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darkangel_Hey is there a possible way to Compress the Hard Drive its self without usin 7zip or any thing like that?17:12
darkangelUbuntu 14.04 is Freakin alsome21:30
jtaylordarkangel: concerning your compression question, btrfs supports transparent compression21:49
darkangelHeard resently its not stable. But how do u get it?21:50
jtaylorits usable but last I used it dpkg was pretty slow on it21:52
jtayloryou chose it as filesystem when formating21:52
darkangelhow do u compress it?21:54
jtayloryou mount it with some flag and it compresses automatically21:54
darkangelso what ever files is downloaded into the btrfs file system it compresses it automaticly?21:55
darkangelLinux just keeps getting better and better21:56
jtayloryabout time we catch up with windows xp :)21:56
darkangelis there any options or Compressing radios u can set for the btrfs file sys?21:57
jtayloronly two algorithms I think21:58
darkangeldisk utils?21:58
darkangelCan btrfs be a Default Main File system?22:09
jtaylormaybe soon22:10
jtaylorits still slower than ext4 in many situation22:10
darkangeli c22:10
FernandoMigueldarkangel: sure22:13
FernandoMiguelused it for 3 years22:14
FernandoMiguelit's definitely slower on SSDs22:14
FernandoMiguelnot that slower on HDD22:14
darkangeli c22:14
FernandoMigueland it has awesome features22:14
FernandoMiguellike expand, dedup, snapshot, etc22:15
darkangelSo it dont have issues on bein a Main file system like no Serious bugs?22:15
jtaylorthough expand, snapshot and sort of subvolumes can also be done with lvm22:15
FernandoMiguelI did use ZFS 4linux for two cycles22:16
FernandoMigueltill my SSD died and I couldn't restore the ZFS partition22:16
FernandoMiguelback to ext4 now22:16
darkangelwell i might check it out on my HDD wow22:17
FernandoMiguelZFS is very very powerfull22:20
FernandoMigueland it does have more management tools than BTRFS22:20
FernandoMiguelbut much less well supported by the kernel22:20
FernandoMiguelso I can break on kernel updates22:20
lapionFernandoMiguel, an install on btrfs takes forever..22:36
FernandoMiguellapion: no idea... haven't done one ine 3 or 4 years22:36
FernandoMiguelplus running a brand new SSD, samsung Evo 840 250GBs22:36
* lapion installed xubuntu with a network install and it took 8 hours.. later had to do a reinstall with ext4 from scratch also from network took 2 to 3 hours..22:37
FernandoMiguelcould be a slow network, lapion22:37
FernandoMigueleven Wind8 doesn't take that long LOL22:37
lapionnope FernandoMiguel the ext4 install was including network download.. the btrfs instal was after network download22:38
penguin42I think I had read about issues with btrfs v dpkg23:16
jtayloryes its pretty slow23:19
jtaylorbut can be worked around with eatmydata23:19
penguin42nod, which frankly probably makes sense if it was tied into taking a btrfs snapshot at the start of a major update and then setting eatmydata23:28
penguin42jtaylor: Why isn't eatmydata set during install anyway - for a fresh install there's no reason to do all the sync's is there?23:28
jtaylorlast I asked people though --force-unsafe-io is enough23:31
jtaylorbut someone agreed with me its not and wanted to look into it, don't know if anything happened23:32
jtaylormaybe it did, because my last install was pretty fast even without manual eatmydata setup23:32

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