LjLis anyone going to scold me if next time someone redirects a spammer to -ot, i make the kind of face that will scare them away and pee themselves?02:07
IdleOnemake all the faces you want.02:09
IdleOneyou have my blessings02:09
bazhangwe may need a new floodbot for psilocybin07:15
FlannelHe needs to slightly cut back on using enter as punctuation, but that's it.07:17
Jordan_UI hadn't really noticed it until you pointed it out.07:22
bazhangI just notice that pretty much every time he comes on the -monitor warnings give 4 marks for enter07:24
Flannelbazhang: Have you tried talking to him about it?07:26
bazhangFlannel, in channel, in the past, yes07:26
Flannelhow far "in the past"?07:27
bazhangtwo or three visits ago, not kept that close track07:27
Flannelwhat's a visit?07:27
bazhangwhen he sets off the -monitor warnings07:28
FlannelMy question is ultimately: if someone were to talk to him about it today, is it ancient history? or did it happen yesterday?07:28
IdleOneit happens every single time he joins07:29
FlannelIdleOne: I meant the conversation.07:29
IdleOneoh, I don't know when bazhang talked to him, but after 32 warnings from floodbot you think he would understand by now.07:30
IdleOne32 is when I stopped counting07:30
FlannelYes, because a bot is always as effective as a puny hooman.07:30
IdleOneI understand what you're saying. How many times does the bank teller come out to tell you the bank machine is not lying. YOU'RE BROKE DUDE!07:31
FlannelSo, I just spoke with him about it, he apologised, and said he just gets too excited.  So hopefully he'll change, and we'll be able to nudge him back when he forgets again.07:32
elkywho is this person?07:50
elkythe one pinging me07:50
IdleOneno clue, trying to nicely ask him not to but he doesn't get it I guess07:51
FlannelNothing in the BT07:51
elkyi'm suspicious of anyone who runs around with "sec" in their nick07:51
IdleOnehe's been joining the channel for a week or two now07:52
IdleOnenot normally a problem07:52
elkywhich makes me being a topic tonight even more perplexing07:52
IdleOneyou are an interesting person07:54
elkyi don't disagree07:54
IdleOnehe probably whoised the channel and saw your name and googled07:54
IdleOnecreepy huh07:55
FlannelIdleOne: Do lowercase letters show up first in your IRC client?07:55
IdleOneI'm not sure what you mean?07:56
FlannelIdleOne: If I /names, there'd be plenty of other random people to whois prior.07:56
IdleOnehow many of those random names are female?07:57
IdleOneelky has her real name in the realname field07:57
Tm_Twhat's realname? how it is more real than irc nick? (;07:58
FlannelTm_T: Usually all of the letters are pronouncable.07:59
IdleOneTm_T: archaic form of addressing people07:59
IdleOneEven my mother calls me IdleOne07:59
FlannelThat's because you just sit on the couch all day.07:59
IdleOneI don't answer to my given name anymore :P07:59
Tm_TFlannel: I may disagree with your definition07:59
IdleOneYou don't have to be mean :(07:59
FlannelIdleOne: You're the one who named yourself idle :P08:00
IdleOneI did08:00
ubottuIn ubottu, Riddell said: !testers-#kubuntu-devel is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se  for information10:36
AlanBell!testers-#kubuntu-devel is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se  for information10:38
ubottuBut testers-#kubuntu-devel already means something else!10:38
AlanBell!no testers-#kubuntu-devel is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se  for information10:38
ubottuI'll remember that AlanBell10:38
hitsujiTMOi'm getting pm'ed from phong_. he/she hasn't been able to chat in #ubuntu over last 10 mins. normally i'd presume its the action of the floodbots, but just incase is their host +q'd?15:08
PicihitsujiTMO: They're offline right now, if they contact you again, tell them to join #ubuntu-ops15:09
phong_hi, why i can't chat in #ubuntu16:13
k1l_phong_: hi. you are muted because you were acting against the CoC and the channel guidelines, even after you were asked to stop that.16:17
phong_so can i chat now?16:19
phong_i need help from them16:19
k1l_no. you are still muted.16:19
phong_so i can't chat forever?16:20
k1l_phong_: you cant chat as long as it is not clear, that you will stick to the guidelines in the #ubuntu channel16:21
k1l_!guidelines | phong_16:21
ubottuphong_: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:21
k1l_phong_: the helpers in #ubuntu are volunteers. they dont get paid for the support. you were badmouthing them and you were asked to stop that. but you carried on16:23
phong_so nothing can be done for me?16:29
ikoniaphong_: hi there16:29
phong_i'm in need help now16:29
AlanBellphong_: are you OK with the guidelines?16:29
ikoniaI'm the person who muted you16:29
phong_hey  ikonia16:29
phong_unmute me  ma16:29
phong_i need hep16:29
phong_i really need help with ubuntu16:30
phong_unmute me16:30
ikoniado you understand why you where muted ?16:30
phong_yeah man16:30
ikoniacould you summerise for me ?16:30
phong_be nice to chatter16:30
ikoniaphong_: is your native language English ?16:31
ikoniawhat is your native language ?16:31
phong_is it revelant?16:31
ikoniait can be helpful yes16:32
ikoniawhich Indian language ?16:32
phong_oh man16:32
ikoniathe reason I'm asking is to see if there is anything being lost in translation, as I asked you to stop your comments in #ubuntu and you ignored that, and I contacted you in pm and you ignored that,16:33
ikoniaso it's helpful to know your native language so that if there is something being lost in the translation we can try to work with that16:33
ikoniaok, that's useful to know, thank you16:34
ikoniaphong_: so you understand that a.) bad mouthin the users in #ubuntu is not helpful, b.) provoking someone who is upset about not getting help is not really helpfu l?16:34
=== Mamarok is now known as QT
=== QT is now known as Mamarok
ikoniaphong_: hello, are oyu still there ?16:43
phong_but upset :(16:43
ikoniaoh dear16:46
ikoniawell, do you understand what I've said ?16:47
phong_yes sir!16:47
phong_clear as crystal16:47
ikoniaok, so I can remove the mute, but please rember what you've been told in here, and the guidelines you where given earlier.16:47
phong_yes sir!16:47
ikoniaok, I've removed the mute for you, you should be able to talk now16:48
phong_good sir!16:48
phong_thanks you sir!16:48
PriceyHmm, makes me realise #ubuntu+1 isn't in a correct namespace.16:51
ikoniaphong_: why not ?16:51
ikoniaPricey: why not16:51
Priceyikonia: Well, just isn't? #ubuntu-+1 would be for example. *evil cackle*16:52
ikoniaoh dear....16:52
AlanBellPricey: it is, we have #ubuntu+ as a namespace16:52
Priceyoh do you?16:52
AlanBellyeah, sorted that out last year sometime16:52
PriceyUbuntu is complicated.16:52
AlanBellwell that is freenode being complicated :)16:53
PriceyAlanBell: Ah you do indeed! Sorry!16:53
Myrttijust fold it all into debian. Job done, we can all go home.17:11
bazhangso the user rfc365xx is just testing the channel17:24
IdleOne@mark Psil0Cybin PM'ed and told him that if he does not stop using his enter key so much and triggering the floodbots the channel ops will be forced to put a stop to what is starting to look like intentional misbehaviour.21:11
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:11
LjLthat's so21:14
LjLi don't even21:14
LjLwhy would people do that21:14
* knome slaps LjL 21:15
LjLi can't into language21:15
PiciIdleOne: he triggered the bot again21:16
knomehow's that even possible?21:16
LjLmaybe we should give him a prize21:17
LjLalso, a prize for the 1000th bannée21:17
* LjL shuts up21:17
IdleOnehello Psil0Cybin21:17
IdleOneBy my rough count you have triggered the floodbots over 40 times now21:17
Psil0Cybinsorry aggrivated with this blackscreen issue, i need to use this laptop for work so i keep hitting enter by accident because when i get excited i hit the enter key by accident21:17
IdleOneThis has reached a point of ridiculous21:17
Psil0Cybinvery true. i appologize.21:18
IdleOneI want to be sure you understand what the next step is.21:18
Psil0Cybini do.21:18
IdleOneThe next step is going to be a 15 day ban from #ubuntu, without friendly warning or nudges in the right direction21:19
IdleOneWe clear?21:19
Psil0CybinAlright i understand the severity of my nuisance.21:19
Psil0Cybinyes sir.21:19
IdleOneok, thank you very much. I will unmute you in a second21:19
Psil0Cybindont thank me, i really am sorry i do not realize how annoying it actually is...now i will take the time to think before i hit the enter key and think more about being more professional on here.21:20
Psil0Cybinthank you.21:20
IdleOneHave a nice day :)21:20
Psil0Cybinjust fyi, no joke i do not do it intentionally. it is a very very very bad habbit i am going to kick.21:20
IdleOneI know and this is why I took the time to message you a few minutes ago and now ask you to join here.21:21
knomesounds like a good time to do it. good luck with the efforts :)21:21
Psil0CybinI appreciate that alot guys, Sorry and thank you.21:21
Psil0Cybinhave a good day.21:21
IdleOneno worries.21:21

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