jrgiffordthere we go...13:30
jrgiffordmorning belkinsa13:39
belkinsaJust woke up13:39
BiosElementOh dear, people are supposed to be awake this early? >.>14:15
belkinsa8 isn't that early, too me.14:33
belkinsaBut I have a day off, I should of slept longer, but I just can't somedays.14:33
cid420well i think i got everything done right... got the openPGP done and ssh key done.18:20
cid420be back soon18:23
Unit193Ah, great!18:24
cid420hope that is all i needed18:25
Unit193Is there a keyring manager in KDE/Kubuntu?18:31
cid420havent seen one18:32
cid420what is the actual name so i can grab it from the software program18:34
Unit193Bah, I only know of 'seahorse' GUI program.18:34
cid420seahorse i will look it up18:34
Unit193Used to have (a lot) more functionality, then Gnome decided they didn't like function. :P18:35
cid420i found one its called password and keys18:35
cid420I have that one18:35
cid420i see Kubuntu isnt really setup to well. even in 13.0418:36
Unit193Hrm, I'll download 13.10, about time to take another look at it.18:36
cid420maybe it is 13.10 i am still new at this OS.. i am mostly into server studd18:37
cid420yes that is correct i have 13.1018:38
cid420even on 13.10 there isnt enough software installed you have go look for it.. if you were a newbie at this, need more software and stable18:39
jennioh baby18:39
cid420like software center isnt stable it keeps crashing18:39
cid420interesting I looked on t muon packager and it says that seahorse is install.. but nothing in the menus18:41
cid420that is why, but not understanding why it isnt showing up, its made for Gnome desktops and i run the other18:43
Unit193Could be, guessing OnlyShowIn is in the desktop file.18:44
Unit193"Passwords and Keys" is the menu item if it's there.18:44
cid420yea i had to install that. it works good it is holding my fingerprints. and RSA and DSA stuff18:45
Unit193Only thing left is the GPG sign the doc and upload it, IIRC.18:46
cid420Unit193, what do  you mean?18:47
belkinsaI would suggest to do it via command line since that is the same for all favours and doesn't have outdated how do.18:48
cid420yea i tried it that way, it seems it isnt working. when i use the gpg --gen-key it hangs at the end after you enter everything..18:49
belkinsaOh, then never mind.  It worked for me, but I have Ubuntu.18:50
Unit193You already have the key.18:50
Unit193https://launchpad.net/~wlee1970/+codesofconduct if you look there, should have it.18:50
jenni[ OpenID transaction in progress ] - https://j.mp/1fwLmqQ18:50
belkinsaOr am I thinking of the other key18:50
Unit193Uhhh, it's been a while since I did it.18:51
cid420i will look at ti18:51
cid420when i clicked on the that, it comes back saying it appears you have already done this, the key blah blach is registerd on your account18:53
cid420nevermind i see it how it is done..18:54
belkinsaYou have the other two keys signed but not the other one it seems18:55
belkinsabased on your profile'18:55
jenni[ Cid420 in Launchpad ] - https://j.mp/1fwLSFb18:55
cid420alright this is crazy, the sign part is not matching with my fingerprint, why do you guys have to make it so hard19:00
belkinsaBug it to the LP and/or Ubuntu team on LP.19:01
belkinsaOr question it19:01
belkinsaLP: https://launchpad.net/launchpad and Ubuntu: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu19:02
jenni[ Launchpad itself in Launchpad ] - https://j.mp/1fwMJpp19:02
jenni[ Ubuntu in Launchpad ] - https://j.mp/1i1Tguk19:02
cid420ok thanks19:04
Unit193cid420: I'm sorry it is so hard, really don't want to discourage people from trying it.  One thing to check would be  gpg --list-secret-keys19:04
cid420ok it seems it worked that time.. had to sign in like 2 times before it took19:05
Unit193Also, what type of servers?19:06
Unit193(And yeah, software center is crappy, I always purge it)19:06
cid420answer me this, why all the trouble? to many people out there dont behave?19:06
cid420my servers?19:06
cid420i have a webserver,, fileserver and a development server19:06
cid4203 more servers will be running a cloud19:07
Unit193There are plenty that don't, but in order to do several things in the community, that needs to be signed it would seem, so better sooner than later is the thought process, IIRC.19:07
Unit193Aha, alrighty.19:07
cid420ok that makes sense19:07
skellatcid420: Having the Code of Conduct signed is a first step toward participation in the broader Ubuntu community.  I want members of Ubuntu Ohio to be empowered to take issues to the right people when they have problems instead of just grumbling in channel.19:08
cid420ok i have everything done, now except me for all the hard work i did these past day or so LOL19:08
Unit193They tried to make it easier with the code-of-conduct-signing-assistant package.19:08
Unit193skellat: Heh, that doesn't work, I grumble. \o/19:09
skellatUnit193: Yes, but you also take action with regards to your problems too.19:09
cid420whats wrong just typeing in the name at the bottom of the code of coduct19:09
Unit193Oh, I have waaaay too many problems to fix. ;)19:09
Unit193skellat: He's signed, can you hit accept?19:10
skellatGimme a sec, I'm sitting at the BeagleBoard and have to get to Launchpad19:10
skellatWelcome aboard cid42019:13
cid420woot thanks19:14
belkinsaI'm guessing that you live near OSU?19:14
cid420I live in Maumee OH19:14
belkinsaMake sure you follow us on Twitter, G+, and the mailing list.19:14
belkinsaOh, it was your whois that made me to think that.19:15
cid420by University of Toledo and Bowling Green State Unversity19:15
belkinsaI see.19:15
belkinsaYou are close to canthus13 then.19:15
cid420what part of town?19:16
belkinsaI think in Toledo based on the member map19:16
cid420oh cool19:16
jenni[ User locations | Ubuntu Ohio ] - https://j.mp/GIyBhd19:16
belkinsaAnd skellat, I think we need to add the social media links that we have on the home page of our tea,19:17
cid420what is the name to look for on G+ and twitter?19:18
belkinsaHere: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/VerificationApplication201319:18
jenni[ OhioTeam/VerificationApplication2013 - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://j.mp/GIzKo719:18
* Unit193 doesn't follow the FB, twitter or G+. :D19:21
* belkinsa only follows the Twitter19:22
skellatUnit193: I wasn't aware we had a FB presence19:22
skellatbelkinsa: How does the front page to the website look now?19:22
Unit193Meh, there always is, right?  Also thought it turned up in the Google search.19:22
belkinsaskellat looks great19:23
cid420ok following on twitter.19:23
Unit193If you felt the urge, you can also register your nick here with nickserv, but yeah you don't have to.19:24
belkinsacid420, and I have you followed19:24
cid420ok done with Google+19:25
belkinsaskellat when will the meeting logs be posted and I also have the doodle poll up, if you already saw that.19:27
cid420i can do that.. i tried the old way unit193 at one time i had to type in /nickserv name19:27
cid420what is it now19:27
Unit193/msg nickserv help register   but basically just wants a password and recovery email.19:27
belkinsaMine is always automatic since I use x-chat a client for IRC19:27
Unit193belkinsa: What method?19:28
Unit193Server password, SASL, or the crappy sending a message to nickserv on connect? ;)19:28
belkinsaThe later19:28
belkinsaSince it was there since 2009-ish.19:29
Unit193Ah, doesn't matter as much if you don't have a cloak anyway.  Alrighty.19:29
* belkinsa is not a member-yet19:29
Unit193Yeah, but you can still get @unaffiliated/belkinsa or some other project.19:30
cid420ok got it worked out.. i am now signed in19:30
Unit193So I see, congrats!19:30
Unit193Ah, xchat as well.19:31
canthus13cid420: Maumee, eh?  I'm about half a mile from maumee right now. :P19:31
cid420you kidding me? where at19:32
belkinsaKnew it.19:32
cid420well either way that is cool, maybe one day we can meet up and have coffee at pandera19:32
canthus13cid420: Our local cable ISP. I work there.19:33
cid420you at the Noc?19:33
skellatbelkinsa: Meeting report message sent to mailing list19:33
belkinsaskellat, thanks.19:33
canthus13nah.  That's over on Angola.19:33
cid420you do field work or customer service19:34
cid420well if you do field work you wouldnt online talking to me LOL19:34
cid420ok now i am tied into the mailing list.19:36
Unit193Nor would I have heard some idiot stories.19:36
belkinsaThat's good to hear, as I post there.19:37
cid420hey watch the language Unit19319:37
belkinsaFeel free to introduce yourself other.19:37
cid420you said idiot Unit193 was kidding :)19:37
Unit193Aha, yeah.19:38
* Unit193 still likes the guy that was trying to use all the common passwords. :D19:38
belkinsaUnit193 is it worth to get a cloak even when not a ubuntu member?19:38
cid420Now i joined the mailing list, how do i get myself involved with it.. i thought i just receive mail from it19:38
Unit193Meh, it's up to you, if you want one then get one.19:38
belkinsaPost a message to that address.19:39
Unit193cid420: That's how I play it.19:39
belkinsaWith that same e-mail that you have signed up,19:39
belkinsaskellat, got the e-mail!   Thanks again.19:40
Unit193belkinsa: Not to be mean, but I wouldn't until changing auth methods. :)19:41
belkinsaAlright, I wasn't really thinking about cloaking myself19:41
Unit193(You'll end up with http://paste.openstack.org/show/rvAn6u9q6JWYMFxzGrgm/ which is fun when your internet is goofing up and for every join you cause 3 lines, and you keep reconnecting.)19:42
jenni[ Paste #rvAn6u9q6JWYMFxzGrgm | LodgeIt! ] - https://j.mp/1i227fN19:43
belkinsaYeah, I know.19:43
Unit193jenni: Why be so slow?19:43
jenniUnit193: Do you know what yaoi is?19:43
Unit193Though, CertFP is pretty interesting in and of itself.19:43
cid420i might have went overboard but is an email through the mailing introducing myself a little.19:46
belkinsaIt's cool.19:47
cid420Ok since i have done everything was expected outta me.. now i want something back from you guys, I want a company car, cash flow every week. LMFAO19:47
Unit193You don't want a company car, they only have 'smart cars' :(19:48
cid420LMAO as big as I am , I think i will be carrying one on my back19:48
cid420anyways, be back in awhile.19:49
Unit193First time I saw one, I laughed my butt off. :)19:49
Unit193Adios for now.19:49
belkinsaSee ya Unit19319:49
Unit193Wrong person.19:50
belkinsaWas that to cid420?19:50
canthus13cid420: I do Tier II tech support.19:50
* canthus13 is working his way over to the NOC.19:50
skellat.nws 4400523:51
jenniLake Effect Snow Advisory issued November 11 at 3:24PM EST until November 13 at 12:00AM EST by NWS23:51
jenniComplete weather watches, warnings, and advisories for Ashtabula, OH, available here: http://alerts.weather.gov/cap/wwaatmget.php?x=OHC007 -- You may also PM the bot to get the full list.23:52
skellatOh, goodie...23:52
belkinsa.nws 4506923:53
jenniThere are no active watches, warnings or advisories, for West Chester, OH.23:53
belkinsa.wx 4506923:53
jenniCover: Clear ☼, Temp: 16°C, Dew Point: 7°C, Pressure: 1025mb, Wind: Light air 2kt (↻) - LEVS 19:00Z23:53
skellatThe news said we're looking at 3-6 inches of snow out my way23:53
belkinsaThat's sounds like fun23:54
skellatIt is a start to the snow season and won't be too bad.  I'm definitely sure it won't be this bad either: http://m.xkcd.com/421/23:54
jenni[ xkcd: Making Hash Browns ] - https://j.mp/1aPGEFt23:54

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