chilicuilnot that I'm aware of00:12
IdleOneyou guys who? there are many ubuntu related mailing lists00:13
mhall119belkinsa: if you mean the Canonical community team, no we don't00:42
belkinsaThank you everyone, I don't what I was thinking when I asked that question.00:43
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dakernigelb: http://edition.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/international/2013/11/06/spc-inside-the-middle-east-morocco-a.cnn.html19:08
bkerensaA large school district considering options like Ubuntu to replace Windows XP http://www.oregonlive.com/hillsboro/index.ssf/2013/11/hillsboro_school_district_cons_1.html#incart_river19:34
josehey, does anyone know what happened to jono?23:00
toddche was here this morning23:06
josehmm, I'm supposed to have a meeting with him just now23:08
toddcgood luck23:14
popeyjose: vacation in the US23:17
josepopey: just being on the phone with him, thanks though!23:18

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