mquinpopey: if it makes sense to, you might want to hand off some channels to the ubuntu GC account to clear some headroom15:20
popeymquin: is there a way to list everything I have regsitered, and how do I hand them off?15:23
mquin'/msg nickserv listchans'15:24
popeywhich are mine? ones with FR?15:24
mquinthose with F15:25
mquinto transfer, grant the GC account +F and then remove it from yourself (you can also use 'set founder', but that needs acknowledged by the target account)15:25
popeynice one, thanks15:26
popeycan i unregister ones which probably aren't needed any more, to clean up ?15:26
mquinif you want to15:26
mquin'/msg chanserv help drop'15:26
mquinno problem15:27
popeyis there a specific group contact account I should hand over to?15:29
mquinwhoever is currently the GC should know15:30
Picipopey: ubuntuirccouncil15:30
mquincheers pici15:31
popey\o/ 15 channels dropped, 4 to hand over to ubuntuirccouncil15:39
popeyright, Pici I have given +F to ubuntuirccouncil to #ubuntu-phone, -tablet -unity and -webapps15:41
popeyand taken away F from myself on all four15:45
DJonespopey: Does dropping all your Ubuntu channels mean you got the job with Microsoft you've been chasing after :)15:48
popeyNo comment.15:53
Unit193IdleOne: Howdy again, I just looked at the !samba factoid, and it's saying something about SWAT.  I think that'd be better to drop as it's been removed upstream and the package info says "...SWAT is no longer actively maintained, and its default configuration is not secure for use over an untrusted network..."20:02

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