GrueMasterIs there a way to preseed oem-config to override existing settings for proxy?  I have to go through a proxy when imaging systems, and when I send them out to customers, I want them to be able to change the proxy settings for their environment.17:12
xnoxGrueMaster: it's best to auto-provision proxy settings in your environemnt. by default systems should come without proxy-settings / set to auto-detect, such that end-user sets up proxy themself (or not need any in most cases)17:13
xnoxGrueMaster: if that's not enough, you can write a plugin for oem-config & drop it in to display custom setup pages as you wish.17:14
GrueMasterHow do you configure that on Ubuntu server?17:14
GrueMasterThe auto-provision part.17:14
xnoxGrueMaster: your dhcp should provide it, check documentation of the dhcp daemon you are using. More of a support question on #ubuntu-server. As I don't know how to set that up =) i just know that it can be done.17:15
GrueMasterAh, well that won't work here.  I have no control over our DHCP servers.17:16
GrueMasterGuess I will have to look at option 2.17:16
xnoxGrueMaster: depending on the boot parameters you can make the proxy settings not persist across the reboots. Or clear them before doing "ship system for the user"17:19
GrueMasterProblem is during the network setup, debconf asks for proxy settings, which get stored in /etc/apt/apt.conf.17:24
GrueMasterSo I'll need to do a post-install cleanse.17:24
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