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ibeardsleechilts: how is the little one?20:31
chiltsibeardslee: crying ... but in a good way :)21:19
chiltsyeah, it's been up and down but it's pretty amazing saying "OMG, what have I _done_!"21:19
mwhudsonhow old now?21:19
chilts3 and a bit weeks21:24
chiltsam learning a lot from his actions now, so I know some of his cries and some other actions, but every now and then the piece of the puzzle doesn't quite fit21:25
chiltswhich is fine, 'coz there will always be those times21:25
ibeardsleeyou'll probably discover that those times will exist for another 18 years or so21:25
chiltsperhaps more (in this day and age)21:32

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