sharpertonguei'm confused00:17
sharpertonguewill someone help me00:17
sharpertonguei've never used IRC00:17
sharpertongueis anyone even here...00:18
valoriesharpertongue: yes00:20
valoriewe're here for you00:20
valorieyou have a question?00:20
sharpertongueyeah, about IRC.00:21
sharpertonguei'm trying to connect to a Tor chatroom00:21
valorieon which server?00:21
valorieso, what client are you using?00:21
valorieI use it also00:22
sharpertonguethat's good. lol00:22
valorieso have you set up oftc.net in your server list?00:22
sharpertonguei've tried.00:22
valoriefile > server list....00:22
valorieyou can easily check00:22
valorieeither it's there, or you haven't set it up yet00:23
sharpertonguei mean, yeah. i have it set up, but...00:23
sharpertonguei don't think the information is correct00:23
sharpertongueor something00:23
valoriedo you connect using SSL?00:23
sharpertonguei have no idea...00:23
sharpertonguewhat SSL is00:24
valorieok, then probably not, so the defaults will be fine00:24
valorieyou'll need to edit your identity within that server00:24
valorieif you want to automatically identify to nickserv and so on00:24
sharpertonguehmmmm. nickserv00:25
valorieso click the edit button and you'll see identity up near the top with it's own edit button00:25
valorienickserv is what grants you "sharpertongue" instead of guest xyz00:25
valorieso once you have set up an account, you basically /msg nickserv identify Pa55w0rd00:26
valorieonly the client does it for you, if you set it up there00:27
sharpertonguei don't have an account set up?00:27
sharpertonguei literally just downloaded this IRC client like  10 minutes ago00:28
valorieah, ok00:28
sharpertonguei've never used IRC before so00:28
valoriethen you can do it when you connect to that server00:29
sharpertonguedo what? set up an account??00:29
valoriebtw, you can be connected to as many servers as you like at one time00:29
sharpertongue<-- isn't this my account00:29
* valorie is connected to three servers right now00:29
valorieyes, that is your account with freenode00:29
sharpertonguewhat is freenode00:29
valorieif you've never connected to oftc, you have no account there00:29
valorieevery network is different, independent00:30
valorieit's like twitter and gmail00:30
valorieseparate things00:30
valoriefreenode is the network you are on now00:31
sharpertonguei see.00:31
valoriebig one, hundreds, maybe thousands of channels00:31
sharpertongueso what is this /msg command that you spoke about?00:31
sharpertongueoh, that's after i set up an account00:32
valorieyou use /msg to talk privately to people, services and sometimes bots00:32
valorieall commands in irc start with a slash at the beginning of the input line00:33
valorieoccasionally bot commands are like !irc00:33
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines00:33
sharpertongueunderstood, thank you. i can't even connect to the tor network to be able to set up an account, though00:33
sharpertonguei don't think the server and channel information is correct00:34
valorieif you go up to File > server list....00:34
valorieyou can set up oftc, and connect00:34
valoriecheck it on the link you gave me above00:34
sharpertonguei've tried to. brb i'll show you the log?00:34
valoriesure, paste it somewhere00:34
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:34
valorieif you care about security, it's worthwhile to read up on SSL00:35
valorieI'm not a big security nut, but I use SSL when it is available00:35
sharpertonguewell, yeah. i value security... and privacy... i'll try to read something about SSL00:36
sharpertonguethis is the log00:36
sharpertongue[16:35] [Info] Looking for server http://www.oftc.net/ (port 6667)...00:36
sharpertongue[16:35] [Error] Connection to server http://www.oftc.net/ (port 6667) lost: Unknown error.00:36
FloodBotK1sharpertongue: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:36
valoriesharpertongue: I told you to use a paste service, and gave you a link00:37
valorieConnection Details:00:37
valorieirc://irc.oftc.net:6667 (alternative ports: 6668-6670, 7000), IPv4 and IPv600:37
valorieif 6667 doesn't work, try one of the others00:38
valoriemany here are connected to oftc; I know it works00:38
valoriedebian uses oftc00:38
valorieand we are a deb-based distro00:38
valoriealso, they provide a webchat interface00:40
valorieand excellent open service00:40
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RosettaTradHello everybody02:29
RosettaTradcould somebody help me please, I am having a big issue with my Kubuntu installation. I tried to reinstall kubuntu 13.10, since I had many broken packages. I did the install preserving my home directory. During the install, the installer crashed while "Restoring previously installed packages". This broke my entire installation. I get the login window, but my mouse doesn't work. I decided to boot from live CD and do a clean install. Now when I am02:36
RosettaTradtrying to copy my folder from my home directory to my external HDD running Dolphin, it doesn't copy due to permission issues. How can I copy the folders from my home folder to my external HDD please ?02:36
RosettaTradUsing the GUI if possible ?02:37
valorieyou might have to use sudo, RosettaTrad02:38
valorieor go in and change the permissions02:38
valoriewhich you should be able to do in dolphin02:38
valoriealso: rsync is about a million times faster then the gui02:38
valorieslight exaggeration, but if you do it via gui and compare, you'll agree with me02:39
RosettaTradI am on the live cd session right now. When I am trying to change permissions in dolphin it's greyed out.02:39
valorielet this be a lesson: do your backup *first*02:39
valorieI've learned through sad experience02:40
valoriesec and I'll find you my blog post on doing what you are doing02:40
RosettaTradthank you02:41
valorieyou might find http://linuxgrandma.blogspot.com/2011/03/rsync-and-backup-success.html useful as well02:42
valoriesince I wrote it first02:42
valoriewe'll help you get the command correct02:42
valoriealso: with my backup drive, it's important to open it with dolphin before I access it via the cli02:43
valorieit has a 'green' component which a lot of the new ones do, which tells it to spin down if nothing is happening02:43
valorieand then it's no longer accessable02:44
valoriemounting it with dolphin seems to protect it from that spin down while you are getting everything set up02:44
RosettaTradI am sorry but I didn't really understand what you mean02:45
valorievery much worthwhile to learn rsync02:45
valoriewhen you plug it in to your computer, does something pop up?02:45
valoriethe Device Notifier should ask what you want to do with it02:45
valorieand just select open with dolphin02:45
valorieor open in file manager, or whatever it says02:46
RosettaTradok, when I plugin my external HDD it shows in Dolphin02:47
RosettaTradthen I open a split window and try to move my data from one disk to the other by dragging and dropping02:47
RosettaTradbut it doesn't work02:47
valorieright, and that will take forever02:48
valorieif you have anything there02:48
valoriealso, are you really trying to MOVE it?02:48
valorieor only copy it02:48
RosettaTradIt doesn't even give me the popup menu02:49
RosettaTradalso I just checked the permissions on my external HDD and it's all grey too02:49
valorieok, then it isn't properly mounted02:50
valoriein a konsole, type: mount02:50
valorieand you'll see what drives and devices are connected and mounted02:51
RosettaTradmay I paste the output here ?02:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:52
valorieso it isn't mounted02:55
RosettaTradok, but in dolphin I can see the contents of the drive02:55
Roeyhello valorie, RosettaTrad and ubottu!02:55
valorieif you unplug it, and after a moment plug it in again, does the device notifier pop up again?02:56
valorieRoey: pffff02:56
RosettaTradyes it does02:56
valoriecool, then tell it to open in dolphin again02:56
valorietry 'mount' again, and see if it shows up now02:56
Roeyoh maybe you can help me with fetchmail and Yahoo Mail, Valorie02:58
valorieyahoo is the devil02:58
valorieand I haven't set up 'real' mail for a long, long time02:59
valorieI miss kmail though02:59
RosettaTradok, I can open it in Dolphin, see it's contents but not write to it03:00
RosettaTradwell actually the external HDD is empty03:00
valoriethat's fine03:00
valorieoh, has it been formatted?03:00
RosettaTradI just reformatted it in gparted with ext4 formet03:01
valoriehere's the thing03:02
valorieyou are working off the liveCD, right?03:02
valorieI haven't ever done this before03:03
valoriebecause you have an unmounted HD on the computer you're working on03:03
valorieso I think you'll have to mount that before you can copy anything from it03:04
RosettaTradI can read the contents of the computers internal HDD03:04
RosettaTradinside Dolphin03:04
valorieok, so dolphin mounted it03:04
RosettaTradI can open files from my home directory, I just can not move them03:04
valoriewhy do you want to MOVE them03:05
valorierather than copy them?03:05
RosettaTradwell I want to copy several folders from my home directory to my external HDD, and then fully format my internal HDD and do a clean install of kubuntu03:06
valoriegood plan03:06
valoriehttp://www.linux.com/news/enterprise/storage/8200-back-up-like-an-expert-with-rsync is simple and understandable, even for me. "The basic syntax for rsync is simple enough -- just run rsync [options] source destination to copy the file or files provided as the source argument to the destination."03:07
RosettaTradok, I will try that03:08
valorieso basically what you want to do is 'rsync -av /home/user/Music /backup path/Music03:08
valorieput your own user and own path in03:08
valorietype it here first03:08
valorieand we'll check it03:08
RosettaTradok, thanks a lot03:09
valorieadd --progress in there if you want to see what's going on as it works03:09
valoriethe nice thing about doing it folder by folder if you only have a few is that you miss all the cruft03:10
valorieit's possible to tell rsync not to copy the cruft, but easier to just get what you want03:10
valorieif you are nervous, use --dry-run and it will show you exactly what it is planning to do03:11
valorieI love the gui, but there are certain tasks that are so much easier in the cli03:12
valorieit makes sense to figure them out03:12
RosettaTradok it works, in the beginning it said permission denied, so I ran it with sudo and it works03:13
monkeyjuicecould just run sudo dolphin in termanal and it should work also03:15
valoriewell, it will take much longer in dolphin03:16
monkeyjuiceya but you can click and drag03:16
valorieit's worthwhile to learn how to use rsync for big jobs03:16
valorieit makes backup easy, so you'll do it03:16
monkeyjuicetrue ;)03:16
valoriewhen backup takes a day, you'll skip doing it03:16
valorieRosettaTrad: congratulations03:17
valorieyou just run it the other way to suck the stuff from your backup onto your hd03:17
valoriebelieve me, it's worthwhile to learn rsync03:18
RosettaTradthank you, I am using kubuntu since 2 years now and din't have any trouble, but after updating to 13.10 it started to get messy03:18
valorieI've had a few bad upgrades over the years03:18
monkeyjuicei never upgrade i install freash03:19
RosettaTradthe problem is that I had many broken packages and apps that disappeared03:20
valoriehmmm, I had no problems with the beta, or final03:20
sherriwootenHello World!04:15
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rayzhello all05:16
lordievaderGood morning.07:46
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woda_where i can download libx264? kubuntu 13.1010:22
lordievaderwoda_: libx264-123? sudo apt-get install libx264-12310:25
woda_lordievader: thank you10:28
lordievaderwoda_: No problem ;)10:31
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lordievaderHey monkeyjuice, how are you?11:29
monkeyjuicegood lordievader got up early today ;)11:29
monkeyjuicehow you doing lordievader11:29
lordievadermonkeyjuice: Doing good. :)11:30
monkeyjuicebeen thinking i need to upgrade some day still running 12.0411:30
lordievadermonkeyjuice: My server is also running 12.04 ;)11:30
monkeyjuiceit runs good so kind of hate to change ;)11:31
monkeyjuicewhats for lunch?11:31
monkeyjuicehey there Avihay11:31
Avihaydon't plasma and sometimes kwin crash on you once in a while?11:32
monkeyjuiceme? crash ummmm no11:33
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huynhempirehi is anyone here i would like some help12:57
Rory3 seconds, that has to be a record13:32
Tm_TRory: ?13:44
RoryOh, 3 minutes not 3 seconds13:45
RoryStill, people should have more patience13:45
Tm_TRory: when they're gone it's too late to tell that (:13:49
RoryI know, I'm just venting my frustration13:49
Tm_Twrong place for that (;13:51
G__81i have installed Kubuntu 13.10 and i see a compositor setting option as open gl 3.1 .I have selected that and applied it. Whats the actual difference with respect to 2.0 opengl which is the default. Is it safe to change it to 3.1  ?13:59
Tm_Tgood question14:02
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ubuntoidhi all. tell me pls, can i install php 5.5 (or at least 5.4) on my server with ubuntu 11.04 running? i added Ondrej's repositories and did the apt-get update/upgrade but php version is still 5.3 for some reason14:28
ubuntoidalso, aptitude shows nothing alternatives too14:29
Piciubuntoid: 11.04 is no longer supported, so there will not be any PPA packages available for that release.14:33
ubuntoidPici: thanks for the answer... and there are no way to cheat this system and tell the package manager or something that this is 12.04?14:34
Piciubuntoid: doing that will very likely break everything./14:35
ubuntoidso what can I do to install new php version? only compile from the sources? the problem is: vps hosting limits list of available operating systems, and unfortunately only 11.04 is available.14:36
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yuradocpls help me with after-upgrate bugs16:04
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yuradocso maybe could somebody help with pbs?16:09
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crowellhas anyone actually gotten gpg working with kmail/kontact?17:41
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bartjehi guys, running kde 4.11.2 here, set to dutch, english, both UK and USA installed, but some apps show in german :-| a known issue?17:47
bartjeI'm talking about qjackctl, and clementine so far17:47
ezra-sany ppa's for Ubuntu 12.04 to use latest kde or that is not recommended? Stability first17:49
bartjeesra-s: I'd say kubuntu-backports, but if you want stability, I'd stick to the default KDE of 12.0417:50
bartjesorry, ezra-s :-)17:51
ezra-sbartje, no problem, just wondering, it's a work laptop but I have that itch for using the latest we all have, hehe :)17:54
bartjedon't we all :-p17:54
ezra-syou bet :)17:54
ezra-sI'm happy with kde 4.8.5 which ships with kubuntu 12.04 though17:55
bartjeI do have a very positive experience with the support.. I remember having a critical bug in Krita, shipped with the backport-ppa, which didn't have any icons anymore.. At first they said it would be fixed at the end of november, but the next day there already was an update, with a fix :-)17:57
bartjebut of course, you can expect that kind of bugs...17:57
ezra-sthat's nice :)18:00
bartjeand now some apps are in german, no clue why..18:02
ct529hi everybody! what is the repository "update pre release"?18:02
ezra-smaybe some locale was mispackaged18:02
bartjeprobably, but how to fix it? My german is hardly perfect18:03
ezra-sbartje, no clue reall, I'm merely a "user"18:04
bartjeme too :-)18:04
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ryukafalzIs there any way to use the old plasma networkmanager in Kubuntu 13.10?18:59
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