bkerensaslangasek: http://www.oregonlive.com/hillsboro/index.ssf/2013/11/hillsboro_school_district_cons_1.html#incart_river19:35
bkerensaUbuntu ^ Hillsboro19:35
blkperlbkerensa: lulz, "It has all the same features" is a lie19:44
bkerensablkperl: that was also a misquote19:44
bkerensaI never said darn either19:44
bkerensaI said it has a line up of similar features19:44
blkperloregonian likes to misquote a lot....19:45
bkerensablkperl: I think he was perhaps not writing down what I was saying or recording idk19:45
blkperlshoddy journalism? shocking! :D19:46
bkerensaWell you know half of Oregonians posts are copied from press releases19:46
bkerensaheck they strip out suspect details when reporting crime19:46
bkerensaKerensa said of Ubuntu's office suite19:49
bkerensaits not Ubuntu's office suite either19:49
bkerensadamn journalists19:49
bkerensaadam_g: happy birthday!21:05
c_smithlulz @ the Oregonian's (and journalism in general) failure at grasping key details23:29

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