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dufluRAOF: What's the preferred place for Mir-Mesa changes? SRU-style patches to archive? Or are we still using git somewhere?09:05
duflualf_ ^ ?09:06
alf_duflu: I usually create pull requests for https://github.com/RAOF/mesa (egl-platform-mir branch, which is the default)09:07
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alan_gduflu: re recent regression. I was wondering if changing advance_client_buffer() to swap_buffer(BufferHandle&) so that the handle could be released in the implementation before calling flag_for_render() would make the code clearer. (BufferHandle& would be a single-owner, move-only type, not the shared_ptr we have now - that too is an accident waiting to happen). What do you think?10:07
alan_galf_: have you headspace to review https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/fix-Surface-hierarchy-break-render_surfaces-dependency-on-BasicSurface/+merge/19455112:01
alf_alan_g: sure12:02
alan_ggreyback: I'd like to get rid of the ugly code I wrote last week. Could you check this out? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/unity-mir/we-dont-need-SurfaceBuilder/+merge/19455812:04
greybackalan_g: oh yay12:04
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greybackalan_g|lunch: approved, thanks13:08
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kgunnMirv: ping14:22
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kgunnMirv: in case you come back i'd like to land a mir update and its related dependencies (rebuild)14:32
kgunnMirv: i'll send you a mail....but i won't top approve till you give me the go ahead14:33
alan_gkgunn: which changes are you landing. (Just wondering: I'm not very bothered as long as those from the week before last land.)14:37
kgunnalan_g: right...its actually equivalent to landing rev 1192 from the development-branch into trunk/trusty14:39
kgunnalan_g: just need someone from release team to show me some love14:40
alan_gkgunn: I hope you get it. (We love you here)14:41
kgunn:) thanks...i was starting to develop a complex alan_g14:42
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* alf_ is getting tired of launchpad timeouts15:32
Mirvkgunn: hi. it was added for today's landing plan so it should be ok (as long as also unity-mir and unity-sytem-compositor also build against the updated mir), but since the CI move is still ongoing cu2d is down15:32
Mirvkgunn: I'll check the situation again in the morning and start the PPA rebuilds + testing if systems functional15:33
kgunnMirv: ok...so i should go ahead and top approve all those MPs ?15:33
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Mirvkgunn: feel free, I adjusted the commit message of mir a bit (should be fine enough, file the debate probably continues with didrocks later on how to handle the commits etc)15:36
kgunnMirv: :) thanks15:36
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alf_racarr: Hi!15:56
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rsalvetihow hard would it be to use xmir on top of android drivers?17:48
rsalvetijust in case someone still wants to use x11 with libhybris + mir17:49
* ogra_ would be happy to use xmir on his chromebook 17:51
racarrrsalveti: Not conceptually hard, you could have an X11 DDX based on EGL (and which does 2d accel,etc via GL)17:57
rsalvetikind of https://github.com/axeldavy/xf86-video-wlglamor17:58
racarrAs far as implementation goes, currently it works based on knowing that mir is givingout GBMbuffers, and importing these in to the existing17:58
racarrati, nvidia, etc DDX17:58
racarryes verymuch like that ;)17:58
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racarr </end-lunch>21:15
kdubstride detective is no fun21:16
kdubbut that mali branch of mine is good-to-review now21:17
racarrwhy arent things merging anywhere22:05
racarrunity-mir trunk cant build22:05
racarrerr well unity-mircant build anyway22:05
racarragainst dev branch22:06
racarrgrr :p22:09
RAOFkdub: Hey, does android have udev?22:16
RAOFrsalveti, ogra_: A generic glamor-using Mir EGL DDX is on the radar, but I don't think anyone's got time blocked out to do it.22:19
kdubRAOF, i think so22:28
RAOFThat'll make input that much easier.22:28
kduboh actually, i take that back :/22:29
kdubyeah, it does not, just has some android-specific init files22:29
kdubRAOF, but our ubunt touch images might?22:31
kdubi'm actually not sure... stock android doesnt have it22:31
RAOF“udevadm --info --export-db” dumps roughly what I'd expect on the N422:33
kdubgreat :)22:34
RAOFBitchn. And “udevadm monitor” shows events happening.22:35
RAOFI won't need two separate input discovery backends, or two separate default configuration stores! Yay!22:35
kdubyay indeed :)22:35
racarrhow doI get stdout/stderrof apps run from autopilot...23:20

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