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Saviqtsdgeos, fyi: I've a surprise National Holiday today ;)09:17
tsdgeosSaviq: cool!09:18
tsdgeossurprsise holidays ftw!09:18
tsdgeosenjoy :-)09:18
tsdgeosmzanetti: you back today or tomorrow?09:19
Saviqmzanetti, tomorrow09:23
Saviqtsdgeos, rather ↑09:23
nic-doffaytsdgeos, commented back https://code.launchpad.net/~nicolas-doffay/unity8/search-history-persist/+merge/19393509:44
tsdgeosnic-doffay: null doing what/when¿09:46
nic-doffaytsdgeos, if you remove that alias searchHistory doesn't get passed through properly to the page header.09:54
tsdgeosnic-doffay: hwo do i test it?09:55
nic-doffaytsdgeos, if you remove that ill alias you'll see in the output...09:59
nic-doffayIt will complain about the "count" variable in the PageHeader09:59
dednickIs jenkins down?10:00
tsdgeosmay be10:00
tsdgeosread somewhere about "friday issues"10:00
tsdgeosor something10:00
tsdgeosnic-doffay: i din't see any count warning when searching and that line removed10:02
tsdgeosnic-doffay: can you be a bit more precise on what you do exactly and what exactly you get as warning?10:02
nic-doffaytsdgeos, I get this when I remove that line and attempt a search from the Apps http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6398871/10:08
tsdgeossilly me10:10
tsdgeosneed to try in the apps scope if want to test dashapps code :D10:11
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nic-doffaytsdgeos, at first I assumed the same as you about this. What would be the need for the alias?10:13
tsdgeosnic-doffay: looks like a Qt bug to me, maybe related to https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-3049310:21
tsdgeosnic-doffay: can you add acomment saying "FIXME this shouldn't be neeed but without it the property is not correctly propagated to the PageHeader, check with newer Qt if it can be removed"10:22
tsdgeosor something like that?10:22
nic-doffaytsdgeos, sure10:23
mzanettiSaviq: tsdgeos: tomorrow10:25
tsdgeosmzanetti: oka, enjoy!10:25
mzanettitsdgeos: meh... have to drive from italy to germany today :/ not too much fun10:26
tsdgeosdednick: yeah according to #ubuntu-ci-eng "All services are down" :D10:29
dednicktsdgeos: ah :)10:30
tsdgeosdednick: about https://code.launchpad.net/~nick-dedekind/unity8/lp1249369/+merge/19454010:47
tsdgeoscan the if (searchContainer.popoverShouldOpen) { searchContainer.openPopover(); } checks move to inside openPopoever itself?10:47
dednicktsdgeos: no, because we want calls to openPopover to always open it.10:51
dednicktsdgeos: the check is only for the delay caused by the animation.10:51
tsdgeosi see10:51
dednicktsdgeos: otherwise if we call something that causes the open animation to run, then explicitly call closePopover, it will close and the open again once the animation is coplete10:52
tsdgeoslooks a bit prone to breaking, like we may forget the check when it's needed somewhen10:52
tsdgeosbut we have the unittests to catch that hopefully :D10:52
dednicktsdgeos: hm. let me check if i can make it better. Maybe explicitly stop the open animation when calling close10:53
tsdgeosdednick: nah it's ok10:53
tsdgeosdednick: though this is a bit confusing though10:53
tsdgeosif (!searchContainer.popoverShouldOpen) { searchContainer.closePopover(); }10:53
dednicktsdgeos: yeah, i know.10:54
tsdgeosin my mind a variable named "popoverShouldOpen" shouldn't control the closing :D10:54
tsdgeosdednick: maybe a simple comment may help on why those are needed there?10:55
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dednicktsdgeos: would you prefer to flags? popoverShouldOpen/popoverShouldClose ?11:22
tsdgeosdednick: probably nto since they would have the same value all the time, no?11:23
dednickit's somewhat more accutate11:23
dednicktsdgeos: opposite values11:23
tsdgeosdon't know tbh11:24
dednicktsdgeos: ok. i'll sort it out. actually i dont think they will always be opposite, so may be best to have both.11:25
tsdgeosoki ;.)11:25
tsdgeossorry for being a bit obnoxious11:26
dednicktsdgeos: :) np11:26
dednicktsdgeos: you're LVWPH bug man right? :)12:00
tsdgeosthat's what they say12:00
dednicktsdgeos: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/123794212:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1237942 in Unity 8 "Unity8 crash while doing search in home scope" [High,Confirmed]12:01
tsdgeoslet me see if i can repro12:02
tsdgeosmeanwhile i'm waiting on 6 reviews12:03
tsdgeosif anyone could take one...12:03
tsdgeoshttps://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/killApplicationsFilterGrid.qml/+merge/194511 should be easy12:03
tsdgeossame for https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/noModelInSignal/+merge/19467212:03
nic-doffayCan anyone confirm if jenkins is having issues?12:03
dednickit's actually fairly easy to see the bug in the code, but it's a bit complicated just for me to jump into without most likely breaking it ;)12:03
tsdgeosnic-doffay: it's down yes12:04
tsdgeosdednick: well m_firstVisibleIndex should never be 0 if m_visibleItems is empty12:06
tsdgeosseems like that is the case in your backtrace12:06
dednicktsdgeos: yep12:06
tsdgeosdednick: and of course i can't reproduce12:11
dednicktsdgeos: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6399365/12:12
dednickgrowDown=true, so m_firstVisibleIndex does not get set to -112:12
tsdgeosok let's read the code if i can't repro12:12
tsdgeosdednick: does this help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6399373/12:14
tsdgeosprobably not12:16
dednicktsdgeos: nope12:17
tsdgeosdednick: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6399392/ ?12:17
tsdgeosthat one oughta be better12:18
dednicktsdgeos: yeah, that worked12:20
dednicktsdgeos: can remove the check above to set -1.12:20
tsdgeosok now we need a test case :D12:20
tsdgeosdednick: which check? the one in the other function?12:20
dednickoh right you did.. nvm12:20
tsdgeosah the one a few lines above12:21
tsdgeosyeah i did12:21
tsdgeosdednick: ?12:38
tsdgeoswhat you mean with single line commit message12:38
dednicki'm sure we were asked to only use a single line for commit?12:38
tsdgeoswe were asked to use a "git-like" commit message12:38
tsdgeossingle line12:38
tsdgeosempty line12:38
tsdgeoslonger stuff if we need it12:38
dednickOh. right12:39
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tsdgeosdednick: can you do a quick test? can you uncomment the //     qDebug() << "ListViewWithPageHeader::onModelUpdated" << changeSet << reset;12:41
tsdgeosin ListViewWithPageHeader::onModelUpdated to make sure you are getting the removes and the insert at the same time?12:41
tsdgeosdednick: you may need to comment changeset since it is silly and doesn't know how to print it even if the header says it knows12:42
dednicktsdgeos: nope. different13:01
dednicktsdgeos: not sure i enjoy your cavalier usage of first() without checks ;)13:03
dednickit makes me sweat13:03
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tsdgeosdednick: well, there *is* a check ;-)13:58
tsdgeosthat is the m_firstVisibleIndex :D13:59
tsdgeosdednick: i need you to add a few more debugs14:14
tsdgeosdednick: can you help me?14:14
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tsdgeosdednick: i need to know why growDown is true, is it that item is null or that item is culled?14:19
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tsdgeosdednick: standtup?14:30
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MacSlownic-doffay, your mumble working14:38
tsdgeosCimi: ok, while dednick doesn't come back with the info let's have a look at that inversemousearea thing14:41
tsdgeosCimi: what's the problem exactly14:41
tsdgeosCimi: i.e. what do i do to repro?14:41
Cimitsdgeos, apply that pastebin14:41
Cimitsdgeos, run an app14:41
Cimitsdgeos, ener termination mode14:41
Cimitsdgeos, tap anywhere inside the running applications grid and you see "pressed" on console14:42
Cimitsdgeos, tap outide - nothing14:42
tsdgeosCimi: do you have something that can be tested on the desktop?14:44
MacSlowCimi, tsdgeos, dandrader: did the IP of s-jenkins change again?14:44
Cimitsdgeos, you can test that14:44
tsdgeosMacSlow: it's dead jum14:44
MacSlowtsdgeos, *sigh* thx14:44
Cimitsdgeos, you need xdv dirs14:44
tsdgeosMacSlow: well not dead, they're moving the metal it seems14:44
MacSlowtsdgeos, ok14:45
tsdgeosCimi: ¿?14:45
Cimitsdgeos, hodl on14:45
Cimitsdgeos, XDG_DATA_DIRS=tests/mocks/data/:$XDG_DATA_DIRS ./run14:45
Cimitsdgeos, then click on the camera app14:45
tsdgeosok tx14:46
dednicktsdgeos: sorry, got caught in some traffic during lunch. I'll take a look14:54
tsdgeosCimi: do you know where's the IMA documentation?14:54
tsdgeosin the sourcecode...14:58
dednicktsdgeos: item has been culled15:00
tsdgeosdednick: that's weird on its own15:00
tsdgeosbeing just one item on the list15:00
dednicktsdgeos: if you say so. don't know what culled it15:00
tsdgeosit should be visible15:00
tsdgeosculled = non visible15:00
dednickclipped ;)15:00
tsdgeosi don't know what it really means either15:00
tsdgeosit's just the term qt uses here15:01
Cimitsdgeos, sorry I'm in a call15:01
Cimitsdgeos, yeah ask zsombi15:01
mhall119thostr_: mhr3: in http://developer.ubuntu.com/scopes/tutorial/ if you scroll down to "The scope file" there is a field: RemoteContent=false15:04
mhall119it's not documented in the tutorial what that does, and I don't think it's documented anywhere else either15:04
mhall119can you tell me what it's for?15:05
mhall119and what uses it15:05
dednicktsdgeos: i'm getting shed loads of glib-critical log messages when clearing the search field for the second search.15:06
dednickfrom dee15:06
mhr3mhall119, it's the "this scopes does internet"15:06
tsdgeosdednick: mhr3's your man for that :D15:06
mhall119mhr3: what uses that?15:06
mhr3mhall119, so if internet searches are disabled, the scope is disabled15:07
mhall119I thought if internet searches were disabled, only default scopes were used15:07
tsdgeosdednick: tbh at this stage i'm not sure i can easily create a testcase that reproduces what you're doing :-/15:07
mhr3mhall119, you thought wrong :)15:07
tsdgeosbasically you have a list that has just one item and that item is created but somehow not visible15:07
tsdgeosthat's a bug by itself15:07
tsdgeosand then when you remove that item15:07
mhall119so in the given example, it should be true not false15:07
tsdgeosit crashes15:07
tsdgeosthat's also a bug15:07
tsdgeosi can easily fix that second one but it is technically a workaound for the first one15:08
dednicktsdgeos: hm. ok. maybe i'll do some more debugging and try figure out where the culled item is comming from15:08
tsdgeosnot sure if i make sense15:08
tsdgeosdednick: appreciated :)15:08
mhr3mhall119, right, it talks to the internet, doesn't it?15:08
mhall119mhr3: so if online search is disabled, the smart scopes service won't be used, right?15:09
mhall119so then nothing is making scope recommendations to the dash, how does it select which scopes to use?15:10
mhr3it just queries the ones it always queries15:10
mhr3apps, files15:10
mhall119so the default ones15:10
mhall119that's what I thought15:11
mhall119so then what does this field do?  Not allow the user to set a remote scope as a default scope when they have online search disabled?15:11
mhr3it disallows communication to that scope if searching internet is disabled15:12
mhall119communication that isn't likely to happen in the first place, since it won't be recommended to use the scope15:13
mhall119not to be argumentative, just making sure I understand this so I can explain it to community folks15:14
mhr3it could still be queried if it was a subscope of the always-search scopes15:14
mhall119do we have any that are like that?15:14
mhall119that's a default scope?15:14
mhall119ah, ok15:15
mhr3and it's files subscope15:15
mhall119thanks mhr3, that puts it all together for me15:15
mdeslaurah, thanks mhall119, mhr3: that clears up some mystery :)15:15
* mhr3 waves hand @dednick there are no bugs in dee15:21
* mhr3 waves hand @tsdgeos there are no bugs in dee15:21
dednickmhr3: if you wave your hands like that you might attract some attention... you want to be hiding.15:22
mhr3my jedi powers fail me15:22
* mhr3 hides15:22
dednicktsdgeos: the first visible item's position is somewhat out of page...15:22
dednickwhen it does layout() it's setting to culled even though there is only 1 item.15:22
tsdgeosthat is weird :S15:23
tsdgeoslet me re-read the code15:23
tsdgeosright layout just assumes the first item will be correctly positioned15:24
tsdgeosdoesn't try to fix it if it isn't15:24
tsdgeosi wonder why i can't reproduce it15:24
tsdgeosdednick: so you searrch "test", wait for search to finish, clear and search "test" again?15:25
tsdgeosand it crashes?15:25
dednicktsdgeos: search "test", expand "files and folders", clear search, enter "test" search again15:26
tsdgeosdednick: you wait for the search to finish or not?15:26
dednicktsdgeos: it's the cat expansion that does it15:26
dednicktsdgeos: yeah15:26
dednicki do wait15:26
tsdgeosso search, wait, expand, clear, search again15:26
tsdgeosdednick: ↑ ?15:29
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dednicktsdgeos: yep15:30
mhall119mhr3: follow up question, if a .scope has no RemoteContent field, what does it default to?15:30
tsdgeosdednick: on the phone? or in the pc?15:30
dednicktsdgeos: desktop15:30
mhr3mhall119, unfortunately false :/15:30
mdeslaurmhr3, mhall119: hrm, can we file a bug on that and change the default?15:31
mhall119thanks again15:31
tsdgeosdednick: defenitely not happening here :(15:31
mdeslaurmhr3, mhall119: or would that break backwards compatibility or something?15:31
mhall119mdeslaur: or make it a mandatory field15:31
dednicktsdgeos: what categories do you have in default home?15:31
mdeslaurmhall119: even better, yeah15:31
mhr3mdeslaur, btw i wouldn't mind breaking stuff, this default sucks15:32
tsdgeosdednick: apps and files and folders15:32
mdeslaurmhr3: what package should we file the bug against for that?15:32
mhr3mdeslaur, libunity15:32
mdeslaurmhall119: I'll file the bug15:32
mhall119defaulting to remote doesn't make sense either, there isn't a "sensible" default thinking about it from a non-privacy point of view15:32
mdeslauryeah, making it mandatory is better15:32
mhall119can we do that mhr315:33
mhr3well, that would break even more scopes15:33
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mhall119yes, but it would break them in expected ways early on15:33
dednicktsdgeos: it's because when the category is expanded, there is only one listitem, and you clear the seach, the other categories are inserted, with the application category above it, but it's culled because it's position is above. Maybe it's not updating it's position when an item above it is removed.15:33
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tsdgeosdednick: i just can't see the difference between the first time you search test and the second15:35
dednicktsdgeos: i mean when an item lower15:35
tsdgeosi mean the LVPWH is just the same, no?15:35
mdeslaurmhall119, mhr3: bug 125013415:35
mhall119IMO, having scopes break early and often is better than wondering why your local Virtual Machine scope doesn't return results when you have online search disabled, because the developer didn't provide an explicit value15:35
dednicktsdgeos: the category expand15:35
ubot5bug 1250134 in libunity (Ubuntu) "RemoteContent field should be mandatory in .scope file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125013415:35
tsdgeosbut the category exapnd gets reseted after you reset search15:35
tsdgeosah wait15:36
tsdgeosit doesn't15:36
tsdgeosmaybe you just have more files & folders than me15:36
tsdgeosi have 715:36
tsdgeosyou have enough so that they fill the home when no search is there?15:36
mhr3mhall119, that's the problem, from end user pov it'll be the same - the scope won't work15:37
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mhall119mhr3: but the scope developer will see it and fix it15:37
mhall119and either way I think we'll need to go through all of the scopes we ship by default and check/fix them15:38
mhr3even for the developer it's hard to see, it's the loader that will complain and you don't usually see its output15:38
mhall119mhr3: we can compromise and just throw a nasy warning at the developer when it's run from the terminal?15:38
dednicktsdgeos: i dont know. when i expand the category when i havent got a search present, I get multiple list items, but only one when i do have a search.15:39
dednicktsdgeos: multiple "visible items" i mean15:39
mhall119or will running it from the terminal while testing it by-pass the part that would check the .scope file?15:39
tsdgeosi'm lost15:39
tsdgeosdednick: your default home files and folders, how many items are there if you expand it?15:40
mhr3mhall119, running a scope yourself won't show anything, the scope file is not necessary for that15:40
mhall119well then, I'm +1 for just changing the default to true and checking the scopes we ship to make sure they are explicit15:41
dednickyou mean scope results? if under search, about 100, if not about 3015:41
mhr3dednick, you're fixing the issues when reordering is enabled?15:42
mhr3or this is unrelated to that?15:42
tsdgeosdednick: so your default home "files and folders" fills the height when expanded and no search is there15:42
dednickmhr3: no15:42
dednicktsdgeos: yeah.15:42
tsdgeosok, mine doesn't15:43
tsdgeosthat probably makes a difference15:43
tsdgeosi need to get more stuff in there15:43
tsdgeosany ieda how to?15:43
dednicktsdgeos: you need more files ;)15:43
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dednicki dont know actually15:43
dednickmhr3: ?15:43
mhr3files are coming from recently used15:44
mhr3which is coming from zg15:44
mhr3so just open stuff in gedit15:44
mhr3tsdgeos, i imagine you're using too many qt-ish apps that don't integrate with zg, right?15:45
tsdgeosmost probably15:45
tsdgeosdednick: ok, got it now15:47
dednicktsdgeos: woo15:47
tsdgeosdednick: much better15:47
mhr3tsdgeos, so what is it that you're using the most and doesn't appear in zg?15:56
tsdgeosmhr3: not sure i get you15:56
mhr3tsdgeos, everytime you open a file it should be logged to zg, we have patches in gtk, kde libs... clearly something is missing15:57
dednicknobody does15:57
mhr3tsdgeos, or you're just on irc the whole day15:57
tsdgeosmhr3: yeah clearly the patch to kdelibs doesn't work15:57
tsdgeosmhr3: i'm using kate for my file editing15:58
mhr3hm, someone should check the patch15:58
mhr3volunteers? :)15:59
tsdgeosoyu mean like someone that knows how kdelibs works?15:59
dednickyou were  waving earlier15:59
dednickpretty sure that means you!15:59
* tsdgeos points at mzanetti ¬.~15:59
tsdgeosmhr3: i guess the patch is at the ubuntu level, right? don't remember any "proper" kdelibs code with zg16:00
mhr3dednick, my waving is very complex, is has implied pre and post conditions etc...16:00
mhr3tsdgeos, right16:00
dednickmhr3: yeah, well nobody understands the syntax, so they just assume you're good to go :)16:00
mhr3dednick, one of the precondition is "if (mhr3.has_to_do_extra_work()) throw NoWayError("No way!");16:01
dednicki should get one of those plugins16:02
tsdgeosmhr3: you sure there's a patch for that? can't see anything that mentionszeitgeist in  kde4libs-4.11.2/debian/patches16:03
tsdgeosCimi: i think i may have found why the IMA doesn't work16:03
tsdgeosCimi: the topmostItem thing doesn't seem to "understand" touch events16:03
mhr3tsdgeos, well it was implemented for precise iirc16:03
tsdgeosmay have been dropped16:03
Cimitsdgeos, talk to zombi if you can16:04
Cimitsdgeos, unless it's a bug in my patch16:04
tsdgeoshe's gone eating brains16:04
tsdgeoswill do tomorrow16:04
tsdgeosmhr3: talked to the kubuntu packagers, noone seems to remember or be able to find a zeitgeist patch for kdelibs, maybe it was in the plan but just never happened?16:08
mhr3let me dig up old emails16:08
Cimitsdgeos, thanks for helping16:09
tsdgeosCimi: that's team work!16:10
Cimitsdgeos, I can bring beers!16:10
tsdgeoshe he :D16:11
mhr3tsdgeos, ok, checked it was never implemented in the kde libs, there's a dataprovider that is trying to read KRecentDocument by going over ~/.kde/share/apps/RecentDocuments16:21
mhr3but it doesn't use any k-APIs so maybe the reader part got out-of-sync from the writer in kde libs?16:23
mhr3or maybe the thing you're using doesn't use KRecentDocuments16:23
tsdgeosthat only gets filed if i open stuff with the open dialog16:24
tsdgeosbut not if i do16:24
tsdgeoskate moo.cpp16:24
tsdgeoswhich may be a bug in kate if you think about it16:24
mhr3well, logging that is practically impossible16:24
tsdgeoswell not really, goes through kio::open you could easily log that if you have a kdelibs patch16:25
tsdgeosback to real work ;-)16:25
mhr3tsdgeos, you mean together with all the tmp files, dynamic modules and whatnot16:25
mhr3zg wants user actions16:25
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tsdgeosdednick: still there?16:32
dednicktsdgeos: yo16:32
tsdgeosdednick: can you check if the fix in lp:~aacid/unity8/lvwph_bad_header_position_1240118 also fixes this bug for you?16:32
tsdgeosseems to fix it here16:33
tsdgeosbut a second confirmation is better16:33
dednicktsdgeos: sure16:34
dednicktsdgeos: yeah, seems to do it16:36
tsdgeosdednick: ok, i'll link it there to that bug too16:41
tsdgeosdednick: though probably we still have a testcase about it16:43
tsdgeosdednick: thoughts?16:43
dednicktsdgeos: would be nice to have a testcase, but it's a bit of an edge...16:45
dednicktsdgeos: although the miraculous fix from that other branch seems a bit dubious...16:49
dednickIt's all a bit "random events16:49
tsdgeosdednick: it's not dubious at al16:51
tsdgeosit's just what needs to happen16:51
tsdgeosi've two people say "it's dubious"16:51
dednicktrusting that this variable wont be the value because this other variable is this value when this happens... the problem is not the logic, but that we've caught all cases.16:51
tsdgeoswhen tbh, you guys know close to nothing on how the LVWPH works16:51
tsdgeosi agree to catch all the cases, that's why we unit test stuff16:52
tsdgeosto make sure we do not regress16:52
dednick:) ok, then we need a unit test16:52
tsdgeoswill do tomrrow though, eod now! tomorrow more!17:00
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