bkhwell, now I'm stuck in recovery with a message that says "autodeploy.zip not found"00:04
bkhdesktop terminal says it's pushing recovery, but I'm already in recovery, so...00:06
bkhoh wait, there it goes.00:06
iron_giantWith the current files up I am handing ont he google screen after autodeploy's00:18
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SamZaNemesisHow can I do kernel debugging? I am trying to add VT support to my kernel but it crashes on boot, and my SoC disables uart on my device02:33
SamZaNemesisI have a HTC Ville (One S)02:34
Nothing_MuchAnybody know about how to utilize libhybris?03:06
Nothing_Much*on the desktop03:06
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duflu_Nothing_Much: I don't think it makes any sense on desktop. It exists to utilize Android libraries. Hence we have https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libhybris/+bug/123296203:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1232962 in libhybris (Ubuntu) "hybris packages should fail to install if an Android filesystem is not detected" [Wishlist,New]03:47
Nothing_Muchduflu_: Actually I'm on an Arm computer with an Ubuntu desktop03:48
duflu_Nothing_Much: Oh, interesting case03:48
Nothing_MuchYeah, I supposedly have Android files in my new /system* folder03:49
Nothing_MuchI'm following a tutorial, but step 1 is complex to me03:49
Nothing_MuchIt's not really specified what I should do03:49
Nothing_MuchAm I supposed to replace the zImage and config files?03:50
duflu_Nothing_Much: Try asking rsalveti03:51
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Nothing_Muchrsalveti: Is it possible to use libhybris on an Arm Ubuntu desktop?03:51
Nothing_MuchAm I allowed to link my question from an external website?03:51
Nothing_Muchduflu: Can I link to my reddit post about my question?03:54
dufluNothing_Much: Go ahead, but your question is now beyond my knowledge03:54
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Myrttiis there anywhere where I can see *all* the past calls and such?08:12
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popeyMyrtti: calls?08:21
popeyoh, call log, yes08:21
popeyMyrtti: dialler -> tap the top bar, scroll across to "Call log"08:22
Myrttipopey: thanks, I though I was starting to imagine things08:22
Myrtti... I got stressed over a telemarketer?08:23
Myrttithought even.08:25
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Origami Day! :-D09:23
* ogra_ folds it09:28
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davmor2Morning all10:58
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tvossSaviq, ping11:07
Saviqtvoss, /me off today, email please11:08
tvossSaviq, ack11:08
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abovohow to run on go clever tablet?11:57
AskUbuntuplugin any software in to Ubuntu operating system | http://askubuntu.com/q/37540212:17
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AskUbuntuWill the mobile network connection work on the Nexus 7? | http://askubuntu.com/q/37540812:43
swoodattache gamesurge12:44
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xnoxrsalveti: is it just me, or initramfs-tools-touch first mounts ${rootmnt} as read only, and then tries to do "mkdir -p" under ${rootmnt}/ ...13:37
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rsalvetixnox: if you're trying the emulator with the current initd, it'll be broken because of the revert done last saturday, I'm fixing it as we speak13:38
xnoxrsalveti: ok. i'll wait for that upload, before I continue testing my new features.13:39
rsalvetixnox: which features?13:39
xnoxrsalveti: no-loop mounts.13:39
rsalvetixnox: hm, right, why?13:39
rsalvetixnox: don't we want to simulate the system-based image?13:39
rsalvetiif you don't want loop-based mounts, it's just better to not use it at all13:40
xnoxrsalveti: because we don't want loop-mounts, they cause shutdown ordering problems. Ideally we'd like to repartition existing devices, but all of them have broken partition tables. With emulator we can finally simulate what we actually want. "system partition" with ubuntu rootfs direct, no loop-mounts, mounted read-only direct, "userdata partition" mounted read-write.13:40
xnoxrsalveti: hence i'm updating initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch, to support one more type of booting =)13:41
xnox(well rootfs setup)13:41
rsalvetixnox: right, but while I agree with the solution, I still believe it's better to simulate what we end up using in our supported devices13:41
xnoxit currectly has loop-mounted rootfs, legacy flipped and no i'm adding non-loop rootfs =)13:42
rsalvetiso people can also use the emulator to test changes in the initrd13:42
xnoxrsalveti: sure. the default for the emulator will stay as the current system-image one.13:42
xnoxrsalveti: non-loop is a demo/preview for evaluation =)13:42
rsalvetiright, fine then :-)13:42
dpmhi rsalveti, this last weekend I was trying to get a port going, but I encountered some build problems. Do the steps in the "Building Android for Ubuntu" look sensible to you? Anything that I might have missed? -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/galaxysl13:44
rsalvetilet me take a look13:45
dpmcool, thanks13:46
rsalvetidpm: first issue, we're using phablet-trusty now (unless you want to start with a saucy-based port)13:47
rsalvetirepo init -u git://phablet.ubuntu.com/CyanogenMod/android.git -b phablet-saucy13:47
dpmrsalveti, I thought I'd use a stable image for the port, but I can switch to trusty if that's the recommended way13:48
rsalvetidpm: while testing against something stable is indeed easier, it's better to use our dev release as we can fix possible issues in phablet.u.c :-)13:48
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rsalvetiother than that, the instructions all look fine, just need to understand the build failure now13:49
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rsalvetisomething might be missing13:49
rsalvetimake: *** No rule to make target `/home/dpm/dev/phablet/out/target/product/galaxysl/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libwpa_client_intermediates/export_includes', needed by `/home/dpm/dev/phablet/out/target/product/galaxysl/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libhardware_legacy_intermediates/import_includes'.  Stop.13:49
rsalvetithis means that libhardware_legacy_intermediates depends on libwpa_client, but nothing is building libwpa_client13:50
dpmrsalveti, yeah, it seems to have to do with wpa supplicant, but the sources for wpa supplicant are there. I couldn't figure it out. I tried to do a vanilla build of CM10.1 for this device, and the build succeeded. I'm not sure which part is removed in the Ubuntu build13:51
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rsalvetidpm: see build/core/main.mk, that's where we add the projects we want to build13:51
* dpm looks13:51
rsalvetidpm: subdirs := \13:52
rsalveti    abi/cpp \13:52
rsalvetiand we also have a few specifics per device as well13:52
dpmrsalveti, aha, I think external/wpa_supplicant_8_ti \ is missing from subdirs13:52
rsalvetidpm: right, could be13:53
rsalvetiifeq ($(TARGET_PRODUCT), cm_manta)13:53
rsalvetisubdirs += \13:53
rsalveti    system/security/keystore13:53
rsalvetiyou can add something similar for your device13:53
rsalvetidpm: while debugging, you can also use mmm to build the needed project by hand13:56
rsalvetithat will put the dependency in place for you13:56
rsalvetiso you could try mmm external/wpa_supplicant_8_ti13:56
rsalvetiand then calling brunch again13:56
rsalvetito see if that fixes it13:56
dpmok, cool13:56
rsalvetionce you find the missing project, you can add it to the default dependencies13:56
dpmrsalveti, adding the conditional subdirs worked to fix the initial error, but now I'm getting make: *** No rule to make target `/home/dpm/dev/phablet/out/target/product/galaxysl/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libnativehelper_intermediates/export_includes', needed by `/home/dpm/dev/phablet/out/target/product/galaxysl/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libbt-vendor_intermediates/import_includes'.  Stop. - is it always going to be trial and error, or is there a way to figure out13:59
dpmany missing subdirs before the build?13:59
rsalvetidpm: not an automatic way, as you need to check in the Android.mk file to see which dependencies are needed, that's why it's easier to just try and fix as you go14:00
dpmok, will do that, thanks!14:00
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awafaais there a table that shows what components are re-used from AOSP/CM and what is new?14:25
awafaaI'm thinking of things like AudioFlinger replaced with PulseAudio, SurfaceFlinger with Mir etc14:25
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popeyawafaa: not that i'm aware of14:35
dpmrsalveti, it seems that for my port's build to work, I need to add the external/bluetooth directory from cm10.1, which is not pulled from phablet.u.c - what's the best way to make sure that directory is pulled?14:36
awafaapopey: ok, in that case could you advise on what else has changed?14:36
popeyawafaa: someone else may be better placed, such as xnox or rsalveti ☻14:42
xnoxawafaa: it's easier to do it other way around. Everything is stock / normal ubuntu. There is android container which has libhybris which is used to access: hw graphics drivers, use surface flinger (unless mir is used), access ritld (phone/sim stuff), camera device.14:44
ogra_video and audio codecs too14:44
xnoxyeap, thanks ogra_ =)14:44
ogra_and sensors/GPS indeed14:44
awafaaexcellent, thanks xnox & ogra_14:44
awafaaand am i correct in saying that system apps are considered apps for system functionality and core are for user experience?14:46
awafaaim trying to explain why there are the two groups of apps14:46
xnoxawafaa: there are no two groups of apps.14:47
xnoxawafaa: what do you mean by "system apps"14:47
xnoxawafaa: and what do you mean by "core"14:47
popeythe confusion comes across probably because of the core apps (community apps) project14:47
popeywhich wasn't the best name14:47
popeycore apps being the ones that we created in collaboration with the community, you can think of "system" apps as the ones internally made (but also open source).14:48
popeybut they're all just apps14:48
awafaaxnox: basically what popey said14:49
awafaathanks for the clarification14:49
xnoxawafaa: no-matter who they are developed by the useful distinction are: pre-installed on the image vs 3rd-party software-store click apps (those that one can download/install)14:51
xnoxawafaa: the former are updated together with the rest of the system image update, latter are upgraded on-demand individually from the store.14:52
awafaamakes sense, thanks again14:53
popeythats not clear either14:53
popeybecause we have put the baked-in apps in the store too ☻14:53
xnox=) i omitted nity grity detail, about pre-installed clicks =)14:53
xnoxwhich is imho a backdoor =)14:53
xnoxwell, that's a bad word, "dual upgrade path"14:54
xnoxclick apps.14:54
popeythey dont get updated by a system image update14:54
popeydo they?14:54
xnoxoh, i did not know that.14:54
xnoxi thought they are.14:54
popeywe update them through the store14:54
popeywell, the community ones are updated in the store, and also baked into the full image14:55
xnoxpopey: which is fetched to the image, at image build-time. such that fresh image has fresh pre-installed clicks.14:55
popeydont think the camera/dialler etc are though14:55
popeyright, okay, i agree on that14:55
xnoxpopey: but if that translates into "upgrade click on delta-system-image upgrade, if new image has newer click" i don't know.14:55
xnox(and it wasn't upgraded via store yet by the user)14:55
xnoxeasy enough to test though. Flash old image, don't sign into store, upgrade to newer image, check version numbers of the installed clicks.14:56
popeywell the image only updates /usr/share/click/pre-installed, not /opt/com.ubuntu.click/... which takes precidence?14:56
xnoxunless there is an upgrade hook, that does.14:56
xnoxsomehow /opt/com.ubuntu.click is updated on first boot from pre-installed.14:56
awafaaso how would you recommend to measure power usage if using a system image?14:57
popeyawafaa: not sure it's accurate / easy without influencing the results14:59
popeybut /sys/class/power_supply/battery is interesting14:59
popeycking has done some work profiling power usage, but we haven't focussed our attention on optimising for that yet14:59
awafaapopey: agree that it's easy to influence. i was curious as to how purely from an informative perspective15:00
awafaamakes sense, get it working first then get it work well15:01
awafaaerr, get it working well even15:01
popeyawafaa: i wrote a simple script which polls those files for battery level over time15:01
popeyas a cron job every minute15:01
ckingawafaa, http://smackerelofopinion.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/non-linear-characteristics-in-draining.html15:01
popeythere we go ☻15:01
* ogra_ just goes to system-settings -> battery :P15:02
ogra_it has a shiny graph and all15:02
ckingand I have some shiny tools in https://launchpad.net/~colin-king/+archive/white15:04
awafaathanks chaps15:22
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davmor2ogra_: well the android to Ubuntu-touch test seems to be going well so far :)15:32
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rsalvetidpm: you can add as a dependency from your device repository15:37
rsalvetiat device/samsung/galaxysl, check for cm.dependencies15:37
rsalvetidpm: as long you maintain that repo, you can safely add it there15:37
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rsalvetidpm: or you could also see what is requiring that bluetooth dependency and remove that as well, as we use bluez anyway15:37
dpmrsalveti, ah, I think the later might make more sense, but for the sake of just getting it to build now, I'll go temporarily for cm.dependencies15:38
* ogra_ watchest the OTA update on his maguro slowly count to 115% 15:38
ogra_and fail !15:38
ogra_bah !15:39
rsalvetiogra_: you didn't bump initrd and android15:39
rsalvetiI'm pushing android now15:39
ogra_rsalveti, that was #19015:39
rsalvetialready did the initrd15:39
ogra_built 6h ago15:40
rsalvetisure, but the new systemd rules were not part of that build15:40
ogra_they were :)15:40
davmor2ogra_: r18 ota killed my maguro but phablet flash fixored it admittedly wiping all my data15:40
rsalvetiogra_: not in the initrd :-)15:40
ogra_rsalveti, argh !15:40
popeydavmor2: you should have asked in here, we could have fixed without wiping15:40
ogra_rsalveti, sh*t!!!15:41
ogra_so 19 will be broken too15:41
rsalvetiogra_: just pushed a new android respin, once that's done, you can trigger a new image15:41
ogra_yeah, but thats more than 2h out15:41
davmor2popey: it was Sunday at 9:30 and I needed my phone back up and running15:41
rsalvetiogra_: well, not much we can do I guess15:42
ogra_and removing images doesnt really work well ...15:42
davmor2popey: other wise I would of :)15:42
ogra_you have to copy a reverse version over the new image and it will regenerate all diffs15:42
davmor2popey: plus I couldn't get passed the google logog15:42
popeydavmor2: i know, I had same15:42
ogra_but i guess that takes nearly as long15:42
popeydavmor2: it's fixable15:42
rsalvetiogra_: oh, right15:43
rsalvetiawafaa: I think we might have that documented somewhere15:43
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davmor2popey: indeed it almost always is but then I also knew I was doing an android → current UT today too so would be blowing everything away anyway :)15:43
rsalvetiawafaa: we replaced a few components already, but we're still using the android hal for the core components15:43
ogra_davmor2, popey well, dont upgrade to #1915:44
ogra_it will have the same prob15:45
popeyI'm not upgrading till you do my friend ☻15:45
* ogra_ guesses once #20 is out he will have to write a long mail to the phone ML15:45
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ogra_what a mess15:45
davmor2ogra_: so Android current on maguro to Ubuntu Touch 18 worked fine woohoo :)15:46
ogra_well, image 18 is image 15 in fact15:46
ogra_just re-labeled15:46
rsalvetiawafaa: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/presentation/d/1WZ07phR2SjvHK1JaNGFakjGCW6Jr8_o33HvKLojQ7hI/edit#slide=id.p15:50
rsalvetiawafaa: a few slides showing the current architecture15:50
awafaarsalveti: thanks very much!15:53
rsalvetiwe still need to build a wiki page with an up-to-date description of our architecture15:53
xnoxrsalveti: that's really cool presentation!15:56
ogra_xnox, dont say that to loud else PR will steal him from us !!!15:57
morphisrsalveti: I recently tried to integrate your work for getting pulseaudio working with UCM on ubuntu touch into our environment16:25
morphisit mostly works but just can't get pulseaudio to output anything to the speakers16:25
morphisso I wondered if there is any special configuration needed to set it up correctly16:26
rsalvetimorphis: hm, for basic audio it should just work, once you have the right ucm files in place16:30
rsalvetieven aplay should work (without pulse)16:30
morphisaplay works fine16:30
morphisbut throuh paplay there is no sound16:30
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rsalvetithe other changes we got was just to trigger the modem output/input when you setup a call (which talks with the audio hal)16:30
morphisyeah I know but that should needed yet for basic audio output16:31
rsalvetimorphis: which device?16:31
morphisit's the same for all16:31
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Guest71194can i install ubuntu touch on galaxy s2 gti 9100?16:31
rsalvetimorphis: let me get the log output from our pulse, just a sec16:31
morphisrsalveti: slight difference is that we start pulseaudio in system mode16:32
Guest71194can i install ubuntu touch on galaxy s2 gti 9100?16:32
rsalvetioh, and we also have additional logic in there to handle jack detection16:33
rsalvetihm, shouldn't make any difference16:33
morphisrsalveti: I have that patch already in our setup too :)16:33
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morphishm, seems like I've found one problem16:34
morphisit seems to work after a restart of the daemon but not when it's automatically started at boot tiem16:35
morphisinteresting, why didn't that worked before16:35
rsalvetimaybe a race with alsa/ucm?16:36
morphisrsalveti: possible16:38
morphistrying currently to start it later in the process to see wether the problem results in someone coming in between and changing the configuration16:38
tygerlordhello does someone known touch script here?16:45
tygerlordtouch script try to mount /var/lib/lxc/android/system.img /android-system but where come from this sutem.img, does somebody know?16:50
morphistygerlord: it's the android system image which you build with the phablet environment16:54
rsalvetiit's part of the userdata partition, when you're booting using the system-image format16:54
rsalvetiwhich is indeed the android system image built with the phablet environment16:54
rsalvetiogra_: do we have a wiki page describing how to use the system-image format?16:55
ogra_rsalveti, not so sure how much it goes into detail16:55
tygerlordOk. I have a system.img on out/target/product/crespo/system.img but i can mount it16:55
rsalvetiguess first step is trying to run ubuntu-touch just with the flipped container, not using system-image16:56
rsalvetionce you have it all working, you can try to switch to the system-image format (root mounted as ro)16:56
tygerlordI can't mount it system type is unknow, i've tried ext but fail16:57
rsalvetithat depends how the system.img is created for your device16:59
rsalvetiI believe we're only supporting ext4 based fs atm16:59
tygerlordtouch script dont specify mount type ...16:59
rsalvetiright, but that's because it tries to find out the right format automatically17:00
rsalvetiyou said you can't even mount that file in your host17:00
rsalvetiwonder if that is using yaffs217:00
ogra_are you sure its a filesystem image and not a sparse image that needs converting first ?17:01
rsalvetiyeah, you're right, from the android side it should still be a sparse image17:01
tygerlordI don't knwo what  is a sparse image?17:01
ogra_so you might need sim2img17:01
ogra_to convert it17:01
tygerlordOk thank you very much ogra_ and rsalveti I will try this.17:03
ogra_good luck17:03
davmor2ogra_: so is image 20 happening today or will it be tomorrow now?17:04
ogra_davmor2, it will happen soon17:04
rsalvetiogra_: you can probably trigger that already17:04
rsalvetiyeah, android was just published it seems17:04
* ogra_ shakes his fist at britney ... stop drinking and taking drugs and process the android package !!!17:04
ogra_oh, cool17:05
rsalvetinot yet in rmadison17:05
rsalvetiogra_: should take another 5 mins17:05
ogra_i have it here17:05
rsalvetiogra_: ok, it is now :-)17:05
ogra_buolding :)17:05
rsalvetigo for it :-)17:05
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jockerfoxHi to all, a simple question: Nexus7 vers. 2013 is supported in the future?17:25
morphisrsalveti: ok, fixed the issue17:26
morphisstarting pulseaudio a little bit later helps17:26
rsalvetigreat, so indeed a race17:26
beunojockerfox, it isn't currently, and it's unclear still if it will be or not17:26
morphisrsalveti: one further thing, did you saw something like http://pastie.org/8472401 on the N4?17:26
morphisrsalveti: right17:27
rsalvetijockerfox: should be once someone do the port for it17:27
rsalvetiwe'll be changing our android baseline version soon, which will help17:27
rsalvetibut we (I don't at least) have the device to test17:27
rsalvetimorphis: saw that a few times already17:28
rsalvetinot sure yet what triggers it though17:28
jockerfoxbueno & rsalveti: ok.. thanks17:28
morphisrsalveti: I guess it's some shader code which is causing this17:28
morphiswill try to track it with apitrace later17:29
morphisrsalveti: just time consuming ..17:32
Nothing_Muchrsalveti: I was told to ask you whether it is possible to utilize Libhybris on an arm desktop using Ubuntu desktop or not.17:32
rsalvetiNothing_Much: sure, it all depends on what you want to use with libhybris17:33
rsalvetiif you mean the GL driver, you could create a x11 driver for it, but it might be a bit painful17:34
rsalvetiotherwise you could use mir or wayland, but then you'll need a different desktop environment17:34
Nothing_MuchI just need a GL driver for an SGX 54417:35
Nothing_MuchMir and Wayland don't work if I just install them17:35
timppaWhat's happening with the latest builds? OTA breaks the phone17:35
rsalvetiyeah, not outside the box, you probably need some work to get that going17:35
rsalvetimorphis: do you know if we have any crazy one that created a x11 driver using libhybris?17:36
rsalvetitimppa: if you're using devel-proposed, the next image should fix your issue (which is still building)17:36
rsalvetibut guess you'll need to reflash with phablet-flash17:37
timpparsalveti: yes17:37
timpparsalveti: thanks17:37
rsalvetiwe had an issue with the initrd, that makes the boot to crash17:37
timppacan it be fixed from busybox?17:37
morphisrsalveti: maybe grolea did17:38
rsalvetitimppa: nops, as you need to update the initrd udev rules17:38
rsalvetimorphis: interesting17:38
rsalvetimorphis: to use with sgx?17:38
morphisI think so17:38
morphisat least I heard that someone tried it with sgx17:38
timpparsalveti: ETA on the build to finish?17:39
rsalvetiNothing_Much: then you might want to ping groleo to see if he got that to work17:39
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morphisNothing_Much: watch in #libhybris for him17:39
rsalvetiogra_ started it 40mins ago, should be done in ~20,30 min17:39
rsalvetitimppa: but you can flash the boot.img from an older image if you have that around17:40
morphisNothing_Much: you can also ask thp in #libhybris17:40
timpparsalveti: that's ok, I'll wait for the build17:40
Nothing_MuchThanks, I'll ask them, groleo doesn't seem to be on though17:40
dpmrsalveti, I managed to build my first port, now let's flash it and see if it works :)17:41
rsalvetidpm: great17:41
ogra_the cdimage part of the build is done already ... waiting for system-image to be done processing it17:52
dpmrsalveti, so right now the phone I want to install the port on has CM 10.1 installed. What are the steps to get the port running, something along the lines of 1) Reboot to recovery and wipe data 2) Flash the zip file resulting from the build 3) Flash saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip ?18:01
xnoxdpm: that sounds about right =)18:03
taiebotHi guys. What about simcard apps ? Will it be supported by ubuntu-touch ? With my (*%&"£) phone provider when i go abroad i need to normally change few settings in the simcard apps (roaming etc) to get the phone going. I have not been able to enable my phone while i was abroad. Are they going to be supported?18:03
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dpmthanks for confirming xnox, I'll wait for the android backup to finish and then give it a go :)18:04
rsalvetidpm: yup :-)18:04
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dpmthanks :)18:04
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mhr3ogra_, hilfe, i can't ota update18:08
mhr3the update progress goes up to 117% and then says that download failed18:09
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ogra_stgraber, hmpf, seems there are issues with OTA upgrades now ...18:32
ogra_(see mhr3 above and popey also has issues)18:32
stgraberbarry: ^18:33
ogra_stgraber, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6401140/18:33
ogra_seems a signing error18:34
barryogra_, stgraber keyring problem in trusty channel?18:34
ogra_stgraber, ah, and my maguro also just went to 104% after 40min downloading :(18:34
barry(nothing's changed in systemimage since saucy)18:34
t1mpoh nice, today for the first time I noticed that my galaxy nexus's battery is charging while it is connected to my laptop :)18:34
ogra_t1mp, dont trust it ... it isnt really charging ... a USB port only provudes 500mA ...18:35
barryogra_: but i've also seen some intermittent weirdness, possibly in u-d-m, which i'm still tracking down locally18:35
ogra_t1mp, if it is on all the time the device will pull more thnan that out of the battery over time18:35
stgraberbarry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6401152/18:35
t1mpogra_: what I noticed is that the battery indicator showed almost empty a few hours ago, and a bit later half full, and now full.18:36
t1mpogra_: is the indicator wrong?18:36
barryfwiw, the progress meters comes straight out of u-d-m.  i just tell the u/i what it tells me18:36
ogra_t1mp, no, the indicator rightly detects you are attached to a power source18:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1250181 in system-image (Ubuntu) "download update from 16 to 20 failed on mako" [Undecided,New]18:37
stgraberbarry: so on my side at least, that file sure looks signed18:37
barrystgraber: it does indeed18:37
t1mpogra_: the battery charge shows that the charge increased, and the device has only been connected to my laptop today18:37
stgraberpopey: can you also include "df -h" and "system-image-cli -n"?18:37
ogra_popey, barry, stgraber i have the same error18:37
ogra_systemimage.gpg.SignatureError: /android/cache/recovery/device-4694debbd4315d3bc9b5a1ae5fa19887f582647d493a4116104a6271c070e49a.delta-device-6cfc4ca8b0ccfc96a9b2a75a1a104db9340c98ad52e91f573ed0c0c6063d7ff7.tar.xz18:37
ogra_t1mp, well, if the screen is off it might charge a bit18:38
t1mpogra_: but I wasn't really using the device. It was on, but screen on standby mostly.18:38
t1mpogra_: ok :)18:38
ogra_t1mp, but usually you drain more than it charges via USB port if you do something on the device18:38
popeystgraber: done18:39
stgraberI just confirmed the signature is also correct on the public mirror, so that's not some kind of corruption there...18:40
barrylet me switch my device to trusty-proposed and see what happens18:40
ogra_stgraber, could that be caused by anything we did on the weekend ?18:41
ogra_(rolling back to 15 and calling it 18 etc)18:41
stgraberogra_: it's not impossible but if that's the case, I'm not seeing it...18:42
ogra_stgraber, my r19 download behaved similar ... i canceled it when rsalveti pointed out that 19 would be broken too18:43
ogra_but i did definitely have around 120% in the progress bar for it too before doing that18:43
stgraberogra_: ok, were you at 18 at that point?18:43
ogra_no, i'm still at 1418:43
KaloqnHello, I have a question. I am not using ubuntu on my PC because i like to play games, but i don't use my nexus 4 and I want to give it a try :) So I downloaded the zip files from xda topic and flashed them but my nexus 4 is stucked on google logo.18:44
KaloqnI flashed them again and still the same. Any solutions?18:44
stgraberbarry: so at this point I have two hypothesis, either the path is somehow requiring more disk space than is available (which seems a bit weird since a full should be preferred in that case since a full definitely fits) or the keyring stored in /var/lib/system-image is somehow wrong18:45
barrystgraber: i get a signature error too with: system-image-cli --channel trusty-proposed -b 0 -v18:45
stgraberbarry: hmm, ok, same file?18:46
barrystgraber: checking that now18:46
ogra_Kaloqn, if you want to use zips (which we dont really encourage for nexus devices since all were switched to system images) better use http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/ instead of a reandom link in a forum18:47
KaloqnI got the same touch file as this18:48
stgraberbarry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6401209/18:48
KaloqnI will try to use imges. Is it same as android with sdk?18:48
ogra_if you use zips (note that many features wont work with that) make sure to flash the files in the right order18:48
stgraberbarry: that's the validation of the signatures of all files involved in a -b 018:48
ogra_the device specific zip needs to go first18:49
barrystgraber: on the server, right?18:49
stgraberbarry: yep18:49
Kaloqnyeah i did this right18:49
KaloqnIs it same with installing it as android with sdk18:49
stgraberbarry: I've also manually rechecked the paths in the various indexes and they seem reasonable18:50
stgraberbarry: what's also odd is that it fails the validation of some random file but didn't fail validation of the channels.json or index.json which are signed by the exact same key (for a second I thought of bad time on the device leading to key expiration)18:50
barrystgraber: this is interesting.  i tried it again with what will be s-i 2.0 and it didn't sigerror on me.  this is starting to smell like the problem i'm seeing locally, although it looks like saucy and trusty have the same u-d-m18:51
stgraberso I guess it could be something in the new device-* file which is making u-d-m somehow corrupt the file leading to the validation failure18:51
KaloqnWHich imges should I dw? System , recovery and boot?18:52
barrystgraber: yeah, so what i'm seeing with local testing is that sometimes u-d-m's group downloads give me the file i'm asking for and sometimes it gives me the previously downloaded version of a similarly named file.  in both cases it's a keyring file.  then the sig fails sometimes and other times it succeeds.  it's damn perplexing because i don't *think* there's a race in any of the s-i code.  i just haven't nailed down the problem yet18:52
ogra_Kaloqn, follow the manual install instructions (see the channel topic)18:53
stgraberbarry: hmm, well, looks like said problem is now hitting everyone somehow ;)18:53
stgraberbarry: is there a flag we can pass s-i to use its own download code?18:53
ogra_barry, stgraber, up to r14 i could definitely do OTA ... and neither download manager nor system image changed recently18:53
barrystgraber: yeah, except i just got a good update, so it didn't hit me this time ;/18:54
* ogra_ just checked the manifests of all recent builds 18:54
Kaloqnogra_ Thank you very much :)18:54
barrystgraber: unfortunately, the old download code is gone.  maybe i need to ressurrect that18:54
ogra_it has to be related to the server side18:54
stgraberogra_: right, it's been a known problem between s-i and u-d-m for quite a while, it's just been racy and only affecting barry's test suite up till now18:54
stgraberogra_: so no change on the client side doesn't mean it's not where the bug is ;)18:54
ogra_stgraber, i know that popey was definitely able to do an OTA upgrade to r17 even ...18:55
barryogra_: which is what i'm trying to rule out with local testing.  my test suite just uses an internal http server, so it doesn't seem like that could be it (i'm sure the real server bears no resemblance to my testing server)18:55
stgraberogra_: yeah and barry just got 20 flashing on his device after sufficient tries...18:55
ogra_i'm just saying that something of our doings on the weekend now seems ot expose it18:55
stgraberogra_: for all we know it could be some random bytes in the new device-* that make u-d-m unhappy :)18:56
* ogra_ hits retry ... 18:56
barrystgraber: right18:56
ogra_(which is painfull over my 2M line)18:56
barrystgraber: okay, so i'm going to try to reflash my device back to trusty-proposed:16 and see what happens.  i'm on manta, but i bet that doesn't matter18:57
ogra_barry, you want 1518:57
barryogra_: okay cool18:57
ogra_16 was already broken iirc18:57
dpm-afkrsalveti, when trying to flash the image for a port, I did an adb push file.zio to /sdcard/autodeploy.zip, but after rebooting into recovery nothing happened, i.e. the image did not get installed. I didn't flash the recovery, I used the CM9 recovery that was on the phone already. Is this autoinstallation of autodeploy.zip something specific from the ubuntu recovery image? Shall I flash the recovery image to a newer one?18:57
barryi wonder if mandel_ is around18:57
stgraberI'm charing my mako and grouper here, they were both dead :)18:58
mandel_barry, he is :)18:58
barrymandel_: hi!18:58
mandel_barry, shoot, I think you had some small problems with u-d-m, right?18:58
mandel_barry, hello :)18:58
barrymandel_: did you see my email from last week?  we're seeing weird issues on live devices that have a similar smell: LP: #125018118:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 1250181 in system-image (Ubuntu) "download update from 16 to 20 failed on mako" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125018118:58
mandel_barry, yes, I did see your email, I wanted to talk with you to get more info18:59
barrymandel_: okay!  let's try to capture what you need18:59
mandel_barry, you mentioned that you had a funny timing issues, is that the email we are talking about?19:00
barrymandel_: that's the one19:00
barrymandel_: so, let's talk about my local tests first19:00
mandel_barry, yes, lets do it in private to limit the noise in the channel19:00
rsalvetidpm-afk: the autodeploy feature might be specific for our recovery19:00
barrymandel_: +119:00
rsalvetidpm-afk: you can flash it manually using the recovery interface19:01
rsalvetidpm-afk: and in theory you should be able to flash the recovery generated by your build process19:01
rsalvetibut that's not required19:01
sergiusensrsalveti, dpm-afk it is specific to our recovery, but if you use the phablet-flash community target it will take care of it for you19:01
sergiusensrsalveti, dpm-afk should work with cyanogenmod based recoveries at least19:02
rsalvetisergiusens: he's still doing the first-time flash :-)19:02
sergiusensrsalveti, if it's online it does't matter ;-)19:02
sergiusensas long as the assets are online19:02
sergiusensrsalveti, or just phablet-flash cdimage-touch --device-file $OUT/device.zip19:03
sergiusensdpm-afk, ^^19:03
sergiusensoh, that may not work with the device option list in place..19:03
ogra_fancy switches !19:03
* ogra_ sighs, the third time i had to download ... (takes 25min over my 2Mbit line) and it counts to 108% again 19:07
ogra_barry, is there any chance i can avoid having to do the download over and over ?19:07
barryogra_: in system-image 2.0, yes, but that's waiting on solving this problem ;)19:09
timppais the fixed image available yet?19:11
ogra_timppa, yes, but the OTA upgrader has issues with it it seems19:12
timppaogra_: I need to run phablet-flash as my phone is unable to boot :/19:12
ogra_barry, what i notice here is that the percentage is totally jumpy even before it reaches 100% ... it just jumped from 77% to 65%19:13
timppathere seems to problems for regular downloads as well?19:13
timppaI have 100Mbps line an d dl keeps stalling...19:14
ogra_the OTA feature seems broken19:14
ogra_but i can download it fine19:14
ogra_just fails to verify the signature after download19:14
barryogra_: yes, mandel_ and i will chat about that after we figure out the other problem (could be related, but i don't know).19:15
mandel_ogra_, it smells to be related19:15
ogra_well, just wanted to mention it19:15
ogra_i only recognized it above 100% before19:15
philipp1Hi everyone,19:16
philipp1I'm trying to port ubuntu-touch to a Hardkernel odroid; how do install it after building? The reboot-recovery method seems to do nothing.19:17
ogra_failed again19:19
* ogra_ gives up being super annoyed... 4 days and still no usable image :(19:20
davmor2ogra_: is that a don't upgrade to r20 it will kill your phone....Oh too late you already have19:22
timppasystem settings are still broken on r2019:23
timppasounds cannot be changed19:24
davmor2timppa: I think that is an Ubuntu-ui bug19:25
davmor2timppa: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1248646 iirc19:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1248646 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "API break: ItemSelector.expanded changed to read-only" [Critical,Fix committed]19:25
timppadavmor2: ok19:25
davmor2timppa: it happens all over not just on settings in other words.  For example if you install and open Solitare Games you get no game chooser either19:27
timppaah, I see19:27
timppadavmor2: Do you know if it would be hard to implement a way to add own ringtones on ro images? ie. /home/phablet/Ringtones to be traversed?19:28
davmor2timppa: no idea I'm afraid19:29
timppadavmor2: ok19:30
timppa:( Unity8 seems to hog 80-100% CPU on r2019:41
timppa 1780 phablet   20   0  518760 148660  83004 S  90.2  7.8   3:27.41 unity819:42
timppadoes not want to settle down19:43
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xnoxstgraber: rsalveti: i've changed build-emulator-sdcard.sh to fetch tarball from system-image.u.c as that tarball matches sytem-image mounting better (e.g. paths & symlinks are in-place)20:17
rsalvetixnox: sure, did you add the logic to find the right file name using the right channel?20:17
rsalvetixnox: in theory we want to use the devel channel, right?20:17
xnoxrsalveti: yes. I've added a small python script that parses devel/mako/index.json and prints the URL of the latest full tarball.20:18
rsalvetiwould be nice to have an option to also allow people to specify the devel-proposed one, or a different channel20:18
xnoxrsalveti: and build-emulator-sdcard calls that script to get the url for the tarball.20:18
xnoxrsalveti: yeah, maybe =)20:18
rsalvetixnox: please add a license to those scripts, if possible20:18
xnoxrsalveti: ack.20:18
rsalvetibut cool, let me test20:20
rsalvetijust need to remember to also install your new python script when updating the android package20:20
xnoxlicense headers added.20:27
rsalvetixnox: would also be nice if we could print which version it is using as base, and afaik that info is already part of the json file20:30
rsalvetibut you're expecting the return from that script to be the url, so it might need a bit more changes20:31
rsalvetixnox: thanks :-)20:31
xnoxrsalveti: yes, I could print it to stderr for example.20:31
rsalvetiyeah, that might already be enough20:32
morphisrsalveti: btw. one other thing: does the gstreamer hybris work still depend on surface flinger or the ubuntu platform api?20:44
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rsalvetimorphis: not anymore20:44
rsalvetimorphis: we still need to fix a couple of critical bugs and do a minor clean-up20:44
rsalvetithen we can push it forward20:44
rsalvetiit's currently depending on the platform-api when you use it with playbin (using gst-lunch)20:45
rsalveti*gst-launch :-)20:45
rsalvetibasically to request a window/surface20:45
rsalvetibut in the qt use case, it just asks qt to give the surface id20:45
rsalvetithat's why it works even when we use it with mir20:45
morphisok, I will give it a try soon20:46
morphisrsalveti: as basically only the qt case is interesting for me20:47
morphis(at least for now)20:47
rsalvetiright, cool20:47
rsalvetijim should be able to fix the remaining critical issues this week still20:48
rsalvetiand after I'm done with the emulator my next task is rebasing/upstreaming hybris20:48
morphisyeah :)20:48
morphisbut from I've seen the most important part is the compat layer which we have already through the phablet environment20:49
Nothing_MuchHow do I compile libhybris with Android headers?20:52
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Nothing_MuchAnybody know how to get the android-version.h to work when compiling?21:59
Stskeepscheck extract-headers.sh22:02
Nothing_MuchStskeeps: What am I supposed to look for in there?22:06
Nothing_MuchHang on a sec22:09
Nothing_MuchWhere are the headers located in the package: android-platform-headers22:09
Nothing_MuchOh I got them22:10
Nothing_MuchIt's in /usr/include22:11
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Pavel_helo all22:15
Pavel_i need litel info pls22:15
barrystgraber, ogra_ well, for mysterious reasons, my test failures have disappeared.  seriously, i can no longer reproduce them and i don't exactly know why.  in any case, i'm going to build a new s-i 2.0 and test it on my device.  i'll be getting back together with mandel_ in the morning to see where we are.22:25
mandel_I'll do some work on trying to find possible cases where we append to the file bogus data, that could explain the 115% issues that might be related22:26
TechieElfAny devs active?22:35
popeyTechieElf: wassup?22:37
popeyquite a few people are on vacation today22:37
TechieElfI'm a student so well, yea. I'm new to the crowd and I've actually taken over the XT907 port22:37
TechieElfpopey, I haven't the slightest clue where to start with this port. I'm not familiar with ubuntu touch's coding or where the previous developers left off22:43

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