dersteerquestion.  I would like to change the size of the dock.  The more icons I add the smaller they get. How do I modify it?02:15
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keyborad_apemanhello all, trying to install fresh gnome ubuntu on lenovo T510 (was running TLS 12.04 before) but for some reason getting kernel panic - not syncing : No init found... Any ideas ? Thanks14:55
keyborad_apemanfstab is good, disk has been repartitioned in every way to remedy this but same error comes up14:56
mgedminis this when you're booting the livecd?14:57
keyborad_apemanmgedmin: no, live is working fine, its after the installation that kernel panic is kicking inn15:01
keyborad_apemanmgedmin: also checked as I said fstab and all partitions with uid's are correct15:02
keyborad_apemantried with and with out third party drivers15:03
mgedminthat error usually means your initramfs didn't load the drivers for your hard disk or filesystem15:03
mgedmin(or raid)15:03
keyborad_apemanstandard disk SAT-a, and ext4 default files system15:03
mgedmin32-bit or 64-bit os?15:03
keyborad_apeman64 bit15:03
mgedmingrub or uefi?15:03
keyborad_apemanthats what I am wondering my self15:04
mgedminheh, probably grub15:04
keyborad_apemanI didnt see any option to choose15:04
keyborad_apemanyes probably15:04
keyborad_apemanwhats even more strange is default ubuntu with unity installs with out issues15:04
* mgedmin scratches head15:05
keyborad_apemanI prefer gnome hence downloading this version15:05
keyborad_apemanmgedmin: you and me brother ...you and me15:05
mgedminwell, it's certainly possible to install ubuntu + unity, then apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop ubuntu-gnome-default-settings15:05
mgedmin(which is what I did, a few releases ago, and then just kept upgrading in place)15:05
keyborad_apemantrue, didnt try that15:06
mgedminif the ubuntu gnome installer is broken, you should probably report a bug15:06
mgedminbut that's above my pay grade15:06
keyborad_apemannot sure if its hardware related15:06
keyborad_apemanmaybe my lenovo T510 is just difficult15:06
mgedminif stock ubuntu can be installed, there's no reason ubuntu-gnome should have problems15:07
mgedminthe difference is in the set of installed packages, basically15:07
mgedmindrivers etc are all the same15:07
keyborad_apemanmgedmin: yup, my conclusion is the same15:07
keyborad_apemanwill try to download iso again and make usb from scratch15:08
keyborad_apemanmgedmin: thanks for input man15:08
mgedminor boot into the menu and check for errors?15:09
keyborad_apemanrescue ?15:10
keyborad_apemankernel panic on that as well15:10
mgedminno, the livecd boot menu has an option to check itself15:11
keyborad_apemancant see that anywhere15:11
keyborad_apemanyou mean md5sum15:12
keyborad_apemanmgedmin: sum is the same..very odd15:17
mgedmincould be a bug15:17
keyborad_apemanmight be, where can I check/report it ?15:18
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c_smithlooks like the patch that was put in for Empathy to get Facebook working again was backported.23:30
c_smithprobably old news, though23:30

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