Noskcajbluesabre, What's the point of line 766, catfish/CatfishWindow.py ?00:00
PhilDickyou were saying about ...00:05
skellatPhilDick: The jump from LTS to another version can get exciting00:11
bluesabreNoskcaj: p = subprocess.Popen(command, shell=False)?00:12
skellatFor any other version we advise a chain of upgrades and not making a giant leap00:12
skellatWith the HWE point releases out there and the variety of install media, it is going to be interesting to see if we can assure the LTS to LTS upgrade leap00:13
skellatSome of the issues thrown in the description look a bit odd00:13
skellatHopefully it is just nothing00:14
skellatBut, I'll likely be watching that session closely00:14
PhilDickAh... maybe I can help with that testing... but maybe I'd be wiser to install Xubuntu 14.04LTS fresh...00:16
Noskcajbluesabre, You ever use p again00:16
NoskcajOr have i missed something00:17
bluesabreI guess not00:17
bluesabrep is the process, but since it starts it and moves on, we don't need to store it.00:18
skellatPhilDick: It'll be one of the great questions we won't know an answer to until next April00:18
PhilDickI've moved to Xubuntu and LTS's only... I guess I'm not as daring as I used to be... or don't have as much spare time ;)00:22
Noskcajbluesabre, Is there any reason catfish_lib/__init__.py imports stuff?01:08
Noskcajbluesabre, My current branch fixes all but 5 warnings (excluding the build.py). http://paste.ubuntu.com/6350485/02:08
ali1234yay, finally some movement on the dbusmenu bug :)02:09
ali1234merge proposal sent03:17
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jjfrv8bluesabre, I added a bullet to the Preferences section to point out the location of the auto-saved playlist: http://imagebin.org/27563013:08
jjfrv8Is that location okay? And did you want to say anything more, like why one might want to find this file?13:08
bluesabrejjfrv8: that seems like a good location. Some users have asked where it is in the past, so it seems like something people might want to know13:37
jjfrv8cool, thanks.13:38
jjfrv8ochosi, since the Preferences page has been updated, I guess you'll need to copy that again to xfce.docs13:40
jjfrv8ochosi, I'm working on Usage today and should have slickymaster's work moved over and some more items of mine done...13:41
jjfrv8so that might be good enough to copy over later as well13:42
elfythat's looking awesome :)13:43
elfyas much as I hate that word ;)13:43
jjfrv8elfy, glad you think so :)13:44
ochosijjfrv8: sounds good, i'll do that late in the evening ~22utc14:03
ochosijjfrv8: just ping me with the pages that are ready/updated when you're done and i'll take care of it14:04
jjfrv8ochosi, will do14:05
ochosibluesabre: guess we should include somewhere that the docs are only for parole>=0.6, what do you think?14:05
brainwashochosi: just noticed that and didn't check the code yet, does the lightdm gtk greeter first show the background specified in the conf file and then immediately replaces it with the user one?14:05
ochosibrainwash: sorry, i'm on the train, very spotty coverage14:09
ochosilet's postpone an meaningful conversation ;)14:09
brainwashochosi: sure14:13
jjfrv8ochosi, the Usage and Preferences pages are ready for you to copy over.15:35
jjfrv8The remaining sections that are missing from Usage are DVD and Video. I may start on them today, but they won't be ready before EOD.15:36
jjfrv8I'll work on them in the playground and won't bring them over until they're ready.15:38
jjfrv8slickymaster, there's a lot of backlog to read from yesterday about the Parole docs, and I'm not sure if you'll see that before this...15:46
jjfrv8but I just wanted to give you the heads up that I moved your sections over to the main Usage page so ochosi could copy them to the production xfce.docs15:47
jjfrv8if you need to edit them, make sure you work on the real Usage section and not on the playground version anymore.15:48
bluesabreochosi: isn't that understood with upstream documentation?16:19
bluesabre"The manuals on this website are written for the latest stable release of the module. At this moment this means the manuals apply to Xfce 4.8 and 4.10. "16:20
bluesabreso I guess once xfce 4.12 is released, I guess thats fair16:20
ali1234ochosi: bug 1239710 seems to fix the bug where the datetime doesn't appear on first boot17:14
ubottubug 1239710 in indicator-session (Ubuntu Saucy) "indicator-datetime and -session missing ~10% of the time" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123971017:14
brainwashochosi: the greeter does set the background according to the config file first, and then applies the user background if available18:06
brainwashochosi: so if we can improve the greeter -> desktop transition (I lost the motivation to understand the X client/server error triggered by xfdesktop when xwfm4 is cloning the root background), we should also fix the greeter to not set the background twice (config and user one)18:12
brainwashor am I the only one who dislikes even the smallest screen flicker? :)18:15
elfyI don't like flicker but find I notice that sort of thing less and less 18:20
Noskcajhey tolga 18:50
tolgai don't speak english. some18:51
Noskcajtolga, There should be an irc channel for whatever language you speak18:52
tolgathey are not online 18:53
tolgai look list of channel but not turkish channel18:54
elfytolga: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-tr/18:55
tolgathanks elfy, I'm joined #ubuntu-tr18:57
micahgknome: I might be in transit at 22:00, I should be around shortly thereafter20:52
micahgknome: I'm looking at 22:30 right now for approximate meeting time21:10
* micahg is away now21:10
NoskcajI might be able to make some of the meeting, depends on what class i have first21:15
knomemicahg, yup, i'm here21:53
knomeochosi, bluesabre, Unit193? :)21:53
* skellat can observe but is trying to get scripts written for two podcasts that have to be recorded tonight21:55
* elfy is lurking with his 'oh no - that's not much time for me' head on :)21:56
bluesabreI'm early!21:59
knomeyeah... we might need to wait for a bit to get micah around21:59
knomebut that's okay21:59
knome(at least for me)21:59
bluesabreno hurry here21:59
bluesabreI was just playing super mario galaxy 221:59
elfyhi bluesabre 21:59
bluesabrehey elfy22:00
knomeand yep, hi elfy and skellat 22:00
brainwasha meeting now?22:02
knomebrainwash, yep.22:02
knomewell, in some time.22:02
elfybrainwash: not a normal one - an extra :)22:03
brainwashunusual time22:03
knomebrainwash, yes, was announced in the meeting minutes and is mentioned in the meetings wikipage since thu though22:03
Noskcaj-schoolWhat did i miss?22:04
elfybrainwash: http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2013/xubuntu-devel.2013-10-31-15.14.log.html#l-10522:04
elfyNoskcaj-school: nothing - waiting for people 22:04
knomeNoskcaj-school, nothing, we're still waiting for micah22:04
knomeoho, elfy beat me in speed22:05
knomei must be getting old22:05
elfynot happening often ... wait for 2015 for next one22:05
brainwashwait.. what?! you consider dropping the bottom panel? :(22:05
elfyknome: and you'd have to hurry to catch me up :)22:05
elfybrainwash: yep22:05
knomeelfy, hehe22:05
Noskcaj-schoolbrainwash: no one uses the bottom panel22:06
pleia2oh hi22:07
brainwashI do, on my test installation22:07
elfypleia2: hi 22:07
bluesabrehey pleia2!22:10
ochosiot'll take me like 10 more mins to get home22:12
ochosiwas travelling the whole day22:12
elfybluesabre: I can see you on the forum ... 22:12
ochosialmost there now22:12
knomeochosi, sure, in line with micah's schedule ;)22:12
bluesabreelfy, indeed22:12
knomeochosi, so don't hurry too much, just take your time22:12
elfyochosi: a lot of travel 22:13
Noskcaj-schoolbluesabre: While you're here, do you think you could fix the last 5 pep8 issues in catfish? i left them since they actually affect the code22:13
ochosiknome: thanks, not eaSy to walk and tpye22:13
knomeochosi, i see22:13
bluesabreHey Noskcaj-school22:13
ochosias you can read :)22:13
knomeno typos though122:13
knomeexcept from my side22:13
knomebut i'm not walking22:13
bluesabrewhat are the last pep8 issues, or is there a way to verify that automatically?22:13
ochosik, see you in abitä22:14
Noskcaj-schoolbluesabre: sudo apt-get install pep8, then pep8 */*.py in the main directory22:17
elfybluesabre: http://tinyurl.com/qymdz7d22:17
bluesabrethanks elfy!22:18
elfywelcome :)22:18
ochosiright, well i'm here reading now22:21
knomestill waiting22:21
ochosiso what's up with evryone else?22:21
pleia2I'm in hong kong :)22:22
knomei'm king kong22:23
elfywell I wasn't expecting you to say that pleia2 22:23
Noskcaj-schoolI'm in science class22:23
pleia2elfy: haha22:23
pleia2elfy: got your friend sorted with etherpad22:23
elfyoh cool - thanks22:23
ochosii just travelled back to my home country, it's getting *late* here :)22:23
elfypleia2: that e-mail completely confused me to start with 22:23
knomeochosi, home as in austria or italy?22:24
knomebluesabre, heh22:24
knomeyou still have your flat there, or did you give it away?22:24
ochosisame tz anyway22:24
ochosiatill have a couch..22:25
knomein the same flat?22:25
knomethat's nice then22:26
ochosiit's fine, it just doesnt feel like the same, obviously22:26
micahg-worksorry for the delay22:38
knomethat's okay22:38
knomeochosi, bluesabre: ping22:38
knome#startmeeting Xubuntu meeting: Xfce 4.11 components in 14.04 and more22:38
meetingologyMeeting started Sun Nov  3 22:39:21 2013 UTC.  The chair is knome. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.22:38
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired22:38
Noskcaj-schoolwhiskermenu 1.2 has just been released, it will be ready for upload this week.22:39
knome#topic Cherry-picking Xfce 4.11 components 22:39
ochosijust arrived22:40
knomelet me start with what i think22:40
knomewe should keep the 4.11 components we have in 13.1022:40
ochosiping eric_the_idiot 22:41
knomein addition, we should drop the gtk3 indicators patch into 14.0422:41
eric_the_idiotochosi, pong22:41
knomeas well as the new xfdesktop features22:41
Noskcaj-school+1, but try and backport some of the patches from settings 4.11.122:41
Noskcaj-schoolNearlky everything else needs the new xfce4ui22:42
knomewe can discuss backporting/SRUing gtk3 indicators to 13.10, but that's not a high-priority, i would say medium22:42
micahg-workto knome22:42
knomethe reason why i additionally want the xfdesktop features in is that they will make it easier for the user to control their wallpapers 22:42
knome1) they allow setting a specific dir to look for wallpapers instead of the system-wide one22:43
micahg-workwe already have that though, right?  I wasn't talking about going backwards22:43
ochosiyeah, and it goes hand-in-hand with the new display-dialog (helps ppl to set their wallpapers per display)22:43
knomeno, i don't think we have that22:43
ochosiyeah, we don't22:43
knomeso the new-new thing for 14.04 would be: gtk3 indicators and new xfdesktop release22:43
knomeand i will personally promise i will organize enough testing for them22:44
elfyread that ;)22:44
knomeif not else, i'll make my mum test it.22:44
skellatIf we can squash LP Bug 1208204 via backports that may help with perception issues we have about 13.1022:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1208204 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120820422:44
skellatWhich would require the GTK3 things22:44
micahg-workwell, as long as xfdesktop doesn't risk LTS -> LTS upgrades or has major dependencies, I'm fine with that22:45
ochosiskellat: yeah, or some less intrusive fix, not sure whether it's possible. ali1234?22:45
brainwashthe uproar about the broken sound indicator is now almost gone anyway :)22:45
knomemicahg-work, as ochosi said, xfdesktop should take care of the migration itself22:45
ochosieric_the_idiot: any upgrade issues you can see?22:45
micahg-workwell, at the very least, we can throw it in backports22:45
micahg-workif there's demand (GTK3 indicators)22:45
Noskcaj-schoolxfwm might be worth investigating, vsync is a good thing to have. But i'm not sure how stable it is22:46
micahg-workI just need the testing22:46
brainwashwhat about the new xfwm4 release with vsync support?22:46
brainwashNoskcaj-school: :D22:46
knomethe focues should be getting 14.04 in a *good* shape22:46
ochosibrainwash: that's the same with every release, that's one reason why you get more relaxed with each release...22:46
knomeand with that, telling people to try to get along until that is released...22:46
ochosiknome: +122:46
knomewe can of course write a blog article with updates on the most irritating bugs22:47
knomeand their workarounds22:47
knomeand if we have time, backports22:47
ochosilet's hope not too many...22:47
bluesabreim back22:47
ochosiwb bluesabre 22:47
knomeochosi, i'm referring to things we already know, pretty much the release notes mentioned bugs22:47
knomethere hasn't been too many new things after that22:48
ochosiknome: yeah, we should knock those down. i'll mention one more thing that's looming ahead a bit later...22:48
knomego ahead22:48
micahg-workI'd be for backporting 4.12 to trusty-backports assuming we can get sufficient reverse dependency testing22:48
knomeyes, considering 4.12 is released during the trusty support period...22:50
ochosiwell the logind transition leaves us with a borked xfce4-powerman22:50
knomeokay, that's stupid.22:50
skellatAnd Lennart Poettering is talking about breaking logind again22:50
knomewe should fix that.22:50
ochosixfce4-powerman doesn't support logind at all22:50
micahg-workochosi, we can hopefully come up with a patch for that22:50
ochosimicahg-work: "we" = who?22:50
knomelet me do some #infos22:50
micahg-worksomeone should be able to22:51
brainwashbug 122202122:51
ubottubug 1222021 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "xfce4-power-manager does not inhibit systemd from handling buttons and lid events" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122202122:51
micahg-workwell, is upstream planning to solve that?22:51
ochosiyeah, the open question is *who*22:51
skellatIs there a way to get rid of logind as a dependency for us in the mix?22:51
ochosinot in time for 14.04 i think22:51
knome#info New Xfce 4.11 features to be dropped into 14.04: GTK3 indicator support, new xfdesktop release22:51
micahg-workI think we'd be better off writing the patch...22:52
brainwashthe patch does already exist22:52
micahg-worka working one?22:52
knomeyes, that sounds like a good idea and a justifiable use of time22:52
brainwashmicahg-work: didn't test it yet22:52
micahg-workwell, if it works, let's get upstream to approve it, then we can move forward22:53
knome#info Xfce 4.12 will be backported to Trusty if enough testing resources are available22:53
* bluesabre equips testing hat22:53
* pleia2 as well22:53
ochosimicahg-work: the powerman isnt actively developed upstream, not sure we'd get much feedback22:53
ochosiand systemd is a *hot* topic (as in: flamey)22:53
micahg-workochosi, is there a suggested replacement?  is that something we need to either pick up development for or find an alternative?22:54
skellatochosi: Mark Shuttleworth and Lennart Poettering have been arguing repeatedly on Google Plus about it22:54
brainwashthere is even a patch for xfce4-powerman to use logind directly instead of upower for suspend/hibernate22:54
knome#info Xfce power manager doesn't support systemd; we want a patch for that if at all possible22:54
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 9963 in General "upower is no longer doing suspend/hibernate, switch to logind" [Normal,New]22:54
ochosiskellat: i know22:54
ochosiskellat: and it doesnt help...22:54
knomemicahg-work, there is always gnome-power-manager, but it isn't too long since we switched away from that...22:55
knome#nick team22:55
ochosimicahg-work: no, but i'm just saying looking at how xfce is moving along upstream, i think they'll be cautious about new depends/recommends22:55
knome#action team to investigate patching xfce4-power-manager or finding alternatives22:55
meetingologyACTION: team to investigate patching xfce4-power-manager or finding alternatives22:55
ochosii think the alternative is an easy UI for systemd/logind22:56
micahg-workI'm for corsac's suggestion of runtime support for it22:56
ochosifor what's currently stored in /etc/systemd/logind.conf22:56
ochosiand dropping xfce4-powerman22:56
brainwashochosi: why not re-use xfce4-powerman :P22:56
ochosiand using e.g. indicator-power22:56
ochosior some other applet to display battery status22:56
ochosibrainwash: no reason against that, apart from not having any upstream maintainer/dev22:57
bluesabredoes xfce4-powerman handle screen-blanking, or is that something else?22:57
bluesabreochosi: we could always adopt yet another forgotten project :D22:57
ochosibluesabre: theoretically yes, but i think xscreensaver does that now22:57
micahg-workif indicator-power will do what we need, then that's fine, otherwise, maybe we can pick up maintenance of xfce4-powerman together with corsac?  I'd hate to reinvent the wheel22:57
brainwashit's X, powerman just sets the parameters22:57
bluesabrebut aren't we wanting to move away from xscreensaver?22:57
ochosibluesabre: yes, if we are, then this would be a solution:22:58
knomei think we should move away from xscreensaver in favor of light-locker22:58
micahg-workfine by me, should be quite a bit lighter as well22:58
bluesabreI agree, and I think ubuntu is heading that direction as well based on their interest22:58
brainwashmicahg-work: I think so too, the patches do exist already and could be extended if needed22:58
ochosi1) use light-locker 2) use X11's screensaver-extension to blank the screen 3) use a logind/X11-screensaver ext dialog (we'd have to write that) to control it22:58
knomemicahg-work, and it would be a shame to throw out all the work we've done to get to this point!22:58
knomeand yeah, ubuntu wants light-locker as well22:59
ochosifwiw, light-locker has already been uploaded to trusty22:59
knomewas micahg CC'd/TO'd in that email?22:59
ochosii've talked to the uploader, but it hasn't been decided yet whether it'll be default afaik22:59
knomeochosi, since they seemed very interested about it, we should try to collaborate with them23:00
ochosithose processes aren't extremely transparent tbh23:00
ochosiyeah, i agree23:00
knomeochosi, or at least try to change information and track the progress23:00
ochosiwe've recently set up a translation portal for light-locker btw ;)23:00
ochosii can #info that later if you want23:00
micahg-workwell, if Ubuntu doesn't move to it by default, I don't know that we want to be the pioneers in an LTS23:00
brainwashthe lubuntu guys would love to use light-locker :)23:00
ochosievil comment, brainwash 23:01
knomesure, and #info stuff about collaborating too as appropriate23:01
knomemicahg-work, well, same as with 4.11 components; i'd really like that in and i will organize enough testing.23:01
knomemicahg-work, so please let's move forward with it and only not do it if it looks like it's going to be broken...23:01
ochosi#info it would be great if users could help wth translations for light-locker here: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/light-locker/ 23:01
knomemicahg-work, again, it's one of those things that we have prepared almost since the last LTS...23:02
micahg-workknome, ?  we're responsible for the xfce components in the LTS, so our testing/fixing suffices, I'd rather us not be responsible for light-locker as well if we can avoid it23:02
ochosi#info for info or assistance on the translations (about 10 strings) or transifex, feel free to ping ochosi on freenode.org23:02
knomemicahg-work, i understand that. and yes, i would like to avoid being responsible for that as well, but i don't think the fear of having to maintain should be the reason keeping us from using it.23:03
micahg-workoh, I thought light-locker was created by Canonical, if it's an Xfce component, that's fine23:03
ochosiit's neither23:03
knomebut it's something ochosi and bluesabre are familiar with23:03
ochosiit was created by me and cavalier (an xfce-dev)23:03
micahg-workoh, then, by all means :)23:04
knomeor at least ochosi :P23:04
micahg-workis it in Debian yet23:04
ochosibut canonical are looking into picking it up by default23:04
micahg-workwhich would be totally awesome23:04
knomemicahg-work, while we are at that, i want mugshot and menulibre in the seed for 14.04 as well. :)23:04
knomemicahg-work, they are not core components, and they are by bluesabre, who will hopefully have uploading rights by the release of 14.0423:04
ochosimicahg-work: i haven't done any extra communication on that at all, but from what i read there was a proposal a while ago23:05
bluesabreI'll get both of those in debian soon23:05
micahg-workok, I can't do much for the next 2 weeks, after that, I'll have more time again for Xubuntu23:05
bluesabreworking on the alacarte-replacing rewrite for menulibre23:05
knome#info Other new components to drop for 14.04: light-locker, MenuLibre, Mugshot23:05
bluesabremugshot needs an update and then I'll try to get it in debian again23:05
knomewas that everything that was mentioned?23:05
micahg-workmenulibre should also make us a bit lighter23:05
knomeand mugshot should make us user-friendlier23:06
knomemicahg-work, what about python 2/3?23:06
micahg-worksounds like this'll be an awesome LTS23:06
knomeyes, that's the plan...23:06
knomethat's the evil plan i've been carrying around since 12.1023:06
knomeyou never would have guessed that! HA!23:07
micahg-workknome, it would be nice to move to python3 only, but I"m more concerned about stability than that since we have only 3 years of support23:07
knomemicahg-work, sure, just asking as it was mentioned in the roadmap brainstorming23:07
knomenow that we have a bigger ISO it's not a showkiller.23:07
brainwashbigger ISO... mmh, libreoffice :)23:08
knomeochosi, did you want to talk about whiskermenu?23:08
ochosiyeah, good point23:08
knomeoh btw,23:08
ochosiwhiskermenu would be a nice addon and replacement for our current menu23:08
knomeubuntu lately changed their system requirements to 1GB of memory23:08
knomeso we are now well under23:09
ochosiit's really fast and lightweight, i've tested it for a while, it adds search-capability to the menu (sweet!)23:09
ochosiand it's far more customizable than the integrated menu23:09
knomehow does menulibre work with those menus?23:09
ochosibluesabre: ^23:09
knomeor, in other words, how useful is menulibre for a user using whiskermenu23:10
bluesabrewhiskermenu is a searchable xfce menu23:10
bluesabresame thing, different interface23:10
bluesabreso when I fix menulibre, it will work fine with either23:10
ochosiwe could bind it to a kb-shortcut23:10
ochosie.g. super+space23:10
ochosiso users could quickly bring it up to launch apps23:10
brainwashisn't it alt+esc right now?23:11
ochosi(just as a more understandable and visually integrated alternative to xfce4-appfinder)23:11
brainwashctrl+esc I mean23:11
ochosi(although appfinder is atm still more powerful with custom commands)23:11
ochosibrainwash: well, up to us to decide i think, mine was just a suggestion23:12
knomeochosi, would you be willing to put up some kind of spec for the proposed whiskermenu integration with some highlights and screenshots why it would be so awesome, as well as talking a bit about the panel layout (with possibly a finalish proposal on that), ideally before thursday?23:12
ochosiknome: in general yes, before thursday is not realistic (PM)23:12
knomewell the deadline for finalizing specs is november 2123:13
bluesabreochosi: could you talk to mrpouit and get whiskermenu in the xfce-4.10 and/or xfce-4.12 ppa?23:13
knomebut would be good to have *something* on that before thu, since we're discussing and approving most of the roadmap then23:13
skellatbluesabre: Is it in on the Debian side?23:13
ochosibluesabre: i think there's already a PPA (give me a sec)23:13
micahg-workknome, FWIW, I'll talk to barry, if there are plans to drop python2.7 to universe, I'd be much more encouraged to port to python323:13
knomemicahg-work, oki23:14
knome#nick micahg23:14
micahg-workbluesabre, I could probably upload that23:14
bluesabreskellat, I believe it is in debian now, will check23:14
lderanwoo for pyton 323:14
knome#action micahg to talk to barry about python2.7/3 situation23:14
meetingologyACTION: micahg to talk to barry about python2.7/3 situation23:14
bluesabremicahg-work, sweet23:14
micahg-workbluesabre, remind me in a couple days23:14
bluesabrewill do, thanks micahg-work23:14
skellatbluesabre: packages.d.o doesn't show it23:15
bluesabreskellat: http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin_1.1.1-1.html23:15
knomebluesabre, micahg-work: you can do #action items if you want reminders. i'll go through those on thu23:15
bluesabreits in new23:15
ochosiknome: there's a really nice blog about it: http://gottcode.wordpress.com/category/open-source/whisker-menu/23:15
ochosi(by the dev)23:15
ochosithere are screenshots and all the bells and whistles23:15
micahg-work#action micahg to upload whiskermenu to xfce PPAs23:15
meetingologyACTION: micahg to upload whiskermenu to xfce PPAs23:15
ochosithanks micahg-work 23:15
ochosiplease check it out folks, it seems like a nice improvement and would justify getting rid of the bottom panel (that no-one seems to use anymore :))23:16
lderanwill do :)23:16
brainwashthe switch to whisker menu feels like copying linux mint xfce edition :P23:16
knomeochosi, feel free to paste that link to the roadmap page23:16
ochosibrainwash: well, it was the other way round for a while now, wasn't it ;)23:16
bluesabrebrainwash, but we'll do it better ;)23:16
micahg-workseems there are about 130 rdepends for python2.7 in main23:17
brainwashyeah, it will be awesome23:17
elfy ochosi - I quote like whiskermenu 23:18
knomedo we want to talk about other things that we want to land in 14.04?23:19
ochosiknome: done23:19
bluesabreooh, a new wallpaper!23:19
knomeor other development-related issues that should be resolved ASAP?23:19
knomebluesabre, bollocks, we'll use the old one23:19
ochosiwell, folks, help us to find *free* wallpapers23:19
skellatEventually there'll be movement on the -core draft seed but nothing tonight23:20
brainwashwe just rotate the current one, just like the ubuntu guys do it23:20
ochosior contact the authors of the images of this page and help us get them to change the license: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Raring/Wallpapers23:21
ochosithey should all be cc-by-sa23:21
ochosiknome: and i guess we should move that page to trusty... ^23:21
knomeochosi, rather copy it and add a link to the raring page saying it's postponed23:22
knomeochosi, i can do that unless you want to do it.23:22
ochosiknome: no, please do, brb23:22
brainwashwhat about xmir? definitively no, right?23:23
skellatbrainwash: We haven't heard of anything new from them and haven't had an intervening UDS yet.23:23
pleia2I think it's highly unlikely that ubuntu will go with it in an LTS23:24
pleia2if they try, I think we can do more tests, otherwise push to 14.1023:24
knomeochosi, moved to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Trusty/CommunityWallpapers23:24
knomeerr, copied :P23:24
ochosiknome: great, #info it? :>23:24
brainwashright, the development of xmir seems to be rather slow and some things still do not work properly23:25
ochosiknome: we could also do a call on the ml, but specifically announce that there'll be an internal council that decides on the final selection23:25
pleia2brainwash: it actually seems fast for me, it's just a HUGE undertaking23:25
knome#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Trusty/CommunityWallpapers23:25
ochosiknome: xubuntu being a do-ocracy and all...23:25
knomeochosi, yup-di-do23:25
knome#action ochosi announces the community wallpapers project on the mailing list23:26
meetingologyACTION: ochosi announces the community wallpapers project on the mailing list23:26
skellatbrainwash: Never underestimate the possibility of unexpected breakthroughs when you least expect them.  They're trying to supplant over 25 years of technical archaeology so they have a monumental task at hand.23:26
knomeoops, i just wrote in ochosi instead of knome! :)23:26
ochosiknome: bastard! :)23:26
bluesabrenot an accident23:26
* ochosi feels tricked23:26
knomewell actually, i'm not a basterd..23:26
knomeochosi, transifex sucks, do i really have to sign up for an account to be able to translate anything? (or in other words, if you send me the .pot-file, i'll reply with a fi.po)23:27
ochosiknome: transifex.com has a really nice web-interface, but if you prefer, you can also have it your way (email)23:28
knomei didn't seem to be able to get it delivered23:28
elfyochosi: I might be able to get someone to do the Galician translation 23:28
ochosielfy: great! thanks23:28
knomeor at least i needed to allow loads of JS, and still didn't work...23:28
elfyochosi: but they'd not want to be signing up for anything 23:29
ochosiknome: well let's finish the meeting before we talk transifex :)23:29
knomeochosi, hehe.23:29
knomeso anything else?23:29
knomemicahg-work, you content with everything?23:29
Noskcaj-schoolI didn't see any python or whiskermenu stuff, but i assume that's my internet crashing23:30
elfyNoskcaj-school: yep23:30
knomeNoskcaj-school, micahg-work is looking at python stuff, ochosi does a whiskermenu spec at some point23:30
Noskcaj-schoollog reading time23:30
knome#agreed 14.04 is going to be an awesome and solid LTS!23:31
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Nov  3 23:32:07 2013 UTC.  23:31
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2013/xubuntu-devel.2013-11-03-22.39.moin.txt23:31
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2013/xubuntu-devel.2013-11-03-22.39.html23:31
pleia2thanks knome 23:32
bluesabrethanks knome!23:32
* knome bows23:32
elfythanks all 23:32
micahg-workthanks knome 23:32
micahg-workif we need to port to python3, I'll have to brush up on python I suppose23:32
knomemicahg-work, just ask for help; i'm sure at least lderan is willing to help 23:32
elfyI'm off now23:32
ochosiwhat's left to port from our default seed and if yes, can we drop it? :D23:32
lderan\o/ python23:33
knomesome gimp plugins23:33
bluesabreand I am often around23:33
micahg-workknome, oh, sure, but I'm going to need to review patches at the very least ;)23:33
elfyyou can't have lderan - I claimed him already :p23:33
ochosijjfrv8: thanks for all your docs-work!! starting the xerox now23:33
elfycheck the m/l ... 23:33
* skellat goes back to writing his speaking scripts so that new episodes of "LISTen: An LISNews.org Program" and "Burning Circle" can be recorded tonight23:33
knomemicahg-work, sure. but you can leave the rest of the tasks for others ;)23:33
lderanelfy,  :P23:33
Noskcaj-schoolI'm willing to help port python, and i will have whiskermenu ready today, then it's just waiting for the debian NEW queue23:33
knomeskellat, have fun with that23:33
knomeochosi, so... transifex.23:34
Noskcaj-schoolisn't freenode a .net ?23:34
knomeyes, freenode.net23:34
ochosiknome: yeah? :)23:34
knomeochosi, so where do i get the file?23:34
ochosiit works just fine for me23:34
ochosiyou dont need a file23:35
ochosior do you really want a .pot file?23:35
ochosiif you do, you can have it23:35
knomeno, not necessarily23:35
knomelet me fetch a mouse23:35
Noskcaj-schoolknome: check the meeting info, it says freenode.org23:35
ochosistart here: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/light-locker/language/fi/23:35
knomelderan, ^23:36
ochosiknome: or to be more exact, here: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/light-locker/language/fi/23:36
ochosi(for finnish, that is)23:36
ochosi2/10 translated :)23:36
ochosiin .fi23:36
ochosii don't have much transifex exp yet, so if you hit dead-ends or need admin approval anywhere, lemme know23:37
knomeochosi, then what.23:37
ochosiwe just set this up a few days ago23:37
knomeochosi, i click stuff, but nothing shows me strings or allow me to download anything.23:37
ochosiknome: that page i linked to shows the complete translation interface, i can't help you if you block all the js :]23:37
knomei have allowed all js, but nothing23:37
bluesabreactually, whisker menu does not show a traditional menu23:38
ochosibluesabre: yeah, i was wondering about your comment on that23:38
bluesabreso current menulibre would be pretty sufficient23:38
ochosiremember my comment from one or two days ago, whining about the current menulibre going to ****23:38
bluesabreI'd be happy with not having to super rewrite it23:39
bluesabreknome, go ahead and approve whiskermenu! :D23:40
knomeapprove where what huh=23:40
bluesabrejust say ye23:40
knomenot yet23:41
knomei don't personally use *a menu*23:41
ochosiyeah, the good thing about whiskermenu is that it uses categories23:42
ochosiand search23:42
ochosinot a *fixed*, old-school menu23:42
ochosithat gives lots of headaches and grief when trying to create an editor for it (bluesabre)23:42
bluesabreor alacarte23:42
bluesabrewhich keeps having bugs23:42
ochosiyeah, headahces, griefs, or alacarte23:42
bluesabresaying that it doesn't work23:42
ochosiyou can name all those in one breath23:43
ochosijust a funky sidenote: xfdesktop still has a garcon-based menu (eric_the_idiot)23:43
ochosinot that you'd have to be able to edit that one23:43
ochosibut it'd still be there23:44
ElderDryasFWIW, if one wanted to check out Whiskermenu w/o installing it or using a ppa, grab a copy of the SolydX Live CD (well DVD:)23:46
ochosiElderDryas: at least if you consider dl-ing an .iso less effort than adding a PPA ;)23:47
ochosi(no offense)23:47
ElderDryasochosi: I won't have to unstall a ppa when I'm done (no offense:)23:48
ochosiwait, "unstall" is a mix of "install" and "uninstall"? :D23:48
ElderDryasno, fumble fingers in typing, I mean uninstall (eating dinner, typing and watching football all at the same time)23:50
ochosiElderDryas: hehe, hf multi-tasking then!23:51
ElderDryasno, that's the problem...single tasking slowly :)23:52
knomeochosi, unstall means to get something moving.. so can mean either installing or uninstalling ;)23:56

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