LXLEhas anyone had success searching the root directory for files using pcmanfm search tool?00:33
Shiver_hello and good eveing01:33
ianorlinhow can I help?01:33
Shiver_I am looking for help loading Lunbuntu, onto a Power Mac G4.. I can load it persay, but when I get to the install option my USB keyboard and Mouse isn't working01:34
Shiver_My Mouse 'light' is off... and the keyboard worked fine prior to the splash screen I am using an Overburned CD version 13.0401:35
Shiver_Any help is greatly appricated01:35
Shiver_I have the system across the room from now, I am using a Windows 7 machine now but the G4 is plugged in and waiting01:37
Shiver_from me now01:38
ianorlincan you select check the disk integrity when booting it01:38
ianorlinor when you get to that keyboard doesn't work01:39
ianorlinsplash screen of install or splash screen after install?01:39
Shiver_Pardon my 'stupidity' and the terms... But when it boots up and look like it is in a dos setting, at that time Yes I can use the keyboard for the conf I did so and typed out the ABC'S and the light on my mouse was on01:42
Shiver_I het the Enter key and when I do,that seems the point the USB hardware stops to work01:43
ianorlinfor the install or after?01:43
Shiver_For ummthe install No spalsh screen at this point01:45
ianorlinthis is the desktop iso or the alternate?01:45
Shiver_let me go and copy the Last line on my 'dos' screen and tell you what it is01:45
Shiver_Desktop iso01:45
ianorlindoes the moues work in whatever system is on there now?01:46
Shiver_sorry it started to load and it is Lubuntu 13.1001:46
Shiver_By the way, thank you Ianorlin01:48
ianorlinah is it loading now?01:48
Shiver_KK back01:50
Shiver_My CD is Live 13.10 Saucy Salamander Built 20131016.101:51
ianorlinah yeah it is desktop installer01:52
ianorlinyou did have a try before installing option right01:52
Shiver_I booted it up I got the screen Last dos command says if doubt press enter-- I used the conf to keep it from loading automatically01:52
Shiver_On this system, I don't (or didn't) use/have 'Try before installing'01:53
Shiver_I use Ubuntuand I am familier with it..01:54
ianorlinah then it is actually the alt installer which is keyboard only01:54
ianorlinyou will get a graphical user interface after install01:54
ianorlinjuse follow the prompts and press keys01:54
Shiver_I have an OLD Power Mac g4 it has an Apple Mac OS loaded... And I have some older Larger HDD  I removed the OS HDD, placed a Mac formatted Blank HDD in it and boot from the CD01:55
Shiver_Ok now the Keyboard and mouse works.. It has Lights etc01:56
ianorlinah ok let me know if you have any problems?01:56
Shiver_But if I hit 'Enter' Key and get the splash screen the USB hardware stops01:56
Shiver_I hit enter- the screen goes to a Blue Splash screen With white lettering Lubuntu 13.10 three option Keyboard dosen't work at this time (and the Optical mouse Light is off02:00
ianorlinis it loading?02:01
ianorlinhow much ram?02:02
Shiver_it then goes to a black screen with Yellow lettering and Loads a GUI My mouse Icon is dead center to the screen (will not work/light is off) and keyboard is off too... have to hold the Power button down to restart when I do I get like 7 options and off course I can't pick them (usb not working)02:02
ianorlindoes hitting control alt f1 do anything?02:03
Shiver_the upper left hand side of the GUI has Load Lubuntu 13.10(folder)02:03
Shiver_Let me go and try Be right Back02:03
Shiver_K CTRL -ALT f1 Nothihng02:04
Shiver_CTRL ALT Del /Esc Nothing02:05
Shiver_Still at splash screen looks like a weaved background and the Ico is still there02:05
ianorlindoes pressing any key work?02:09
Shiver_not at all02:10
ianorlinwiat this doesn't have a sysreq key does it02:10
Shiver_no not that i know of02:14
Shiver_And I just walked back I  am at the desktop screen to install it.. I disconnected the USB and retried it and No not working02:15
RunemoroHello, can anyone help me?02:23
* ianorlin is not sure how unless you can hard boot and do boot integrity test02:23
RunemoroI just installed lubuntu-core and now when I login the desktop is blank02:23
RunemoroThere is no right-click menu02:24
ianorlindoes pressing control alt t work?02:24
ianorlinis there a panel at the bottom02:24
Runemorono, no02:24
ianorlindoes pressing contorl alt f1 get you to a tty02:24
RunemoroYes, it does02:25
ianorlincan you try updating system with apt-get update and dist-upgrade02:29
Runemoroianorlin, There are no updates02:30
ianorlinis this from mini-iso?02:31
ianorlindoes dpkg --get-selections | grep lxpanel return any packages if you have no panel?02:33
Runemoroyes, lxpanel and  lubuntu-lxpanel-icons02:33
ianorlinyou said control alt t didn't bring up a terminal02:35
ianorlindid you log into openbox?02:35
ianorlinto both?02:35
ianorlindoes clicking on the desktop do anything?02:36
ianorlinwhat kind of graphics card?02:39
Runemoroand xserver-xorg-video-intel is installed02:40
Shiver_Ianorlin -I used live-powerpc USB seems to be working and tring other commands.. AFK02:40
ianorlinah ok02:40
Shiver_I used Live-nosplash-powerpc seems to be trying to work02:41
ianorlincan you cat ~/.xseisson errors and see if there are any?02:42
Runemoro (gnome-settings-daemon:1168): color-plugin-WARNING **: unable to get EDID for xrandr-LVDS1: unable to get EDID for output02:42
Runemorospammed over and over02:42
Runemoroianorlin, Could this be related? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198583702:46
Runemorois there any way I could install the lubuntu desktop only without any other programs02:52
ianorlinsorry my mom was bleeding02:53
RunemoroOther than mini.iso because that doesn't work02:53
Runemorooh... Is she ok?02:53
ianorlinthat thread looked like it solution might work if your ~/.config/monitors.xml was wrong02:54
RunemoroI don't have that file02:55
glen_problem booting lubuntu02:56
ianorlinright after install?02:56
ianorlinwhich version?02:57
glen_no.  i had installed lubuntu ... but then did an install of xubuntu-desktop02:57
RunemoroFound something that might help me: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution#Problem:__Incorrect_Resolution_when_no_EDID_available_such_as_from_old_monitor_or_a_KVM_device02:57
glen_and tried to go back to lubuntu-desktop but now the boot does not complete02:57
glen_13.10 is the version02:57
ianorlincan you get into a tty?02:58
glen_i can press ctl-alt-f1 and log in03:00
Runemoroianorlin, xorg.conf is missing...03:00
ianorlinah then the boot paramter of the video might do the trick now to look up how to do that03:01
ianorlinhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/150879/can-i-force-vga-signal-output-even-when-xrandr-shows-disconnected looks like it might help03:05
ianorlinfor runemoror03:05
ianorlinglen_ check ~/.xsession-errors03:05
RunemoroI FIXED IT03:06
Runemoroby deleting .Xauthority03:06
RunemoroI hate X, I can't wait for Mir03:06
glen_.xsession-errors shows that there is a problem in .profile   i will comment line and reboot03:09
Runemoroglen_, where does the boot stop?03:10
glen_i see lubuntu and the 5 dots03:14
glen_it does not finish03:14
Runemoroglen_, press esc03:14
glen_it is looping03:15
Runemoropress the escape key03:15
Runemorowhat's written in the terminal03:15
glen_now i see * Stopping CPU interrupts balancing daemon03:15
Runemororeboot the computer03:16
glen_most lines have [ ok ] .. some with [fail]03:16
Runemoroand hold shift while it boots03:16
Runemorois it stuck on * Stopping CPU interrupts balancing daemon03:17
glen_ok, i am in grub window now03:17
Runemorohighlight ubuntu and press e03:18
glen_k, i am there03:18
Runemororeplace quiet splash $vt_handoff with text03:19
Runemorothen ctrl-x03:19
glen_i have the login prompt03:20
glen_there were 2 lines that came up on the boot.  but i could not read them in time.03:21
Runemorothe text login line yes?03:21
Runemoroand type vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:22
Runemorowait, sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:22
glen_there is no xorg.conf file in /etc/X1103:23
Runemoroyes, it should create it03:24
glen_i have an empty file there now (xorg.conf)03:25
Runemoropress i03:25
Runemoroand type:03:25
RunemoroSection "Device"03:25
Runemoro     Identifier "Intel GMA3600"03:25
Runemoro    Driver "fbdev"03:25
Runemoroafter that press ESC03:26
Runemorothen type :quit03:26
glen_k, that is done03:27
Runemoronow lxsession03:27
Runemoroand ctrl-alt-f703:27
glen_i do see an old core file in /etc/X1103:28
glen_sorry,  is lxsession a command?03:30
glen_k, it returned messages:03:30
glen_Session is (null)03:31
glen_DE is (null)03:31
glen_No session set ...03:31
glen_No desktop env ...03:31
RunemoroPress cttrl-alt-delete03:31
Runemoroit should reboot now03:32
glen_last line was warning *** cannot open display03:32
glen_rebooting now03:32
glen_still got 2 lines i could not read on reboot03:32
glen_reboot is running....03:33
glen_esc shows LightDM failed03:34
Runemorois it stuck?03:34
glen_and plymouth failed, too03:34
glen_yes reboot still looping03:35
RunemoroAre there still messages continuing or is it stuck on one?03:35
RunemoroIf it's stuck what's the last one03:35
glen_last 2 lines are * Stopping cpu interrupts balancing daemon and * Starting03:37
Runemorojust "* Starting"?03:37
glen_* Starting      [ ok ]03:38
glen_perhaps no [ ok ]03:38
RunemoroDid you do anything before it broke?03:39
ianorlinI think he said he installed xubuntu desktop03:40
glen_yes.  i had installed xubuntu-desktop03:40
glen_then tried to remove that and install lubuntu-desktop03:40
RunemoroWhat did you have before?03:40
glen_it was running with xubuntu for a while03:41
RunemoroWhy would you try to install xubuntu-desktop if that's what it had?03:41
glen_i am almost to a point of backing up the home dir and reinstalling ...03:41
RunemoroI think that's what you should do03:42
glen_starting the install of xubuntu desktop now03:43
glen_ready for reboot ... anything else before reboot?03:44
glen_still get 2 lines on reboot03:44
glen_but i do see the xubuntu login screen now03:45
glen_logging in now.03:45
glen_so what should i do now?  back up the files.... (recommendations for backup?)03:46
ianorlinyes back stuff up03:46
RunemoroCopy /home onto a usb stick03:47
ianorlinor external hard drive03:47
glen_k, thanks for getting me to logon!03:50
Runemoroyw :D03:50
Runemoroalso, if you ever need to reinstall everything you can find a list of what packages were installed in /var/log/apt/history.log  to save you some time while reinstalling what programs you had03:51
ianorlinor you can use dpkg --get-selections < packagelist.txt03:52
Runemorobut that lists dependencies03:52
ianorlinah true03:53
RunemoroI have to go, bye everyone03:57
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jarnosHow can I report an audio bug? I have remarkable noise shown in input levels in Audacity, even if Capture channel is muted. There is more noise in the left channel.14:22
melodiedoes someone know if in Precise the kernels of the series 3.8.x are with or without PAE?19:50
Unit193Not off hand, but wouldn't be hard to tell if you just pull the /boot/config-3.8*-generic file.19:52
melodiehi Unit193 yes, right. I have not thought of going to fetch the list of files, so bad for me :)20:21
utusanEarlier I reported here about Firefox not starting in Lubuntu session but still won't even with the lxsession update today.  Funny  it starts with LXDE session as well as in openbox/razor session.20:23
Unit193utusan: I didn't read scrollback, did someone tell you to call it from the terminal?20:24
utusanterminal or not it doesn't20:24
Unit193Yes, but in this case it may give some interesting output.20:25
Unit193Huh.  This is 13.10?  And any configuration changed?  dmesg/syslog say anything useful?20:26
Unit193Firefox works in Lubuntu here, 13.10.20:26
utusanthis is 14.0420:27
Unit193Aha, alrighty.20:27
* Unit193 grumbles, decides to download and look.20:30
utusanWhat I don't understand is it works in LXDE( right now) and openbox/razor session.  This Firefox is the same app shared by precise/raring/saucy install.20:31
utusanLubuntu session executes lxsession but LXDE calls startlxde if this helps.20:33
Unit193Know what that script has in it?20:34
utusanlxsession is a binary file but startlxde is too long. not sure if you have it but you can look it up on /usr/share/xsessions20:38
Unit193I checked, I didn't.  I could look it up on LP, but I'm waiting for trusty to download, and it's not going quickly at ~300KB/s :/20:39
NuSueyfinally got a brain and installing lubuntu instead of ubuntu :o gratz brain..20:39
Unit193Congrats and glad you like it, NuSuey.20:39
utusanUnit193: hope you can have it fixed.  Just let you know so I can use lubuntu session again.  Meantime I'm using razor-qt/openbox/LXDE20:41
Unit193utusan: Well, trusty is very early development right now, and I'm not really a Lubuntu dev.  Might be worth filing against lxsession or lubuntu-meta or somesuch.20:42
NuSueyUnit193: just wondering where can I find what, etc .. for example searching for - how to change sound output :)21:02
Unit193alsamixer is the sound tool, but you can install pulse too if you need it.21:02
NuSueyUnit193: yeah, but where can setup to output the sound to the HDMI output for example :) seraching for that21:05
NuSueyI would rather not use pulse audio21:09
NuSueygives me issues21:09
Unit193NuSuey: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture#HDMI_output_does_not_work21:11
NuSueyyeah the asound command worked.. just wondering how to change the whole system sound output to hdmi ..and back :)21:12
Unit193Yes, it said that too, ~/.asoundrc21:13

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