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jtvbigjools: are you free for a review by any chance?  It's https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas-test/ssh-key/+merge/194488 — has two controversial points that I'd like your opinion on even if you can't do a full review.04:30
bigjoolsjtv: sure04:31
bigjoolsjtv: reading your cover note, I see another bad side effect of using Mock.patch04:38
bigjoolsit's evil if not used carefully04:39
bigjoolsmocking out in setUp() is particularly crappy IMO04:39
jtvYes, it's saddening how dangerous it is.  Thanks for spotting...04:43
bigjoolsjtv: in case you didn't see yet, I agree with Raphers on the ssh key04:48
jtvbigjools: yes, saw it — I thought /tmp made sense for avoiding leaving garbage after deinstallation.04:58
bigjoolsjtv: I don't think it's garbage in this instance04:59
jtv(And perhaps a bit of general principle, security-wise, but that doesn't really matter here)04:59
bigjoolsno, no security issues here04:59
bigjoolsjtv: so one controversy decided, and I am about to remove the other entirely05:09
bigjoolsjtv: read the last review email and let's see what you think05:12
jtvI just saw it...  Can assert_has_call do partial matches?05:16
bigjoolsuse Mock.ANY05:16
jtvAhhh...  Keep struggling with Mock's documentation05:17
bigjoolsit's not great05:17
bigjoolswould anyone care for a moderately simple review? https://code.launchpad.net/~julian-edwards/maas/ntp-server-dhcp/+merge/19465907:20
bigjoolsjtv or gmb?07:21
jtvReally want to get my branch back in shape here right now...  Need a bit more time to resolve conflicts etc.07:21
bigjoolswhy why why is a blank line at the end of a file lint07:22
jtvbigjools: it'll only cause diff pollution when it gets removed etc.07:23
bigjoolsthen don't remove it?07:23
jtvSomebody will, at some point, perhaps by accident.07:24
bigjoolsand "pollution" ... ?07:24
jtvYou know: start new class underneath, change your mind, remove the line, remove blank line...07:24
jtvYes, that silly little change will show up in review diffs.07:24
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freeflying2013-11-11 07:31:48 ERROR juju supercommand.go:282 could not access file 'bootstrap-verify': gomaasapiot error back from server: 401 UNAUTHORIZED07:35
freeflyingthis was after I destroyed a mchines, and redeploy it07:36
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gnuoyallenap, thanks for the response to Bug#1249435 , I've updated it in return. I think you're right about the cause but it points at a bug in the way the maas cli define kernel_opts for tags when none are explicitly defined.10:13
allenapgnuoy: I saw that, ta :) At core it's an issue in the database field definition; the field can be set to either null or '', but other code assumes that only null equals undefined, but we should consider '' as undefined too. Better would be to prevent one of those possibilities.11:02
gnuoyallenap, thanks, I think the bug is still valid then11:03
allenapgnuoy: Definitely; I've just triaged it to High.11:03
gnuoytip top11:03
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AskUbuntuHow to make my nodes online in maas? | http://askubuntu.com/q/37541213:09
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Azendalebigjools: Is now a good time to take it up again?20:47
wintrmuteanyone know if its safe to edit /etc/resolv.conf directly?  http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/configure.html#manual-dhcp says to do it but the file comments say changes will be overwritten21:44
wintrmutenevermind, its using resolvconf21:46
Azendalewintrmute: if you haven't already figured out, /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head21:53
wintrmuteAzendale, yep, just did that.  but it adds the server to the end of the list.  how does resolv.conf work, does it fail-over if a name doesnt resolve with the first nameserver?21:54
wintrmuteAzendale1, yep, just did that.  but it adds the server to the end of the list.  how does resolv.conf work, does it fail-over if a name doesnt resolve with the first nameserver?21:57
Azendale1wintrmute: I believe so21:57
wintrmutekk ty21:57
Azendale1wintrmute: did you regerate the config by running sudo resolvconf -u21:57
wintrmuteAzendale1, i restarted the resolvconf service via /etc/init.d21:58
wintrmutethe resolv.conf file shows the head21:58
wintrmuteor at least i ran the resolvconf init script21:58
Azendale1wintrmute: resolvconf is about generating the file /etc/resolv.conf22:00
Azendale1wintrmute: I don't remember the exact way /etc/resolv.conf works, but that's probably because I haven't had much trouble. man resolv.conf should tell you about the format22:00
wintrmuteAzendale1, thanks.  i just read the man page, i think it works the way we're describing22:01
Azendale1wintrmute: np, did that get it working for you?22:02
wintrmuteAzendale1, not sure yet, ill let you know ;)  setting up the maas region controller and first cluster atm22:03
Azendale1wintrmute: ok, sounds good22:03
wintrmutei have an existing dhcp/dns server for my LAN and im having the region controller run dhcp/dns for pxe nodes i start... just have to get the two to play nicely together22:04
wintrmutei defined a PXE class for both and have one server ignore the class and the other allocate for it22:05
wintrmuteat least for dhcp.  dns should hopefully "just work" with the proper order of nameservers in resolv.conf22:05
Azendale1wintrmute: so, the classes are based on mac address I assume?22:06
wintrmuteAzendale1, nah i just defined it by PXE boot.  i dont use that for anything but maas nodes.  this is a home lan.22:06
wintrmutei can add macs of course if necessary22:06
wintrmuteor use mac prefixing22:06
Azendale1wintrmute: I'm not an expert. Just when I first started with MaaS I had two dhcp servers conflicting, and of course the nodes would not PXE boot. But now you know if you have that problem to just try one DHCP server at a time :)22:08
wintrmuteAzendale, yep.  and it works ;)22:11
Azendalewintrmute: awesome. I'll probably keep that in mind next time I set up MaaS22:12
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Azendalebigjools: Are you there? Is now a good time to work on the MaaS DHCP debugging we were doing Friday?23:42
bigjoolsAzendale: hi, I am here but a little busy.  how long are you around?23:42
Azendalebigjools: I'm pretty flexible. I'm in the UTC-0800 timezone and should be up til about 23:00, (so that would be 0900 UTC I think)23:44
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bigjools0700 :)23:45
bigjoolsok will ping you a bit later23:45
Azendalebigjools: ok, sounds good (my brain isn't good at time math yet)23:45
bigjoolsI've been doing it a few years now....23:46
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bigjoolsnot to mention I went from +0000 to +100023:46

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