bananapieHello, my server monitor just went off, power saving or something. How can I force the monitor back on without touching the keyboard on the server? I am connected using ssh and the server does not have X installed.00:52
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pneftalitailing auth.log01:49
pneftalilots of failed attempts on going... what to do ?01:49
xnoxpneftali: fail2ban denyhosts01:54
xnoxpneftali: i have those two installed to keep out people who constantly try to bruteforce my machine.01:54
pneftalixnox: Thanks. I will try fail2ban. I have also read about using auth keys for ssh. But that does not seem to stop attempts, right ?01:57
xnoxpneftali: if you disable password login in sshd, it will.01:58
xnoxpneftali: e.g. i have an http server and I get constant requests to non-existant php pages attempting known php webforums et.al. rootkit attacks.01:59
xnoxpneftali: fail2ban is good like that to block all sorts of attempts to get in. They just waste my bandwidth I have to pay for =(01:59
pneftalixnox: yeah. these guys sux big time -_-02:03
pneftalii noticed last night my /dev/vda is using 92% of disk space... is this normal for a server machine ?02:04
pmatulispneftali: 92% of what?02:12
pneftalipmatulis: how to check what sort of files are in /dev/vda ?02:13
pmatulispneftali: you want to know the nature of every file on your system?02:15
pneftalipmatulis: just curious what's in /dev/vda that's taking too much disk space ...02:16
pmatulispneftali: how much space do you have?02:17
pneftalipmatulis: 20G02:17
pmatulispneftali: you can use the 'find' command02:19
pneftali /dev/vda is not a directory...02:21
pmatulispneftali: apply it to it's mountpoints.  i just found the 'ncdu' tool (apt-get install ncdu).  then do 'ncdu /'02:22
pneftalipmatulis: it's weird. i installed ncdu. and ran ncdu command in /dev folder. it's listing vda folder has 0 Bytes02:27
pmatulispneftali: why are you doing /dev folder?02:28
pneftalipmatulis: just a sec, i'll upload a screenshot...02:30
pneftalipmatulis: got it. this is ncdu in root folder -> http://i42.tinypic.com/15fiw6d.png02:35
pneftalipmatulis: while this is what df -h is listing -> http://i40.tinypic.com/2m62tjl.png02:36
pmatulispneftali: so most of your data resides under /var .  take a look there02:55
pneftalipmatulis: why is it df -h is showing /dev/vda has 16G of disk space used ?02:57
pmatulispneftali: the 2nd url is broken btw03:00
pneftalipmatulis: i'm sorry, try this one instead -> http://oi40.tinypic.com/2m62tjl.jpg03:02
pmatulispneftali: it all looks good to me03:04
pneftalipmatulis: i'm confused. df is showing /dev/vda taking 16G disk space. ncdu is showing /var taking up 14.8G03:07
pmatulispneftali: yes, /var is taking up 15G, and the rest adds up to about 1G03:10
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jamespagemorning folks09:39
eagles0513875ok guys I have a samba share, and for some reason after following the official 12.04 documentation on how to setup samba and secure it I am having issues getting a system user to connect with the username and password on the server10:34
eagles0513875I am trying to add the users i created to the samba share group10:35
eagles0513875and for some reason they are saying they have already been added10:35
eagles0513875any ideas would be greatly appreciated10:35
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freakynlHi, anyone know if there are regressions, yet again, on e1000 with 13.10 server? My server has 2 NICs, em1 has about 12% packetloss pinging locally. If it's in rest first 6 pings are always gone, switch doesn't see the mac address in it's table unless I'm actually pinging (and get response). em2 has no issues with 13.10. Both work fine with win 8.112:30
freakynlem1 also seems to drop link for up to 27secs at a time, visible on switch end, nothing is logged in dmesg whatsoever12:31
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strikovHi guys. I'm trying to install mediawiki inside LXC container on 13.10. Mediawiki package installs its content to /var/lib/mediawiki and creates Alias from /mediawiki/ to /var/lib/mediawiki. But apache can't access this folder (forbidden). I had to create a symlink from /var/www/ to /var/lib/mediawiki to make it work. Who prevent apache from accessing /var/lib/mediawiki directly? Is it apparmor (I didn't find any related config though)?13:15
ikoniastrikov: it may well be the container, rather than the local machine13:28
strikovikonia: it looks like I figured out what happened, saucy has apache 2.4 which uses another method of access control (e.g. Require all granted). It provides mod_access_compat to accept old access control rules but it seems to be broken.13:47
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zuljamespage:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba4/+bug/125009814:32
jamespagezul, ouch - you know that samba source package is at 4.0.x in debian right?14:33
zuljamespage:  yeah i think14:34
jamespageso we should drop the samba4 source package, merge samba from debian and deal with the delta in terms of deps14:34
zulah right14:35
zulim not awake yet14:35
zuljamespage:  poop..yeah i merged samba  from debian  at least we still need a MIR for faketime though14:36
jamespagezul, that's the one14:36
zulhallyn_:  is there a reason why we still have d/p/9002-better_default_uri_virsh.patch ?16:12
hallyn_zul: not sure16:26
hallyn_zul: without that, 'virsh list' woudl default to qemu:///session instead of qemu:///system right?16:27
hallyn_i'd say build a test without it and check for that.16:27
hallyn_or are you saying we should be able to set the default in /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf now?16:27
zulhallyn_:  i think...im not sure16:28
zulmaybe i should go have a nap16:28
mdeslaurzul: I can haz newer libvirt in trusty?16:33
zulmdeslaur:  yes16:34
mdeslaurzul: any idea of when? just curious...16:35
* mdeslaur wants the open CVE to die16:35
zulmdeslaur:  fighting jetlag but working on it16:35
mdeslaurzul: cool, thanks16:35
mdeslaurzul: you need some of those special jetlag pills16:35
zulmdeslaur:  yeah yeah16:36
mdeslaurzul: side effects may include heart attack16:36
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zulmdeslaur/hallyn_: it will be building here https://launchpad.net/~zulcss/+archive/libvirt-testing17:05
hallyn_zul: ok, thanks, will test this afternoon17:07
hallyn_in between giddilly dancing in the snow17:07
zulwith loincloth?17:08
hallyn_i was thinking a kilt, but good idea17:09
hallyn_rbasak: safe to assume you are not in the process of verifying bug 1190387?  (to clear the path for your SRU).  i'll start right now long as you're not.17:12
hallyn_(well, starting until you shout stop)17:13
rbasakhallyn_: I wasn't. Thanks!17:15
roastedhello friends17:37
roastedhas anybody ever used ajenti? I was trying to look for a simple web UI to put on an ubuntu server 12.04 headless box for my parents/younger brothers who live at home. That way they could manage their own shares and such without having to be super fluent in SSH and terminal commands.17:38
roastedI'm running it in a VM and it looks really nice. I'm concerned about dumping it on an existing server though... like if it would automatically recognize mdadm software RAID, samba shares/users, etc., or if it would require a fresh wipe on a new box with 0 things configured.17:39
rbasakroasted: I'm not aware of any decent NAS-like software for Ubuntu Server. There are custom distros for that though - freenas seems to be the most popular one. It's BSD-based. Perhaps you could run it in a VM?17:43
roastedFreeNAS? No thanks. That web UI is pretty confusing, and their volumes vs datasets vs this vs that isn't something I'd want to just put on a system and let the rest of the not-insanely-tech-savy family figure out.17:46
roastedI've decided on Ubuntu, I mean, I already have an Ubuntu Server there running with Samba. It works.17:46
roastedThing is I want to get a web GUI on top so they can manage their own shares and whatnot.17:47
TJ-roasted: webmin/usermin might help you17:47
roastedsomething like zentyal, webmin, etc., but they have their drawbacks. So far Ajenti looks the best, and based on what I'm seeing in this VM I'm testing it with, it feels solid. I just wanted to ask around and see what others thought.17:47
roastedTJ-: I considered webmin, but I hear webmin+ubuntu is kind of 'lol' in this day and age.17:47
TJ-roasted: it works very well and has for a long time, even for complex set-ups17:48
roastedTJ-: I understand there are a lot of things webmin can do under the hood that break functionality due to incompatibilities.17:49
roastedBased on that alone I felt :/ abou tit.17:49
roastedabout it*17:49
TJ-roasted: Yeah, I've been hearing that for years, but so far no-one has demonstrated any issue to me, and I've used it day-in/day-out for several years now with no niccups, in fact, it integrates with an existing server very well17:50
roastedTJ-: sounds good. Well if you ever get curious perhaps Ajenti is worth looking at for sake of being aware of an alternative.17:50
roastedI'm going to set up mdadm later along with samba on a spare box, dump ajenti on it, and see how it reacts.17:50
roastedAs long as it doesn't blow away any configs this will be a slam dunk win for what I'm after.17:51
TJ-roasted: ajenti can't handle virtual hosting so its not suitable for my requirements18:10
roastedmaybe in time.18:10
roastedits a young project with lots if gumption it seems.18:11
rostamHI which channel I should ask about preseeding questions? thx18:29
roastedI would think here...18:29
rostamI have created automated installeder using ubuntu preseeding  which works fine accept it is still ask for language preference. Anyone can help me to make that quite also please? thx18:30
trevorjHi guys, I compile a custom flavor of the Ubuntu kernel for our boxen here based on Ubuntu's kernel git18:54
trevorjI've been trying to figure out the proper way to create a source package that I can upload to an apt repo18:54
trevorjAnyone have any experience with this?18:54
ausjke1under 13.10, apt-cache search lsb_release has no output?19:07
ausjke1also, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+package/libapache2-mod-fastcgi has powerpc version, but apt can not find it19:07
ogra_ausjke1, why would that have any output ?19:08
ogra_would be a pretty new feature that apt-cache can search binaries inside packages19:09
ausjke1sorry, dpkg -S lsb_release19:10
ausjke1dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern *lsb_release*19:10
ausjke1on powerpc only19:10
ogra_you want: dpkg -S $(which lsb_release)19:11
ogra_unless you are currently in /usr/bin/19:11
ogra_(or wherever that binary lives)19:11
ausjke1ogra_: actually i think lsb_release is a package too19:17
ogra_the package for the lsb_release binary is called lsb-release19:17
ogra_(no underscores in package names allowed)19:17
ausjke1ogra_: youre right, it's lsb-release, which is a package19:18
ausjke1the reason i could not find libapache2-mod-fastcgi is that, i built my rootfs from the minimal core tarball19:19
ausjke1which does not have multiverse in its sources.list, where the fastcgi resides19:19
ausjke1now it's all set19:19
zuljamespage:  heads up https://review.openstack.org/#/c/52725/19:20
ausjke1just realize that to install lsb-release I need pull in 18MB, mostly python3 stuff, what the19:21
ausjke1who wrote that? that should really be a 1K program19:21
ausjke1and...varnish is not working on 13.10, worked well with 12.0419:22
jamespagezul, networkx concerns me19:25
jamespage(transient dep)19:25
zulits in universe19:25
jamespageyeah - I know - and it will pull in a load of other things19:26
jamespageigraph might be lighter19:26
infusedis there a way to get apache2 not to use the root path /var/www/?20:20
galarischange rootdir in conf?20:40
galarisin /etc assuming you are on linux20:41
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CactusbiterOk, question22:03
CactusbiterI can't get my burned image to be accepted to boot from22:03
CactusbiterPrecise Parogin22:03
bekksCactusbiter: How did you burn it then?22:03
CactusbiterI just burned the ISO onto a CD-R22:04
hallyn_zul: all right, setting up libvirt test on trusty.  i'll have 3 things i'll want to add to the packge source if all goes well.22:45
hallyn_presumbly, though, you're njoying a well-earned jetlag nap and won't22:45
hallyn_so much for that theory22:45
zulill be collapsing in a bout an hour22:45
hallyn_try to be around soft objects before that happens22:46
hallyn_let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ...22:46
zullemme know if i effed up22:47
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hallyn_zul: so unfortunately yes, virsh net-list now shows empty while virsh -c qemu:///system net-list shows default.23:43
hallyn_and worse, setting it in /etc/libvirt/libvirt.conf does not work!23:43
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hallyn_setting VIRSH_DEFAULT_CONNECT_URI does work...23:45
hallyn_all right, well running the qa testsuite and running out for pizza.  bbl.23:46

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