the preview business really... I never looked much into how Linux resolves the previews or if it caches them like windoze with the thumbnails files everywhere18:55
martin____wafflejock:  the instructions here tells me to copy the content of the file to /opt, however Ubuntu doesn't seem to have one18:56
wafflejockmartin____: you can just make the folder18:57
wafflejockmartin____: it's just for "optional" software I believe18:57
wafflejockmartin____: on other systems I've seen IBM websphere stuff installed there18:57
wafflejockmartin____: but usually it's mostly empty18:57
wafflejockmartin____: instructions for installing will explain to extract the zip move to opt (just conventional place to put some manually installed stuff) then will tell you to setup a "symbolic link" much like a shortcut from /usr/bin/sublime to your /opt folder where you actually extracted stuf18:58
wafflejock/usr/bin is in your $PATH environment variable by default so any commands in there can be executed system wide18:58
wafflejockyou can type18:59
wafflejockecho $PATH18:59
wafflejockto see your path18:59
DrGrovwafflejock: But you reckon as me that it is strange that it shows up on some .mp4 and not this one? Probably I just did a customized version of the .mp4 by mistake LOL18:59
wafflejockmartin____: beyond that instructions will probably tell you how to setup a .desktop file which just gives you a nice "real shortcut"18:59
wafflejockDrGrov: well mp4 is a container I believe and doesn't dictate the actual codec used or anything19:00
wafflejockDrGrov: but if you went with H264 and everything else too not sure what the difference would be19:00
DrGrovwafflejock: I think I went wrong the first time with audio. Now I did it again, takes a while but a perfect chance to work the computer into speed.19:01
martin____wafflejock: so /usr/bin is where all applications are installed. It's kinda the Program Files in Windows huh?19:01
wafflejockmartin____: yeah mostly19:01
wafflejockmartin____: if you type19:02
wafflejockls -al19:02
wafflejockwhile in the /usr/bin folder it will show the list and will also show on the right any place symbolic links are setup to go to19:02
wafflejockmartin____: difference being with linux files are a bit more "scattered" or organized differently really19:02
wafflejockmartin____: /usr/bin is going to have your executable files (the main program)19:02
wafflejockmartin____: but other stuff like configuration will be in /etc/apache2 or the like (somewhere in /etc/)  usually logs are in /var/log/  and usually user settings are in /home/myuser/.someFile/19:03
wafflejockif a folder/file (one and the same as far as Linux is concerned just a bit that is flipped), starts with a period or dot that means it's hidden19:03
AcidRain2012im using ubuntu 12.04, how do i stop screen from locking? i have disabled it in the settings menu, but it still locks19:04
AcidRain2012im also using cinnamon as the DE19:04
wafflejockmartin____: if you need to see hidden files in the "file browser" Ctrl+H usually does the trick, in the command line ls is to list (simalar to dir in windoze), ls -a will list all including hidden ls -l gives long format showing file permissions on the left19:04
wafflejockAcidRain2012: locking in what scenario19:05
martin____I'm following the instructions http://www.technoreply.com/how-to-install-sublime-text-2-on-ubuntu-12-04-unity/#viewSource19:05
wilee-nileeAcidRain2012, cinnamon on 12.04 is a ppa.19:05
wafflejockmartin____: cool I used those recently too, work out okay?19:05
martin____wafflejock: what is this .desktop for19:05
ElOpositordoes anyone know what happened with erUSUL? someone told me he died19:06
wafflejockmartin____: so the .desktop file is just the shortcut definition19:06
wafflejockmartin____: so the little icon that shows up in the launcher... each of those has a .desktop file19:06
wafflejockmartin____: lots of programs in Linux set that part up for you19:06
martin____Well, after I saved that contents and exit out of it, no shortcut was created19:06
AcidRain2012wilee-nilee, ppa? i dont see how this would effect the screen lock...19:06
wilee-nileeAcidRain2012, You might contact them19:06
rogan_hi all19:06
ElOpositorIs erUSUL dead?19:06
wilee-nilee!ppa | AcidRain2012 you are not new here19:06
ubottuAcidRain2012 you are not new here: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:06
martin____wafflejock: Oh wait, I guess I need to lock this one to the launcher so that it'll stay19:07
AcidRain2012wilee-nilee, the same thing happens when im using unity, gnome2 DE,19:07
rogan_how to define default sound card19:07
AcidRain2012pretty much, its turned off no matter what DE im using, but it still locks. how to fix?19:07
wilee-nileegnome 2? AcidRain2012 you mean the fallback dexktop?19:07
martin____wafflejock: everytime i open sublimeText the .desktop one opens19:07
AcidRain2012wilee-nilee, really this has nothing to do with cinnamon19:07
rogan_in lubuntu19:07
wafflejockmartin____: it just opens in your previous state19:07
AcidRain2012wilee-nilee, no, i have like 10 DEs installed. gnome2 is just 1 of them19:08
wafflejockmartin____: ctrl+w to close the window or just close the tab within SublimeText but not the main window19:08
wilee-nileeAcidRain2012, ppa's are technically not supported, it has all to do with it.19:08
martin____wafflejock: nah, the icon doesn't open at all19:08
AcidRain2012ive never seen the fallback desktop for ubuntu 1219:08
martin____wafflejock: I have to open it on my terminal19:08
AcidRain2012wilee-nilee, ok. tell me how to fix it when im using unity then?19:08
wafflejockhmm are you sure you have the extension right?19:08
[Gentoo]AcidRain2012: the 10 des have probably borked general desktop settings19:09
rogan_how to define default sound card in lubuntu without alsaconf or asoundconf?19:09
martin____wafflejock: Oh wait, I think I mistyped something. That might've caused it, however I can't save the changes. lol19:09
[Gentoo]rogan_: http://bpaste.net/show/146421/19:09
[Gentoo]thats mine19:09
wafflejockmartin____: whats the trouble saving, what're you trying to save with?19:10
wafflejockmartin____: yeah starting off is always a lot of stumbline from one wall into another19:10
chroanyone from China here ?19:11
wilee-nileechro, This is support19:11
wafflejockubunucn | chro19:11
rogan_Gentoo i don't understand19:11
[Gentoo]rogan_: thats my /etc/asound.conf which sets the default card19:11
wilee-nilee!cn | chro19:12
ubottuchro: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw19:12
chrooh thanks19:12
wilee-nileechro, some there ;)19:12
martin____wafflejock: It's working now19:12
g0thwhen I use gimp everything reacts very slow. E.g. I click on a menu but it takes like 5 seconds until the menu opens/etc.19:12
g0thI am afraid that this is a more general problem19:12
g0thI use the latest ubuntu19:12
wafflejockwilee-nilee: thx19:12
martin____wafflejock: Anything else I need? Do I need to install any plug-ins?19:12
wafflejockwilee-nilee: couldn't find it19:12
wafflejockmartin____: what kind of development do you do?19:12
rogan_it's automatically loaded?19:12
martin____wafflejock: web (PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript) with MySQL19:13
wafflejockmartin____: https://sublime.wbond.net/installation19:13
[Gentoo]rogan_: you shouldnt need to do anything after editing that file, except restart any app that's using alsa19:13
wafflejockmartin____: you'll want to get Package Control then you can hit Ctrl+Shift+P and type install to get install package option19:13
wafflejockmartin____: from there it will search package control which has a bunch of plugins19:13
wafflejockmartin____: I wouldn't say you absolutely need anything but it doesn't hurt to check some out19:14
martin____wafflejock: where is Package Control?19:14
rogan_ok is there a document to describe this file19:14
wafflejockmartin____: that link I dropped up there19:14
[Gentoo]rogan_: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Asoundrc19:14
wafflejockmartin____: it has some bit of code at the bottom of the page, you have to open the command console in SublimeText (can't recall think it says there though)19:14
rogan_thanks for all19:15
BetaSoulARG! even after installing backports the network card still comes up as unclaimed.19:15
wafflejockmartin____: mostly Ctrl+P will do everything for you, you can use this to open files by just starting to type the file name, files have to be open, you do this by adding a folder to the project from the project menu, or from the command line you can just type19:16
wafflejocksublime .19:16
wafflejockmartin____: Ctrl+P then an @ symbol in the box will search through CSS for styles or through JS for functions19:17
martin____wafflejock: Dang! Now I can't open SUblime19:17
wafflejockCtrl+P then : will search for a line number19:17
wafflejockmartin____: after installing package control?19:17
martin____wafflejock: yeah19:17
=== Bry8Star_ is now known as Bry8Star
wafflejockmartin____: even from command line no feedback?19:18
martin____wafflejock: Unable to run package setup19:18
wafflejockmartin____: sorry never encountered that one19:18
martin____wafflejock: Error: "Unable to run package setup:  Traceback (most recent call last):   File "./PackageSetup.py", line 165, in upgrade     upgradePackage(pkg, pristinedir, datadir, backupdir)   File "./PackageSetup.py", line 158, in upgradePackage     os.path.join(backupdir, base), inhibitOverwrite)   File "./PackageSetup.py", line 90, in upgradeArchive     writeFile(fname, newar.read(f))   File "./PackageSetup.py", line 18, in wri19:18
wafflejockmartin____: sure you used the right snippet from the link above one for sublime text 2 not sublime text 3?19:19
wafflejockmartin____: if you have it wrong you may need to delete the Package Control folder from within your Sublime Text installation in the /opt folder19:19
wafflejockmartin____: sorry wasn't explicit about the versions part... didn't run into an issue when I personally messed that up before though, just saw I had to run the other one and it worked19:20
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
A1ReconFor installing the LAMP stack do i have to install tasksel??19:21
wafflejockA1Recon: you can do that or19:21
wafflejocksudo apt-get install lamp-server^19:21
martin____wafflejock: How do I know that the plug-in installation was successful?19:21
wafflejockwell when you start sublime text 2 and hit Ctrl+Shift+P then start typing install you should see an option come up for install package19:22
martin____wafflejock: Got it running again by using sudo chown -R <username> <path to sublime>19:22
wafflejockthat's package control19:22
g0thwhenever I click somewhere it very often takes about 5 seconds until something actually happens19:23
g0ththis makes the desktop and programs very hard to use19:23
wafflejockg0th: have you tried watching your system monitor or top or htop to see what if anything is peaking out?19:24
g0thit is all below 5%19:24
g0thI have a lot of (free) memory19:24
BetaSoulOkay, I still need help getting htis damn card to work. I've got hte ath9k driver installed now, but it still comes up unclaimed under lshw -c network19:24
MonkeyDustKDE is very responsive, faster than Unity, in my experience19:24
g0thand a fast SSD HD19:24
wafflejockMonkeyDust: +119:24
g0th5s is no longer a debate about responsiveness19:24
wafflejockg0th: not sure nothing on my SSD taked 5 seconds19:25
g0thsomething is WRONG19:25
wafflejockg0th: maybe boot19:25
wilee-nileeg0th, Install htop open it and see whats eating the cpu, beyond that is the computer have new enough hardware and enough ram?19:25
g0thnothing is eating the cpu19:25
A1Reconwafflejock: looks like i have to install tasksel first...19:25
wilee-nileeg0th, And you confirm this how?19:25
wafflejockA1Recon: I believe the command I wrote actually installs tasksel as part of the process19:25
g0thwith e.g. top19:25
wafflejockA1Recon: is tasksel a problem?19:25
g0thalso I can play movies/etc19:26
g0thit is just the responsiveness that causes troubles19:26
A1ReconOK... i missed the "^" right... Thanks...19:26
wilee-nileeg0th, I believe top does not scroll right do you see everything running?19:26
moppygoth: is this a case of running Unity on an unsupported/old graphics card?19:26
wafflejockA1Recon: yes the all important caret19:26
g0thwilee-nilee: sigh, ok  what do I have to do to finally convince you that my cpu is not overloaded?19:26
wafflejockA1Recon: it's a "pseudo-package" I guess, really just installs the LAMP stack19:26
BluesKajBetaSoul. sudo dhclient wlan0 up , in the terminal19:26
wafflejockhtop is just pretty top19:27
moppyg0th, is this a new isntall?19:27
g0thits all below 5%19:27
wafflejockhtop worth having though19:27
moppyg0th, it's worked ok before?19:27
g0thI have a wireless mouse19:27
BetaSoulBluesKaj: cannot find device19:27
g0thmaybe that is the problem19:27
g0thbut the cursor is fine19:27
g0thand it does respond19:28
wafflejockg0th: would defintely eliminate all peripherals and build up19:28
g0thit just takes like 5 seconds19:28
wilee-nileeg0th, In general starting with details rather that post being asked them is helpful, and the sigh just is irratating good luck.19:28
moppyg0th, ok ignore me then. what you were describing is *usually* lack of 3d acceleration in unity, but i doubt in your case as working b419:28
BluesKajBetaSoul. ok , /etc/init.d/networking restart19:28
g0thwilee-nilee: well, you asked me to install htop even though it was clear that no new information compared to top and my movie remark would come, that's why I sigh19:28
BluesKajin the terminal as well , BetaSoul19:28
g0thmoppy: hmm, that might be it19:29
g0thmoppy: 3d+unity caused trouble before too19:29
BetaSoulBluesKaj: Crashed.19:29
g0thmoppy: I think it is something unity/3d related indeed19:29
=== Vivek_ is now known as Vivek
BetaSoulBluesKaj: lost all window chrome.19:29
BluesKajBetaSoul. what crashed?19:30
martin____wafflejock: you still there? How do I install plug-ins again?19:30
wafflejockg0th: log out and choose unity 2d or install gnome or the like19:30
wafflejockmartin____: Ctrl+Shift+P then start typing install and it should give you install package as an opiton19:30
moppyunity 2d is depreciated in newer ububtu19:30
BluesKajBetaSoul. check the network manager19:30
BetaSoulBluesKaj: As in I no longer have a user interface other than my terminal windows.19:30
moppyby depreciated i mean "they removed it"19:30
g0thhow do I check what I have?19:30
g0th3d or 2d?19:30
martin____wafflejock: I'm looking for a specific color scheme,19:31
moppyyou have 3d if it's 13.04 or later19:31
g0thalso I use really old display drivers19:31
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
g0thbecause the new ones failed19:31
moppyg0th, maybe try a different DE? see if that fixes it.19:31
martin____wafflejock: Thank you for your assistance, that's it for today. Hehe, this is exhausting though. Hahaha19:31
BetaSoulBluesKaj: Had to manually restart the box.19:32
BluesKajBetaSoul. then there's something else wrong , starting the network interface shouldn't crash your deskto[19:32
wafflejockmartin____: cool yeah getting things setup is always a bit of a struggle... working on some guides I'll turn into video tutorials soon19:32
BetaSoulBluesKaj: I know. Any ideas where to start looking?19:32
wafflejockmartin____: also of interest... where it installs your stuff  /home/username/.config/sublime-text-3/19:32
BluesKajBetaSoul. have you updated / upgraded your system packages ?19:33
wafflejockmartin____: I thought it was all in the sublime_text installatino folder but think that's just the case in windows.. looks like just about everything is in my users folder in terms of packages I installed and snippets I made and the like19:33
BetaSoulBluesKaj: Nope.19:33
wafflejockmartin____: anyhow cheers19:33
martin____wafflejock: Oh okay, so the /home/username/.config directory contains configurations for theh applciation in my /usr/bin right?19:33
BetaSoulBluesKaj: Only installed build essentails.19:34
BluesKajBetaSoul. then do so , sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade19:34
wafflejockmartin____: yeah generally speaking... lots of programs make their own . (dot file) in your home folder19:34
BetaSoulBluesKaj: Can't, no network.19:34
wafflejockmartin____: might not be in the .config folder19:34
martin____wafflejock: You are a great help. Thanks again. Cheers!19:34
wafflejockmartin____: np glad I could help19:34
BluesKajno ethernet connection either , BetaSoul?19:34
g0thmoppy: I don't want to risk it, even logging out is a bit painful (I have several open windows/etc), probably a reboot would fix it temporarily19:35
darthjavieri have a problem with the keyboard19:35
xanguahi everyone, after i upgrade ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 my bluetooth dongle stops being recognized, any suggestion on the issue?19:35
g0threplacing a DE environment is bound to cause troubles19:35
BetaSoulBluesKaj: Can't get to it. But on update it wants me to put the 13.10 media in the drive.19:35
darthjavieractually my keyboard is like this: http://s10.postimg.org/4j0kv1389/spankey.jpg19:36
darthjavierbut only find this http://s16.postimg.org/6pogxtt5x/Screenshot_from_2013_11_03_14_29_11.png19:36
darthjavieranynone knows how to change the keyboard layout?19:36
BluesKajBetaSoul. then you probly haven't insalled the entire OS packages19:37
A1ReconI have never done the MySQL and the LAMP stuff .... so i installed LAMP and I get this While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you set a password   │19:37
A1Recon  │ for the MySQL administrative "root" user.                               │19:37
A1Recon  │                                                                         │19:37
A1Recon  │ If this field is left blank, the password will not be changed.19:37
FloodBot1A1Recon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:37
xanguadarthjavier: looks like a latin american keyboard setup19:37
nginx-happyctrl+b doesn't work in tmux19:37
BetaSoulBluesKaj: Thats what I'm wondering.19:37
nginx-happyis it ctrl+b?19:37
nginx-happywhat is % then?19:38
moppyg0th, dont have to replace, both will run side by side, choose on login19:38
wafflejockdarthjavier: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=179325019:38
karmetedo you speak turkısh19:38
BetaSoulI'm going to try a clean install of 13.10 and see if that fixes anything19:38
moppyg0th, there are packages in repo eg apt-get install lubuntu-desktop etc19:38
wilee-nileekarmete, This is english19:39
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.19:39
wafflejockA1Recon: if this a development machine setting a password on the MySQL database isn't mandatory19:39
wafflejockA1Recon: you will need this password to connect to the database from PHP or from phpMyAdmin19:39
lesshastehow can I make the wallpaper a video?19:39
wafflejockg0th: after you install another DE when you logout you'll see the option next to your name to choose the DE19:40
BetaSoulThankfully the *nix partion doesn't store any work.19:40
MonkeyDustlesshaste  you mean a slideshow?19:40
lesshasteMonkeyDust, no.. an actual video19:40
lesshasteplayed using vlc for example19:41
wafflejocklesshaste: think VLC has the option not sure about any built ins or packages to do it19:41
wafflejocklesshaste: believe it's just in the view options in VLC no?19:41
lesshastewafflejock, but does it actually work as wallpaper? I mean do you get all your icons etc on top?19:41
MonkeyDustlesshaste  you mean, use a video as wallpaper?19:41
lesshasteMonkeyDust, exactly19:41
MonkeyDustlesshaste  desktop animations very soon start to annoy, they are good for screencasts19:43
wafflejocklesshaste: haven't tried http://askubuntu.com/questions/58657/how-do-i-set-a-vlc-instance-to-run-as-a-live-wallpaper19:44
wafflejocklesshaste: I always found video background to be too distracting19:44
lesshastewafflejock, thanks but that doesn't seem to support icons for example19:44
wafflejocklesshaste: some subtle movements can be okay19:44
wafflejocklesshaste: ah k yeah dunno sorry19:45
aschmitzIs there a good place to get help with LUKS and Ubuntu?19:46
lesshastehow do you tell from the command line exactly which version of unity you have ?19:46
g0thwafflejock: ok19:46
lesshasteaschmitz, LUKS?19:47
g0thwafflejock: so the current one has a bug?19:47
aschmitzlesshaste: Encrypted disks.19:47
g0thknown bug?19:47
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
BetaSoulHrm... I think the image I installed from may have been damaged.19:47
lesshasteaschmitz, ah19:48
wafflejockg0th: I'm not sure about a known bug for this but it's worth a shot to try another DE to pin down the problem to one part of the system19:49
wafflejockg0th: once you know that's it then you can look for a bug within the particular packages bug repo19:49
wafflejockg0th: or file one if it's not there19:50
g0thI just realized something19:50
g0ththe error only occurs with the panel19:50
phenylaninecan somebody please tell me why do I need to perform "export PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH"" after installing pip with setuptools from github? why won't it run when I type "pip" otherwise?19:50
g0thif I e.g. open a menu with the right mouse19:50
g0thI get similar menus19:50
g0thbut they react very responsive19:50
wafflejockg0th: very likely it is something to do with the DE then since the panels are big part of that19:50
g0thso only the panel "missbehaves"19:50
g0this there a way to reload it?19:50
wafflejockthink so19:51
wafflejockgnome-panel you can install separate.. not sure about what Unity uses19:51
wafflejockI'm on KDE right now.. will try to search though19:51
wafflejockyeah maybe can just purge and reinstall that19:51
wafflejocknot sure htough19:51
g0thI mean restart the panel19:51
g0thnot reinstall it19:51
moppyyou might be able to restart with unity-panel --restart or summat19:51
xanguaare you perhaps refering to this¿ g0th wafflejock https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/gtk+3.0/+bug/119987719:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 1199877 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu Saucy) "unity-panel-service memory leak and 100% CPU usage" [High,In progress]19:52
theadminRunning Ubuntu 12.04. When "Show time in other locations" is checked, it automatically shows time in "None". What is this? How can I get rid of it?19:52
phenylanineany one?19:52
=== klkyhbpkpimdedoe is now known as aayjgdeqcbdmaroy
aschmitzphenylanine: Because /usr/local/bin isn't in your PATH?19:53
=== aayjgdeqcbdmaroy is now known as jopztjpkuksxzupg
=== jopztjpkuksxzupg is now known as Mace268
wafflejockphenylanine: yeah19:53
phenylaninewhy isn't it in my path by default?19:53
wafflejockphenylanine: type echo $PATH to see your path19:53
wafflejockphenylanine: just a matter of the distibution setup19:53
wilee-nileephenylanine, give it more than 3 min if you can.19:54
phenylaninewafflejock: isn't it extremely common to have it in path, why do you think it is not there by default?19:54
wafflejockphenylanine: similarly in windows you have a default path and end up modifying it for certain software (JDK comes to mind)19:54
wilee-nileetheadmin, I'm ion precise right now where is that control?19:54
wafflejockphenylanine: it's not really extremely common on ubuntu /usr/bin is the norm19:54
phenylanineoh I see19:55
phenylaninethank you wafflejock and wilee-nilee19:55
phenylanineand aschmitz19:55
theadminwilee-nilee: Date/Time Settings -> Clock -> Time in Other Locations19:55
wilee-nileetheadmin, Ah, I'm in the shell it is different19:56
theadminIt even displays some real time in this "None". I assume it's a real location, but I have no idea what it's doing there.19:57
theadminIt's not in the list.19:57
nginx-happyany idea how could i work ith tmux; ctrl+b is the same as Ctrl-b ? what is ctrl-b % ???19:57
nginx-happyist it 3 key19:57
theadminThis is the situation here: http://i.imgur.com/d6jZsi1.png19:59
esoptrosanyone here?20:00
DannermaxIf webmin is not supported by ubuntu anymore, what similar program is there out there?20:00
theadminesoptros: Why yes, just ask your question.20:00
esoptrosI have no idea where to go for some Ubuntu support.   at least some quite support.20:01
esoptrosI new to Ubuntu.  lol20:01
bekksDannermax: There are several alternatives out there, none of them is in the repos. Like vPanel, etc.20:01
theadminesoptros: There's a vast variety of options. You can ask here. You can use askubuntu.com if the reply here takes too long.20:01
theadminesoptros: Then there's the Ubuntu Forums, but I have no idea whether those are still active.20:02
esoptrosAh ok.  Well, I am have some really annoying Ubuntu issues that I have been trying to fix for the past 7 hours.20:02
g0thxangua: hmm, I don't think so since I don't observe high mem/cpu usage20:02
theadminesoptros: Well, as I said, just ask the question(s), and people will try their best to answer.20:02
DrGrovwafflejock: Got it figured out. Made all the stuff to DIVX3 .avi with a HD type bitrate instead.20:03
DrGrovwafflejock: Thanks :)20:03
Dannermaxbekks: would you know which one is the most reliable? and which one is not userfriendly to noobs?20:03
Dannermaxbekks: not=most20:03
theadminDannermax: The "none of them in the repos" part implies that none of them are really supported ;)20:04
bekksDannermax: For noobs, I recommend to learn how things work and thus not use graphical administrion-like stuff.20:04
esoptrosOk.  I originally got an Ubuntu linux alienware computer, it worked fine.  Then, [involving nvidia] I installed the updates and drivers, and it pulled the whole black screen stunt on me.   Thanks to a specific forum I found, I got passed it.  And tried reinstalling it via command prompt.20:04
=== Chemiker_ is now known as Chemiker
wafflejockDrGrov: ah np glad you were able to get it sorted20:05
esoptrosAnd now; depending on if I follow wich boot.   I get two things;  one, black screen with absolutely 0 ability to do anything or stuck in Grub mode, which won't  take any commands.20:05
esoptroseither way, I just want to get back to me desktop so I can install windows, since I am familiar with that; but, I can't get to windows [I need to partition one of my drives for windows to install].20:06
esoptrosanywho, Ubuntu has got me stuck.  lol20:06
hitsujiTMOesoptros: the windows installer will do the partitioning for you if you want to go back to that.20:07
wafflejockesoptros: at worst you can use Gparted but windwos should wipe out the disk20:07
Dannermaxbekks: Not the answer i wanted but allright :)20:07
wafflejockDannermax: bekksis right20:08
wafflejockDannermax: if you use a web interface that is changing all the configuration files and something goes wrong your screwed20:08
esoptrosubuntu seems to be overriding my command of boot to disk.   I've booted the disk before.   But now, it just ignores the command.20:08
BetaSoulOkay, on a clean.20:08
MonkeyDustesoptros  launch ubuntu from dvd or usb, use gparted to delete partition, use partiton ton install that other OS you mentioned20:08
BetaSoulAnd now I'm getting internal errors.20:08
hitsujiTMOesoptros: as in the windows dvd?20:09
wafflejockDannermax: if you really want to know how to do it right you're going to need to take it slower and learn each of the parts involved it's really not that bad... once you have a decent grip on things you can look for tools to speed up your workflow20:09
esoptrosyes, the windows dvd.  the comp didn't come with a ubuntu disk.20:09
MonkeyDustesoptros  launch ubuntu from dvd or usb, use gparted to delete partition, install that other OS you mentioned   <-- more readable20:09
esoptrosSo I've been trying to get around that.20:09
Dannermaxwafflejock: thats exactly what i did.. i did something to my raid array from webmin and i dont know exactly what i did... so guess i better take the long road around20:10
wafflejockesoptros: ubuntu will not override your BIOS boot settings20:10
lesshastewhat would people recommend for making 2d animations in linux?20:11
wafflejockDannermax: definitely it will be less trecherous in the long run, think of it as running along the ridge of a cliff vs taking your time... you still might fall off but at least your not being crazy :)20:11
hitsujiTMOesoptros: ubuntu CANNOT override what you select as the boot device. just choose the dvd from the boot menu. if that isn't working then it means there's something wrong with the dvd or your bios settings. eitherway, this is not an ubuntu support issue and i suggest if you need further help to try ##windows20:11
esoptrosok I finally got the windows thing to load.  lol20:11
wafflejocklesshaste: nothing... let me know when you find it20:12
esoptrosanywho; I mainly came to try and get around the ubuntu black screen issue.20:12
BetaSoulOkay, got a hard one for every one. Machine with no network connection, cannot be connected to ether net(long story) and I've got an unclaimed ath9k wireless device.20:12
lesshastewafflejock, :( pencil?20:12
wafflejocklesshaste: unfortunately I'm stuck with Win 8 in a Virtual Box for using Adobe CS stuff... one of the only lame parts of my experience20:12
=== anonymous is now known as Guest66768
lesshastewafflejock, this is sad20:12
hitsujiTMOesoptros: for the black screen issue, you need to first try booting ubuntu witrh nomodeset20:12
wafflejocklesshaste: it is indeed20:12
lesshastehave you tried pencil?20:12
wafflejocklesshaste: there's Kdenlive and Kino and some other stuff but all just linear video editors and nothing so great20:13
lesshasteI don't want a video editor20:13
wafflejocklesshaste: I've heard of some projects but haven't seen anything up to par yet20:13
esoptroshitsujitmo: how do I do that exactly?  I apologize, I know nothing of ubuntu.20:13
hitsujiTMO!nomodeset | esoptros20:13
ubottuesoptros: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:13
wafflejocklesshaste: yeah I know you're looking more for after effects right?20:13
BetaSoulAny takers?20:13
wafflejocklesshaste: blender is awesome for 3D stuff20:13
esoptrosalright thank you!20:14
lesshastewafflejock, I could try that.. just seems to have a steep learning curve20:14
wafflejocklesshaste: some people use it as a "video editor" or "compositor" to some degree20:14
lesshasteI really want to make simple animation20:14
wafflejocklesshaste: it definitely does have a steep curve... blenderguru.com is pretty good20:14
lesshastelike a ball rolling down a slope into a box20:14
aschmitzBetaSoul: I assume you're trying to use ath9k for wireless, then?20:14
BetaSoulaschmitz: Correct.20:15
wafflejocklesshaste: are you a developer?20:15
lesshasteno.. I just want to make more interesting presentations :)20:15
wafflejocklesshaste: ah okay... was going to suggest processing.js or processing.org20:15
aschmitzBetaSoul: Is it a USB device?20:15
wafflejocklesshaste: it's a bit programmer oriented... well it's artist/programmer oriented20:15
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: can you explain your problem better. what do you mean by unclaimed ath9k?20:15
BetaSoulaschmitz: PCI-E. And backports doesn't help.20:15
Dannermaxwafflejock: Hehe.. ill remember that.. thanks for the metaphor20:15
MonkeyDust!details | BetaSoul20:16
ubottuBetaSoul: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:16
wilee-nileeBetaSoul, If there is a driver get on another computer and put it on a usb and install there.20:16
BetaSoulwilee-nilee: Tried that.20:16
BetaSoulHold on, spec dump:20:16
aschmitzYeah, best I can suggest is what wilee-nilee is suggesting, but other than that, I'm not entirely sure.20:17
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: what version of ubuntu and what is the entry for the wifi device in: lspci20:17
wilee-nileeBetaSoul, So what do you want from us miracles. ;)20:17
wafflejocklesshaste: np good luck20:17
wilee-nileeBetaSoul, Take it to a Ethernet port and install it.20:17
BetaSoulAtheros Commicnations inc AR9300 Wireless Lan Adaptor, rev 0120:17
BetaSoulwilee-nilee: If that were possible, I would. But its not.20:18
lesshasteI just did apt-get install pencil20:18
BetaSoulAnd I tried that when I was able, and it didn't help.20:18
lesshastehow do I find the name of the application I just installed!20:18
lesshasteit isn't called pencil apparently20:18
wilee-nileeBetaSoul, So this is a either wrong driver or you can't install it right?20:19
MonkeyDust!info pencil20:19
ubottupencil (source: pencil): animation/drawing software. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.4b-0ubuntu5 (saucy), package size 483 kB, installed size 1216 kB20:19
BetaSoulwilee-nilee: I'm not sure at this point. I've tried backports(which is supposed to support the chip), but the device still comes up as unclaimed on a lshw -c.20:20
wilee-nileeBetaSoul, That is a realtech in the end they are problematic work or don't work, get a usb that plugs and works.20:21
NGabihello ! I would like to know how can I add a space string paremeter: sudo useradd -d  /home/al pacino   pacino , the   /home/al pacino does not work20:21
zykotick9NGabi: having a space in a username, is a bad idea... expect things to break.20:22
lesshasteMonkeyDust, did that tell us the answer?20:22
BetaSoulwilee-nilee: I've seen the exact card work. And its well reported to work.20:22
zykotick9NGabi: you can try /home/al\ pacino20:22
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wilee-nileeBetaSoul, Does it, if it did you would not be here.20:22
Wiz_KeeDhow do I check in ubuntu if a file exists?20:23
wafflejocklesshaste: sadly didn't know this off the top of my head20:23
wafflejocklesshaste: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/show-the-list-of-installed-packages-on-ubuntu-or-debian/20:23
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: whats the device id for the card?20:23
MonkeyDustlesshaste  i installed pencil myself, it shows up as pencil in the menu20:23
BetaSoulOne moment20:23
lesshasteMonkeyDust, you have a menu? :)20:23
lesshasteMonkeyDust, which menu is this?20:23
wilee-nileeBetaSoul,  The gotta have a dream is better applied to objects that matter get a usb that works outta the bix,.20:23
MonkeyDustlesshaste  note: this is kde, not unity20:23
lesshasteso I need a unity helper :)20:23
MonkeyDustlesshaste  unity jas its menu up left20:24
wafflejocklesshaste: dpgk -L pencil20:25
BetaSoulwilee-nilee: Device id is the first five digitl number on lspci, correct?20:25
lesshastegot it to work20:25
lesshasteit was my mistake20:25
BluesKajwilee-nilee. BetaSoul what about ndiswrapper ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper20:25
wafflejocklesshaste: k cool learned something anyhow :)20:25
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=== ljunggren is now known as m3kk
BetaSoulBluesKaj: If I'm reading the lspic the id is 311620:26
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: lspci -nn | grep AR9300                its the last 4 nums in the [168c:XXXX] block20:26
wilee-nileeBluesKaj, Go for it, I put 20$ on the user could earn the 10$ for the usb in the time it takes to get it working if it gotten to working, probably much more money. One had to ask is this worth it, when other option may be easier.20:26
jubaleAnyone have any idea ".." subdirectory of a site directory located in web server path would be owned by '99' group?20:27
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BetaSoulID is 168c:003020:28
bekksjubale: Because someone set the ownership like that.20:28
jubaleI'm sole user of this machine and I know I didn't do taht.20:28
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Thanks.20:28
BluesKajBetaSoul. sudo modprobe ath9k , if it loads the driver there will be no output in the terminal20:28
wilee-nileemy laptop has a realtec, works every time, once it stops I will head straight to the store for a usb20:28
bekksjubale: Then the installation of something you set up in that path did it.20:29
jubalePossible to see a list of such changes?20:29
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: where did you get the driver from?20:29
BetaSoulBluesKaj: Drive loaded.20:29
bekksjubale: Not without you havign created logs of everything you did.20:29
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Right now the machine is running a stock 13.04 image.20:29
BetaSoulBluesKaj: Driver loaded.20:29
BluesKajBetaSoul. ok, try a browser, but you might have to reboot , not sure20:30
FoxhoundzQuestion about apache20:30
wafflejock!ask | Foxhoundz20:30
ubottuFoxhoundz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:30
FoxhoundzI created a virtual hosts configuration file under /etc/apache2/sites-available20:30
FoxhoundzOh can it20:30
FoxhoundzI'm working on it20:30
BetaSoulBluesKaj: Let me try the reboot. Right now it still says I'm offline in the network manager.20:30
FoxhoundzYou just wanted to use that macro20:30
FloodBot1Foxhoundz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:30
wafflejockI did :)20:30
FoxhoundzAs I was saying,  I created a virtual hosts configuration file under /etc/apache2/sites-available but it's not being followed by apache20:31
wafflejockFoxhoundz: so you go to sudo a2ensite mysite and....20:31
FoxhoundzI restarted apache20:31
Foxhoundzbut no joy20:31
jubaleCrap! Realized these files are inside project directory not server directory, and technically on Windows partition.20:31
wafflejockFoxhoundz: so you did do teh a2ensite?20:31
NGabi I created the user dicaprio with the home directory /home/leonardo, but when I try to open /home/leonardo it tells me that no such directory exists . Could somebody please tell me why?20:32
FoxhoundzWhat  does that do20:32
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: : can you tell me the output of: modinfo ath9k | grep 168C.*003020:32
jubaleProbably explains why chmod finishes without error, but no permission changes are actually made.20:32
wafflejocka2ensite will make a symbolic link in sites-enabled from sites-available20:32
daniel_I got problem with rxtx and java20:32
daniel_on ubuntu20:32
wafflejocka2dissite to disable20:32
wafflejockso you need to put the stuff in sites-available (these are ones for you to choose from to enable or disable)20:33
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: One moment.20:33
wafflejockthen do a2ensite (sudo it ) then restart the service20:33
lesshastedo I still need ia32-libs to use vmware on an amd64?20:33
wafflejocksudo service apache2 restart20:33
ftpuserok. sadly all of my DEs just broke >_>20:33
ftpuserhow can i uninstall all of them, and reinstall unity?20:34
ftpuseri want everything stock, back to the way it was working20:34
wafflejockFoxhoundz: instead of a2ensite and a2dissite you could just ln -s or whatever to make a symbolic link yourself and use rm to delete but a2ensite and a2dissite makes it easier20:34
NGabi I created the user dicaprio with the home directory /home/leonardo, but when I try to open /home/leonardo it tells me that no such directory exists . Could somebody please tell me why?20:34
Foxhoundzcouldn't I just cp or mv the files to sites-enabled?20:34
Foxhoundzand if so, why is sites-available even there?20:35
wafflejockFoxhoundz: eh just stick with the model it's easier20:35
=== Guest49898 is now known as ytrezq
wafflejocksites-available gives you a place for everything you may use20:35
wafflejocksites-enabled is everything you are using20:35
FoxhoundzAnyway, it's not even working with your directions20:35
FoxhoundzI chose my file as instructed20:35
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wafflejocksay you want to kick on phpadmin for a second and not keep it on the live server20:35
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: alias: pci:v0000168Cd00000030sv*sd*bc*sc*i*20:35
wafflejockwhen you restart apaceh are you getting any messages20:35
zeiferAri-Yang, Hello again. Would you happen to recall what steps it was that we took last time I was here to get my ATI acceleration setup? I'm the one with an ATI HD 4250 on a Compaq CQ62 laptop.20:36
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: seems you do have the write driver, so don't think its an issue with the driver itself20:36
NGabiHello! I created the user dicaprio with the home directory /home/leonardo, but when I try to open /home/leonardo it tells me that no such directory exists . Could somebody please tell me why?20:36
Foxhoundzwafflejock, Invalid command 'NamedVirtualHost', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration20:36
wafflejockcheck out /var/log/apache2/error.log for log messages20:36
Foxhoundzwafflejock, and my vhost file: http://apaste.info/lxqW20:36
chamunksIn byobu if I'm sharing a session with another admin is there some way to fix the fact that the other guy might be locking the session at a wierd resolution?20:36
NGabi I created the user dicaprio with the home directory /home/leonardo, but when I try to open /home/leonardo it tells me that no such directory exists . Could somebody please tell me why?20:36
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: That's good. Any ideas why the driver isn't claiming the device on startup?20:36
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: not sure ...i haven't seen that happen before. the module is definately loaded? lsmod | grep ath9k20:37
xanguahi everyone, after i upgrade ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 my bluetooth dongle stops being recognized, any suggestion on the issue?20:38
wilee-nileeNGabi, A new user has its own home20:38
NGabiHello!  I created the user dicaprio with the home directory /home/leonardo, but when I try to open /home/leonardo it tells me that no such directory exists . Could somebody please tell me why?20:38
FoxhoundzI removed the NamedVirtualHosts directive and it worked20:38
wafflejockFoxhoundz: not familiar with that directive20:38
wafflejockFoxhoundz: cool20:38
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Yep, the common, hw, all of it.20:38
rypervencheNGabi: Because you did not create it.20:38
Foxhoundznow comes the hard part20:38
wafflejockFoxhoundz: yeah apache configuration is a bit of a nightmare for me20:38
Foxhoundzconfiguring the permissions20:38
FoxhoundzI'm a rookie with Linux20:38
Foxhoundzthis is frustrating coming from a WAMP stack20:39
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: and lspci -k shows that the device is using ath9k?20:39
wafflejockeh both systems have their advantages and disadvantages20:39
MonkeyDustFoxhoundz  it's called 'learning', like you had to learn others systems, too20:39
wafflejockLinux is more difficulty setting things up at times but tends to be better in the long game20:39
wafflejockinstalling some stuff is much easier20:40
wafflejockfor example sudo apt-get install chromium20:40
wafflejockcongrats new browser20:40
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: ITs not show any driver attached.20:40
wafflejockno browsing the web for links or anything20:40
xanguawafflejock: congrats, new game20:40
MonkeyDustwafflejock  chromium is a game, chromium-browser is a, well, browser20:40
wafflejockah heh20:41
wafflejockright sorry20:41
wafflejockchromium is cool to though20:41
wafflejockso get that anywy :)20:41
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: maybe a conflicting module. can you dump lsmod to a file, copy to your current machine and post it20:41
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Sure can.20:42
Ari-Yangzeifer: no I can't recall the steps (if you mean by me typing it out all over again). Just make sure you aren't using proprietary drivers, add the ppa (can be found on this page https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/graphics-drivers/ ) and run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and run these in case they haven't been updated/installed sudo apt-get install linux-firmware libg3dvl-mesa libg3dvl-mesa-dbg libvdpau120:42
zykotick9MonkeyDust: ahhh, recently "chromium" the google project was given the package name "chromium" and the game was relagated to chromium-bsu or something... at least in some other DEB based distros (i'd assume ubuntu as well)20:42
zykotick9!info chromium20:42
ubottuPackage chromium does not exist in saucy20:42
Ari-Yangzeifer: oh and upgrade your kernel to latest stable (3.11.6)20:42
MonkeyDustzykotick9  yes, it's confusing, sometimes20:42
wilee-nileechromium is in a ppa20:42
Ari-Yanggood luck20:42
wafflejockeither way get them both20:42
wilee-nileechromium browser that is lol20:43
theadminzykotick9: Is chromium-browser20:43
wafflejockpoint was just some stuff goes smoother20:43
theadminzykotick9: The game is chromium-bsu20:43
wafflejockapparently horrible example20:43
zykotick9theadmin: in ubuntu :p20:43
theadminzykotick9: "chromium" is not a package since at least Precise.20:43
wafflejockokay sudo apt-get install firefox20:43
wafflejockthere's no firefox game is there :)20:43
Calinouit would refuse to work and instead print: "what does the firefox say"20:44
zykotick9theadmin, i've got "chromium - Google's open source chromium web browser" :p20:44
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/nrFRiaiK20:44
theadminzykotick9: That's because you are on a Debian box, I suppose.20:44
hitsujiTMOyup, ath9k aint loading20:45
killerHey , I dual boot ubuntu and debian , now I want ubuntu bootloader to be default instead of debian20:46
zeiferAri-Yang, I just automatically upgraded to 3.11.5 on 13.04. Since I have to redo my graphics setup anyways, how can I go about grabbing that kernel?20:46
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Any ideas as to why20:47
Ari-Yangzeifer: 3.11.5 is fine... now if you just want the latest stable here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/20:47
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: can you try: running these and get me the resulting file20:47
wilee-nileekiller, IN the ubuntu desktop sudo grub-install /dev/sdX ; sudo update-grub  X is the HD's mbr like sda or sdb check to make sure.20:48
Ari-Yangzeifer: oh and for dpm (dynamic power management) make GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash " look like this GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.dpm=1" then run sudo update-grub20:50
Ari-Yangzeifer: those lines are in grub (/etc/default/grub)20:50
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: https://gist.github.com/LibertyBeta/729465920:51
intraderAnyone, I would like to see a file hierarchy instead of the view the navigator displays -20:54
essarhow do I *disable* the automounting that any user is able to do without any root privileges? (currently only observed through nautilus)20:55
essarthis is a thing I only want root to be able to do.20:55
hitsujiTMObetasoul: can you try: sudo modprobe -r asus_wmi && sudo modprobe ath9k20:56
zeiferAri-Yang, It appears that the grub lines are still there. I'm thinking something knocked my xorg config out. Had been working fine since you helped me set it up until yesterday.20:56
BetaSoulOne moment.20:56
zeiferHopped on today and tried to play Splice and it crashed.20:56
wilee-nileeessar, root, can you explain better, do you mean a password protected mount?20:57
KalelI would like to speed up qbittorrent donloads in ubuntu 13.04. Is there a way to do that?20:57
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: First one is fatal error, in use.20:57
essarwilee-nilee: sorry, I forgot this is ubuntu - yes, password protected mount20:57
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Second, no output.20:57
wilee-nileeKalel, Only as fast as they come in probably not.20:57
Ari-Yangzeifer: alright, if the lines are still there then that's good... pastebin your GRUB file, I want to see it. so what are you doing, ditching fglrx and use the open source radeon?20:57
hitsujiTMObetasoul: can you try: sudo modprobe -r sparse_keymap && sudo modprobe -r asus_wmi && sudo modprobe ath9k20:58
essarwilee-nilee: perhaps by removing myself from the plugdev group?20:59
wilee-nileeessar, supposedly works use with caution. http://askubuntu.com/questions/211623/how-to-make-ubuntu-ask-for-password-when-mounting-partitions20:59
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Thre commands, right?20:59
zykotick9essar: (while i don't personally have automount on my computers) i'd suggest STRONGLY you don't try to do this.  It's gonna have far reaching implications in your DE (gnome or kde).  you'll be giving up a lot!20:59
essarzykotick9: I don't use gnome or kde20:59
essaror care :)20:59
essarbut thanks20:59
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: just do it all as one command  with the &&   if one fails it wont continue20:59
zeiferAri-Yang, http://pastebin.com/YjSScN9r Grub there. I can't seem to recall what we were using that worked. I do remember the proprietary giving me problems because of ATI moving my card to legacy and not supporting Linux anymore.20:59
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Neat. First fails, in use.20:59
zykotick9essar: then how do you have automount?  you did have gnome/kde at one time?21:00
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: modprobe -r eeepc_wmi21:00
intraderAnyone, I would like to see a file hierarchy instead of the view the navigator displays - I have tried ddir21:01
Ari-Yangzeifer: yes that looks fine. You said that you wanted your setup to be like before, with the open source drivers. refer to my last response (adding the ppa and apt-get the stuff I said), just make sure all proprietary drivers are not in use; good luck.21:01
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: No output.21:01
zykotick9essar: but look into fuse (file system in user space) and the various gvfs stuff.  i really have NO idea how you can, or if it's feasable, it's CERTAINLY not recommended ;)21:01
hitsujiTMObetasoul: modprobe ath9k21:01
NGabiI have a directory student, conatins: Music; I tryed: "student $ tar -zcvf Music/myArch.tar.gz --exclude='Music/Blues' --exclude='Music/Jazz' /home/student"   but it does not work. Could someone please tell me what's wrong?21:02
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: No output.21:02
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: check your wifi now21:02
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Only showing a ethernet connection.21:03
new0how can i download skype?21:03
deper29new0: sudo apt-get install skype21:03
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: REstart betwork manager?21:03
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: nah, it should just show up21:03
essarzykotick9: no, ubuntu desktop just tends to install a *lot* more than I want or need (which is still great if I want to be lazy)21:03
deper29essar: what do you use for a de?21:04
new0deper29, tnx. but it give: E: Unable to locate package skype21:04
essardeper29: in general, tiling window managers - currently using i321:04
essarI don't have a "desktop environment" so to speak21:04
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Network is still showing up as unclaimed. Going to reboot, takes seconds, and see if that helps.21:05
essarjust a lot of keybindings :)21:05
deper29essar: ahh, I've been meaning to try i3. I'm using awesome right now. I actually just switched to awesome 3.5 and my rc.lua is not happy :(21:05
deper29I love wm's much more21:05
essarI tried awesome once, I didn't like its default behaviour and did not feel like trying to write lua scripts21:05
new0deper29, any idea?21:05
essarthat said, I used to use ion3 (and then notion when that went to ****)21:05
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Nope, still down.21:06
essari3 isn't scriptable but so far I don't care21:06
deper29new0: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype you have to add the repository first21:07
bjrohanBluesKaj: Hey there. I am still having issues getting my sound to work (it had worked before) in Kubuntu. No help in Kubuntu, I was hoping you could help21:07
new0deper29, tnx21:07
zeiferAri-Yang, Just to verify something, do I want xserver-xorg-video-radeon?21:07
BluesKajbjrohan. I'm in #kubuntu , just made a suggestion there21:08
Ari-Yangzeifer: ofc you do, that's the open source radeon driver21:08
Ari-Yangzeifer: you don't want anything fglrx21:08
Ari-Yangzeifer: like fglrx and fglrx-amdccle21:09
Ari-Yangzeifer: sudo apt-get purge fglrx* or sudo aptitude purge fglrx*21:09
zeiferThank you. I just wanted to make sure I picked the right one, I have a bad habit of choosing badly. Thanks again, Ari-Yang.21:09
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BluesKajbjrohan. np21:09
Ari-Yangzeifer: You are welcome... Did you add the ppa?21:09
zeiferAri-Yang, the oibaf one? Yeah.21:10
new0deper29, http://pastebin.com/c9gDdik721:10
Ari-Yangzeifer: and you ran apt-get dist-upgrade?21:10
zeiferForgot to do that.21:10
BetaSoulBleck, I've had enough of debuggin this for tonight.21:11
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: Thanks for trying so fard.21:11
Ari-Yanghow could you forget to update everything after adding the ppa? .__.21:11
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: *hard21:11
Ari-Yangzeifer: you can apt-get dist-upgrade or use software updater21:11
deper29new0: check spelling21:11
BetaSoulAny one know what grub-set-default isn't working.21:11
new0deper29, i copy&paste it21:11
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: not sure what the issue is,. I would try blacklisting asus_wmi or eeepc_wmi and doing a reboot. failing that it's downloading the latest driver and build that21:12
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: How do I blacklist?21:12
zeiferAri-Yang, Been stuck using Windows systems too long. dist-upgrade didn't do much of anything, though. I did do apt-get update21:12
essarboo, wilee-nilee left - but yes that worked21:12
lesshastedo I still need ia32-libs to use vmware on an amd64?21:12
Ari-Yangzeifer: what you're suppose to do is add the ppa, then apt-get update, then apt-get dist-upgrade21:12
new0how can i add my self to group?21:12
lesshastethe google calendar icon in the left column of unity has the wrong date21:13
lesshastehow do you fix that?21:13
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: echo "blacklist eeepc-wmi" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf && echo "blacklist asus-wmi" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf            do a reboot and if that doesn't work, remove the entries from the blacklist conf and get the lastest driver and build that21:13
deper29new0: check spelling. You spelled architecture wrong21:14
lesshasteit says "31" in big letters21:14
new0deper29, ok will retry21:14
BetaSoulhitsujiTMO: One last question: I haven't edited grub in forever. What do I hve to do to manually change it now?21:14
Ari-Yangzeifer: did dist-upgrade run after doing the apt-get update?21:15
new0deper29, this is the command i just paste from the link: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38621:15
bekkslesshaste: thats the number of unread mail.21:15
zeiferAri-Yang, Calculating upgrade... Done21:15
zeifer0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.21:15
lesshastebekks, when you hover or it is says "calendar"21:15
lesshastebekks, hover over it21:15
Ari-Yangzeifer: pastebin the output of glxinfo | grep Open21:16
hitsujiTMOBetaSoul: basic var in /etc/default/grub    generator is in /etc/grub.d/       after any changes run: update-grub21:16
Ari-Yangzeifer: you should get something like this http://paste.opensuse.org/view/raw/22852508