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DanChapmangood morning all o/09:01
pittihey DanChapman, how are you?09:11
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DanChapmanwow that was extreme 'juju bootstrap' filled 16GB of RAM and then killed my box :-S09:21
DanChapmanpitti i'm good thanks and yourself :-)09:21
pittiDanChapman: very well, thanks!09:22
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slickymastergood morning all10:37
DanChapmanmorning slickymaster o/10:37
slickymasterhi, DanChapman. Good morning and congratulations on your Ubuntu membership10:38
DanChapmanslickymaster, thanks :-)10:38
slickymasterDanChapman: np, it was trully deserved10:38
davmor2Morning all10:58
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slickymasterdavmor2: good morning11:35
DanChapmanjibel, hey it looks like the custom install tests are catching bug 1066152 nicely :-). I pushed a fix for the tests failing on the Encoding error but I don't get the ones like ubiquity_ap-ubuntu_devel_daily-test_english_lvm that are failing when ap checks the app snapshot. Do you have any idea why?11:39
ubot5bug 1066152 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "advanced partitioning page is labeled "Installation type"" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106615211:39
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elopiogood morning!14:13
pittihey elopio, good morning! how are you?14:28
elopioI'm great pitti. How about you?14:29
pittielopio: quite fine, thanks!14:29
hggdhplars: good morning, sir. Re the change to the tests adding saucy & trusty to the sudoers: I am surprised it worked before, and the only way I can see it working is the test was being run as root15:20
hggdhplars: which would not have been a good idea ;-)15:21
plarshi hggdh, good to see you :)15:21
hggdhplars: the hell of it is... I miss the whole shebang :-)15:21
plarshggdh: :)15:22
plarshggdh: psivaa and I are in a meeting right now, but I think he has it sorted. Systems are in the middle of a big physical move right now, so a lot of changes are coming after that's complete too15:22
hggdhplars: yes, I could see this change happening by the hostname changes15:23
hggdhand sorry for distracting you from the meeting15:23
psivaahggdh: hey, nice hearing from you :)15:41
psivaaand thanks for the review on that MP15:41
hggdhpsivaa: hi, good to see you around & kicking :-)15:44
psivaaheh :)15:45
psivaahggdh: i dont think the tests are being run as root, but somewhere NOPASSWD gets set for sudo for saucy in the setup, i still failed to see where15:46
hggdhpsivaa: on a standard install this should never happen... somebody is setting it somewhere15:58
psivaahggdh: yep, that i was able to validate that it does not happen soon after the install step15:58
hggdhpsivaa: I will have a go at the test setup code, and see if I can stop anything15:59
hggdhs/stop/spot/ # sigh16:09
senanDanChapman, Good Evening16:34
senanDanChapman, I've done some changes to code16:41
senanDanChapman, Can you please review that16:42
DanChapmansenan, hey there :-) i will go take a look now.16:49
senanDanChapman, thank you very much :)16:50
DanChapmansenan it looks like you have deleted all the other tests from your branch??17:00
senanDanChapman, No17:05
elfyevening peeps17:06
DanChapmanevening elfy :-)17:06
senanDanChapan, I can see all the tests http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~senan/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/DiskUsageAnalyser/view/head:/test_diskUsageAnalyzer.py17:07
senanDanChapman, All the other test means17:08
DanChapmansenan wheres the ubuntu_autopilot_tests directory with all the other application tests gone? and the debian directory is missing aswell if you look at the diff for you branch it says Diff: 2429 lines (+118/-2130) 28 files modified. So you have lost the directories at some point :-)17:09
senanDanChapman, I've reinstalled OS and copied the test to that directory17:10
DanChapmansenan, you need to get a new branch and add your test to that then push it back up with all the other tests17:12
senanDanChapman, what the correct way of doing that17:13
senanDanChapman, this is my directory structure ~/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/ubuntu_autopilot_tests17:14
senanall the tests are there inside that17:14
DanChapmansenan what does bzr status say?17:18
senanDanChapman, unknown: ubuntu_autopilot_tests/DiskUsageAnalyser/17:19
DanChapmansenan run bzr add just so we know everything is added to the branch.17:21
DanChapmansenan, so in your ubuntu_autopilot_tests/ directory you have gedit, shotwell, eog etc??17:22
senanDanChapman, I copied the DiskUsageAnalyser directory to ubuntu_autopilot_tests17:22
DanChapmantry committing and pushing again if their not there after that then it's probably quicker to get a new branch and start a fresh adding your test again etc17:24
senanDanChapman,bzr: ERROR: No changes to commit. Please 'bzr add' the files you want to commit, or use --unchanged to force an empty commit.17:25
DanChapmando bzr commit --unchanged17:26
senanDanChapman, now I should run lp:~senan/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/DiskUsageAnalyser this right17:28
DanChapmanyes bzr push lp:~senan/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/DiskUsageAnalyser17:29
elfyI hated bzr for ages ... DanChapman will remember :)17:29
DanChapmanelfy it's not so bad now though is it??17:30
senanDanChapman, bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged.  See "bzr help diverged-branches" for more information.17:30
elfyDanChapman: I've not used it for ages :D17:31
elfynothing to merge/write needing it for me17:32
DanChapmansenan I thought that might happen. :-) WHat i would do now is copy your test to another directory just so you have a safe copy, then we will revert to the last known good revision let me find which one17:32
* DanChapman scuttles off to launchpad17:32
DanChapmansenan once you have copied your test run bzr revert -r 6017:33
senanDanChapman, Done17:33
DanChapmannow put the replace the test in the branch with your copy17:34
DanChapmanthen do17:34
DanChapmanbzr add17:34
DanChapmanbzr commit17:34
senanDanChapman, but it didnt changed anything17:34
DanChapmanit hasn't reverted the your test to the one i originally reviewed?17:35
senanI've the latest version in my local machine17:36
DanChapmanI just reverted fine from your current branch.17:38
senanDanChapman, when I ran that from DiskUsageAnalyzer dir it worked17:39
DanChapmanahhh i think i know whats wrong, you have a your DiskUsageAnalyzer dir as a seperate branch. Instead of trying to unpickle everything just pull a clean branch and add your test to it17:42
* DanChapman finds that much quicker17:42
DanChapmansenan make sure you pull your branch though17:43
DanChapmanbzr branch lp:~senan/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/DiskUsageAnalyser17:43
DanChapmanthen bzr revert -r 6017:44
senanDanChapman, the entire directory structure changed17:44
DanChapmansenan yep thats correct so you should now have DiskUsageAnalyser/ubuntu_autopilot_tests/*all the test directories*17:45
DanChapmanand DiskUsageAnalyser/debian/*17:45
senanit looks weired17:46
DanChapmanperfect so now just replace the current test with your latest and push it back up and it should be sorted17:46
senanDanChapman, Done17:52
DanChapmansenan yep all sorted. :-)17:54
senanDanChapman, can I change the dir  now >17:57
DanChapmansenan change which dir?18:00
senanDanChapman, copy the DiskUsageAnalyzer to some other directory18:01
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DanChapmansenan is this your latest test version http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~senan/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/DiskUsageAnalyser/view/head:/ubuntu_autopilot_tests/DiskUsageAnalyser/test_diskUsageAnalyser.py18:05
SergioMenesesDanChapman, senan greetings!18:08
DanChapmangood day SergioMeneses :-)18:09
SergioMenesesdo you know when ubuntu-t prealphas comes out?18:09
senanDanChapman, Yes it is18:09
DanChapmansenan thats the branch fixed then :-)18:09
elfySergioMeneses: I'm using the xubuntu daily all the time now - fingers crossed ...18:09
senanSergioMeneses, Good Day :)18:10
senanDanChapman, this is my current directory structure http://paste.ubuntu.com/6401007/18:10
SergioMeneseselfy, nice! I will work more with Lubuntu for this cycle18:10
elfySergioMeneses: or rather I installed this with one the other day and have been using it since18:10
elfybut the dailies are there and so are Lubuntu's :)18:11
SergioMeneseselfy, perfect! thanks a lot18:12
DanChapmansenan maybe its not so fixed lol but your branch on launchpad is correct so just delete all of your local branch and just branch your branch on lp as that is correct18:15
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DanChapmanelfy it seems there are only 3 xubuntu ubiquity tests running at current but they are running nicely, one is failing but it should be until a bug is fixed.18:16
senanDanChapman, OK18:17
elfyDanChapman: I can't make head nor tail of the jenkins results tbh18:19
DanChapmanelfy all you need to care about is 'has it got a blue dot' :-D if its blue its passing, yellow means something is up and red means 'poggered' :-D18:20
elfyyep - I can get that bit - but there's nothign that says xubuntu to me :)18:21
elfynot what's up with yellow ones18:21
elfythough perhaps I'm not even looking in the right place18:22
DanChapmanelfy here's quick list of the current links http://paste.ubuntu.com/6401107/18:25
senanDanChapman, please review and update me what all things I need to change now.. I'm going to sleep..almost midnight here :)18:26
DanChapmanelfy, the custom install test is failing because of bug 106615218:26
ubot5bug 1066152 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "advanced partitioning page is labeled "Installation type"" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106615218:27
elfythanks davmor219:19
elfydan's gone then :p19:20
davmor2elfy: :)19:20
elfybut thanks anyway - you must have done something :)19:21
melodiedoes someone know if in Precise the kernels of the series 3.8.x are with or without PAE?19:51
melodieand if there is a dedicated chan for Ubuntu kernel team?19:51
knomei believe19:52
melodiethanks knome, I try19:52
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