michix10hola a todos uno nuevo en xubuntu....01:45
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dilluI have made a fresh installation of Xubuntu and my internet is not working06:57
dillucan anyone please help06:57
`Fibz`how do you connect to the internet?07:29
GD2Hello guys ! I am under xubuntu 13.10. By mistake I have clicked the "Never show again" button in a notification popup window. I can't find the way to reenable it. gconf-editor /apps/nm-applet doesn't show any "notification" enable/disable entry. Any clue ?09:46
SergioAny body here?10:28
xubuntu904good morning, i just istalled xubuntu 13.10, and now is rebooting but it isn't shutting down. what can i do?10:28
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Guest14596[PROBLEM] Yesterday i installed xubuntu 13.10 above Windows 7. By default starts up Win. How to launch xubuntu?10:30
Guest14596Please help10:31
xubuntu904usually a window comes up asking which operating sistem you whant to use.10:34
xubuntu904some one can help me with my shutting down problem???10:34
well_laid_lawnthe grub bootloader should have been installed somewhere10:34
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:35
well_laid_lawnxubuntu904:  see if this helps http://askubuntu.com/questions/132143/stuck-on-reboot-and-shutdown/135568#13556810:37
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xubuntu947ive just downloaded xubuntu, but there is no .iso file in it11:29
xubuntu947how can i install it on my other comuter that has no system at all11:30
onrwhere did you download xubuntu?11:30
xubuntu947from official website, this one11:30
xubuntu947its 'xubuntu-13.10-desktop-i386'11:31
onrdid you download the .torrent file?11:32
onrokay that file is used to download Xubuntu from other Xubuntu users11:33
onryou need a torrent client to run11:33
onrif you're on xubuntu already, there should be Transmission installed11:33
ubottuSome torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P11:34
xubuntu947oh ok, thanks for help11:34
fractalseaHi, I recently installed the latest xubuntu version on a Lenovo thinkpad carbon x1. One thing that is not working is that when I click the speaker or bluetooth icons in the top right, the dropdown has nothing in it and is tiny12:10
fractalseaThe volume does work though, and I can adjust it through keyboard buttons. The bluetooth also seems to work if I control it through the main application.12:11
fractalseaDoes anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.12:11
elfybug 120820412:13
ubottubug 1208204 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120820412:13
elfyfractalsea: ^^12:13
fractalseathank you12:22
robfordHi all, can anyone help?! Just installed XUBUNTU 13.10 and it's set my screen resolution to 1024x768 yet this monitor can handle higher. Is there a way to overide this to get the correct res?12:50
robfordUsing Gala window manager btw12:51
brainwashrobford: this wiki article might be helpful https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution12:53
robfordThank you brainwash, I'll have a look now :)12:53
AraneidaePressing the power button triggers shutdown, even though Power Manager says it's set to "Suspend".  Used to work before I upgraded to 13.1013:44
cfhowlettAraneidae, I do believe that function was removed in 13.10 ...13:45
AraneidaeAny idea why?13:45
cfhowlettsorry, I don't know13:45
AraneidaeWhat, just to make the system less friendly?!  Grr!13:45
brainwashAraneidae: bug 122202113:48
ubottubug 1222021 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "xfce4-power-manager does not inhibit systemd from handling buttons and lid events" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122202113:48
elfyty brainwash - was just digging that out13:48
AraneidaeCheers, that looks like it13:48
AraneidaeThanks brainwash13:49
brainwashalways handy to have the important bug reports bookmarked :)13:49
AraneidaeIf that's just a bug with xfce4-power-manager, can I just tweak the appropriate underlying config anyway?13:50
AraneidaeI know nil about /etc/systemd/logind.conf, but it seems suspicious that *every* entry is commented out!13:51
elfyhave to say that enabling it didn't actually work for me13:52
elfybut other's report success13:52
AraneidaeWell, I can but try, am looking here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Power_Management13:52
* Araneidae is sorely tempted to go back to Arch13:52
brainwashif an entry is commented out, the default value will be used13:53
AraneidaeYes, and the default value is poweroff13:54
brainwashnothing wrong about that13:54
AraneidaeAh, crap.  What's the ubuntu equivalent to systemctl?13:54
bekksAraneidae: Whats is systemctl?13:54
AraneidaeWhat used to be /etc/init.d/whatever back in the good old days of sysvinit13:55
AraneidaeIn other words, the startup script controller13:55
AraneidaeDamn, I liked sysvinit, I could understand it.  Have no clue about systemd or upstart or whether they're the same thing or what13:56
brainwashso why do you use ubuntu in the first place?13:57
AraneidaeToo much churn on Arch13:57
AraneidaeWhen they switched away from sysvinit, about a year ago, everything on my system broke, so I gave up and came back to Ubuntu13:57
AraneidaeRight.  I *may* have successfully reconfigured my power button, let's see...13:59
AraneidaeYes!  It works13:59
Araneidaeelfy, you said editing /etc/systemd/logind.conf didn't work for you?  Just did for me, so maybe, did you edit it right?14:00
elfynot that bothered here - tbh - only causes me an issue if I forget I leave the machine on overnight14:02
AraneidaeWhat were you trying to configure?  I've got my power key doing what I want, so that bit seems to work; guess you were doing something else?14:03
elfynope - same thing - I was though trying to confirm the bug prior to release14:04
elfyI'm more interested in trusty now :)14:04
AraneidaeHowever, reading the Arch wiki entry, it looks like I may just be lucky for now... seems to depend on too many factors.14:04
cfhowlettscatharis, soup14:43
scatharisbuilding out replacement system, going ok thus far14:46
scatharisfirst couple attempts blew up14:47
scatharisseems when doing a release upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10, the new grub picked up on some crap left over in the last sector of my disks, guess they were on a windows box and set to dynamic (veritas legacy crap).  grub was unimpressed with the partition table and wouldn't write14:48
cfhowlettscatharis, and that's why I always recommend (1) a dedicated /home partition and (2) clean install every time of (3) LTS only.14:49
cfhowlettbut YMMV!14:49
scatharisI do a fair amount of work with storage so I tend to mess around even on my home systems14:49
scatharisthis is somewhat of an experimental box.  My main is a 12.04 and is staying that way until the next LTS14:50
scatharisI was fighting the nouveau drivers on another board with an add-on nv32 gpu; 2d was so bad it was intolerable....for the moment using an old p945-based board with a GMA950 (blech)14:51
scatharisat least I can scroll a window now....14:51
scatharisthe nouveau guys said they would help, but not if I was running an 'ancient' release (12.04)....hence my toying around14:52
scatharisOh hey, while I'm at it...I added the canonical partners repo in as usual, but the flashplugin-installer thing isn't there anymore, it's in multiverse, which I won't enable :(14:53
scatharisguess I'll manage that one manually straight from adobe.14:54
cfhowlettscatharis, try sudo apt-get xubuntu-restricted-extras     that might pull it in14:54
Sysi!info flashplugin-installer14:55
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 6 kB, installed size 136 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)14:55
Sysiyup, multiverse14:55
scatharisthank you.  enabling multiverse isn't something I'm going to do.  I'll manage it myself from the adobe.com tarball.15:00
scatharisI actually went from 12.04 LTS all the way up to 13.10, so thankfully multiverse isn't enabled.  not sure how to make sure that, during install, nothing from multiverse makes it on my system if I do a non-lts-alternate-install15:01
scatharisOh hey, one other question while I'm at it.  During startup, I've got grub set to use a plain-text console as I prefer.  However after the init scripts start (I suspect upstart stuff is going on at this point) there is zero console output...then a few seconds before my xdm starts, I get a whole spew of modem-manager messages at a high resolution graphics mode.  how do I get to see init script output on boot?  got a coupl15:05
scatharise to write, would like to monitor while actually booting live.15:05
havenonearthhi, still dealing with internet cutting out from time to time.  have ruled out mozilla as issue. win7 dual boot on laptop has no internet problems, neither do any of the other laptops in the house. how do i ping router and gateway? my connection shows a number of different ip addresses, which ones do I use?17:04
kgbhavenonearth: wireless?17:05
kgboh, good luck with that xD17:05
kgbsry, couldn't help myself17:06
havenonearthLOL, no prob.17:06
havenonearthI'm not sure if it really even is a router or gateway issue if none of the other computers in the house have issues.17:06
havenonearthwin7 runs as a dual boot from my laptop and that has no issues either.17:06
havenonearthi can click on the network icon and reconnect it, it's just a bit disruptive and an annoyance. I've worked out all other issues with my ubuntustudio install--this is the remaining one.17:07
kgbmaybe just disabling ipv6 - if your ISP doesn't have it - *might* help the issue, maybe17:08
kgbbut don't hold me to it17:09
vabihello, how can i delete the session manager, i don't want to use it at all, it's only messin :(17:10
vabior disable it easily?17:10
kgbuse alt+f4 to logout first when restarting? ;-$17:11
vabiand doin it every time?17:11
Sysiremove saved sessions and uncheck the tap in logout window17:11
kgbit's how i get around it hehe17:11
vabiSysi, i did it17:12
Sysiit should remember the selection17:12
vabior, how can i remove saved sessions?17:12
vabiin contol panel yes?17:12
havenonearththanks kgb, i'll try it.17:13
kgbfingers crossed17:14
vabiThe problem is occuring only when i use the shutdown button directly, when i use the shutdown or logut from end session button, it's working fine17:18
vabiit looks like the direct shutdown button is ignoring session settings.17:18
kgbya it's like erratic or something, couldn't be asked to figure it out :$17:19
kgb*personally :)17:20
vabiok, i deleted that bugged turn off option in session menu17:21
havenonearthhow do I disable ipv6 in Network Manager editing?  I see the settings where I can check off "requiring an ipv4 address" or "requiring an ipv6 address".  Also would an ISP as big as Charter (4th largest cable internet in nation) really not use ipv6 addresses at this point?17:21
kgbhavenonearth: i only meant it as a quick-workaround btw., prolly not the best thing to do (since it can be used for local networking)17:22
kgb*since it's used17:22
havenonearthlet me trying apt-get update on terminal since I haven't done that in a while.17:23
kgb(and it has to be disabled from loading at startup, not sure if any checkboxes can help with it)17:23
ubukouhey folks, i ve been trying to set a 3360*1050 wallpaper and i could not find a way to do that correctly. i edited the xfce-desktop in settings manager and i can now set wallpaper across two screens but i can only set it as zoomed so the resolution is lost on me...17:26
ubukouany fixes?17:26
ubukoui got nitrogen to do the dual screen but i cant apply anything with it ..17:26
ubukoui did that. http://dotcadot.ca/articles/using-multi-monitor-dual-head-wallpapers-xfce17:27
kgbno need to edit anything manually17:28
gdoshow do i remove multi-user / switch user capability in xfce / xubuntu ?17:28
kgbjust put the files in the *correct* folder(s), for the wallpaper to come up in the settings (have to use sudo acct i think, not 100% sure without looking)17:28
ubukoukgb, i have this fxdesktop to handle the wallpapers. the only to set 1 wallpaper is to set 2 wallpapers (one for each screen). maybe there is something that i do not understand.17:31
ubukoukgb, sudo accd is not a valid command17:32
kgbubukou: i spoke a little 2 quickly; it's changed a bit in Saucy - but you can browse for the folder so that was wrong..17:32
ubukoukgb, hmm so there is a folder that if i put wallpapers with dual head resolution (3360*1050) it will automaticaly set them across 2 scressn ?17:34
ubukoukgb, sorry if i dont get it. thanks for the help.17:35
ubukoukgb, maybe this post ( http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=5300 ) will help you understand what im looking to get.17:35
kgbgah, my second monitor isn't plugged in atm :/17:35
ubukoukgb, shame on you "geek" :)17:36
ubukoukgb, no offence meant :)17:36
kgbyeah, yea, np :) i was talking nonsense anyway; what I MEANT to say is.. that whether it's the checkbox 'Apply to all workspaces' in the Desktop settings, or something similar - you should be able to get a spanned wallpaper in default Xubuntu with no problems.. without any add-ons or anything17:38
ubukoukgb,  if you look at the forum thread i sent you, you will see the string i added to the xfce4-desktop channel.17:38
kgbsure, sure - just seemed a little over complicated; that's why i tried to \help\ :S17:38
* kgb runs out 2 plug in teh screen17:38
ubukoukgb, problem with that is that i cant choose the "style" option under the desktop setting.17:38
ubukoukgb, yea i got you now. it seems to me that there is no such option tho17:39
ubukoukgb,  its weird i can set the /png's wallpapers style, i cant set the JPG's style.. maybe the fxdesktop is not able to do that for jpg's or the string that i added is missing something.17:42
ubukoukgb let me try and convert the image type and see if that works.17:43
ubukouconverting the image to png does not work. neither does moving the image to /usr/share/xfce4/backdrop17:52
ubukouany ideas?17:52
goddardhow can i attach the super key to my xfce menu?19:23
wannabehi there22:06
rmoorehi everyone. i have a left side mounted vertical panel and a top mounted horizontal panel but the vertical panel is overlapping with the top vertical one. how do i set the horizontal panel to consistently overlay over the vertical one?22:12
knomermoore, you could just make the vertical one non-100%-tall22:13
rmooreoh. that's an excellent idea, heh. thank you22:13
Poisoned_DragonThough the panels enforce reserve spacing on apps, they don't on each other.22:13
rmoorei'm trying get a lightweight unity-like look out of xfce22:14
Poisoned_DragonI hear ya.22:16
Poisoned_DragonI just have a panel on top and an auto-hide panel on the bottom.22:16
rmooreYeah I was just bored and wanted to see if I could pull it off. I'm already thinking I'm just going to go back to the standard look though, heh.22:18
Poisoned_DragonI use Plank as my second panel. Seems to make things look good.22:19
rmooreNow I've tried to instal cairo-compmgr because I tried SalentOS and liked it alot but can't seem to get it to work. Do any of you have any experience with compositors aside from the standard XFCE compositing?22:19
Poisoned_DragonNot I22:19
knomermoore, whatever that might or might not mean, they are not "officially supported"22:20
knomermoore, but we've heard many people running them; probably on the minority though22:20
rmooreYeah I know that compositing kind of runs contrary to the goal of Xubuntu22:20
Poisoned_DragonWhy do you want to replace xfce's composter with cairo-compmgr?22:20
Poisoned_DragonWould compiz work for you instead?22:21
rmooreIt might! I've never actually tried compositors before22:21
rmooreI came to Xubuntu from CrunchBang22:21
Poisoned_DragonThen you did have a composter. #! uses Compton.22:21
knomeiirc, there was some issues with compiz and the latest ubuntu version, but i have no idea if that's true and what those issues might be22:22
Poisoned_DragonBut, this is getting off topic.22:22
Poisoned_DragonI wish I could be more helpful.22:22
rmooreCrunch uses Compton? I didn't realize that22:22
rmooreHow is Compiz?22:22
Poisoned_DragonI dunno. I only tried it once and it didn't integrate well, though I not very savvy with it.22:23
Poisoned_DragonSo, I didn't judge it poorly. If you decide to use it, hunt down install documentation for it.22:24
rmoorei missed the first thing you said, Poisoned_Dragon22:24
Poisoned_DragonIt doesn't run out of the box. Needs some setup to replace xfce's composter22:24
Poisoned_DragonI dunno. I only tried it once and it didn't integrate well, though I not very savvy with it.22:24
Poisoned_Dragon^ that was it22:24
rmooreAh, well. It's not a big deal. I'm honestly still adjusting to this whole "having an applications menu icon on the desktop" thing22:25
rmooreThat alone blows my mind22:25
knomermoore, on my laptop, i only use shortcut keys and the feature to show the applications menu on desktop-right-click when i need something i haven't bound to keys22:25
Poisoned_DragonSadly, I rejected Unity and Gnome for that reason, only to have outgrown the need for desktop icons, despite using xfce to gain it back.22:26
knomecan't remember when i have *ever* used desktop icons, and that is ever in my compuyting history22:26
Poisoned_DragonI use some kb shortcuts. Plank helps me fill in the speed gaps.22:27
knomeexcept maybe with windows 3.1 :)22:27
Poisoned_DragonI did, and still do, on Windows.22:27
rmooreI have a few taskbar pinned icons on my Win H8 machine22:27
rmooreBut I mainely just use that for making music in FL Studio and playing games22:27
Poisoned_DragonBut, I found I didn't need the desktop for icons, with xfce22:28
knomeanyway... yeah, this is getting offtopic; #xubuntu-offtopic22:28
Poisoned_Dragonyuppers. sorry22:28
rmooreAre there any performance tweaks or whatnot you all might suggest for someone that literally JUST installed Xubuntu?22:30
rmooreHopefully that isn't off-topic22:30
elfyrmoore: about all I ever do is get the panle right for me and install a few things22:31
knomermoore, it isn't really something you need to do for the *installation* itself, but think about what applications you are using22:32
knomermoore, eg. don't install the kde text editor, use mousepad22:32
rmooreIs leafpad the KDE editor?22:32
elfyI actually install gedit knome - for the tabs22:33
knomewhat i mean is, no such things are installed in the default installation22:33
knomejust make sure you don't install such things :)22:33
knomeor at least check if there is a preinstalled alternative22:33
knomeelfy, mousepad has tabs!22:33
elfynext one?22:33
David-Armoore: have you installed xubuntu-restricted-extras or what its called these days? for all codecs, flash, java and stuff.22:33
knomeelfy, i switched to mousepad from gedit just a few days ago, since mousepad now also supports *color schemes*!22:33
knomeelfy, what's in 13.10 at least.22:34
rmooreI insalled ubuntu-restricted-extras so I can watch Hulu22:34
rmooreHaven't installed Java yet but I should22:34
David-Armoore: java and flash for web browsers are in restricted extra, or used to be. arn't they?22:35
elfyknome: oh yea - I'd not noticed that22:35
knomeelfy, yep, that's cool22:36
rmooreI would upgrade to 3.10 but I have a non-pae system22:36
rmooreSo I'm stuck with 12.04 forever it would seem. I really need to switch my newer system over to *nix from WinH822:37
knomeyou can upgrade from 12.04 to later versions...22:38
knomei'm not sure how the kernel supports are though22:38
knomebut you *can* do that22:38
rmooreFrom what I've seen on threads ya can't if you don't have PAE22:38
knomeyou just can't do a clean installation with later versions22:38
Poisoned_DragonI thought Mousepad development was non-existent. I usually use leafpad in it's place, if gedit isn't installed22:38
rmooreOh so I can upgrae?22:38
rmooreJust can't clean install22:38
rmooreThat's interesting.22:38
Poisoned_Dragonyou don't have a pae processor, rmoore?22:39
knomeyep; i'd check the kernel support thing/situation first, though22:39
rmooreno unfortunately i don't22:40
rmooreceleron M 1.622:40
rmooreon my other computer I have pae but I also have the joys of UEFI/Secure Boot. Which is mostly why its still running Windows22:40
Poisoned_DragonMy eeepc701 uses a celeron M 900 under clocked to 650, and it's pae.22:40
rmooreThat is very interesting22:40
rmooreWhen I tried to install 3.10 I got the "This system does not have PAE enabled"22:41
Poisoned_DragonThere were Pentium M/Celeron M Processors that were pae compliant but, didn't have the PAE flag enabled.22:42
Poisoned_DragonThere is a procedure for those processors.22:42
Poisoned_DragonThe draw back is the instruction are for lubuntu.22:43
rmoorewell im used to being "behind the times" anyhow so I'll stick with this for the time being. once 2017 rolls around if this guy i still running i'll look into that22:45
rmoore i mostly bought this because I want to turn it into an audio production/recording workstation and start a blog about using really old laptops to make music, updating it as i learn and whatnot22:46
rmoorei know alot of people that use old old laptops to make music but their all fuddy duddies and don't want to share how they went about it22:47
rmooreI actually only got into linux like a year or so ago. I hardly knew what it even was. My friend had a Slackware system but he refused to tell me anything about it22:48
knomermoore, Poisoned_Dragon: could you please move the discussion to #xubuntu-offtopic? cheers! (i'd be interested to keep on reading it, so please do move it rather than stop it!)22:49
rmooresure thing. i'm sorry for going so off topic22:50
knomeno problem! thanks for understanding22:50
Mike-Linux-NLanyone else who is missing desktop files,folders & content on Xubuntu desktop all of the sudden?23:23
Mike-Linux-NLlast night i had a few updates23:24
Mike-Linux-NLnow files and folders are being deleted from my desktop23:24
bekksMike-Linux-NL: No update touches your personal files.23:26
Mike-Linux-NLwell over here it did23:26
bekksNowhere  it does.23:26
Mike-Linux-NLand in the #xfce channel  someone else logged in with the same thing23:26
Mike-Linux-NLi did the updates last night. turned off the laptop and just fired it on a few mins ago. all desktop content gone. the recently uswed files in placed, still show some content that WAS on my desktop23:27
Mike-Linux-NLno one else had acces to this laptop. had it with me all time23:27
bekksThen log in in a terminal, and run "ls -lha ~/Desktop/"23:28
Mike-Linux-NLlast updates i performed:23:28
Mike-Linux-NLpython-lazr.restfulclient (0.12.0-1ubuntu1.1)23:28
Mike-Linux-NLthunderbird (1:24.1.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1)23:28
Mike-Linux-NLthunderbird-locale-nl (1:24.1.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1)23:28
Mike-Linux-NLthunderbird-locale-en (1:24.1.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1)23:28
Mike-Linux-NLthunderbird-globalmenu (1:24.1.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1)23:28
Mike-Linux-NLthunderbird-locale-en-us (1:24.1.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1)23:28
bekksSTOP IT23:28
bekksUSe a pastebin.23:28
Mike-Linux-NLbekks: in my language (dutch) its called Bureaublad23:29
Mike-Linux-NLtried it. does not show anything23:29
Mike-Linux-NLalso in thunar when opening desktop folder, nothing is in there23:30
David-AMike-Linux-NL: did you search for filenames, if they are somewhere else?23:30
Poisoned_DragonMike-Linux-NL, those updates should have nothing to do with your desktop23:30
Poisoned_DragonIt's just Thunderbird, and a python module.23:30
Mike-Linux-NLin my places app on the panel, under recent, i was able to see some files that where on the desktop. when clicking on it, it says that i doesnt exist23:30
Poisoned_DragonMaybe you have a file system problem.23:31
Poisoned_DragonOh even a HDD problem.23:31
Mike-Linux-NLwell everything else works fine. no files harmed23:31
Mike-Linux-NLi just noticed my desktop was empty when i logged in23:31
Mike-Linux-NLand like i said.. the last thing this laptop did was applying those updates23:32
David-AMike-Linux-NL: can you keep this issue to one channel please?23:32
Mike-Linux-NLDavid-A: ?23:32
Mike-Linux-NLi post this in the xubuntu channel since i use xubuntu.23:33
David-AMike-Linux-NL: sorry, it wasn't simultaneous, you are okay.23:33
Mike-Linux-NLif you are on xfce channel, where i told the similar thing, icannot help it that you are logged into more channels23:33
David-AMike-Linux-NL: I didn't see an answer to my other question. did you search for filenames, if they are in another folder now?23:34
Mike-Linux-NLjust doing it now23:35
David-A(not manually I hope)23:36
Mike-Linux-NLopened catfish23:37
Mike-Linux-NLwell i be damned....23:39
Mike-Linux-NLjust found everything!23:39
bekksANd where were your files? :)23:39
David-AMike-Linux-NL: interesting! where? the thrash?23:39
Mike-Linux-NLbut why the hell is it in /home/mike/bin/Desktop ?23:39
David-AMike-Linux-NL: by any chance, are you diagnosed with Parkinsons desease?23:40
bekksBecause "~/Desktop/" is the default, and "~/Bureaublad/" is just something like a symlink, used to make it more readable in your native language.23:40
Mike-Linux-NLi know.. it is called Bureaublad23:41
Mike-Linux-NLi just typed desktop so you could understand23:41
David-AMike-Linux-NL: then I don't know why ~/Desktop have been moved to ~/bin/Desktop23:41
Mike-Linux-NLstill, the question remains... why is it in the bin folder?23:41
Mike-Linux-NLjust copying stuff back to the desktop, but it takes a while.. when i copied it myself, i would have noticed23:42
David-AMike-Linux-NL: it takes not a while. it just takes a few milliseconds.23:43
Mike-Linux-NL5 minutes23:43
bekks5 seconds.23:43
Mike-Linux-NLi had some large files on the desktop23:43
Mike-Linux-NLcouple of movies i was working on23:43
bekksMoving files happens instantly.23:43
bekksI can move gigabytes within seconds, when being on the same filesystem.23:44
David-AMike-Linux-NL: ~/ and ~/bin/ should be on the same filesystem, moving files is just a matter of moving the filenames. the content remains in the same blocks on the disk. it takes milliseconds.23:44
Mike-Linux-NLi copied instead of cut&paste23:45
bekksThats not "moving".23:45
Mike-Linux-NLnow i had to cut& paste since i ran out of space haha23:45
bekksThats "copying".23:45
Mike-Linux-NLthat the first time that it occured23:45
Mike-Linux-NLthat the desktop folder i being moved to the bin folder,23:46
Mike-Linux-NLah well..the important thing is, that it is back23:46
David-AMike-Linux-NL: my theory is you have have had Parkinsons without realizing it, and now have recovered from it.23:47
David-AMike-Linux-NL: (I know I have had it)23:48
David-A(and others too)23:48
bekksMy theory is: you accidentially moved the files to ~/bin/Desktop/23:48
Mike-Linux-NLthats your theory. i know exactly what i did last night... thunar was not open, not even a terminal23:49
Mike-Linux-NLonly the xubuntu update app to update a few files, then afterwards i did a clean shutdown and went to bed23:49
Mike-Linux-NLi really think those updates did it for some reason23:50
bekksThen it would have happened to all users - which I doubt strongly.23:51
Mike-Linux-NLthe only thing i use the bin folder for is a webcamwrapper script to flip my cam23:51
Mike-Linux-NLwell there's someone in the xfce channel who came with a very similar issue23:51
Mike-Linux-NLexcept he is using gentoo23:51
David-AMike-Linux-NL: don't blame the update until we have ruled out Keith Alexander23:51
Mike-Linux-NLwho's that?23:52
bekksThe chief of the NSA.23:52
Mike-Linux-NLwell, that agency cant be trusted for anything nowadays23:53
knomeMike-Linux-NL, David-A: can you take it to #xubuntu-offtopic? thanks.23:53
David-Asorry, ok23:53
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