lfaraoneThe "foo has been converted to an upstart job" symlink is automatically created whenever you install an upstart job on a package that supports upstart, right?02:01
lfaraone*install a package that supports upstart on a system that uses upstart02:01
xnoxlfaraone: no, not any more.02:05
lfaraonexnox: oh, what happens these days?02:05
xnoxlfaraone: init.d script & upstart jobs can co-exist. and $ service command knows which one to pick02:06
xnoxlfaraone: use $ service, for both init.d and upstart job control.02:06
lfaraonexnox: okay. What if somebody calls the init job directly?02:06
xnoxlfaraone: how?02:06
lfaraonexnox: I don't know, somebody has muscle memory for `/etc/init.d/foobar start`02:07
xnoxexit 102:07
lfaraonexnox: so, we should have the script test if upstart is installed and if so exit?02:07
xnoxat the moment. which imho is regression from previous ways, where the real thing was still called & warning messages printed.02:07
xnoxlfaraone: yes, there is a guide about it. One sec.02:08
xnoxlfaraone: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UpstartCompatibleInitScripts02:08
xnoxlfaraone: there is a helper function "init_is_upstart" and one does: if init_is_upstart; then case $1 in stop) exit 0 ;; case start|restart|force-restart) exit 1;; esac02:09
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pittiGood morning05:40
pittirsalveti: Ah sorry, forgot to drop Md's custom rules; will upload a fix now05:43
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ogra_pitti, your last systemd upload broke touch completely ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/6389687/09:12
ogra_pitti, i guess you forgot to rebuild the initrd when testing it ?09:13
pittiogra_: fix uploaded this morning, sorry09:13
pittiI rebuilt it on my desktop, but Debian's rules work there09:13
pittiso I didn't notice at first09:13
ogra_ah, k09:14
pittiogra_: the fix is in trusty, but I suppose we might not have a daily build after that yet09:23
ogra_we do all builds manually, since we have a no regression policy and test the images first09:23
ogra_(imagine each image is a milestone)09:23
ogra_pitti, did you test this on touch ? (we have a bunch of people out there with bricked phones from the weekend due to the issue, i would like to be 100% sure that we dont do that again)09:25
pittiogra_: no, I didn't; can do it now09:26
ogra_great, thanks :)09:26
ogra_if it still boots we're fine09:27
pittiogra_: dist-upgrade running (but ports.u.c. is slooow)09:29
ogra_pitti, oh, i would only have installed udev09:35
ogra_pitti, the rw space is very limited, dist-upgrade might make you run out of sapce09:36
ogra_*space too09:36
pittithat went well, but hicolor-icon-theme trigger failed because it can't write /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders.cache09:37
ogra_yes, rw has various issues (hardlinks dont work across the loop dev mounts)09:37
pittiogra_: update-initramfs has a few complaints: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6398748/09:39
pittiand lxc-android-config doens't upgrade because of the hardlink issue you mentioned09:40
ogra_pitti, yeah, thats fine09:40
ogra_(sounds more fatal than it is :) )09:40
pittiogra_: but with udev 204-5ubuntu5 it boots fine09:41
ogra_pitti, awesome, thanks !09:41
pitti(i. e. complete dist-upgrade except lxc-android-config)09:41
* ogra_ will start an image build 09:41
pittiogra_: sorry for ruining the weekend :(09:41
jamespageapw, I discussed dropping the openvswitch dkms package with the dev's upstream; there are still some experimental features still not in the kernel tree (specifically LISP overlay networking)09:43
ogra_pitti, all fine ... no worries09:43
jamespageso I'll fixup for the time being - the recommendation for openstack will be to use the GRE/VXLAN support in tree though - which makes deployment might faster \o/09:44
Laneydoko__: seen http://paste.ubuntu.com/6398826/ ?09:56
zygagood morning10:06
zygapitti, ogra_: interesting thoughts guys, thanks for sharing them10:06
apwjamespage, ack, and if they are 'experimental' we can care less about temporary breakage in that package too10:07
jamespageapw, ack10:07
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arrunHello and greetings to all the sir/maam here , I  wanted to ask a question for language stuffs , please help me fix those11:28
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knoctearrun: don't ask to ask, simply ask your question and wait11:36
arrunI wanted to add a new language having code ISO 639-3: the in the Language support , how can I do that ??11:37
xnoxarrun: what language is it? to add translations to launchpad, a new language may need to be added there. For installer it should be enabled in Debian. Once there are some translations language packs can be generated for it.11:44
arrunxnox: the Language is ISO 639-3: the Chitwania Tharu , I have created the po and mo files by translating the pot in the Launchpad ...11:47
arrunxnox: I have the both po and mo files downloaded from the launchpad for the "the" Chitwania Tharu, but how can I have it installed and named it in the Language support11:48
xnoxarrun: i see "the" is in launchpad already.11:50
xnoxarrun: at https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+lang/the there are no translations available.11:50
xnoxarrun: i guess we could generate an "empty" translation pack with no translations.11:51
arrunxnox: yup I had requested "the" to be added in Launchpad11:51
arrunxnox: I had translated the pot files, to po and mo in another sections and has already downloaded, how can I add the language packs in the Language Support ??11:52
xnoxarrun: you should setup "Ubuntu Translation group" on launchpad for the Ubuntu/the, then upload translations to translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ and then we can generate a language pack for hte language support.11:53
xnoxpitti: do you know how to enable a previously non-existant in ubuntu language for language packs et. al.? ^11:54
arrunxnox: oh, so won't I be able to create it in it  ??11:54
pittixnox: does it have a locale already?11:54
xnoxpitti: looks like it's called "the" in ISO standard, locale defined where?11:55
pittiarrun, xnox: in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED11:55
pittithere's no existing locale for that ATM11:55
rsalvetiogra_: will revert the initrd revert, as that broke the emulator11:56
pittixnox, arrun: langpack-o-matic already knows about it, so as soon as we'll have a locale, it'll start building langpacks11:57
rsalvetipitti: and thanks for the fix :-)11:58
pittirsalveti: no worries, sorry for breaking it; I didn't notice the regression on the desktop11:58
rsalvetipitti: yeah, I wonder why debian is shipping it's own custom rules files for storage12:00
arrunpitti: can I be able to produce the langpacks myself ??12:00
pittirsalveti: hysterical raisins mostly, I hope Md will eventually switch to the upstream rules too12:01
rsalvetigot it, cool12:01
ogra_rsalveti, ah, i was planning to do that after we could test #1912:13
rsalvetiogra_: I'm building the emulator from scratch to test it first12:14
ogra_i'm waiting for stgraber to enable system-image imports again12:14
pittiarrun: in principle yes, but they aren't useful without a locale12:20
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fabcalHi all12:37
fabcalplease could any of you tell me by when is the next "ClamAV" ver. 0.98 supposed to be released as an UBUNTU package?12:38
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xnoxfabcal: it needs to be in debian first.12:42
xnoxfabcal: then it needs to be merged, since ubuntu has modifications on top of debian.12:42
ogra_iirc in the past ScottK maintained it in both distros12:43
xnoxfabcal: see http://packages.qa.debian.org/c/clamav.html12:43
ogra_(not sure thats still the case)12:43
xnoxfabcal: and the ubuntu box on the right on that page.12:43
fabcalxnox, thanks alot12:44
diwicpitti, hi, is /run/* not emptied on bootup?12:59
pittidiwic: it's a tmpfs, so it starts as empty on boot12:59
diwicpitti, if you have time, there is bug 119739512:59
ubottubug 1197395 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "/run/user/$ID/pulse owned by root and not by the user" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119739512:59
diwicpitti, people are claiming it happens after a forced shutdown13:00
pittidiwic: I also have a root:root /tmp/pulse-PKdhtXMmr18n/ directory13:01
pittidiwic: I have a suspicion that lightdm starts that somehow, but we never tracked it down13:02
diwicpitti, ok...13:03
pittior perhaps something using pulse that you start with sudo?13:03
diwicpitti, yeah, could be13:03
pittidiwic: as you said, pulse itself doesn't even have that permission, so it's certainly related to logging int13:04
pittior running something sudo13:04
diwicpitti, could it be apport related ...I'm thinking that if the system hard shuts down, maybe apport/whoopsie/etc will come up and try to analyze the error13:05
diwicpitti, and trying to take debug logs from PulseAudio or something13:05
pittidiwic: on crash time apport doesn't run hooks, but certainly when you click on "report"13:08
diwicpitti, also could you read https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/1197395/comments/26 and see if the comment there makes sense to you or not?13:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 1197395 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "/run/user/$ID/pulse owned by root and not by the user" [High,Triaged]13:08
diwicpitti, right, but are those hooks run as root or as the logged in user, or as some kind of hybrid that could cause this error perhaps?13:09
pittidiwic: as the user of the process that crashed, so usually not root for pulse13:12
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ScottKfabcal: I've almost got the package done, just a few issues to sort.13:42
fabcalScottK, this is great, thanks alot for your information13:48
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stgraberogra_: sorry, didn't see the hilight up until now... enabling auto-import now16:02
ogra_stgraber, i already did :)16:02
ogra_stgraber, i only copied orig over config16:03
ogra_so remove it to your liking16:03
stgraberogra_: ok16:04
jamespagebarry, whats the conventions for managing file path conflicts between python2/python3?16:23
jamespagei.e. /usr/bin/jsonpatch is causing be problems right now :-)16:24
jamespagebug 1250088 for reference16:24
ubottubug 1250088 in python-json-patch (Ubuntu) "python3-json-patch conflicts with python-json-patch" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125008816:24
barryjamespage: looking16:24
jamespageI was thinking /usr/bin/jsonpatch3 ?16:24
barryjamespage: debian doesn't have strong concensus on this (we hit similar issues with things like nose and other cli-providing packages), but generally we try to use X.Y versions with symlinks for X versions.  e.g. /usr/bin/jsonpatch3.3 and symlinked from /usr/bin/jsonpatch316:26
jamespagebarry, OK _ I'll hack something out and try it16:26
jamespagethanks for the help16:26
barryjamespage: +1.  np.  i'll follow up on the bug for posterity16:26
barryjamespage: my recommendation above is a little off, but watch the bug16:30
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lfaraoneUgh. Are the PPA builders in a different environment from the archive builders? I built a package for trusty locally, it FTBFS, so I tried to build it in a PPA, and it succeeded at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/156299609/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.ogre-1.8_1.8.1%2Bdfsg-0ubuntu3_UPLOADING.txt.gz , so I assumed I just had a broken local environment.16:45
lfaraonethen I upload it and am greeted with https://launchpadlibrarian.net/156332270/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-arm64.ogre-1.8_1.8.1%2Bdfsg-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ;(16:45
xnoxlfaraone: yes, all three are different (local, ppa, distro builders)16:49
* lfaraone sobs softly.16:50
xnoxlfaraone: your first one (PPA) doesn't have trusty-proposed enabled.16:50
xnox(which is actually where all packages are built)16:50
lfaraoneoh, it BFS on i386 and amd64, its just sad on arm.16:51
xnoxbut from proposed only python is fethed so it can't be just that.16:51
lfaraonethe current version in saucy is also FTBFS on arm6416:51
lfaraoneso, not my fault at least :)16:52
xnoxlfaraone: anyway why do you care about ogre-1.8 in the first place? things should be rebuild against 1.9, and 1.8 removed from the archive.16:54
lfaraonexnox: idk, just going through the sponsor queue16:54
xnoxlfaraone: ah, ok.16:54
lfaraonexnox: Laney motivated me to actually make some uploads :P16:54
mlankhorstlucky, I'm stuck on red tape16:55
lfaraonethe queue is now at 64!16:56
* lfaraone admittedly has been sort of out of it on Ubuntu development; the last time I was seriously involved was late 201116:56
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zygamhall119: ping18:34
zygamhall119: who is handling ubuntu community translations?18:34
clefebvrehi pitti, sorry for the highlight. There's a critical bug in Saucy (and most distros right now) in PAM/Systemd, I'd love to chat with you about.18:50
clefebvreI left a comment at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/1197395 to explain a little (it's not related to pulseaudio in particular)18:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 1197395 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "/run/user/$ID/pulse owned by root and not by the user" [High,Triaged]18:51
mhall119zyga: pong18:54
mhall119zyga: dpm-afk is our goto guy for community translations18:55
dpm-afkhi zyga, what's up?18:55
zygadpm-afk: hey, a community member asked me about how the translation stuff works18:55
zygafrecel: ^^18:56
zygadpm-afk: apparently there are 5000 translations that need to be reviewed on launchpad for the polish language18:56
zygadpm-afk: and frecel was worried that his work is not getting used because of that18:56
frecelWell I'm just thinking that it kinda looks abandoned so I figured I could help18:57
frecelI couldn't get in touch with the administrators of Polish Translation Team btw18:58
dpm-afkzyga, I've not been in touch with the Polish translations team coordinator for a while, but I get the impression he's not very active and thus there's not much of a team atm18:58
zygadpm-afk: is there a process where a new team can be formed if the old team is (theoretically) unreachable?18:59
xnoxdpm-afk: have translations been moved to trusty series yet? from https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu all language links point to saucy.19:03
frecelIs there any way to check when the last suggestion was reviewed on launchpad?19:04
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freceland it got quiet...19:28
dpm-afkzyga, yes, there is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/RoleReassignmentPolicy19:28
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dpm-afkxnox, they've not been opened yet, no19:29
hallyn_ok, i installed a precise desktop from the desktop image.  installed qemu-kvm.  proposed is not in sources.list.  but the version of libvirt-bin is the one in -proposed (.15), not in -updates (.13).19:51
hallyn_haven't yet figurd out why19:51
TJ-hallyn_: "security" ?20:06
TJ-hallyn_: ahh, no... but what does "apt-cache policy  libvirt-bin" show?20:09
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hallyn_TJ-: WTF.  there's a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/proposed.list20:14
FrodoHello all,20:14
FrodoI am truly intrested to join the Ubuntu community. I am a software developer and I am looking to participate in Ubuntu development. As far as i read, I should start doing junior jobs first as i am new to Linux development.20:14
FrodoI am looking for somebody to guide me what i should do to get started. And what technologies i should learn. If somebody can adobt me as a student and start assignining me homeworks until i become ready for junior jobs, i would truly appreciate it.20:14
FrodoIf you do not have time to help me, at least let me know what technologies i should learn and then whom to ask about jounior task.20:14
FrodoThanks for you help and kindness...20:14
blueyedFrodo: you might want to start here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment20:22
blueyedAlso, come over into #ubuntu-motu, and ask there.20:22
ersi(motu stands for "Masters of the Universe" and universe is the packaging universe ;)20:23
Frodothnaks alot friends20:23
melodiedoes someone know if the kernel series 3.2.0-x for Precise always be PAE free until 2017 when the support for 12.04 will be ended?20:36
mdeslaurmelodie: that is the plan, yes20:45
melodiemdeslaur thanks you! If I may, could I ask when the commit for the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1246664 will be integrated? You could have a look at my last comment20:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 1246664 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) ""Buffer I/O error on device zram0, logical block 515067"" [Medium,Fix committed]20:46
melodieif you have any idea of course... :)20:46
mdeslaurmelodie: perhaps ask in #ubuntu-kernel, I don't really know and it's off-topic for this channel20:47
melodiemdeslaur ok, I will, thank you very much!20:47
dupondjejamespage: I saw you worked on Bacula. Are there eventually plans to include Bareos as Bacula replacement?20:57
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tjaaltonhrm, is the PPA build environment somehow different from a typical sbuild one? Trying to update xmlrpc-c but it fails to run the tests on LP21:41
tjaaltonhmm it probably was something transient after all21:48
saiarcot895If a package uses a slightly-modified version of a third-party library, should it still have the option to use the system version of the library?22:01
infinitysaiarcot895: Ideally, it really shouldn't use a modified library at all, and if they have fixed, we should get those into the shared system library.22:05
infinitysaiarcot895: But if a package absolutely MUST bundle a broken fork of a library, then that seems at odds with also being able to use the system version.  You can't really have both situations.22:06
saiarcot895infinity: ok, just making sure of policy. It will be going into a PPA soon, so it's not critical at the moment, but regardless, I like to follow policy22:06
saiarcot895infinity: From what I can tell, it's just additional header files and a few defines (it's C code)22:07
infinitysaiarcot895: Well, you could move the new bits into static definition in the application proper or, if they're generically good fixes/changes that all consumers of the library should want, get that into the upstream version of said library and into its packaging.22:08
infinitysaiarcot895: But yeah, both policy and common sense dictates that shipping forked libraries sort of defeats the purpose of shared libraries, so do try to avoid it unless you really can't.22:09
infinity(There are many packages in the archive that ship private copies of libraries, you wouldn't be the first, it's not *forbidden*, but it's highly discouraged)22:09
infinityAnd the security team and others will frown heavily on such things for inclusion in main, since keeping track of embedded libraries in various packages is very painful.22:10
saiarcot895I believe chromium-browser is an exception, the reason being they keep their libraries up-to-date generally22:10
infinityThey're not an exception because we think they're a good upstream, they're an exception because maintaining their massive maze of twisty awful is painful. :P22:11
infinity(Also, it's in universe)22:12
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orbisvicisI am running into an error with dh I don't understand: "dh: Unknown sequence list-missing" with the rule "%: dh: Unknown sequence list-missing"23:32
jtaylororbisvicis: how does the rules look like?23:33
orbisvicisoh, "%: dh --with-quilt $@"23:34
jtaylorexactly like that?23:34
jtaylorits --with quilt23:34
jtaylorwithout the -23:34
orbisvicisexactly like: "%:\n\tdh --with quilt $@"23:36
orbisvicissorry about that, can't copy to the clipboard over ssh for some reason23:36
jtaylordo you have dh_install call somewhere?23:38
jtaylorbecause that takes the --list-missing argument23:39
jtaylormaybe its in DH_OPTIONS?23:39
orbisvicisno. it tries to run "dh --with quilt list-missing", not an "--list-missing" argument23:44
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jtaylorhow are you calling the rules file?23:45
orbisvicispdebuild -> dpkg-buildpackage -> (trying to read the output)23:46
jtaylorI don't know why it would call the rules with that argument23:47
jtaylormaybe clean your environment and grep for list-missing23:48
orbisvicisjtaylor: yes already grep'ed and not an env. variable23:48
orbisvicisok I see: fakeroot debian/rules clean -> debian/rules build -> fakeroot debian/rules binary23:48
orbisvicisthen "   dh_builddeb" as the last binary target, followed by lots of builddeb output, then "I: checking for missing files." \n "dh --with quilt list-missing" \n "dh: Unknown sequence list-missing (choose from: binary binary-arch binary-indep build clean install patch)"23:49
jtaylormaybe a broken pbuilder hook23:50
orbisvicisso I'm not sure if its part of the binary sequence, or a new target23:50
orbisvicisjtaylor: hmm good idea, let me check23:50
orbisvicis1st time having this problem, first time using hooks....23:50
jtaylorwhy are you even using --with quilt and not format 3.0 (quilt)23:50
jtaylorlist-missing is a cdbs rule23:51
jtaylorpossibly something tries to use cdbs with a dh-7 package23:51
orbisvicisjtaylor: modification of an old package23:56
orbisviciswhat do you mean, dh-7 package? such as? and how could they get mixed with cdbs23:56
orbisvicisanyway, it was one of the hooks. builds fine now23:57

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