julian____ http://ppa.launchpad.net is timing out for me01:09
julian____seems ok now01:21
josewgrant: ping, around?01:29
wgrantjose: Hi01:31
wgrantjulian____: Yeah, it's having some issues at the moment, we're investigating01:31
josewgrant: hey! mind a PM?01:31
Rc43Hi, guys.01:32
Rc43Could anybody say me how to choose version of package from certain PPA?01:32
Rc43I googled and asked at #ubuntu but still can't do that.01:33
wgrantRc43: A PPA generally only has one version of a particular package for each Ubuntu release.01:33
Rc43I added PPA and successfully installed one package from it, but how to install package.01:33
Rc43But I can't install the package which has version in standard ubuntu repo too.01:34
Rc43wgrant, I mean, I have the package X in PPA and in standard ubuntu's repo.01:34
wgrantRc43: I don't understand what you mean. Do you have a specific example of what you are attempting to do, and what happens when you try?01:36
Rc43wgrant, sure.01:37
Rc43There is pacakge "ocaml" in ubuntu. But I want to install "ocaml" from PPA "avsm\ppa".01:37
Rc43PPA is added successfully. When I type "apt-get install ocaml", ubuntu offer me standard version, not from PPA.01:38
wgrantRc43: Have you run apt-get update since you added the PPA?01:39
Rc43wgrant, yes. And I successfully installed one other package from PPA.01:39
wgrantRc43: what does 'apt-cache policy ocaml' say?01:39
wgrantpastebin the full output01:39
Rc43wgrant, it correctly says that I have two versions to choose.01:45
Rc43(couldn't paste text, it is in virtualbox)01:45
wgrantRc43: 'sudo apt-get install ocaml' will install the one from the PPA, unless there's some dependency issue with that version in which case it *might* pick the old one from the primary archive.01:48
wgrantBut apt will prefer the greater version (unless you use pinning, but those are both pinned to 0, so it doesn't apply here)01:49
Rc43wgrant, can I manually forbid standard repo for this package with /etc/apt/preferences? It would ease searching the issue.01:50
Rc43Because I already have some rules in /etc/apt/preferences and maybe both versions have unsatisfied dependencies; if I disable one version I will see if it is true.01:50
wgrantRc43: You could, but pinning usually makes things more difficult to diagnose, not easier.01:55
wgrantWhat do you have in /etc/apt/preferences today?01:55
Rc43wgrant, I have forbidden *gnome*, *x11*, *gtk*, *qt*.01:57
Rc43wgrant, if you know how to forbid standard package, please say, I think it will help to diagnose01:57
Rc43(in this situation)01:57
wgrantRc43: Forbidden how and why?01:58
Rc43Package: *gnome* Pin: origin Pin-Priority: -101:59
wgrantPinning eg. *gtk* to <0 will cause anything that happens to have built against GTK to fail to install01:59
wgrantIt's extremely unlikely that you'd ever want that.01:59
Rc43Because I need only some dev programs on this machine and if they require a lot of dependencies it is simplier to find alternative without them. So I want to know when there are a lot of redundant dependencies.02:00
wgrantWhat do you hope to achieve by forbidding those strings?02:00
Rc43Certainly, ocaml doesn't require gnome.02:00
wgrantocaml depends on libx11-dev02:00
Rc43*gnome* forbids all gnome related packages, it is what I want.02:00
Rc43wgrant, standard version yes, I don't know why02:00
Rc43that is why I want to use the version from PPA02:00
wgrantBecause things like to have X libraries...02:00
wgrantyou may be able to install ocaml-nox, but in general it's really unwise to pin away libraries like that02:01
Rc43It certainly mustn't02:01
Rc43I know about ocaml-nox.02:01
wgrantIt might buy you a tiny bit of disk space, at the expense of a lot of pain when you try to install things.02:01
wgrantIf you really want to continue with such a strange and pointless pinning scheme, you're on your own, I'm afraid.02:01
Rc43So there is no way to choose manually version from PPA?02:02
Rc43I didn't ask to solve my whole problem, only this small part that I can't find.02:02
wgrantRc43: You could perhaps try pinning the relevant package up by Origin02:03
Rc43Pinning is changing priority?02:03
Rc43How to describe this package in /etc/apt/preferences?02:04
StevenKWhat about =? It may point out the dependancy problem that is preventing 4.0 from installing.02:04
wgrantIf you don't know what pinning is, you probably shouldn't have weird pinning rules like *gtk* :)02:04
Rc43wgrant, I know the special case with -1 :)02:05
Rc43wgrant, ok, I think something like 1 will work, but how to point this package?02:05
wgrantPackage: ocaml02:06
Rc43BTW, I can clear this file after installation, so it will not affect future.02:06
Rc43"Package: ocaml" how it gets that I mean PPA's version?02:06
Rc43StevenK, what does "=" mean?02:06
wgrantPin: origin "LP-PPA-avsm"02:07
Rc43wgrant, thanks!02:08
wgrantYou could also try StevenK's suggested technique02:08
wgrant*Or* you could realise that installing libx11 isn't that bad after all.02:09
Rc43It says `Did't understand "LP-PPA-avsm"'02:09
wgrantEr, maybe 'release o=LP-PPA-avsm'02:09
Rc43wgrant, I will never use X features oon this system. So it is just workaround for me (because packages are not ortogonal because of somebody's workarouns).02:10
wgrantWhat does the workaround achieve?02:10
wgrantWhat is it working around?02:10
wgrantBinaries that might want to use X at some point in some situations have to link against libx1102:12
wgrantUnless a separate version is built without X support02:12
Rc43wgrant, I mean X dependency should be separated, don't know why it is here (in PPA's version there is no it). If it is here then I think it is added because it was difficult to make better; so it is workaround.02:12
wgrantSo Ubuntu either has to have a completely separate build that doesn't link against X, or just accept that installing libx11 isn't fatal.02:12
wgrantlibx11 is just a library02:12
wgrantIt's not an X server02:12
Rc43wgrant, btw, I dind't understand what StevenK means...02:12
wgrantIt's a library that can talk to an X server02:12
StevenKRc43: I meant 'apt-get install ocaml=<version>'02:13
Rc43StevenK, thats what I asked from the beginning :)02:13
Rc43Thank you.02:13
Rc43I just didn't know how to specify it; I tried hyphen.02:13
StevenKRc43: It's listed in the first screen of 'man apt-get' :-)02:14
Rc43StevenK, I looked it, but earlier then I got that PPA's name is part of version.02:15
lfaraonethe last entry in https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1091605 says the bug has been "fix released" in Ubuntu, but the top of the page says is "triaged". Is there a bug, or am I reading it wrogn?02:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1091605 in quantum (Ubuntu) "Internal interfaces defined via OVS are not brought up properly after a reboot" [Medium,Triaged]02:16
wgrantChanged in quantum (Ubuntu):02:17
wgrantstatus: In Progress → Fix Released02:17
wgrantstatus: Fix Released → Triaged02:17
wgrantlfaraone: It was changed to Fix Released and then back to Triaged02:17
lfaraoneahhh, okay. so yes, I am reading it wrong :)02:17
lfaraoneI'm currently getting a timeout whenever I try to view a merge proposal02:32
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ubuntoidhi all. can anyone help me please? can i install php 5.5 (or at least 5.4) on my server with ubuntu 11.04 running? i followed instructions on launchpad: added Ondrej's repositories and did the apt-get update/upgrade, but php version is still 5.3 for some reason14:32
tjaaltonhi, an upload to ppa got rejected, the email has a log of dpkg-source applying patches but no apparent error14:42
tjaaltonso I'm wondering why it failed14:53
tjaalton<tumbleweed> :)15:17
JonnyJDtjaalton: maybe you have an upload error, but you are looking at the build log?15:24
tjaaltonthe changes got rejected15:25
tjaaltonupload went fine, according to dput15:25
tjaaltondpkg-source failed for krb5_1.11.3+dfsg-3+test1.dsc [return: 9]15:25
tjaaltoni need to run now, ping me if there's something15:28
kostja_osipov  kk15:34
lfaraonetjaalton: if you pasted the contents of the email you received in the rejection, that would be helpful16:35
tjaaltonlfaraone: can't right now, but after the line above there was just dpkg-source output applying the patches17:09
tjaaltonthe last patch does generate a warning, but otherwise applies fine17:15
tjaaltonthe warning is not on the email output though17:17
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mfischI've been having issues branching some of the precise based stuff recently, it ends up with a message like this:19:42
mfischbzr: ERROR: Revision {didier.roche@canonical.com-20121207070205-mmh30hgqnjjxazbm} not present in "Graph(StackedParentsProvider(bzrlib.repository._LazyListJoin(([CachingParentsProvider(None)], []))))"19:42
mfischIs there any fix for this?19:43
mfischor workaround19:43
wgrantmfisch: Bug #888615 has a workaround.23:26
ubot5bug 888615 in Bazaar "UDD branch freshness checker breaks on incomplete history" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88861523:26

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