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ppisatithe dnsmasq instance in my router, this morning stopped working09:25
ppisatifor some still unknown reason09:25
ppisatimaybe it's on strike...09:25
apwppisati, i had total admin interface "what interface" behaviour from mine over night10:08
apwppisati, it got a poke in the eye this morning for its trouble10:09
ogra_geez, you are so mean to your machines 10:09
ppisatiapw: well, in my case it was my cock up10:09
ppisatiapw: i modified the config file but forgot to reload10:10
ppisatiapw: so when i restarted it for the first time it sucked in the modification10:10
ppisatiapw: and that screwed it up10:10
apwhehe ... oops10:11
ppisatiapw: btw, do you have a script/way/$something to detect that there is a new kernel available for a specific release?10:11
ppisatiapw: i would like something that i can use in a script10:12
smbppisati, beside of dist-upgrade on the system I assume. :-P10:13
ppisatismb: yeah10:13
ppisatismb: i'm running precise on this board, but i can shave a *LOT* of stuff from the config10:13
ppisatismb: so i would like some sort of tool that detects that a new kernel is available, git fetch it, applies my config diff and kicks a build10:14
smbppisati, I guess you could either directly check the latest commit of a master branch in git or rmadison output10:15
apwppisati, recipe build in a PPA ?10:15
ppisatiapw: yeah10:15
ppisatismb: rmadison? uhm10:15
apwrmadison -a source linux10:15
smbThough I think the mainline builds mostly would do what you need10:15
smbppisati, or the line from apw, probably excluding the proposed lines10:16
apwrmadison -a source linux | grep precise-updates | awk '{print $3}'10:17
infinity-s precise-updates... Querying all dists and grepping is abusive to the remote end. :P10:18
infinity(Plus, 'rmadison -s precise-updates -a source linux' should generally return much more quickly)10:18
apwheh, indeed, i guess i should read the manual page more often10:19
ppisatinice, that's what i was looking for10:19
smbinfinity, True. It became a bit better after moving lots of other things from that machine10:19
infinitysmb: Other way around, rmadison itself moved to snakefruit with the other archive stuff.10:20
infinity(But yes, splitting lillypilly's load almost exactly in half was a pleasant side-effect of us moving off)10:20
smbinfinity, Ah... ok, something moved and I did not care for the details except that it stopped taking ages10:21
infinitysmb: All of ~ubuntu-archive moved.  Anything you see at people.c.c/~ubuntu-archive is actually a transparent proxy to our new machine.10:21
infinityAnd that includes rmadison, but that was just a nice side-effect of the deal.  The real motivation was to get permission-sensitive stuff like proposed-migration off a massively shared machine.10:22
smbQuite sensible. And at least it felt like some of that got more or more complicated because the responsiveness of lillipilly really went down a lot at some point10:24
infinityYeah, lillypilly wasn't in a happy place.10:24
infinityI used to spend a lot of time running around neutering ~desktop and ~kernel processes on lillypilly so the archive scripts wouldn't be starved for I/O and cycles.10:25
infinityNow I don't care, and you guys can battle it out. :P10:25
infinity(But it seems much better in general with archive off there anyway)10:26
smbHeh, yeah I guess shanky is running from there, too10:26
infinityIs it?  I thought shankbot ran from one of bjf's home machines.10:26
smbHm, maybe I am wrong10:27
infinityI actually kinda hope it does, since it has his LP creds.10:27
infinityWhich really shouldn't be sitting on a shared account on lillypilly. :P10:27
smbBut kinda would add a lot to the "bus problem" if it does...10:27
infinityIt probably *should* be run with a role account from a tightly-controlled kernel team machine somewhere.10:28
infinityOr something cloudy.10:28
apwinfinity, yep, we even have a role account, the problem is getting that account the creds it needed, like nominate rights10:28
infinityActually, a role account would reduce the scariness a lot, since it wouldn't need to have much in the way of permissions.10:29
infinityWhere as bjf's account is actually a bit scary to share.10:29
smbYeah, that would be best... hm... not sure I would trust cloudy stuff with that10:29
infinityapw: I can give it series nomination privs.10:29
apwinfinity, but we do have one, and it should be sorted out10:29
infinitysmb: When I say "cloudy", I mean "prodstack", which should be quite trustable.10:29
apwwe have the kernel robot or something which was intended for that10:29
infinityapw: Point me at said robot, and I'll give it the same nomination privs I gave bjf.10:30
smbinfinity, ok less cloudy in the whereabouts10:30
apwinfinity, whne i can remember its name :)10:30
infinityapw: ~kernel-ppa perhaps, or something else?10:32
infinityProbably a bad choice, if that's what you were planning on anyway.10:32
infinityA "Kernel Team Bug Robot" that *only* has permissions to mangle bugs would be ideal for privsep.10:33
* smb thought that was one older approach and as scary in getting shared10:33
smb(the kernel-ppa one)10:33
apwinfinity, something else ubuntu-kernel-bot i am pretty sure10:35
smbinfinity, Something named like that would also have the advantage of stopping people to reason with the robot in bug reports10:35
apwi should check that belongs to us still10:35
infinityubuntu.kernel.bot@gmail.com ...10:36
infinityThe email address doesn't inspire confidence. :P10:37
infinityBut then again, the archive robot isn't any better.10:37
apwinfinity, heheh that i believe we own, it was one of those things you cannot have two accounts with the same addy, so you have to make a new address, then add the mailing list as a second one, and make it a preferred one10:59
apwinfinity, but before you give it any privs let me find the password and confirm10:59
infinityapw: I hope by "mailing list" you mean "private alias expansion" or something.11:00
infinityapw: Cause having an LP account with a public mailing list as the owner is obviously very bad. :)11:01
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apwinfinity, heh who knows any more, ... but i think the one we made was kernel-janitor ... confirming now11:02
apwwell i would be if compiz handn't just crashed when it opened the dash, something i didn't want it to do i would add11:03
apw200% cpu it is managing to use, ARRRG11:03
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infinityhttps://launchpad.net/~kernel-janitor is  linux.kernel.janitor@gmail.com 11:03
infinitySo, looks like you have two bots.  Maybe cause someone forgot and made a second. :P11:04
* infinity breaks down and orders a Nexus 5.11:05
apwheh yeah likely so ... that is leann's way but i have the password for the second according to my records, and if i could run firefox i could confirm11:05
apwinfinity, a 5?  for what11:05
infinityapw: To replace my ancient phone.11:05
infinityI played with my friend's 5 last night and it's... Really nice.11:05
apwoh dear .... trusty X sucks ass11:06
apwi have nice shiney display corruption11:06
davmor2apw: I don't believe you, it can't be a shiny display if it's corrupted it can only be a broken display :P11:11
apwdavmor2, heh ... it is a good job i only speak in sarcasm11:18
davmor2apw: damn did I forget the sarcasm tabs again "My bag"11:20
ogra_use your babelfish ;)11:20
apwbablefish don't speak sarcasm either :)11:29
davmor2apw: you must still be using bablefish 1.0 (US version)  You need to update to bablefish 2.0 (UK version) It assumes sarcasm at all times and is terribly shocked when there is none11:37
* ppisati -> out for lunch11:56
apwdavmor2, heh point indeed11:58
apwRAOF, yo, who do i whine at if on saucy i am getting character corruptions12:25
apwRAOF, on intel kit12:25
infinityapw: I'd try mlankhorst or tjaalton.12:30
infinityThe former never idles in this channel, which is irritating.12:31
tjaaltonapw: there are some bugs about it (still), like lp#122287112:34
apwbug #122287112:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 1222871 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[gm45] Corrupted painting of window surfaces (L-shape tiling corruption?)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122287112:50
apwubot2, can't you learn lp# format please12:51
ubot2apw: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:51
apwno s*it12:51
apwtjaalton, that souds remarkably like mine12:51
tjaaltonyou can also just open bug strings formatted like that on terminator ;)13:00
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tjaaltonhmm I thought g-t supported those too, but no13:00
apwi think its lp:122287113:01
apwthey are all inconsistant for sure13:05
apwtjaalton, is there an upstream bug on ths L thing, that should be linked to the lP bug ?13:31
tjaaltonapw: i'm not sure.. perhaps not but ickle is on lp13:36
apwtjaalton, yeah i noticed that with supprise13:36
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trevorjSorry, I don't mean to spam across multiple channels, I just realised #ubuntu-kernel existed.19:24
trevorjHi guys, I compile a custom flavor of the Ubuntu kernel for our boxen here based on Ubuntu's kernel git. I've been trying to figure out the proper way to create a source package that I can upload to an apt repo. Anyone have any experience with this?19:24
melodieI would like to know wether the 3.8.x-generic series for Precise have PAE enabled or not enabled. Does someone know about that?19:53
melodieI have seen the 3.11 does, and the 3.2.x don't. But the latest 3.2.0-55 and -56 don't support zram-config (bug #1246664)19:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 1246664 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) ""Buffer I/O error on device zram0, logical block 515067"" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124666419:55
melodieWill the kernel series 3.2.0-x for Precise always be PAE free until 2017?20:35
melodieI got the answer20:48
melodiewhich is "yes, that is the idea"20:48
melodiedoes someone know when the fix done by henrix as per #1246664 will be integrated in the kernel? 20:49
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melodiehi again22:59
melodieis there someone here who is in charge of the kernel 3.2.0-x for Precise, and who could say when the patch for zram will be integrated?23:00
melodiebug #124666423:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1246664 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) ""Buffer I/O error on device zram0, logical block 515067"" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124666423:00

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