rick_h_heh, well that's a new license02:02
jrwrengood morning.13:49
rick_h_off to hack from peets if they're open. Will work on getting back our CHC room. Wish me luck.14:09
trevlargood luck!14:10
trevlarthey are open14:10
trevlarstopped in this morning14:10
cmaloneytrevlar: Awesome!14:17
rick_h_ugh, we're done for here14:49
cmaloneyrick_h_: What happened?14:50
cmaloneyno meeting room?14:50
brouschTrying a new coffee shop?14:51
rick_h_cmaloney: no, the room was opened up to the main area and it's additional searting14:51
brouschBring your own whiteboards as partitions14:52
rick_h_the table sizes are all pretty small14:52
rick_h_there's on 'big table' like they used to have out here14:52
rick_h_though they have fresh roasted beans, so I'll have to start sending cmaloney here to get me coffee beans :P14:53
cmaloneySo it'll be a challenge to get the big table14:53
rick_h_and wtf, first day open and tables are crooked already14:53
cmaloneyAre the tables square or round?14:53
rick_h_mix, looks about half and half14:54
cmaloneyOK, so if need be we could improvise14:54
rick_h_I mean, if no one was here, we could pull together enough square tables, but right now the place is packed and there's no way we could get 4 people together14:54
rick_h_not sure how it'll be wed nights14:54
cmaloneyWell we already know the Starbucks on Woodward is crowded and we've managed14:55
rick_h_yea, but we've only had 4 people there. I think most folks have stayed away14:56
cmaloneyMaybe we could try Peet's on Wed to see if it's any better.14:56
rick_h_yea, at this point I guess we'll hit it up this week and go from there14:56
rick_h_but :(14:56
cmaloneyYeah, big :(14:56
cmaloneyDid they at least keep the fireplace?14:57
brouschThere's always mcdonald's. They have coffee and free wifi14:57
rick_h_it's totally redone. They took more space for the barista area, smaller tables overall14:57
rick_h_anyone want to work for my wife's medical practice? Their IT guy is leaving14:58
cmaloneyThey use Windows right?14:58
rick_h_I'm working on getting a job description14:58
rick_h_cmaloney: yea, lots of windows but the guy had been intereted in pulling some linux in. Not sure what all they run/etc14:59
* cmaloney doesn't do Windows. ;)14:59
cmaloney(if he can help it)14:59
rick_h_heh, same here14:59
rick_h_heh, for some reason bzr pull origin master doesn't work :/15:00
cmaloneywonder if git would handle that better. ;)15:00
brouschMedical software is all Windows15:02
brouschAnd Windows servers15:02
flipsidecreationor perhaps a happy monday15:04
flipsidecreationSo I am not liking the new unity as much and I am thinking about my ubuntu to gnome 315:05
flipsidecreationshould I just run gnome Ubuntu or load 13.10 and just add gnome3 ?15:06
brouschor XFCE15:07
flipsidecreationbut gnome 3 is so pretty!15:09
jjesseKDE rules15:09
brouschPretty is for Appholes15:09
cmaloneyI use Ubuntu 12.04 with pretty much the defaults.15:10
flipsidecreationthat is what I am using now on my desktop15:10
flipsidecreationI am annoyed that they removed the F3 spit screen in later versions15:10
cmaloneyIt took me a little while to get used to it, but there's some quick tweaks you can make to make it nicer.15:10
trevlarrick_h_: are you in the main area or the new back section where there's a piece of paper on the wall that says "mirror goes here"15:10
cmaloneyWhat's that?15:10
cmaloney(The F3 Split Screen)15:11
rick_h_trevlar: main area by the front door15:11
flipsidecreationthe F3 to split the file view, I use it as I transfer files between computers and servers frequently15:11
flipsidecreationin Nautilis15:12
cmaloneyflipsidecreation: Ah, I've just used tabs15:12
cmaloneyand Nautilus is likely direct from GNOME so you're going to run into the same thing with GNOME 315:12
infused_hello all15:13
flipsidecreationthat feature is still in Nautilis GNOME 3, Ubuntu  just disabled it in later versions15:13
cmaloneyflipsidecreation: Really? That's strange that they'd remove it15:13
cmaloneyDoesn't seem to make sense.15:13
flipsidecreationyeah, stupid15:13
flipsidecreationthey did not re purpose the F3 for any other use15:14
flipsidecreationand its still in the new Debian15:14
cmaloneySo perhaps it was added back but not pulled into the later Ubuntu releases.15:15
flipsidecreation" doesn't work well with touch" is a dumb reason15:15
cmaloneyhttps://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=676858 <- That's a GNOME reasoning15:16
flipsidecreationhuh, my bad.  I thought it was Ubuntu15:17
cmaloneyYeah, unfortunately it's easy to pick on Ubuntu these days15:17
cmaloneybut not everything is their fault. :)15:17
flipsidecreationwell, at least I can still complain about having to remove the Amazon search lens15:17
cmaloneyFeel free. :)15:18
cmaloneybut yeah, I've never used it. I've generally opened two windows.15:18
cmaloneyso, I learned something today that'll be deprecated. :)15:18
flipsidecreationI use the Amazon search lens as an argument as to why I run Debian as my servers15:19
* rick_h_ throws down the mic15:19
rick_h_and walks away15:19
rick_h_flipsidecreation: really? it's a reason to run debian on a server without any UI or scopes or anything?15:19
* rick_h_ must not have had enough coffe yet15:20
rick_h_clearly not if I can't spell coffee today ugh15:20
cmaloneyDo not poke happy fun rick_h_15:20
rick_h_widox_: I'm getting angry at FF again, curse this stupid tool15:20
flipsidecreationservers don't need GUI15:20
rick_h_http://paste.mitechie.com/show/1074/ wtf is the error again?15:21
rick_h_flipsidecreation: kind of my point, so what's the rational you're selling on the AWS search scope being a reason to run debian on a server?15:21
jjesseumm why wouldn't you run ubuntu server than15:22
jjessethis seems like a dumb arguement15:22
rick_h_jjesse: that's why I'm confused15:23
flipsidecreationdoesn't Ubuntu server have the same shopping lens in the GUI?15:23
jjessesorry that might be a bit mean but if you are running a GUI less server than there would be no scopesat all15:23
jjesseflipsidecreation: only if you install ubuntu-desktop15:23
jjesseon the server15:23
cmaloneyUbuntu Server doesn't ship with any gui utilities15:23
flipsidecreationthen i stand corrected15:24
flipsidecreationI thought server came with GUI15:24
cmaloneynp. Just seems like an awful lot of baby to throw out. :)15:24
jjessesorry for the "dumb" comment15:24
jjessewhen you do an install of Ubuntu Server there are no tools installed15:25
cmaloneyno "gui" tools.15:25
flipsidecreationI have been using Debian since about 2003 when i switched from Redhat.  I change slwo15:25
rick_h_rather a bit like a debian install :P15:25
cmaloneyThat's fine. If you have need for Debian then go with it15:25
rick_h_/install/server install15:25
cmaloneybut if you like the Ubuntu flavoring save for the lenses then Ubuntu Server will do the trick.,15:26
rick_h_just please watch the FUD, there's more than enough for all of us going around these days.15:26
flipsidecreationI try not to add to the FUD15:26
jjesseI heard the reason there are no more unicorns is because Mark killed them all :)15:27
rick_h_we at ubuntu clearly believe in a unicorn-free world15:27
rick_h_those damn hopping things only distracted from a pure user experience15:27
jjesseumm totally you notice no release has ever had the word unicorn in it15:27
flipsidecreationand on that note, one of my clients was getting pitched by another IT company who told them because they used open source they were at HUGE risk!15:27
rick_h_and kept us from making a ton of $$$$15:27
flipsidecreationthey even went as far to say other companies might not want to do business with them because they used open source software15:28
rick_h_yep, seems to be killing amazon, google, facebook, github, ...15:29
rick_h_poor companies dealing in OSS have no hope to stick around or eek out a living15:29
flipsidecreationThe IT company doing the sales pitch loves Microsoft and big service contracts.15:30
cmaloneyOf course they do15:30
flipsidecreationMy client politely showed them to the door15:30
cmaloneythere's money to be made in prolonging the problem. ;)15:30
flipsidecreationThey said the open source firewall was a HUGE risk15:31
brouschYou can install any GUI tools you want into Ubuntu server after install15:34
rick_h_brousch: yes, but that's not the point :)15:34
flipsidecreationI have a new server to build, I will have to give Ubuntu server a good look :)15:35
brouschAll of my servers are Ubuntu 12.04 LTS15:37
flipsidecreationany issues?15:37
rick_h_brousch: want to move out to the cool side of the state and run IT for my wife's medical practice? :)15:39
brouschNo Windows servers for me15:39
brouschThey have a full time IT guy?15:40
flipsidecreationbut fixing windows servers is how I make a living!15:40
rick_h_brousch: yea, it's a big practice15:40
brouschflipsidecreation: Where are you located?15:40
flipsidecreationTaylor MI15:40
brouschrick_h_: And since when is Detroit "the cool side"?15:40
brouschMaybe in 197515:41
jjesseyeah who died and made detroit cool15:41
rick_h_brousch: :)15:41
flipsidecreationI thought Detroit was cool back in the 1950's15:42
brouschEverything I read says Detroit is a crime-ridden corrupt food desert cesspool15:42
flipsidecreationnot all of Detroit is like that15:43
brouschWhere as my side gets a new "Top 10 for <good thing>" award every month15:43
flipsidecreationbrousch: where are you from?15:44
brouschGrand Rapids15:44
brouschrick_h_: Taylor is in Detroit. You should hire flipsidecreation15:45
flipsidecreationbrousch: I agree, Grand Rapis is > Detroit15:45
brouschWe just had a really good givecamp last weekend15:46
flipsidecreationI would move but I have my business and family here15:46
brouschMove them too. Grand Rapids is top 10 for places to raise a family and for employment15:47
flipsidecreationI know, but it might difficult moving my ex-wife unless I pay for it.15:48
brouschActually we do need more Linux contractors here. They are hard to find since everyone is gainfully employed15:48
flipsidecreationcertainly something to think about.15:50
brouschIf you live on the east side of GR, it's about a 2 hour drive to Taylor15:52
flipsidecreationbut I only have an 13 minute drive now15:52
brouschJust saying. Not too bad ;)15:53
rick_h_someone take my internet away today before I do real damage15:53
brouschwhat's your ip address?15:53
brouschYou want it removed via DDOS or pedophile report?15:54
rick_h_brousch: hmm, DDOS probably better kthx15:55
brouschOK, I'm posting to slashdot about how you are personally responsible for mir and unity15:57
rick_h_brousch: rgr, thanks15:58
brouschrick_h_: What is setting you off today?16:01
rick_h_brousch: the world I think16:01
brouschIs it coffee house rage?16:02
flipsidecreationperhaps its just Monday16:02
rick_h_brousch: FF extesion dev, the coffee shop fubar'ing CHC, the whole AMZ scope ubuntu crap, and general monday'ness I think16:02
brouschflipsidecreation: Are you saying rick_h_ has a case of the Mondays?16:02
flipsidecreationperhaps, they are contagious16:02
rick_h_and annoying people https://plus.google.com/106169754790060033027/posts/hBzcB42wXqa16:03
brouschrick_h_: Bookie FF extension?16:03
rick_h_brousch: trying, waf and widox_ have each gotten bits working and I REALLY want to make it work16:03
flipsidecreationThere are a lot of F-Bombs being dropped on twitter http://www.fbomb.co/16:03
rick_h_but damn if FF doesn't just try to enrage me16:03
rick_h_flipsidecreation: congrats?16:03
flipsidecreationrick_h_: ?16:04
rick_h_flipsidecreation: about the f-bombs. I'm not sure how to reply to that. Came a bit out of left field? Or was that a demo of cranky mondays?16:04
brouschHm, I was hoping for a graph of fbombs over time showing that there are more on Mondays than other days16:04
flipsidecreationit was a reference to how cranky people are on Monday16:05
flipsidecreationI found the site yesterday and it did not look like the war zone that is today16:07
rick_h_yay it works kinda16:23
brouschrick_h_: Can I endorse you on linkedin for Firefox Extension skills now?16:24
rick_h_brousch: no, never ever16:24
* brousch looks for 'PHP linting' among the skills16:29
rick_h_ok, coffee shop time done. back to the house16:30
cmaloneyfor rick_h_ ^17:31
rick_h_cmaloney: :P17:38
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
rick_h_greg-g: ping19:00
rick_h_booo, firefox extension won't load on mobile19:26
brouschGet a real web browser!19:33
rick_h_widox_: merged in the work you did and some tweaks and updated the readme/etc. I've published an alpha xpi and added it to the readme.19:34
rick_h_greg-g: hit up the readme if you feel like almost having a bookie extension :) https://github.com/bookieio/bookie-firefox19:35
rick_h_greg-g: saving a bookmark works once you've setup your preferences but barely and needs a lot of work still19:35
brouschIs greg-g a mozilla user?19:41
cmaloneyI'm not sure I know why I sold this KLF album, but I'm glad I have it.19:48
rick_h_brousch: umm yea19:57
cmaloneyFuck, there's snow outside.21:08
brouschI disbelieve21:10
brouschIt will melt before 521:11
brouschpurdy http://regebro.github.io/hovercraft/#/step-121:36
greg-gbrousch: iceweasel, I guess actually :)21:44
rick_h_greg-g: give it a try if you get a few min. Will work on it some more tomorrow at MUG and probably Wed at CHC22:12
rick_h_greg-g: so will update as we go22:12
greg-gcool, probably tonight (in the middle of install ipkg on my synology nas)22:26
greg-gaka: voiding my warranty22:27
cmaloneyInstalling Squeezebox?22:27
greg-gI want screen22:27
greg-git has a squeezebox app...22:27
greg-glike, a legit one22:27
greg-gwhat you linked to before22:28
greg-gI want to be able to have a screen session22:28
greg-gfor rsync and such22:28
greg-gya know, data stuffsorz22:28
cmaloneyI didn't know it had a proper Squeezebox app22:28
cmaloneythought it was something community supported.22:28
greg-gah, no, totally in the 'main'/default sources22:30
cmaloneydid you set that up yet?22:30
greg-gI added one of the popular community repos, and man, just stuff for usenet downloarder22:30
greg-gdownloarders? heh22:30
cmaloneyThat's a syllogism for dlwonload hoarders. ;)22:30
cmaloneydownload even22:30
greg-gno, not yet, top priority is still making backups of photos/videos22:31
cmaloneyGod, I hate when I do stupid things that take all day to undo22:32
cmaloneylike, for instance, putting my dictionary init outside of my loop22:32
cmaloneyThank goodness for testing.22:33

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